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Effect of Distal Masseter to Facial Nerve Transfer in Paralytic Patients with Preserved Facial Nerve Continuity on Improving Scaled Measurement of Improvement in Lip Excursion (SMILE): A Vectoral Analysis. Ozucer, Berke; Cam, Osman Halit Dec 1, 2020 3206
Supero-inferior Thyroidectomy Technique in Papillary Thyroid Carcinoma: Preliminary Results of Thirteen Cases with Intraoperative Nerve Monitoring / Papiller Tiroid Karsinomunda Supero-inferiyor Tiroidektomi Teknigi: Intraoperatif Sinir Monitorizasyonu ile On Uc Olgunun On Sonuclari. Ilgun, Ahmet Serkan; Kazikdas, Kadir Cagdas Aug 1, 2020 2652
Post parotidectomy facial nerve palsy: A retrospective analysis. Atif Hafeez Siddiqui, Saad Shakil, Danish ur Rahim and Irfan Ahmed Shaikh Feb 14, 2020 2701
Rice industry paralysis. Nov 22, 2019 711
Time taken to perform a rapid sequence intubation within a simulated prehospital environment. Vincent-Lambert, C. Nov 1, 2019 3400
Panax Notoginseng Saponins Ameliorate A[beta]-Mediated Neurotoxicity in C. elegans through Antioxidant Activities. Zhou, Ling; Huang, Pan-Pan; Chen, Lin-Lin; Wang, Ping Jun 30, 2019 5621
Pasteurized Orange Juice Rich in Carotenoids Protects Caenorhabditis elegans against Oxidative Stress and [beta]-Amyloid Toxicity through Direct and Indirect Mechanisms. Caland, Ricardo Basilio de Oliveira; Cadavid, Cesar Orlando Munoz; Carmona, Lourdes; Pena, Leandro; Apr 30, 2019 9683
The Perceptions of Pediatric Occupational Therapists Regarding Constraint-Induced Movement Therapy. Chakraborty, Sapna; Dulin, Kelsey; Murphy, Rachel; Richardson, Haley; Schieber, Makaila; Taube, Abby Mar 22, 2019 4168
The complex interrelationship between dissociation and anomalous sleep experiences. Maraldi, Everton de Oliveira Letter to the editor Jan 1, 2019 1424
Intensive neuromotor therapy promotes gains in gross motor skills and maintenance of the body composition in children with cerebral palsy/TERAPIA NEUROMOTORA INTENSIVA PROMOVE GANHOS DE HABILIDADES MOTORAS GROSSAS E MANUTENCAO DA COMPOSICAO CORPORAL EM CRIANCAS COM PARA LISIA CEREBRAL. de Oliveira, Michelle Cristine Neiro; Melo, Taina Ribas; de Pol, Stephani; Costin, Ana Claudia Marti Sep 1, 2018 4843
Spinal cord anaplastic meningioma with extra-neural metastasis in a cat/ Meningioma anaplasico medular com metastases extra-neurais em um felino. Prates, Klaus Scherer; Bianchi, Matheus Viezzer; de Mello, Lauren Santos; Matesco, Viviana Cauduro; Jul 1, 2018 2083
Histopathologic Evaluation of Hyaluronic Acid and Plasma-Rich Platelet Injection into Rabbit Vocal Cords: An Experimental Study. Ozgursoy, Selmin Karatayli; Tunckasik, Fatma; Tunckasik, M. Emin; Akincioglu, Egemen; Dogan, Handan; Report Mar 1, 2018 3021
Comparison of Algorithms for the Detection of Enteroviruses in Stool Specimens from Children Diagnosed with Acute Flaccid Paralysis. Adeniji, J.A.; Ayeni, F.A.; Ibrahim, A.; Tijani, K.A.; Faleye, T.O.C.; Adewumi, M.O. Jan 1, 2018 4916
Traditional Korean Medicine Treatment for Patients with Wilting Disorder: A Literature Review of In Vivo Studies. Kim, Sung-Jin; Park, Yeon-Cheol; Baek, Yong-Hyeon; Seo, Byung-Kwan Jan 1, 2018 4152
Injection Laryngoplasty Using Autologous Fat Enriched with Adipose-Derived Regenerative Stem Cells: A Safe Therapeutic Option for the Functional Reconstruction of the Glottal Gap after Unilateral Vocal Fold Paralysis. Lasso, Jose M.; Poletti, Daniel; Scola, Batolome; Gomez-Vilda, Pedro; Garcia- Martin, Ana I.; Fernan Jan 1, 2018 10614
Guarana (Paullinia cupana) Extract Protects Caenorhabditis elegans Models for Alzheimer Disease and Huntington Disease through Activation of Antioxidant and Protein Degradation Pathways. Boasquivis, Patricia Ferreira; Silva, Giovanna Melo Martins; Paiva, Franciny Aparecida; Cavalcanti, Jan 1, 2018 10944
Bioarchaeological Analysis of Disability and Caregiving from a Nineteenth-Century Institution in Central Kentucky. Worne, Heather Sep 22, 2017 10610
The Macron method for ending 'EU paralysis'. May 29, 2017 1089
The quality of voice and speech before and after surgical treatment of bilateral recurrent laryngeal nerve paralysis/ Kvalitet glasa i govora pre i nakon hirurskog lecenja obostrane trajne oduzetosti povratnog grkljanskog zivca. Bogdan, Maja; Jovic, Rajko; Arbutina, Tanja Report May 1, 2017 2742
First reported enterovirus D68 infection in pediatric patients from the Caribbean region: evidence of spread from the U.S. outbreak/Primeros casos notificados en el Caribe de infeccion por enterovirus D68 en pacientes pediatricos: pruebas de la propagacion del brote de los Estados Unidos. Nathaniel, SueMin; Ahmed, Shalauddin; Wilson, Jennifer; Gutierrez, Cristina; Chadee, Dave D.; Olowok Apr 1, 2017 2111
A Chinese Herbal Formula, Gengnianchun, Ameliorates [beta]-Amyloid Peptide Toxicity in a Caenorhabditis elegans Model of Alzheimer's Disease. Meng, Fanhui; Li, Jun; Rao, Yanqiu; Wang, Wenjun; Fu, Yan Report Jan 1, 2017 6466
Speech therapy with phonation into tubes in a patients with vocal fold paralysis surgically medialized: a case study/Fonoterapia com fonacao em tubos em paciente com paralisia de prega vocal medializada cirurgicamente: estudo de caso. Lima, Joziane Padilha de Moraes; Cielo, Carla Aparecida; Christmann, Mara Keli Nov 1, 2016 4883
Characterization of individuals with Acquired Brain Injury in working age/Caracterizacao de sujeitos com lesao cerebral adquirida em idade produtiva. Ponte, Aline Sarturi; Fedosse, Elenir Sep 1, 2016 5753
You cannot be partially pregnant: a comparison of divisible and nondivisible outcomes in delay and probability discounting studies. Sawicki, Przemyslaw; Markiewicz, Lukasz Report Mar 1, 2016 5922
Faster detection of poliomyelitis outbreaks to support polio eradication. Blake, Isobel M.; Chenoweth, Paul; Okayasu, Hiro; Donnelly, Christl A.; Aylward, R. Bruce; Grassly, Mar 1, 2016 5093
Diplejia facial como variante inusual del sindrome de Guillain-Barre: primer caso reportado en Venezuela. Pinerua-Gonsalvez, Jean Felix; del Carmen Zambrano-Infantino, Rosanna; Higuera, Santos Neomar; Rodri Dec 1, 2015 2182
Too much analysis brings paralysis. Jun 24, 2014 936
Emergence of vaccine-derived polioviruses, Democratic Republic of Congo, 2004-2011. Gumede, Nicksy; Lentsoane, Olivia; Burns, Cara C.; Pallansch, Mark; de Gourville, Esther; Yogolelo, Oct 1, 2013 4417
Modeling effects of sagittal-plane hip joint stiffness on reciprocating gait orthosis-assisted gait. Johnson, William Brett; Fatone, Stefania; Gard, Steven A. Report Oct 1, 2013 4107
With Bell's palsy you may have something in common with the Mona Lisa model; Developing Bell's palsy - a form of facial paralysis - can be frightening for those who are not aware of the condition. Here, Alison Lowe, a Cardiff-based dental hygienist, looks at its symptoms and who may be more susceptible. Apr 1, 2013 998
SaaS analysis paralysis. DeNies, Scott Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2011 279
Techniques to measure rigidity of ankle-foot orthosis: a review. Kobayashi, Toshiki; Leung, Aaron K.L.; Hutchins, Stephen W. Report May 1, 2011 8586
Walking mechanics of persons who use reciprocating gait orthoses. Johnson, William Brett; Fatone, Stefania; Gard, Steven A. Report May 1, 2009 6633

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