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There is no evidence suggesting that non-Muslims, including underage girls, have been forcibly converted to Islam in Sindh: IPS study. Oct 18, 2021 709
The Post-September 11 Rise of Islamophobia: Identity and the Clash of Civilizations' in Europe and Latin America. Vandenbelt, Kristin Mar 22, 2021 9588
Politics of Hijab in British Media. Saadia Rasheed and Dr. Maria Isabel Maldonado Garcia Dec 31, 2020 6082
Violence and Motherhood in Kashmir: Loss, Suffering, and Resistance in the Lives of Women. Malik, Shazia Report Aug 1, 2020 6854
The US and Kashmir Conflict. Jul 13, 2020 1308
Francophone Muslim intellectuals, Islamic associational life and religious authority in Burkina Faso. Madore, Frederick May 1, 2020 11090
Prejudice toward Muslims in New Zealand: Insights from the New Zealand Attitudes and Values Study. Sibley, Chris G.; Afzali, Usman M.; Satherley, Nicole; Ejova, Anastasia; Stronge, Samantha; Yogeeswa Apr 1, 2020 17504
LGBTs In, Muslims Out: Homonationalist Discourses and Counterdiscourses in the Flemish Press. Dhoest, Alexander Jan 1, 2020 9319
Role of the Muslim Anjumans for the Promotion of Education in the Colonial Punjab: A Historical Analysis. Maqbool Ahmad Awan Dec 31, 2019 7365
Global anti-Muslim violence, bigotry. Dr Muhammad Khan Dec 2, 2019 997
Psychological effects of fasting. May 15, 2019 1548
Critique of Representation of Pashtuns and their Cultural Values in Khaled Hosseini's The Kite Runner. Khan, Waheed Ahmad; Afsar, Ayaz Critical essay Dec 31, 2018 4945
Historic perspective on Two-Nation Theory. Aug 14, 2018 1013
Insulin resistance and blood lipid levels during fasting. Kamble, Shilpa; Hiremath, Shaktiprasad Aug 1, 2018 2008
Engineering a European Islam: An Analysis of Attempts to Domesticate European Muslims in Austria, France, and Germany. Bayrakli, Enes; Hafez, Farid; Faytre, Leonard Essay Jun 22, 2018 10724
Entrepreneurs of Grievance: Drivers and Effects of Indonesia's Islamist Mobilization. Mietzner, Marcus; Muhtadi, Burhanuddin; Halida, Rizka Report Apr 1, 2018 11247
Two Nation theory justifiable in face of miseries of Muslims in India: Sartaj. Nov 18, 2017 245
AJK leadership terms two nation theory, base for creation of Pakistan. Aug 14, 2017 886
Effects of ramadan fasting on inspiratory muscle function. Soori, Mohsen; Mohaghegh, Shahram; Hajain, Maryam; Moraadi, Behrooz Sep 1, 2016 2800
Muhammad covenants belie ISIS theology. Aug 1, 2016 699
Syariahization of intra-Muslim religious freedom and human rights practice in Malaysia: the case of Darul Arqam. Abdul Hamid, Ahmad Fauzi Apr 1, 2016 10183
The relationship between the Muslim world and the United States and the root of Islamophobia in America. Rauf, Imam Feisal A. Column Mar 22, 2016 3151
PHDA accredited as first Halal certification body. Brief article Jan 3, 2016 216
Comparing the construction of Muslim and non-Muslims in national press: a discourse analysis of English leading newspapers. Kalwar, Munwar Ali Report Jan 1, 2016 4056
Critical analysis on the role of mosque as an educational institution within the contemporary Muslim society in Malaysia. Yin, Lee Cai; Utaberta, Nangkula; Ismail, Nor Atiah; Ariffin, Noor Fazamimah Mohd; Yunos, Mohd Yazid Report Nov 1, 2015 2540
Two Nation Theory Before and After Partition. Jun 30, 2015 2468
Globalists and Communists create, exploit Islamic terror: in foreign policy, Western globalists and Eastern communists have similar methods and purposes: they exploit ignorant Muslims to expand government power. Newman, Alex Jun 8, 2015 2807
A Historiography of the Educational System of the Muslims during the Umayyad's and the Abbasid's Period. Report Dec 31, 2014 5768
Gender inequality among Indian Muslims: myth and reality. Waheed, Abdul; Sayeed, Afzal; Masood, Hajra; Khanam, Sameera Jun 1, 2014 5576
"Al-Ghazali of al-Andalus": Ibn Barrajan, Mahdism, and the Emergence of Learned Sufism on the Iberian Peninsula. Bellver, Jose Oct 1, 2013 15263
Online Muslims more open to Western culture: poll analysis. Jun 2, 2013 230
All studies show Muslims in US rarely into terrorism. May 17, 2013 333
How ethnic civil war transforms into religious civil war: evidence from Chechnya. Karim, Mochammad Faisal Essay Feb 1, 2013 9963
Islamists will bring stability; ANALYSIS. Jun 26, 2012 165
Two-Nation Theory AN INSIGHT. May 30, 2012 1520
Tribalism, Islamism, leadership and the Assabiyyas. Zaidi, Syed Manzar Abbas Essay Mar 22, 2010 9524
The motif of the patient wife in Muslim and western literature and folklore. Hejaiej, Monia Mounira Critical essay Mar 1, 2010 5389
Educational Attainment and Attitudes towards War in Muslim Countries Contemplating War: The Cases of Jordan, Lebanon, Pakistan, and Turkey. Shafiq, M. Najeeb; Ross, Karen Sep 1, 2009 208
Beer raid model to be caned. Aug 20, 2009 198
Education, Income and Support for Suicide Bombings: Evidence from Six Muslim Countries. Shafiq, M. Najeeb; Sinno, Abdulkader H. Aug 1, 2009 198
New translation of Osama rhetoric. Sep 1, 2005 332
Facing up to the present and past. Roberts, Thomas W. Aug 12, 2005 568
Space for peace grows in village ravaged by war. Dec 24, 2004 368
Arrest of Cat Stevens breaks trust with moderates. Rahim, Hasan Zillur Oct 8, 2004 877
Strengthening Education in the Muslim World. Summary of the Desk Study. Issue Paper. Benoliel, Sharon Jun 1, 2003 315
Rolling back radical Islam. Peters, Ralph Sep 22, 2002 6214
Europe's Muslims worry bishops. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Oct 22, 1999 2418
The legacy of Karl Gottlieb Pfander. Bennett, Clinton Apr 1, 1996 4489
French churches are empty, mosques full: Islam grows in numbers, confidence and hope. Cunneen, Joseph Aug 26, 1994 1296
Relationship of religious and role variables with marital adjustment among Muslim couples in Bangladesh. Shamsuddin, Quazi Jun 22, 1991 8779

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