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Cochlear Implantation After Radiotherapy of Vestibular Schwannomas. Tian, Luchen; West, Niels; Caye-Thomasen, Per Sep 1, 2021 5756
Frequency Characteristics in Children Using Cochlear Implant: A Comparison With Normal Hearing Peers. Umashankar, Abishek; Dhandayutham, Subhashini; Ramamoorthy, Santhoshi; Selvaraj, Jasmine Lydia Sep 1, 2021 4995
Multilayered Implantable Antenna Biosensor for Continuous Glucose Monitoring: Design and Analysis. Khadase, Rahul B.; Nandgaonkar, Anil; Iyer, Brijesh; Wagh, Abhay Aug 1, 2021 3799
Finite Element Analysis of the Effect of the Range of Bone Defect and Filling Material on the Unicondylar Knee Arthroplasty. Tu, Xinglei; Li, Minglin Jul 1, 2021 3685
Assessment of the Knowledge about Routine Laboratory Procedures in Fabrication of Fixed Dental Prostheses amongst Dental Laboratories in Western Maharashtra Region. Vande, Aaditee Vishnu; Tewary, Shivsagar; Sanyal, Pronob Kumar; Pawashe, Karuna Gajanan Apr 12, 2021 3177
Evaluation of Porosity and Water Sorption in Conventionally Cured Modified Polymethyl Methacrylate Resin--An In Vitro Study. Mathew, Merin; Shenoy, Kamalakanth; Ravishankar, K.S. Mar 29, 2021 3358
Cochlear Implantation Outcomes in Patients with Mitochondrial Hearing Loss: A Systematic Review and Narrative Synthesis. Zia, Nawal; Nikookam, Yasmin; Muzaffar, Jameel; Kullar, Peter; Monksfield, Peter; Bance, Manohar Jan 1, 2021 5514
Efficacy of Anti-Fungal Agents Incorporated in Tissue Conditioners in Inhibiting the Growth of Candida albicans. Bhat, Vidya S.; Bhat, Varsha P.; Agarwal, Anurag; Shetty, Sanath Dec 28, 2020 3088
Effect of fixed dental prosthesis on the brain functions of partially edentulous patients--pilot study with power spectrum density analysis. Saikia, Uddipta Prafulla; Chander, N. Gopi; Balasubramanian, Muthukumar Dec 1, 2020 3479
One-stage vs. two-stage revision outcomes in infected total knee arthroplasty. Coltan, Mihai; Dragosloveanu, Serban Nov 1, 2020 1971
Assessment of factors influencing oral health-related quality of life (OHRQoL) of patients with removable dental prosthesis. Modhi Al Deeb, Tariq Abduljabbar, Fahim Vohra, Muhammad S. Zafar and Mudassir Hussain Feb 14, 2020 3836
The Impact of Preoperative Opioid Use Disorder on Complications and Costs following Primary Total Hip and Knee Arthroplasty. Wilson, Jacob M.; Farley, Kevin X.; Aizpuru, Matthew; Wagner, Eric R.; Bradbury, Thomas L.; Guild, G Dec 31, 2019 5800
An Evaluation of Factors Affecting Patient's Decision Making Regarding Dental Prosthetic Treatment. Nayana, Paul; Dhakshaini, M.R.; Raghavendra, Swamy K.N.; Sowmya, S; Ravi, M.B. Survey Dec 9, 2019 3279
Effects of Systemic or Local Administration of Zoledronate on Implant Osseointegration: A Preclinical Meta-Analysis. He, Yao; Bao, Wei; Wu, Xiang-Dong; Huang, Wei; Chen, Hong; Li, Zhengyun Report Oct 31, 2019 9803
THE INTERNET OF BODIES. Matwyshyn, Andrea M. Oct 1, 2019 36524
Evaluation of Speech, Spatial Perception and Hearing Quality in Unilateral, Bimodal and Bilateral Cochlear Implant Users. Erdem, Busra Kocak; Ciprut, Ayca Sep 1, 2019 3781
Physician network position and patient outcomes following implantable cardioverter defibrillator therapy. Moen, Erika L.; Bynum, Julie P.; Skinner, Jonathan S.; O'Malley, Alistair J. Aug 1, 2019 6150
A Preoperative Analytical Model for Patient-Specific Impingement Analysis in Total Hip Arthroplasty. Gu, Yolanda; Pierrepont, Jim; Stambouzou, Catherine; Li, Qing; Bare, Jonathan Jul 31, 2019 5176
Prosthetic Correction of Proclined Maxillary Incisors: A Biomechanical Analysis. He, Yiting; Chen, Yung-Chung; Teng, Wei; Fok, Alex S. L.; Chew, Hooi Pin Correction notice Jul 31, 2019 4418
Short to Midterm Follow-Up of Periprosthetic Bone Mineral Density after Total Hip Arthroplasty with the Ribbed Anatomic Stem. Wu, Xiang-Dong; Tian, Mian; He, Yao; Chen, Hong; Chen, Yu; Mishra, Rahul; Liu, Wei; Huang, Wei Jul 31, 2019 7821
A Dynamic Model of Hip Joint Biomechanics: The Contribution of Soft Tissues. Fetto, Joseph F. Jun 30, 2019 4060
Employee Microchip Implants: Technology Acceptance, Capability Enhancement, and Continuous Monitoring. Sion, Gratiela Report May 1, 2019 1823
Analysis of Implantable Ultrasonic Coupling Wireless Power Transmission System. Yan, Xiaoheng; Zhu, Zhengyin; Liu, Guo-Qiang; Zhao, Xiaohe Apr 1, 2019 4320
Hearing Impairment and Quality of Life in Adults with Asymmetric Hearing Loss: Benefits of Bimodal Stimulation. Sanhueza, Ignacio; Manrique-Huarte, Raquel; Calavia, Diego; Huarte, Alicia; Manrique, Manuel Report Apr 1, 2019 4224
Evaluation of Tensile Bond Strength of Heat-Polymerized Acrylic Soft Liners with Various Surface Pre-Treatment of Denture Bases: An In Vitro Study. Mempally, Hari kumar; Komala, Jayasree; Ganji, Sri Guru Mangala Deepti Report Apr 1, 2019 4230
Prevalence of chewing difficulty among adults and associated factors. Cavalcante, Flavia Torres; Moura, Cristiano; Perazzo, Pedro Augusto Tavares; Cavalcante, Fabiana Tor Mar 1, 2019 4852
Design and Analysis of Novel Actuation Mechanism with Controllable Stiffness. dos Santos, Erivelton Gualter; Richter, Hanz Mar 1, 2019 5809
Tooth loss experiences in adult and elderly users of Primary Health Care. Bitencourt, Fernando Valentim; Correa, Helena Weschenfelder; Toassi, Ramona Fernanda Ceriotti Jan 1, 2019 7070
Nucleolus vs Nucleus Count for Identifying Spiral Ganglion in Human Temporal Bone. Di Stadio, Arianna; Massimo, Ralli; Ishai, Reuven; D'Ascanio, Luca; Trabalzini, Franco; Della Volpe, Aug 1, 2018 4930
Beyond the Implant: Retrieval Analysis Methods for Implant Surveillance. Book review Aug 1, 2018 170
Evaluation of NU-FlexSIV Socket Performance for Military Service Members with Transfemoral Amputation. Brown, Starr E.; Esposito, Elizabeth Russell; Ikeda, Andrea J.; Wilken, Jason M.; Fatone, Stefania Jul 1, 2018 5797
Functional and Radiographic Results of Hemiarthroplasty in the Treatment of Hallux Rigidus of the First Metatarsophalangeal Joint/Birinci Metatarsofalengeal Eklemin Halluks Rigidus Hastaliginin Tedavisinde Hemiartroplastinin Fonksiyonel ve Radyografik Sonuclari. Uzer, Gokcer; Yildiz, Fatih; AlI, Jotyar Report Jul 1, 2018 2534
Validity and Reliability of Administrative Coded Data for the Identification of Hospital-Acquired Infections: An Updated Systematic Review with Meta-Analysis and Meta-Regression Analysis. Redondo-Gonzdlez, Olga; Tenias, Jose Maria; Arias, Angel; Lucendo, Alfredo J. Jun 1, 2018 12640
Novel Algorithm Can Help Create 3-D Human Nose Prosthesis; High overall similarity between 3-D models and photographs of volunteers' noses. May 15, 2018 207
Factors associated with the need for oral treatment of elderly Brazilians: a multilevel analysis/ Fatores associados as necessidades de tratamento odontologico em idosos brasileiros: uma analise multinivel. Dalazen, Chaiane Emilia; De Carli, Alessandro Diogo; Bomfim, Rafael Aiello Encuesta Apr 1, 2018 6225
The Impact of Anterior Glenoid Defects on Reverse Shoulder Glenoid Fixation in a Composite Scapula Model. Roche, Christopher P.; Stroud, Nicholas J.; Palomino, Pablo; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Wright, Thomas W. Report Apr 1, 2018 4396
EFFECT OF PEDICLE-SCREW FIXATION IN LUMBAR SPINE AT L3-L5 LEVEL: A FINITE ELEMENT STUDY. Biswas, Jayanta Kumar; Banerjee, Sreerup; Majumder, Santanu; Roy, Sandipan; Saha, Subrata; RoyChowdh Case study Apr 1, 2018 4178
A New Method for Elbow Arthrodesis for Soft-tissue Coverage: The Use of Biceps Brachii Muscle Flap. Bas, Soysal; Bas, Sercin; Uyan, Utku; Durgun, Mustafa Apr 1, 2018 2363
Cochlear Implant Electrode Array From Partial to Full Insertion in Non-Human Primate Model. Manrique-Huarte, Raquel; Calavia, Diego; Gallego, Maria Antonia; Manrique, Manuel Apr 1, 2018 3527
COMPUTER MODELING OF IMPLANT FOR FEMUR REINFORCEMENT. Savielieva, O.; Prokopovich, I.; Pavlyshko, A.; Matveev, A.; Starushkevych, T. Report Mar 1, 2018 3645
Factors behind self-perceived need for dental treatment and prosthesis in Brazilian elderly people/ Fatores associados a autopercepcao da necessidade de tratamento odontologico e de protese em idosos brasileiros. Dalazen, Chaiane Emilia; Bomfim, Rafael Aiello; De-Carli, Alessandro Diogo Mar 1, 2018 4618
Vestibular dysfunction and postural balance in cochlear implant users: a narrative literature review. Melo, Juliana Jandre; Gibrin, Paula Carolina Dias; Marchiori, Luciana Lozza de Moraes Jan 1, 2018 5475
Vector Autoregressive Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for Extracting Finger Movements Using Multichannel Surface EMG Signals. Malesevic, Nebojsa; Markovic, Dimitrije; Kanitz, Gunter; Controzzi, Marco; Cipriani, Christian; Antf Jan 1, 2018 7816
Development and Evaluation of a Powered Artificial Gastrocnemius for Transtibial Amputee Gait. Eilenberg, Michael F.; Kuan, Jiun-Yih; Herr, Hugh Jan 1, 2018 11605
An Insight into the Periodontal Restorative Interrelationship. Nithisha, Brahmandabheri; Kumar, Chitturi Ravi; Rao, Duggineni Chalapathi; Sujesh, Machha; Sreenivas Jan 1, 2018 2944
Favorable Outcome with Close Margins in Patients Undergoing Nipple/Skin Sparing Mastectomy with Immediate Breast Reconstruction: 5-year Follow-up. Ozkurt, Enver; Tukenmez, Mustafa; Guven, Erdem; Ozden, Burcu Celet; Oner, Gizem; Muslumanoglu, Mahmu Report Jan 1, 2018 5199
Effects of Geometrical Parameters on Stress Wave Propagation across the Rough Joint. Xin, Chen; Wenhui, Tan; Peng, Wang Report Jan 1, 2018 3367
Modeling and Simulation of Prosthetic Gait Using a 3-D Model of Transtibial Protesis: Modelado y simulacion de la marcha protesica usando modelo en 3D de una protesis transtibal: Modelagem e simulacao da marcha protetica usando modelo em 3D de uma protese transtibial. Contreras, Lely Adriana Luengas; Casallas, Esperanza Camargo; Guardiola, Daniel Jan 1, 2018 5656
Lessons learnt from the introduction of the contraceptive implant in South Africa. Pleaner, M.; Morroni, C.; Smit, J.; Lince-Deroche, N.; Chersich, M.F.; Mullick, S.; Pillay, D.; Maku Report Nov 1, 2017 5928
Morphofunctional analysis of the stomatognathic system in conventional complete dentures users from the Integrated Health Center. de Andrade, Rodrigo Alves; da Cunha, Maria Deluana; Reis, Ana Maria da Costa dos Santos Sep 1, 2017 5989
30 hectares to enrich farmers. Aug 3, 2017 776
Oral health condition and reasons for tooth extraction among an adult population (20-64 years old). Silva, Manoelito Ferreira, Jr.; de Sousa, Anne Caroline Correia; Batista, Marilia Jesus; de Sousa, M Ensayo Aug 1, 2017 7312
An evaluation of patient satisfaction with custom-fit prosthesis of eye in a tertiary eye care centre. Kim, Usha; Krishna, K.S. Rajiv Report Jul 31, 2017 2580
Oral communication and auditory skills of hearing impaired children and adolescents and the speech therapy rehabilitation process/Habilidades auditivas e de comunicacao oral de criancas e adolescentes deficientes auditivos e o processo de reabilitacao fonoaudiologica. Bicas, Rafaela da Silva; Guijo, Laura Mochiatti; Delgado-Pinheiro, Eliane Maria Carrit Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 5449
Analisis de la puncion de protesis intravasculares recubiertas tras el rescate de la fistula arteriovenosa despues de 12 meses de experiencia/Analysis of puncture of coated intravascular prostheses after salvage of arteriovenous fistula, after 12 months of experience. Lopez, Victoria Eugenia Gomez; Macias, Carolina Munoz; Cuesta, Rafael Casas; Mafla, Oscar Calle; Mon Jul 1, 2017 2369
Lower limb amputation: postoperative nursing care and considerations. Schreiber, Mary L. Jul 1, 2017 2361
Response of hearing-impaired children to piano lessons: Engagement and enjoyment of music. Comeau, Gilles; Koravand, Amineh; Markovic, Sandra Report Jun 22, 2017 6677
Multilayered Broadband Antenna for Compact Embedded Implantable Medical Devices: Design and Characterization. , Aleix Garcia-Miquel; Curto, Sergio; Vidal, Neus; Lopez-Villegas, Jose M.; Ramos, Francisco M.; Pra Report Jun 1, 2017 6266
Expressive vocabulary in children with cochlear implants/Vocabulario expressivo em criancas usuarias de implante coclear. Colalto, Claudia Aparecida; Goffi-Gomez, Maria Valeria Schmidt; Magalhaes, Ana Tereza de Matos; Samu Ensayo May 1, 2017 4873
Effects of Appropriate Prolonged Sacral Neuromodulation Testing in Improving Implantation Rate of a Permanent Implantable Pulse Generator in Patients with Refractory Lower Urinary Tract Dysfunctions in Mainland China. Zhang, Peng; Zhang, Jian-Zhong; Wu, Li-Yang; Zhang, Xiao-Dong Report Apr 1, 2017 4422
Percentage of correct consonants (PCC) in hearing impaired children: a longitudinal study/Porcentagem de consoantes corretas (PCC) em criancas com deficiencia auditiva: estudo longitudinal. Costa, Leticia Splendor da; Silva, Paula Botelho da; de Azevedo, Marisa Frasson; Gil, Daniela Ensayo Mar 1, 2017 4001
Influence of the Microstructure and Silver Content on Degradation, Cytocompatibility, and Antibacterial Properties of Magnesium-Silver Alloys In Vitro. Liu, Zhidan; Schade, Ronald; Luthringer, Berengere; Hort, Norbert; Rothe, Holger; Muller, Soren; Lie Report Jan 1, 2017 8464
Characterization of Oral Microbiota in Removable Dental Prosthesis Users: Influence of Arterial Hypertension. Marchi-Alves, Leila Maria; Freitas, Dayana; de Andrade, Denise; de Godoy, Simone; Toneti, Adrielle N Report Jan 1, 2017 5210
Implant Stability in the Posterior Maxilla: A Controlled Clinical Trial. Gomes, Raquel Zita; de Vasconcelos, Mario Ramalho; Guerra, Isabel Maria Lopes; de Almeida, Rute Alex Report Jan 1, 2017 8044
An Evaluation of the Gap Sizes of 3-Unit Fixed Dental Prostheses Milled from Sintering Metal Blocks. Jung, Jae-Kwan Jan 1, 2017 5591
FEM and Von Mises Analysis on Prosthetic Crowns Structural Elements: Evaluation of Different Applied Materials. Bramanti, Ennio; Cervino, Gabriele; Lauritano, Floriana; Fiorillo, Luca; DAmico, Cesare; Sambataro, Report Jan 1, 2017 4084
Networked Multimodal Sensor Control of Powered 2-DOF Wrist and Hand. Shibuya, Masaki; Ohnishi, Kengo; Kajitani, Isamu Jan 1, 2017 5715
Adaptive Foot in Lower-Limb Prostheses. Weerakkody, Thilina H.; Lalitharatne, Thilina Dulantha; Gopura, R.A.R.C. Jan 1, 2017 9238
Minimizing Stress Shielding and Cement Damage in Cemented Femoral Component of a Hip Prosthesis through Computational Design Optimization. Moussa, Abdellah Ait; Fischer, Justin; Yadav, Rohan; Khandaker, Morshed Report Jan 1, 2017 7373
A Novel Silica-Nylon Mesh Reinforcement for Dental Prostheses. Paes, Tarcisio Jose de Arruda, Jr.; de Castro, Humberto Lago; Borges, Alexandre Luiz Souto; Bona, Al Jan 1, 2017 3515
Experiences of Women and Assessment of Efficacy and Side Effects of Sub-dermal Implants in Rural Islamabad. Report Dec 31, 2016 2437
Characterization of communicative interaction between parent of hearing impaired children and adolescents that use oral communication/Caracterizacao da interacao comunicativa entre pais de criancas e adolescentes deficientes auditivos que utilizam comunicacao oral. Guijo, Laura Mochiatti; Delgado-Pinheiro, Eliane Maria Carrit Sep 1, 2016 5659
New Report Available: Asia-Pacific Prosthetic Heart Valve Procedures Outlook to 2021. Report Jul 1, 2016 320
The long-term concerns post cochlear implantation as experienced by parents/caregivers of prelingually deaf children between the ages of 3 and 5 years in Gauteng Province, South Africa. Moroe, N.; Kathrada, N. Jul 1, 2016 3993
Now Available: EU5 Prosthetic Heart Valve Procedures Outlook to 2021. Jun 28, 2016 320
"North America Prosthetic Heart Valve Procedures Outlook to 2021" Published. Jun 27, 2016 322
Classification and Fascicular Analysis of Variant Branching Pattern of Femoral Nerve for Microsurgical Intervention. A Series of Thirteen Cadavers/Clasificacion y Analisis Fascicular de las Variantes en el Patron de Ramificacion del Nervio Femoral en Intervenciones Microquirurgicas. Una Serie de 13 Cadaveres. Singh, Rajani; Tubbs, Shane; Singla, Mukesh Jun 1, 2016 4980
Comparison of auditory perception in cochlear implanted children with and without additional disabilities. Hashemi, Seyed Basir; Monshizadeh, Leila Report May 1, 2016 2921
Effects of cognitive load and prosthetic liner on volitional response times to vibrotactile feedback. Sharma, Aman; Leineweber, Matthew J.; Andrysek, Jan Report Apr 1, 2016 5112
Friction and wear performance of biomaterials alloy AISI 316L and Ti-6Al-7Nb. Mamoun, Fellah; Linda, Aissani; Mohamed, Abdul Samad; Mohamed, Labaiz; Alexe, Montagne Report Apr 1, 2016 6057
Registering a methodology for imaging and analysis of residual-limb shape after transtibial amputation. Dickinson, Alexander S.; Steer, Joshua W.; Woods, Christopher J.; Worsley, Peter R. Report Feb 1, 2016 5624
Prosthetic interventions for people with transtibial amputation: systematic review and meta-analysis of high-quality prospective literature and systematic reviews. Highsmith, M. Jason; Kahle, Jason T.; Miro, Rebecca M.; Orendurff, Michael S.; Lewandowski, Amanda L Report Feb 1, 2016 17141
Focus areas of cardiovascular medical device research in South Africa. Chimhundu, C.; de Jager, K.; Douglas, T.S. Report Jan 1, 2016 1755
Prospective study of management of fracture neck of femur by hemiarthroplasty with cemented bipolar. Adapureddi, Hanu Tej; Kamareddy, S.B.; Kumar, Anand; Paturi, Sri Krishna; Anne, Sandeep; Reddy, Jaya Clinical report Dec 7, 2015 3787
The impact of posterior wear on reverse shoulder glenoid fixation. Friedman, Richard; Stroud, Nicholas; Glattke, Kaycee; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Wright, Thomas W.; Zucke Report Oct 1, 2015 4256
Optimizing deltoid efficiency with reverse shoulder arthroplasty using a novel inset center of rotation glenosphere design. Roche, Christopher P.; Hamilton, Matthew A.; Diep, Phong; Wright, Thomas W.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Z Report Oct 1, 2015 2769
Reverse shoulder arthroplasty prosthesis design classification system. Routman, Howard D.; Flurin, Pierre-Henri; Wright, Thomas W.; Zuckerman, Joseph D.; Hamilton, Matthew Report Oct 1, 2015 7779
The implications of cochlear implant for development of language skills: a literature review/ As implicacoes do implante coclear para desenvolvimento das habilidades de linguagem: uma revisao da literatura. das Neves, Anderson Jonas; Verdu, Ana Claudia Moreira Almeida; de Lima Mortari Moret, Adriane; Silva Sep 1, 2015 6941
Proximal Femoral Epiphysis: Manual Morphometry versus Digital Morphometry/Epifisis Femoral Proximal: Morfometria Manual versus Morfometria Digital. Menezes, Tamires Meira; Rocha, Taciano Dias de Souza; de Oliveira, Belisa Duarte Ribeiro; de Albuque Sep 1, 2015 2994
Ceramic on Ceramic or Ceramic-on-polyethylene for Total Hip Arthroplasty: A Systemic Review and Meta-analysis of Prospective Randomized Studies. Dong, Yu-Lei; Li, Tao; Xiao, Ke; Bian, Yan-Yan; Weng, Xi-Sheng Report Sep 1, 2015 4488
Retaining Chorda Tympani Nerve Integrity During Cochlear Implant Surgery. Wang, Lin-E; Xia, Jiao; Shen, Xi-Xi; Wang, Zhen-Xiao; Wang, Wei; Zhang, Dao-Xing Report Aug 5, 2015 2301
Knowledge of cochlear implants in Federal District audiologists, speech-language pathologists, and otolaryngologists/Conhecimento de fonoaudiologos e otorrinolaringologistas do Distrito Federal acerca do implante coclear. de Melo Guerra, Annelise; Sampaio, Andre Luiz Lopes; Oliveira, Carlos Augusto C.P.; Serra, Lucieny S Jul 1, 2015 3418
Chewing alterations in removable dental prosthesis users: systematic review/Alteraciones de la masticacion en usuarios de protesis dental removible. Revision sistematica. Mac-Kay, Ana Paula Machado Goyano; Veliz, Lorena Olivia Chacana; Calderon, Carol Stephanie Michea; d Jul 1, 2015 4650
Lower-limb amputation and effect of posttraumatic stress disorder on department of veterans affairs outpatient cost trends. Bhatnagar, Vibha; Richard, Erin; Melcer, Ted; Walker, Jay; Galarneau, Michael Report Jul 1, 2015 7408
Physical performance and self-report outcomes associated with use of passive, adaptive, and active prosthetic knees in persons with unilateral, transfemoral amputation: randomized crossover trial. Hafner, Brian J.; Askew, Robert L. Report Jun 1, 2015 15690
Predicting prosthetic prescription after major lower-limb amputation. Resnik, Linda; Borgia, Matthew Report Jun 1, 2015 6455
Systematic review of effects of current transtibial prosthetic socket designs--Part 1: qualitative outcomes. Safari, Mohammad Reza; Meier, Margrit Regula Report May 1, 2015 13038
Systematic review of effects of current transtibial prosthetic socket designs--Part 2: quantitative outcomes. Safari, Mohammad Reza; Meier, Margrit Regula Report May 1, 2015 13761
Enterobacteriaceae resistant to third generation cephalosporins upon hospital admission: risk factors and clinical outcomes. Oliveira, Mirian Cristina; Oliveira, Clara Rodrigues Alves; Goncalves, Karine Valeria; Santos, Marci Report May 1, 2015 4704
Self-declared communication disorders and associated factors in elderly/Disturbios fonoaudiologicos autodeclarados e fatores associados em idosos. Vilanova, Juliana Richinitti; de Almeida, Carlos Podalirio Borges; de Goulart, Barbara Niegia Garcia Report May 1, 2015 3410
Maximum phonation times of elderly woman with and without upper dental prosthesis/Tempos maximos de fonacao de idosas com e sem protese dentaria superior. Cielo, Carla Aparecida; Ribeiro, Vanessa Veis; Hoffmann, Carla Franco; de Macedo Gomes, Ariane; de M May 1, 2015 3169
Preclinical Models Validate New Class of Long Bone Orthopedic Implants. Report Apr 10, 2015 367
Effects of prosthetic limb prescription on 3-year mortality among veterans with lower-limb amputation. Kurichi, Jibby E. Report Apr 1, 2015 104
Fifteen years of experience with integral-leg prosthesis: cohort study of artificial limb attachment system. Juhnke, Dora-Lisa Report Apr 1, 2015 110
Interrater reliability of mechanical tests for functional classification of transtibial prosthesis components distal to the socket. Major, Matthew J. Report Apr 1, 2015 107
Effects of prosthetic limb prescription on 3-year mortality among veterans with lower-limb amputation. Kurichi, Jibby E.; Kwong, Pui; Vogel, W. Bruce; Xie, Dawei; Ripley, Diane Cowper; Bates, Barbara E. Report Apr 1, 2015 8120
Interrater reliability of mechanical tests for functional classification of transtibial prosthesis components distal to the socket. Major, Matthew J.; Johnson, William Brett; Gard, Steven A. Report Apr 1, 2015 3732
Design and evaluation of voluntary opening and voluntary closing prosthetic terminal device. Sensinger, Jon W.; Lipsey, James; Thomas, Ashley; Turner, Kristi Report Jan 1, 2015 6945
Ankle mechanics during sidestep cutting implicates need for 2-degrees of freedom powered ankle-foot prostheses. Ficanha, Evandro M.; Rastgaar, Mohammad; Kaufman, Kenton R. Report Jan 1, 2015 8579
Prosthodontic rehabilitation of a patient with combination syndrome. Shanthi, Priya K.; Reddi, Narasimha Rao M.; Raja, Reddy N.; Sunil, M. Report Jan 1, 2015 1357
Speech and language development in hearing impairment: two-case report/ Desenvolvimento de fala e linguagem na deficiencia auditiva: relato de dois casos. de Oliveira Sobreira, Ana Carolina; Capo, Bianca Maria; dos Santos, Thassia Silva; Gil, Daniela Jan 1, 2015 4321
Melodic contour training and its effect on speech in noise, consonant discrimination, and prosody perception for cochlear implant recipients. Lo, Chi Yhun; McMahon, Catherine M.; Looi, Valerie; Thompson, William F. Jan 1, 2015 6202
From independence to interdependence--a saga of managing maxillary defect with obturator. Ravvali, T.; Ashok, Maurya V.; Ravi, Kumar C.; Chalapathi, Rao D. Report Jan 1, 2015 1196
Incidence and causes of fracture of acrylic resin complete denture. Ray, Sampa "Bhattacharya"; Ray, Pradip Kumar; Makhal, Manabendra; Sen, Saibal Kumar Dec 11, 2014 2867
Wirelessly charged microchip expands opportunities for implantables: novel method safely delivers wireless power to devices as small as a grain of rice for medical implants deep within the body. Barnes, Melissa Nov 1, 2014 845
Stress intensity factors for micro-crack emanating from micro-cavity in cement of reconstructed acetabulum/Mikroplysio atsirandancio del mikrotustumu rekonstruotos guzduobes cemente itempiu intensyvumo koeficiantai. Bounoua, N.; Belarbi, A.; Belhouari, M.; Bouiadjra, B. Bachir Report Nov 1, 2014 4654
Benefits of microprocessor-controlled prosthetic knees to limited community ambulators: systematic review. Kannenberg, Andreas; Zacharias, Britta; Probsting, Eva Oct 1, 2014 16601
Repair issues associated with cochlear implants external components: the influence of age and time of use/Falhas dos componentes externos do implante coclear: influencia da idade e do tempo de uso. Pereira, Alessandra Martins; de Melo, Tatiana Mendes Clinical report Sep 1, 2014 2861
The prevalence of prosthesis use with the effects on body image, depression, anxiety and self-esteem in lower-extremity amputations/Alt ekstremite amputasyonlarinda protez kullaniminin sikligi ile beden imaji, depresyon, anksiyete ve benlik saygisi uzerine etkileri. Atay, Inci Meltem; Turgay, Ozan; Atay, Tolga Report Sep 1, 2014 2426
Attachments in prosthodontics: different systems of classification: a review. Khanam, H.M. Khuthija; Bharathi, M.; Reddy, K. Rajeev Kumar; Reddy, S.V. Giridhar Jul 14, 2014 2241
Tecnicas, etiquetas y dispositivos de mareaje de protesis dentales empleados en odontologia forense como medio de identificacion. Revision sistematica de la literatura. Medina, Sebastian; Vallejo, Diego; Moreno Gomez, Freddy Jul 1, 2014 9637
Individualizing goals for users of externally powered partial hand prostheses. Whelan, Lynsay; Flinn, Sharon; Wagner, Nathan Report Jun 1, 2014 3829
Design and evaluation of prosthetic shoulder controller. Barton, Joseph E.; Sorkin, John D. May 1, 2014 8092
The effects of 21 and 23 milimeter aortic valve prosthesis on hemodynamic performance and functional capacity in young adults. Apr 30, 2014 3207
Assessment of gait stability, harmony, and symmetry in subjects with lower-limb amputation evaluated by trunk accelerations. Iosa, Marco; Paradisi, Francesco; Brunelli, Stefano; Delussu, Anna Sofia; Pellegrini, Roberto; Zenar Report Apr 1, 2014 7843
Horizontal functionally graded material coating of cementless hip prosthesis. Fouda, N. Report Apr 1, 2014 3243
Efficacy of cognitive behavioral therapy in reducing psychiatric symptoms in patients with implantable cardioverter defibrillator: an integrative review. Maia, A.C.C.O.; Braga, A.A.; Soares-Filho, G.; Pereira, V.; Nardi, A.E.; Silva, A.C. Report Apr 1, 2014 5228
Self-reported and performance-based outcomes using DEKA Arm. Resnik, Linda; Borgia, Matthew; Latlief, Gail; Sasson, Nicole; Smurr-Walters, Lisa Report Mar 1, 2014 7920
Development of inexpensive prosthetic feet for high-heeled shoes using simple shoe insole model. Meier, Margrit R.; Tucker, Kerice A.; Hansen, Andrew H. Report Mar 1, 2014 5686
Performance of an Implanted Electrically Coupled Loop Antenna inside Human Body. Ibraheem, Ali; Manteghi, Majid Feb 1, 2014 3099
Simulation of muscle activation patterns in the hip joint during normal level walking followed by sit-to-stand movement between two hip implants. Boobalan, V.; Omkar, S.N.; Ramesh, D.V.; Shankar, S. Report Jan 1, 2014 3613
Failures in dental prosthesis: dentists perception of the involved legal aspects/Insucessos em protese dental: percepcao dos cirurgioes-dentistas quanto aos aspectos odontolegais envolvidos. Fernandes, Mario Marques; Tinoco, Rachel Ribeiro; Castro, Talita Lima; Paranhos, Luiz Renato; France Jan 1, 2014 3392
Evaluation of palatal rugoscopy in dentulous and edentulous cases for human identification in forensic dentistry/Analise da rugoscopia palatina em individuos dentados e edentulos para identificacao humana em odontologia legal. Scandiuzzi, Rogerio Jose; de Almeida, Jessica Cecilia; da Silva, Ricardo Henrique Alves Jan 1, 2014 2192
Factors affecting the performance of users of cochlear implant in speech perception testing/Fatores que interferem no desempenho de usuarios de implante coclear em testes de percepcao de fala. de Meneses, Michelle Sales; Cardoso, Carolina Costa; de Castro Silva, Isabella Monteiro Jan 1, 2014 3093
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