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Characteristic Research on Double Rotor Permanent Magnet Motor with Irregular Halbach Array. Pan, Yonglin; Jing, Libing Jun 1, 2021 3717
Comparative Analysis of Electromagnetic Performance of Magnetic Gear. Huang, Xiaocun; Guo, Yuxiu; Jing, Libing Mar 1, 2021 2579
Short Communication - PHYSICOCHEMICAL PROPERTIES OF MAGNETIC WATER AND ITS EFFECT ON EGG PRODUCTION TRAITS IN HENS AT LATE LAYING PERIOD. M. I. El Sabry, M. H. Abdelfattah, H. A. Abdellatif, S. E. Aggrey and S. S. Elnesr Jan 5, 2021 3061
Study of Quasi-Static Magnetization with the Random-Field Ising Model. Gozdur, Roman Report Jun 1, 2020 4173
Modeling and Experimental Study of Oil-Cooled Stacked Giant Magnetostrictive Actuator for Servo Valve. Liu, Guoping; He, Zhongbo; Bai, Guo; Zheng, Jiawei; Zhou, Jingtao; Dai, Bowen Report Jun 1, 2020 6919
A Novel Approach for Human Intention Recognition Based on Hall Effect Sensors and Permanent Magnets. Nguyen, Van Tai; Lu, Tien-Fu; Grimshaw, Paul; Robertson, Will May 1, 2020 3859
Research on Ceramic Spindle Loss Based on Ceramic Reverse Magnetic Effect. Zhang, Ke; Wang, Zinan; Bai, Xiaotian; Shi, Huaitao; Li, Songhua Mar 31, 2020 7530
Performance Analysis of Near-Field Magnetic Induction Communication in Extreme Environments. Guo, Hongzhi Mar 1, 2020 3133
Numerical Simulation and Experimental Analysis of Microstructure of Magnetorheological Fluid. Ji, Dongsheng; Luo, Yiping; Ren, Hongjuan; Wei, Dan; Shao, Jun Nov 30, 2019 7417
Spintronics: Theory, Modelling, Devices. Brief article Oct 1, 2019 105
Evaluation of Natural de-Magnetization of Power Transformer Due to Capacitor Interaction with Area Under the Curve Method. Kumar, Ajay; Parikh, Urmil; Kaur, Inderpreet Sep 1, 2019 5372
Research on Vibration Characteristics of a Ceramic Spindle Based on the Reverse Magnetic Effect. Zhang, Ke; Wang, Zinan; Shi, Huaitao; Bai, Xiaotian; Wang, Zhan May 31, 2019 8335
Performance Analysis of Refined Induction Motor Models Considering Iron Loss. Yin, Wan Jun; Wen, Tao May 1, 2019 1345
Ablation of Hepatic Tumors through the Use of a Novel Magnetic Nanocomposite Probe: Magnetic Characterization and Finite Element Method Analysis. Konku, Yvonne; Kutor, John; Yaya, Abu; Kan-Dapaah, Kwabena Mar 31, 2019 5596
DC Transformer Compensation for Efficiency Improvement of Electric Vehicles Wireless Charging Systems. He, Yao; Liu, Mei; Liu, Xintian; Zheng, Xinxin; Zeng, Guojian; Zhang, Jangfeng Feb 1, 2019 4710
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Ferrite-Loaded Waveguide for Ferrimagnetism Characterization. Yao, Hsin-Yu; Chang, Wei-Chen; Chang, Li-Wen; Chang, Tsun-Hsu Feb 1, 2019 5992
Effect of Background Magnetic Field on Type-II Superconductor under Oscillating Magnetic Field Simulated Using Ginzburg-Landau Model. Jafri, Hasnain Mehdi; Zhao, Congpeng; Huang, Houbing; Ma, Xingqiao Report Jan 1, 2018 4806
Frequency Variation of the AC Order Parameter Susceptibility of the Metamagnetic Ising Model. Gulpinar, Gul Report Jan 1, 2018 7514
Structural and Magnetic Properties of [Ba.sub.3][[Cu.sub.0.8-x][Zn.sub.x][[Mn.sub.0.2]].sub.2][Fe.sub.24][O.sub.41] Z-Type Hexaferrites. Al-Hwaitat, Eman S.; Mahmood, Sami H.; Al-Hussein, Mahmoud; Bsoul, Ibrahim Jan 1, 2018 7942
Study of Structure and Magnetic Properties of Sm[Co.sub.10] Alloy Prepared by Different Methods. Chi, Xiang; Li, Ying; Er, De-quan; Han, Xu-hao; Duan, Xiu-li; Sun, Ji-bing; Cui, Chun-xiang Jan 1, 2018 7891
Analysis of the Magnetic Anomalies of Buried Archaeological Ovens of Ain Kerouach (Morocco). Ayad, Abderrahim; Bakkali, Saad Jan 1, 2018 2803
A One-Dimensional Magnetic Chip with a Hybrid Magnetosensor and a Readout Circuit. Sung, Guo-Ming; Wang, Hsin-Kwang; Gunnam, Leenendra Chowdary Jan 1, 2018 6059
Investigation of the Magnetic Properties of Ferrites in the CoO-NiO-ZnO Using Simplex-Lattice Design. Frolova, Liliya; Khmelenko, Oleg Jan 1, 2018 4346
Structural, Morphological, Optical, and Room Temperature Magnetic Characterization on Pure and Sm-Doped ZnO Nanoparticles. Badreddine, Khalil; Kazah, I.; Rekaby, M.; Awad, R. Jan 1, 2018 7394
Ising Model of User Behavior Decision in Network Rumor Propagation. Li, Chengcheng; Liu, Fengming; Li, Pu Jan 1, 2018 7534
Effects of Low-Frequency Electromagnetic Field on Oxidative Stress in Selected Structures of the Central Nervous System. Budziosz, Jan; Stanek, Agata; Sieron, Aleksander; Witkos, Joanna; Cholewka, Armand; Sieron, Karolina Jan 1, 2018 7800
Computational design of usual Magnetic Tunnel Junctions. Shukla, Gokaran Nath Jan 1, 2018 25527
A Fluid-Solid-Magnetic Coupling Algorithm of Internal Crack Growth in the Weld of Oil and Gas Pipelines. Cui, Wei; Song, Rixuan; Xia, Fafeng; Zhang, Qiang; Wang, Peter Jan 1, 2018 7409
Automatic Search Algorithms for Near-Field Ferromagnetic Targets Based on Magnetic Anomaly Detection. Zhang, Mengying; Wang, Hua; Ge, Lin; Cheng, Hao; Cheng, Feng Jan 1, 2018 7046
Impact of Manganese Dopant on Structural, Morphological and Magnetic properties of coated Co[Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4] nanoparticles. Margabandhu, M.; Sendhilnathan, S.; Hirthna Report Jun 1, 2017 2297
Intrinsic and Extrinsic Ferromagnetism in Co-Doped Indium Tin Oxide Revealed Using X-Ray Magnetic Circular Dichroism. Hakimi, A.M.H.R.; Schoofs, F.; Blamire, M.G.; Langridge, S.; Dhesi, S.S. Jan 1, 2017 4179
Nanocompositional Electron Microscopic Analysis and Role of Grain Boundary Phase of Isotropically Oriented Nd-Fe-B Magnets. Zickler, Gregor A.; Fidler, Josef Jan 1, 2017 9538
Cardiopulmonary Signal Detection Based on Magnetic Induction. Yang, Dan; Xu, Bin; Qiao, Hongyu; Wang, Xu Jan 1, 2017 4221
Magnetoimpedance Effect in CoFeMoSiB As-Quenched and Surface Modified Amorphous Ribbons in the Presence of Igon Oxide Nanoparticles of Water-Based Ferrofluid. Lotfollahi, Zahra; Amirabadizadeh, Ahmad; Safronov, Aleksander P.; Beketov, Igor V.; Kurlyandskaya, Jan 1, 2017 5648
State-Transition-Aware Spilling Heuristic for MLC STT-RAM-Based Registers. Ni, Yuanhui; Gong, Zhiyao; Chen, Weiwen; Yang, Chengmo; Qiu, Keni Jan 1, 2017 6034
Magnetoelastic Principal Parametric Resonance of a Rotating Electroconductive Circular Plate. Li, Zhe; Hu, Yu-da; Li, Jing Report Jan 1, 2017 4005
Ferrite Magnetic-Anisotropy Field Effects on Inductance and Quality Factor of Planar GHz Inductors. Lee, Jaejin; Hong, Yang-Ki; Yun, Changhan; Lee, Woncheol; Park, Jihoon; Bae, Seok Report Jun 1, 2016 5508
Experimental detection of transformer excitation asymmetry through the analysis of the magnetizing current harmonic content. Pjevalica, Nebojsa; Petrovic, Nenad; Pjevalica, Velibor; Teslic, Nikola Report Apr 1, 2016 3407
Verification of Transformer Restricted Earth Fault Protection by using the Monte Carlo Method. Krstivojevic, Jelisaveta P.; Djuric, Milenko B. Aug 1, 2015 5701
The Development of Models for Assessment of the Geomagnetically Induced Currents Impact on Electric Power Grids during Geomagnetic Storms. Vakhnina, Vera V.; Kuvshinov, Aleksey A.; Shapovalov, Vladimir A.; Chernenko, Aleksey N.; Kretov, Dm Feb 1, 2015 4118
A convergent linear finite element scheme for the Maxwell-Landau-Lifshitz-Gilbert equations. Banas, L.; Page, M.; Praetorius, D. Report Jan 1, 2015 8059
Microstructural and Mossbauer spectroscopy studies of [Mg.sub.1-x][Zn.sub.x][Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4] (x = 0.5, 0.7) nanoparticles. Lin, Jinpei; He, Yun; Lin, Qing; Wang, Ruijun; Chen, Henian Report Jan 1, 2014 2279
Magnetic properties of well-aligned ZnO nanorod arrays grown by a simple hydrothermal reaction. Yun, Jiangni; Qu, Rui; Zhang, Zhiyong; Li, Jun Report Jan 1, 2014 2825
Material characterization of strontium ferrite powders for producing sintered magnets by ceramic injection molding (MagnetPIM). Drummer, Dietmar; Messingschlager, Susanne Report Jan 1, 2014 2314
Phase pure synthesis and morphology dependent magnetization in Mn doped ZnO nanostructures. Saleem, Murtaza; Atiq, Shahid; Ramay, Shahid M.; Mahmood, Asif; Siddiqi, Saadat A.; Shar, Muhammad A Report Jan 1, 2014 3355
Magnetic behavior of sintered NdFeB magnets on a long-term timescale. Haavisto, Minna; Tuominen, Sampo; Santa-Nokki, Timo; Kankaanpaa, Harri; Paju, Martti; Ruuskanen, Pek Report Jan 1, 2014 4253
Controlling dielectric and magnetic properties of PVdF/magnetite nanocomposite fibre webs. Venugopal, A.P.; Cespedes, O.; Russell, S.J. Jan 1, 2014 5218
Microstructure and superparamagnetic properties of Mg-Ni-Cd ferrites nanoparticles. Eltabey, M.M.; Massoud, A.M.; Radu, Cosmin Jan 1, 2014 4171
Effect of Mn-site for Al substitution on structural, electrical and magnetic properties in [La.sub.0.67][Sr.sub.0.33][Mn.sub.1-x][Al.sub.x][O.sub.3] thin films by sol-gel method. Abdullah, H.; Zulfakar, M. Syafiq; Chen, S. Kien Jan 1, 2014 4322
Optical and magnetic properties of Fe doped ZnO nanoparticles obtained by hydrothermal synthesis. Wu, Xiaojuan; Wei, Zhiqiang; Zhang, Lingling; Wang, Xuan; Yang, Hua; Jiang, Jinlong Jan 1, 2014 4118
Analysis of radial magnetized permanent magnet bearing characteristics for five degrees of freedom. Bekinal, Siddappa I.; Anil, Tumkur R.; Jana, Soumendu Report Jul 1, 2013 4006
Size effects on magnetic properties of [Ni.sub.05][Zn.sub.0.5][Fe.sub.2][O.sub.4] prepared by sol-gel method. Zhang, Min; Zi, Zhenfa; Liu, Qiangchun; Zhang, Peng; Tang, Xianwu; Yang, Jie; Zhu, Xuebin; Sun, Yupi Jan 1, 2013 4938
The physical and magnetic properties of electrodeposited Co-Fe nanocoating with different deposition times. Hyie, Koay Mei; Abdullah, Wan Normimi Roslini; Resali, Nor Azrina; Chong, W.T.; Salleh, Z.; Ghani, M Jan 1, 2013 3936
Effect of mechanical stress on magnetic states and hysteresis characteristics of a two-phase nanoparticles system. Afremov, Leonid Lazarevich; Ilyushin, Ilia Gennadievich Jan 1, 2013 7598
High temperature magnetic properties of indirect exchange spring FePt/M(Cu,C)/Fe trilayer thin films. Gayen, Anabil; Biswas, Barnali; Singh, Akhilesh Kumar; Saravanan, Padmanapan; Perumal, Alagarsamy Jan 1, 2013 5668
Preparation and enhanced ferromagnetic, semi-conductive, and optical properties of Co-doped ZnO rod arrays. Zhang, Chaoqun; Huang, Zhongbing; Liao, Xiaoming; Yin, Guangfu; Gu, Jianwen Report Sep 1, 2012 4647
Analysis of influence of disturbing signals caused by rail magnetization to a cab signaling system/Gelezinkelio begiu imagnetinimo trukdziu lokomotyvo signalizacijai tyrimas. Augutis, V.; Gailius, D.; Misevicius, R.; Pronko, V. May 1, 2010 1341
New NIST measurements address response of media to rapidly changing magnetic fields as encountered in magnetic recording. (News Briefs). Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 410
Development of high frequency ferromagnetic resonance systems at UCCS. Hutchison, Andrew; O'Keevan, Tammy; Celinski, Zbigniew Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 193

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