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Longitudinal, Seasonal, and Occupational Trends of Multiple Pesticides in House Dust. Bennett, Breana; Workman, Tomomi; Smith, Marissa N.; Griffith, William C.; Thompson, Beti; Faustman, Report Jan 1, 2019 11038
Resistance of oriental fruit moth (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) to insecticides in apple orchards in southern Brazil/Resistencia de mariposa oriental (Lepidoptera: Tortricidae) a inseticidas em pomares de maca no sul do Brasil. Monteiro, Lino Bittencourt; Teixeira, Rosangela; Guiloski, Izonete Cristina; Chappuis, Edson; de Ass Dec 1, 2018 6582
Electrochemical Biosensor Based on Optimized Biocomposite for Organophosphorus and Carbamates Pesticides Detection. Montes, R.; Cespedes, F.; Gabriel, D.; Baeza, M. Jan 1, 2018 7327
Removal of carbamates in drinking water by nanofiltration in tangential flow/Remocao de carbamatos de agua potavel com nanofiltracao por fluxo tangencial. Tateoka, Marina Sampaio Slussarek; Schontag, Juliana Marques; Petrus, Jose Carlos Cunha; Sens, Mauri Jan 1, 2018 4189
Niveles de colinesterasa serica en caficultores del Departamento de Caldas, Colombia. Toro-Osorio, Bibiana M.; Rojas-Rodriguez, Ana E.; Diaz-Zapata, Jose A. Jun 1, 2017 4954
Pesticides are associated with allergic and non-allergic wheeze among male farmers. Hoppin, Jane A.; Umbach, David M.; Long, Stuart; London, Stephanie J.; Henneberger, Paul K.; Blair, Report Apr 1, 2017 10023
Equilibrium Measurements of the N[H.sub.3]-C[O.sub.2]-[H.sub.2]O System: Speciation Based on Raman Spectroscopy and Multivariate Modeling. Halstensen, Maths; Jilvero, Henrik; Jinadasa, Wathsala N.; Jens, Klaus-J. Technical report Jan 1, 2017 7970
Mulberry Fruit Extract Affords Protection against Ethyl Carbamate-Induced Cytotoxicity and Oxidative Stress. Chen, Wei; Li, Yuting; Bao, Tao; Gowd, Vemana Report Jan 1, 2017 6382
Metamitron replacing carbaryl in post bloom thinning of apple trees/Metamitron como substituto do carbaryl no raleio pos floracao da macieira. Petri, Jose Luiz; Couto, Marcelo; Gabardo, Gentil Carneiro; Francescatto, Poliana; Hawerroth, Fernan Jul 1, 2016 8331
Remocao de Carbofurano em Agua Empregando Residuos Agroindustriais como Adsorventes. Estrela, Tiago dos Santos; Rodrigues, Isaias Alves; Miranda, Jacques Antonio de; Braga, Valdeilson S Report Feb 1, 2016 3771
Residual life assessment of waste heat boilers (Carbamate condenser-E-5) in 21 unit of urea at RCF,Thal. Jan 23, 2016 127
Reduced expression of exocytotic proteins caused by anti-cholinesterase pesticides in Brachionus calyciflorus (Rotifera: Monogononta)/Reducao da expressao de proteinas de exocitose causados por pesticidas anti-colinesterase em Brachionus calyciflorus (Rotifera: Monogononta). Perez-Legaspi, I.A.; Rico-Martinez, R.; Quintanar, J.L. Aug 1, 2015 4351
Evaluation of methyl thiophanate toxicity on fertility and histology of testis and epidydim in male rabbit. Fatiha, Bououza; Leila, Mallem; Mohamed, Boulakoud Report Apr 1, 2014 2984
Field evaluation of petroleum spray oil and carbaryl against Tetranychus marianae (Acari: Tetranichidae) on eggplant. Reddy, Gadi V.P.; Miller, Ross H. Report Mar 1, 2014 2922
The burden of deliberate self-harm on the critical care unit of a peri-urban referral hospital in the Eastern Cape: a 5-year review of 419 patients. Favara, D.M. Report Jan 1, 2013 2699
Pesticides in the propolis at Sao Saulo State, Brazil/Pesticidas na propolis do Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil. Orsi, Ricardo de Oliveira; Barreto, Lidia Maria Ruv Carelli; Gomes, Silvia Maria Alves; Kadri, Samir Oct 1, 2012 2150
Identification and evaluation of progressive thermal degradation caused by carbamate formation in cyanate ester resin-based composites. Zaldivar, Rafael J.; Nokes, James P. Jan 1, 2011 8275
Comparison of current-use pesticide and other toxicant urinary metabolite levels among pregnant women in the CHAMACOS cohort and NHANES. Castorina, Rosemary; Bradman, Asa; Fenster, Laura; Barr, Dana Boyd; Bravo, Roberto; Vedar, Michelle Clinical report Jun 1, 2010 8316
Cholinesterase depression and its association with pesticide exposure across the agricultural season among Latino farmworkers in North Carolina. Quandt, Sara A.; Chen, Haiying; Grzywacz, Joseph G.; Vallejos, Quirina M.; Galvan, Leonardo; Arcury, Report May 1, 2010 5700
Intoxication in dogs and cats: toxicological diagnosis using thin layer chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection in stomach samples/Intoxicacao em caes e gatos: diagnostico toxicologico empregando cromatografia em camada delgada e cromatografia liquida de alta pressao com deteccao ultravioleta em amostras estomacais. Bulcao, Rachel Picada; Tonello, Raquel; Piva, Silvia Juliane; Schmitt, Gabriela Cristina; Emanuelli, May 1, 2010 2904
Serum paraoxonase activity: a new additional test for the improved evaluation of chronic liver damage. Ferre, Natalia; Camps, Jordi; Prats, Eduard; Vilella, Elisabet; Paul, Antoni; Figuera, Lidia; Joven, Clinical report Feb 1, 2002 5129

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