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UK renewables outstrip fossils; UK & WORLD. Oct 14, 2019 212
UK renewables outstrip fossils; UK & WORLD. Oct 14, 2019 212
More power from renewable energy. Oct 14, 2019 186
Finite Control Set Model Predictive Control for Complex Energy System with Large-Scale Wind Power. Shen, Yang-Wu; Yuan, Jin-Rong; Shen, Fei-Fan; Xu, Jia-Zhu; Li, Chen-Kun; Wang, Ding Aug 1, 2019 6786
Lithuania : Ministry laying the foundations for wind power in the Baltic Sea. Jul 19, 2019 625
Wind Energy Variation To The County Donegal Development Plan, 2018-2024: Preparation Of Associated Sea And Aa; Review Of Mapping; And Assessment Of Submissions (where Required). Jun 14, 2019 269
Analysis and Control of Low-Voltage Ride-Through Capability Improvement for PMSG Based on an NPC Converter Using an Interval Type-2 Fuzzy Logic System. Gencer, Altan Jun 1, 2019 4460
Controlled burning could help to prevent wildfires; Muirburn: Trial of methods used by gamekeepers on sporting estates. May 6, 2019 358
A Method Based on Lorenz Disturbance and Variational Mode Decomposition for Wind Speed Prediction. Zhang, Yagang; Gao, Shuang; Ban, Minghui; Sun, Yi Report May 1, 2019 5795
Realization Of Geotechnical Studies As Part Of The Construction Of The Raffauds 2 (p1bis) Wind Farm, Located In The South Of Deux-svres (alloinay Commune). Feb 5, 2019 200
Blade design for horizontal axis wind turbine: 3D model./Diseno de helices eolicas para aerogenerador de eje horizontal: modelo 3D. Molano, David Esteban Albadan; Cespedes, Jorge Enrique Salamanca Jan 1, 2019 2279
United States : Upwind wind farms can reduce the energy production of downwind neighbor turbines. Dec 3, 2018 765
Big wind, solar farms could boost rain in Sahara: Study. Sep 7, 2018 564
The Fluid Dynamic Basis for Actuator Disc and Rotor Theories. Book review Aug 1, 2018 111
EVALUATING AND IMPROVING NWP FORECAST MODELS FOR THE FUTURE: How the Needs of Offshore Wind Energy Can Point the Way. Banta, Robert M.; Pichugina, Yelena L.; Brewer, W. Alan; James, Eric P.; Olson, Joseph B.; Benjamin, Jun 1, 2018 12956
Services For Modeling The Various Options For The Development Of The Balance Of The Belarusian Energy System Taking Into Account The Development Of Wind Energy. May 24, 2018 145
Landscape Study Of Wind Energy Development In Meuse. May 22, 2018 206
Improved Wind Speed Prediction Using Empirical Mode Decomposition. Zhang, Yagang; Zhang, Chenhong; Sun, Jingbin; Guo, Jingjing Report May 1, 2018 5304
Analysis and Control of Fault Ride Through Capability Improvement PMSG Based on WECS Using Active Crowbar System During Different Fault Conditions. Gencer, Altan Report Apr 1, 2018 4931
Wind power may scuttle Iran's petroleum industry. Jan 26, 2018 421
Ultra-Short-Term Prediction of Wind Power Based on Fuzzy Clustering and RBF Neural Network. Hui, Huang; Rong, Jia; Songkai, Wang Jan 1, 2018 3601
Influence of Microalloying Element on the Microstructure and Mechanical Properties of 34CrNiMo6 Steel for Wind Turbine Main Shaft. Ge, Yanming; Wang, Kehong Jan 1, 2018 3324
Nonlocal inadvertent weather modification associated with wind farms in the central united states. Lauridsen, Matthew J.; Ancell, Brian C. Jan 1, 2018 8981
Power Extraction Control of Variable Speed Wind Turbine Systems Based on Direct Drive Synchronous Generator in All Operating Regimes. Errami, Youssef; Obbadi, Abdellatif; Sahnoun, Smail; Ouassaid, Mohammed; Maaroufi, Mohamed Jan 1, 2018 6937
A Modified RBF Neuro-Sliding Mode Control Technique for a Grid Connected PMSG Based Variable Speed Wind Energy Conversion System. Douanla, Rostand Marc; Kenne, Godpromesse; Pelap, Francois Beceau; Fotso, Armel Simo Report Jan 1, 2018 8972
Mapping the Wind Energy Potential of Sweden: A Sociotechnical Wind Atlas. Enevoldsen, Peter; Permien, Finn-Hendrik Jan 1, 2018 6168
Maximum Wind Power Tracking of Doubly Fed Wind Turbine System Based on Adaptive Gain Second-Order Sliding Mode. Sun, Hongchang; Han, Yaozhen; Zhang, Lvyuan Report Jan 1, 2018 5598
Services Of Project Management Assistant For The Connection Of Pilot Floating Wind Farms. Dec 9, 2017 217
Evaluation of the Microlocal Wind Power Potential for the Operation of a University Wind Turbine/Evaluacion del Potencial de Energia Eolica Microlocal para el Funcionamiento de un Aerogenerador Universitario. Guerrero, Luis Fernando Villamarin; Betancourt, Manuel Alejandro Mayorga; Mendoza, Maria Camila Amar Dec 1, 2017 4240
Spring occurrence of fish and macro-invertebrate assemblages near designated wind energy areas on the northeast U.S. continental shelf. Walsh, Harvey J.; Guida, Vince G. Oct 1, 2017 9596
Modelling Correlated Forecast Error for Wind Power in Probabilistic Load Flow. Huang, Yu; Xu, Qingshan; Jiang, Xianqiang; Zhang, Tong; Yang, Yang Report Oct 1, 2017 4385
United Kingdom : LR PhD study builds on wind resource modelling knowledge. Aug 4, 2017 224
Study insight into seabirds' hunt for food. Jul 7, 2017 254
China : Huadong Engineering selects Ramboll for Chinese wind farm foundation contract. Jun 19, 2017 178
State of the art in research on wind energy conversion system: A review. Priya, S. Shenbaga; Elatharasan, G. Report Jun 1, 2017 3146
Probabilistic framework for transient stability assessment of power systems with high penetration of renewable generation--solar and wind energy sources. Sandhya, S.; Ali, Jaseer Report Apr 15, 2017 3270
Wind power prediction based on LS-SVM model with error correction. Zhang, Yagang; Wang, Penghui; Ni, Tao; Cheng, Penglai; Lei, Shuang Report Feb 1, 2017 4509
Model of Fuzzy Logic for Selection Infrastructural Investment Project of Wind Farm Locations. Aljicevic, Zajim; Kostic, Aleksandra; Dautbasic, Nedis; Karli, Gunay Report Jan 1, 2017 2495
A Novel Clustering Method Based on Quasi-Consensus Motions of Dynamical Multiagent Systems. Cai, Ning; Diao, Chen; Khan, M. Junaid Report Jan 1, 2017 4622
Toward Small-Scale Wind Energy Harvesting: Design, Enhancement, Performance Comparison, and Applicability. Zhao, Liya; Yang, Yaowen Report Jan 1, 2017 24174
Ant assemblage (Hymenoptera: formicidae) in three wind farms in the state of Parana, Brazil/Assembleia de formigas (Hymenoptera: formicidae) de tres parques eolicos do Estado do Parana, Brasil. Jan 1, 2017 5518
Practical Robust Optimization Method for Unit Commitment of a System with Integrated Wind Resource. Yang, Yuanchao Report Jan 1, 2017 10288
Two-Stage Robust Security-Constrained Unit Commitment with Optimizable Interval of Uncertain Wind Power Output. Sun, Dayan; Zhang, Liudong; Su, Dawei; Yuan, Yubo Report Jan 1, 2017 6815
A Multiobjective Robust Scheduling Optimization Mode for Multienergy Hybrid System Integrated by Wind Power, Solar Photovoltaic Power, and Pumped Storage Power. Zhang, Lihui; Xin, He; Wu, Jing; Ju, Liwei; Tan, Zhongfu Report Jan 1, 2017 9840
Visual impact assessment of wind farms in quality and aesthetics of landscape surrounding protected areas: a case study of Guartela State Park, PR/Avaliacao do impacto visual de parques eolicos na qualidade e estetica da paisagem no entorno de areas protegidas: estudo de caso do Parque Estadual do Guartela, PR. Siefert, Cesar Augusto Crovador; Santos, Irani dos Case study Dec 1, 2016 5071
Preliminary Analysis of Wind Power in 4 Colombian Cities, and Utilization Estimates with Urban Wind Turbines/Analisis preliminar del potencial eolico en 4 ciudades de Colombia y su aprovechamiento estimado a partir de aerogeneradores urbanos. Leon-Vargas, Fabian; Krejci, Edwing; Garcia-Jaramillo, Maira Report Dec 1, 2016 3370
A control strategy to overcome LVRT issues in wind turbine driven squirrel cage induction generator. Merlin, M. Bijo; Mayurappriyan, P.S.; Saravanan, M.; Subashini, A. Report Sep 15, 2016 2355
Research on the wind power system optimization and harmonic suppression methodologies. Yuan, Zhi; Wang, Weiqing Aug 1, 2016 3887
Morphodynamical Assessment Of Dutch Coast (south) Windfarm Zone. Jul 20, 2016 102
Wind power feed-in impact on electricity prices in Germany 2009-2013. Benhmad, Francois; Percebois, Jacques Report Jul 1, 2016 4868
Remedial measures to overcome low voltage ride through problems for wind turbine driven DFIG. Priyadarshini, S.; Mayurappriyan, P.S.; Arulselvan, S.; BijoMerlin, M. Jun 30, 2016 2754
Provision of Engineering studies. May 21, 2016 204
United Kingdom : SGURRENERGY in favor of fiscal closure of Canadian wind portfolio. Apr 22, 2016 138
Analysis of performance metrics of controllers for pitch controlled variable speed wind turbine. Nazreen, M. Fathima; Ali, E.A. Mohamed Report Apr 1, 2016 2468
Control of doubly fed induction generator based wind energy conversion systems using feedback linearization. Haneesh, K.M. Report Apr 1, 2016 2091
fulfillment services% analysis of the prospects of wind power in eleven prospective construction sites WEC PJSC "T Plus". Mar 25, 2016 117
A New Wind Power Forecasting Approach Based on Conjugated Gradient Neural Network. Li, Tian; Li, Yongqian; Liao, Mingwei; Wang, Weikang; Zeng, Chujie Jan 1, 2016 5531
Equivalent Modeling of DFIG-Based Wind Power Plant Considering Crowbar Protection. Zhu, Qianlong; Ding, Ming; Han, Pingping Jan 1, 2016 6272
Model of fuzzy logic for selection infrastructural investment project of wind farm locations. Aljicevic, Zajim; Kostic, Aleksandra; Dautbasic, Nedis; Karli, Gunay Report Jan 1, 2016 2383
Recommended methods of post-construction monitoring of birds at wind farms. Dec 17, 2015 358
Misleading comparison on wind farms. Sep 25, 2015 144
A meticulous MPPT algorithm in smoothening of wind powered output and reactive power variations for a direct driven PMSG using a single active switch controller. Pragaspathy, S.; Anand, B. Sep 1, 2015 3420
Transportable hybrid solar and wind energy system for education and public awareness. Rose, Kyle D., Sr.; Aggarwal, Mohan; Batra, Ashok Report Apr 1, 2015 195
Australia : NHMRC s comprehensive review finds little evidence of adverse health effects from wind farms. Feb 12, 2015 426
Efficiency Analyses of a DC Residential Power Distribution System for the Modern Home. Gelani, Hassan Erteza; Dastgeer, Faizan Feb 1, 2015 5765
United States : Vaisala and US Department of Energy to Improve Wind Forecasting in Complex Terrain through $2.5M Study. Jan 13, 2015 402
Multi-objective economic emission load dispatch solution in various generation plants with wind power penetration. Thenmalar, K.; Ramesh, S. Report Dec 1, 2014 3200
Analysis of a single phase resistive bridgeless rectifier for SMPS and UPS applications. Annamalai, Tamizhselvan; Rajini, V. Report Nov 15, 2014 2924
AUTOWINSPEC: Automated mechanical property and fatigue life assessment of composite wind turbine blades in less than 4 hours. Nov 15, 2014 442
MESOWAKE: Unified mesoscale to wind turbine wake downscaling based on an open-source model chain. Nov 13, 2014 184
Automated mechanical property and fatigue life assessment of composite wind turbine blades in less than 4 hours. Nov 5, 2014 318
Assessment wind field in the region of Annaba East Algeria with an aerodynamic analysis for installation a small wind turbines/Vejo rytu Slzyro Anabos regione aerodinaminis vertinimas mazu vejo jegainiu irengimui. Zerari, N.; Benretem, A. Report Nov 1, 2014 4102
United States : JSGC to conduct study on impact of wind farms in PENNSYLVANIA. Oct 3, 2014 157
Effect of wind turbine proximity on nesting success in shrub-nesting birds. Bennett, Victoria J.; Hale, Amanda M.; Karsten, Kristopher B.; Gordon, Caleb E.; Suson, Bryan J. Oct 1, 2014 6547
Going WILD for Drupal. Abbott, Jennifer; Sandberg, Tami Jun 1, 2014 2455
Windfarms and residential property values. McCarthy, Iona; Balli, Hatice Ozer Jun 1, 2014 5852
Study shows wind turbines could diminish hurricane intensity. Jun 1, 2014 271
Modeling, Simulation and Control of Wind Energy Conversion System based on Doubly Fed Induction Generator and Cycloconverter. Boumassata, Abderraouf; Kerdoun, Djallel May 1, 2014 3117
Efficiency Evaluation of Five-Phase Outer-Rotor Fault-Tolerant BLDC Drives under Healthy and Open-Circuit Faulty Conditions. Arashloo, Ramin Salehi; Salehifar, Mehdi; Saavedra, Harold; Martinez, Jose Luis Romeral May 1, 2014 6040
Entrepreneurial opportunities for wind-energy markets in three emerging economies. Tseng, Chien-Chi Apr 1, 2014 9651
Support vector regression based on grid-search method for short-term wind power forecasting. Zhang, Hong; Chen, Lixing; Qu, Yong; Zhao, Guo; Guo, Zhenwei Report Jan 1, 2014 6385
Adaptive backstepping control based on floating offshore high temperature superconductor generator for wind turbines. Yang, Feng; Li, Sheng-shan; Wang, Lei; Zuo, Shan; Song, Qing-wang Report Jan 1, 2014 4823
Neuron-adaptive PID based speed control of SCSG wind turbine system. Zuo, Shan; Song, Yongduan; Wang, Lei; Zhou, Zheng Report Jan 1, 2014 3951
Just no comparison YOU cannot [...]; MAILBAG. Dec 28, 2013 119
Evaluating climate and climatic factors (wind) at residential areas a case study: Rasht. Beigbabaei, Bashir Report Nov 1, 2013 2201
Controlling wind energy for utility grid reliability. Aho, Jacob P.; Buckspan, Andrew D.; Dunne, Fiona M.; Pad, Lucy Y. Sep 1, 2013 6079
Investigation of the wind characteristics and prospects of wind power use in Lithuania. Katinas, Vladislovas; Sankauskas, Donatas; Perednis, Eugenijus; Vaitiekunas, Petras Sep 1, 2013 3742
Reliability analysis of liquid cooling systems' mechanical components for 3 MVA power converter/3 MVA galios konverterio ausinimo sistemos su skysciu mechaniniu komponentu patikimumo analize. Polikarpova, M.; Lohtander, M.; Popova, L.; Musikka, T.; Juntunen, R.; Silventoinen, P.; Varis, J.; Report Jul 1, 2013 4630
Renewable integration by end-use thermal devices. Upadhye, Harshal; Domitrovic, Ron; Hirahara, Nohealani; Ifuku, Earle; Goo, Mathew; Somdecerff, John Report Jul 1, 2013 2957
Renewable Integration by End--Use Thermal Devices. Upadhye, Marshal; Ifuku, Earle; Domitrovic, Ron; Goo, Mathew; Mirahara, Nohealani; Somdecerff, John Jun 22, 2013 2924
Trying to catch the wind. Jun 1, 2013 765
Research of aerodynamics characteristics of wind power plant blades/Vejo jegaines menciu aerodinaminiu charakteristiku tyrimas. Galdikas, M.; Vilkauskas, A. Report May 1, 2013 4070
Windfarms are a failure. Lake, Toney Letter to the editor Nov 1, 2012 407
LQR optimum control for wind energy conversion system. Nekooei, E.; Badjani, S.M. Mousavi; Pahlavani, M.R. Alizadeh Report Aug 1, 2012 3057
Wind power subsidy is a lot of hot air. Phillips, Tim; Lewandowski, Corey R. Jun 29, 2012 488
Brazil to Emerge as Wind Power Capital of Latin America: Kuick Research. Mar 3, 2012 328
Study shows U.S. wind capacity greater than expected. May 1, 2010 170
Wind energy could power all of China, study finds. Block, Ben Brief article Nov 1, 2009 237
New study expects huge increase in North American wind turbines by 2015. Oct 12, 2009 131
The estimation of needed capacity of a storage system according to load and wind parameters. Poder, V.; Lepa, J.; Palge, V.; Peets, T.; Annuk, A. Report Sep 1, 2009 2985
Only on M.E. magazine online @ Brief article May 1, 2008 174
Wind in a bottle: like everything else, wind power is bigger in Texas. But plans to erect thousands of large turbines have utilities scrambling to build a new energy infrastructure. Testa, Bridget Mintz May 1, 2008 2462
Wind power makes green retailer greener. Jul 1, 2005 296
2004 a bad year for Danish windmill industry - report. Brief Article Jan 20, 2005 183
Wind farming: a business opportunity for rural America. Clark, R. Nolan Jul 1, 2003 1539
Recharge! In a polluted world, can nature provide cleaner energy? (Renewable Energy). Chiang, Mona Apr 18, 2003 1550
Power Harvests. RALOFF, JANET Jul 21, 2001 2274
The answer is blowing in the wind ... or maybe not. Brief Article Sep 1, 1998 191
Harnessing the sun & wind. Flavin, Christopher Nov 1, 1995 3403

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