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Perceived racial and cultural discrimination and sense of belonging in Canadian society. Wu, Zheng; Finnsdottir, Maria Report May 1, 2021 9302
Racial stereotyping of indigenous people in the Canadian media: A comparative analysis of two water pollution incidents. Burns, Philippe; Shor, Eran Report May 1, 2021 11837
Model Imaan Hammam speaks up about adultification of black girls. Arab News Jul 29, 2020 612
Discrimination in the United States: Experiences of Native Americans. Findling, Mary G.; Casey, Logan S.; Fryberg, Stephanie A.; Hafner, Steven; Blendon, Robert J.; Benso Dec 1, 2019 7837
Making the Grade: Stakeholders react to White Coats for Black Lives evaluation of select medical schools. Elfman, Lois Nov 28, 2019 1631
Ethnic minorities twice as likely to be unemployed; BLACK AND ASIAN PEOPLE IN BRUM 'FACE PREJUDICE' IN RECRUITMENT. Mar 23, 2019 437
Reflections on what could have been. Serumaga, Kalundi Column Jan 1, 2019 1249
Double Consciousness in Andrea Levy's Never Far from Nowhere and Isidore Okpewho's Call me by my Rightful Name. Onunkwo, Chibuzo; Chig, Andrew Dec 1, 2018 10018
Artificial Stupidity: Computers aren't bigoted--they're just based on cold calculations, right? Granados, Luis Sep 1, 2018 1098
Analysis: Legal political maps -- except for those minority voters in Fort Worth. Jul 11, 2018 1013
Racial Demonization for Profit and Power: The words "white privilege" are slung as an epithet by liberals of all races in order to undermine Western culture, make way for Marxism, and cause racial division. Duke, Selwyn Dec 4, 2017 3639
How Do English-speaking Caribbean Immigrants in Toronto Find Jobs? Exploring the Relevance of Social Networks. Branker, Ron Robert Report Sep 22, 2017 8505
The Development of the Chinese Community in Saskatoon. Lu, Yixi; Zong, Li Report Sep 22, 2017 9203
Analysis: The Texas Legislature's persistent discrimination. Aug 30, 2017 973
Racial discrimination and depression among on-reserve First Nations people in rural Saskatchewan. Janzen, Bonnie; Karunanayake, Chandima; Rennie, Donna; Katapally, Tarun; Dyck, Roland; McMullin, Kat Report May 1, 2017 4938
And if there were another way out? Questioning the prevalent radicalization models. Rousseau, Cecile; Hassan, Ghayda; Oulhote, Youssef Report May 1, 2017 2260
Analysis: A word about where Texas legislators get their legal advice. Apr 24, 2017 1086
Patterns of Sociodemographic and Clinicopathologic Characteristics of Stages II and III Colorectal Cancer Patients by Age: Examining Potential Mechanisms of Young-Onset Disease. Murphy, Caitlin C.; Sanoff, Hanna K.; Stitzenberg, Karyn B.; Baron, John A.; Lund, Jennifer L.; Sand Report Jan 1, 2017 7548
Racial and Socioeconomic Disparities Are More Pronounced in Inflammatory Breast Cancer Than Other Breast Cancers. Denu, Ryan A.; Hampton, John M.; Currey, Adam; Anderson, Roger T.; Cress, Rosemary D.; Fleming, Stev Report Jan 1, 2017 6198
Trends and Disparities in the Prevalence of Childhood Obesity in South Texas between 2009 and 2015. Foster, Byron A.; Maness, Trevor M.; Aquino, Christian A. Report Jan 1, 2017 4859
Ethnic Differences in Risk Factors for Obesity among Adults in California, the United States. Wang, Liang; Southerland, Jodi; Wang, Kesheng; Bailey, Beth A.; Alamian, Arsham; Stevens, Marc A.; W Report Jan 1, 2017 6908
The Role of Race and Gender in Nutrition Habits and Self-Efficacy: Results from the Young Adult Weight Loss Study. Stephens, Janna D.; Althouse, Andrew; Tan, Alai; Melnyk, Bernadette Mazurek Report Jan 1, 2017 3861
'Workers priced out of justice'. Nov 11, 2016 432
Hate Speech and Covert Discrimination on Social Media: Monitoring the Facebook Pages of Extreme-Right Political Parties in Spain. Ben-David, Anat; Matamoros-Fernandez, Ariadna Feb 1, 2016 8974
Where you live matters: quality and racial/ethnic disparities in schizophrenia care in four state Medicaid programs. Horvitz-Lennon, Marcela; Volya, Rita; Garfield, Rachel; Donohue, Julie M.; Lave, Judith R.; Normand, Oct 1, 2015 5927
Racial discrimination, post-traumatic stress and prescription drug problems among aboriginal Canadians. Currie, Cheryl; Wild, T. Cameron; Schopflocher, Donald; Laing, Lory Report Sep 1, 2015 4727
Sorting and statistical discrimination in schools. Nathan, Anil Report Jun 1, 2015 7909
Choosing our heroes: Skelly Wright and Atticus Finch. Steiker, Carol S. Mar 22, 2015 3311
AEI political report. Mazza, Michael; Slutz, James A.; Scissors, Derek M.; Vakhshouri, SaraVakhshouri; Goldthau, Andreas; Survey Feb 1, 2015 2729
The queen's Jews: religion, race, and change in twentieth-century Canada. Duffin, Jacalyn Dec 22, 2014 12474
'Unconscious bias' towards black and ethnic NHS staff. Report Dec 1, 2014 233
Dehumanization of the black population: genocide as tacit principle of capitalism/Desumanizacao da populacao negra: genocidio como principio tacito do capitalismo. Almeida, Magali da Silva Dec 1, 2014 9305
Black America's promised land: why I am still a racial optimist. Kennedy, Randall Viewpoint essay Sep 1, 2014 4186
"Continually reminded of their inferior position": social dominance, implicit bias, criminality, and race. Hutchinson, Darren Lenard Jun 22, 2014 4762
"Continually reminded of their inferior position": social dominance, implicit bias, criminality, and race. Hutchinson, Darren Lenard Jun 22, 2014 32674
Color-blind racism in France: bias against ethnic minority immigrants. Ware, Leland Jun 22, 2014 7189
Color-blind racism in France: bias against ethnic minority immigrants. Ware, Leland Jun 22, 2014 14530
The great society at fifty: the triumph and the tragedy. Eberstadt, Nicholas Critical essay May 1, 2014 13006
Job characteristics among working parents: differences by race, ethnicity, and nativity. Earle, Alison; Joshi, Pamela; Geronimo, Kimberly; Acevedo-Garcia, Dolores May 1, 2014 11491
Is the sports media color-blind? Berri, David J.; Van Gilder, Jennifer; Fenn, Aju J. Report May 1, 2014 9301
Black-white differences in intergenerational economic mobility in the United States. Mazumder, Bhashkar Mar 22, 2014 9848
Top brass polishing other people's brass: evaluating aspects of the marred legacy of an African American college president. Boyce, Travis D. Feb 1, 2014 8987
Leniency as a miscarriage of race and gender justice. Gruber, Aya Mar 22, 2013 6212
Leniency as a miscarriage of race and gender justice. Gruber, Aya Mar 22, 2013 21048
How Britain treats its black academics: a new petition campaign, now underway, wants British universities to stop discriminating against black academics (also known as African and Caribbean scholars) achieving equal job opportunities, reports Osei Boateng. Boateng, Osei Essay Jan 1, 2013 2421
Examining Discrimination and Bias in the Campus Racial Climate: Multiple Approaches and Implications for the Use of Multiracial College Student Data. Guillermo-Wann, Chelsea Abstract Nov 2, 2012 415
'As Swedish as anybody else' or 'Swedish, but also something else'? Discourses on transnational adoptee identities in Sweden. Lind, Judith Report Sep 22, 2012 6737
A commitment to 'normalcy never again'. Mikulich, Alex Aug 17, 2012 815
Indian nurses claim council acted discriminately. Brief article Aug 1, 2012 247
Gender and society: the current dominance of law in the field of human rights. David, Bogdan Report Jul 1, 2012 2258
Race classifications, indicators and praxis: a response to Ruggunan et al, Lefko-Everett, and Erwin. Garuba, Harry Essay May 1, 2012 1581
Discrimination may harm your health. Apr 4, 2012 441
Can't buy me love? A field experiment exploring the trade-off between income and caste-status in an Indian matrimonial market. Dugar, Subhasish; Bhattacharya, Haimanti; Reiley, David Apr 1, 2012 12231
Breaking (and keeping) silences: tricksters in Josephine Humphreys's Nowhere Else on Earth. Godwin, Rebecca L. Essay Jan 1, 2012 6602
Surviving as Foreign-Born Immigrants in America's Higher Education: Eight Exemplary Cases. Eskay, M. K.; Onu, V. C.; Obiyo, N. O.; Igbo, J. N.; Udaya, J. Report Jan 1, 2012 185
Factors Influencing Career Experiences of Selected Chinese Faculty Employed at an American Research Extensive University. Cooksey, Yan Zhang; Cole, Bryan R. Report Jan 1, 2012 355
Beginning Teachers Are More Common in Rural, High-Poverty, and Racially Diverse Schools. Issue Brief No. 53. Gagnon, Douglas; Mattingly, Marybeth J. Report Jan 1, 2012 299
Constitutional hypocrisy. Spann, Girardeau A. Dec 22, 2011 9706
Explaining the Black-White Achievement Gap in the Context of Family, Neighborhood, and School. FPG Snapshot #64. Abstract Dec 1, 2011 366
"An issue that could tear us apart": race, empire, and economy in the British (Welfare) State, 1968. Longpre, Nicole Essay Mar 22, 2011 16581
Reassessing the predictive validity of the I at II: reanalysis of Heider & Skowronski (2007). Blanton, Hart; Mitchell, Gregory Report Mar 1, 2011 2487
Family stories: Black/White marriage during the 1960s. McClain, Carol Shepherd Essay Jan 1, 2011 9788
Introduction: race, class, and the child welfare system. Pelton, Leroy H. Dec 22, 2010 1969
The Supreme Court's post-racial turn towards a zero-sum understanding of equality. Norton, Helen Oct 1, 2010 26863
Paulo Lins's Cidade de Deus: mapping racial and class difference in the favela. Lorenz, Aaron Essay Sep 22, 2010 7605
Resistance and citizenship in the songs of Ile Aiye and Olodum. Tosta, Antonio Luciano Essay Sep 22, 2010 9445
Better Together: Research Findings on the Relationship between Racial Justice Organizations and LGBT Communities. Report. Sen, Rinku; Wessler, Seth; Apollon, Dominique Brief article Sep 1, 2010 271
Investigating the educational foundations of Doe versus Kamehameha Schools lawsuit, 1887-2007. Beyer, C. Kalani Report Jun 22, 2010 7518
Reexamining perceived discrimination between Blacks and Whites following Hurricane Katrina: a racial-conciliatory perspective. de la Pena, Derek; Bachman, Christine; Istre, Rose Mary; Cohen, Michelle; Klarman, Michelle Report Jun 1, 2010 9170
White students at the historically Black University: toward developing a critical consciousness. Henry, Wilma J.; Closson, Rosemary B. Report Jan 1, 2010 6748
The psychological problems of Turkish origin immigrants and gender differences/ Hollanda'daki Turkiye kokenli gocmenlerin psikolojik sorunlari ve kadin erkek farklari. Hunler, Olga S. Clinical report Dec 1, 2009 7147
Baby Janay and Naomi Pabst: negotiating race mixing, adoption, and transnationality. Pabst, Naomi Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2009 5223
The contribution of economists to understanding racial health disparities in the US. Dynan, Linda Report Sep 1, 2009 5382
Overweight adolescents and on-time high school graduation: racial and gender disparities. Okunade, Albert A.; Hussey, Andrew J.; Karakus, Mustafa C. Report Sep 1, 2009 8995
Race, quality of care and patient outcomes: what can we learn from the department of veterans affairs? Simeonova, Emilia Report Sep 1, 2009 9805
Black-white disparities in care in nursing homes. Grabowski, David C.; McGuire, Thomas G. Report Sep 1, 2009 7467
African-American Adolescent Violence. Brief article Aug 1, 2009 179
The Obama era: a post-racial society? Despite the election of President Barack Obama, many longtime scholars whose work intertwines with race disagree that the country has reached a post-racial period. Lum, Lydia Cover story Feb 5, 2009 1961
Renewing the fight against affirmative action. Roach, Ronald Feb 5, 2009 473
Are there still two Americas, separate and unequal? Yes, 40 years after the Kerner Report, a racial divide still exists. Wickham, DeWayne Aug 1, 2008 823
AMA apologizes for racial discrimination and pledges change. Ellen Schneider, Mary Aug 1, 2008 838
Estelusti marginality: a qualitative examination of the Black Seminole. Von Robertson, Ray Report Jun 1, 2008 7262
Reconstructing the race-sex analogy. Mayeri, Serena Apr 1, 2008 27425
Facing history and ourselves. Tabscott, Robert Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2008 1524
'Let's not say or play the race card'. Jones, Star Mar 1, 2008 840
We have a history! The vigour, boldness, and frequency of racist assaults on global African humanity are increasing at an alarming rate. This month, Carina Ray takes a look back at the long history of African humanity under siege and examines how little the language of racism has changed over the last 300 years. Ray, Carina Jan 1, 2008 1735
Racial profiling in medical research: what are we measuring? Ncayiyana, Daniel J. Report Dec 1, 2007 1644
A revealing series of events. Anyaso, Hilary Hurd Editorial May 3, 2007 592
About Katrina catastrophe exposes U.S. race reality. Massingale, Bryan Cover story Mar 2, 2007 5510
"Egalite des chances": success as mandatory treason. Rosello, Mireille Case study Jan 1, 2007 5560
Racial profiling: a reply to two critics. Risse, Mathias Jan 1, 2007 13476
A time for color-blindness or a time for sight? Shaw, Theodore M. Dec 1, 2006 518
Race matters, but knowledge and family matter more. Reynolds, Gerald A. Dec 1, 2006 587
Asian Americans aren't white folks' 'racial mascots'. Wu, Frank H.; Kidder, William Oct 5, 2006 774
Does a foot in the door matter? White-nonwhite differences in the wage return to tenure and prior workplace experience. Darity, William, Jr. Oct 1, 2006 21011
Being black, or being a cop: the problem of race in American law enforcement (1). Johnson, Terrance A. Sep 22, 2006 5314
Holes in the rights framework: racial discrimination, citizenship, and the rights of noncitizens. Goldston, James A. Sep 1, 2006 10814
The struggles of foreign-born faculty: conflicts between African and African-American professors must be addressed. Ngwainmbi, Emmanuel K. Jun 29, 2006 638
Brazil experiences the growing pains of affirmative action: opinions vary on whether policy helps or hinders Black Hispanics in higher education. Roberge, Nicole Jun 1, 2006 792
Racial differences in perceptions of women and men *. DeCuzzi, Angela; Knox, David; Zusman, Marty Jun 1, 2006 2949
Opening eyes and minds: as Americans' perceptions of Islam grow increasingly negative, Muslim students and professors find themselves educating their college communities. Horwedel, Dina M. May 18, 2006 2039
The decreasing influence of domestic market structure on racial earnings differentials: 1984 to 1996. Agesa, Jacqueline; Monaco, Kristen Apr 1, 2006 7756
Welfare reform and Indigenous empowerment. Poroch, Nerelle Mar 22, 2006 5913
"Of habits subversive" or "capable and compassionate": perceptions of transpacific migrants, 1850s-1940s. Hoerder, Dirk Mar 22, 2006 10703
Black, White, Greek ... like who? Howard University student perceptions of a white fraternity on campus. Hughey, Matthew W. Jan 1, 2006 12649
Racialization in early childhood: a critical analysis of discourses in policies. Pacini-Ketchabaw, Veronica; White, Jan; de Almeida, Ana-Elisa Armstrong Jan 1, 2006 7313
Brazil: the cult of whiteness; Abdias do Nascimento, the African-Brazilian senator, artist and author, writes on the disappearing blackness of the country's African-descended people. do Nascimento, Abdias Oct 1, 2004 717
The Brown irony: racial progress eventually came to pass--everywhere but in public schools. Peterson, Paul E. Sep 22, 2004 698
The days before Brown: growing up in segregated schools. Slade, Leonard A., Jr. Sep 22, 2004 609
Race and representation: in our new multiracial society, minorities need strategically effective coalitions. Swain, Carol M. Jun 1, 2004 2414
Exploring Race Differences in Correlates of Seniors' Satisfaction with Undergraduate Education. Einarson, Marne K.; Matier, Michael W. Abstract May 2, 2004 169
Jim Crow's long goodbye. Chin, Gabriel J. Mar 22, 2004 12118
Integration prompts the question 'Black like who?'. Lowry, Brian Feb 23, 2004 1041
The O'Connor project: can we end racial discrimination without affirmative action? Here's what it will take. Schorr, Lisbeth B. Jan 1, 2004 1692
Getting to work in spite of the odds: commuting patterns of African Americans in Rochester and Buffalo, New York. Johnston-Anumonwo, Ibipo Jan 1, 2004 5731
Hidden intersections: research on race, crime, and criminal justice in Canada. Wortley, Scot Sep 22, 2003 9508
Race, wages, and assimilation among Cuban immigrants. Zavodny, Madeline Jul 7, 2003 6551
Foreword: addressing the real world of racial injustice in the criminal justice system. Coker, Donna Jun 22, 2003 25629
From the ne'er-do-well to the criminal history category: the refinement of the actuarial model in criminal law. Harcourt, Bernard E. Jun 22, 2003 24795
Drug wars in black and white. Kennedy, Joseph E. Jun 22, 2003 15164
Is discrimination elusive? Ayres, Ian Jun 1, 2003 6745
Subject unrest. Culp, Jerome McCristal, Jr.; Harris, Angela P.; Valdes, Francisco Jun 1, 2003 8960
Racial inequality and developmental affirmative action. Loury, Glenn C. Mar 22, 2003 3815
Human rights complaint filed against MP Pankiw. (News). Barnsley, Paul Mar 1, 2003 1459
Old school? Jan 1, 2003 3653
Descriptions of a tree outside the forest: an indigenous woman's experiences in the academy. Lacourt, Jeanne A. Jan 1, 2003 4719
Activism and apathy: the prices we pay for both. Mihesuah, Devon A. Jan 1, 2003 2738
Native faculty, higher education, racism, and survival. Nunpa, Chris Mato Jan 1, 2003 5955
Can't blame anyone else for my problems. Pego, David Jan 1, 2003 1465
The whitewashing of Native Studies Programs and programming in academic institutions. Rice, Brian Jan 1, 2003 2051
Indians can't learn. Ritchey, Ann Jan 1, 2003 3327
I left my life back south. Rodriguez-Rabin, Rose Jan 1, 2003 2641
In search of the meritocracy. Russell, Steve Jan 1, 2003 4796
Keeping current: race and power in a preschool. Karp, Sarah Oct 1, 2002 648
Barcelona: visa barriers may disrupt conference. James, John S. Jun 28, 2002 1453
Second-Class Postals. ALEXANDER, AMY Brief Article Dec 10, 2001 814
Performance disparities between whites and ethnic minorities: real differences or assessment bias? Dewberry, Chris Dec 1, 2001 7024
Tainted blood: the ambivalence of ethnic migration in Israel, Japan, Korea, Germany and the United States (1). Thranhardt, Dietrich Sep 22, 2001 9321
The Roots of Racial Profiling. Anderson, William Aug 1, 2001 4644
Gypsies and Indians. White, Calvin Jul 1, 2001 1527
Black parish school shut out of league. McCLORY, ROBERT Brief Article Jun 15, 2001 849
Professors Address Racial Justice Issues. Anderson, Sharon; Calvin, Bruce; Kirk, Keith Feb 26, 2001 2062
Unamerican tail: of segregation and multicultural education. Munroe, Maurice E.R. Sep 22, 2000 35808
The Pack Rat. Mundy, Alicia Brief Article Jul 24, 2000 897
Translation and Resistance in Native North American Literature. AVERBACH, MARGARA Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 7492
NATION. Malcolm, Teresa Mar 3, 2000 1472
See No Evil: bans on racial data collection are thwarting antidiscrimination efforts. Jenkins, Alan Jun 28, 1999 2540
Has discrimination lessened over time? A test using baseball's star vote. Hanssen, F. Andrew; Andersen, Torben Apr 1, 1999 8482
Why do small establishments hire fewer blacks than large ones? Holzer, Harry J. Sep 22, 1998 6007
Is school desegregation still a viable policy option? Hochschild, Jennifer Sep 1, 1997 6253
A little neighborly advice. Burns, Robert E. Column Aug 1, 1997 889
Are you being taken for a ride. Whigham-Desir, Marjorie Apr 1, 1997 2408
"Driving while black" and all other traffic offenses: the Supreme Court and pretextual traffic stops. Harris, David A. Jan 1, 1997 19313
Colour clashes. Brief Article Sep 1, 1996 1333
Racial differences in access to high-paying jobs and the wage gap between black and white women. Anderson, Deborah; Shapiro, David Jan 1, 1996 6553
Review essay: the shaped bell curve and the social sciences. Reese, William A., II Jan 1, 1996 3191
Bias and safety: society should deal with non-racist racial discrimination. Kennedy, Randall Sep 22, 1995 1243
The new assault on immigrants. Gutierrez, Luis Jun 22, 1995 3437
The non-racial franchise and Afrikaner and coloured identities, 1910-1994. Giliomee, Hermann Apr 1, 1995 12852
Legal and historical views on racial biases in prison. Ross, Lee E.; Hawkins, Darnell F. Apr 1, 1995 2110
Humanism and intelligence: a critique of 'The Bell Curve.'(Viewpoints) Allen, Norm R., Jr. Mar 22, 1995 1461
Ethnic snub at child's party hurts 50 years later. Drinan, Robert F. Column Oct 21, 1994 749
Image of fear: minority teens allege bias in 'gang profiling.' Shoop, Julie Gannon Oct 1, 1994 1646
A South African nightmare. Blum, Albert A. Jul 1, 1994 1998
Does 'Brown' still matter? Gresham, Jewell Handy; Dyson, Michael Eric; Coles, Robert; Mowry, Jess; Brittain, John C.; Cecelski, May 23, 1994 5819
The wrath of Farrakhan. Hazlett, Thomas W. May 1, 1994 862
The idiocy of race. Hannaford, Ivan Mar 22, 1994 11695
Bridging the divides of race and ethnicity. McCoy, Martha L.; Sherman, Robert F. Mar 22, 1994 3713
The "blame whitey" media. Irvine, Reed; Goulden, Joseph C. Jan 1, 1994 3377
Empowering children to create a caring culture in a world of differences. Derman-Sparks, Louise Transcript Dec 22, 1993 4118
Racial differences in men's unemployment. Stratton, Leslie S. Apr 1, 1993 6611
Racial harassment and the process of victimization; conceptual and methodological implications for the local crime survey. Bowling, Benjamin Mar 22, 1993 10896
Young and beautiful. Marlowe, Ann Column Mar 1, 1993 823
Managing diversity: Los Angeles before and after the riots. McEnrue, Mary Pat Jan 1, 1993 6417
Labor earnings, discrimination, and the racial composition of jobs. Hirsch, Barry T.; Schumacher, Edward J. Sep 22, 1992 7845
Black college graduates in the labor market, 1979 and 1989. Meisenheimer, Joseph R., II Nov 1, 1990 4949
Children of value: we can educate all our children. Clayton, Constance Jul 24, 1989 2506
Minority report. Hitchens, Christopher column Aug 29, 1987 1077
Frats and sororities; the Greek rites of exclusion. Lord, M.G. Jul 4, 1987 2916

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