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Top 10 Artificial Intelligence Algorithms in Computer Music Composition. Siphocly, Nermin Naguib J.; El-Horbaty, El-Sayed M.; Salem, Abdel-Badeeh M. Jan 1, 2021 15741
A Hybrid Genetic Algorithm-Based Fuzzy Markovian Model for the Deterioration Modeling of Healthcare Facilities. Ahmed, Reem; Zayed, Tarek; Nasiri, Fuzhan Report Sep 1, 2020 9133
Analysis of driver decisions at the onset of yellow at signalized intersections. Li, Juan; Jiang, Boyu; Dong, Chunjiao; Wang, Jue; Zhang, Xuan Aug 31, 2020 8622
Emotional Interactive Simulation System of English Speech Recognition in Virtual Context. Li, Dan Aug 31, 2020 6571
RS and GIS Supported Urban LULC and UHI Change Simulation and Assessment. Liu, Pei; Jia, Shoujun; Han, Ruimei; Liu, Yuanping; Lu, Xiaofeng; Zhang, Hanwei Jul 31, 2020 9591
Computation of Invariant Measures and Stationary Expectations for Markov Chains with Block-Band Transition Matrix. Baumann, Hendrik; Hanschke, Thomas Jul 31, 2020 10583
Monitoring and Simulation of Dynamic Spatiotemporal Land Use/Cover Changes. Guo, Andong; Zhang, Yuqing; Hao, Qing Jul 31, 2020 6697
Bayesian Estimation of Archimedean Copula-Based SUR Quantile Models. Kaewsompong, Nachatchapong; Maneejuk, Paravee; Yamaka, Woraphon Jul 31, 2020 11737
Embedded Bayesian Network Contribution for a Safe Mission Planning of Autonomous Vehicles. Dezan, Catherine; Zermani, Sara; Hireche, Chabha Report Jul 1, 2020 13115
Speaker Adaptation Using i-Vector Based Clustering. Kim, Minsoo; Jang, Gil-Jin; Kim, Ji-Hwan; Lee, Minho Jul 1, 2020 6092
An Efficacy Predictive Method for Diabetic Ulcers Based on Higher-Order Markov Chain-Set Pair Analysis. Kuai, Le; Fei, Xiao-ya; Xing, Jia-qi; Zhang, Jing-ting; Zhao, Ke-qin; Ze, Kan; Li, Xin; Li, Bin Jun 30, 2020 12016
Performance Evaluation of Cognitive Radio Networks with Imperfect Spectrum Sensing and Bursty Primary User Traffic. Salameh, Osama; Bruneel, Herwig; Wittevrongel, Sabine Jun 30, 2020 8898
Integrated Transformer Health Estimation Methodology Based on Markov Chains and Evidential Reasoning. Milosavljevic, Srdjan; Janjic, Aleksandar Jun 30, 2020 8514
Genomic Structural Diversity in Local Goats: Analysis of Copy-Number Variations. Gerlando, Rosalia Di; Mastrangelo, Salvatore; Moscarelli, Angelo; Tolone, Marco; Sutera, Anna Maria; Jun 1, 2020 6025
Reliability Modeling for Multistate System with Preventive Maintenance under Customer Demand. Qin, Jinlei; Li, Zheng May 31, 2020 5803
Possibility of Autonomous Estimation of Shiba Goat's Estrus and Non-Estrus Behavior by Machine Learning Methods. Arakawa, Toshiya Report May 1, 2020 11006
Early Economic Evaluation Demonstrates That Noncomputerized Tomography Robotic-Assisted Surgery Is Cost-Effective in Patients Undergoing Unicompartmental Knee Arthroplasty at High-Volume Orthopaedic Centres. Nherera, Leo M.; Verma, Sanjay; Trueman, Paul; Jennings, Simon Apr 30, 2020 5370
Research on the Combination Method of Temporal Conflict Evidence Based on Transition Matrix. Wu, Bin; Yi, Xiao Apr 30, 2020 7217
Asynchronous Adaptive Fault-Tolerant Control for Markov Jump Systems with Actuator Failures and Unknown Nonlinear Disturbances. Li, Jian-Ning; Gu, Kai-Yang; Liu, Xiao; Xu, Xiao-Bin Mar 31, 2020 4942
Multi-Time Scale Optimal Dispatch for AC/DC Distribution Networks Based on a Markov Chain Dynamic Scenario Method and MPC. Liu, Jie; Ji, Xingquan; Li, Kejun; Zhang, Kaiyuan Mar 31, 2020 7885
Future Inflow under Land Use and Climate Changes and Participation Process into the Medium-Sized Reservoirs in Thailand. Thongwan, Teerawat; Kangrang, Anongrit; Techarungreungsakul, Rapeepat; Ngamsert, Ratsuda Mar 1, 2020 5289
Optimization of Constrained Stochastic Linear-Quadratic Control on an Infinite Horizon: A Direct-Comparison Based Approach. Xue, Ruobing; Ye, Xiangshen; Wu, Weiping Feb 1, 2020 4996
Markov Chain Monte Carlo Based Energy Use Behaviors Prediction of Office Occupants. Yan, Qiao; Liu, Xiaoqian; Deng, Xiaoping; Peng, Wei; Zhang, Guiqing Report Jan 1, 2020 7686
Identification of Wiener model with internal noise using a cubic spline approximation-Bayesian composite quantile regression algorithm. Pan, Tianhon; Guo, Wei; Song, Ying; Yin, Fujia Jan 1, 2020 4574
Performance of Resource Management Techniques for Weather-Impacted Satellite Networks. Imole, Olugbenga Emmanuel; Walingo, Tom Mmbasu Dec 31, 2019 8353
Two-Tiered Ambulance Dispatch and Redeployment considering Patient Severity Classification Errors. Park, Seong Hyeon; Lee, Young Hoon Dec 31, 2019 10207
Cost-Effectiveness of Bariatric Surgery versus Medication Therapy for Obese Patients with Type 2 Diabetes in China: A Markov Analysis. Wan, Bin; Fang, Nan; Guan, Wei; Ding, Haixia; Wang, Ying; Ge, Xin; Liang, Hui; Li, Xin; Zhan, Yiyang Dec 31, 2019 7191
Adaptive Multipath Selection-Based Markov Chain in the Heterogeneous Internet of Things. Wu, Huan; Wen, Xiangming; Lu, Zhaoming; Nie, Yao; Huang, Shuyang Nov 30, 2019 8877
Multistep Degradation Tendency Prediction for Aircraft Engines Based on CEEMDAN Permutation Entropy and Improved Grey-Markov Model. Jiang, Wei; Zhou, Jianzhong; Xu, Yanhe; Liu, Jie; Shan, Yahui Nov 30, 2019 9194
3D Markov chain based multi-priority path selection in the heterogeneous Internet of Things. Wu, Huan; Wen, Xiangming; Lu, Zhaoming; Nie, Yao Nov 1, 2019 7852
A Novel Markov Model-Based Low-Power and Secure Multihop Routing Mechanism. Yang, Songxiang; Ma, Lin; Jia, Shuang; Qin, Danyang Oct 31, 2019 5878
Performance Analysis and Optimization of CRNs Based on Fixed Feedback Probability Mechanism with Two Classes of Secondary Users. Zhao, Yuan; Li, Hongyi; Liu, Jiemin Oct 31, 2019 6554
Optimal Task Partition with Delay Requirement in Mobile Crowdsourcing. Zhai, Linbo; Wang, Hua; Li, Xiaole Sep 30, 2019 8856
Hierarchical Models and Tuning of Random Walk Metropolis Algorithms. Bedard, Mylene Sep 30, 2019 17988
Detection and Extraction of Weak Pulse Signals in Chaotic Noise with PTAR and DLTAR Models. Su, Liyun; Deng, Li; Zhu, Wanlin; Zhao, Shengli Report Sep 30, 2019 6196
A Cognitive Relay Network Throughput Optimization Algorithm Based on Deep Reinforcement Learning. Liu, Shaojiang; Hu, Kejing; Ni, Weichuan; Xu, Zhiming; Wang, Feng; Wan, Zhiping Jul 31, 2019 4833
Chattering-Free Sliding Mode Control for Networked Control System with Time Delay and Packet Dropout Based on a New Compensation Strategy. Zhang, Yu; Xie, Shousheng; Zhang, Ledi; Ren, Litong; Zhou, Bin; Wang, Hao Jul 31, 2019 7802
Finite-Time Nonfragile Dissipative Control for Discrete-Time Neural Networks with Markovian Jumps and Mixed Time-Delays. Hou, Ling; Chenfe, Dongyan; He, Chan Jul 31, 2019 6922
Cost effectiveness of Gene Expression Profiling in Patients with Early-Stage Breast Cancer in a Middle-Income Country, Turkey: Results of a Prospective Multicenter Study. Ozmen, Vahit; Cakar, Burcu; Gokmen, Erhan; Ozdogan, Mustafa; Guler, Nilufer; Uras, Cihan; Ok, Engin; Report Jul 1, 2019 5123
Automatic Classification of Microseismic Signals Based on MFCC and GMM-HMM in Underground Mines. Peng, Pingan; He, Zhengxiang; Wang, Liguan Jun 30, 2019 4450
Impact of Damping Models in Damage Identification. Souza, Michael; Castello, Daniel; Roitman, Ney; Ritto, Thiago May 31, 2019 7866
TG-SPSR: A Systematic Targeted Password Attacking Model. Zhang, Mengli; Zhang, Qihui; Liu, Wenfen; Hu, Xuexian; Wei, Jianghong May 1, 2019 9498
Three-Dimensional Path-Following Control of a Robotic Airship with Reinforcement Learning. Nie, Chunyu; Zheng, Zewei; Zhu, Ming Apr 30, 2019 7722
An Energy Management Strategy for a Super-Mild Hybrid Electric Vehicle Based on a Known Model of Reinforcement Learning. Yin, Yanli; Ran, Yan; Zhang, Liufeng; Pan, Xiaoliang; Luo, Yong Apr 30, 2019 4764
Research on the Grey Verhulst Model Based on Particle Swarm Optimization and Markov Chain to Predict the Settlement of High Fill Subgrade in Xiangli Expressway. Liu, Haiming; Guo, Wei; Zhang, Chao; Yang, Huaihao Apr 30, 2019 6601
A Novel EM Implementation for Initial Alignment of SINS Based on Particle Filter and Particle Swarm Optimization. Guo, Yanbing; Miao, Lingjuan; Lin, Yusen Mar 31, 2019 8188
One-Sided and Two-Sided w-of-w Runs-Rules Schemes: An Overall Performance Perspective and the Unified Run-Length Derivations. Shongwe, S.C.; Malela-Majika, J.-C.; Rapoo, E.M. Mar 31, 2019 11225
Evaluating the Cost-Effective Use of Follow-Up Colonoscopy Based on Screening Findings and Age. Joseph, Grace N.; Heidarnejad, Farid; Sherer, Eric A. Mar 31, 2019 7131
A Novel Method for Osteometric Reassociation Using Hamiltonian Markov Chain Monte Carlo (MCMC) Simulation. McCormick, Kyle Mar 22, 2019 8919
COUPLING COUPLES WITH COPULAS: ANALYSIS OF ASSORTATIVE MATCHING ON RISK ATTITUDE. Nikoloulopoulos, Aristidis K.; Moffatt, Peter G. Report Jan 1, 2019 9414
Forecast of Healthcare Facilities and Health Workforce Requirements for the Public Sector in Ghana, 2016-2026. Asamani, James Avoka; Chebere, Margaret M.; Barton, Pelham M.; D'Almeida, Selassi Amah; Odame, Emman Report Nov 1, 2018 9559
Common Nighthawks (Chordeiles minor) in the Western Corn Belt: Habitat Associations and Population Effects of Grassland and Rooftop Nesting Habitat Conversion. Newberry, G.N.; Swanson, D.L. Oct 1, 2018 7752
Universal Screening Best Strategy for Hepatitis C in France; Universal screening is cost-effective when treatment is initiated regardless of fibrosis stage. Jul 11, 2018 260
Adaptive Algorithms for Bayesian Spectrum Sensing Based on Markov Model. Peng, Shengliang; Gao, Renyang; Zheng, Weibin; Lei, Kejun Report Jul 1, 2018 5809
Intervention Intended to Modify the Eating Practices in Mexican Teenagers/ Intervencion orientada a modificar practicas alimentarias en adolescentes mexicanos/Intervencao orientada a modificar praticas alimentares em adolescentes mexicanos. Arroyo, Pilar Ester; Carrete, Lorena Jul 1, 2018 6662
Seasonal Hydrological and Meteorological Time Series/Series de Tiempo hidrologicas y meteorologicas estacionales. Cuervo, Edilberto Cepeda; Achcar, Jorge Alberto; Andrade, Marinho G. Report Jun 1, 2018 5658
Method of Early Staged Cyber Attacks Detection in IT and Telecommunication Networks. Japertas, Saulius; Baksys, Tautvydas Report Jun 1, 2018 7299
Economic evaluation of safety-engineered devices and training in reducing needle stick injuries among healthcare workers in South Africa. de Jager, P.; Zungu, M.; Dyers, R.E. Report Jun 1, 2018 7010
Network Security Situation Assessment Method Based on Markov Game Model. Li, Xi; Lu, Yu; Liu, Sen; Nie, Wei Report May 1, 2018 4654
A study on Classification of Insider threat using Markov Chain Model. Kim, Dong-Wook; Hong, Sung-Sam; Han, Myung-Mook Report Apr 1, 2018 4139
A Study of Multi-Operator Resource Sharing using Markov Chain Model. Farhat, Soha; Chour, Ali; Samhat, Abed Ellatif Report Apr 1, 2018 3678
Measuring the Benefits of Healthcare: DALYs and QALYs--Does the Choice of Measure Matter? A Case Study of Two Preventive Interventions. Augustovski, Federico; Colantonio, Lisandro D.; Galante, Julieta; Bardach, Ariel; Caporale, Joaquin Report Feb 1, 2018 8216
Comprehensive Investigations on QUEST: a Novel QoS-Enhanced Stochastic Packet Scheduler for Intelligent LTE Routers. Paul, Suman; Pandit, Malay Kumar Report Feb 1, 2018 8989
A Web-Based System for Bayesian Benchmark Dose Estimation. Shao, Kan; Shapiro, Andrew J. Report Jan 1, 2018 13319
Cost-utility of quadrivalent versus trivalent influenza vaccine in Brazil - comparison of outcomes from different static model types. Bellinghen, Laure-Anne Van; Marijam, Alen; Araujo, Gabriela Tannus Branco de; Gomez, Jorge; Vlaender Jan 1, 2018 7256
Multiple Hidden Markov Model for Pathological Vessel Segmentation. Hu, Xin; Ding, Deqiong; Chu, Dianhui Jan 1, 2018 9474
Economic Evaluation of Letrozole for Early Breast Cancer in a Health Resource-Limited Setting. Ye, Ming; Lu, Jingsong; Yang, Fan; Wu, Bin Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5474
Probabilistic Analysis of Tunnel Face Stability below River Using Bayesian Framework. Liu, Weiping; Luo, Xiaoyan; Huang, Jinsong; Hu, Lina; Fu, Mingfu Jan 1, 2018 4559
Deformation Forecast of Main Girder Enhanced by Stay Cable System with Unequal Interval Grey Model and Residual Composite Correction. Xu, Gangnian; Wang, Youzhi; Wang, Shimin; Yuan, Quan Jan 1, 2018 5916
[H.sub.[infinity]] Control for Nonlinear Infinite Markov Jump Systems. Liu, Yueying; Hou, Ting Jan 1, 2018 3702
New Insights into Approaches to Evaluating Intention and Path for Network Multistep Attacks. Hu, Hao; Liu, Yuling; Yang, Yingjie; Zhang, Hongqi; Zhang, Yuchen Jan 1, 2018 9041
An Efficient Algorithm for Finding the Maximal Eigenvalue of Zero Symmetric Nonnegative Matrices. Wang, Gang; Sun, Lihong Jan 1, 2018 3894
A Markov Chain Based Demand Prediction Model for Stations in Bike Sharing Systems. Zhou, Yajun; Wang, Lilei; Zhong, Rong; Tan, Yulong Jan 1, 2018 5347
Stability Analysis for a Class of Discrete-Time Nonhomogeneous Markov Jump Systems with Multiplicative Noises. Zhou, Shaowei; Liu, Xiaoping; Chen, Bing; Liu, Hongxia Jan 1, 2018 4339
Performance Analysis of Switched Control Systems Under Common-source Digital Upsets Modeled by MDHMM. Wang, Rui; Li, Yanxiao; Sun, Hui; Zhang, Youmin; Sun, Yigang Jan 1, 2018 7164
Team Resilience in Complex and Turbulent Environments: The Effect of Size and Density of Social Interactions. Giannoccaro, Ilaria; Massari, Giovanni F.; Carbone, Giuseppe Jan 1, 2018 9268
Dissipativity-Based Synchronization of Mode-Dependent Complex Dynamical Networks with Semi-Markov Jump Topology. Ma, Chao; Wu, Wei; Ji, Yidao Jan 1, 2018 4397
Optimal Payments to Connected Depositors in Turbulent Times: A Markov Chain Approach. Csercsik, David; Kiss, Hubert Janos Jan 1, 2018 9323
Vector Autoregressive Hierarchical Hidden Markov Models for Extracting Finger Movements Using Multichannel Surface EMG Signals. Malesevic, Nebojsa; Markovic, Dimitrije; Kanitz, Gunter; Controzzi, Marco; Cipriani, Christian; Antf Jan 1, 2018 7816
Optimal Intervention in Semi-Markov-Based Asynchronous Probabilistic Boolean Networks. Liu, Qiuli; Zeng, Qingguo; Huang, Jinghao; Li, Deliang Jan 1, 2018 7695
MULTIGRID METHODS COMBINED WITH LOW-RANK APPROXIMATION FOR TENSOR-STRUCTURED MARKOV CHAINS. Bolten, Matthias; Kahl, Karsten; Kressner, Daniel; Macedo, Francisco; Sokolovic, Sonja Report Jan 1, 2018 6559
A New Weighting Scheme in Weighted Markov Model for Predicting the Probability of Drought Episodes. Ali, Zulfiqar; Hussain, Ijaz; Faisal, Muhammad; Almanjahie, Ibrahim M.; Ismail, Muhammad; Ahmad, Maq Jan 1, 2018 6297
Reliability Analysis of the Reconfigurable Integrated Modular Avionics Using the Continuous-Time Markov Chains. Zhao, Changxiao; Wang, Peng; Yan, Fang Jan 1, 2018 4550
Projecting the Burden of Chronic Kidney Disease in a Developed Country and Its Implications on Public Health. Wong, L.Y.; Liew, A.S.T.; Weng, W.T.; Lim, C.K.; Vathsala, A.; Toh, M.P.H.S. Jan 1, 2018 7570
A Note on the Waiting-Time Distribution in an Infinite-Buffer [GI.sup.[X]]/C-MSP/1 Queueing System. Banik, A.D.; Chaudhry, M.L.; Kim, James J. Jan 1, 2018 8153
A Novel Entropy-Based Decoding Algorithm for a Generalized High-Order Discrete Hidden Markov Model. Chan, Jason Chin-Tiong; Ong, Hong Choon Jan 1, 2018 7062
Dynamic Output Feedback Control of Discrete Markov Jump Systems based on Event-Triggered Mechanism. Zhao, Zhen; Gao, Jinfeng; Zhang, Tingting Report Jan 1, 2018 3617
A New Synergistic Forecasting Method for Short-Term Traffic Flow with Event-Triggered Strong Fluctuation. Huang, Darong; Deng, Zhenping; Mi, Bo Report Jan 1, 2018 4829
A Stochastic Model for Malaria Transmission Dynamics. Mbogo, Rachel Waema; Luboobi, Livingstone S.; Odhiambo, John W. Report Jan 1, 2018 8079
The Holling Type II Population Model Subjected to Rapid Random Attacks of Predator. Carkovs, Jevgenijs; Goldsteine, Jolanta; Sadurskis, Karlis Report Jan 1, 2018 4798
Multiperiod Telser's Safety-First Portfolio Selection with Regime Switching. Lin, Chuangwei; Wu, Huiling Jan 1, 2018 9095
Parameter Estimation on a Stochastic SIR Model with Media Coverage. Li, Changguo; Pei, Yongzhen; Zhu, Meixia; Deng, Yue Jan 1, 2018 3156
The Impact of User Behavior on Information Diffusion in D2D Communications: A Discrete Dynamical Model. Gan, Chenquan; Li, Xiaoke; Wang, Lisha; Zhang, Zufan Jan 1, 2018 4936
Online Self-Organizing Network Control with Time Averaged Weighted Throughput Objective. Zhang, Zhicong; Li, Shuai; Yan, Xiaohui Jan 1, 2018 9393
An Incremental-Hybrid-Yager's Entropy Model for Dynamic Portfolio Selection with Fuzzy Variable. Li, Yin; Tao, Jian; Song, Yazhi Jan 1, 2018 11310
The Existence, Uniqueness, and Controllability of Neutral Stochastic Delay Partial Differential Equations Driven by Standard Brownian Motion and Fractional Brownian Motion. Ruan, Dehao; Luo, Jiaowan Jan 1, 2018 5788
Path Hopping: An MTD Strategy for Long-Term Quantum-Safe Communication. Safavi-Naini, Reihaneh; Poostindouz, Alireza; Lisy, Viliam Jan 1, 2018 10321
Cost-Effective Energy Usage in a Microgrid Using a Learning Algorithm. Essayeh, Chaimaa; Fenni, Mohammed Raiss El-; Dahmouni, Hamza Jan 1, 2018 7077
Niffler: A Context-Aware and User-Independent Side-Channel Attack System for Password Inference. Tang, Benxiao; Wang, Zhibo; Wang, Run; Zhao, Lei; Wang, Lina Jan 1, 2018 11824
A Selective-Awakening MAC Protocol for Energy-Efficient Data Forwarding in Linear Sensor Networks. Villordo-Jimenez, Iclia; Torres-Cruz, Noe; Carvalho, Marcelo M.; Menchaca-Mendez, Rolando; Rivero-An Jan 1, 2018 15195
Availability of a Hybrid FSO/RF Link While Using the Link's Diversity for Packet Scheduling. Grigoriu, Liliana Jan 1, 2018 11551
An IoT Architecture for Assessing Road Safety in Smart Cities. Taha, Abd-Elhamid M. Jan 1, 2018 7832
Analysis of Nonstationary Characteristics for High-Speed Railway Scenarios. Zhou, Tao; Tao, Cheng; Liu, Kai Jan 1, 2018 4623
SW and GB (N) ARQ Protocols under Markovian Interruptions. Dashdondov, Khongorzul; Kim, Yong-Ki; Kim, Mi-Hye Jan 1, 2018 4939
Method of Resource Estimation Based on QoS in Edge Computing. Li, Guangshun; Song, Jianrong; Wu, Junhua; Wang, Jiping Jan 1, 2018 5029
A Rational Exchange Protocol under Asymmetric Information in Wireless Sensor Networks. Lv, Zhen; Peng, Changgen; Peng, Yanguo; Zhang, Junwei Jan 1, 2018 8390
Explicit Theoretical Analysis of How the Rate of Exocytosis Depends on Local Control by [Ca.sup.2+] Channels. Montefusco, Francesco; Pedersen, Morten Gram Jan 1, 2018 5927
Landscape Pattern and Ecological Security Assessment and Prediction Using Remote Sensing Approach. Liu, Pei; Jia, Shoujun; Han, Ruimei; Zhang, Hanwei Jan 1, 2018 9049
A GTCC-Based Underwater HMM Target Classifier with Fading Channel Compensation. Mohammed, Shameer K.; Hariharan, Supriya M.; Kamal, Suraj Jan 1, 2018 9530
Information Propagation in Social Networks with Overlapping Community Structure. Zhao, Narisa; Liu, Xiaojun Report Dec 1, 2017 6271
The Forward-Discount Puzzle in Central and Eastern Europe. Hayward, Rob; Holscher, Jens Report Dec 1, 2017 11061
A Medium Access Control Mechanism for Distributed In-band Full-Duplex Wireless Networks. Zuo, Haiwei; Sun, Yanjing; Li, Song; Ni, Qiang; Wang, Xiaolin; Zhang, Xiaoguang Technical report Nov 1, 2017 8864
Online Outlier Detection for Time-varying Time Series on Improved ARHMM in Geological Mineral Grade Analysis Process. Zhao, Jianjun; Zhoub, Junwu; Su, Weixing; Liu, Fang Report Sep 1, 2017 3414
Philosophy and phenomenological research: vol. 95, no. 1, July 2017. Abstract Sep 1, 2017 700
MLLR Based Speaker Adaptation for Indian Accents. Balaji, V.; Sadashivappa, G. Sep 1, 2017 5577
Incorporating uncertainty into a length-based estimator of natural mortality in fish populations. Quintero, Freddy O. Lopez; Contreras-Reyes, Javier E.; Wiff, Rodrigo Report Jul 1, 2017 6711
English cursive hand written character recognition. Hepzi, J. Leena; Muthumani, I.; Selvabharathi, S. May 1, 2017 2666
Fire behaviour in different periods and configurations of a landscape in Northeastern Portugal/Comportamento do fogo em diferentes periodos e configuracoes de uma paisagem no Nordeste de Portugal. de Magalhaes, Simone Rodrigues; Ribeiro, Carlos Antonio Alvares Soares; de Castro, Jose Manuel Corre Ensayo Apr 1, 2017 6102
Comparison of cepstral normalization techniques in whispered speech recognition. Grozdic, Dorde; Jovicic, Slobodan; Pavlovic, Dragana Sumarac; Galic, Jovan; Markovic, Branko Report Feb 1, 2017 4743
Bayesian estimation of multidimensional item response models. A comparison of analytic and simulation algorithms/Estimacion Bayesiana de modelos multidimensionales de respuesta al item. Una comparacion de algoritmos analiticos y de simulacion. Martin-Fernandez, Manuel; Revuelta, Javier Report Jan 1, 2017 12225
Performance Evaluation and Optimal Management of Distance-Based Registration Using a Semi-Markov Process. Suh, Jae Joon; Kim, Kyeongtaek; Jang, Hee-Seon; Baek, Jang Hyun Report Jan 1, 2017 4174
Comparisons of Faulting-Based Pavement Performance Prediction Models. Wang, Weina; Qin, Yu; Li, Xiaofei; Wang, Di; Chen, Huiqiang Jan 1, 2017 5925
Narrow Artificial Intelligence with Machine Learning for Real-Time Estimation of a Mobile Agent's Location Using Hidden Markov Models. Beaulac, Cedric; Larribe, Fabrice Report Jan 1, 2017 7050
Convergence Rates and Limit Theorems for the Dual Markov Branching Process. Pakes, Anthony G. Report Jan 1, 2017 11234
Bayesian Nonparametric Model for Estimating Multistate Travel Time Distribution. Kidando, Emmanuel; Moses, Ren; Ozguven, Eren E.; Sando, Thobias Report Jan 1, 2017 5021
Phase Segmentation Methods for an Automatic Surgical Workflow Analysis. Tran, Dinh Tuan; Sakurai, Ryuhei; Yamazoe, Hirotake; Lee, Joo-Ho Report Jan 1, 2017 8623
Nonintrusive Load Monitoring Based on Advanced Deep Learning and Novel Signature. Kim, Jihyun; Le, Thi-Thu-Huong; Kim, Howon Report Jan 1, 2017 11854
Robust [H.sub.[infinity] Fault Detection for Networked Markov Jump Systems with Random Time-Delay. Wang, Yanfeng; Li, Zuxin; Wang, Peiliang; Zhou, Zhe Report Jan 1, 2017 4233
Energy Cooperation in Ultradense Network Powered by Renewable Energy Based on Cluster and Learning Strategy. Duo, Chunhong; Li, Baogang; Li, Yongqian; Lv, Yabo Report Jan 1, 2017 6547
Designing a Channel Access Mechanism for Wireless Sensor Network. Basioni, Basma M. Mohammad El-; Moustafa, Abdellatif I.; Kader, Sherine M. Abd El-; Konber, Hussein Report Jan 1, 2017 17991
Integration of Multiple Genomic Data Sources in a Bayesian Cox Model for Variable Selection and Prediction. Treppmann, Tabea; Ickstadt, Katja; Zucknick, Manuela Report Jan 1, 2017 8931
Markov Chain-Based Acute Effect Estimation of Air Pollution on Elder Asthma Hospitalization. Luo, Li; Zhang, Fengyi; Zhang, Wei; Sun, Lin; Li, Chunyang; Huang, Debin; Han, Gao; Wang, Bin Jan 1, 2017 8175
A Fast Newton-Shamanskii Iteration for a Matrix Equation Arising from M/G/1-Type Markov Chains. Guo, Pei-Chang Report Jan 1, 2017 3691
Optimal Cost-Effective Maintenance Policy for a Helicopter Gearbox Early Fault Detection under Varying Load. Li, Xin; Cai, Jing; Zuo, Hongfu; Li, Huaiyuan Report Jan 1, 2017 8167
Stochastic Analysis of Natural Convection in Vertical Channels with Random Wall Temperature. Chiba, Ryoichi Report Jan 1, 2017 4041
Analysis of the Optimal Resource Allocation for a Tandem Queueing System. Liu, Zaiming; Deng, Wei; Chen, Gang Report Jan 1, 2017 7211
A Combined Markov Chain Model and Generalized Projection Nonnegative Matrix Factorization Approach for Fault Diagnosis. Yuguang, Niu; Shilin, Wang; Ming, Du Report Jan 1, 2017 4762
Dynamic Channel Slot Allocation Scheme and Performance Analysis of Cyclic Quorum Multichannel MAC Protocol. Hu, Xing; Ma, Linhua; Huang, Shaocheng; Huang, Tianyu; Liu, Shiping Report Jan 1, 2017 8233
MCMC-Based Fatigue Crack Growth Prediction on 2024-T6 Aluminum Alloy. Du, Xu; He, Yu-Ting; Gao, Chao; Liu, Kai; Zhang, Teng; Zhang, Sheng Report Jan 1, 2017 5787
A Hybrid Wavelet Fuzzy Neural Network and Switching Particle Swarm Optimization Algorithm for AC Servo System. Hou, Run-min; Hou, Yuan-long; Wang, Chao; Gao, Qiang; Sun, Hao Report Jan 1, 2017 4736
Reliability Analysis of 6-Component Star Markov Repairable System with Spatial Dependence. Wang, Liying; Yang, Qing; Tian, Yuran Report Jan 1, 2017 3343
An Optimized Replica Distribution Method in Cloud Storage System. Wang, Yan; Wang, Jinkuan Jan 1, 2017 5136
Predicting Social Unrest Events with Hidden Markov Models Using GDELT. Qiao, Fengcai; Li, Pei; Zhang, Xin; Ding, Zhaoyun; Cheng, Jiajun; Wang, Hui Report Jan 1, 2017 7866
Developing Pavement Distress Deterioration Models for Pavement Management System Using Markovian Probabilistic Process. Saha, Promothes; Ksaibati, Khaled; Atadero, Rebecca Report Jan 1, 2017 4919
A New Algorithm for Identifying Cis-Regulatory Modules Based on Hidden Markov Model. Guo, Haitao; Huo, Hongwei Report Jan 1, 2017 9596
Short-term interval prediction modeling of photovoltaic power plant output power based on combing Least Squares Method and weighted Markov chain. Hu, Bo; Piao, Zailin; Zhou, Dongsheng; Guo, Dan; Wang, Zheyuan Dec 1, 2016 3429
Diabetes mellitus abnormality detection using AHMM (Auto Regressive Hidden Markov Model). Dhivya, S. Sep 15, 2016 2486
SINGULARLY PERTURBED MULTI-SCALE SWITCHING DIFFUSIONS. Tran, Ky Quan; Yin, G.; Wang, Le Yi; Zhang, Hanqin Report Sep 1, 2016 7770
Stochastic model of short-term prediction of stock prices and its profitability in the Czech stock market. Svoboda, Milan Statistical data Apr 1, 2016 7168
Selectivity curves of the capture of mangrove crab (Ucides cordatus) on the northern coast of Brazil using bayesian inference/Curvas de seletividade da captura do caranguejo-uca (Ucides cordatus) na costa norte do Brasil usando a inferencia bayesiana. Furtado-Junior, I.; Abrunhosa, F.A.; Holanda, F.C. A.F.; Tavares, M.C.S. Apr 1, 2016 4561
Cost-effectiveness analysis of a capitated patient navigation program for Medicare beneficiaries with lung cancer. Shih, Ya-Chen Tina; Chien, Chun-Ru; Moguel, Rocio; Hernandez, Mike; Hajek, Richard A.; Jones, Lovell Apr 1, 2016 7898
A Semi-Markov Decision Model for Recognizing the Destination of a Maneuvering Agent in Real Time Strategy Games. Yin, Quanjun; Yue, Shiguang; Zha, Yabing; Jiao, Peng Report Jan 1, 2016 9445
Equilibrium Time-Consistent Strategy for Corporate International Investment Problem with Mean-Variance Criterion. Long, Jun; Zeng, Sanyun Jan 1, 2016 8903
Study on Transition of Primary Energy Structure and Carbon Emission Reduction Targets in China Based on Markov Chain Model and GM (1, 1). Ren, Feng; Gu, Lihong Jan 1, 2016 5719
A New Decentralized Approach of Multiagent Cooperative Pursuit Based on the Iterated Elimination of Dominated Strategies Model. Souidi, Mohammed El Habib; Piao, Songhao Jan 1, 2016 6019
An Improved SPEA2 Algorithm with Adaptive Selection of Evolutionary Operators Scheme for Multiobjective Optimization Problems. Zhao, Fuqing; Lei, Wenchang; Ma, Weimin; Liu, Yang; Zhang, Chuck Jan 1, 2016 12231
Persisting randomness in randomly growing discrete structures: graphs and search trees. Grubel, Rudolf Report Dec 1, 2015 12051
Phoneme Recognition System Using Articulatory-Type Information/Sistema de reconocimiento de fonemas usando informacion de tipo articulatorio. Saucedo, Alberto Patino; Sepulveda, Alexander Sepulveda; Cajas, Diego Ferney Gomez Dec 1, 2015 3171
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