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Analysis of Hybrid Ejector Absorption Cooling System. Sioud, Doniazed; Bellagi, Ahmed Sep 1, 2019 6582
RECENT THIRD POLE'S RAPID WARMING ACCOMPANIES CRYOSPHERIC MELT AND WATER CYCLE INTENSIFICATION AND INTERACTIONS BETWEEN MONSOON AND ENVIRONMENT: Multidisciplinary Approach with Observations, Modeling, and Analysis: We present the latest development in multidisciplinary Third Pole research and associated recommendations regarding the unprecedented warming in the Third Pole's past 2,000 years. Mar 1, 2019 14925
A NEW ESTIMATE OF NORTH AMERICAN MOUNTAIN SNOW ACCUMULATION. Wrzesien, Melissa L.; Durand, M.T.; Pavelsky, T.M.; Kapnick, S. Sep 1, 2018 477
Hydraulic Studies And Master Plans Associated With The Water Cycle Of The Nantes Metropolitan Area. May 29, 2018 190
Hydraulic Studies And Master Plans Associated With The Water Cycle Of The Nantes Metropolitan Area. May 23, 2018 186
Resolving Hydrometeorological Data Discontinuities along an International Border. Gronewold, Andrew D.; Fortin, Vincent; Caldwell, Robert; Noel, James May 1, 2018 6341
TOWARD AN OPERATIONAL WATER CYCLE PREDICTION SYSTEM FOR THE GREAT LAKES AND ST. LAWRENCE RIVER: Environment and Climate Change Canada's (ECCC) operational implementation of a numerical forecast system linking atmospheric, surface, river and lake/ocean models is described. Durnford, D.; Fortin, V.; Smith, G.C.; Archambault, B.; Deacu, D.; Dupont, F.; Dyck, S.; Martinez, Y Mar 1, 2018 13272
Hydrological Variability in the Arid Region of Northwest China from 2002 to 2013. Cao, Yanping; Nan, Zhuotong; Cheng, Guodong; Zhang, Ling Jan 1, 2018 8390
Hydrological Cycle Algorithm for Continuous Optimization Problems. Wedyan, Ahmad; Whalley, Jacqueline; Narayanan, Ajit Jan 1, 2018 17616
Planning the next decade of coordinated research to better understand and simulate marine low clouds. Wood, Robert; Jensen, Michael P.; Wang, Jian; Bretherton, Christopher S.; Burrows, Susannah M.; Del Sep 1, 2016 2610
Multi-machine stability analysis of power systems using water cycle tuned dual input controller. Rangarajan, M.; Shivakumar, R.; Suresh, G. Report Mar 1, 2016 3629
Seasonal forecasting of global hydrologic extremes: system development and evaluation over GEWEX basins. Yuan, Xing; Roundy, Joshua K.; Wood, Eric F.; Sheffield, Justin Nov 1, 2015 10411
Conducting a study of the status of infrastructure and operation of the integrated water cycle. Jan 22, 2015 300
PERSIANN-CDR: daily precipitation climate data record from multisatellite observations for hydrological and climate studies: developing the PERSIANN-CDR rainfall estimation algorithm and applying it to historical multisatellite observations produces a long-term dataset that can be used to study the water cycle at higher resolutions than previously possible. Ashouri, Hamed; Hsu, Kuo-Lin; Sorooshian, Soroosh; Braithwaite, Dan K.; Knapp, Kenneth R.; Cecil, L. Report Jan 1, 2015 7848
Supply Of Water cycle model, solar system model. Oct 29, 2014 109
HyMeX: a 10-year multidisciplinary program on the Mediterranean water cycle. Drobinski, P.; Ducrocq, V.; Alpert, P.; Anagnostou, E.; Beranger, K.; Borga, M.; Braud, I.; Chanzy, Report Jul 1, 2014 10696
Wholly [H.sub.2]O: a simple question: where does your water come from? Dougherty, Elizabeth Jun 22, 2014 1251
A drought monitoring and forecasting system for sub-Sahara African water resources and food security: the development and implementation of a drought monitoring and seasonal hydrological forecast system for sub-Saharan Africa contributes to building capacity through technology and knowledge transfer. Sheffield, Justin; Wood, Eric F.; Chaney, Nathaniel; Guan, Kaiyu; Sadri, Sara; Yuan, Xing; Olang, Lu Jun 1, 2014 11672
Estimativa da precipitacao excedente em Ipojuca, PE. de Sousa, Francisco de A.S. Report Nov 1, 2009 6385
Evaluation of Hargreaves equation for calculating daily Eto (case study: North West of Iran). Mohammadieh, M. Noori; Mohammadi, M.; Helali, J.; Nazari, B.; Sohrabi, T. Case study May 1, 2009 2882
Water: an imminent global crisis. Pearce, Fred Aug 1, 2004 361

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