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Mapping the ACE2 binding site on the SARS-CoV-2 spike protein S1: molecular recognition pattern. Kuznetsov, Aleksei; Jarv, Jaak Dec 1, 2020 3640
Effects and Safe Inclusion of Narbonne Vetch (Vicia narbonensis) in Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Diets: Towards a More Sustainable Aquaculture. Tomas-Almenar, Cristina; Toledo-Solis, Francisco Javier; Larran, Ana M.; de Mercado, Eduardo; Alarco Nov 1, 2020 11246
Effects of Dietary Crude Protein Levels on Fecal Crude Protein, Amino Acids Flow Amount, Fecal and Ileal Microbial Amino Acids Composition and Amino Acid Digestibility in Growing Pigs. Yang, Zhenguo; He, Tianle; Bumbie, Gifty Ziema; Hu, Hong; Chen, Qingju; Lu, Changwen; Tang, Zhiru Report Nov 1, 2020 8309
Mannanoligosaccharides as a Carbon Source in Biofloc Boost Dietary Plant Protein and Water Quality, Growth, Immunity and Aeromonas hydrophila Resistance in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Kishawy, Asmaa T.Y.; Sewid, Alaa H.; Nada, Hend S.; Kamel, Mohamed A.; Mandrawy, Shefaa A.M. El-; Ab Oct 1, 2020 14671
The Effects of Dietary Glycine on the Acetic Acid-Induced Mouse Model of Colitis. Wu, Xin; Zheng, Yongmin; Ma, Jie; Yin, Jie; Chen, Shuai Aug 31, 2020 4194
Bioinformatic Analysis of 1000 Amphibian Antimicrobial Peptides Uncovers Multiple Length-Dependent Correlations for Peptide Design and Prediction. Wang, Guangshun Aug 1, 2020 15014
Identification of Non-Pleiotropic Loci in Flowering and Maturity Control in Soybean. Sedivy, Eric J.; Akpertey, Abraham; Vela, Angela; Abadir, Sandra; Khan, Awais; Hanzawa, Yoshie Aug 1, 2020 6435
Assessment of the Effect of Glycine, Oxalic Acid and Nitrogen-Phosphorus-Potassium (NPK) Fertilizer as Nutrient Supplement Using Phosphate and Oxalic Acid as Indices. Temitope Olabisi Abodunrin and Yemisi T. Afolabi Jun 30, 2020 2138
Evaluation of 4-tert-Butyl-Benzhydrylamine Resin (BUBHAR) as an Alternative Solid Support for Peptide Synthesis. Souza, Sinval E.G.; Malavolta, Luciana; Salomoni, Luiggi F.; Cilli, Eduardo M.; Schreier, Shirley; J Jun 30, 2020 4221
Effects of Climate Temperature and Water Stress on Plant Growth and Accumulation of Antioxidant Compounds in Sweet Basil (Ocimum basilicum L.) Leafy Vegetable. Huqail, Asma Al-; Dakak, Rehab M. El-; Sanad, Marwa Nme; Badr, Reem H.; Ibrahim, Mohamed M.; Soliman Mar 31, 2020 8221
Plant Biostimulant Effects of Baker's Yeast Vinasse and Selenium on Tomatoes through Foliar Fertilization. Dima, Stefan-Ovidiu; Neamtu, Constantin; Desliu-Avram, Malina; Ghiurea, Marius; Capra, Luiza; Radu, Jan 1, 2020 11962
Preliminary Genetic Map of a New Recombinant Inbred Line Population for Narrow-Leafed Lupin (Lupinus angustifolius L.). Kozak, Bartosz; Galek, Renata; Zalewski, Dariusz; Sawicka-Sienkiewicz, Ewa Oct 1, 2019 8814
Analysis of expression and single nucleotide polymorphisms of inha gene associated with reproductive traits in chickens. Cui, Zhifu; Liu, Lingbin; Zhao, Xiaoling; Ran, Jinshan; Wang, Yan; Yin, Huadong; Li, Diyan; Zhu, Qin Aug 31, 2019 6795
Modelling the effects of stover harvest on soil organic carbon in the Pampas of Argentina. Alvarez, Roberto; De Paepe, Josefina L. Report May 1, 2019 6400
A Novel Approach for Fabricating LaMN[O.sub.3] Thin Films Using Combined Microwave Combustion and Pulsed Electron Deposition Techniques. Tran, Thi Ha; Tang, Thi Trung Anh; Pham, Nguyen Hai; Bach, Thanh Cong; Sai, Cong Doanh; Nguyen, Quan Mar 31, 2019 4825
Stability of the hypocotyl length of soybean cultivars using neural networks and traditional methods/Estabilidade do comprimento do hipocotilo de plantas de cultivares de soja por meio de redes neurais e metodologias tradicionais. Alves, Guilherme Ferreira; Nogueira, Joao Pedro Garcia; Machado, Ronaldo, Jr.; Ferreira, Silvana da Mar 1, 2019 4699
Liver metabolic perturbations of heat-stressed lactating dairy cows. Fan, Caiyun; Su, Di; Tian, He; Li, Xiaojiao; Li, Yu; Ran, Lei; Hu, Ruiting; Cheng, Jianbo Report Aug 1, 2018 5575
Action thresholds for the soybean stink bug complex: phytotechnical and physiological parameters and egg parasitism/Umbrales de accion para el complejo chinches de la soja, parametros fitotecnicos y fisiologicos, y parasitismo de huevos. Eduardo, Wellington Ivo; Toscano, Luciana Claudia; Tomquelski, Germison Vital; Maruyama, Wilson Itam Jul 1, 2018 6085
Hill drop sowing of soybean with different number of plants per hole/ Agrupamento de plantas de soja na linha de semeadura com diferentes numeros de individuos por cova. dos Santos, Esmael Lopes; Agassi, Victor Jose; Chicowski, Alessandro Sartor; Franchini, Julio Cezar; May 1, 2018 3064
Rust effect estimation in soybean crosses for tolerance to Asian rust/ Estimativa do efeito ferrugem em cruzamentos de soja para tolerancia a ferrugem asiatica. Pereira, Fernanda Aparecida Castro; Vello, Natal Antonio; Rocha, Gabriela Antonia de Freitas; Didone Mar 1, 2018 7072
Basic Fibroblast Growth Factor Fused with Tandem Collagen-Binding Domains from Clostridium histolyticum Collagenase ColG Increases Bone Formation. Sekiguchi, Hiroyuki; Uchida, Kentaro; Matsushita, Osamu; Inoue, Gen; Nishi, Nozomu; Masuda, Ryo; Ham Jan 1, 2018 5259
Whole Peptidoglycan Extracts from the Lactobacillus paracasei subsp. paracasei M5 Strain Exert Anticancer Activity In Vitro. Wang, Shumei; Han, Xue; Zhang, Lanwei; Zhang, Yingchun; Li, Hongbo; Jiao, Yuehua Jan 1, 2018 6506
Age-Related Reference Intervals for Blood Amino Acids in Thai Pediatric Population Measured by Liquid Chromatography Tandem Mass Spectrometry. Uaariyapanichkul, Jaraspong; Chomtho, Sirinuch; Suphapeetiporn, Kanya; Shotelersuk, Vorasuk; Punnahi Jan 1, 2018 8114
A Convenient and Sensitive LC-MS/MS Method for Simultaneous Determination of Carbadox- and Olaquindox-Related Residues in Swine Muscle and Liver Tissues. Zhang, Heying; Qu, Wei; Tao, Yanfei; Chen, Dongmei; Xie, Shuyu; Huang, Lingli; Liu, Zhenli; Pan, Yua Jan 1, 2018 4636
Structural Prediction and Mutational Analysis of Rv3906c Gene of Mycobacterium tuberculosis [H.sub.37] Rv to Determine Its Essentiality in Survival. Beg, Md. Amjad; Shivangi; Thakur, Sonu Chand; Meena, Laxman S. Jan 1, 2018 7646
Antibiosis in soybean cultivars to Heliothis virescens (Lepidoptera: Noctuidae). Almeida, Andre Cirilo de Sousa; Silva, Cinthia Luiza Teixeira; dePaiva, Ligia Alves; Araujo, Mdrcio Report Jun 1, 2017 4129
Morphological, biochemical, and molecular characterization of Meloidogyne spp. populations from Brazilian soybean production regions/ Caracterizacao morfologica, bioquimica e molecular de populacoes de Meloidogyne spp. de regioes brasileiras produtoras de soja. de Oliveira, Camilla Martins; Junior, Ismail Teodoro Souza; de Araujo Filho, Jeronimo Vieira; de Fre Ensayo May 1, 2017 2378
Co-digestion of crude glycerin associated with cattle manure in biogas production in the State of Parana, Brazil/Avaliacao da codigestao de glicerina associada a esterco bovino para producao de biogas no Estado do Parana, Brasil. Pazuch, Felix Augusto; Siqueira, Jesse; Friedrich, Leandro; Lenz, Anderson Miguel; Nogueira, Carlos Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 6654
Synthesis Characterization and Biological Activities of Coordination Compounds of 4-Hydroxy-3-nitro-2H-chromen-2-one and Its Aminoethanoic Acid and Pyrrolidine-2-carboxylic Acid Mixed Ligand Complexes. Aiyelabola, Temitayo; Akinkunmi, Ezekiel; Obuotor, Efere; Olawuni, Idowu; Isabirye, David; Jordaan, Report Jan 1, 2017 7603
Identification and Characterization of the Diverse Stress-Responsive R2R3-RMYB Transcription Factor from Hibiscus sabdariffa L. Mohamed, Bahaeldeen Babikar; Aftab, Beenish; Sarwar, Muhammad Bilal; Rashid, Bushra; Ahmad, Zarnab; Report Jan 1, 2017 7157
Urinary and Serum Metabolomics Analyses Uncover That Total Glucosides of Paeony Protect Liver against Acute Injury Potentially via Reprogramming of Multiple Metabolic Pathways. Li, Haojie; Cao, Wenli; Lu, Mengxi; Wu, Chunxiao; Wang, Xinguo; Niu, Liying Jan 1, 2017 4830
Non-Ketotik Hiperglisinemide Mekanik Ventilasyondan Ayirmada Ketamin Etkin mi?/The Probable Effect of Ketamine on Ceasing from the Mechanical Ventilation. Davutoglu, Mehmet; Kilic, Zehra; Dalkiran, Tahir; Coban, Yasemin; Karabel, Nihal; Cetinkaya, Ahmet Case study Aug 1, 2016 1353
New agroclimatic approach for soybean sowing dates recommendation: a case study/Nova abordagem para recomendacao de datas de semeadura na cultura da soja: estudo de caso. Battisti, Rafael; Sentelhas, Paulo C. Nov 1, 2014 6408
Effects of dietary levels of glycine, threonine and protein on threonine efficiency and threonine dehydrogenase activity in hepatic mitochondria of chicks. Lee, C.W.; Cho, I.J.; Lee, Y.J.; Son, Y.S.; Kwak, I.; Ahn, Y.T.; Kim, S.C.; An, W.G. Report Jan 1, 2014 6918
Model to estimate the yield for soybean/ Modelo para estimativa da produtividade para a cultura da soja. Gomes, Ana Carla dos Santos; Robaina, Adroaldo Dias; Peiter, Marcia Xavier; Soares, Fatima Cibele; P Jan 1, 2014 4433
Competitiveness of goosegrass with soybean/Competitividade de capim-pe-de-galinha com soja. Wandscheer, Alana Cristina Dorneles; Rizzardi, Mauro Antonio; Reichert, Muriel; Gaviraghi, Fernando Dec 1, 2013 3272
Performance of soybean seeds under water stress: yield and physiological quality of F1 generation/Desempenho de sementes de soja sob deficiencia hidrica: rendimento e qualidade fisiologica da geracao F1. Tavares, Lizandro Ciciliano; Rufino, Cassyo de Araujo; Brunes, Andre Pich; de Tunes, Lilian Madruga; Aug 1, 2013 3434
Potassium via coating of soybean seeds: effects on physiological quality and yield/Potassio via recobrimento de sementes de soja: efeitos na qualidade fisiologica e no rendimento. Tavares, Lizandro Ciciliano; de Tunes, Lilian Madruga; Brunes, Andre Pich; Fonseca, Daniel Andrei Ro Jul 1, 2013 3704
Number of generations of a stink bug and its parasitoid and severity of soybean rust, simulated under climate and crop management scenarios in northern RS State, Brazil/Numero de geracoes de um percevejo e seu parasitoide e da severidade da ferrugem asiatica em soja, simulados em cenarios de clima e manejo no norte do RS. Chevarria, Vanessa Vitoria; Del Ponte, Emerson Medeiros; Jahnke, Simone Mundstock Apr 1, 2013 4872
Potential immune modularly role of glycine in oral gingival inflammation. Schaumann, Teresa; Kraus, Dominik; Winter, Jochen; Wolf, Michael; Deschner, James; Jager, Andreas Report Jan 1, 2013 5214
Agronomic performance of soybean cultivars under two sowing times in the savanna of Piaui State, Brazil/Desempenho agronomico de cultivares de soja em duas epocas de semeadura no cerrado piauiense. Neto, Francisco de Alcantara; Petter, Fabiano Andre; Pavan, Bruno Ettore; Schmitt, Cirio Regis; de A Sep 1, 2012 2309
Previous herbivory in soybean: effect in the chemical composition of leaves and in the development of velvetbean caterpillar and redbanded stink bug/Herbivoria em soja: efeito na composicao quimica das folhas e na biologia da lagarta da soja e do percevejo verde pequeno. De Bortoli, Sergio Antonio; Murata, Afonso Takao; Vacari, Alessandra Marieli; De Bortoli, Caroline P Sep 1, 2012 4481
Genetic divergence among soybean cultivars in irrigated lowland in the State of Tocantins/ Divergencia genetica entre cultivares de soja em varzea irrigada no Estado do Tocantins. Peluzio, Joenes Mucci; Pires, Luiz Paulo Miranda; Cancellier, Leandro Lopes; Afferri, Flavio Sergio; Mar 1, 2012 3618
Analysis of the repeatability in some morphologic descriptors to soybean/Analise da repetibilidade em alguns descritores morfologicos para soja. Matsuo, Eder; Sediyama, Tuneo; Cruz, Cosme Damiao; Oliveira, Rita de Cassia Teixeira Feb 1, 2012 5328
Isoflavone and protein content in soybeans grains submitted to flooding at different stages of development/Teor de isoflavonas e proteinas nos graos de soja submetida ao alagamento em diferentes estadios de desenvolvimento. Fante, Camila Argenta; Goulart, Patricia de Fatima Pereira; Alves, Jose Donizeti; Henrique, Paola de Dec 1, 2011 3553
Experimental methodology for assessing the cost of biodiesel production and use biodiesel: a case study of four methyl esters and commercial diesel fuel/ Metodologia experimental para avaliacao de custos de producao e utilizacao de biodiesel: estudo de caso de quatro esteres metilicos e oleo diesel comercial. Fiorese, Diego Augusto; Gomes, Luis Fernando Souza; de Souza, Samuel Nelson Melegari; Dallmeyer, Arn Nov 1, 2011 3781
Path analysis of soybean yield in the micro region of Alto Medio Gurgueia/Analise de trilha do rendimento de graos de soja na microrregiao do Alto Medio Gurgueia. Neto, Francisco de Alcantara; Gravina, Geraldo de Amaral; Monteiro, Marinete Martins; de Morais, Fer Jul 1, 2011 3604
Effect of herbicides and fungicides on progress curves and damage quantification caused by soybean rust/Efeito de herbicidas e fungicidas nas curvas de progresso e quantificacao de danos causados pela ferrugem asiatica da soja. Tsumanuma, Guy Mitsuyuki; Soares, Ana Raquel; Fancelli, Antonio Luiz; Rodrigues, Marco Antonio Tavar Jul 1, 2010 3547
Soybean yield correlated with the porosity and the density of a red Latosol of the Brazilian Savanna/Produtividade da soja correlacionada com a porosidade e a densidade de um Latossolo Vermelho do cerrado brasileiro. Andreotti, Marcelo; de Passos, Carvalho Morel; Montanarin, Rafael; Basso, Fernanda Carvalho; Pariz, Mar 1, 2010 5124
The Papadakis method and the replications number in soybean experiments/Metodo de Papadakis e numero de repeticoes em experimentos de soja. Storck, Lindolfo; Filho, Alberto Cargnelutti; Dal'Col Lucio, Alessandro; Lopes, Sidinei Jose Report Jul 1, 2009 4133
Determination of the sum of bilirubin sugar conjugates in plasma by bilirubin oxidase. Doumas, Basil T.; Yein, Fred; Perry, Billy; Jendrzejczak, Bernadine; Kessner, Arthur Aug 1, 1999 3663
Hemoglobin Rambam [beta]69[E13]Gly [right arrow] Asp), a pitfall in the assessment of diabetic control: characterization by electrospray mass spectrometry and HPLC. Bisse, E.; Zorn, N.; Eigel, A.; Lizama, M.; Huaman-Guillen, P.; Marz, W.; Van Dorsselaer, A.; Wielan Oct 1, 1998 3245

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