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Smart Biomedical Sensors, Big Healthcare Data Analytics, and Virtual Care Technologies in Monitoring, Detection, and Prevention of COVID-19. Morris, Kevin Apr 1, 2021 4135
Artificial Intelligence and the Future of Work: A Proactive Strategy. Kochan, Thomas A. Report Mar 22, 2021 4678
Artificial Intelligence Community and Self. Tu, Peter Report Mar 22, 2021 3586
Exploring digital divides in older adults' news consumption. Bergstrom, Annika Dec 1, 2020 7374
Rural Digital Opportunity Fund: Requirements and Selected Policy Issues. Rachfal, Colby Leigh Report Aug 1, 2020 5904
A Scathing but Empty Critique. Waters, Brent Jun 22, 2020 1582
FORUM. Jan 1, 2020 8797
population and technology: Like their primitive ancestors, humans will often try to solve problems with applications of technology, through innovation or invention. Childress, Vincent W. Nov 1, 2019 3753
Preparing for the world to come. Odinga, Winnie Column Jul 1, 2019 1074
A VIEW OF ICT IN EUROPE. Zamfir, Ionela-Catalina; Iordache, Ana-Maria Mihaela Report May 1, 2019 2155
No AI Is an Island: The Case for Teaming Intelligence. Johnson, Matthew; Vera, Alonso H. Cover story Mar 22, 2019 9652
Nicolas de Condorcet and the First Intelligence Explosion Hypothesis. Prasad, Mahendra Essay Mar 22, 2019 2596
The Digital Divide, Social Inclusion, and Health Among Persons With Mental Illness in Poland. Ng, Yu-Leung; Chan, Kara; Balwicki, Lukasz; Huxley, Peter J.; Chiu, Marcus Yu-Lung Survey Mar 1, 2019 8959
Use of Factor Analysis Scores in Logistic Regression Model for Predicting Chances of Adoption of E-payment System by the Users of Smart Phones. Pathak, Devendra Prasad Report Jan 1, 2019 4241
Technology Transfer and Human Capital in the Industrial 4.0 Scenario: A Theoretical Study. da Silva, Vander Luiz; Kovaleski, Joao Luiz; Pagani, Regina Negri Report Jan 1, 2019 7076
IS A TECH DYSTOPIA COMING? MAYBE IT'S ALREADY HERE. Sternberg, Josh Viewpoint essay Dec 3, 2018 809
ETHICAL ASPECTS INVOLVING THE USE OF INFORMATION TECHNOLOGY IN NEW SURGICAL APLICATIONS: TELESURGERY AND SURGICAL TELEMENTORING/Aspectos eticos relacionados con el uso de informacion tecnologica en nuevas aplicaciones quirurgicas: tele-cirugia y tele-tutoria/Aspectos eticos envolvendo o uso de tecnologia da informacao em novas aplicacoes cirurgicas: telescirurgia e telemonitoria cirurgica. Fuertes-Guiro, Fernando; Velasco, Eduardo Viteri Nov 1, 2018 7639
OP-ED When it comes to gender, tech has plenty of work to do. Oct 9, 2018 596
Limits of dual use. Moreno, Jonathan; Dando, Malcolm Sep 22, 2018 1037
Ethical Issues in the Practice of Assisted Reproductive Technologies in Nigeria: Empirical Data from Fertility Practitioners. Okonta, Patrick I.; Ajayi, Richard; Bamgbopa, Kehinde; Ogbeche, Rose; Okeke, Chizara C.; Onwuzurigbo Report Sep 1, 2018 3519
How Social Well-Being Is Affected by Digital Inequalities. Buchi, Moritz; Festic, Noemi Sep 1, 2018 9208
The Rise of the Outbreak Genre: 28 Days Later and the Digital Epidemic. Echeverna-Domingo, Julia Sep 1, 2018 6961
Attitudes and Performance of Workers Preparing for the Fourth Industrial Revolution. Hahm, SangWoo Technical report Aug 1, 2018 8836
THE MOST DANGEROUS ENEMY THEY CAN FIND. Bayles, Martha Essay Jun 22, 2018 2404
The Face as Technology. Dinnen, Zara; McBean, Sam Essay Jun 22, 2018 8179
24/7 Tech: Not Normal or Healthy. Wells, Andrea Jun 18, 2018 479
Docile Smart City Architecture: Moving Toward an Ethical Smart City. Sholla, Sahil; Mir, Roohie Naaz; Chishti, Mohammad Ahsan Report May 1, 2018 5094
Building talent for the future: Closing the mistmatch between skills and demand is crucial as we enter a new, digital era. Kidanu, Delila Report Apr 1, 2018 729
Searching for Privacy in the Internet of Bodies. Pauwels, Eleonore; Denton, Sarah W. Mar 22, 2018 2737
While We Remain. Havens, John C. Mar 22, 2018 2747
Psychotherapy in the age of technology: The ethical challenges of online treatments for South African clinicians: South African Psychoanalytic Confederation Ethics Advisory Committee of 2016. Kadish, Yael; Schon, Joan; Green, Julie; Hanson, Sheri; Kuhn, Julia Report Mar 22, 2018 6041
'Yams Have No Ears!': Tekhne, Life and Images in Oceania. Coupaye, Ludovic Essay Mar 1, 2018 11002
technology--the extension of human potential: This article examines mechanical, electrical, and medical technologies that have extended human capabilities. Childress, Vincent W. Report Feb 1, 2018 4066
FTEE/CTETE 21st century leadership academy: a second decade of excellence: The 21CLA program is designed to create tomorrow's most successful and respected technology and engineering leaders, consultants, and strategic thinkers. Havice, William; Hill, Roger Report Feb 1, 2018 1336
Calling time on the digital gender divide: Empowering women in the tech sector creates ideas, role models. Bogdan-Marttn, Doreen Jan 1, 2018 968
Incorporation of Ge on High K Dielectric Material for Different Fabrication Technologies (HBT, CMOS) and Their Impact on Electrical Characteristics of the Device. Khan, Zeeshan Najam; Khan, Shayan Ali; Shakeel, Sobia Jan 1, 2018 4444
Relating to International Relations. Rowland, Nicholas J. Essay Oct 1, 2017 6277
The future of sex: how technology, morality, and politics are reshaping human sexuality. Naff, Clay Farris Cover story Jul 1, 2017 4278
Digital Inclusion Index: A Measurement of ICT: Advancements in Bahrain & GCC. Sadayan, Sankara Muthu Kumar; Rao, Koteswara Report May 1, 2017 3344
Looking to the past to help shape the future of work. Vussonji, Devang; Soni, Diptesh May 1, 2017 1189
Revitalizing science and technology studies: a Marxian critique of more-than-human geographies. Arboleda, Martin Essay Apr 1, 2017 10276
Editorial: Learning, technologies, and time in the age of global neoliberal capitalism. Hayes, Sarah; Jandric, Petar Mar 1, 2017 2852
Purposeless technology and chrematistic pursuits: the implicit subordination of Homo economicus. Kirkpatrick, Andrew Essay Jan 1, 2017 10850
Chinese technocracy. Zhu, Qin; Olson, Richard Jan 1, 2017 1034
How we got here: Connectivity, creativity, confluence and internet culture. Stern, Tziporah; Friedman, Linda Wieser; Friedman, Hershey H. Report Jan 1, 2017 6222
Edisonian democracy. Valiunas, Algis Dec 22, 2016 4878
Exploring the connection between technology and society through GMOs. Croly, Michael; Cool, Nate; Strimel, Greg J. Dec 1, 2016 1435
Artificial intimacy: Technology and Human Connection in Her. Carew, Anthony Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 3516
Aporetic apparatus: epistemological transformations of the camera. Seppanen, Janne; Herkman, Juha Report Jul 1, 2016 6848
Materialist perspectives on digital technologies: informing debates on digital literacy and competence. Potzsch, Holger Report Jul 1, 2016 7098
A cautionary tale for digital age transitioning: The impeding polarization effects. Iorgulescu, Raluca Ioana; Polimeni, John M. Report Jun 22, 2016 3510
Problematizing the human-technology relationship through techno-spiritual myths presented in The Machine, Transcendence and Her. Campbell, Heidi A. Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 7653
An 'exemplary contemporary technical object': thinking cinema between Hansen and Stiegler. Roberts, Ben Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 8643
An alternative view of a social medium: communication as coordinating and medium-making activity. Paterno, David Essay Feb 1, 2016 5174
Technology influencing history. Booth, Cory Feb 1, 2016 504
3D printers, the third industrial revolution and the demise of capitalism. Tully, Ciaran Essay Jan 1, 2016 5783
A Conversation with Geoffrey Pleyers: The battlefields of Latin American Struggles and the challenges of the internet for social change. Trere, Emiliano; Pleyers, Geoffrey Interview Nov 1, 2015 4226
"It doesn't have to be this way": hacker perspectives on privacy. Steinmetz, Kevin; Gerber, Jurg Sep 22, 2015 9427
From mani stones to Twitter: Bhutan creates a unique media matrix for a 21st-century democracy. Avieson, Bunty Jul 1, 2015 8311
Genome gambits: new genetic tools can do tremendous good--if we use them carefully. Doudna, Jennifer A. May 1, 2015 458
The virtues of moderation. Grimmelmann, James Mar 22, 2015 9224
The virtues of moderation. Grimmelmann, James Mar 22, 2015 20309
From Marinetti's L'alcova d'acciaio to Giani Stuparich's Ritorneranno: gender, nationalism, technology and the italian great war. Pizzi, Katia Essay Jan 1, 2015 4587
The opinion in the social network: influence and dynamic on Facebook/ A opiniao na rede: influencia e dinamica no Facebook. Martinuzzo, Jose Antonio; Ribeiro, Renata Rezende Jan 1, 2015 6464
Vico's "Christian" artillery: technology as cultural mediation. Turello, Dan Essay Dec 22, 2014 6713
Rethinking photojournalism: the changing work practices and professionalism of photojournalists in the digital age. Maenpaa, Jenni Report Dec 1, 2014 6816
ICTs for leisure in development: a case for motivation, exploration, and play in the Global South. Arora, Payal; Rangaswamy, Nimmi Case study Sep 22, 2014 1326
ICT and (personal) development in rural China. Oreglia, Elisa Report Sep 22, 2014 7994
Relax, you've got M-PESA: leisure as empowerment. Gajjala, Radhika; Tetteh, Dinah Report Sep 22, 2014 8145
The value of non-instrumental computer use: a study of skills acquisition and performance in Brazil. Kolko, Beth E.; Racadio, Robert Report Sep 22, 2014 10017
Sites of playful engagement: twitter hashtags as spaces of leisure and development in Kenya. Tully, Melissa; Ekdale, Brian Report Sep 22, 2014 8986
GS as a humanist endeavor. Heffer, Dom Jul 1, 2014 509
Digital dilemmas: values, ethics and information technology. Kernaghan, Kenneth Report Jun 1, 2014 8911
Technology impact on our culture. Jawad, Muhammad May 4, 2014 933
Techno-dependency probability. Apr 27, 2014 591
The digital literacy practices of Latina/o immigrant parents in an after-school technology partnership. Machado-Casas, Margarita; Sanchez, Patricia; Ek, Lucila D. Report Mar 22, 2014 5487
A Survival Plan for the wild cyborg. Van Est, Rinie Mar 22, 2014 4308
"Only We Have Perished": Karel Capek's R.U.R. and the Catastrophe of Humankind. Anderson, Nicholas Essay Mar 22, 2014 9169
The digital divide in Trinidad and Tobago/La brecha digital en Trinidad y Tobago/La Fracture Numerique a Trinite-et-Tobago. Ramlal, Bheshem; Watson, Patrick Mar 1, 2014 6543
Crowd-sourcing social problems: using distributed technology to tackle society's most intractable challenges. Eggers, William Jan 1, 2014 3101
Recalling the ghosts of 9/11: convergent memorializing at the opening of the National 9/11 Memorial. Hess, Aaron; Herbig, Art Report Oct 1, 2013 9170
#Mysubjectivation. Hall, Gary Essay Sep 22, 2013 11854
More data center dimensions. Beaty, Donald L. Sep 1, 2013 1492
Whose streets? Anarchism, technology and the petromodern state. Truscello, Michael; Gordon, Uri Report Mar 22, 2013 7545
Cybernetics, anarchism and self-organisation. Duda, John Report Mar 22, 2013 8528
Water, technology, and development: transformations of development technonatures in changing waterscapes. Sultana, Farhana Essay Mar 1, 2013 9786
In 30 years, everyone will be beautiful: from personal futures to transhumanism to the glocalization of beauty and wellbeing: Futurists let their minds wander. Mar 1, 2013 499
Seek and find: as online content evolves, newspapers enlist new tools to stand out. Peck, Gretchen A. Feb 1, 2013 2250
Growth and convergence when technology and human capital are complements. Pollak, Andreas Jan 1, 2013 9724
Charlie Chaplin in the age of Mechanical Reproduction: reflexive ambiguity in Modern Times. Howe, Lawrence Essay Jan 1, 2013 10728
Normativity and materiality: a view from digital anthropology. Horst, Heather; Miller, Daniel Essay Nov 1, 2012 4901
iGeneration: The Social Cognitive Effects of Digital Technology on Teenagers. Ives, Eugenia A. Abstract Oct 1, 2012 658
Cultural differences in the use of Web 1.0 and Web 2.0: a comparative analysis of Chinese and American youth. Wei, Lu; Willnat, Lars; Shao, Linwei Report Oct 1, 2012 8834
Escape from the great distress the role of rules: technological innovation alone will not revive the U.S. economy. We must also update some of the underlying rules that govern the ways that we make economic decisions. Romer, Paul Essay Sep 22, 2012 3588
Languages of art and languages of science. Dominiczak, Marek H. Aug 1, 2012 1213
Theorizing ICT and society in the Brazilian context: a multilevel, pluralistic and remixable framework. Pozzebon, Marlei; Diniz, Eduardo Henrique Report Jul 1, 2012 9262
Pixels perpetual shine: the mediation of illness, dying, and death in the digital age. Drescher, Elizabeth Essay Jun 1, 2012 5816
Between god and Google: reflections on the technology project of the society for the arts, religion and contemporary culture. Hope, Erling Essay Jun 1, 2012 9065
Does the digital environment improve modern users' Internet awareness? Saravanan, T.; Kalaivani, M.M.; Kumar, V. Senthil Report Jun 1, 2012 7409
Who we are: today's students speak out. Blandford, Ayoka Discussion May 1, 2012 1843
Electronic intimacy: friendships that were once maintained with the rudimentary technology of pen and paper are now reinforced 24/7 with the stroke of a few keys. A longtime letter writer reflects on what has been gained ... and lost. Rosen, Christine Essay Mar 22, 2012 2304
The call-of the future: today we worry about the social effects of the Internet. A century ago, it was the telephone that threatened to reinvent society. Vanderbilt, Tom Essay Mar 22, 2012 3316
Wales' winning XV are catching up fast in popularity on Twitter MOST FOLLOWED RUGBY PLAYERS IN EUROPE; Our team's tweets are giving fans insights into its player interaction and the build-up for big games, Brendan Hughes learns. Feb 14, 2012 580
Silent cal and the invisible audience: the sociotechnological significance of the presidential voice. Black, James Eric (Jay) Jan 1, 2012 7002
No one saw this coming: Korzybskpi's concerns, predictions, and time-binding suggestions. Dawes, Milton Jan 1, 2012 2255
Blogs and Twitter in medical publications--too unreliable to quote, or a change waiting to happen? Chatterjee, Pranab; Biswas, Tamoghna Report Oct 1, 2011 1325
The accelerating techno-human future: technology and humanity are co-evolving in ways that past generations had never imagined possible, according to the authors of the techno-human condition. This is not necessarily a good thing, they warn. With unprecedented levels of innovation come new societal tensions and cultural clashes. People everywhere are challenged to adapt to accelerating change. Allenby, Braden R.; Sarewitz, Daniel Essay Sep 1, 2011 2410
"Community, identity, stability": the scientific society and the future of religion in Aldous Huxley's: Brave New World. Congdon, Brad Critical essay Sep 1, 2011 9533
Information overload in our polarized society. Krinn, Keith L. Column May 1, 2011 2181
Man vs. Watson: the IBM jeopardy challenge. Palmer, Shelly May 1, 2011 1023
Avoiding final jeopardy. Peters, Rita C. Editorial Apr 1, 2011 509
Unsustainability in today's international development. Matuella, Jeffrey Tyler; Pillers, Robert Essay Jan 1, 2011 2419
Using online social networking. Simpson, Sandra Lee Jan 1, 2011 3580
Technology's Impact on Fraction Learning: An Experimental Comparison of Virtual and Physical Manipulatives. Mendiburo, Maria; Hasselbring, Ted Jan 1, 2011 391
Effects of New Media Technologies on Political Communication. Riaz, Saqib Essay Dec 31, 2010 5465
In the image of the machine. Iqbal, Muzaffar Essay Dec 22, 2010 6537
Conducting business in a high tech world or ... why NEHA still has a receptionist! Fabian, Nelson Editorial Nov 19, 2010 1836
The price of innovation. Knab, Sheryl Editorial Oct 1, 2010 916
Virtual living - the impact of electronic technology. Deakin, Quentin Essay Sep 22, 2010 3289
Technology assessment: democracy's crucible, the future of science and technology, and implications for our defense in the twenty-first century. McCreight, Robert Report Jun 22, 2010 3780
A study of analysing IT digital coping strategies. Chu, Yao-Ming; Hsu, Li-Ling; Yang, Jung-Tsung Jun 1, 2010 6028
Our visual persuasion gap. Gurri, Martin; Denny, Craig; Harms, Aaron Viewpoint essay Mar 22, 2010 3828
Biotechnology and the reconstruction of humanity. Henry, Michael Essay Mar 22, 2010 6325
Unraveling the fertility industry: challenges and strategies for movement building: report on international consultation on commercial, economic and ethical aspects of Assisted Reproductive Technologies (ARTs). Mulay, Shree Mar 22, 2010 580
Engineers for knowledge based society. Katalinic, Branko Report Jan 1, 2010 665
The participation paradox, or agency and sociality in contemporary youth cultures. Poyntz, Stuart R. Jan 1, 2010 3295
e- is for even more integrated than ever: next year looks set for ever greater web advances. Venkatraman, Archana Essay Dec 1, 2009 431
Atrocity and the power of the image. Morrison, Wayne Essay Sep 22, 2009 7608
Can America Ecucate Itself out of Inequality? Katz, Michael B. Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 5127
A is for Einstein: the alphabet versus the Internet. Preston, Nancy R. Essay Sep 1, 2009 713
Web astro: pros & cons. Naeye, Robert Editorial Sep 1, 2009 525
Mining information from the data clouds: this cloud of data that we daily contribute to may yield a wealth of new, vital information. "Cloud mining" may soon allow us to predict behaviors of the masses and even offer advice, according to a business futurist. Orange, Erica Jul 1, 2009 2926
Pervasive entertainment, ubiquitous entertainment. Bosshart, Louis; Hellmuller, Lea Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 14645
The comic book as symbolic environment: the case of Iron Man. Hogan, Jon Critical essay Apr 1, 2009 7480
The John Galt effect. Robinson, Arthur B. Critical essay Mar 22, 2009 1156
The challenge for the Obama administration science team. Crow, Michael M. Essay Mar 22, 2009 1286
An innocent in the land of Facebook: being the trusting sort, I clicked on the link. Life is different now. Spivey, Ed, Jr. Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2009 832
Issues in the modeling-empiricism gap. Meredith, Jack R. Report Jan 1, 2009 2965
Journalism as a conversation. King, Katie Essay Dec 22, 2008 1844
The challenge of Islam's critique of technology. Schuurman, Egbert Essay Jun 1, 2008 7871
Arthur C. Clarke: abstractions. Clarke, Arthur C. Apr 1, 2008 337
The sonnet as snapshot: seizing the instant in Baudelaire's "a une passante". Blood, Susan Mar 22, 2008 6770
Performing the technologies of gender: representations of television in science fiction by women. Donawerth, Jane Critical essay Mar 22, 2008 6134
The global tour of innovation policy: innovation does not take place in a laboratory. Wessner, Charles W. Sep 22, 2007 704
Polishing Belgium's innovation jewel: although Flanders is already one of world's most prosperous and productive regions, the government sees opportunities to enhance its performance. Moerman, Fientje Sep 22, 2007 3887
Indian innovation: action on many fronts; Creativity, flexibility, and adaptation are the keys to success of this fast-growing giant. Chidambaram, R. Sep 22, 2007 2633
Excelsior: the Korean innovation story; By making continuous and massive investments in human resource development and R & D, Korea has succeeded in building a unique innovation system. Chung, Sungchul Sep 22, 2007 4135
The post-scientific society: although science and technology will continue to play a vital role in innovation, the critical ingredients for continued U.S. economic success are likely to come from other disciplines. Hill, Christopher T. Sep 22, 2007 4934
Linking technology acquisition to a gated NPD process: the Mexican oil industry finds an alternative way of delivering technology-based solutions. Canez, Laura; Puig, Laura; Quintero, Rodolfo; Garfias, Marisol Jul 1, 2007 4078
Economic empowerment of women through information technology: a case study from an Indian state. Prasad, P.N.; Sreedevi, V. Case study May 1, 2007 6020
The course of the republic: American responses to technology in the nineteenth century. Manfra, Meghan McGlinn Apr 1, 2007 4453
Rational control, or, life without virtue. Mansfield, Harvey C. Sep 1, 2006 3990
"Techno-civility": government meets a wired world. Martin, Donald S. Jun 22, 2006 1706
Technocomplacency: the spellchecker and learning. Doku, Ishmael Mar 22, 2006 4798
Eutopias and dystopias of science. Tower Sargent, Lyman Essay Sep 22, 2005 5969
Science and technology controversy: a rationale for inquiry. Goodnight, G. Thomas Jun 22, 2005 2201
Science controversy, common sense, and the third culture. Lyne, John Jun 22, 2005 2871
Scientific and technical controversy: three frameworks for analysis. Gross, Alan G. Jun 22, 2005 2505
Tidal waves prove technology's value. Brief Article Mar 1, 2005 254
Journalism's high-tech revolution. Compton, Ann Column Nov 1, 2004 1536
What knowledge? Whose fingertips? Negotiating and serving diverse identities through information technology. Bakardjieva, Maria Sep 22, 2003 8443
Communication technologies that will change our lives. (Science & Technology). Molitor, Graham T.T. Jan 1, 2003 5226
Women in/and media today. Simone Murray, Jane Roscoe, Sue Morris, Catharine Lumby Panel Discussion Oct 1, 2002 8392
With smell and touch, the dog knows what's real. Batz, Jeannette Column Jun 21, 2002 1253
Global dialogue. (Note on Society/Reflexion sur la Societe). Shea, William R. Jan 1, 2002 2297
In Canada - Going Bananas. Robertson, Heather-Jane Nov 1, 2001 1714
Human Capital: Attracting and Retaining a High-Quality Information Technology Workforce. Testimony before the Subcommittee on Technology and Procurement Policy, Committee on Government Reform, U.S. House of Representatives. McClure, David L. Oct 4, 2001 275
NET GAINS. LAREAU, RENEE M. Oct 1, 2001 3355
Note from the president. Brief Article Sep 22, 2001 850
Civic renewal and the commons of cyberspace. Levine, Peter Sep 22, 2001 3403
Access for all: Public library contributions to civic connectivity. Milam, Danielle Patrick Sep 22, 2001 3176
Reflections on TiVo. Buell, John Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 924
ROLE MODELS NEEDED. Wolcott, Barbara Statistical Data Included Apr 1, 2001 3559
Counting our mixed blessings. Feb 1, 2001 4828
The Plague of Ideas. PETERS, RALPH Dec 22, 2000 7919
On a Wing and a Prayer? Exploring the Human Components of Technological Failure. Smith, Denis Nov 1, 2000 9539
Why Consciousness? A Causal Account. Fivaz, Roland Nov 1, 2000 9800
Does the Internet Strengthen Community? Galston, William A. Sep 22, 2000 4589
E-Democracy: Thinking About the Impact of Technology on Civic Life. Cavanaugh, John W. Sep 22, 2000 2348
The Internet and Democratic Participation. Cornfield, Michael Sep 22, 2000 2987
Considering the Human Element of Electronic Research Administration. Krauser, Pamela A. Jun 22, 2000 3991
Internet Musings. Jun 1, 2000 732
Joy, to the World. Postrel, Virginia Jun 1, 2000 2088
A Survey on Entrepreneurship and Innovation. McDANIEL, BRUCE A. Apr 1, 2000 3844
SETTING THE STANDARDS. Leight, Walter; Collins, Belinda Feb 1, 2000 2718
The 'Digibabble' Age. Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 347
The Tech Files. Pellet, Jennifer Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 486
Past, Be Gone. QUEENAN, JOE Brief Article Jan 1, 2000 888
An Examination of the Construct of Critical Reflection: Implications for Teacher Education Programming in the 21st Century. Yost, Deborah S.; Sentner, Sally M.; Forlenza-Bailey, Anna Jan 1, 2000 6443
Images of the Sky (A Chronicle). Villela-Petit, Maria Dec 22, 1999 3058
A Y2K consultant reviews the inevitable question about the year 2000: What Did We Learn from Y2K? Wills, J. Stephen Dec 22, 1999 680
Can Technology 'Open the Pod Bay Doors'? WOODS, RANDY Brief Article Oct 1, 1999 706
Technology and Globalization as Mutual Reinforcers in Business: Reorienting Strategic Thinking for the New Millennium. Aggarwal, Raj Brief Article Jul 15, 1999 9104
The global generation. Roe, K. Keith Jul 1, 1999 2725
THE FAST CHANGING WORLD OF THE INTERNET. Boudreaux, Greg; Sloboda, Brian Statistical Data Included Jun 22, 1999 4683
Dead Technology. Tomlinson, Bill Jun 22, 1999 8230
M I L L E N N I A L M O M E N T S: Technology: From Trickle to Torrent. MARSHALL, MICHAEL Jun 1, 1999 5083
Technorealism: get real! A manifesto from a new generation of cultural critics. Bennahum, David S.; Biggs, Brooke Shelby; Borsook, Paulina; Bowe, Marisa; Garfinkel, Simson; Johnson Apr 6, 1998 1537
Centuries of learning. Pool, Carolyn R. Nov 1, 1997 748
Technology in bloom: implications for the next 50 years. Press, Larry Feb 1, 1997 3973
The frontier between us. Lanier, Jaron Feb 1, 1997 1167
The best of all possible worlds. Barlow, John Perry Feb 1, 1997 4155
The digital revolution in retrospect. Sterling, Bruce Feb 1, 1997 555
Asleep at the keyboard. Talbott, Steve Feb 1, 1997 991
Globalizing business, education, culture through the Internet. Adam, Nabil; Awerbuch, Baruch; Slonim, Jacob; Wegner, Peter; Yesha, Yelena Feb 1, 1997 3791
Modernity, postmodernity, or capitalism? Wood, Ellen Meiksins Jul 1, 1996 6108
World wide wedge: division and contradiction in the global information infrastructure. Golding, Peter Jul 1, 1996 5281
Theory on TV: gadget goes to Florida. Rickels, Laurence A. Interview Jan 1, 1996 2791
Walk on the wired side. Coupland, Douglas Dec 1, 1995 1826
What are we doing on-line?. Barlow, John Perry; Birkerts, Sven; Kelly, Kevin; Slouka, Mark Panel Discussion Aug 1, 1995 6566
The promise of the microchip. Mar 1, 1995 448
The pitfalls. Mar 1, 1995 456
Audiovisual culture and interdisciplinary knowledge. Rodowick, D.N. Jan 1, 1995 4433
Computers, robots, and the human condition: an interview with Bruce Mazlish. Madigan, Timothy J. Interview Sep 22, 1994 1942
The will to do what we ought to do. Rossman, Parker Jul 1, 1994 747
Technology tames midwest floods. Dec 1, 1993 2788
Technology's impact on risk. Selig, Bernd J. Nov 1, 1993 2303
Privacy in the computer age. Bacard, Andre Column Jan 1, 1993 1489
Future of science at issue in America. Kanicki, David P. Dec 1, 1989 713

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