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PRIORITARIANISM: A (PLURALIST) DEFENSE. Agmon, Shai; Hitchens, Matt Apr 1, 2019 10251
Ethnic Media and Counterhegemony: Agonistic Pluralism, Policy, and Professionalism. Budarick, John Report Jun 1, 2018 6486
THE JOURNAL OF PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 114, No. 6, June 2017. Brief article Dec 1, 2017 213
THE PHILOSOPHICAL QUARTERLY: Vol. 67, No. 269, October 2017. Abstract Dec 1, 2017 1061
The Birth of an American Christian Democratic Party: Why Christian Democracy can succeed where other third ways and third parties have failed. Baker, Hunter Essay Sep 22, 2017 4915
This Story, However, is Not About Him: Elizabeth Nunez's Even in Paradise and the Rejection of Lear. Jones, Miranda Critical essay Sep 15, 2017 8063
Value pluralism and consistency maximisation in the writings of Aldo Leopold: Moving beyond Callicott's interpretations of the land ethic. Dixon, Ben Essay Jun 1, 2017 11766
Religious pluralism: A Habermasian questioning and a Levinasian addressing. Rhodin, Lars; Mao, Xin Essay Mar 22, 2017 5647
Questioning marks: plurality decisions and precedential constraint. Williams, Ryan C. Mar 1, 2017 33318
Reflections on Muslim-Christian encounters in West Africa. Soares, Benjamin Essay Nov 1, 2016 12762
Legal Pluralism in Traditional Societies: A Case of Agricultural Marketing Relations in Northwest Pakistan. Jan, Inayatullah; Akram, Waqar Report Jun 30, 2016 3304
The Philosophical Quarterly: Vol. 66, No. 263, April 2016. Abstract Jun 1, 2016 1077
Against martyrdom: a liberal argument for accommodation of religion. Horwitz, Paul Apr 1, 2016 21127
Catholic constitutionalism from the Americanist controversy to 'Dignitatis Humanae'. Su, Anna Apr 1, 2016 9241
The federalist safeguards of politics. Johnstone, Anthony Mar 22, 2016 8281
The federalist safeguards of politics. Johnstone, Anthony Mar 22, 2016 18706
Framing aboriginal title as the (mis)recognition of indigenous law. Moulton, Matthew V.W. Jan 1, 2016 17778
"Being Singular Plural" in Chi's (The Great-Flowing River). Su, Tsu-Chung Critical essay Sep 1, 2015 5220
The Qur'an and the Doctrine of Private Revelation: a theological proposal. Moreland, Anna Bonta Sep 1, 2015 9281
The changing face of political Islam in Malaysia in the era of Najib Razak, 2009-2013. Hamid, Ahmad Fauzi Abdul; Razali, Che Hamdan Che Mohd. Report Jul 1, 2015 11893
The Supreme Court in a pluralistic world: four readings of a Reference. Glover, Kate Jun 1, 2015 19709
Active pluralism: dialogue and engagement as basic media policy principles. Gibbons, Thomas Essay Apr 1, 2015 8735
'Jurisdictional' facts and 'hot' facts: legal formalism, legal pluralism, and the nature of Australian administrative law. Fisher, Elizabeth Apr 1, 2015 11428
La pluralisation culturelle de la Charte canadienne a l'aune de la marge d'appreciation. Langlois-Therien, Ludovic Mar 22, 2015 19009
Fighting for pluralism in Syria. Mar 11, 2015 357
Christology in a pluralistic world. Jersild, Paul Essay Feb 1, 2015 4235
Paradigms and framing in applied economics: methodological issues. Birks, Stuart Report Jan 1, 2015 5626
Fallibilism, liberalism and Stilwell's advocacy for pluralism in economics. Mariyani-Squire, Edward; Moussa, Margaret Report Jan 1, 2015 6147
Equality rights, ratio identification, and the un/predictable judicial path not taken: Quebec (Attorney General) v. A. and R. v. Ibanescu. Biddulph, Michelle; Newman, Dwight Jan 1, 2015 16728
Mind Vol. 123, Issue 490, April 2014. Dec 1, 2014 578
Oliver Wendell Holmes Jr. is the use of calling Emerson a pragmatist: a brief and belated response to Stanley Cavell. Mendenhall, Allen Sep 22, 2014 14448
The Kriss: can we speak about normative pluralism in Romania? The case of the Roma minority/Le Kriss: peut-on parler de pluralisme normatif en Roumanie dans le cas de la minorite Rom? Hritcu, Ioana-Cristina; Miscoiu, Sergiu Report Mar 1, 2014 6902
My ecumenical and interfaith journey. Ruether, Rosemary Radford Essay Jan 1, 2014 3668
Can we put our theological money where our dialogical mouth is? Looking back over the past fifty years. Knitter, Paul F. Essay Jan 1, 2014 3770
Operating international law in a global context: presentation of a three steps method. Berge, Jean-Sylvestre; Helleringer, Genevieve Jan 1, 2014 11452
Cognitive conflicts and the making of international law: from empirical concord to conceptual discord in legal scholarship. d'Aspremont, Jean Oct 1, 2013 13129
Fisher, academic freedom, and distrust. Horwitz, Paul Sep 22, 2013 18827
American Kulturkampf: the HHS mandate and the crisis of American religious pluralism. Grasso, Kenneth L. Essay Sep 22, 2013 7074
Hegel's ontological pluralism: rethinking the distinction between Natur and Geist. Padui, Raoni Essay Sep 1, 2013 9018
Legal pluralism in practice. Merry, Sally Engle Sep 1, 2013 3642
From plurality to pluralism: a philosophical defense of religious relationship against relativism. Mundra, Anil Essay Jun 22, 2013 6370
Power transitions, global justice, and the virtues of pluralism. Hurrell, Andrew Essay Jun 22, 2013 7461
Civil actions for acts that are valid according to religious family law but harm women's rights: legal pluralism in cases of collision between two sets of laws. Shmueli, Benjamin May 1, 2013 9890
Civil actions for acts that are valid according to religious family law but harm women's rights: legal pluralism in cases of collision between two sets of laws. Shmueli, Benjamin May 1, 2013 30244
Truth in a pluralistic world: a dialogue with Lesslie Newbigin. Yip, Man-hei Essay Apr 1, 2013 4191
Gender justice in pluralistic societies: challenges for theological education. Gruter, Verena Essay Apr 1, 2013 4961
Contract as deliberation. Lomfeld, Bertram Mar 22, 2013 8225
Autonomy, pluralism, and contract law theory. Dagan, Hanoch Mar 22, 2013 9732
Two faces of American pluralism: political and religious. Mihut, Liliana Dec 22, 2012 9141
Impairment and accessibility. Fritzson, Arne Essay Dec 1, 2012 5247
Dialogue and hospitality. Ratke, David C. Essay Aug 1, 2012 3892
Pluralism, place, and Gertrude Bonnin's counternativism from Utah to Washington, DC. Newmark, Julianne Critical essay Jun 22, 2012 11649
On the new pluralism in contract theory. Kreitner, Roy Jun 22, 2012 9163
Skepticism, pluralism, and the presence of God. Dicken, Thomas M. Essay Mar 22, 2012 11473
Let's talk: embeddedness, majority-minority relations, principled pluralism, and the importance of dialogue. Johnson, Eric L. Essay Mar 22, 2012 4119
Absolutism to ultimacy: rhetoric and reality of religious "pluralism". Karuvelil, George V. Essay Feb 28, 2012 12281
Examining legal liberalism in California. (UC Hastings College of the Law Student Symposium: California Aspects of the Rise and Fall of Legal Liberalism) Schiller, Reuel Jan 1, 2012 1524
The recognition of foreign qualifications. Speech Dec 22, 2011 1351
Democracy, pluralism and the idea of public reason: Rawls and Habermas in comparative perspective. Gencoglu-Onbasi, Funda Report Sep 1, 2011 7754
William James's pluralism. Slater, Michael R. Essay Sep 1, 2011 11101
Unity and mission one hundred years on. Clifford, Catherine E. Essay Jun 22, 2011 7682
Secular Gods. Werner, Michael May 1, 2011 806
How Canada killed multiculturalism. Frost, Catherine Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 5220
Towards a civic republican theory of Canadian constitutional law. Kong, Hoi Jan 1, 2011 14565
Confronting the seduction of choice: law, education, and American pluralism. Minow, Martha Jan 1, 2011 14786
Postmodernity--or expanding modernity? Swidler, Leonard Editorial Jan 1, 2011 1702
Toward an apophatic pluralism: beyond confessionalism, epicyclism, and inclusivism in theology of religions. Rose, Kenneth Essay Jan 1, 2011 4429
A golden opportunity: religious pluralism and American Muslims strategies of integration in the US after 9/11, 2001. Salem, Hajer ben Hadj Essay Dec 22, 2010 5883
Participatory democracy and information and communications technology: a legal pluralist perspective. Dizon, Michael Anthony C. Sep 1, 2010 15977
Vietnamese party-state and religious pluralism since 1986: building the fatherland? Bouquet, Mathieu Report Apr 1, 2010 5845
Disestablishing the family. Ristroph, Alice; Murray, Melissa Apr 1, 2010 20167
Normative and legal pluralism: a global perspective. Twining, William Mar 22, 2010 20579
Why modern, liberal, pluralistic, secularist democracies cannot educate themselves. Kozinski, Thaddeus J. Essay Mar 22, 2010 3307
Challenge from the philosophy of scientific practice and new empiricism. Tong, Wu Report Mar 1, 2010 6135
The tension between holism and pluralism: comment on 'creative holism'. Dongping, Fan Report Mar 1, 2010 3969
Ceramics pluralism: diversity of practice and the role of criticism. Brown, Glen R. Essay Dec 1, 2009 3255
Religious pluralism and the coincidence of opposites. Delio, Ilia Essay Dec 1, 2009 11474
A brief response to Aimee Upjohn Light. Hick, John Sep 22, 2009 816
Mind: April 2009, Vol. 118, No. 470. Sep 1, 2009 326
Philosophy and Phenomenological Research: July 2009, Vol. 79, No. 1. Sep 1, 2009 669
Harris, Hick, and the demise of the pluralist hypothesis. Light, Aimee Upjohn Report Jun 22, 2009 2187
Quebec and her sisters in the third legal family. Palmer, Vernon Valentine Jun 22, 2009 14838
Religious pluralism: civil society's hope in a diverse country. Patel, Eboo; Hartman, Becca Report Mar 22, 2009 3463
Editorial. Shariff, Fauzia Editorial Dec 1, 2008 1662
Plan B in the pluralist-dialogue approach to religious diversity in America. Numrich, Paul D. Essay Sep 22, 2008 11913
The plurality of forms: now and then. O'Callaghan, John Essay Sep 1, 2008 17146
Parts, wholes, and presence by power: a response to Gordon P. Barnes. Storck, Michael Hector Essay Sep 1, 2008 6311
The interlegality of transnational private law. Wai, Robert Jun 22, 2008 10054
Religious pluralism in an era of globalization: the making of modern religious identity. Fletcher, Jeannine Hill Essay Jun 1, 2008 7650
Multiculturalism and ethnic pluralism in sociology: an analysis of the fragmentation position discourse. Wong, Lloyd Report Mar 22, 2008 8834
Plurality decisions in the Supreme Court of the United States: a reexamination of the Marks doctrine after Rapanos v. United States. Cacace, Joseph M. Dec 22, 2007 19576
The empire's new clothes: political economy and the fragmentation of international law. Benvenisti, Eyal; Downs, George W. Nov 1, 2007 17624
From statements to parables: rethinking pluralist identities. Hallett, Garth L. Sep 1, 2007 7807
Celebrating pluralism and dialogue: qur'anic perspectives. Afsaruddin, Asma Jun 22, 2007 9397
A global ethic for the Global Village. Shafer, Ingrid H. Jun 22, 2007 6679
Clouser's response to Alexanian. Clouser, Roy Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2007 581
How to keep the 'United' in United States: coping with religions diversity in the world's first 'new' nation. Thomas, Oliver Viewpoint essay Feb 1, 2007 1096
Fundamentalisms and American pluralism *. Numrich, Paul D. Jan 1, 2007 2736
Disputed identity as unescapable pluralism. Moldova's ambiguous transition. Mungiu-Pippidi, Alina Essay Jan 1, 2007 7138
?Es realmente posible otro mundo? O el lema de la revolucion francesa reconsiderada (1). Wallerstein, Immanuel Jul 1, 2006 6606
Christian identity and religious plurality. Williams, Rowan Jan 1, 2006 3443
The chronology of the legal. Melissaris, Emmanuel Dec 1, 2005 11891
Treasuring the treasure: an interfaith journey. Vogelaar, Harold Oct 1, 2005 7528
L'experience migratoire et le sentiment d'appartenance. Guilbert, Lucille Essay Mar 22, 2005 9283
Memoires migrantes, memoires vivantes: identite culturelle et recits de vie d'aines vietnamiens au Quebec. Dorais, Louis-Jacques Essay Mar 22, 2005 11152
Beware 'new Canada'. Byfield, Ted Feb 1, 2005 1554
Jacques Dupuis, theologian, dies in Rome at age 81. Thavis, John Jan 7, 2005 464
Civility and liberal pluralism. Barnard, Ian Jan 1, 2005 4043
"Genuine pluralism" and Reformed christology. Melcher, Sarah J. Jan 1, 2005 5172
Reason and culture: debating the foundations of morals in a pluralist world. Masolo, Dismas A. May 1, 2004 7482
Unity in Diversity - The Constitution presupposes a civil order based on moral consensus. Canavan, Francis Critical Essay Feb 1, 2003 3986
Transmitting pluralism: mixed unions in Montreal. Meintel, Deirdre Sep 22, 2002 11001
Dehumanization or the disappearance of pluralism? Duclos, Denis Sep 22, 2002 2023
Toward a practical Utopianism: Utopian thinking needs to be rescued from fantasy and fanaticism; it must embrace science but disclaim moral relativism. Bisk, Tsvi May 1, 2002 2512
Religious freedom and pluralism. Dulles, Avery Cardinal Essay Mar 22, 2002 5434
At the end of the circle of pluralism. (World Watcher). Howell, Llewellyn D. Mar 1, 2002 1068
Together for prayer despite debate: Assisi interfaith effort runs into Dominus Iesus. Allen, John L., Jr. Feb 1, 2002 4175
One nation under ... which God? Interview Sep 1, 2001 3185
The melting pot. Wortham, Anne Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 522
Inter-religious Encounter. Goncalves, Teresa Osorio Oct 1, 2000 3134
The puzzle of pluralism. RUETHER, ROSEMARY RADFORD Oct 22, 1999 1074
In the pluralism of religious and cultural worlds: notes toward a theological and political program. Wiggers, Heiko Jun 22, 1999 4025
Systemic Praxis in the Education of the Agricultural Systems Practitioner([dagger]). Bawden, R.J.; Packham, R.G. Sep 1, 1998 4622
A critical appraisal of Isaiah Berlin's philosophy of pluralism. Frisch, Morton J. Jun 22, 1998 4955
Mobile sheep and stable shepherds: the ecumenical challenge of porous North American denominational boundaries. Lincoln, Timothy D. Jun 22, 1998 6224
Interreligious friendship: a new theological virtue. Fredericks, James L. Mar 22, 1998 8246
Indian sources on the possibility of a pluralist view of religions. Trapnell, Judson B. Mar 22, 1998 13183
The Church's struggle with diversity. Romero, Daniel F. Apr 1, 1996 7584
Family matters: Aristotle's appreciation of women and the plural structure of society. Dobbs, Darrell Mar 1, 1996 15629
Into the public square: explaining the origins of religious interest groups. Hofrenning, Daniel J.B. Jan 1, 1995 6647
Challenge to pluralism. Eck, Diana L. Jun 22, 1993 4758
Managing your lab in a multicultural environment. Martin, Bettina G. Apr 1, 1993 951
Merely academic diversity. Galis, Leon Jan 1, 1993 3506
Achtung baby. Diederichsen, Diedrich Jan 1, 1993 1244
The quality question. Brenson, Michael Jun 1, 1992 2256

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