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Trends and Geographic Patterns in Drug and Synthetic Opioid Overdose Deaths--United States, 2013-2019. Mattson, Christine L.; Tanz, Lauren J.; Quinn, Kelly; Kariisa, Mbabazi; Patel, Priyam; Davis, Nicole Feb 12, 2021 2892
Vital Signs: Characteristics of Drug Overdose Deaths involving Opioids and Stimulants--24 States and the District of Columbia, January-June 2019. O'Donnell, Julie; Gladden, R. Matt; Mattson, Christine L.; Hunter, Calli T.; Davis, Nicole L. Sep 4, 2020 5789
Regularly taking cocaine 'could leave you blind', study warns; Researchers from Southern Illinois University Carbondale have looked at the effects of class A drug use in US military personnel, in which blindness is more common than it is among civilian. By, Shivali Best Aug 14, 2020 309
Beta Blocker Therapy in Heart Failure Patients with Active Cocaine Use: A Systematic Review. Mann, Baldeep K.; Bhandohal, Janpreet S.; Saeed, Mohammad; Pekler, Gerald May 31, 2020 4639
Hong Kong Customs Finds Cocaine Hidden in Spare Aircraft Engine. May 27, 2020 248
Nonfatal Drug Overdoses Treated in Emergency Departments--United States, 2016-2017. Vivolo-Kantor, Alana M.; Hoots, Brooke E.; Scholl, Lawrence; Pickens, Cassandra; Roehler, Douglas R. Apr 3, 2020 7694
Pensioners aged 90 and over are being admitted to hospital after taking cocaine; An NHS analysis shows an 80 per cent rise within a ten-year period in the number of people aged 90 and over being taken to hospital due to the use of class A drugs. By, Tiffany Lo Nov 10, 2019 338
Exercise can help beat cocaine addiction: Study. Sep 2, 2019 290
Cocaine dealer loses appeal. Nov 17, 2018 273
PS9m worth of cocaine found in lorry trailer. Oct 25, 2018 528
What it is like to be on money dust - former athlete describes taking drug that 10 times stronger than cocaine; An expectant father has revealed the disturbing effects of the drug monkey dust - and has pledged never to take it again. Sep 17, 2018 742
Study uncovers method to treat cocaine abuse. Sep 2, 2018 532
Questionnaire of core beliefs related to drug use and craving for assessment of relapse risk/Cuestionario de creencias nucleares relacionadas con el consumo de drogas y el craving, para la valoracion del riesgo de recaida. Martinez-Gonzalez, Jose Miguel; Lopez, Raquel Vilar; Lozano-Rojas, Oscar; Verdejo-Garcia, Antonio Sep 1, 2018 6759
Receipt of Antenatal Steroids and Respiratory Support Among Premature Infants Exposed to Prenatal Smoking And Substance Use. Washio, Yukiko; Goldstein, Neal D.; Mackley, Amy; Locke, Robert; Paul, David A. Report Jul 1, 2018 3568
Structuring process of transgressing practices related to the consumption of psychoactive substances in university students/Procesos de estructuracion de practicas trasgresoras asociadas al consumo de sustancias psicoactivas en universitarios/Processos de estruturacao de praticas de transgressoras associadas ao consumo de substancias psicocativas na universidade. Espinosa-Herrera, Gretel; Castellanos-Obregon, Juan Manuel Jul 1, 2018 9738
N-Acetylcysteine for the Treatment of Psychiatric Disorders: A Review of Current Evidence. Ooi, Soo Liang; Green, Ruth; Pak, Sok Cheon Jan 1, 2018 6041
Rapid, Secure Drug Testing Using Fingerprint Development and Paper Spray Mass Spectrometry. Costa, Catia; Webb, Roger; Palitsin, Vladimir; Ismail, Mahado; de Puit, Marcel; Atkinson, Samuel; Ba Report Nov 1, 2017 5002
New Method Can Detect Cocaine Within Seconds. Sep 24, 2017 537
Cardiovascular Mitochondrial Dysfunction Induced by Cocaine: Biomarkers and Possible Beneficial Effects of Modulators of Oxidative Stress. Graziani, Manuela; Sarti, Paolo; Arese, Marzia; Magnifico, Maria Chiara; Badiani, Aldo; Saso, Lucian Report Jan 1, 2017 11621
Cocaina prenatal y consumo de cocaina de ratones adultos jovenes. del Pilar Santacruz Ortega, Maria; Castellanos Gil, Miguel Angel; Marrero Quevedo, Rosario Josefa; B Jan 1, 2017 9467
The enzymes involved in the metabolism of cocaine: A new pharmacological approach for the treatment of cocaine overdose toxicity. Salazar-Juarez, Alberto; Mendez, Susana Barbosa; Jurado, Noe; Anton, Benito Nov 1, 2016 7472
Fatalities involving illicit drug use in Pretoria, South Africa, for the period 2003-2012. Liebenberg, J.; du Toit-Prinsloo, L.; Steenkamp, V.; Saayman, G. Report Oct 1, 2016 5227
The impacts of drug use on worker's attention capacity/Os impactos na capacidade atencional em trabalhadores usuarios de drogas. de Lima, Oliveira Alves, Jr.; Goncalves, Fernanda Mayrink; Cabral, Renato Wilson Santos; Borges, Liz Jul 1, 2016 2708
Cardiovascular and Hepatic Toxicity of Cocaine: Potential Beneficial Effects of Modulators of Oxidative Stress. Graziani, Manuela; Antonilli, Letizia; Togna, Anna Rita; Grassi, Maria Caterina; Badiani, Aldo; Saso Jan 1, 2016 12902
TERAPIA DIALECTICA CONDUCTUAL PARA UN CASO DE ADICCION A LA COCAINA. Rodriguez-Cano, Ruben; Olivencia-Lorenzo, Juan J.; Lopez-Rios, Francisca; Arrufat, Gregorio Gomez de Ensayo Jan 1, 2016 7405
Dad hid cocaine in model aircraft; PS25k-WORTH OF DRUG SMUGGLED INTO UK. Nov 21, 2015 399
Self-perceived quality of life in cocaine dependents with or without dual diagnosis. Diaz-Moran, Sira; Palma-Alvarez, Raul Felipe; Grau-Lopez, Lara; Daigre, Constanza; Barral, Carmen; R Nov 1, 2015 3746
Mental health and substance use in an urban first nations population in Hamilton, Ontario. Firestone, Michelle; Smylie, Janet; Maracle, Sylvia; McKnight, Constance; Spiller, Michael; O'Campo, Report Sep 1, 2015 6590
Vital signs: demographic and substance use trends among heroin users--United States, 2002-2013. Jones, Christopher M.; Logan, Joseph; Gladden, R. Matthew; Bohm, Michele K. Jul 10, 2015 4925
Comportamiento suicida de adolescentes con trastorno por deficit de atencion e hiperactividad en Medellin (Colombia), 2011-2012. Restrepo-Bernal, Diana; Bonfante-Olivares, Laura; Torres de Galvis, Yolanda; Berbesi-Fernandez, Deds Dec 1, 2014 6158
Pub's karaoke night ended in glass attack; Jailed: the drunken 'model citizen' who took cocaine before assault. Aug 20, 2014 510
Drug use prior to incarceration and associated socio-behavioural factors among males in a provincial correctional facility in Ontario, Canada/La traduction du resume se trouve a la fin de l'article. Kouyoumdjian, Fiona G.; Calzavara, Liviana M.; Kiefer, Lori; Main, Cheryl; Bondy, Susan J. Report May 1, 2014 4257
Model had 'big cocaine problem'. Jul 17, 2013 374
Binding interactions of RTI-82, a cocaine-like photoaffinity ligand, to the dopamine transporter. Bala, Pramod Akula; Sharma, Babita; Acharya, Rejwi; Foster, James D.; Newman, Amy H.; Vaughan, Roxan Apr 1, 2013 434
Assessment of tear amount in subjects under the effect of (inhaled) cocaine. da Silva, Carlos Manuel Lima Reis; de Sousa, Raul Alberto Ribeiro Correia; Baptista, Antonio Manuel Report Mar 1, 2013 2763
Receptor limits the rewarding effects of food and cocaine. Jul 11, 2011 140
Urine testing during treatment predicts cocaine abstinence. Sanchez-Hervas, Emilio; Romaguera, Francisco Zacares; Gomez, Francisco Jose Santonja; Secades-Villa, Report Sep 1, 2010 3277
Abandono del tratamiento en adictos a la cocaina. Sanchez-Hervas, Emilio; Secades-Villa, Roberto; Santonja Gomez, Francisco Jose; Zacares Romaguera, F Report Mar 1, 2010 4045
Uso de cocaina entre estudiantes de secundaria en seis paises de Suramerica. Hynes Dowell, Marya; Suarez, Hector; Cumsille, Francisco Feb 1, 2010 3030
Estudio empirico de las variables de la teoria de la conducta planificada como factores de riesgo para el consumo de cocaina en tres grupos diferentes. Saiz Galdos, Jesus Report Sep 1, 2009 6579
Variables significativas para explicar el consumo de cocaina a los dos anos de demanda de tratamiento. Lopez, Ana; Becona, Elisardo; Casete, Lorena; Lage, Ma. Teresa; Garcia-Janeiro, Jose Ma.; Senra, Ave Report May 1, 2009 5656
Drug-taker Moss escapes charges; Cocaine evidence loophole. Jun 16, 2006 249

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