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Chain of Blame: A Multi-country Study of Consumer Reactions Towards Supplier Hypocrisy in Global Supply Chains. Hoffmann, Nils Christian; Yin, Juelin; Hoffmann, Stefan Report Apr 1, 2020 17610
Analysis of a Dominant Retailer Dual-Channel Supply Chain under Customers' Channel Preference: The [alpha]-Branch and Bound Solution Algorithm. Mehrabani, Reza Pakdel; Seifi, Abbas Report Sep 22, 2019 9220
Informing the Balanced Theory of Port Competitiveness Using Ambidextrous Supply Chain Strategy. Yalcin, Mehmet G.; Chakravorty, Satya S.; Yun, Gawon Report Jan 1, 2019 5855
BRAND AS INFORMATION INTERMEDIARY. Parella, Kishanthi Mar 22, 2018 5795
Decision of Lead-Time Compression and Stable Operation of Supply Chain. Zhang, Songtao; Li, Shuangshuang; Zhang, Siqi; Zhang, Min Report Jan 1, 2017 5204
A mathematical model for optimizing the closed loop supply chain for multiple products with varying demand in a product life cycle. Sasikumar, A.; Natarajan, K.; Ramasubramaniam, M. Report Dec 1, 2016 7871
Join the "packaging revolution"...or get ready to pay. Levans, Michael Oct 1, 2016 545
Leading your standardization efforts: how fast? How far? Hernandez, James S. Jul 1, 2016 1131
Platform for Progress. McTaggart, Jenny Apr 1, 2016 1811
Store-ready distribution evolves: companies are recognizing the need to marry the interests of stores and distribution centers, but it's not always easy to determine what is for better or for worse. Bond, Josh Feb 1, 2016 2074
A Multiperiod Supply Chain Network Design Considering Carbon Emissions. Peng, Yang; Ablanedo-Rosas, Jose Humberto; Fu, Peihua Report Jan 1, 2016 9008
Oil update: harder to stay the course. Lapide, Larry Column Jan 1, 2016 1333
Editors' introduction. Holcomb, Mary; Suzuki, Yoshi Editorial Jan 1, 2016 474
Alternative fuel infrastructure and customer location impacts on fleet mix and vehicle routing. In, Joonhwan; Bell, John E. Statistical table Sep 22, 2015 9586
Industry professionals acknowledge collaboration shortcomings: University of Tennessee's Global Supply Chain Institute reports on successful strategies for supply chain integration. Bond, Josh Jul 1, 2014 462
Colleen Molko. Interview Jul 1, 2014 492
Absorptive capacity in buyer-supplier relationships: empirical evidence of its mediating role. Saenz, Maria Jesus; Revilla, Elena; Knoppen, Desiree Apr 1, 2014 13766
Organizational implants and logistics service innovation: a relational social capital perspective. Grawe, Scott J.; Autry, Chad W.; Daugherty, Patricia J. Abstract Mar 22, 2014 11382
Impacts of schedule reliability and sailing frequency on the liner shipping and port industry: a study of Daily Maersk. Zhang, Abraham; Lam, Jasmine Siu Lee Abstract Mar 22, 2014 6599
Supply chain research. Ojala, Marydee Mar 1, 2014 2109
Here comes the sun? Brief article Feb 24, 2014 300
Supply chain management: it's all about the journey, not the destination. Ellram, Lisa M.; Cooper, Martha C. Jan 1, 2014 9472
Optimal manufacturing-remanufacturing production policy for a closed-loop supply chain under fill rate and budget constraint in bifuzzy environments. Kundu, Soumita; Chakrabarti, Tripti; Jana, Dipak Kumar Report Jan 1, 2014 7867
The influence analysis of number of functional logistics service providers on quality supervision game in LSSC with compensation strategy. Liu, Weihua; Wang, Yijia; Liang, Zhicheng; Liu, Xiaoyan Report Jan 1, 2014 10857
Becoming Demand Driven: how to change from push and promote to position and pull. Smith, Debra; Smith, Chad Nov 1, 2013 4159
What's wrong with supply chain metrics? Unless they change, they will remain a roadblock to operational success. Smith, Debra; Smith, Chad Oct 1, 2013 3888
Are the Lebanese firms copying with the global pressure? Bahhouth, Victor; Ziemnowicz, Christopher; Zgheib, Yussef Sep 22, 2013 4897
The quest for competitive advantage in global supply chains: the role of interorganizational learning. Manuj, Ila; Omar, Ayman; Yazdanparast, Atefeh Abstract Sep 22, 2013 11048
Seeing is believing: harnessing the power of visualization. Blanco, Edgar Sep 1, 2013 1400
The relationships between external integration and plant improvement and innovation capabilities: the moderation effect of product clockspeed. Peng, David X.; Verghese, Anto; Shah, Rachna; Schroeder, Roger G. Jul 1, 2013 12911
Risk assessment and operational approaches to manage risk in global supply chains. Kumar, Sameer; Boice, Brooke C.; Shepherd, Mark J. Abstract Jun 22, 2013 5722
Change in UK construction: moving toward supply chain collaboration. Meng, Xianhai Jun 1, 2013 7821
Mastering the supply chain finance puzzle: five critical pieces. Stitt, Michael May 1, 2013 1363
Dry port development in China: motivations, challenges, and opportunities. Zeng, Oingcheng; Maloni, Michael J.; Paul, Jomon Aliyas; Yang, Zhongzhen Abstract Mar 22, 2013 9914
Supply chain disruptions are inevitable--get READI: resiliency enhancement analysis via deletion and insertion. Harrison, Terry P.; Houm, P.J.; Thomas, Douglas J.; Craighead, Christopher W. Abstract Mar 22, 2013 4409
The global supply chain: understanding, measuring, mitigating and managing exposure in a supply chain dependent globalized market. Gerber, Daniel W.; Biggie, Brian R. Oct 1, 2012 10875
Do integration strategies and supply chain relationships play a role in the success or failure of mergers and acquisitions? Zarb, Bert J.; Noth, Christopher Mar 22, 2012 5640
Multi-objective stochastic simulation-based optimisation applied to supply chain planning. Napalkova, Liana; Merkuryeva, Galina Report Mar 1, 2012 6296
An e-logistics system for sea-freight forwarding. Wong, T.N.; Chow, P.S.; Sculli, D. Brief article Apr 1, 2010 5652
Logistics supply chains: supply chain management: analyzing industry and Air Force Metrics Global Logistics Support--the GLSC: operational supply chain management. Sep 22, 2007 330
Enhancing product recovery value in closed-loop supply chains with RFID. Visich, John K.; Li, Suhong; Khumawala, Basheer M. Sep 22, 2007 7032
Get ready for the future. Quinn, Francis J. Sep 1, 2007 487
Lean: the antidote to cost and variation: lean distribution can help lower costs and reduce supply variation. Eight enablers can help make it happen. Zylstra, Kirk Sep 1, 2007 978
The educator consultant: Hau L. Lee. Kerr, John Sep 1, 2007 1431
The future of supply management: Part I: category strategies and supplier management. Monczka, Robert M.; Markham, William J. Sep 1, 2007 4151
The supply chain--finance link: more and more companies are discovering what the leaders have known for some time: There's a clear and direct connection between supply chain execution and financial performance. The challenge for many, though, has been how to make that linkage. This article offers a practical way to successfully accomplish that task. Presutti, William D., Jr.; Mawhinney, John R. Sep 1, 2007 4352
Tightening the food supply "chain of custody". Boyle, Robert D. Sep 1, 2007 4841
Getting ready for tomorrow's supply chain. Lummus, Rhonda; Melnyk, Steven A.; Vokurka, Robert J.; Burns, Laird; Sandor, Joe Sep 1, 2007 4673
Prime time for supply chain. Quinn, Francis J. Jul 1, 2007 438
Not-so-perfect order: perfect order metrics are a great performance assessment tool until you forget that they don't tell you everything--and might even hide problems in your supply chain. Lapide, Larry Jul 1, 2007 866
Demand-driven supply chain meets offshoring: looking to go offshore, or improve your current offshore operations? A demand-driven supply chain strategy may be the answer. Here's how to build one. Ledyard, Mike; Keough, Bill Jul 1, 2007 1470
The greening of the supply chain: environmentalism is no longer the exclusive realm of nonprofit groups. Now, the corporate community is getting into the act. Here is how companies can green up their corner of the world. Davies, John; Hochman, Steve Jul 1, 2007 1213
Will 3PLs grab the global opportunity? As supply chains go global and become more complex, 3PLs have a huge opportunity to add real business value to their clients' operations. Aimi, Greg Jul 1, 2007 1095
A supply chain of people: in today's global environment, training efforts need to focus on giving people the skills that enable them to collaborate with their supply chain partners around the world. Hoffman, Lowell M. Apr 1, 2007 1368
Superfactory Web Site and Evolving Excellence Blog. Brief article Apr 1, 2007 165
Security and the global supply chain. Sarathy, Ravi Sep 22, 2006 14262
Managing the financial supply chain. Hartley-Urquhart, Roland Sep 1, 2006 5108

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