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What Is the Law? A Response to Sandefur. Smith, Tara Essay Dec 22, 2017 4207
Deactivating the state of exception: imagining a popular trial for Khalid Sheikh Mohammed. Johnson, Paul Elliott Essay Jun 22, 2017 11601
Summary observations about the post-communist coding of the institutions of self-exclusion and self-limitation of the carrier's liability. Brezniceanu, Andra Maria Essay Apr 1, 2017 4934
Foreign influences in Romanian legal terminology. Danciu, Elena Tereza; Badea, Simina Essay Jan 1, 2017 8956
Rethinking the taqlid hegemony: An institutional, longue-duree approach. Ibrahim, Ahmed Fekry Essay Oct 1, 2016 10218
Constitutionalism and Globalization: Between Internal and External Legal Orders/Constitucionalismo e Globalizacao: Entre Ordens Internas e Externas de Direitos. de Oliveira Fornasier, Mateus; Mendes, Tiago Meyer Jul 1, 2016 9335
A.W.B. Simpson's "The Common Law and Legal Theory." Heydon, J.D. Jun 1, 2016 4898
Architecting mobility. Sturges, Dan Apr 1, 2016 792
Translation as transplant in contemporary law. Calota, Adela Teodorescu Apr 1, 2016 4512
At the forefront of legal science and practice. Zaikin, Sergey Report Oct 1, 2015 4305
Moral foundations and natural law. Konovalov, Alexander V. Essay Oct 1, 2015 1749
Development of private (civil) law in Central and Eastern Europe after World War II. Hamza, Gabor Report May 1, 2015 9170
The presence and absence of legal mind: a comment on Duncan Kennedy's 'Three Globalizations'. Tomlins, Christopher Jan 1, 2015 8779
'Three Globalizations': an essay in inquiry. Schlegel, John Henry Jan 1, 2015 9057
Structuralist legal histories. Desautels-Stein, Justin Jan 1, 2015 13975
How to do things with Hohfeld. Schlag, Pierre Jan 1, 2015 26332
The great alliance: history, reason, and will in modern law. Barrozo, Paulo Jan 1, 2015 18123
Natural rights, disequilibrium, and the limits of human knowledge: an appreciation for Suri Ratnapala. Epstein, Richard A. Dec 1, 2014 9700
Hayek's jurisprudence: and Ratnapala's Hayek. Zywicki, Todd J. Dec 1, 2014 5394
The rule of reason in Cicero's philosophy of law. Miller, Fred D., Jr. Dec 1, 2014 7968
Akedah, the holocaust, and the limits of the law in Roth's "Eli, the Fanatic". Pozorski, Aimee L. Critical essay Jun 1, 2014 5711
(Don't) Fill in the Blank: programs can help utahns access legal services. Kinder, Peri Feb 1, 2014 1897
Law, righteousness, reason, will, and works: civil and theological uses. Nessan, Craig L. Essay Feb 1, 2014 3205
Legal language. A terminology analysis of the Romanian Criminal Code. Nadrag, Lavinia; Buzarna-Tihenea, Alina "Galbeaza" Report Jan 1, 2014 2800
The need for retrospective review of regulations. Batkins, Sam; Brannon, Ike Jun 22, 2013 1230
Getting real about globalization and legal education: potential and perspectives for the U.S. Silver, Carole Mar 22, 2013 19576
The job gap, the money gap, and the responsibility of legal educators. Merritt, Deborah Jones Jan 1, 2013 11743
Reflections on the decreasing affordability of legal education. Organ, Jerome M. Jan 1, 2013 10695
Financial retrenchment and institutional entrenchment: will legal education respond, explode, or just wait it out? A clinician's view. Weinstein, Ian Jan 1, 2013 10861
Ask not for whom the law school bell tolls: Professor Tamanaha, Failing Law Schools, and (mis)diagnosing the problem. Olivas, Michael A. Jan 1, 2013 12840
Civil recodification in an anglophone mixed jurisdiction: a bricoleur's playbook. Herman, Shael Sep 22, 2012 12102
Civil recodification in an anglophone mixed jurisdiction: a bricoleur's playbook. Herman, Shael Sep 22, 2012 15544
Preserving conceptual concordance in the multilingual translations of EU legislation. Radulescu, Adina Report Jul 1, 2012 2381
A corpus-based analysis of deontic and epistemic values of the modal shall in legal texts. Goga-Vigaru, Roxana Report Jul 1, 2012 4263
Race thinking and the law in post-1994 South Africa. Stone, Lee; Erasmus, Yvonne Report May 1, 2012 9351
Rosmini's understanding of rights in the church, the family, and civil society. Fastiggi, Robert L. Mar 22, 2012 5860
Aquinas on natural law and the question of a Kantian misreading. Pintado, Patricia Mar 22, 2012 5705
The overview of manual for building designers and constructors/"Pastatu konstruktoriaus ir statybininko zinyno" kalba. Rutkiene, Lina Critical essay Jun 1, 2011 2334
The language of Supreme Court briefs: a large-scale quantitative investigation. Coleman, Brady; Phung, Quy Mar 22, 2010 9209
Convergent ends, divergent means: a response to my critics. Husak, Douglas Essay May 1, 2009 8376
Evil regimes of law: challenges for legal theory and for international law. Morss, John R. Jan 1, 2009 7046
Editorial. Shariff, Fauzia Editorial Dec 1, 2008 1662
Tragic lives: on the incompatibility of law and ethics. Hogan, Patrick Colm Critical essay Jun 22, 2008 13631
On the foundations and nature of morality. Burns, Robert P. Jan 1, 2008 5437
ACLI asks CFP Board to keep rules focused. Postal, Arthur D. Brief article Oct 2, 2006 277
Aristotle, Cicero and Cardozo: a perspective on external law. Bonventre, Vincent Martin Jun 22, 2006 3165
"A decent respect to the opinions of mankind": referring to foreign law to express American nationhood. Tushnet, Mark V. Jun 22, 2006 4361
Death with dignity or criminal act? Miller, Nora Jan 1, 2006 1351
Making sense of new terms. Wenig, Michael M. Oct 1, 2005 1248
Soul survival: is "the new neuromorality" a threat to traditional views of right and wrong? Young, Cathy Aug 1, 2005 1353
Giving content to general concepts. Dietrich, Joachim Apr 1, 2005 13562
Weather the truth will set you free. Mireau, Shaunna Feb 1, 2005 1443
Trappist orders: two tribunal decisions concerning the definition of a 'protected disclosure' have made life more difficult for those contemplating such an act in the public interest. Nickson, Sue Nov 1, 2004 686
Making history with the Telecom Act rewrite. Brunner, Michael E. Nov 1, 2004 620
"Private eyes, they're watching you. They see your every move". Mitchell, Teresa Oct 1, 2004 1123
New Bush lies. Peters, Charles Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 136
Legislative casework: where policy and practice intersect. Rodriguez, Ciro D. Jun 1, 2004 7189
Rationalities and legal processes in Africa. Bidima, Jean-Godefroy May 1, 2004 7387
Putting beliefs on trial: laws of cultural orthodoxy and dissent. Landman, James H. May 1, 2004 3658
Midnight passage. Salfiti, Wasim Brief Article May 1, 2004 220
Patriot spawn: slipping down the slope. Sanchez, Julian Apr 1, 2004 321
One bath a year, please. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 185
DOD Authorization Act: major new improvements for Service Acquisition. Clerici, John M.; Doyle, Alison L. Feb 1, 2004 1249
Congress challenged to resolve severe medical lab personnel shortage. Jackson, Jesse; Shimkus, John Jan 1, 2004 791
How a bill becomes a law (revised). Pauken, Heidi Jan 1, 2004 358
Jury-rigged: sidestepping the constitution. Howley, Kerry Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 259
Revisiting Sarbanes-Oxley: was the well-intentioned landmark legislation slapped together too quickly? Whalen, Christopher Sep 22, 2003 1735
Clean air. Ponomareff, Shirley Tabata Sep 1, 2003 405
STATELINE: 2002 Highlights and 2003 Predictions. Christie, Kathy Dec 1, 2002 1692
Learn to protect yourself. (The Scoop). Nov 1, 2002 173
Are you ready for electronic invoicing? (The Scoop). Brief Article Oct 1, 2002 160
Solid rock or sinking sand: redefining banking through electronic activities under proposed Subpart E. (Selected Topic). Bauerle, James F. Oct 1, 2002 3887
Mechanic's Liens in New York. (Construction Corner). Luz, Thomas J. Oct 1, 2002 2705
Uniting through service: responding to evil with kindness. (Opinion). Goodwin, Robert K. Sep 15, 2002 1273
Franchise Appreciation Day gains popularity: each fall, IFA members gather in Washington, D.C. for Franchise Appreciation Day--a day spent on Capitol Hill highlighting the importance and success of franchising. This September 24th, the franchise community will make its voice heard and its presence known in the halls of Congress. (Government Relations). Jacobson, Karen Sep 1, 2002 430
A conversation with Ohio 8th District Congressman John A. Boehner Chairman, House Committee on Education and the Workforce. (Government Relations). Sep 1, 2002 1134
The nexus between technology and problem solving. Panel Discussion Jun 1, 2002 8530
The digital divide and courtroom technology: can David keep up with Goliath? Heintz, Michael E. May 1, 2002 9482
Technologies of protest: insurgent social movements and the First Amendment in the era of the Internet. Kreimer, Seth F. Nov 1, 2001 27555
The symbiosis of constitutionalism and technology. McGinnis, John O. Sep 22, 2001 4058
Does technology require new law? Friedman, David Sep 22, 2001 6228
Technology as security. McCullagh, Declan Sep 22, 2001 4961
Scientific models of human health risk analysis in legal and policy decisions. Crawford-Brown, Douglas Sep 22, 2001 8567
Culture and causality: non-Western systems of explanation. O'Barr, William M. Sep 22, 2001 3054
House passes Energy Bill. Sep 1, 2001 1439
Coughlin's suspicion. Weisberg, Robert Jul 1, 2001 6099
The poetics of the pragmatic: what Literary Criticisms of Law offers Posner. Binder, Guyora Jul 1, 2001 14809
Outrelativizing relativism: a liberal defense of the universality of international human rights. Sloane, Robert D. May 1, 2001 30465
One step forward, another back. Brief Article Apr 24, 2001 103
The implications of memetics for the cultural defense. Gordon, Neal A. Apr 1, 2001 11507
Casting aside flak jackets. Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 481
Getting to the root of conflict. TAYLOR JR., JOHN H. Dec 22, 2000 1086
Technology -- Changing the Face of Corrections. Gondles, Jr., James A. Brief Article Jul 1, 2000 723
Science in the Courtroom. Breyer, Stephen G. Jun 22, 2000 2911
Expert Testimony: The Supreme Court's Rules. BERGER, MARGARET A. Jun 22, 2000 4425
The Year in Double Takes. Olson, Walter Mar 1, 2000 1946
Law's empire and the final frontier: legalizing the future in the early Corpus Juris Spatialis. Beebe, Barton May 1, 1999 19889
Culture as sameness: toward a synthetic view of provocation and culture in the criminal law. Sing, James J. May 1, 1999 19632
Law, literature, and the problems of interdisciplinarity. Baron, Jane B. Mar 1, 1999 14646
The McCarthyites of Virtue. Kurtz, Paul Editorial Dec 22, 1998 1229
Closing the door on junk science. Preuss, Charles F. Jul 1, 1998 842
Grisham's demons. Black, Joel Jan 1, 1998 2597
Storytelling and legal legitimacy. Baron, Jane B. Jan 1, 1998 7019
Stories and verdicts: Bernhard Goetz and New York in crisis. Brooks, Michael Jan 1, 1998 8744
"Passport, please": legal, literary, and critical fictions of identity. Higgins, Lesley; Leps, Marie-Christine Jan 1, 1998 21940
Narrative pragmatics and the genius of the law in Lyotard's Just Gaming. Britt, Theron Jan 1, 1998 5212
On reading law as literature. Hogan, Patrick Colm Jan 1, 1998 2645
Literature's law. Britt, Theron Jan 1, 1998 663
Public reason and political conflict: abortion and homosexuality. George, Robert P. Jun 1, 1997 14763
Escaping from legalism: is it possible? Capron, Alexander Morgan; Schneider, Carl E.; Meilaender, Gilbert Nov 1, 1996 6011
Legislative reports. Jun 22, 1995 7807
Legal enforcement of morality. Greenawalt, Kent Jan 1, 1995 6500
Playing by pornography's rules: the regulation of sexual expression. Cole, David Nov 1, 1994 30719
What's past is prologue: precedent in literature and law. Yoshino, Kenji Nov 1, 1994 15762
DNA on trial. Doskoch, Peter Oct 21, 1994 961
Why law and the life sciences? Capron, Alexander Morgan May 1, 1994 2796
Administrative judicial rhetoric: the Supreme Court's new thesis of political morality. Makau, Josina M.; Lawrence, David Mar 22, 1994 7960
Spanning ideological chasms: the response to conceptual segregation in Bowers v. Hardwick. Srader, Doyle Mar 22, 1994 7979
Our passions forge our fetters. Modic, Stanley J. Editorial Mar 1, 1994 627
Pre-law prerequisites: a guide to the post-socialist world. DeBow, Michael; Clegg, Roger Jan 1, 1994 3922
Trying emotions: unpredictable justice in Faulkner's "Smoke" and "Tomorrow." (Special Issue: William Faulkner) Lahey, Michael E. Jun 22, 1993 6412
'Hamlet,' Hales v. Petit, and the hysteresis of action. Wilson, Luke Mar 22, 1993 10595
Positive law as the ethic of our time. Fisher, Bruce D. Sep 1, 1990 9236

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