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Impact of Copper and Oxidative Stress Index Levels on Insulin Resistance, Lipid Profile and Hormonal Status of Patients with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Atakul, Nil; Selek, Sahabettin; Koktasoglu, Fatmanur Yilmaz; Kilic, Berna Sermin; Gul, Ayse Zehra; A Clinical report May 1, 2022 5186
Upregulated Fibulin-1 Increased Endometrial Stromal Cell Viability and Migration by Repressing EFEMP1-Dependent Ferroptosis in Endometriosis. Wan, Yiting; Song, Yanhua; Chen, Jing; Kong, Jueying; Gu, CanCan; Huang, Jiami; Zuo, Ling Report Jan 28, 2022 6009
Why do men have worse COVID-19-related outcomes? A systematic review and meta-analysis with sex adjusted for age. Fabiao, J.; Sassi, B.; Pedrollo, E.F.; Gerchman, F.; Kramer, C.K.; Leitao, C.B.; Pinto, L.C. Report Jan 1, 2022 6040
Reviews of articles on medicinal herbs. McLean, Wendy Jun 1, 2021 4216
Evaluation of Factors Related to Postoperative Complications in Patients Who Underwent Reduction Mammoplasty. Toplu, Gaye; Altinel, Dincer; Serin, Merdan Report Apr 1, 2021 5190
Antidepressive Effects of Kamishoyosan through 5-HT1A Receptor and PKA-CREB-BDNF Signaling in the Hippocampus in Postmenopausal Depression-Model Mice. Shimizu, Shoko; Ishino, Yugo; Takeda, Takashi; Tohyama, Masaya; Miyata, Shingo Nov 30, 2019 6938
Prediction of Responsiveness to Clomiphene Citrate in Infertile Women with PCOS. Sachdeva, Garima; Gainder, Shalini; Suri, Vanita; Sachdeva, Naresh; Chopra, Seema Clinical report Jul 1, 2019 4523
Evaluation of Bone Density and Leptin in Thalassemic Children. Sohail H., Fazal A., Lone K.P., Kamran R., Ijaz F., Javed S., Fayyaz I. and Khurrum R. Jun 30, 2019 3119
Hormonal, metabolic treatment strategies target androgens. Craven, Jeff May 1, 2019 1096
Morphological characterization of vaginal epithelial cells of santa ines ewes subjected to estrus synchronization. Ribeiro, Camila Vasconcelos; Neves, Tabatta Arrivabene; Fagundes, Glaucia Brandao; do Nascimento, Da Jan 1, 2019 2215
Assessment of PGC1[alpha]-FNDC5 Axis in Granulosa Cells of PCOS Mouse Model. Bakhshalizadeh, Shabnam; Rabiee, Farzaneh; Shirazi, Reza; Ghaedi, Kamran; Amidi, Fardin; Nasr-Esfaha Report Apr 1, 2018 3233
How female hormones are linked to asthma. Feb 16, 2018 415
GDF9 and BMP15 Expressions and Fine Structure Changes During Folliculogenesis in Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Karagul, Meryem Ilkay; Aktas, Savas; Yilmaz, Banu Coskun; Yilmaz, Mustafa; Temel, Gulhan Orekici Report Jan 1, 2018 4368
Modelling of Soft Connective Tissues to Investigate Female Pelvic Floor Dysfunctions. Bhattarai, Aroj; Staat, Manfred Jan 1, 2018 11219
The Effects of Acupuncture Combined with Auricular Acupressure in the Treatment of Chloasma. Wu, Xing; Xiang, Yu Jan 1, 2018 8132
Sparse Gene Coexpression Network Analysis Reveals EIF3J-AS1 as a Prognostic Marker for Breast Cancer. Chen, Xin; Yang, Zuyuan; Yang, Chao; Xie, Kan; Sun, Weijun; Xie, Shengli Jan 1, 2018 5830
Sex-Associated Differential mRNA Expression of Cytokines and Its Regulation by Sex Steroids in Different Brain Regions in a Plasmodium berghei ANKA Model of Cerebral Malaria. Legorreta-Herrera, Martha; Nava-Castro, Karen E.; Palacios-Arreola, Margarita I.; Hernandez-Cervante Jan 1, 2018 7918
Osteoprotective Properties of RNA-Containing Drug Osteochondrin S on the Model of Insufficiency of Sex Hormones in Rats/Propiedades Osteoprotectoras del Farmaco que Contiene ARN de Osteocondrina S sobre un Modelo de Insuficiencia de Hormonas Sexuales en Ratas. Shulgau, Zarina; Sergazy, Shynggys; Krivoruchko, Tatyana; Kenzhebayeva, Nuriya; Sagindykova, Bayan; Dec 1, 2017 3036
A study of association of sex hormones with insulin resistance and obesity for diabetes mellitus risk in adult women. Suganthy, K; Mohanty, P.K.; Jeyakumar, M.; Hariharan, A.; Lakshmi Prabha, S. Report Sep 11, 2017 4835
Serum Levels of Neuroactive Steroids in First-episode Antipsychotic-naive Schizophrenic Patients and Its Correlation with Aggression: A Case-control Study. Solanki, R.K.; Sharma, P.; Tyagi, A.; Singh, C. Report Jun 1, 2017 3754
Effect of administration of equine chorionic gonadotrophin after artificial insemination on pregnancy rates in buffalos in Argentina. Konrad, Jose Luis; Garrido, Maria Jose; Maldonado Vargas, Pablo; Crudeli, Gustavo Angel Sep 1, 2016 142
Evaluation of immune status of young female during different phases of menstrual cycle. Jiwane, Rekha; Alam, Tanwir; Choudhary, Arbind Kumar; Kishanrao, Sadawarte Sahebrao; Gajbhiye, Vivek Report Jul 1, 2015 1795
Expression of basal-like biomarkers in triple negative invasive breast carcinoma in Puerto Rico. Agosto-Arroyo, Emmanuel; Climent, Consuelo; Velez, Roman; Nazario, Cruz M.; Diaz, Mary V. Report Jun 1, 2015 3287
Evaluation of lipoprotein (a) levels in young patients with myocardial infarction in north Coastal Andhra region. Rajini, P.V.; Kasi, Babu A. Jan 15, 2015 2186
Effects of Anethum graveolens L. Monsefi, Malihezaman; Ghasemi, Aazam; Alaee, Sanaz; Aliabadi, Elham Report Jan 1, 2015 4543
Desarrollo folicular en cabras Alpinas durante la estacion reproductiva. Uribe-Velasquez, Luis Fernando; Lenz Souza, Maria Ines; Narvaez-Solarte, William Jan 1, 2015 3902
The effects of endocrine disrupting compounds on Atlantic Sturgeon reproductive physiology. Cabrera, J.; McCormmick, S.; Forsgren, K.L. Author abstract Aug 1, 2014 186
Growth inhibitory, antiandrogenic, and pro-apoptotic effects of punicic acid in lncap human prostate cancer cells. Dec 1, 2013 247
In adolescents and young women, consider the bone effects of oral contraceptives. Goldstein, Steven R. Dec 1, 2013 495
Use of mefenamic acid in equine embryos recipients/Uso do acido mefenamico em receptoras de embrioes equinos/Uso del acido mefenamico en receptoras de embriones equinos. Cabrera, Tatiana; Aqua, Jose Antonio Dell, Jr. Jun 1, 2013 3738
Controlled cohort study of serum gonadal and adrenocortical steroid levels in males prior to onset of rheumatoid arthritis (pre-RA): a comparison to pre-RA females and sex differences among the study groups. Masi, Alfonse T.; Rehman, Azeem A.; Chatterton, Robert T.; Wang, Huaping; Goertzen, Ned J.; Elmore, Report Jan 1, 2013 10079
Beneficial effects of Lepidium meyenii (Maca) on psychological symptoms and measures of sexual dysfunction in postmenopausal women are not related to estrogen or androgen content. Brief article May 1, 2012 264
Germ of cereal grains and seeds in association with semen parameters. Bahrami, Ali M.; Doosti, Alizaman; Ahmady-Asbchin, Salman Report Aug 1, 2011 4229
Gene expression alterations in immune system pathways in the thymus after exposure to immunosuppressive chemicals. Frawley, Rachel; White, Kimber, Jr.; Brown, Ronnetta; Musgrove, Deborah; Walker, Nigel; Germolec, Do Report Mar 1, 2011 7183
Melatonin attenuates nitric oxide induced oxidative stress on viability and gene expression in bovine oviduct epithelial cells, and subsequently increases development of bovine IVM/IVF embryos. Kim, J.T.; Jang, H.Y.; Park, C.K.; Cheong, H.T.; Park, I.C.; Yang, B.K. Report Jan 14, 2011 4996
Effects of propylene glycol on milk production, serum metabolites and reproductive performance during the transition period of dairy cows. Lien, T.F.; Chang, L.B.; Horng, Y.M.; Wu, C.P. Report Mar 1, 2010 4473
Microbiological and functional evaluation of an alternative device (OB[R]) for estrous synchronization in ewes/ Avaliacao microbiologica e funcional de um dispositivo vaginal alternativo (OB[R]) para sincronizacao de cio em ovelhas. Martins, Leonardo Tondello; Neto, Pedro Claudino dos Santos; Neto, Saul Gaudencio; Rauber, Lucio Per Feb 1, 2010 3999
Androgenic action of Tinospora cordifolia ethanolic extract in prostate cancer cell line LNCaP. Kapur, P.; Pereira, B.M.J.; Wuttke, W.; Jarry, H. Obituary Jun 1, 2009 1849
Beneficial actions of citrus polymethoxy flavonoids in treating acne. Sato, Takashi; Ito, Akira Jun 1, 2008 3762
Persistent low concentration of human chorionic gonadotropin in a nonpregnant woman. McCudden, Christopher R.; Willis, Monte S.; Grenache, David G. Jan 1, 2008 3009
Assessment of urinary bone markers for monitoring treatment of osteoporosis. Worsfold, Michael; Powell, Diane E.; Jones, Teresa J.W.; Davie, Michael W.J. Clinical report Dec 1, 2004 6464
Development of an ELISA for measurement of BCAR1 protein in human breast cancer tissue. Grebenchtchikov, Nicolai; Brinkman, Arend; Van Broekhoven, Simone P.J.; De Jong, Danielle; Geurts-Mo Aug 1, 2004 4468
Development and evaluation of an ELISA for human trefoil factor 3. Vestergaard, Else Marie; Poulsen, Steen Seier; Gronbaek, Henning; Larsen, Rune; Nielsen, Anette Mert Clinical report Oct 1, 2002 5140
Quantification of HER2/neu gene amplification by competitive PCR using fluorescent melting curve analysis. Lyon, Elaine; Millson, Alison; Lowery, Mary C.; Woods, Rachel; Wittwer, Carl T. May 1, 2001 5578
Correlation of mycophenolic acid pharmacokinetic parameters with side effects in kidney transplant patients treated with mycophenolate mofetil. Mourad, Michel; Malaise, Jacques; Eddour, Djamila Chaib; De Meyer, Martine; Konig, Josiane; Schepers Report Jan 1, 2001 4084

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