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A Survey of AEI's Work on the Middle East. Pletka, Danielle Report Jun 1, 2018 9003
Effect of Operation Neptune Spear on Anti-Americanism in Mainstream Pakistani Press. Rawan, Bakht Report Dec 31, 2016 6165
Why is the Islamic world anti-American? Ashok Sharma examines the challenges ahead for the United States in the Middle East. Sharma, Ashok Jan 1, 2013 2140
Understanding Arab consumers' anti-Americanism: antecedents and consequences. Ganideh, Saeb Farhan Al; Elahee, Mohammad Niamat Statistical data Jun 1, 2012 7576
Pakistan: can U.S. policy save the day? Malik, Mustafa Jun 22, 2009 5561
The flavors of anti-Americanism. Jan 1, 2007 488
Industrial modernity and its anti-Americanisms. Veliz, Claudio Dec 22, 2006 3876
Anti-Americanisms. Katzenstein, Peter J.; Keohane, Robert O. Oct 1, 2006 5126
Rising anti-U.S. populism: the Hugo Chavez act is starting to wear thin, but does the U.S. State Department have an effective game plan to take advantage of his predicament? Whalen, Christopher Jun 22, 2006 3352
It's what we do: the administration says the terrorists hate us for who we are. But that isn't what the terrorists say--or what the record shows. Eland, Ivan Jan 1, 2006 4372
What would Patton say about the war in Iraq? Hanson, Victor Davis Mar 1, 2005 2969
See you after the duration. Henderson, Michael Feb 1, 2005 644
Anti-Americanism and its discontents: Charles J. Swindells criticises those who find fault with the United States at every turn. Swindells, Charles J. Jan 1, 2005 3886
Talk like an Egyptian: is Arab popular culture uniformly anti-American? Freund, Charles Paul Nov 1, 2004 675
'9/11' hype steamrolls Gallic doc on Bush. James, Alison Jun 21, 2004 339
Let's make enemies. Klein, Naomi Apr 19, 2004 1914
The anti-American obsession. Revel, Jean-Francois Critical Essay Oct 1, 2003 4631
Sovereignty and empire. Gindin, Sam Jul 1, 2003 3930
The green-eyed monster: envy is nothing to be jealous of. Epstein, Joseph Jul 1, 2003 1805
The don't-blame-us crowd. (In Fact ...). Brief Article Jun 16, 2003 237
Terror war's southern front. (Insider Report). Jun 16, 2003 462
Correction, please! Hoar, William P. May 19, 2003 837
America through European eyes: a professor traveling in Italy is startled to discover the change in the U.S. image. Falco, Maria J. Critical Essay May 16, 2003 1947
Unreal thing. (Artifact). Freund, Charles Paul Brief Article Mar 1, 2003 202
New Euro message: make pics, not war. (Eurotrack). Gaydos, Steven Feb 24, 2003 436
What the world thinks America: anti-Americanism is growing, but many still admire the U.S. Vilbig, Peter Feb 21, 2003 1802
Globalizing space security. Worden, Simon P.; Johnson-Freese, Joan Dec 22, 2002 4001
Why they hate us: the role of social dynamics. Sunstein, Cass R. Mar 22, 2002 4347
Forum on education & academics. Trout, Paul Mar 22, 2002 1048
Flag-Waving Terrorists?: Patriotic, constitutionally-minded citizens are being demonized by leftist "watchdog" groups and elements of the Justice Department as domestic allies of international terrrorists. (On the Home Front). Grigg, William Norman Dec 31, 2001 4118
A Precedent of Silencing Dissent: Just as left-wing "watchdog" groups today are working to silence dissent from opponents, their predecessors did the same during America's involvement in World Wars I and II. (On the Home Front). Grigg, William Norman Dec 31, 2001 1720
Terrorism's True Roots: The international terror network, including al-Qaeda, was created by Communists and their left-wing allies under the guise of "Islamic fundamentalism". (Terrorism). Jasper, William F. Cover Story Dec 3, 2001 3464
Iraq and America's Terrorist Threat : Cheers From Beirut on September 11. MYLROIE, LAURIE Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 819
The new global threat: transnational Salafis and Jihad. Wiktorowicz, Quintan Dec 1, 2001 10774
At war with Utopian fanatics. (Essays). Richards, Alan Dec 1, 2001 2252
America and the war on terror. (Essays). Quandt, William B. Brief Article Dec 1, 2001 1067
Reflections on a Changed World. Enright, Michael; Kavanagh, Peter Panel Discussion Sep 22, 2001 4583
Aftermath of the Balkan war, the rise of anti-Americanism, and the end of democracy in Russia. Shlapentokh, Vladimir Oct 1, 1999 5590
France and anti-Americanism. Astier, Henri Jun 1, 1993 3367
France and anti-Americanism - part one. Astier, Henri May 1, 1993 4018

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