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Generational Effects of Welfare Reform on Food Insecurity. Gorman, Linda Sep 1, 2021 604
Universal Credit: Bid to force release of impact defeated. Oct 18, 2018 619
THE BOOTSTRAP TRAP. Greene, Sara Sternberg Nov 1, 2017 34651
'Millions will be left PS50 a week worse off by 2020'. Sep 11, 2017 454
Effects of welfare reform on women's voting participation. Corman, Hope; Dave, Dhaval; Reichman, Nancy E. Jul 1, 2017 14046
Resources and opportunity for change: democracy, labor and the welfare effort in Latin America. Beal, Amanda L. Report Jun 22, 2016 9137
Living and feeling the Austere. Hitchen, Esther Report Jan 1, 2016 8561
New study casts doubt on welfare reforms claim. Sep 1, 2015 207
Welfare reform 'does not lead to higher employment' - study. Sep 1, 2015 317
Study casts doubt on welfare reform claim. Sep 1, 2015 186
Nixon's new deal: welfare reform for the silent majority. Spitzer, Scott J. Report Aug 16, 2012 13771
The welfare state and the nursing home novel: Bent Vinn Nielsen's A Life in Ordinariness. Simonsen, Peter Critical essay Apr 1, 2012 8461
Welfare reforms threaten to hit child poverty eradication goal. Feb 29, 2012 445
The misuse of evidence in incapacity benefit reform: the use and misuse of evidence in the benefits debate. Griffiths, Steve Jan 1, 2011 4803
Neoliberalism, illiteracy, and poverty: framing the rise in black women's incarceration. Alfred, Mary V.; Chlup, Dominique T. Report Dec 22, 2009 7031
Metaphors and the pejorative framing of marginalized groups: implications for social work education. O'Brien, Gerald V. Essay Jan 1, 2009 8348
State sanctions and the decline in welfare caseloads. New, Michael J. Report Sep 22, 2008 5958
Globalization, welfare reform and the social economy: developing an alternative approach to analyzing social welfare systems in the post-industrial era. Gonzales, Vanna Jun 1, 2007 8371
Child welfare reform in Maine. Beougher, James Dec 1, 2006 763
Welfare in Winnipeg's inner city: exploring the myths. Sheldrick, Byron M.; Dyck, Harold; Michell, Claudette; Myers, Troy Jun 22, 2006 12484
Welfare reform and Indigenous empowerment. Poroch, Nerelle Mar 22, 2006 5913
"Political Discourses on Workfare and Feminist Debates On the Recognition of Unpaid Work.". Brief article Mar 22, 2006 102
"Workfare et judiciarisation: nouveau regime de regulation morale dans la vie des femmes assistees sociales.". Abstract Mar 22, 2006 129
"Guaranteed Annual Income: Is This Really Want We Want?". Moffat, Sandra Abstract Mar 22, 2006 105
Examining the effect of the earned income tax credit and welfare. Brief article Mar 1, 2006 207
The social and economic impact of sanctions and time limits on recipients of temporary assistance to needy families. Mancoske, Ronald J. Mar 1, 2006 7023
Lone mothers and welfare-to-work policies in Japan and the United States: towards an alternative perspective. Fujiwara, Chisa Dec 1, 2005 8027
Welfare reform, earnings, and incomes: new evidence from the Survey of Program Dynamics. Connolly, Laura S.; Marston, Christine Enerson Oct 1, 2005 15820
Reforming welfare reform postsecondary education policy: two state case studies in political culture, organizing, and advocacy. Price, Charles Sep 1, 2005 8928
Saving for post-secondary education in individual development accounts. Schreiner, Mark Sep 1, 2005 7820
Welfare Reform in Los Angeles: Implementation, Effects, and Experiences of Poor Families and Neighborhoods. The Project on Devolution and Urban Change. Polit, Denise F.; Nelson, Laura; Richburg-Hayes, Lashawn; Seith, David Abstract Aug 1, 2005 254
"Leavers" from TANF and AFDC: how do they fare economically? Ozawa, Martha N.; Yoon, Hong-Sik Jul 1, 2005 6992
Transitions from welfare and the employment prospects of low-skill workers. Ribar, David C. Jan 1, 2005 12889
A few good men. Peters, Charles Brief Article Nov 1, 2004 232
Isolating the family cap effect on fertility behavior: evidence from New Jersey's Family Development Program experiment. Camasso, Michael J. Oct 1, 2004 10470
Families' experience with welfare reform on reservations in Arizona. Pandey, Shanta; Zhan, Min; Collier-Tenison, Shannon Jun 1, 2004 7490
Making TANF work: organizational restructuring, staff buy-in, and performance monitoring in local implementation. Ridzi, Frank Jun 1, 2004 7199
Feminist policy scholars intervene in welfare debate. Mink, Gwendolyn Dec 22, 2003 875
The welfare debate: getting past the bumper stickers. Edelman, Peter B. Sep 22, 2003 3179
A crisis of caring: a Catholic critique of American welfare reform. Rougeau, Vincent D. Sep 22, 2003 8519
A conservative template for welfare reform. Boessenkool, Kenneth J. Jun 22, 2003 3429
Tactics questioned in welfare cuts. Karp, Sarah Jun 1, 2003 2547
Welfare reform hasn't changed kids so far. (Working Out). Bower, B. Mar 8, 2003 482
The Education of Jessica Rivera: trading in their books for buckets, welfare recipients learn `responsibility'. (Articles). Phillips-Fein, Kim Nov 25, 2002 1957
Study finds high concentration of welfare cases in cities. McGee, Jennifer Brief Article Oct 7, 2002 503
The importance of due process protections after welfare reform: client stories from New York City. Jeffrey, Randal S. Sep 22, 2002 23913
Mr. President, we want our slogan back: Bush's welfare plan belies his promise to `leave no child behind'. (Viewpoint). Edelman, Marian Wright Brief Article Aug 2, 2002 845
Communities of support or communities of surveillance and enforcement in welfare reform debates. Cass, Bettina; Brennan, Deborah Aug 1, 2002 6058
Getting welfare right. Kuttner, Robert Brief Article Jul 15, 2002 448
Liberal lessons from welfare reform: why welfare-to-work turned out better than we expected. (The Politics). Jencks, Christopher Jul 15, 2002 2968
Welfare reform's hidden ally: part of the praise given to welfare reform properly belongs to the Earned Income Tax Credit. (Income). Greenstein, Robert Jul 15, 2002 1229
Alternatives to work-base required for some, welfare reform report states. Brief Article Jul 15, 2002 366
Watching the kiddies. (Data). Lynch, Mike Brief Article May 1, 2002 193
How Are Immigrants Faring after Welfare Reform? Preliminary Evidence from Los Angeles and New York City. Final Report. Capps, Randy; Ku, Leighton; Fix, Michael; Furgiuele, Chris; Passel, Jeff; Ramchand, Rajeev; McNiven, Mar 4, 2002 276
Who's Utopian Now? EHRENREICH, BARBARA; PIVEN, FRANCES FOX Statistical Data Included Feb 4, 2002 1025
Will welfare reform hold up?: With a recession in progress and caseloads increasing, we will soon know if reform has truly transformed the welfare system. Tweedie, Jack Feb 1, 2002 2548
The protagonists and ideas behind the personal responsibility and work opportunity reconciliation act of 1996: The enactment of a conservative welfare system. O'Connor, Brendon Dec 22, 2001 13502
Pregnant drug users: Scapegoats of reagan/bush and clinton-era economics. Murphy, Sheigla; Sales, Paloma Dec 22, 2001 10763
Poverty law and community activism: notes from a law school clinic. Loffredo, Stephen Nov 1, 2001 15509
The varieties of faith-related agencies. Smith, Steven Rathgeb; Sosin, Michael R. Nov 1, 2001 15654
Rhetoric and Reality of Work-Based Welfare Reform. Cancian, Maria Oct 1, 2001 3426
SUMMARY OF OBSERVATIONS AND RECOMMENDATIONS. Cameron, Stephen V.; Moffitt, Robert A.; Rapaport, Carol Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 1915
SESSION 1: OVERVIEW AND CHARACTERISTICS OF WELFARE LEAVERS. Loprest, Pamela; Hoynes, Hilary Williamson Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 7483
SESSION 2: CHANGING CASELOADS: MACROECONOMIC INFLUENCES AND MICROECONOMIC COMPOSITION. Blank, Rebecca M.; Moffitt, Robert A.; Stevens, David W.; Mayer, Susan E.; O'Neill, June Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 21877
SESSION 3: ADMINISTERING WELFARE POLICY IN NEW YORK AND THE NATION. Pavetti, LaDonna; Derr, Michelle K.; Anderson, Jacquelyn; Trippe, Carole; Paschal, Sidnee; Edin, Kat Sep 1, 2001 22683
SESSION 4: NEW POLICIES. Robins, Philip K.; Michalopoulos, Charles; Jencks, Christopher; MaCurdy, Thomas Statistical Data Included Sep 1, 2001 15838
Forward to the Past. POLLITT, KATHA Brief Article Jul 9, 2001 988
TEMPORARY MEASURES. Greene, Josh Jul 1, 2001 2252
Explaining state AFDC and food stamp caseloads: has welfare reform discouraged food stamp participation? Tschoepe, Gary J.; Hindera, John J. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 3552
Welfare Reform: An Exploration of Devolution. Pandey, Shanta; Collier-Tenison, Shannon Mar 22, 2001 9739
Poverty and welfare: does compassionate conservatism have a heart? Edelman, Peter Mar 22, 2001 4816
Faith-based charities and the quest to solve America's social ills: a legal and policy analysis. Solomon, Lewis D.; Vlissides, Matthew J., Jr. Mar 22, 2001 15778
Reforming Welfare Reform. BERNSTEIN, JARED; GREENBERG, MARK Jan 1, 2001 6101
Assessing the Impact of Welfare Reform on Urban Communities: The Urban Change Project and Methodological Considerations. The Project on Devolution and Urban Change. Michalopoulos, Charles; Bos, Johannes M.; Lalonde, Robert; Verma, Nandita Nov 1, 2000 257
Experts Say Welfare Reform is Working; But Business Are Urged to Aid In Transitions. Brief Article Jul 31, 2000 419
Work after welfare: Women's work effort, occupation, and economic well-being. Cancian, Maria; Meyer, Daniel R. Statistical Data Included Jun 1, 2000 11233
DIVISION REPORT. Brief Article May 1, 2000 723
From Welfare to Workfare - The Welfare Reform Act of 1996 changed the welfare system into one focused on putting people to work. PONT, PETE DU Jan 1, 2000 2209
The next challenge - finding jobs for those with physical or mental problems, illiterates, and those with drug and alcohol problems. BESHAROV, DOUGLAS J. Jan 1, 2000 1744
Welfare Reform and the Race to the Bottom: Theory and Evidence. Brueckner, Jan K. Jan 1, 2000 12848
Welfare law and the drive to reduce `illegitimacy'. Topic Overview Jan 1, 2000 2854
Welfare-to-Work Conference Hails Success, Cites Challenges. Rogers, Fabiene Brief Article Aug 30, 1999 839
Welfare-to-Work: Cities Face the Challenge. Rosenblum, Susan B. Brief Article Jun 21, 1999 1610
Examples Database: Solutions for Cities. Behroozi, Cy Brief Article Jun 21, 1999 1419
Congress Looks at Welfare-to-Work Reauthorization. Olero, Juan Brief Article Jun 21, 1999 554
Tulsa: A Welfare-to-Work Program That Really Works. Hunt-Roberts, Undine Brief Article Jun 21, 1999 296
Roll reversal: the quiet success of welfare reform. Hazlett, Thomas W. Jun 1, 1999 835
Selling employers in welfare reform. Vasquez, Jenifer Feb 1, 1999 2164
Welfare at ground zero: having to fly without a safety net. Keigher, Sharon; Fendt, Pamela Aug 1, 1998 5137
Welfare reform: revolution or retrenchment? Beer, Samuel H. Jun 22, 1998 3293
The race among the states in welfare benefits: a comment. Piven, Frances Fox Jun 22, 1998 2084
Revisiting 'Shapiro': welfare magnets and state residency requirements in the 1990s. Allard, Scott W. Jun 22, 1998 9336
Making something out of nothing: welfare reform and a new race to the bottom. Schram, Sanford F.; Soss, Joe Jun 22, 1998 10611
Watching the race: where you sit affects what you see. Lurie, Irene Jun 22, 1998 2279
Early findings about the newest new federalism for welfare. Nathan, Richard P.; Gais, Thomas L. Jun 22, 1998 3288
Welfare reform in Delaware: "A Better Chance" for whom? Curtis, Karen A. Jun 22, 1998 8368
Predictions, patterns, and policymaking: a regional study of devolution. Francis, Richard M. Jun 22, 1998 7093
The impact of welfare reform on Medicaid. Schneider, Saundra K. Jun 22, 1998 6402
Prospects for low-income mothers' economic survival under welfare reform. Gault, Barbara; Hartmann, Heidi; Yi, Hsiao-Ye Jun 22, 1998 8393
Interstate competition and welfare policy. Rom, Mark Carl; Peterson, Paul E.; Scheve, Kenneth F., Jr. Jun 22, 1998 8170
Government can't cure poverty. Woodson, Robert L., Sr. Jan 1, 1998 1754
Beyond gender: critical practice in social work education. Lewis, Ione Report Jan 1, 1998 3118
Welfare's new rules: a pox on children. Duncan, Greg J.; Brooks-Gunn, Jeanne Dec 22, 1997 3392
Catholic Charities deals with 'welfare repeal.' (the poor are made scapegoats)(Column) Fox, Thomas C. Column Sep 19, 1997 1004
Kids and SSI: reducing the caseload. Jul 1, 1997 328
Divided Ontario. Kitchen, Brigitte Cover Story Jul 1, 1997 1475
Is the new voluntarism for real or for show? Editorial May 16, 1997 1153
If poverty is the question.... Wellstone, Paul Cover Story Apr 14, 1997 1996
What to watch for: an architect of Clinton's original welfare revision provides perspective on new law and suggests coverage ideas. Ellwood, David Transcript Mar 22, 1997 3577
Welfare reform: the end of compassion? Olasky, Marvin H. Mar 1, 1997 3344
Civility on trial: welfare in the Western world. Osborne, Thomas J. Jan 1, 1997 1867
Welfare reform: let the experiments begin. Peirce, Neal Oct 7, 1996 792
Working for whose welfare? Oct 1, 1996 1192
How large are welfare's work disincentives? Caniglia, Alan S. Sep 1, 1996 3919
Catholics at state level gird for more cuts. Jones, Arthur Jan 12, 1996 1021
Bishops, old allies split on aid to poor. Roberts, Tom Dec 1, 1995 1170
Cross purposes: will conservative welfare reform corrupt religious charities? Sherman, Amy L. Sep 22, 1995 4941
Getting from welfare to work. Gnuschke, Jeff Cover Story Jul 1, 1995 5260
Network's other view on welfare reform. Editorial Apr 28, 1995 695
The comic opera of welfare reform. Thayer, Frederick C. Mar 22, 1995 4973
A devolution revolution? Zimmerman, Christopher Mar 1, 1995 1016
The GOP's war against poor women: welfare reform proposals are based on myths, not realities. Malveaux. Julianne Feb 1, 1995 413
What will happen to the children? Who will step in when welfare is abolished. Barry, Verne; Cooney, David; Craig, Conna; Gulker, Virgil; Parker, Star; Perkins, John M.; Sirico, R Jan 1, 1995 6309
The new anti-welfare states. Hood, John Oct 1, 1994 4804
Coordination and welfare reform: the quest for the philosopher's stone. Jennings, Edward T., Jr.; Krane, Dale Jul 1, 1994 6910
The welfare monster. Gordon, Dianna Jun 1, 1994 4247
Remarks on the National Welfare Rights Union. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 1452
How we got "welfare": a history of the mistakes of the past. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 1842
Challenging the myths of welfare reform from a woman's perspective. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2439
Poor and pregnant in the United States: 1950s, 1970s, 1990s. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2177
Welfare reform and the assault on daily life: targeting single mothers and their children. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2570
Reforming welfare or reforming the labor market: lessons from the Massachusetts employment training experience. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2142
When reality meets policy. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 1613
Improving access to higher education for AFDC recipients. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2537
Welfare reform and the Clinton administration. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 5160
The real employment opportunities of women participating in AFDC: what the market can provide. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2803
Women's reality: making welfare work and making work pay. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2244
Child support enforcement and assurance: one part of the anti-poverty strategy for women. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2075
After the family wage: what do women want in social welfare? Fraser, Nancy Transcript Mar 22, 1994 3088
Introduction: living on welfare - a personal view. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 633
Filling the half-full glass: designing a welfare system that works for women. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2072
The Fifth Estate: how and why the poverty industry distorts welfare issues and displaces the interests of people on welfare. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 1961
Welfare in a world of income instability. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 2003
Women on the move: civilian responses to the war on poor women. Transcript Mar 22, 1994 3513
Welfare reform again. Editorial Jan 1, 1994 800
Controlling government expenditure. Jun 1, 1993 4204
What to do with welfare? Seglem, Lee May 1, 1993 3562
Tax Reform 1986 and marginal welfare changes for labor. Wasylenko, Michael Jul 1, 1992 4736
Welfare reform and its victims. Udesky, Laurie Sep 24, 1990 2691
Business climate and measured poverty: the evidence across states. Walters, Stephen J.K. Mar 1, 1990 3363
Social disservices: why welfare reform is a sham. Abramovitz, Mimi Sep 26, 1988 2880

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