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Reinventing Folklore: Max Jacob and Francis Poulenc. Neron, Martin Critical essay Mar 1, 2019 8869
Seeing the Invisible under the Microscope: Natural Philosophy and John Donne's Flea. Hyman, Wendy Beth Jan 1, 2019 10435
The Andean poetry of Efrain Miranda, the Amerindian reference and the Peruvian literary tradition/La poesia andina de Efrain Miranda, el referente amerindio y la tradicion literaria peruana. Fernandez-Cozman, Camilo Ruben Jan 1, 2019 7907
Commonplace and inversion in Greek lyric poetry/'Panela velha e que faz comida boa': topica e inversao de topica na poesia lirica grega. Silva, Luiz Carlos Andre Mangia Jan 1, 2019 8293
Al-Babtain Foundation releases two books. Nov 20, 2018 147
Anarchists in the Academy: Machines and Free Readers in Experimental Poetry. Book review Jul 1, 2018 131
"Sonamos una esfinge": Coleridge, poesia e imagen en Borges. Urli, Sebastian Critical essay Jul 1, 2018 6517
"Ear My Stutter": Formal Experimentation and "Becoming-Minor" in Maggie O'Sullivan's In the House of the Shaman. Abaci, Ozlem Ture Critical essay Mar 10, 2018 6887
The Poetry and Politics of Allen Ginsberg. Hemmer, Kurt Book review Jan 1, 2018 3278
Disbelief in Historical Examples: The Hampden-Milton-Cromwell passage in Thomas Gray's Elegy Written in a Country Churchyard. Gardos, Balint Critical essay Jan 1, 2018 4498
Poetry as a mental salve. Cohen, Ruth Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2018 203
Bobby Burns on the Wallaby: Scottish Literature and Antipodean Labour. McNeill, Dougal Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 8070
The Local and the Global: Poetry, Philosophy and History. Hart, Jonathan Locke Essay Sep 1, 2017 10517
Tum longas condimus iliadas: the Propertius' Helen/Tum longas condimus iliadas: a Helena de Propercio. Martins, Paulo Report Sep 1, 2017 12798
For a theory of modernity in On Naive and Sentimental Poetry/Por uma teoria da modernidade em Poesia Ingenua e Sentimental. Gaio, Gessica Goes Guimaraes Apr 1, 2017 8100
Human action in philosophy and poetry. Maher, Daniel P. Essay Mar 22, 2017 7524
Daily Life elevations in the poetry of Maria Lucia Dal Farra: three poems in perspective/ Elevacoes do cotidiano na poesia de Maria Lucia Dal Farra: tres poemas em perspectiva. Guimaraes, Kalina Naro Jan 1, 2017 4895
On Plato's artistic definition of philosophy: the Dialogues as the highest form of poetry/Zu Platons kunstlerischer Bestimmung der Philosophie: die Dialoge als hochste Form von Dichtung. Engler, M.R. Jan 1, 2017 8089
Ramist Dialectic, Poetic Examples, and the Uses of Pastoral in Abraham Fraunce's The Shepherds' Logic. Luis-Martinez, Zenon Critical essay Sep 1, 2016 9019
POSE: Poetics of Statelessness in Twentieth-Century France and Europe. Aug 31, 2016 310
Automatic Thing With Lyrics Service. Aug 28, 2016 507
Descriptive lists and list descriptions. Fludernik, Monika Aug 18, 2016 6895
Modern fiction, the poetics of lists, and the boundaries of narrative. Richardson, Brian Essay Aug 17, 2016 4895
Enlisting the poet: the list and the late medieval dream vision. Matthews, David Aug 17, 2016 6135
Is the word alive? Questions about poetry and theatre in As aves da noite, Hilda Hilst/ A palavra tem vida? Questoes sobre lirica e teatro em As aves da noite, de Hilda Hilst. Zanirato, Tatiana Franca Rodrigues Jul 1, 2016 7176
Rediscovering Joseph Tusiani. From "The Return" to Il ritorno: a psychoanalytic approach. Calabretta-Sajder, Ryan Jun 22, 2016 4840
From Alligator Pie to meatless pies: a shout out for Canadian poetry. Swartz, Larry Interview Jun 22, 2016 1663
Ethical criticism and the challenges posed by innovative poetry. Lazer, Hank Essay Mar 1, 2016 6947
Research on Community Competition and Adaptive Genetic Algorithm for Automatic Generation of Tang Poetry. Yang, Wujian; Cheng, Yining; He, Jie; Hu, Wenqiong; Lin, Xiaojia Report Jan 1, 2016 4273
"Sassui" the True Seeker of God. Shaikh, Abdul Ghani; Sodhar, Zain-ul-Abdin; Mo'Shashaa, Faek Dec 31, 2015 6340
Poetics of flexible personification gestalts in Anglo-American literary tradition. Doobenko, Elena Essay Dec 22, 2015 1976
Poetics of the body: flows and fluctuations: a look at the dismantling of body through the poetry of Southern Chile/Poeticas del Cuerpo: flujos y fluctuaciones: Una mirada al desmontaje del cuerpo a traves de la poesia del Sur de Chile. Hermosilla, Claudia Arellano Dec 1, 2015 5634
Reformulating Jiang Kui's Lyric Oeuvre: The Canonization of Southern Song Dynasty Song Lyrics (ci) in the Qing Dynasty. Yang, Yuanzheng Critical essay Oct 1, 2015 13406
Poetic form and literary tradition: an introduction. Lianggong, Luo Essay Sep 1, 2015 324
Pitch of poetry. Bernstein, Charles Essay Sep 1, 2015 4785
Intimate relations: Psalms and bhakti poetry. McDermott, Rachel Fell; Polish, Daniel F. Report Jun 22, 2015 11502
Writing after auschwitz, after apartheid, after the digital turn/Schrijven na auschwitz, na apartheid, na de digital turn. T'Sjoen, Yves Report May 6, 2015 8779
The development of exilic poetry in Anglophone West Africa. Oripeloye, Henri Report May 6, 2015 6324
Alyawarr women's song-poetry of Central Australia. Turpin, Myfany Report Mar 22, 2015 11694
On Jacob Glatshteyn's Sacco and Vanzetti poem. Rosenwald, Lawrence Mar 22, 2015 8144
Designations of poetry in translations of Liu Xie's work on literary genres. Liu, Ying Essay Mar 1, 2015 3615
Sufi cinema and filmic poetry in Abbas Kiarostami's Work. Khachab, Walid El Jan 1, 2015 103
Horace: the misunderstood lover? Views on Horace's approach to lyric love poetry in his odes. van der Merwe, Emily Critical essay Jan 1, 2015 3914
The evaluations of Thai poetry translator to English with prosody keeping. Waijanya, Sajjaporn; Mingkhwan, Anirach Report Dec 1, 2014 4614
Stones and their Application in the Persian Poems. Emran, Asiyeh Zabihniyai Report Oct 1, 2014 2432
An analytic investigation of aesthetics and imagery of wisdom in Sanaei's poems. Mosaffa, Akram; Pour, Morteza Razzagh Essay Oct 1, 2014 4779
The poets of the nineties. Fisher, Benjamin F. Essay Sep 22, 2014 1053
Valuing the devalued, or dirty apprehension. Mason, Travis V. Essay Jun 1, 2014 1595
Manifestations of Masculine Magnificence: Divinity in Africana Life, Lyrics, and Literature. Brief article May 1, 2014 168
Links between science and poetry in the works of the Romanian poet Ion Barbu. Mathematics as a game/As relacoes entre ciencia e poesia na obra do poeta romeno Ion Barbu. Matematica como jogo. Popovic, Virginia Jan 1, 2014 3082
Anthony Hecht: the paintings in the poems. Meyers, Jeffrey Report Dec 22, 2013 2047
Poetry, transformation, and the column of tears. Hirshfield, Jane Critical essay Nov 1, 2013 7076
"Role models can't just be on posters": re/membering barriers to indigenous community engagement. Madden, Brooke; Higgins, Marc; Korteweg, Lisa Report Oct 1, 2013 8167
The quantitative structure of Estonian syllabic-accentual trochaic tetrameter. Lotman, Maria-Kristiina; Lotman, Mihhail Sep 1, 2013 9459
Urban Guerrilla Poetry: the movement Y' en a Marre and the socio-political influences of hip hop in Senegal. Gueye, Marame Essay Sep 1, 2013 7914
Enclosed views in the Low Countries: the critical response in the twenty first century to Afrikaans poetry in Dutch translation/Beloken blikvelden in de Lage Landen: eenentwintigste-eeuwse receptie van Nederlandse vertalingen van Afrikaanse poezie. T'Sjoen, Yves Critical essay Aug 30, 2013 8803
Spring is a hard time to live through. Prioteasa, Mihaela; Nirestean, Aurel Mar 22, 2013 5148
William Rowan Hamilton and William Wordsworth: the poetry of Science. Brown, Daniel Critical essay Dec 22, 2012 11217
Formal cause, poiesis, rhetoric: a dialogue. McLuhan, Eric; Zhang, Peter Discussion Oct 1, 2012 7140
The poem as concert: Lidner, Oxenstierna and the unity of the long poem. Sjodin, Alfred Critical essay Aug 1, 2012 6741
Two different faces of Cavafy in English: a corpus-assisted approach to translational stylistics. Pantopoulos, Iraklis Report Jul 1, 2012 7855
Performance stylistics: Deleuze and Guattari, poetry and (corpus) linguistics. O'Halloran, Kieran Report Jul 1, 2012 13156
Pan Yue's "Study of a Widow" and its predecessors. Williams, Nicholas Morrow Jul 1, 2012 11275
"Baseball over tea-cakes": Major League Baseball in American avant-garde poetry from Imagism to L=A=N=G=U=A=G=E. Parker, Richard Essay Mar 22, 2012 5814
Cognitive poetics and common ground in a multicultural context: the poetry of Zehra Cirak. William, Jennifer Marston Essay Mar 22, 2012 8664
Color blocked: a rhetorical analysis of colorism and its impact on rap lyrics in hip hop music from 2005 to 2010. Ford, VaNatta S. Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 213
Holy and unholy deacons in late nineteenth-century popular verse. Marks, Patricia Essay Jan 1, 2012 7834
Landscape in Irish and Iberian Galician Poetry by Women Authors. Gonzalez, Manuela Palacios Dec 1, 2011 6003
Wrapped in cellophane: Florine Stettheimer's visual poetics. Gammel, Irene; Zelazo, Suzanne Critical essay Sep 22, 2011 6291
"My country heart": Derek Walcott's folkways/ "Mi corazon campestre": lo popular en Derek Walcott/ "O meu coragao campestre": formas populares em Derek Walcott. Campbell, Christian Jul 1, 2011 5298
Fearful symmetries: William Blake, Northrop Frye, and archetypal criticism. Ryan, Mark Critical essay Jun 1, 2011 4529
Politics of Indigeneity in Fogarty's Poetry. Gorman, Sean Essay Jun 1, 2011 5153
Existentialism avant la lettre: the case of Enrique Labrador Ruiz's El laberinto de si mismo. Murillo, Edwin May 1, 2011 7774
Space as theme and metaphor in the poetry of selected female poets in Afrikaans: 1994-2005/Ruimte as tema en metafoor in die poesie van enkele vroulike afrikaanse digters: 1994-2005. de Beer, A.M.; du Plooy, H.J.G. Critical essay Apr 1, 2011 9210
The Biblical poems of Edwin Arlington Robinson. Hendricks, T.W. Essay Jan 1, 2011 4755
Statement. Hill, Crag Brief article Jan 1, 2011 189
Las estrellas en las metaforas lorquianas. Creacion poetica en las aulas. Garcia Carcedo, Pilar Report Jan 1, 2011 8127
"La bailarina" de Gabriela Mistral: extasis y martirio. Rojas, Nelson Jan 1, 2011 5547
Mario de Andrade's early modernist manifestos: power, simulated authority, and the domestication of the avant-garde experiments. Gouveia, Saulo Jan 1, 2011 7661
Lirica moderna e surrealismo: uma leitura dos poemas "XXIII" e "XXIV" do Canto Primeiro de Invencao de Orfeu, de Jorge de Lima. Cavalcanti, Luciano Marcos Dias Ensayo critico Jan 1, 2011 8383
The multiple writer: a review of Jorge Luis Borges' El otro, el mismo/El escritor multiple: una revision de El otro, el mismo de Jorge Luis Borges/ Escritor multiplo: uma revisao ao El otro, el mismo de Jorge Luis Borges. Noguera, Jorge Mario Sanchez Jan 1, 2011 3925
Poetry is more philosophical than history: Aristotle on mimesis and form. Carli, Silvia Dec 1, 2010 13787
For a first glance at Estonian literature. Talvet, Juri Essay Dec 1, 2010 840
Estonian poetry: the seduction and the toil of thinking in rhymes. Talvet, Juri Essay Dec 1, 2010 7947
Estonian poetry in English. Pilter, Lauri Essay Dec 1, 2010 6825
Diez de Revenga, Francisco Javier y Mariano de Paco, eds. Pasion de mi vida. Estudios sobre Juan Ramon Jimenez. Salgado, Maria A. Sep 1, 2010 976
Antagonism and subjectification in the poem of resistance. Casas, Arturo Essay Jul 1, 2010 4988
The concept of resistance in contemporary Galician culture: towards a poetic ecology. Villar, Maria do Cebreiro Rabade Essay Jul 1, 2010 5048
Immanent transcendence in Rilke and Stevens. Gosetti-Ferencei, Jennifer Anna Essay Jun 22, 2010 10253
Allegorizing choice: the Apollo Flaying Marsyas Myth in a religious context. Unger, Daniel M. Essay Jun 22, 2010 9231
Optical illusions and verbal emblems in Sir Philip Sidney's Astrophil and Stella and Arcadia. Arnaudo, Marco Essay Jun 22, 2010 7300
Encountering Caroline Ashley, an Oxford Poet. Waters, Lowenna Jun 22, 2010 2071
Jerusalen libertada, doubtful comedia attributed to Antonio Enriquez Gomez. Wooldridge, John B. May 1, 2010 4102
A Writing Life: Phebe Florence Miller, the Poet and Postmistress of Topsail. Hallett, Vicki S. Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 1150
Texts from the winter feasts of the Kalasha of Birir. Cacopardo, Augusto S. Jan 1, 2010 9332
Pessoa and the occult: selected poems. Suarez, Jose I. Jan 1, 2010 4706
Cavallari, Hector Mario. La palabra del deseo y deseo de la palabra. La poesia de Ana Maria Fagundo. Salgado, Maria A. Jan 1, 2010 859
Ratio: December 2009, Vol. 22, No. 4. Dec 1, 2009 964
On "the hearing ear": some sonnets of the Rossettis. Leighton, Angela Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 5764
From Langham place to Lancashire: poetry, community, and the Victoria press's Offering to Lancashire. Wise, Julie M. Era overview Sep 22, 2009 7296
General materials. Stauffer, Andrew M. Sep 22, 2009 2013
Is art the weapon to Kill The King? Schachter, Hindy Lauer Sep 22, 2009 1997
The poetics of interpretation. Smith, Wren Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 1841
Ronsard, horace, and the dynamics of poetic creativity. Gilman, Donald Essay Jan 1, 2009 11150
Martin Heidegger and Peter Hoeg: Borderliners as uncovering and happening of truth. Kakkori, Leena Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 4943
The forests passion or travels of Mme. van Langendonck/A paixao das florestas ou as viagens de Mme. van Langendonck. Muzart, Zahide Lupinacci Report Sep 1, 2008 4395
Rhyming the unrhymeable. Aug 1, 2008 377
The soul 'dances': psychomusicology in Plato's Republic. Petraki, Zacharoula A. Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 8800
"A whore's answer to a whore": the prostitution of Jack Spicer. Conley, Tim Critical essay Jun 1, 2008 7305
Performance poetry in Mexico City. Chavez, Santiago Jan 1, 2008 538
Religion and gender in Goethe's Iphigenie auf Tauris. Torrance, Isabelle Sep 22, 2007 13349
The pragmatics of prosody. Hurley, Michael D. Critical essay Mar 22, 2007 8683
On poetry and collaboration in the nineteenth century. Whidden, Seth Jan 1, 2007 6404
Anguished cry of a defeated ruler: a raga song composed by Ranajit Malla. Dhungel, Ramesh K. Jan 1, 2007 1779
Poetic expressions: students of color express resiliency through metaphors and similes. Hall, Horace R. Report Jan 1, 2007 8646
Islam and America: poetic connections. Patel, Eboo Sep 22, 2006 1030
Making the decolonized visible: Puerto Rican poetry of the last four decades. Adorno, Pedro Lopez Essay Sep 22, 2006 8377
William Golder's The New Zealand Survey (1867): the relation between poetry and photography as media of representation. Opie, Brian Critical essay Jun 1, 2006 6016
Cynicism. Williamson, Alan May 1, 2006 4967
The poet on the poem. Buckley, Christopher May 1, 2006 1569
Poetry and patriotism. Greene, Maxine Apr 1, 2006 366
This working against the grain. Gibbons, Reginald Column Mar 1, 2006 7269
A new generation of word warriors: a passion for revolushun inspires dub poets. Nopper, Sheila Critical Essay Dec 22, 2005 1359
"The Scholar-Gipsy" and the Continuous Life of Victorian Poetry. Farrell, John P. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2005 9179
General materials. Riede, David Sep 22, 2005 3293
Mythes, poesie et musique (dans les grands mythes-poemes). Friedrich, Paul May 1, 2005 10868
The future of Easter. Ryan, Antonia Mar 25, 2005 845
Reality and Its Antecedents: Fifty Statements on Life and Art. Hoover, Paul Mar 1, 2005 549
Using Poetry to Encourage Passion, Courage, and Wisdom: Reflections from a Preservice Teacher Education Course. Evans, Allen D. Abstract Feb 25, 2005 196
Fervor de Buenos Aires en contextos. Lefere, Robin Jan 1, 2005 6993
Apple and image. Brooks, Bob Sep 22, 2004 413
Poetry from Russia: current trends and contemporary voices. Nevzgliadova, Elena Sep 1, 2004 2363
The interrupted now. Rivard, David Sep 1, 2004 1261
On the authority of root meanings and the external. Dorn, Edward Critical Essay Jun 22, 2004 2005
"Meagrely provided": a response to Don Paterson. Brady, Andrea Jun 22, 2004 2998
"The barbarians have come" to Poland. Carpenter, Bogdana May 1, 2004 1838
On Suryadasa and the invention of bidirectional poetry (vilomakavya). Minkowski, Christopher Apr 1, 2004 5751
"The tension is in the concept": John Ashbery's surrealism. Suarez-Toste, Ernesto Mar 22, 2004 6927
Hip-Hop Bards. Sep 22, 2003 529
Longfellow's Labor. Sep 22, 2003 380
Guide to the year's work: general materials. Riede, David G. Sep 22, 2003 2915
Local habitations. McCorkle, James Sep 1, 2003 1116
I Didn't Remember. Burkard, Michael Sep 1, 2003 688
Confusing the issue? A.C. Bradley's theory of poetry and its contexts. Kearney, Anthony Jun 22, 2003 6124
The color violaceous, or, chemistry and the romance of dematerialization: the subliming of iodine and Shelley's Adonais. Peterfreund, Stuart Critical Essay Mar 22, 2003 4062
Coleridge's Sonnets from Various Authors (1796): a lost conversation poem? Fairer, David Dec 22, 2002 8977
Blending genres: novels in verse for adolescents. Winship, Michele Sep 1, 2002 3486
"Penser 'cette chambre' ou penser 'univers'": valery and the universe of the room. Ryan, Paul May 1, 2002 7514
Poetic license. Moore, Jessica Care Editorial Mar 1, 2002 1445
"What music lies in the cold print": Larkin's experimental metric. Groves, Peter Dec 22, 2001 8419
Mel Glenn and Arnold Adoff: the poetics of power in the adolescent voice-lyric. Thomas, Joseph T., Jr. Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 5203
Understanding Media in 1805: Audiovisual Hallucination in The Lay of the Last Minstrel. LANGAN, CELESTE Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 9350
"The Birthday of Typography": A Response to Celeste Langan. MANNING, PETER J. Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 5661
Psyche's Progress: Soul- and Self-making from Keats to Wilde. Black, Joel Critical Essay Mar 22, 2001 8159
Geocultura y modernismo en la poesia de luis Llorens Torres. Barrow, Geoffrey R. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2001 3618
Electric dialogue: an e-mail conversation with Virgil Suarez. Coulter, Stephen Interview Jan 1, 2001 5265
The Speed of Poetry. CLAUSEN, JAN Jul 24, 2000 2977
Imagine a Woman. Reilly, Patricia Lynn Poem Jun 22, 1999 236
A Poetry of Inconvenient Knowledge. Fulton, Alice Jun 14, 1999 5336
Still life through eyes of a poet. Farrell, Michael J. Brief Article Apr 2, 1999 1070
Poetry and emotion. Olsen, William Jun 22, 1998 6521
Chaucer's revision of the prologue of The Legend of Good Women. Seymour, M.C. Oct 1, 1997 653
The poet and the thinker: Maria Zambrano and feminist criticism. Nimmo, Clare E. Oct 1, 1997 978
Social change and poetic tradition. Baraka, Amiri Sep 22, 1997 1592
The construction of the poem. Giudici, Giovanni Mar 22, 1997 4797
On poetry: a quotation from Laforgue's "Hamlet."(Italian Literature Today) Buffoni, Franco Mar 22, 1997 2184
From language to dialect: de Calvianis quidam. Serrao, Achille Mar 22, 1997 5235
Thomas Wyatt, Anne Boleyn, and Henry VIII's lyric 'Pastime With Good Company.' (English poet; second Queen Consort of King Henry VIII of England) Siemens, R.G. Mar 1, 1997 1168
Gabriel Peri and the poetry of commemoration. King, J.H. Mar 1, 1996 8484
Poetry and abstraction. Rowe, M.W. Jan 1, 1996 6913
Gender, language, and power in "The Dream of the Rood". Hawkins, Emma B. Sep 22, 1995 3518
After Olson and Celan: the breath and twist of the referent. Cook, Albert Jul 1, 1995 7732
Into the unknown to find the new: Baudelaire's voyage into the twenty-first century. Santos, Sherod Jul 1, 1995 5763
An essay. Maso, Carole Mar 1, 1995 7815
Poetry and vision. Olsen, William Sep 22, 1994 7299
Poetry is action. Ammons, A.R. Jul 1, 1994 1922
From 'A Year of the Hunter.' (excerpt) Milosz, Czeslaw; Levine, Madeline G. Jul 1, 1994 7264
Setting Betjeman to music. Horder, Mervyn Jul 1, 1994 1544
From poetic to prosaic animal portraits: Arreola's "El Elefante." (Mexican writer Juan Jose Arreola) Metzidakis, Stamos May 1, 1994 4497
The politics of narrative. Emanuel, Lynn May 1, 1994 1015
Against sincerity. Gluck, Louise Sep 1, 1993 4358
Poetry: Before 1960. Carruth, Hayden; Perkins, George Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 10152
Poetry: Since 1960. Blasing, Mutlu Konuk Reference Source Jan 1, 1991 1589

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