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Costly love: UNIFORM LESSON FOR OCTOBER 4, 2020. Boyce, Richard Aug 24, 2020 837
A Retired Brigadier Caught between Feelings and Social Hierarchy: The Concept of Friendship in a Late 18th-Century Epistolary Exchange. Lavrinovich, Maya Essay Mar 22, 2020 11191
The art of peace: When we lose interest in the humanities, we lose our capacity for empathy and friendship. Millies, Steven P. Oct 1, 2019 1271
Narrative Friendships in Elisabetta Rasy's Posillipo and Elena Ferrante's Neapolitan Novels. Romero, Adriana Guarro Critical essay Jun 22, 2019 9524
Walking together in solidarity and friendship. Brookes, Grant Brief article Jun 1, 2018 271
Alianzas inesperadas: amistad y agencia en el teatro estadounidense sobre el cancer de mama. Fernandez-Morales, Marta Critical essay Jun 1, 2017 8171
The unruly woman as straight man: The function of female film characters in gay best friendship. Hummel, Kathryn Essay May 1, 2017 8133
Strengthening relationships. Zagieboylo, Cyndi Report Dec 22, 2016 628
Kinship and friendship in hardship: a comparative analysis of Aminata Sow Fall's Le Revenant and John Francis Scott Fitzgerald's The Great Gatsby. Dieng, Mamadou Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 6399
Blown off again. Weston, Carol Feb 1, 2016 382
Friendship in Marlowe's Dr. Faustus and The Jew of Malta. Hunt, Maurice A. Essay Jan 1, 2016 12395
'A vast o' bits o' stories': Shortreed, Laidlaw and Scott's Minstrelsy of the Scottish Border. Macrae, Lucy Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 9027
The role of friendship and partnership in an education for life. Teschers, Christoph Report Sep 1, 2015 4401
Friendship experiences of participants in a university based transition program. Nasr, Maya; Cranston-Gingras, Ann; Jang, Seung-Eun Report Jul 1, 2015 6197
The adventures of William Barry: exploring the colonial encounters of the First World War. Maguire, Anna Essay Mar 22, 2015 2715
Bosom friends in the red chamber: women's friendship poetry in late imperial China. Yang, Haihong Report Jun 1, 2014 8918
On friendship. O'Brien, John D. Feb 1, 2014 1162
Can Facebook spot a bad romance? Brief article Dec 9, 2013 162
"Love one another as I have loved you": the place of friendship in interfaith dialogue. Aihiokhai, SimonMary Asese Essay Sep 22, 2013 10171
True Friends or False? The changing nature of relationships between Indian and British missionary women in the imperial contact zone of India, c1880-1940. Allen, Margaret; Haggis, Jane Essay May 1, 2013 6738
'I'd grown up as a child amongst natives': Ruth Heathcock (1901-1995)--disrupting settler-colonial orthodoxy through friendship and cross-cultural literacy in creolised spaces of the Australian contact zone. Hughes, Karen Essay May 1, 2013 7342
Batman and Barbie, best friends forever? Moln, Amanda Essay Mar 1, 2013 670
Friendships between men across sexual orientation: the importance of (others) being intolerant. Barrett, Timothy Report Jan 1, 2013 7217
Toward a virtue ethics of marriage: Augustine and Aquinas on friendship in marriage. Fullam, Lisa Essay Sep 1, 2012 14604
Electronic intimacy: friendships that were once maintained with the rudimentary technology of pen and paper are now reinforced 24/7 with the stroke of a few keys. A longtime letter writer reflects on what has been gained ... and lost. Rosen, Christine Essay Mar 22, 2012 2304
Do friends need the law? Examining why friendship matters and what governments can do for this important, though overlooked, relationship. Gelzinis, Peter P. Mar 22, 2012 14996
Scared for friend. Weston, Carol Brief article Dec 1, 2011 311
Too clingy? Weston, Carol Brief article Dec 1, 2011 184
Friend of skanky-pants. Weston, Carol Brief article Dec 1, 2011 197
When caring is not sharing: keeping friendships healthy. May 1, 2011 461
'Especyall Swetnes': an Erasmian footnote to the Civil Partnership Act. Hutson, Lorna Essay Mar 22, 2011 8656
'Both are alike, and both alike we like': sovereignty and amity in Shakespeare's King John. Finnerty, Paraic Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 10074
'Receyving of Freendshipe': Senecas de benificiis and early modern amicable relations. Trevor, Wendy Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 7614
The friend virus: are you being infected by your friends behavior? Robbins, Mel Column Nov 1, 2010 569
Friendship, alienation, love: Stanley Hauerwas and John Howard Yoder. Sider, J. Alexander Essay Jul 1, 2010 10496
Remaining friends: a reappraisal of a passage in the St. Trudperter Hohelied. Jeep, John M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 951
The torsion of politics and friendship in Derrida, Foucault and Ranciere. Stamp, Richard Critical essay Oct 1, 2009 11682
Of friendship: revisiting friendships between men in American literature. Armengol-Carrera, Josep M. Report Sep 22, 2009 7942
Men's friendships: performances of masculinity. Migliaccio, Todd Report Sep 22, 2009 5804
Friendship in early modern philosophy and science. Smith, Vanessa; Yeo, Richard Editorial Jul 1, 2009 3621
John Locke on conversation with friends and strangers. Yeo, Richard Essay Jul 1, 2009 11964
Mary Astell on virtuous friendship. Broad, Jacqueline Essay Jul 1, 2009 8949
Robert Southwell and Vincenzio Viviani: their friendship and an attempt at Italian-English scientific collaboration. Boschiero, Luciano Essay Jul 1, 2009 9196
Paper trails and eloquent objects: bluestocking friendship and material culture. Eger, Elizabeth Essay Jul 1, 2009 12033
El amigo como companero del alma. Revisitando las amistades entre varones en El periodista deportivo de Richard Ford. Armengol-Carrera, Josep M. Critical essay Jun 1, 2009 7863
Bloomsbury friendship and its Victorian antecedents. Caine, Barbara Mar 22, 2008 7258
Friends and the law. Leib, Ethan J. Essay Oct 1, 2007 7207
On the possibility of restoring trust from mistrust and friendship from enmity and hatred ([dagger]). van Gigch, John P. Report May 1, 2007 4896
When a close friend is the patient. Brunk, Doug Apr 15, 2007 1675
The question of community in Deleuze and Guattari (II): after friendship (1). Goh, Irving Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 12528
"I am as ever your disciple": the friendship of Hamlin Garland and W. D. Howells. Newlin, Keith Jun 22, 2006 9815
Eenie, meenie ... : you can only take one friend along for the ride? Do the choosin' ... without losin'. Chase-Hyman, Paula Jun 1, 2006 406
Two Samuels of Hartford: Clemens, Colt, and the unification of a disjointed mysterious ending. Curtis, Diana Mar 22, 2006 7207
"My soul is among lions": Katharine Lee Bates's account of the illness and death of Katharine Coman. Leopold, Ellen Critical essay Jan 1, 2006 8191
Vivekananda and his Western followers: patterns of relationships. French, Hal W. Jan 1, 2006 4308
Who, me? Jealous? Muchnick, Jeanne Apr 1, 2005 587
My BFF taught me how to ... Apr 1, 2005 834
A friend for life and death. Ryan, Dick Feb 18, 2005 645
Justice, friendship and mercy. Roberts, Tom Jan 14, 2005 767
BFF dilemma of the month. Brief Article Oct 1, 2004 259
Kick the cliques! This school year, why not be that supercool chick who has friends in every single crew? Mulcahy, Lisa Oct 1, 2004 652
'It's not me, it's you': is breaking up really all that hard to do? Not after you read this. Klein, Elisa Oct 1, 2004 1007
Henry James's children and the gift of friendship. Pagan, Nicholas O. Critical essay Jun 22, 2004 9229
The Strength of Friendship. Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 236
It's a win-win! How you and your best friend can both come out winners ... Davis, Jasmen Brief Article Apr 1, 2004 351
The Ebony Advisor: expert advice on love and relationships. Jun 1, 2003 1004
Friend or Joe Foe? (GL Guys). Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 702
Rah rah rah. (GL Life: Ask Lucky). Sinex, Alexis Brief Article Aug 1, 2002 686
Testing testing! What's your friendship personality type? Urgent: get with your bud now to take this friendship quiz. Find out each of your personality types for optimum friendship success. Kawecki, Sue Ann Aug 1, 2002 2431
Setting effects on friendship formation among young children with and without disabilities. Buysse, Virginia; Goldman, Barbara Davis; Skinner, Martie L. Jun 22, 2002 7944
Friendship survival guide: young people's advice on how to make--and keep--friends. (Life Skills). Hanson-Harding, Alexandra Apr 22, 2002 1309
With friends like these. (Dyke Drama). Fisher, Michele Apr 1, 2002 1329
My BFF bugs me!: BFF has a habit that plucks your every last nerve? Should you speak now or forever hold your peace? (GL Friends). Apr 1, 2002 366
Crush redux. (GL Guys). Feb 1, 2002 648
Be a Pal: Friendship can be hard work. But it is also a key to happiness. (Coping). Brief Article Dec 10, 2001 457
Does Your BFF need a one way ticket to Dumpsville? Aug 1, 2001 2111
Gender, Gender Role Identity, and Type of Relationship as Predictors of Relationship Behavior and Beliefs in College Students. DeLucia-Waack, Janice L.; Gerrity, Deborah A.; Taub, Deborah J.; Baldo, Tracy D. Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2001 7708
Grand Illusions. POLLITT, KATHA Brief Article Mar 1, 1999 1043
The importance of friendship. Moore, Dianne-Jo Nov 1, 1988 1540

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