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War Economy, Governance, and Security in Syria's Opposition-Controlled Areas. Bojicic-Dzelilovic, Vesna; Turkmani, Rim Report Sep 22, 2018 9238
Mole Valley's most and least dangerous areas according to crime statistics; Dorking Town topped the list of most crimes with 107. Jan 14, 2018 665
PROSECUTORIAL ANALYTICS. Kreag, Jason May 1, 2017 24915
"Frightening and high": the Supreme Court's crucial mistake about sex crime statistics. Ellman, Ira Mark; Ellman, Tara Sep 22, 2015 6936
Where is the light for the dark days ahead? Riley, Jason L. Essay May 1, 2015 3397
Sometimes a cigar is just a cigar. Garrett, David Apr 1, 2014 1187
Startling homicide statistics among blacks (and the cause). Armstrong, Ari Mar 22, 2013 779
Local geographies of crime and punishment in a plantation colony: gender and incarceration in Barbados, 1878-1928. Green, Cecilia A. Dec 22, 2012 11692
Territorial cohesion and spatial justice. Marian, Ilie Report Jul 1, 2012 2207
Reliance on raw statistics makes city crime rankings misleading: analyses should consider uncertainties, criminologists say. Ehrenberg, Rachel Jun 16, 2012 772
The crime rate puzzle: did incarceration reduce the crime rate, or did it get in the way? Balko, Radley Column Jun 7, 2011 1179
Congressman addresses crime and sentencing policy. Gormsen, Lia Apr 1, 2010 776
Hate crime statistics for 2008. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 324
Populist thuggery: despite the facts, the feds continue their "tough on crime" policy. Harris, David Column Mar 1, 2010 704
About the Uniform Crime Reporting (UCR) Program. Jan 1, 2010 2141
Variables affecting crime. Jan 1, 2010 728
'A violent society'? Homicide rates in Ireland, 1831-1850. McMahon, Richard Report Dec 1, 2009 10441
Variables affecting crime. Jan 1, 2009 727
Victims. Jan 1, 2009 741
The great black hope. Latzer, Barry Dec 22, 2008 5421
Summary of violent deaths in Oklahoma. Dec 1, 2008 1681
Fixing the parole system: a system relying on swiftness and certainty of punishment rather than on severity would result in less crime and fewer people in prison. Mark A.R.; Kleiman; Hawken, Angela Jun 22, 2008 4485
Police look to Native traditions to curb crime. Jun 1, 2008 359
Making our neighborhoods safe: a fearful policy of zero tolerance for firearms does not provide safety or security; only an emphasis on personal responsibility over government dependence can do that. Pratt, Larry Apr 14, 2008 1358
Regeneration and anti-social behaviour: reducing crime and the opportunities for crime, is one of the challenges faced by urban designers and landscape architects when delivering new neighbourhoods and open spaces. Quinn, Brian Feb 1, 2008 1518
Not this time: a response to the warnings of the juvenile superpredator. Snyder, Howard N. Apr 1, 2007 1265
Abortion and crime: unwanted children and out-of-wedlock births. Lott, John R., Jr.; Whitley, John Apr 1, 2007 13664
One in five Swedish officers deemed guilty of crimes - report. Brief Article Sep 24, 2003 152
Hidden intersections: research on race, crime, and criminal justice in Canada. Wortley, Scot Sep 22, 2003 9508
Inter alia. St. Gerard, Vanessa Aug 1, 2003 602
Inter alia. St. Gerard, Vanessa Jun 1, 2003 474
Section II--Jurisdictional Hate Crime Statistics, 2003. Brief article Jan 1, 2003 256
Gun Control's Twisted Outcome: restricting firearms has helped make England more crime-ridden than the U.S. Malcolm, Joyce Lee Nov 1, 2002 3349
Life terms or death sentences: the uneasy relationship between judicial elections and capital punishment. Brooks, Richard R.W.; Raphael, Steven Mar 22, 2002 11330
Understanding infanticide in context: mothers who kill, 1870-1930 and today. Oberman, Michelle Mar 22, 2002 13536
Homicide in New York, Los Angeles and Chicago. Monkkonen, Eric H. Mar 22, 2002 5289
"I loved Joe, but I had to shoot him": homicide by women in turn-of-the-century Chicago. Adler, Jeffrey S. Mar 22, 2002 13553
Homicides among Chicago families: 1870-1930. Chilton, Roland Mar 22, 2002 5467
Ireland's troubles: Northern Ireland's historic 1998 Good Friday Agreement has planted the seeds of peace between Catholics and Protestants, but a recent wave of street violence threatens to roll back the clock. (International). Lavery, Brian Feb 11, 2002 2021
Washington State's crime-fighting tool. (HITS/SMART).(Homicide Investigative Tracking System! Supervision Management And Recidivist Tracking). ) Morgan, Terry Feb 1, 2002 4956
Violent Crime Rises in California's Large Cities. Harry, Jennifer L. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 203
CAPITOL briefs. Brief Article Feb 5, 2001 437
What About the Girls? Delinquency Programming as if Gender Mattered. Chesney-Lind, Meda Statistical Data Included Feb 1, 2001 4363
Book Examines America's Decline in Crime Rate. Turner, Laura Brief Article Nov 6, 2000 596
Unemployment and Crime: New Evidence for an Old Question. Papps, Kerry; Winkelmann, Rainer Jun 1, 2000 6190
Bad Science in the Service of a Lethally Racist Ideology. Franz, Angela Brief Article Aug 10, 1999 833
Hate crime: not new, but still alarming. Gondles, James A., Jr. Editorial Aug 1, 1999 746
Why do increased arrest rates appear to reduce crime: deterrence, incapacitation, or measurement error? Lewitt, Steven D. Jul 1, 1998 10791
Public perceptions of homicide and criminal justice. Mitchell, Barry Jun 22, 1998 11200
Explaining recent trends in U.S. homicide rates. Blumstein, Alfred; Rosenfeld, Richard Jun 22, 1998 9357
Asymmetrical causation and criminal desistance. Uggen, Christopher; Piliavin, Irving Jun 22, 1998 7478
Which homicides decreased? Why? Maltz, Michael D. Jun 22, 1998 2258
National survey suggests racial disparity in police use of force. Shoop, Julie Gannon Jan 1, 1998 641
Crime rates and mortgage delinquency. Feinberg, Robert M. Jun 1, 1997 2457
The crime wavelet. Shapiro, Bruce Column May 19, 1997 870
America's ticking crime bomb. Brief Article Sep 1, 1996 1234
Crime - the numbers. Brief Article Sep 1, 1996 307
Response to fear. Brief Article Sep 1, 1996 1137
Guns - the numbers. Brief Article Sep 1, 1996 285
The social construction of a hate crime epidemic. Jacobs, James B.; Henry, Jessica S. Jan 1, 1996 11289
The end of the line: an empirical study of judicial waiver. Podkopacz, Marcy Rasmussen; Feld, Barry C. Jan 1, 1996 18769
Suffer the missing children? Taxpayer dollars continue to disappear while children don't. Wilson, Tadd Nov 1, 1995 2415
Daniel D. Polsby replies. Polsby, Daniel D. Sep 22, 1995 1181
Like taking candy: why does repeat victimization occur? Farrell, Graham; Phillips, Coretta; Pease, Ken Jun 22, 1995 8512
Crime rate steady, but gun use is up. Brienza, Julie Brief Article Jan 1, 1995 304
Understanding crime rates: on the interactions between the rational choices of victims and offenders. van Dijk, Jan J.M. Mar 22, 1994 6968
Internal police records and the control of juveniles: politics and policing in a suburban town. Meehan, Albert J. Sep 22, 1993 11267
Did shoplifting really decrease? Farrington, David P.; Burrows, John N. Report Jan 1, 1993 6083
Crime in the United States - 1991. Nov 1, 1992 889
The comparative study of urban violence; criminal violence in Edinburgh and Stockholm. McClintock, F.H.; Wikstrom, Per-Olof H. Sep 22, 1992 4871
U.S. leads world in jail population. Jul 1, 1991 279
And the answer is.... Sipes, Leonard A., Jr. May 1, 1989 1985
Diagnosing crime trends. Estrella, Skip May 1, 1989 1290

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