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No green deal without a nature-based economy. Akandil, Cengiz; Ismail, Sascha A.; Kueffer, Christoph Report Dec 1, 2021 2369
If Others Care, I Will Fight Climate Change: An Examination of Media Effects in Addressing the Public Goods Dilemma of Climate Change Mitigation. Yang, Xiaodong; Wei, Ran; Ho, Shirley S. Jul 1, 2021 8091
New Environmental Protection Taxes in China from the Perspective of Environmental Economics. Tu, Qianyang; Wang, Ying Jan 1, 2021 5944
IMPACT OF ECONOMIC DEVELOPMENT ON THE ECOLOGY IN THE REGIONS OF LITHUANIA. Ginevicius, Romualdas; Gedvilaite, Dainora; Stasiukynas, Andrius Report Apr 1, 2018 8996
Social inequalities in the face of scientific and technological development: an antinomy or an historic problem? Delgado, Guilherme Costa Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 5789
Reduction of greenhouse gas emissions with carbon tax: the case of Turkey/Karbon vergisi ile sera gazi emisyonlarinin azaltimi: Turkiye vakasi. Kumbaroglu, Gurkan; Or, Ilhan; Isik, Mine Report Jun 22, 2017 9137
Faults of our rationality? Carter, Claudia Editorial Dec 1, 2016 2108
The economy-wide impact of a uniform carbon tax in ASEAN. Nurdianto, Ditya A.; Resosudarmo, Budy P. Apr 1, 2016 11222
Should ecological citizenship advocates praise the green state? Melo-Escrihuela, Carme Report Jun 1, 2015 10112
Eco-localism: a constructive critique. Hahnel, Robin Report Jan 1, 2015 4356
Determinants of the proenvironmental consumption behavior of Chinese rural residents. Wang, Dongxing; Tu, Ming; Guo, Jinyong Nov 1, 2014 4862
Carbon geography: the political economy of congressional support for legislation intended to mitigate greenhouse gas production. Cragg, Michael I.; Zhou, Yuyu; Gurney, Kevin; Kahn, Matthew E. Apr 1, 2013 6618
Debt: tapped out consumers, bankrupt nations and our poor battered biosphere have much in common. Gibson, Robert Jan 1, 2013 698
Housing markets. Van Doren, Peter Jun 22, 2012 1103
Understanding sustainability: synergetic views from environmental and ecological economics. Ahmed, Walid; Siwar, Chamhuri; Damanhuri, Nasyrah Ahmad; Islam, Rabiul Report May 1, 2012 6887
The dynamics of ecologic-economic systems and the social value of the environment. Zaharia, Constantin Mar 1, 2012 1808
The perils of climate change in Brazil. Queiroz, Acacio Dec 1, 2010 936
Environmental effects of production and consumption activities within an economy: the Aragon case. Flores-Garcia, Monica; Mainar, Alfredo J. Nov 1, 2009 10645
Time to unleash the power of a green economy. Smith, Michael; Hargroves, Karlson Dec 1, 2008 915
Can government go green? The opportunity is there, but market forces alone won't realize it. Goozner, Merrill Apr 1, 2006 1524
Factors affecting species' risk of extinction: an empirical analysis of ESA and NatureServe listings. Laband, David N.; Nieswiadomy, Michael Jan 1, 2006 7171
State adoption of environmental audit initiatives. Stafford, Sarah L. Jan 1, 2006 10541
What is green economics? Milani, Brian Mar 22, 2005 1463
The economics of greening cities. Roelofs, Joan Mar 22, 2005 2148
Green tax primer. de Jong, Frank Mar 22, 2005 1668
Economic philosophy and green electoralism. Orton, David Mar 22, 2005 1785
A green economy cannot be a market economy. Fitz, Don Mar 22, 2005 2835
Deflating the world's bubble economy: "unless the damaging trends that have been set in motion are reversed quickly, we could see vast numbers of environmental refugees abandoning areas scarred by depleted aquifers and exhausted soils....". Brown, Lester R. Nov 1, 2003 2513
If you come, they will build it. (E Word). Moss, Doug Editorial Sep 1, 2002 446
The comparative sociology of environmental economics in the works of Henry Carey and Karl Marx. Perelman, Michael Essay Jun 22, 2002 13703
Businesses mull merits of 'natural capitalism'. Rastelli, Linda Brief Article May 1, 2002 790
The environmental tax shift: polluters pay more so you can pay less. (Money Matters). Franz, Damon Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 758
Ecobuilding's New Mortar. Kay, Jane Holtz Oct 29, 2001 4322
Accounting for Renewable and Environmental Resources. Nordhaus, William D.; Kokkenlenberg, Edward C. Statistical Data Included Mar 1, 2000 19424
Environmental health policy decisions: the role of uncertainty in economic analysis. Phelan, Michael J. Dec 1, 1998 3453
Subsidizing our own destruction? Taylor, Jerry Nov 1, 1998 2280
Lessons from a Latin partner. Altieri, Miguel A.; Rojas, Alejandro Sep 22, 1998 5169
Information and bargaining in markets for environmental quality. Hite, Diane Aug 1, 1998 7747
Polluted data: overestimating environmental costs. Goodstein, Eban; Hodges, Hart Nov 1, 1997 3475
Sustainability constraints versus "optimality" versus intertemporal concern, and axioms versus data. Pezzey, John C.V. Nov 1, 1997 9860
What is sustainable development? Chichilnisky, Graciela Nov 1, 1997 13954
How to decide when experts disagree: uncertainty-based choice rules in environmental policy. Woodward, Richard T.; Bishop, Richard C. Nov 1, 1997 9025
Paying down the environmental debt. Hartwick, John M. Nov 1, 1997 4195
Hicksian income from resource extraction in an open economy. Brekke, Kjell Arne Nov 1, 1997 6507
Neoclassical natural capital theory and "weak" indicators for sustainability. Faucheux, Sylvie; Muir, Eliot; O'Connor, Martin Nov 1, 1997 13011
Sustainability: ecological and economic perspectives. Norton, Bryan G.; Toman, Michael A. Nov 1, 1997 9863
Sustainability as opportunity. Howarth, Richard B. Nov 1, 1997 6201
On the problem of achieving efficiency and equity, intergenerationally. Page, Talbot Nov 1, 1997 10927
Dimensions of sustainability: geographical, temporal, institutional, and psychological. Howe, Charles W. Nov 1, 1997 5908
Policies for sustainability: lessons from an overlapping generations model. Farmer, Michael C.; Randall, Alan Nov 1, 1997 8199
Government regulation and compensation: implications for environmental quality and natural resource use. Segerson, Kathleen Oct 1, 1997 1986
Whose losses count in natural resource damages? Dunford, Richard W.; Johnson, F. Reed; West, Emily S. Oct 1, 1997 6950
Whose losses count? Examining some claims about aggregation rules for natural resources damages. Randall, Alan Oct 1, 1997 6277
Restoration-based compensation measures in natural resource liability claims. Jones, Carol A.; Pease, Katherine A. Oct 1, 1997 7200
Market-based environmentalism and the free market: they're not the same. Cordato, Roy E. Jan 1, 1997 6536
Market-based environmentalism and the free market: substitutes or complements? Hill, Peter J. Jan 1, 1997 3719
What's a park worth? Last year's shutdown focused attention on both the economic and intrinsic value of parks. Rose, Virigil G. May 1, 1996 1330
Ecology, environment and resources: contributions of an economist. Sinden, J.A. Apr 1, 1996 3871
Green alliances: strategic relations between business and environmental groups. Stafford, Edwin R.; Hartman, Cathy L. Mar 1, 1996 6655
Construct validity of averting cost measures of environmental benefits. Laughland, Andrew S.; Musser, Wesley N.; Shortle, James S.; Musser, Lynn M. Feb 1, 1996 6397
How green was my balance sheet: the environmental benefits of capitalism. Hood, John Sep 22, 1995 5767
Environmental policy: better media coverage of risks is urged. Stavins, Robert N. Sep 22, 1995 2529
Global ecology and the common good. Foster, John Bellamy Cover Story Feb 1, 1995 3434
Pigou and Coase reconsidered. Klink, Federico Aguilera Aug 1, 1994 3152
Putting the "eco" back into our economy! Bacard, Andre Nov 1, 1993 1502
Balancing economic growth and environmental protection. Sawhill, John C. Mar 22, 1993 3663
Towards an environmental macroeconomics. Daly, Herman E. May 1, 1991 3255
Green economics. Kay, John; Silberston, Aubrey Feb 1, 1991 11263
What's your role in fixing our planet? Whitney, Alan G. Jul 1, 1990 2851
Keeping our balance. Popoff, Frank Jan 1, 1990 2576

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