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Bureau of Intelligence and Research: Advancing U.S. diplomacy through intelligence analysis and insights. Ganji, Sarath K. Aug 1, 2020 1030
'Korea may be able to provide pandemic prevention model'. Apr 17, 2020 723
Morocco's Ambassador to South Africa Presents Morocco's Development Model, African Vision. Oct 24, 2019 547
Debating Public Diplomacy: Now and Next. Book review Sep 1, 2019 109
Diplomacy--protecting our interests: Winston Peters outlines the government's achievements in intensifying New Zealand's international voice and some of the challenges it faces, especially trade risks. Peters, Winston Sep 1, 2019 1905
Taiwan's Foxconn founder calls for pragmatic diplomacy. Sep 1, 2019 290
Diplomacy Ambassadors participate in Model UN at Harvard. Aug 14, 2019 437
Russia and New Zealand: 75 years of dialogue and co-operation: Sergey Lavrov notes a significant anniversary for Russia-New Zealand diplomacy. Lavrov, Sergey May 1, 2019 1134
Disputes and diplomacy in the South China Sea: Stephen Hoadley suggests that longer-term resolutions of fundamental disagreements in a key geo-strategic area remain elusive and are probably unachievable. Hoadley, Stephen Mar 1, 2019 1976
Nontraditional Security Diplomacy: An Ultimate Option for South Asia. Sandano, Imran Ali Dec 31, 2018 3069
Relearning the Art of Nation State Diplomacy. Anderson, Mike Essay Nov 1, 2018 2419
Minilateralism Revisited: MIKTA as Slender Diplomacy in a Multiplex World. Kim, Sung-Mi; Haug, Sebastian; Rimmer, Susan Harris Essay Oct 1, 2018 6310
Uzbekistan as a Gateway for Turkey's Return to Central Asia. Yalinkilicli, Esref Sep 22, 2018 6325
Public Diplomacy on Social Media: Analyzing Networks and Content. Sevin, Efe; Ingenhoff, Diana Sep 1, 2018 9615
Operational Public Diplomacy: The Enduring and the New. Bishop, Donald M. Essay Aug 30, 2018 1500
Leadership Roles of Peng Liyuan as China's First Lady. Tian, Dexin; Deng, Lijuan Report Jul 1, 2018 8482
Aggressiveness in Chinese Foreign Ministers' Responses to Journalists During Press Conferences, 1996-2016. Wu, Feng; Zhang, Jiahui Report Jun 1, 2018 9328
"Spider Diplomacy" as a Complementary Explanation of the New International Circumstances. Gashi, Bejtush; Kuci, Gurakuc Report Jun 1, 2018 5404
Historians and the possible uses of their knowledge: The contribution of the International Congresses of the History of America in the conformation of an American identity (decades of 1930-1960)/De historiadores y de los posibles usos de su saber: la contribucion de los Congresos Internacionales de Historia de America en la conformacion de una identidad americana (decadas de 1930 a 1960). Rodriguez, Martha May 1, 2018 8844
Women and Hegemonic Masculinity in Diplomacy: Changing Norms and Practices/Diplomaside Kadin ve Egemen Maskulenlik: Degisen Normlar ve Pratikler. Suleymanoglu-Kurum, Rahime; Rumelili, Bahar Essay Mar 22, 2018 7011
The Paradox of Source Credibility in Canadian and U.S. Domestic Counterterrorism Communications. Belanger, Patrick; Szmania, Susan Report Mar 1, 2018 9657
La cooperacion parlamentaria internacional en la era de la gobernanza global/International parliamentary cooperation in the global governance age. Chourio, Jose Guillermo Garcia Jan 1, 2018 16880
The Voice of America and Public Diplomacy. Tuch, Hans N. Essay Dec 23, 2017 783
Milletler Cemiyetinde Turkiye: Iyimserlik ve Kusku arasinda. Barlas, Dilek Report Sep 22, 2017 8642
How South America Let Venezuela Down. Stuenkel, Oliver Essay Sep 22, 2017 3707
Waterloo Remembered: Thomas Moore and the Diplomatic Legacy of the Battle of Waterloo in the Nineteenth Century. Van Dam, Frederik Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 7839
Why Diplomacy: American Academy of Diplomacy Ronald E. Neumann. Neumann, Ronald E. Essay Sep 1, 2017 1242
The nuclear option has to be taken off the table. Flynn, Eileen P. Column Aug 25, 2017 568
Credibility Gaps and Public Opinion in a Competitive Media Environment: The Case of Arab Satellite TV News in Lebanon. Nisbet, Erik C.; Saldana, Magdalena; Johnson, Thomas J.; Golan, Guy; Day, Anita Report Aug 1, 2017 9801
"I Don't Care About Politics, I Just Like That Guy!" Affective Disposition and Political Attributes in Information Processing of Political Talk Shows. Weinmann, Carina; Roth, Franziska S.; Schneider, Frank M.; Kramer, Tanja; Hopp, Frederic R.; Bindl, Report Aug 1, 2017 9143
The ASEAN Regional Forum's experts and Eminent Persons Group: achievements, limitations, prospects. Moon, Chung-In; You, Chae-Kwang Jul 1, 2017 8220
The South American Defense Council: the Building of a Community of Practice for Regional Defense. Vitelli, Marina Gisela Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 8407
John Key's global diplomacy: Ken Ross examines the role of the recently retired prime minister in international affairs. Ross, Ken May 1, 2017 3314
Diplomacy and health: The end of the utilitarian era. Kevany, Sebastian; Matthews, Marcus Report Apr 1, 2017 3517
The peacemaking-peacebuilding-development nexus: Marrying South Africa's peace diplomacy and development agenda. Mabera, Faith Essay Nov 1, 2016 7133
Cultural policy in the Korean wave: an analysis of cultural diplomacy embedded in presidential speeches. Kim, Tae Young; Jin, Dal Yong Report Oct 1, 2016 9226
Beyond Benghazi: U.S. Public Diplomacy in Troubled Times. Earle, Renee Interview Oct 1, 2016 507
Notes for American Diplomacy on Civil-Military Relations. Litt, David C. Oct 1, 2016 1247
Diplomatic Amateurism and Its Consequences; Remarks at the Ralph Bunche Library of the U.S. Department of State. Freeman, Ambassador Chas W. Essay Sep 1, 2016 2327
Repositioning Nigerian music and dance for cultural diplomacy: lessons from Swange music and dance in Nigeria. Justin, Awuawuer Tijime Report Sep 1, 2016 4330
Medical diplomacy of Cuba: silent and efficient/Sessiz ve etkili: Kuba'nin tip diplomasisi. Erman, Kubilayhan Report Jan 1, 2016 8772
South Africa's emerging parliamentary diplomacy and soft power. Masters, Lesley Nov 1, 2015 6960
Prussian delegate Karl Adolf Von Rexin's effects on development of Ottoman-Prussian relations/ Osmanli Prusya Iliskilerinin Gelisiminde Prusya Elcisi Karl Adolf Von Rexin'in Faaliyetleri (1755-1761). Kurtaran, Ugur Report Sep 22, 2015 6977
International Broadcasting as Component of U.S. Public Diplomacy (A Case Study of Voice of America's DEEWA Radio). Jan, Faizullah Jun 30, 2015 5435
Science Diplomacy exponential role in climate change signaled. Jamil, Ahsan Jun 28, 2015 520
Foreign service masochism. Marks, Edward Viewpoint essay Jun 20, 2015 1618
Whose story won? Public diplomacy and international news coverage of the 2010 Gaza Flotilla/Mavi Marmara raid/Kimin Hikayesi Kazandi? 2010 Gazze Filosu/Mavi marmara baskininin uluslararasi haber medyasinda ele alinisi ve kamu diplomasisi. Bayram, Salih Report Mar 22, 2015 11143
Maximum advantage: imperial diplomacy and the United States, 1914-1917. Olmstead, Justin Quinn Essay Mar 22, 2015 5750
New Zealand prime ministers-at the White House: Ken Ross outlines the course of top-level contact between Washington and Wellington in the last 75 years. Ross, Ken Essay Mar 1, 2015 3163
Does student exchange bring symmetrical benefits to both countries? An exploration case for China and Korea. Yun, Seong-Hun Report Feb 1, 2015 9120
Balancing Romania-Russia relations: a grounding of the Balkan crisis through proper application of political conditionalities. Dinu, Elena Steluta Essay Jan 1, 2015 6707
The discipline of international law in Republican China and contemporary Taiwan. Hsieh, Pasha L. Jan 1, 2015 19145
Continuidad y cambio en la politica exterior chilena en el gobierno de Sebastian Pinera (2010-2014). Briones, Sebastian; Dockendorff, Andres Jan 1, 2015 9889
Between two worlds: research in Sarawak, 1965-66. Pringle, Robert Column Jan 1, 2015 14930
Between functionality and legitimacy: German diplomatic talk about the opening of intergovernmental organizations. Weise, Tobias Report Jan 1, 2015 8016
Global diplomats: the second tier: Ken Ross reviews the global diplomacy performance of eleven post-war New Zealand prime ministers other than the four standouts. Ross, Ken Essay Jan 1, 2015 3192
ERM diplomacy: how the right approach can lead to enterprise risk management success. Quinn, Lawrence Richter Cover story Nov 1, 2014 2325
Assessing the UN Security Council: a concert perspective. Bosco, David Report Oct 1, 2014 7184
Translating American exceptionalism: comparing presidential discourse about the United States at home and abroad. Gilmore, Jason Oct 1, 2014 9197
While the storm clouds gather. Codevilla, Angelo M. Essay Sep 22, 2014 7503
The establishment of the first permanent embassy of Poland in Turkey: historical dynamics/Polonya'nin Turkiye'deki ilk daimi elciliginin kurulma sureci: tarihsel dinamikler. Topaktas, Hacer Report Sep 22, 2014 8247
How Diplomacy Fails. Cotter, Michael W. Sep 17, 2014 425
Medical diplomacy in achieving U.S. global strategic objectives. Marrogi, Aizen J.; al-Dulaimi, Saadoun Jul 1, 2014 3975
Revisiting Japan's cultural diplomacy: a critique of the agent-level approach to Japan's soft power. Bukh, Alexander Report Jul 1, 2014 8569
Ten principles of operational diplomacy: a proposed framework. Kreutzer, Paul Report Jun 18, 2014 2432
Enrique Pena Nieto y el primer ano de gobierno: nueva vision para la politica exterior. de Alba Ulloa, Jessica May 1, 2014 13036
Turkey's power in the Middle East and North Africa: an assessment of the potential and the limits of non-coercive power/Turkiye'nin Kuzey Afrika ve Ortadogu bolgesindeki gucu: zorlayici olmayan gucun imkan ve sinirlari. Kose, Talha Report Mar 22, 2014 11732
Going north: Paul Bellamy reviews New Zealand diplomacy in Pyongyang from 2002 to 2011. Bellamy, Paul Mar 1, 2014 2142
The role of cultural diplomacy in contemporary crises and conflict reconciliation. Pantea, Dana; Stoica, Alina Report Mar 1, 2014 3601
Building partners through academic science. Thorson, Stuart; Seo, Hyunjin Report Jan 1, 2014 6186
The false promise of India's soft power. Mukherjee, Rohan Report Jan 1, 2014 6425
Foreign policy toward South America and parties' polarization: an analysis of PSDB and PT stances', along the government of Lula da Silva (2003-2010)/ Politica externa para a America do Sul e polarizacao partidaria: uma analise dos posicionamentos do PSDB e do PT, durante o governo de Lula da Silva (2003-2010). Gaviao, Leandro Ensayo Jan 1, 2014 5562
The role of European economic diplomacy in the Western Balkans. Berna, Ioana-Bianca Dec 1, 2013 2138
Legislative diplomacy. Scoville, Ryan M. Dec 1, 2013 8063
Legislative diplomacy. Scoville, Ryan M. Dec 1, 2013 26032
How political is the ICC? Pressing challenges and the need for diplomatic efficacy. Roach, Steven C. Essay Oct 1, 2013 7912
City leadership in global governance. Acuto, Michele Essay Jul 1, 2013 8616
Quiet but effective diplomacy: the freeing of a French family that had been kidnapped in northern Cameroon last month was the latest manifestation of the Central African country's indisputable ability to negotiate for a peaceful resolution to seemingly intractable disputes. Jun 1, 2013 1388
Alone, alone, all, all, alone. James, Colin Essay May 1, 2013 3808
A matter of diplomacy: the british government and the mennonite immigration from russia to manitoba, 1872-1875. Urry, James Essay Apr 1, 2013 11601
The future of United States public diplomacy in Brazil. Rapalyea, Blair Report Mar 20, 2013 3754
Humanitarian aid granted to France by Romania during the Second World War/L'aide humanitaire accordee par la roumanie a la France pendant la Deuxieme Guerre Mondiale. Bichis, Adriana Report Mar 1, 2013 5951
Diplomacy and cosmopolitanism in a globalized world. Borcan, Adina Essay Nov 1, 2012 4881
Transformation of NATO and Increasing role of public diplomacy/ NATO'nun donusumu ve kamu diplomasisi'nin artan rolu. Oktay, Emel G. Report Jun 22, 2012 10081
Rare Glimpse On China's Leadership. Wan, William Brief article May 23, 2012 230
Interacting in a globalised world: Gerald McGhie reflects on the importance for New Zealand of the art of diplomacy in a complex international environment. McGhie, Gerald Essay May 1, 2012 2758
Rationalization of Turkey-Iran relations: prospects and limits. Sinkaya, Bayram Essay Mar 22, 2012 7901
Interests and values in foreign policy: a practitioner's view: Gerald McGhie critiques an aspect of Professor Robert Ayson's inaugural lecture, focusing on the Pacific. McGhie, Gerald Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 3457
The new literary front: public diplomacy and the cultural politics of reading Arabic fiction in translation. Ware, Vron Essay Sep 22, 2011 12044
China and international 'human rights diplomacy'. Zhu, Yuchao Essay Sep 1, 2011 12124
On the brink. Stanley, Michael K. Aug 8, 2011 858
The "new" multilateralism of the twenty-first century. Hampson, Fen Osler; Heinbecker, Paul Essay Jul 1, 2011 5373
From high ground to high table: the evolution of Indian multilateralism. Mukherjee, Rohan; Malone, David M. Essay Jul 1, 2011 9085
Rising from within: China's search for a multilateral world and its implications for Sino-US relations. Li, Mingjiang Essay Jul 1, 2011 9777
Notes on the evolution of Brazilian multilateral diplomacy. Fonseca, Gelson, Jr. Essay Jul 1, 2011 10674
Geopolitics of energy: the hydrocarbon status quo and Euro-Asian imperatives: what really springs in the Arab world? Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Report Jul 1, 2011 13108
No Asian century without the pan-Asian institution. Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Report Jul 1, 2011 5544
A diplomat's philosophy. Grossman, Marc Essay Jul 1, 2011 3902
Law of nations as reason of state: diplomacy and the balance of power in Vattel's law of nations. Devetak, Richard Critical essay Jul 1, 2011 10746
France's place in the world. Ramsay, Allan Essay Jun 1, 2011 6842
Conclusion. Katzman, Kenneth Report Mar 1, 2011 9630
The justice-home affairs diplomacy: the Palermo convention, ten years after--towards the universal criminal justice. Bajrektarevic, Anis H. Report Jan 1, 2011 14206
South Africa and the Middle East. Bishku, Michael B. Sep 22, 2010 12624
Public diplomacy and the case of "Flotillas". Radwan, Abeer Bassiouny Arafa Ali Essay Sep 6, 2010 1950
NLC participates in State Department briefing on sub-Saharan Africa: Secretary Clinton encourages organizations like NLC to continue their dialogue of diplomacy with the department. Jones, Cherie Duvall Jun 21, 2010 608
According to the analysis of Nova Makedonija of the diplomatic activities in the region, Serbia has the most active diplomacy. May 17, 2010 84
Of builders and bombers. Hunter, Joel C. Apr 1, 2010 613
Oafish Diplomacy. Brief article Mar 28, 2010 101
British diplomacy. Ramsay, Allan Essay Mar 22, 2010 5857
U.S. public diplomacy: background and current issues. Dec 1, 2009 548
Introduction. Report Dec 1, 2009 1212
U.S. public diplomacy background. Report Dec 1, 2009 2780
United States Information Agency. Report Dec 1, 2009 1588
Abolishing USIA and transferring public diplomacy to the State Department. Report Dec 1, 2009 1018
Current structure of public diplomacy within the Department of State. Report Dec 1, 2009 2369
Other government agencies communicating with foreign publics. Report Dec 1, 2009 1727
Current issues concerning U.S. public diplomacy. Report Dec 1, 2009 10359
Japan-U.S. relations: issues for Congress. Chanlett-Avery, Emma; Cooper, William H.; Manyin, Mark E.; Konishi, Weston S. Report Nov 1, 2009 16235
Making war. Codevilla, Angelo M. Sep 22, 2009 1589
Making the grade. Stephens, Bret Sep 22, 2009 1091
Enabling public diplomacy field officers to do their jobs. Rugh, William A. Viewpoint essay Sep 14, 2009 3116
Possible economic incentives. Table Aug 15, 2009 8702
U.S. accession to the Association of Southeast Asian Nations' Treaty of Amity and Cooperation (TAC). Manyin, Mark E.; Garcia, Michael John; Morrison, Wayne M. Jul 1, 2009 13502
China's New Security Strategy for Africa. Holslag, Jonathan Report Jun 22, 2009 6586
Unlocking Russian interests on the Korean Peninsula. Bauer, John W. Report Jun 22, 2009 4746
Possible economic incentives. Jun 1, 2009 8119
Taiwan's political status: historical background and ongoing implications. Dumbaugh, Kerry Report Jun 1, 2009 5253
Parliamentary diplomacy. Pendarov, Todor Essay Jun 1, 2009 796
Talking with a region: lessons from Iran, Turkey and Pakistan. Zweiri, Mahjoob; Staffell, Simon Mar 22, 2009 6382
Europe and South Asia: Track II Diplomacy - Some Reflections. Report Jan 31, 2009 1455
Bombing Hiroshima and Nagasaki: Gar Alperovitz and his critics. Yagami, Kazuo Critical essay Jan 1, 2009 3031
Charting Turkish diplomacy in the Gaza conflict. Bolme, Selin M. Jan 1, 2009 3197
The diplomacy of conservatism and the conservatism of diplomacy. Clinton, David Essay Jun 22, 2008 7528
Remaking the world: personal diplomacy of Franklin D. Roosevelt with the Allies during the Second World War. Huxen, Keith Report Jun 22, 2008 10605
Diplomacy in the age of terror. Freeman, Chas W. Editorial Oct 23, 2007 4103
EU offers Cuba 'open political dialogue'. Jul 1, 2007 236
Winning the war of ideas. Reilly, Robert R. Essay Jun 22, 2007 3413
Fighting fire with diplomacy: "for the 21st century, the U.S.-Iran relationship will frame the structure and dynamics of the Middle East. We must be sure of our actions and wise with our words. The prospects for peace that have eluded all nations of the Middle East for so long may be on the edge of a convergence of historic intersects.". Hagel, Chuck May 1, 2007 2859
Ronald Reagan and the end of the Cold War. Sempa, Francis P. Mar 13, 2007 2004
The nature of negotiation. Waskow, Arthur Mar 1, 2007 1484
A day in Iranian diplomacy: Stephen Chan suggests that Iran is pursuing a very effective diplomatic strategy in relation to the United States. Chan, Stephen Mar 1, 2007 1300
Part of a global pattern? The debate that currently rages as to whether or not Iraq has descended into civil war is, of course, purely academic to the ordinary Iraqis who find themselves suffering under the weight of the conflict, whatever name the politicians choose to give it. But in the world of international diplomacy, such distinctions are important. Seymour, Richard May 1, 2006 1354
U.S. public diplomacy: background and the 9/11 commission recommendations. Epstein, Susan B. May 1, 2006 5880
Acting on disaster diplomacy. Kelman, Ilan Mar 22, 2006 10726
'The friendship of kings was in the Ambassadors': Portuguese diplomatic embassies in Asia and Africa during the sixteenth and seventeenth centuries. Halikowski-Smith, Stefan Mar 22, 2006 15013
Win the war of ideas through community development. Ben-Meir, Jason Mar 1, 2006 844
"Soft power" at sea: Zheng He and China's maritime diplomacy. Holmes, James R. Jan 1, 2006 5536
Non-official diplomacy in Southeast Asia: "civil society" or "civil service"? Tan, See Seng Dec 1, 2005 7064
Goodwill hunting. Bayles, Martha Jun 22, 2005 3338
Power and persuasion. Kagan, Frederick W. Jun 22, 2005 3631
The art and science of diplomacy: a World War I activity. Sheehan, James J. May 1, 2005 4296
ARAB-US RELATIONS - Aug 17 - Bush Continuing Iran Diplomatic Efforts. Brief Article Aug 21, 2004 88
The craft of diplomacy. Powell, Colin Jun 22, 2004 4161
France, the United States & Iraq: the story of the Iraqi adventure is not over, but so far, despite the capture of Saddam, the French have been more right than the Bush administration. Hoffmann, Stanley Feb 16, 2004 2741
Between the Arab street and the Arab basement: dimensions of civility & civil society in American public diplomacy. Stables, Gordon Essay Jan 1, 2004 9463
Saudis Spearhead An Alliance To Include Russia, Iran & Pakistan; But Face Trouble. Sep 22, 2003 1502
Problems with current U.S. policy. Zaharna, R.S. Jun 1, 2003 973
Toward a new foreign policy. Zaharna, R.S. Jun 1, 2003 871
Reconstruction of diplomatic norms in Southeast Asia: the case for strict adherence to the "ASEAN Way". Katsumata, Hiro Apr 1, 2003 7034
IRAQ - Dr. Sami Sharif. Brief Article May 27, 2002 332
Japan-Iraq Relations: The Perception Gap and Its Influence on Diplomatic Policies. Sakai, Keiko Sep 22, 2001 8889
A Diplomatic Solution. Zinn, Howard Brief Article May 1, 1999 619
Back to bipolarity? Binnendijk, Hans; Henrikson, Alan May 1, 1999 3205
A comprehensive approach to North Korea. Armitage, Richard L. Mar 1, 1999 3865
The European Union: time for a place at the table? Anderson, Jim Feb 1, 1999 3614

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