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The Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of the Speirantha gardenii: Comparative and Adaptive Evolutionary Analysis. Raman, Gurusamy; Park, Seonjoo Sep 1, 2020 8057
Mitogen- and Stress-Activated Protein Kinase 1 Mediates Alcohol-Upregulated Transcription of Brf1 and tRNA Genes to Cause Phenotypic Alteration. Lin, Mingen; Huang, Chenghao; Ren, Wenfeng; Chen, Jun; Xia, Ningshao; Zhong, Shuping Jul 31, 2020 6745
Adaptation Evolution and Phylogenetic Analyses of Species in Chinese Allium Section Pallasia and Related Species Based on Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequences. Xie, Fu-Min; Xie, Deng-Feng; Xie, Chuan; Yu, Yan; Zhou, Song-Dong; He, Xing- Jin Jun 30, 2020 6572
In Silico Analysis Identifies Differently Expressed lncRNAs as Novel Biomarkers for the Prognosis of Thyroid Cancer. Rao, Yuansheng; Liu, Haiying; Yan, Xiaojuan; Wang, Jianhong May 31, 2020 3355
Comparative Analysis of CpG Sites and Islands Distributed in Mitochondrial DNA of Model Organisms. Kowal, Krzysztof; Tkaczyk, Angelika; Zabek, Tomasz; Pierzchala, Mariusz; Slaska, Brygida Apr 1, 2020 6546
Maternally Inherited Diabetes Mellitus Associated with a Novel m.15897G>A Mutation in Mitochondrial tRN[A.sup.Thr] Gene. Li, Ke; Wu, Lijun; Liu, Jianjiang; Lin, Wei; Qi, Qiang; Zhao, Tianlan Mar 1, 2020 6211
Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Chinese Lacquer Tree (Toxicodendron vernicifluum, Anacardiaceae) and Its Phylogenetic Significance. Wang, Lu; He, Na; Li, Yao; Fang, Yanming; Zhang, Feilong Mar 1, 2020 8734
Characterization of Sheep Milk Extracellular Vesicle-miRNA by Sequencing and Comparison with Cow Milk. Quan, Suyu; Nan, Xuemei; Wang, Kun; Jiang, Linshu; Yao, Junhu; Xiong, Benhai Report Feb 1, 2020 5426
Comparative Analysis of Biochemical Biases by Ligation- and Template-Switch-Based Small RNA Library Preparation Protocols. Meistertzheim, Morgane; Fehlmann, Tobias; Drews, Franziska; Pirritano, Marcello; Gasparoni, Gilles; Dec 1, 2019 6072
Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of Justicia flava: Genome Comparative Analysis and Phylogenetic Relationships among Acanthaceae. Yaradua, Samaila S.; Alzahrani, Dhafer A.; Albokhary, Enas J.; Abba, Abidina; Bello, Abubakar Aug 31, 2019 8462
Analyzing and Characterizing the Chloroplast Genome of Salix wilsonii. Chen, Yingnan; Hu, Nan; Wu, Huaitong Jul 31, 2019 7426
Complete Mitochondrial Genomes of Two Oriental Sweetlips, Plectorhinchus orientalis and Plectorhinchus vittatus (Perciformes: Haemulidae) with the Molecular Analysis on their Synonym Controversies. Liang, Rishen; Zhou, Meng; Lin, Zhenxiang; Li, Guozhang; Chen, Yuan; Lin, Xuan; Wu, Zaohe Report Jun 30, 2019 8479
TFIIIB Subunit Bdp1 Participates in RNA Polymerase III Transcription in the Protozoan Parasite Leishmania major. Roman-Carraro, Fiordaliso C.; Florencio-Martinez, Luis E.; Romero-Meza, Gabriela; Nepomuceno-Mejia, Apr 30, 2019 9052
Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of the Complete Chloroplast Genomes of Three Ephedra Herbs Containing Ephedrine. Chen, Xinlian; Cui, Yingxian; Nie, Liping; Hu, Haoyu; Xu, Zhichao; Sun, Wei; Gao, Ting; Song, Jingyu Mar 31, 2019 5298
16S rRNA Long-Read Sequencing of the Granulation Tissue from Nonsmokers and Smokers-Severe Chronic Periodontitis Patients. Chowdhry, Rebecca; Singh, Neetu; Sahu, Dinesh Kumar; Tripathi, Ratnesh Kumar; Mishra, Archana; Singh Jan 1, 2018 6335
Complex Analyses of Short Inverted Repeats in All Sequenced Chloroplast DNAs. Brazda, Vaclav; Lysek, Jiri; Bartas, Martin; Fojta, Miroslav Jan 1, 2018 6359
Insights into the Genome Sequence of Chromobacterium amazonense Isolated from a Tropical Freshwater Lake. Santos, Alexandre Bueno; Costa, Patricia Silva; do Carmo, Anderson Oliveira; Fernandes, Gabriel da R Jan 1, 2018 5897
Bacterial tRNA modification enzymes: potential role in biology and virulence. Shippy, Daniel C.; Fadl, Amin A. Report Apr 1, 2014 1558
Comparative genomics of ten solanaceous plastomes. Kaur, Harpreet; Singh, Bhupinder Pal; Singh, Harpreet; Nagpal, Avinash Kaur Jan 1, 2014 7435
Quantitative mitochondrial DNA mutation analysis by denaturing HPLC. Lim, Kok Seong; Naviaux, Robert K.; Haas, Richard H. Jun 1, 2007 4736
Sensitive and quantitative measurement of gene expression directly from a small amount of whole blood. Zheng, Zhi; Luo, Yuling; McMaster, Gary K. Jul 1, 2006 5694
High-sensitivity detection of the A3243G mutation of mitochondrial DNA by a combination of allele-specific PCR and peptide nucleic acid-directed PCR clamping. Urata, Michiyo; Wada, Yui; Kim, Sang Ho; Chumpia, Worawan; Kayamori, Yuzo; Hamasaki, Naotaka; Kang, Nov 1, 2004 4460
Detection and quantification of heteroplasmic mutant mitochondrial DNA by real-time amplification refractory mutation system quantitative PCR analysis: a single-step approach. Bai, Ren-Kui; Wong, Lee-Jun C. Jun 1, 2004 3107

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