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The Joint Force Needs a Global Engagement Cycle. Tomlin, Gregory M. Essay Apr 1, 2020 5385
Tailoring intelligence and analytic support to regionally aligned and multinational forces: collective NIE requirements for unified action partners. Morris, Victor R. Report Oct 1, 2015 3193
Nontraditional intelligence, surveillance, and reconnaissance: making the most of airborne assets. Cornelius, Michael S. Report Oct 1, 2015 7803
Intelligence cycle planning in military coalition operations. Anton, Catalin Apr 1, 2015 2436
Assessing causality in a complex security environment. Stigler, Andrew L. Jan 1, 2015 3705
Features of intelligence resources management in crisis situations. Paun, Ilie Abstract Oct 1, 2014 3160
Iran-North Korea-Syria ballistic missile and nuclear cooperation. Kerr, Paul K.; Nikitin, Mary Beth D.; Hildreth, Steven A. Report Apr 1, 2014 5895
Staff intelligence support to tactical units: a way forward. Akey, Daniel J. Jan 1, 2014 1734
FY13/14 Warrant Officer accessions. Brief article Jan 1, 2014 236
Always out front. Ashley, Robert P. Apr 1, 2013 915
Mission command and the Army design methodology: implications for Military Intelligence professionals. Kem, Jack D. Oct 1, 2012 2922
Preparing for the future: challenges for MI Professionals. Kem, Jack D. Oct 1, 2012 1790
Knowlton's Rangers: part of an elite Military Intelligence tradition. Quinn, Ruth Jul 1, 2012 1252
From the editor. Smith, Sterilla A. Editorial Apr 1, 2012 433
The RC-East Regional Information Fusion Center in Afghanistan. Heatherly, Chris; Molnar, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2012 4070
Non-traditional intelligence functions and the use of Human Terrain elements in combat. Pendall, David W.; Metz, Alec Apr 1, 2012 2547
Syria: Senior official defects amid reports of Russian/Iranian scheme with opposition. Jan 5, 2012 327
Cultural IQ: constructing cross-cultural frames of reference and inference. Lewis, Hugh M. Jan 1, 2012 4066
The role of the military attache as cultural advisor in cross-cultural issues: China 1998. Schnell, Jim Jan 1, 2012 4662
The back-and-forth response of the United States government to the growing crisis in North Africa has resulted in the usual finger pointing, this time in search of whom to blame for the failure to predict developments. Giraldi, Philip M. Apr 1, 2011 524
Intelligence analysis: confronting North Korea and Iran. Leach, Robert J. Apr 1, 2011 3267
Air Force ISR operations: hunting versus gathering. Deptula, Dave; Francisco, Mike Dec 22, 2010 2551
Known knowns and known unknowns: measuring Myanmar's military capabilities. Selth, Andrew Aug 1, 2009 9097
Lost for words: the intelligence community's struggle to find its voice. Kerbel, Josh Jun 22, 2008 4755
Appendix A. Philosophies of intelligence. Masse, Todd; O'Neil, Siobhan; Rollins, John Jul 1, 2007 1402
The limits of intelligence in maritime counterproliferation operations. Allen, Craig H. Jan 1, 2007 8223
Integration of space-based combat systems. Konner, Cortney; Pope, Ronald Sep 22, 2006 3429
Intelligence Support to the Special Forces Group: time for chance: "the views expressed in this article are those of the author and do not reflect the official policy or position of the Departments of the Army and Defense, or the U.S. Government." First printed in the Summer 2005 issue of the Vanguard. Faint, Charles Jan 1, 2006 3321
Proponent notes. Bazemore, Earnest Jan 1, 2006 1915
Development and analysis of integrated C4ISR architectures. Lock, J.D. Aug 1, 2005 5482
Military epistemologies in conflict: the views expressed are the personal views of the author and do not necessarily reflect the officially held views of the Department of Defense or the U.S. Army. Pendall, David W. Jul 1, 2005 5943
A Failure of intelligence. Reich, Robert Aug 1, 2004 732
Operation Shadow Guam. Wentz, Catharine T.; Ma, Dan; Woods, Kelley Calene Apr 1, 2004 1883
The Reserve Component Military Intelligence linguist: a historical perspective on a multicapable asset. Mitchell, Jeffrey F. Apr 1, 2004 2954
Always out front. Marks, James A. Oct 1, 2003 800
CSM forum. Haubrich, Lawrence J. Oct 1, 2003 999
Lessons learned: six things every "2" must do--fundamental lessons from OIF. Marks, James A. Oct 1, 2003 6008
Lost in spin about whether Saddam did or didn't. Sep 26, 2003 716
TROKA communications upgrade. Medina, Frank Sep 22, 2003 504
Like adding wings to a tiger--Chinese information war theory and practice. Thomas, Timothy L. Jul 1, 2003 4927
Intelligence support to force protection. (Always out Front). Custer, John M. Apr 1, 2003 580
Forging space warriors. Lord, Lance W. Dec 22, 2002 2720
Unity of effort in joint information operations. Jones, Synthia S.; Flowers, Bernard; Johnson, Karlton D. Dec 22, 2002 2748
Intelligence support for military operations. Garlauskas, Markus V. Dec 22, 2002 4136
The Yalta Conference escort: The British Mission. (For the Record). Sep 22, 2002 1332
Homeland Security: an intelligence oversight perspective. Smith, Regan K. Jul 1, 2002 4367
Defining Homeland Security. Kelly, Patrick, III Jul 1, 2002 4078
The 902d MI Group's CI ACE -- a center of information fusion and situational awareness. Palaganas, Arthur F. Jul 1, 2002 1380
CI technical capabilities for Homeland Security. Duncklee, Elizabeth M.; McKnight, Jeremy J. Brief Article Jul 1, 2002 522
Intelligence and law enforcement coordination: overlapping mission dictates need for improved liaison. Baker, Juan Jul 1, 2002 1317
Installation approach to force protection (1). Branderhorst, Bradley S. Jul 1, 2002 3003
A-L-E-RT-S: Salute for civilians. Garra, Neil A. Jul 1, 2002 1049
The Warning Game. CORN, DAVID Jun 10, 2002 1045
The intelligence analyst and unique environments. (Doctrine Corner). Ley, Michael P. Jan 1, 2002 2038
Spy Wars: In the war on terrorism, intelligence may be our best weapon. America's spies are on the case. (News Special). Drevitch, Gary Dec 10, 2001 1139
PROPONENT NOTES. Jan 1, 2001 1192
Analysis and control Team--The New Force Multiplier. Diaz, Victor J. Jul 1, 2000 3556
A sampling of SIGINT systems. Herskovitz, Don Directory Jul 1, 1998 1164
The emerging U.S. system-of-systems. Owens, William A. Feb 1, 1996 2516
On the road from data to intelligence. Herskovitz, Don Oct 1, 1993 4184
The path to heightened awareness. Lum, Zachary A. Sep 1, 1993 3333

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