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A MEMS Gyroscope Noise Suppressing Method Using Neural Architecture Search Neural Network. Zhu, Zhenshu; Bo, Yuming; Jiang, Changhui Dec 31, 2019 4343
A Robust EMD-Based RVFL Network Fusion Algorithm for Low-Cost GPS/INS Integrated System. Liu, Da; Zhang, Shufang; Zhang, Jingbo Oct 31, 2019 7504
A SINS/BDS Integrated Navigation Method Based on Classified Weighted Adaptive Filtering. Kang, Xuchao; He, Guangjun; Li, Xingge Jul 31, 2019 3283
Whose Levees? Historic flooding forces re-evaluation of long-neglected system. Cottingham, Jan Jul 22, 2019 1998
A Quaternion-Based Robust Adaptive Spherical Simplex Unscented Particle Filter for MINS/VNS/GNS Integrated Navigation System. Jia, Ke; Pei, Yifei; Gao, Zhaohui; Zhong, Yongmin; Gao, Shesheng; Wei, Wenhui; Hu, Gaoge Jun 30, 2019 7581
Forecasting Parameters of Satellite Navigation Signal through Artificial Neural Networks for the Purpose of Civil Aviation. Krzykowska, Karolina; Krzykowski, Michal May 31, 2019 7642
Improved ICCP Algorithm Considering Scale Error for Underwater Geomagnetic Aided Inertial Navigation. Zhang, Hongmei; Yang, Le; Li, Minglong May 31, 2019 4390
Edge Computing-based Differential Positioning Method for BeiDou Navigation Satellite System. Wang, Lina; Li, Linlin; Qiu, Rui Report Jan 1, 2019 5570
Joint DOA and DOD Estimation Based on Tensor Subspace with Partially Calibrated Bistatic MIMO Radar. Wang, Junxiang; Huang, Ping; Xu, Dingjie Jan 1, 2018 4096
Antenna Configuration Method for RF Measurement Based on DOPs in Satellite Formation Flying. Mu, Weiqing; Li, Rongke; Wang, Zijie; Liu, Yukai Jan 1, 2018 7388
A Mathematical Model and Error Analysis of Shearer Cutting Path Based on Its Attitude. Wang, Shi-bo; Wang, Shijia; Ge, Zhaoliang Jan 1, 2018 3575
A Novel Artificial Organic Control System for Mobile Robot Navigation in Assisted Living Using Vision- and Neural-Based Strategies. Ponce, Hiram; Moya-Albor, Ernesto; Brieva, Jorge Jan 1, 2018 9049
Study of Systems Error Compensation Methods Based on Molecular-Electronic Transducers of Motion Parameters. Zaitsev, Dmitry L.; Agafonov, Vadim M.; Evseev, Iliya A. Jan 1, 2018 5476
Fog Computing-Based Differential Positioning Method for BDS. Wang, Lina; Li, Linlin Jan 1, 2018 4843
An Implementation Approach and Performance Analysis of Image Sensor Based Multilateral Indoor Localization and Navigation System. Shahjalal, Md.; Hossan, Md. Tanvir; Hasan, Moh. Khalid; Chowdhury, Mostafa Zaman; Le, Nam Tuan; Jang Jan 1, 2018 8220
Real-Time Disturbances Estimating and Compensating of Nonlinear Dynamic Model for Underwater Vehicles. Zhang, Yuexin; Wang, Lihui Jan 1, 2018 5999
Attack Detection/Isolation via a Secure Multisensor Fusion Framework for Cyberphysical Systems. Mohammadi, Arash; Yang, Chun; Chen, Qing-wei Jan 1, 2018 4680
Sat nav slip ups 'costing motorists 29 hours a year'. May 30, 2017 142
A Robust Method to Suppress Jamming for GNSS Array Antenna Based on Reconstruction of Sample Covariance Matrix. Gong, Yanyun; Wang, Ling; Yao, Rugui; Zhang, Zhaolin Jan 1, 2017 6722
A Fast SINS Initial Alignment Method Based on RTS Forward and Backward Resolution. Han, Houzeng; Wang, Jian; Du, Mingyi Jan 1, 2017 6074
Adaptive Finite-Horizon Group Estimation for Networked Navigation Systems with Remote Sensing Complementary Observations under Mixed LOS/NLOS Environments. Gao, Chao; Lu, Jianhua; Zhao, Guorong; Pan, Shuang Report Jan 1, 2017 7397
A Fast Detection Algorithm for the X-Ray Pulsar Signal. Liang, Hao; Zhan, Yafeng Report Jan 1, 2017 3011
Automatic Reverse Engineering of Private Flight Control Protocols of UAVs. Ji, Ran; Wang, Jian; Tang, Chaojing; Li, Ruilin Report Jan 1, 2017 5111
A Simplified Kalman Filter for Integrated Navigation System with Low-Dynamic Movement. Liu, Xixiang; Sima, Jian; Huang, Yongjiang; Liu, Xianjun; Zhang, Pan Jan 1, 2016 6002
An Integration Method of Inertial Navigation System and Three-Beam Lidar for the Precision Landing. Zhang, Xiaoyue; Liu, Pengbo; Zhang, Chunxi Jan 1, 2016 4670
Parameter Identification Method for SINS Initial Alignment under Inertial Frame. Xue, Haijian; Guo, Xiaosong; Zhou, Zhaofa Jan 1, 2016 5386
The Amazon Dense GNSS Meteorological Network: a new approach for examining water vapor and deep convection interactions in the tropics. Adams, David K.; Fernandes, Rui M.S.; Holub, Kirk L.; Gutman, Seth I.; Barbosa, Henrique M.J.; Macha Report Dec 1, 2015 8487
An adaptive unscented Kalman filtering algorithm for MEMS/GPS integrated navigation systems. Cheng, Jianhua; Chen, Daidai; Landry, Rene Jr.; Zhao, Lin; Guan, Dongxue Report Jan 1, 2014 3595
New design of compact shorted annular stacked patch antenna for global navigation satellite system application. Li, Xi; Yang, Lin; Wang, Min Abstract Mar 1, 2013 2090
SS-BSAR with GNSS and a stationary receiver--experimental results. Zeng, Zhangfan Mar 1, 2013 3476
Wideband shorted annular stacked patch antenna for global navigation satellite system application with compact size and broad beamwidth characteristics. Li, Xi; Yang, Lin; Wang, Min; Wang, Yi; Chen, Xi; Lei, Juan Abstract Feb 1, 2013 2173
Robust modeling of low-cost MEMS sensor errors in mobile devices using fast orthogonal search. Tamazin, M.; Noureldin, A.; Korenberg, M.J. Jan 1, 2013 5365
An integrated aircraft navigation system with optical horizon sensor. Rahmouni, Mohamed; Malysheva, Julia Report Dec 1, 2012 1931
Multi-criteria models of decisionmaking support in air navigation systems/Sprendimu priemimo oro navigacijos sistemose palaikymo daugiakriteriniai modeliai. Kharchenko, Volodymyr; Pysarchuk, Olexiy Report Sep 1, 2011 3458
Investigation of the effects of specific solar storming events on GNSS navigation systems/Charakteringu saules audru poveikio globalinei navigacinei palydovinei sistemai tyrimas. Zubinaite, Vilma; Preiss, George Report Jun 1, 2011 2868

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