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ASSESSMENT OF CASES OF ACUTE VIRAL HEPATITIS IN CORRELATION WITH LIVER PROFILE. Patel, Pavan D.; Nair, Shruti; Jadhav, Nitin; Patange, Aparna; Patel, D. M.; Botre, Amit Report Apr 8, 2019 3208
Hematological changes in postmenopausal women. Kulkarni, Madhavi; Hiremath, Shaktiprasad Mar 1, 2019 1137
Molecular characteristics of polysulfated fractions from the green seaweed Caulerpa cupressoides and actions on thrombin generation in vitro. Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; Benevides, Norma Maria Barros; Tovar, Ana Maria Freire; de Souza Mo Jan 1, 2019 9124
Correlation Between the Crude Extracellular Secretion by Shigella dysenteriae and Destruction of RD and L20B Cell Lines, A Simple Sign as Alternative Treatments for Cancer Tumors through Cytotoxicity. Alattar, Nagham Sh.; Saleh, Tahreer H.; AL-Rubai, Bahaa A.L. Report Dec 1, 2018 5978
Evaluation of Child Cases Admitted for Tick Bite and Tick Species in istanbul. Ozdemir, Abdurrahman Avar; Yesil, Yakup; Gulanber, Aynur; Efil, ilker Report Sep 1, 2018 2748
Effects of cigarette smoking on coagulation screening tests and platelet counts in a Sudanese male adults population. Elkhalifa, Ahmed M. Sep 1, 2018 2700
Poor anticoagulation control in patients taking warfarin at a tertiary and district-level prothrombin clinic in Cape Town, South Africa. Ebrahim, I.; Bryer, A.; Cohen, K.; Mouton, J.P.; Msemburi, W.; Blockman, M. Report Jun 1, 2018 4030
Comparison of outcomes in patients with intracranial hemorrhage on factor Xa inhibitors versus vitamin K antagonists treated with 4-factor prothrombin complex concentrate. Harrison, Sarah K.; Garrett, John S.; Kohman, Kelsey N.; Kline, Jeffrey A. Report Apr 1, 2018 2352
Effects of 6 Months of Active Commuting and Leisure-Time Exercise on Fibrin Turnover in Sedentary Individuals with Overweight and Obesity: A Randomised Controlled Trial. Gram, Anne Sofie; Petersen, Martin Baek; Quist, Jonas Salling; Rosenkilde, Mads; Stallknecht, Bente; Jan 1, 2018 8666
RNA interference mediated serine protease gene (Spbtry1) knockdown affects growth and mortality in the soybean pod borer (Lepidoptera: Olethreutidae). Meng, Fan Li; Ran, Rui Xue; Li, Yang; Li, Na; Li, Han Zhe; Wang, Zhi Kun; Li, Wen Bin Report Sep 1, 2017 5532
In vitro inactivation of thrombin generation by polysulfated fractions isolated from the tropical coenocytic green seaweed Caulerpa racemosa (Caulerpaceae, Bryopsidales)/Inativacao in vitro da geracao de trombina por fracoes polissulfatadas isoladas da macroalga verde cenocitica tropical Caulerpa racemosa (Caulerpaceae; Bryopsidales). Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; Benevides, Norma Maria Barros; Tovar, Ana Maria Freire; Mourao, Pau Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 6646
Child-Pugh Parameters and Platelet Count as an Alternative to ICG Test for Assessing Liver Function for Major Hepatectomy. Au, Kin-Pan; Chan, See-Ching; Siu-Ho Chok, Kenneth; Chi-Yan Chan, Albert; Cheung, Tan-To; Kwok-Chai Report Jan 1, 2017 4187
Biocompatibility and Effectiveness Evaluation of a New Hemostatic Embolization Agent: Thrombin Loaded Alginate Calcium Microsphere. Xuan, Fengqi; Rong, Jingjing; Liang, Ming; Zhang, Xuwen; Sun, Jingyang; Zhao, Lijun; Li, Yang; Liu, Report Jan 1, 2017 6314
Establishment of a Novel Simplified Surgical Model of Acute Liver Failure in the Cynomolgus Monkey. Cai, Lei; Weng, Jun; Feng, Lei; He, Guolin; Qin, Jiasheng; Zhang, Zhi; Li, Yang; Peng, Qing; Jiang, Report Jan 1, 2017 5644
A comparison study of routine coagulation screening tests (PT and APTT) by three automated coagulation analyzers. Rathod, Nitinkumar N.; Nair, Sukesh C.; Mammen, Joy; Singh, Surinder Report Aug 1, 2016 2299
A study of coagulation profile in neoplastic conditions. Patel, Sarmishtha M.; Gupta, Swati; Patel, Mandakini M.; Mahadik, Juhi D.; Patel, Kinjal A.; Patel, Report Mar 1, 2016 3843
To monitor dabigatran or not: a matter of patient safety. Ketha, Hemamalini; Mills, John R. Report May 1, 2015 1863
Prevalence of diabetes mellitus Type 2 in patients with chronic hepatitis c virus infection. Kaur, Ranjeet; Mohan, Gurinder; Bhalla, Narotam; Kaur, Baldeep Clinical report Jan 22, 2015 5041
Comparison of Anti-Xa and Dilute Russell Viper Venom Time Assays in Quantifying Drug Levels in Patients on Therapeutic Doses of Rivaroxaban. Gosselin, Robert C.; Funk, Dorothy M.; Taylor, J. Michael; Francart, Suzanne J.; Hawes, Emily M.; Fr Dec 1, 2014 3695
Inhibition of coagulation proteases and thrombosis and sub-chronic toxicological study of a sulfated polysaccharidic fraction from the red alga Gelidiella acerosa/Inibicao de proteases da coagulacao e trombose e estudo toxicologico subcronico de uma fracao polissacaridica sulfatada da alga vermelha Gelidiella acerosa. de Queiroz, Ismael Nilo Lino; Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; Quindere, Ana Luiza Gomes; Holanda, M Oct 1, 2014 6326
Determination of HER2/neu Status: A Pilot Study Comparing HER2/neu Dual In Situ Hybridization DNA Probe Cocktail Assay Performed on Cell Blocks to Immunohistochemisty and Fluorescence In Situ Hybridization Performed on Histologic Specimens. Hartman, Adria K.; Gorman, Blythe K.; Chakraborty, Subhendu; Mody, Dina R.; Schwartz, Mary R. Apr 1, 2014 4124
Anticoagulation: where have we come from and where are we going? The evidence for and against novel anticoagulants. Symons, G. Report Feb 1, 2014 4162
Ecotin-like ISP of L. major promastigotes fine-tunes macrophage phagocytosis by limiting the pericellular release of bradykinin from surface-bound kininogens: a survival strategy based on the silencing of proinflammatory G-protein coupled kinin [B.sub.2] and [B.sub.1] receptors. Svensjo, Erik; de Almeida, Larissa Nogueira; Vellasco, Lucas; Juliano, Luiz; Scharfstein, Julio Jan 1, 2014 7845
MicroRNA-146a decreases high glucose/thrombin-induced endothelial inflammation by inhibiting NAPDH oxidase 4 expression. Wang, Huang-Joe; Huang, Yuan-Li; Shih, Ya-Yun; Wu, Hsing-Yu; Peng, Ching-Tien; Lo, Wan-Yu Jan 1, 2014 5501
Structural features and inactivation of coagulation proteases of a sulfated polysaccharidic fraction from Caulerpa cupressoides var. lycopodium (Caulerpaceae, Chlorophyta)/Caracteristicas estruturais e inativacao de proteases da coagulacao de uma fracao polissacaridica sulfatada de Caulerpa cupressoides var. lycopodium (Caulerpaceae; Chlorophyta). Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; Neto, Erico Moura; Teixeira, Lisandra Antonia Castro; de Paula, Reg Oct 1, 2013 5736
Microfluidic assay of platelet deposition on collagen by perfusion of whole blood from healthy individuals taking aspirin. Li, Ruizhi; Fries, Susanne; Li, Xuanwen; Grosser, Tilo; Diamond, Scott L. Report Aug 1, 2013 4942
Laboratory assessment of novel oral anticoagulants: method suitability and variability between coagulation laboratories. Helin, Tuukka A.; Pakkanen, Anja; Lassila, Riitta; Joutsi-Korhonen, Lotta Report May 1, 2013 4916
Aptameric molecular switch for cascade signal amplification. Ma, Cuiping; Zhao, Chunhui; Ge, Yujie; Shi, Chao Feb 1, 2012 3442
Anticoagulant properties of a crude sulfated polysaccharide from the red marine alga Halymenia floresia (Clemente) C. Agardh/Propriedades anticoagulantes de um polissacarideo sulfatado bruto da alga marinha vermelha Halymenia floresia (Clemente) C. Agardh. Amorim, Rodrigo Cesar das Neves; Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; Holanda, Marjory Lima; Mourao, Pau Jul 1, 2011 4243
An antithrombin-dependent sulfated polysaccharide isolated from the green alga Caulerpa cupressoides has in vivo anti- and prothrombotic effects/Um polissacarideo sulfatado dependente de antitrombina isolado da alga verde Caulerpa cupressoides possui efeitos anti- e pro-trombotico in vivo. Rodrigues, Jose Arievilo Gurgel; de Queiroz, Ismael Nilo Lino; Quindere, Ana Luiza Gomes; Vairo, Bru Apr 1, 2011 3966
Safety of percutaneous dilational tracheostomy in coagulopathic patients. Pandian, Vinciya; Vaswani, Ravi S.; Mirski, Marek A.; Haut, Elliott; Gupta, Shivam; Bhatti, Nasir I. Aug 1, 2010 3436
Protease-inhibitor interactions--a structural insight. Laskar, Aparna; Mandal, C.N.; Chatterjee, Aniruddha May 1, 2010 8680
A review of barriers to thrombolytic therapy: implications for nursing care in the emergency department. Johnson, Melissa; Bakas, Tamilyn Apr 1, 2010 5393
Evaluation of a prolonged prothrombin time. Hood, Joshua L.; Eby, Charles S. Apr 1, 2008 2630
Validation of a CYP2D6 genotyping panel on the NanoChip molecular biology workstation. Lee, Hong-Kee; Lewis, Lionel D.; Tsongalis, Gregory J.; Schur, Bernard C.; Jannetto, Paul J.; Wong, May 1, 2007 4094
Quality assessment of CoaguChek point-of-care prothrombin time monitors: comparison of the European community--approved procedure and conventional external quality assessment. Poller, Leon; Keown, Michelle; Ibrahim, Saied A.; van der Meer, Felix J.M.; van den Besselaar, Anton Oct 1, 2006 3793
Measurement of procarboxypeptidase U (TAFI) in human plasma: a laboratory challenge. Willemse, Johan L.; Hendriks, Dirk F. Jan 1, 2006 4651
Discovering rare variants by use of melting temperature shifts seen in melting curve analysis. Lyon, Elaine Aug 1, 2005 2202
Atypical melting curve resulting from genetic variation in the 3' untranslated region at position 20218 in the prothrombin gene analyzed with the LightCycler factor II (prothrombin) G20210A Assay. Tag, Carmen G.; Schifflers, Marie-Claire; Mohnen, Monika; Gressner, Axel M.; Weiskirchen, Ralf Letter to the editor Aug 1, 2005 1020
European concerted action on anticoagulation. Quality assessment of the CoaguChek Mini and TAS PT-NC Point-of-Care whole-blood prothrombin time monitors. Poller, Leon; Keown, Michelle; Chauhan, Nikhil; van den Besselaar, Anton M.H.P.; Tripodi, Armando; S Mar 1, 2004 5185
Single-nucleotide polymorphism genotyping by melting analysis of dual-labeled probes: examples using factor V Leiden and prothrombin 20210A mutations. El Housni, Hakim; Heimann, Pierre; Parma, Jasmine; Vassart, Gilbert Oct 1, 2003 2226
Human kallikrein 8: immunoassay development and identification in tissue extracts and biological fluids. Kishi, Tadaaki; Grass, Linda; Soosaipillai, Antoninus; Shimizu-Okabe, Chigusa; Diamandis, Eleftherio Jan 1, 2003 5726
Evaluation of coagulation markers for early diagnosis of acute coronary syndromes in the emergency room. Derhaschnig, Ulla; Laggner, Anton N.; Roggla, Martin; Hirschl, Michael M.; Kapiotis, Stylianos; Mars Nov 1, 2002 5459
European concerted action on anticoagulation. Evaluation of a method for International Sensitivity Index calibration of two point-of-care prothrombin time (PT) monitoring systems (CoaguChek Mini and TAS PT-NC) with fresh plasmas based on whole-blood equivalent PT. Poller, Leon; Keown, Michelle; Chauhan, Nikhil; van den Besselaar, Anton M.H.P.; Tripodi, Armando; S Oct 1, 2002 6109
Urokinase plasminogen activator and its inhibitor, PAI-1, as prognostic markers in breast cancer: from pilot to level I evidence studies. Duffy, Michael J. Aug 1, 2002 2720
Association between the prevalence of antibodies to [[beta].sub.2]-glycoprotein I, prothrombin, protein C, protein S, and annexin V in patients with systemic lupus erythematosus and thrombotic and thrombocytopenic complications. Nojima, Junzo; Kuratsune, Hirohiko; Suehisa, Etsuji; Futsukaichi, Yoshiaki; Yamanishi, Hachiro; Mach Jun 1, 2001 5372
Development of a rapid and sensitive immunofluorometric assay for glutathione S-transferase A. Dajani, Laila K.; Paus, Elisabeth; Warren, David J. May 1, 2001 5377
C677T and AI298C polymorphisms of the methylenetetrahydrofolate reductase gene: incidence and effect of combined genotypes on plasma fasting and post-methionine load homocysteine in vascular disease. Hanson, Naomi Q.; Aras, Omer; Yang, Feng; Tsai, Michael Y. Apr 1, 2001 4323
A modified, optimized kinetic photometric assay for the determination of blood coagulation factor XIII activity in plasma. Karpati, Levente; Penke, Botond; Katona, Eva; Balogh, Istvan; Vamosi, Gyorgy; Muszbek, Laszlo Dec 1, 2000 6396
Assessment of mycophenolic acid-induced immunosuppression: a new approach. Millan, Olga; Oppenheimer, Federic; Brunet, Merce; Vilardell, Jordi; Rojo, Isabel; Vives, Jordi; Mar Clinical report Sep 1, 2000 5560
Rapid single-tube genotyping of the factor V Leiden and prothrombin mutations by real-time PCR using dual-color detection. van den Bergh, Frank A.J.T.M.; van Oeveren-Dybicz, Arletta M.; Bon, Michelle A.M. Aug 1, 2000 2736
Development and evaluation of three immunofluorometric assays that measure different forms of osteocalcin in serum. Kakonen, Sanna-Maria; Hellman, Jukka; Karp, Matti; Laaksonen, Pirjo; Obrant, Karl J.; Vaananen, H. K Report Mar 1, 2000 4373
Citrate-theophylline-adenine-dipyridamol buffer is preferable to citrate buffer as an anticoagulant for flow cytometric measurement of platelet activation. Neufeld, Margitta; Nowak-Gottl, Ulrike; Junker, Ralf Nov 1, 1999 2129
Human glandular kallikrein in breast milk, amniotic fluid, and breast cyst fluid. Magklara, Angeliki; Scorilas, Andreas; Lopez-Otin, Carlos; Vizoso, Francisco; Ruibal, Alvaro; Diaman Oct 1, 1999 4491
Isocitrate as calcium ion activity buffer in coagulation assays. Ranby, Mats; Gojceta, Tony; Gustafsson, Kerstin; Hansson, Kenny M.; Lindahl, Tomas L. Aug 1, 1999 2772
The international normalized ratio during concurrent warfarin and argatroban anticoagulation: differential contributions of each agent and effects of the choice of thromboplastin used. Hursting, Marcie J.; Zehnder, James L.; Joffrion, James L.; Becker, Jean-Claude; Knappenberger, Gary Mar 1, 1999 1888

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