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Research on Corrosion Fatigue Performance and Multiple Fatigue Sources Fracture Process of Corroded Steel Wires. Wang, Ying; Zheng, Yuqian Dec 31, 2019 12070
Design and Implementation of a Structural Health Monitoring System for a Large Sea-Crossing Project with Bridges and Tunnel. Yan, Yu; Mao, Xingquan; Wang, Xu; Yu, Xianfeng; Fang, Lei Dec 31, 2019 4845
Experimental Evaluation of the Seismic Response of Skewed Bridges with Emphasis on Poundings between Girder and Abutments. Yang, Ziqi; Kun, Chern; Chouw, Nawawi Dec 31, 2019 6854
Effect of Shear Creep on Long-Term Deformation Analysis of Long-Span Concrete Girder Bridge. Niu, Yanwei; Tang, Yingying Dec 31, 2019 5834
Mass-Stiffness Combined Perturbation Method for Mode Shape Monitoring of Bridge Structures. Zhang, Liye; Xia, Ye; Lozano-Galanat, Jose A.; Sun, Limin Nov 30, 2019 7752
Wind-Induced Vibration Response of an Inspection Vehicle for Main Cables Based on Computer Simulation. Zhang, Lu; Wang, Shaohua; Guo, Peng; Wang, Qunsheng Nov 30, 2019 7871
Design Criterion and a Technical Approach for the Controlled Seismic Behavior of Continuous Girder Bridges. Gao, Hao; Song, Yanchen; Wang, Junjie; Liu, Huijie Nov 30, 2019 7481
Vibration Theoretical Analysis of Elastically Connected Multiple Beam System under the Moving Oscillator. He, Binbin; Feng, Yulin Oct 31, 2019 5520
A Comprehensive Review of the Mechanical Behavior of Suspension Bridge Tunnel-Type Anchorage. Han, Yafeng; Liu, Xinrong; Wei, Ning; Li, Dongliang; Deng, Zhiyun; Wu, Xiangchao; Liu, Dongshuang Oct 31, 2019 11707
Design and Experimental Study on Shock-Absorbing Steel Bar with Limit Function for Bridges. Li, Zhaoguang; Gao, Ri; Jia, Wei Oct 31, 2019 4157
Comparative Study on Dynamic Response of Deck Pavement of Two Kinds of Box Girder Bridges under Moving Loads. Si, Chundi; Su, Xin; Chen, Enli; Yan, Zhanyou Report Sep 30, 2019 5067
Optimization Method for Solving the Reasonable Arch Axis of Long-Span CFST Arch Bridges. Zhang, Xuesong; Liang, Ningyi; Lu, Xiaohong; Gu, Anbang; Shan, Jidong Sep 30, 2019 7415
Analysis of Fatigue Crack Propagation of an Orthotropic Bridge Deck Based on the Extended Finite Element Method. Wang, Ying; Wang, Zhen; Zheng, Yuqian Report Aug 31, 2019 7712
Improvement on Structural Forms of Pile Group Foundations of Deepwater Bridges. Yu, Enbo; Ren, Sen; Tang, Haojun; Li, Yongle; Fang, Chen Aug 31, 2019 7944
Nonlinear Pounding Analysis of Multispan and Simply Supported Beam Bridges Subjected to Strong Ground Motions. Jia, Hong-Yu; Lan, Xian-Lin; Yang, Nan Luo Jian; Zheng, Shi-Xiong; Zhang, Chao Aug 31, 2019 8073
GPS, Accelerometer, and Smartphone Fused Smart Sensor for SHM on Real-Scale Bridges. Guzman-Acevedo, G. Michel; Vazquez-Becerra, G. Esteban; Millan-Almaraz, Jesus R.; Rodriguez-Lozoya, Technical report Jul 31, 2019 7956
Experimental Verification of Applying Active Control Method as Virtual Support for Relief Bridge. Shih, Ming-Hsiang; Sung, Wen-Pei Technical report Jul 31, 2019 6932
Seismic Performance Evaluation of Typical Piers of China's High-Speed Railway Bridge Line Using Pushover Analysis. Guo, Wei; Hu, Yao; Liu, Hanyun; Bu, Dan Jul 31, 2019 7080
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Bridge System Based on Fuzzy Failure Criteria. Ren, Leping; He, Shuanhai; Yuan, Haoyun; Zhu, Zhao Jun 30, 2019 6873
Behavior Evaluation of Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Beam Containing Para-Aramid Fibers. Kim, Seung-Ki; Kim, Woosuk; Han, Sang-Mook Jun 30, 2019 5834
Traffic Sensing Methodology Combining Influence Line Theory and Computer Vision Techniques for Girder Bridges. Jian, Xudong; Xia, Ye; Lozano-Galanand, Jose A.; Sun, Limin Jun 30, 2019 7354
A Full-Scale Field Study on Bearing Characteristics of Cast-in-Place Piles with Different Hole-Forming Methods in Loess Area. Zhou, Zhijun; Yang, Tao; Fan, Haobo May 31, 2019 6531
Serviceability Assessment Method of Stay Cables with Vibration Control Using First-Passage Probability. Jeong, Seunghoo; Lee, Young-Joo; Sim, Sung-Han May 31, 2019 5740
Predictable Behavior of GFRP-Reinforced Bridge Decks: Formulation of a Strain-Based Capacity Model. Kim, Young Hoon; Kim, Yeesock; Park, Yeonho May 31, 2019 10765
Seismic Design of Bridges against Near-Fault Ground Motions Using Combined Seismic Isolation and Restraining Systems of LRBs and CDRs. Li, Xiaoli; Shi, Yan Apr 30, 2019 5931
Power Spectral Density Response of Bridge-Like Structures Loaded by Stochastic Moving Forces. Sorrentino, Silvio Apr 30, 2019 5202
Extending the Fatigue Life of Steel Truss Bridges with Tuned Mass Damper Systems. Pipinato, Alessio Apr 30, 2019 6319
Cracking Behaviors and Mechanical Properties of Rock-Like Specimens with Two Unparallel Flaws under Conventional Triaxial Compression. Le, Huilin; Sun, Shaorui; Xu, Chenghua; Li, Liuyang; Liu, Yong Apr 30, 2019 6833
Seismic Performance Evaluation of a Fully Integral Concrete Bridge with End-Restraining Abutments. Choi, Byung H.; Moreno, Lorenz B.; Lim, Churl-Soo; Nguyen, Duy-Duan; Lee, Tae-Hyung Apr 30, 2019 5991
MnDOT calls novel bridge repair method promising. Aug 6, 2018 776
Infrastructure digitisation for a digitally-enabled world. Apr 29, 2018 721
The ABCs of accelerated bridge construction: When used appropriately, the more efficient method uses higher-quality components. Whittemore, Daniel Viewpoint essay Apr 13, 2018 738
Determination of load distribution factors of steel-concrete composite box and I-girder bridges using 3D finite element analysis. Fatemi, S.J.; Sheikh, A.H.; Ali, M.S. Mohamed Apr 1, 2018 8171
The Effects of Scouring on Highway Bridges. Mar 1, 2018 411
Horror at London Bridge after 'man is stabbed in front of horrified commuters after argument on packed train'; We'll be bringing you the very latest updates, pictures and video on this breaking news story. Feb 2, 2018 142
Vibration-based monitoring for performance evaluation of flexible civil structures in Japan. Fujino, Yozo Feb 1, 2018 13766
Dowel Behavior of Rebars in Small Concrete Block for Sliding Slab Track on Railway Bridges. Lee, Seong-Cheol; Park, Sangmin; Lee, Jaeha; Lee, Kyoung-Chan Jan 1, 2018 6121
Development of Dynamic Impact Factor Expressions for Skewed Composite Concrete-Steel Slab-On-Girder Bridges. Mohseni, Iman; Ashin, Amin; Choi, Won; Kang, Junsuk Jan 1, 2018 5497
Characterization of Nonstationary Mode Interaction of Bridge by Considering Deterioration of Bearing. Chen, Gang S.; Xiao, Feng; Zatar, Wael; Hulsey, J. Leroy Jan 1, 2018 4209
The Deformation Characteristics of Weak Foundation with High Back Siltation in the Immersed Tunnel. Yue, Xiabing; Xie, Yuan; Xie, Yongli Jan 1, 2018 8451
Experimental Study and Mixed-Dimensional FE Analysis of T-Rib GFRP Plate-Concrete Composite Bridge Decks. Tian, Jun; Wu, Xiaowei; Zheng, Yu; Du, Yinfei; Quan, Xiankai Jan 1, 2018 6647
Determining Time Variation of Cable Tension Forces in Suspended Bridges Using Time-Frequency Analysis. Stromquist-LeVoir, Gannon; McMullen, Kevin F.; Zaghi, Arash E.; Christenson, Richard Report Jan 1, 2018 8637
Refined Finite Element Analysis of Crack Causes in SRC Arch Rib Bridges considering Multiple Factors. Deng, Mengsheng Yu Nianchun; Chen, Qifeng; Hao, Tianzhi Jan 1, 2018 3905
The Analysis of Stress Waves at a Junction of Beam and String. Chen, Mu; Wang, Ronghui; Ma, Niujing; Zhang, Zhuojie Jan 1, 2018 4337
An Inverted Pendulum Model Describing the Lateral Pedestrian-Footbridge Interaction. Zhen, Bin; Chang, Liang; Song, Zigen Jan 1, 2018 5590
Nonlinear Analysis Method for Serviceability Investigation of Bridge Deck Ends with a Concrete Slab Track. Sung, Deokyong Jan 1, 2018 5191
Bridge Responses Induced by Adjacent Subway Station Construction Using Shallow Tunneling Method. Su, Jie; Fang, Qian; Zhang, Dingli; Niu, Xiaokai; Liu, Xiang; Jie, Yunming Jan 1, 2018 4585
Finite Element Model Updating in Bridge Structures Using Kriging Model and Latin Hypercube Sampling Method. Wu, Jie; Yan, Quansheng; Huang, Shiping; Zou, Chao; Zhong, Jintu; Wang, Weifeng Jan 1, 2018 6737
Reproducing Field Measurements Using Scaled-Down Hydraulic Model Studies in a Laboratory. Lee, Seung Oh; Hong, Seung Ho Jan 1, 2018 6562
An Investigation of Damage Mechanism Induced by Earthquake in a Plate Girder Bridge Based on Seismic Response Analysis: Case Study of Tawarayama Bridge under the 2016 Kumamoto Earthquake. Aye, Mya Nan; Kasai, Akira; Shigeishi, Mitsuhiro Jan 1, 2018 6439
Novel Crashworthy Device for Pier Protection from Barge Impact. Wang, W.; Morgenthal, G. Jan 1, 2018 6764
A Study on Dynamic Amplification Factor and Structure Parameter of Bridge Deck Pavement Based on Bridge Deck Pavement Roughness. Han, Fei; Dan, Dan-hui; Wang, Hu Jan 1, 2018 4348
Nonlinear Time-History Analysis for Validation of the Displacement-Based Seismic Assessment of the RC Upper Bridge of a Dam. Lestuzzi, P.; Charif, H.; Rossier, S.; Ferriere, M.; Person, J.-P. Jan 1, 2018 6715
The Stability of a Movable High-Strength Inverted-Triangular Steel Bridge. Gao, Lei; Bai, Linyue; Jiang, Kebin; Wang, Qiang; He, Xiaohui Jan 1, 2018 6851
Deformation Forecast of Main Girder Enhanced by Stay Cable System with Unequal Interval Grey Model and Residual Composite Correction. Xu, Gangnian; Wang, Youzhi; Wang, Shimin; Yuan, Quan Jan 1, 2018 5916
Seismic Fragility Analysis of Multispan Reinforced Concrete Bridges Using Mainshock-Aftershock Sequences. Pang, Yutao; Wu, Li Jan 1, 2018 5949
Tensioning-Phase Box Girder Deformation Prediction Model Based on Ant Colony Algorithm and Residual Correction. Xu, Gangnian; Wang, Youzhi; Liu, Shangbin; Wang, Shimin Jan 1, 2018 11741
Overturning Axis Selection in Curved Box-Girder Bridges with Single-Column Piers. Song, Guohua; Che, Delu; Li, Minghui Jan 1, 2018 5179
Complexity Study on the Unsteady Flow Field and Aerodynamic Noise of High-Speed Railways on Bridges. Su, Jufeng; Sun, Yamin; Liu, Yuyang Jan 1, 2018 8155
Numerical Simulation Study on Lateral Displacement of Pile Foundation and Construction Process under Stacking Loads. Cai, Yan-Yan; Tu, Bing-xiong; Yu, Jin; Zhu, Yao-liang; Zhou, Jian-feng Report Jan 1, 2018 7242
An Interval-Valued Pythagorean Fuzzy Compromise Approach with Correlation-Based Closeness Indices for Multiple-Criteria Decision Analysis of Bridge Construction Methods. Chen, Ting-Yu Jan 1, 2018 21440
Major toll bridge votes coming Bridge: Construction contracts have come in below estimates. Nov 22, 2017 370
Evaluation of the channel stability in bridges and culverts in Parana III Watershed, Western Parana State, Brazil/Estabilidade de canais fluviais em torno de pontes e bueiros na bacia hidrografica do Parana III, Oeste do Parana. Bortoluzzi, Leandro Neri; Fernandez, Oscar Vicente Quinonez Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 6458
Impact of Plastic Hinge Properties on Capacity Curve of Reinforced Concrete Bridges. Shatarat, Nasim; Shehadeh, Mutasem; Naser, Mohammad Jan 1, 2017 8476
Theoretical and Numerical Analysis of 1:1 Main Parametric Resonance of Stayed Cable Considering Cable-Beam Coupling. Zhang, Li-Na; Li, Feng-Chen; Wang, Xiao-Yong; Cui, Peng-Fei Jan 1, 2017 3873
Musical Tone Law Method for the Structural Damage Detection. Yang, Weisong; Xu, Weixiao; Guo, Xun; Yang, Liguo Jan 1, 2017 4783
A Mesoscopic Simulation for the Early-Age Shrinkage Cracking Process of High Performance Concrete in Bridge Engineering. Li, Guodong; Wang, Zonglin Jan 1, 2017 6689
Structural Condition Assessment of the Herringbone Middle Pylon of the Taizhou Bridge Using SHM Strain Data. Ding, Huaping; Shen, Qinghong; Du, Sidan Jan 1, 2017 4640
Decision Matrix Analysis of Impact Sounding Test Method to Determine Interlayer Condition of Concrete Bridge Deck. Rosales, Cristina Amor; Lee, Hyun Jong; Kim, Wonjae; Park, Chang kyu Jan 1, 2017 5866
Ductility and Ultimate Capacity of Prestressed Steel Reinforced Concrete Beams. Wang, Chengquan; Shen, Yonggang; Yang, Runfang; Wen, Zuolin Jan 1, 2017 2974
Experimental and Numerical Investigation of the Effect of Standing People on Dynamic Properties of a Beam-Like Bridge. He, Wei; Xie, Weiping; Liu, Lisheng Jan 1, 2017 6527
Nonlinear Stochastic Analysis for Lateral Vibration of Footbridge under Pedestrian Narrowband Excitation. Bu-Yu, Jia; Xiao-Lin, Yu; Quan-Sheng, Yan; Zheng, Yang Report Jan 1, 2017 7322
Effect of Bridge-Pier Differential Settlement on the Dynamic Response of a High-Speed Railway Train-Track-Bridge System. Zhang, Xiaohui; Shan, Yao; Yang, Xinwen Report Jan 1, 2017 6091
Seismic Failure Probability of a Curved Bridge Based on Analytical and Neural Network Approaches. Karimi-Moridani, K.; Zarfam, P.; Ghafory-Ashtiany, M. Report Jan 1, 2017 9812
An Investigation on the Dynamic Response of Cable Stayed Bridge with Consideration of Three-Axle Vehicle Braking Effects. Nguyen, Xuan-Toan; Tran, Van-Duc; Hoang, Nhat-Duc Report Jan 1, 2017 5028
A Study on the Dynamic Interaction between Three-Axle Vehicle and Continuous Girder Bridge with Consideration of Braking Effects. Nguyen, Xuan-Toan; Tran, Van-Duc; Hoang, Nhat-Duc Report Jan 1, 2017 3830
Static and Dynamic Mechanical Properties of Long-Span Cable-Stayed Bridges Using CFRP Cables. Kuihua, Mei; Shengjiang, Sun; Guoqing, Jin; Yamin, Sun Technical report Jan 1, 2017 6738
Seismic Collapse Analysis of RC Highway Bridges Based on a Simplified Multiscale FE Modeling Approach. Hu, Menghan; Han, Qiang; Du, Xiuli; Liang, Xiao Report Jan 1, 2017 5869
Research into 2D Dynamics and Control of Small Oscillations of a Cross-Beam during Transportation by Two Overhead Cranes. Perig, Alexander V.; Stadnik, Alexander N.; Kostikov, Alexander A.; Podlesny, Sergey V. Report Jan 1, 2017 12632
Construction and simulation on bridge wind resistant model based on finite element analysis and wavelet packet theory. Wang, Feng; Lai, Xiao; Zou, Wenfang Dec 1, 2016 4521
Modelling and analysis on flutter stability of bridge section based on simulated annealing algorithm. Kang, Cheng Dec 1, 2016 3943
'Overloaded' bolts caused Nipigon Bridge failure. Nov 1, 2016 518
Synthesis and Evaluation of the Service Limit State of Engineered Fills for Bridge Support (report) Publication Number: FHWA-HRT-15-080. Shuler, Lisa A. Sep 1, 2016 329
Modeling of local scour depth around bridge piers using artificial neural network. Khassaf, Saleh I.; Abdulwhab, Ali Q. Technical report Jul 1, 2016 3711
Comparative and parametric study of I and box bridge girders with various codes. Verma, Gaurav; Pandian M., Senthil Jun 30, 2016 2628
Computational modelling strategies for nonlinear response prediction of corroded circular RC bridge piers. Kashani, Mohammad M.; Lowes, Laura N.; Crewe, Adam J.; Alexander, Nicholas A. Jan 1, 2016 8732
Analytical evaluation of reinforced concrete pier and Cast-in-Steel-Shell Pile connection behavior considering Steel-Concrete Interface. Moon, Jiho; Lehman, Dawn E.; Roeder, Charles W.; Lee, Hak-Eun; Lee, Tae-Hyung Jan 1, 2016 6221
A Novel Approach to Evaluate the Time-Variant System Reliability of Deteriorating Concrete Bridges. Tian, Hao; Chen, Yuanli; Li, Fangyuan Report Jan 1, 2016 7494
Dynamic Behavior of Tied-Arch Bridges under the Action of Moving Loads. Lonetti, Paolo; Pascuzzo, Arturo; Davanzo, Alessandro Report Jan 1, 2016 7343
Dynamic Behavior of a Prestressed Concrete Bridge with a Switching Crack Subjected to Moving Trains. Fu, Chunyu Jan 1, 2016 6814
Passive Control System for Mitigation of Longitudinal Buffeting Responses of a Six-Tower Cable-Stayed Bridge. Geng, Fangfang; Ding, Youliang; Li, Aiqun Jan 1, 2016 8115
Buckling Instability Behavior of Steel Bridge under Fire Hazard. Wang, Ying; Liu, Muyu Jan 1, 2016 5361
Spatial Finite Element Analysis for Dynamic Response of Curved Thin-Walled Box Girder Bridges. Wang, Yinhui; Xu, Yidong; Luo, Zheng; Wu, Haijun; Yan, Liangliang Jan 1, 2016 4746
A labor of love: the opening of the San Francisco-Oakland Bay Bridge on Labor Day 2013 marked the symbolic end of a long and challenging journey. Kolle, Greg A. Jul 1, 2014 2785
Traffic load models for Latvian road bridges with span length up to 30 meters/Transporto apkrovos modeliai, taikomi iki 30 metru ilgio perdangos tiltams Latvijoje/Satiksmes slodzes modeli Latvijas autocelu tiltiem ar laidumu garumiem lidz 30 metriem/Liikluskoormuse mudelid lati teede sildadele avapikkusega kuni 30 meetrit. Paeglitis, Andris; Paeglitis, Ainars Report Jun 1, 2014 4418
Damage identification for prestressed adjacent box-beam bridges. Walsh, Kenneth K.; Kelly, Brendan T.; Steinberg, Eric P. Report Jan 1, 2014 9951
The impact of Traffic-Induced Bridge vibration on rapid repairing high-performance concrete for bridge deck pavement repairs. Wang, Wei; Liu, Shuo; Wang, Qizhi; Yuan, Wei; Chen, Mingzhang; Hao, Xiaotian; Ma, Shuai; Liang, Xuan Jan 1, 2014 4994
Some research results on bridge health monitoring, maintenance and safety III. Book review Dec 1, 2013 113
Simplified load distribution factors for fiber reinforced polymer composite bridge decks/Supaprastinti apkrovos pasiskirstymo koeficientai tiltams su pluostu armuoto polimero paklotu/Vienkarsota slodzes sadalijuma koeficienta noteiksana kompozitam, ar skiedram stiegrotam polimera tilta klajam/Lihtsustatud koormusjaotustegurid fiibriga armeeritud polumeerkomposiit silladekile. Prachasaree, Woraphot; Sookmanee, Pongsak; Limkatanyu, Suchart; GangaRao, Hota V.S. Report Dec 1, 2013 4701
An iterative calculation method for suspension bridge's cable system based on exact catenary theory/Iteracinis kabamuju tiltu lynu sistemos skaiciavimas remiantis grandininiu kreiviu teorija/Iekartu tiltu kabelu sistemas iterativa aprekinu metode balstita uz precizu kedes teoriju/Aheljoone teoorial pohinev rippsilla kaabelsusteemi iteratiivne arvutusmeetod. Chen, Zhijun; Cao, Hongyou; Zhu, Hongping Report Sep 1, 2013 5795
Performance assessment of an existing reinforced cement concrete t-beam and slab bridge using pushover analysis/ Esamo gelz betoninio plokstinio tilto su tejinemis sijomis eksploatacinis savybis vertinimas naudojant postumio analize/ Esosu dzelzsbetona cementbetona T-veida siju veiktspejas novertejums un platnu tiltu prieksrocibu analize/ Olemasoleva armeeritud tsementbetoonist T-talaga plaatsilla seisukorra hindamine kasutades lihtsat analuusi. Gunasekaran, Umarani; Amaladosson, Roseenid Teresa; Narayanan, Premavathi; Ashokkumar, Kanchanadevi Report Jun 1, 2013 4455
Bayesian probabilistic framework for damage identification of steel truss bridges under joint uncertainties. Zheng, Wei; Yu, Yi Jan 1, 2013 9889
Sensitivity analysis of the influence of structural parameters on dynamic behaviour of highly redundant cable-stayed bridges. Asgari, B.; Osman, S.A.; Adnan, A. Jan 1, 2013 6235
Structural model updating of steel box girder bridge using modal flexibility based deflections. Cui, Jintao; Kim, Dookie; Koo, Ki Young; Chaudhary, Sandeep Report Dec 1, 2012 3386
Experimental research on end joint of steel-concrete composite truss. Zhou, Lingyu; He, Guichao Report Dec 1, 2012 4731
Investigation of steel fibre pullout and modeling of bridging behaviour in SFRC. Skadins, Ulvis; Brauns, Janis Report Sep 1, 2012 5704
Calculation model for steel fibre reinforced concrete punching zones of bridge superstructure and foundation slabs/ Tiltu gelzbetoniniu perdangu ir pamatu ploksciu praspaudimo zonos dispersinio armavimo skaiciavimo modelis/ Caurspiesanas bides pretestibas aprekina modelis tiltu laiduma un pamatu platnu konstrukcijam no fibrubetona/Terasfiibriga armeeritud .... Marciukaitis, Gediminas; Salna, Remigijus; Jonaitis, Bronius; Valivonis, Juozas Report Sep 1, 2011 4781

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