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Interpreting Manipulation in the Process of Political Communication. Lapadat, Laviniu; Lapadat, Maria-Magdalena Dec 1, 2020 4659
Utilization of High Level of Interleukin-10 in Tears as a Biomarker for Dry Eye Disease Detection in Computer Users. Handayani, Ariesanti Tri; Ratnasari, N.L.M.N.; Nurwasis; Susila, N.K.Niti; Adiatmika, I.Putu Gede Report Sep 1, 2020 3074
Lipid ratios are not good predictors of insulin resistance among healthy adults from Southwest Nigeria. Adejumo, Esther Ngozi; Adejumo, Adedeji Olusola; Ogundahunsi, Omobolanle Abioye Aug 1, 2020 2993
Analysis and Research on the Centimeter Band Receiver Amplitude Calibration Method. Wang, Kai; Chen, Maozheng; Ma, Jun; Duan, Xuefeng; Wang, Yang; Cao, Liang; Yan, Hao; Xiang, Binbin Jul 31, 2020 6135
Effects of Scrambler Therapy in Patients with Failed Back Surgery Syndromes and Factors Associated with Depression Affecting Pain before and after the Therapy. Byun, Hayoung; Oh, Min-Kyun; Lee, Chang Han Jul 31, 2020 4764
Stress response and postrelease mortality of blacktip sharks (Carcharhinus limbatus) captured in shore-based and charter-boat-based recreational fisheries. Weber, D. Nick; Frazier, Bryan S.; Whitney, Nicholas M.; Gelsleichter, James; Sancho, Gorka Jul 1, 2020 13265
Investigating the Visibility of 28 and 73 GHz Frequency Bands for Outdoor MIMO Channel. Al-Omary, Alauddin May 1, 2020 6599
Performance Analysis of Display Field Communication with Advanced Receivers. Singh, Pankaj; Kim, Byung Wook; Jung, Sung-Yoon Apr 30, 2020 6965
Modeling Geographical Anycasting Routing in Vehicular Networks. Amirshahi, Alireza; Romoozi, Morteza; Raayatpanah, Mohammad Ali; Asghari, Seyyed Amir Apr 1, 2020 8878
Discard mortality of black sea bass (Centropristis striata) in a deepwater recreational fishery off New Jersey: role of swim bladder venting in reducing mortality. Zemeckis, Douglas R.; Kneebone, Jeff; Capizzano, Connor W.; Bochenek, Eleanor A.; Hoffman, William S Apr 1, 2020 10615
Interference Analysis of Metal Conductors for Target-Resonance-Based Detection Method. Chen, Lin; Zhang, Huaiqing; Yinchun, A.; Song, Wei Mar 31, 2020 4478
Passive Target Localization Problem Based on Improved Hybrid Adaptive Differential Evolution and Nelder-Mead Algorithm. Rosic, Maja B.; Simic, Mirjana I.; Pejovic, Predrag V. Mar 31, 2020 12962
Adaptive Secure MIMO Transmission Mechanism against Smart Attacker. Shen, Xujun; Chen, Qingchun; Nie, Yulong; Gan, Keming Mar 1, 2020 7406
Robust Synthesis Algorithm for Directional Modulation Signal with Array Manifold Vectors Uncertainty. Hong, Tao Jan 1, 2020 4921
Towards more compassionate wildlife research through the 3Rs principles: moving from invasive to non-invasive methods. Zemanova, Miriam A. Jan 1, 2020 14909
Multiple Eavesdropper-Based Physical Layer Security in SIMO System With Antenna Correlation. Sun, Gangcan; Liu, Mengge; Han, Zhuo; Zhao, Chuanyong Jan 1, 2020 4805
A General 3D Nonstationary Vehicle-to-Vehicle Channel Model Allowing 3D Arbitrary Trajectory and 3D-Shaped Antenna Array. Zhu, Qiuming; Li, Weidong; Yang, Ying; Xu, Dazhuan; Zhong, Weizhi; Chen, Xiaomin Nov 30, 2019 5756
Improvement of Underlay Cooperative Cognitive Networks Bandwidth Efficiency under Interference and Power Constraints. Al-Mishmish, Hameed R.M.; Preveze, Barbaros; Alkhayyat, Ahmed Nov 1, 2019 6036
Joint Kalman Channel Estimation and Turbo Equalization for MIMO OFDM Systems over Fast Fading Channels. Chang, Yu-Kuan; Ueng, Fang-Biau; Shen, Ye-Shun; Liao, Chih-Yuan Nov 1, 2019 4589
Adaptation of Feed-Forward Equalizer Settings: A Frequency Domain Analysis Approach. Zaki, Ahmed M. Nov 1, 2019 4226
Joint DL and UL Channel Estimation for Millimeter Wave MIMO Systems Using Tensor Modeling. Gomes, Paulo R.B.; de Almeida, Andre L.F.; da Costa, Joao Paulo C.L.; de Sousa, Rafael T., Jr. Sep 30, 2019 8562
Performance Analysis of Multi-Hop Wireless Link under Maximum Flow Algorithm. Jahan, Sarwar; Islam, Md. Imdadul; Amin, M. Ruhul Report Aug 1, 2019 2835
INOmini Models Transition, With Receiver Phase-Out Complete. Jul 23, 2019 167
Relaying Communications in Energy Scavenging Cognitive Networks: Secrecy Outage Probability Analysis. Ho-Van, Khuong; Do-Dac, Thiem May 31, 2019 7920
HARQ-Chaotic: Analog Chaotic Code Applied in HARQ Scheme of Wireless Communication System. Yu, Wei; Zhu, Fusheng; Wu, Jun; Wang, Rui; Ren, Haoqi; Zhang, Zhifeng May 31, 2019 6706
Site Prediction Model for the over Rooftop Path in a Suburban Environment at Millimeter Wave. Yoon, Young Keun; Kim, Kyung Won; Chong, Young Jun Apr 30, 2019 7876
Rain Attenuation Study over an 18 GHz Terrestrial Microwave Link in South Korea. Shrestha, Sujan; Choi, Dong-You Apr 30, 2019 10366
The Coarse-Position-Free Coarse-Time Positioning Method for BDS Receiver. Shen, Zilong; Liu, Wenxiang; Wu, Zhongwang; Peng, Jing; Wang, Feixue Apr 30, 2019 11218
Remington M700 Recoil Lug Alignment Jig: Using a special recoil lug alignment jig while installing a barrel on a Remington Model 700 rifle series receiver eliminates the guess work in proper barrel installation. Here's how to make and use one. Johnson, Norman E. Apr 1, 2019 766
Development of a Wireless Health Monitoring System for Measuring Core Body Temperature from the Back of the Body. Wei, Qun; Park, Hee-Joon; Lee, Jyung Hyun Mar 31, 2019 3849
Multidevice False Data Injection Attack Models of ADS-B Multilateration Systems. Shang, Fute; Wang, Buhong; Yan, Fuhu; Li, Tengyao Mar 31, 2019 6992
Evaluation of the Beck Anxiety Inventory in predicting generalised anxiety disorder among individuals seeking HIV testing in the Western Cape province, South Africa. Saal, Wylene L.; Kagee, Ashraf; Bantjes, Jason Jan 1, 2019 4155
Congestion control mechanism for data transfers in multiple Multicast/Mecanismo de control de congestion para transferencias de datos en Multicast multiple. Palacios, Raul H.; Balseca, Maria; Gallo, Victor; Andrade, Nilo; Pisco, Juan-Carlos; Marrillo, Fabri Dec 1, 2018 4911
Development of Multilayer Rectangular Coils for Multiple-Receiver Multiple-Frequency Wireless Power Transfer. Jiang, Chaoqiang; Chau, Kwok Tong; Han, Wei; Liu, Wei Nov 1, 2018 3454
YKL-40 in the diagnosis, prediction of prognosis, and platinum sensitivity in serous epithelial ovarian cancer/Seroz epitelyal over kanserinde tanida, prognoz ve platin duyarliligi ongorusunde YKL-40 kullanimi. Kahramanoglu, Ilker; Tokgozoglu, Nedim; Turan, Hasan; Sal, Veysel; Simsek, Gonul; Gelisgen, Remise; Sep 1, 2018 3496
More Insight Into Shape Of Coronal Mass Ejections From Sun. Aug 31, 2018 539
Winchester 1912 Restoration: A project repairing and cold bluing a Winchester Model 1912. Mazan, Paul Aug 1, 2018 1640
Kinetics of transmitter release at the calyx of Held synapse. Sakaba, Takeshi Report Mar 1, 2018 8215
How to Simplify Isolated 24 V Digital Input Module Designs While Reducing Power Dissipation: A new. less complicated design approach to digital input modules features several advantages over conventional methods. Kamath, Anant S. Mar 1, 2018 968
Design and Implementation of 8K UHD Encapsulation Method for Efficient Transmission and Reception based on MMT. Song, Seulki; Ryu, Youngsu; Wee, Jungwook; Park, Kyungwon; Kwon, Kiwon Report Feb 1, 2018 3486
Performance Analysis of Optimum Combiner in Power Limited Cognitive Radios with Multiple Primary Interferers. Bindra, Kavita Vij; Khanna, Rajesh; Sharma, Surbhi Report Feb 1, 2018 5146
Efficiency Analysis of Multiple-Transmitter Wireless Power Transfer Systems. Zhang, Jin; Wang, Fangfang Jan 1, 2018 5324
Adaptive Gain Control Method of a Phase-Locked Loop for GNSS Carrier Signal Tracking. Luo, Zhibin; Ding, Jicheng; Zhao, Lin Jan 1, 2018 7280
Reduced-Complexity Receiver for Free-Space Optical Communication over Orbital Angular Momentum Partial-Pattern Modes. ElHelaly, Alaa; Mehana, Ahmed H.; Khairy, Mohammad M. Jan 1, 2018 6297
TEM Response of a Large Loop Source over the Multilayer Earth Models. Tiwari, A.K.; Maurya, S.P.; Singh, N.P. Jan 1, 2018 3120
Potential effects of GPS transmitters on greater sage-grouse survival in a post-fire landscape. Foster, Lee J.; Dugger, Katie M.; Hagen, Christian A.; Budeau, David A. Report Jan 1, 2018 4265
High Data Rate FinFET On-Off Keying Transmitter for Wireless Capsule Endoscopy. Intzes, Ioannis; Meng, Hongying; Cosmas, John P. Jan 1, 2018 4848
Readout Distance Enhancement of the Passive Wireless Multi-Parameter Sensing System Using a Repeater Coil. Wang, Lifeng; Dong, Lei; Huang, Qing-An Jan 1, 2018 3157
Evaluation and Analysis of Dam Operating Status Using One Clock-Synchronized Dual-Antenna Receiver. Zhang, Yunlong; Yang, Songlin; Liu, Jiankun; Qiu, Dongwei; Luo, Xiaoyan; Fang, Jianhong Jan 1, 2018 4741
Path Hopping: An MTD Strategy for Long-Term Quantum-Safe Communication. Safavi-Naini, Reihaneh; Poostindouz, Alireza; Lisy, Viliam Jan 1, 2018 10321
Suppressing the OFDM CFO-Caused Constellation Symbol Phase Deviation by PAPR Reduction. Lipovac, Adriana; Lipovac, Vlatko; Njemcevic, Pamela Jan 1, 2018 3313
Adaptive Transmission Power Control for Reliable Data Forwarding in Sensor Based Networks. Teng, Haojun; Liu, Xiao; Liu, Anfeng; Shen, Hailan; Huang, Changqin; Wang, Tian Jan 1, 2018 16073
Multihop Capability Analysis in Wireless Information and Power Transfer Multirelay Cooperative Networks. Wu, Qilin; Zhou, Xianzhong; Cao, Qian; Fang, Huan Jan 1, 2018 6813
Achievable Rates of Gaussian Interference Channel with Multi-Layer Rate-Splitting and Successive Simple Decoding. Yu, Hanxiao; Fei, Zesong Jan 1, 2018 7199
An Implementation Approach and Performance Analysis of Image Sensor Based Multilateral Indoor Localization and Navigation System. Shahjalal, Md.; Hossan, Md. Tanvir; Hasan, Moh. Khalid; Chowdhury, Mostafa Zaman; Le, Nam Tuan; Jang Jan 1, 2018 8220
Efficient Certificateless Anonymous Multi-Receiver Encryption Scheme without Bilinear Parings. Gao, Ronghai; Zeng, Jiwen; Deng, Lunzhi Jan 1, 2018 11323
Energy Efficiency Design for Secure MISO Cognitive Radio Network Based on a Nonlinear EH Model. Ni, Lei; Da, Xinyu; Hu, Hang; Zhang, Miao Jan 1, 2018 4120
Self-Assisted First-Fix Method for A-BDS Receivers with Medium- and Long-Term Ephemeris Extension. Shen, Zilong; Peng, Jing; Liu, Wenxiang; Wang, Feixue; Zhu, Shibing; Wu, Zhongwang Jan 1, 2018 9312
Preoperative albumin/globulin ratio is a potential prognosis predicting biomarker in patients with resectable gastric cancer. Xue, Fan; Lin, Feng; Yin, Min; Feng, Ning; Zhang, Xu; Cui, You-Gang; Yi, Yu-Peng; Kong, Xiang-Yu; Ch Nov 1, 2017 4728
Outage Probability Analysis of Co-Tier Interference in Heterogeneous Network. Kamrul Hasan, Mohammad; Fadzil Ismail, Ahmad; Hashim, Wahidah; Islam, Shayla; Aisha-Hassan; Hashim, Report Oct 1, 2017 3057
Upper and Lower Lip Soft Tissue Thicknesses Differ in Relation to Age and Sex/Grosores de los Tejidos Blandos de los Labios Superior e Inferior Difieren en Relacion con la Edad y el Sexo. Bozdag, Zekiye Karaca; Kurkcuoglu, Ayla; Ustdal, Ayca; Cam, Yener; Oguz, Ozkan Ensayo Sep 1, 2017 3925
Evaluation of Multipath Transmission using the Stream Control Transmission Protocol. Halepoto, Imtiaz A.; Phulpoto, Nazar H.; Jokhio, Fareed A.; Khatri, Abdul R. Sep 1, 2017 3300
Power control for capacity enhancement in MCCDMA-MIMO system using Bayesian water filling game theory. Sundhar, A.; Valli, R.; Dananjayan, P. Report Apr 30, 2017 4022
Evaluation of leg banding and attachment of radio-transmitters on ring-necked pheasant chicks. Carroll, J. Matthew; Hamm, R. Lee; Hagen, Jacob M.; Davis, Craig A.; Guthery, Fred S. Report Jan 1, 2017 4384
Assessment Method of Multipath Mitigation Performance for GNSS Antenna with Receiver Algorithms. Yuan, Muzi; Li, Du; Li, Baiyu; Chen, Huaming; Ou, Gang Report Jan 1, 2017 6315
Path Loss Channel Model for Inland River Radio Propagation at 1.4 GHz. Yu, Junyi; Chen, Wei; Yang, Kun; Li, Changzhen; Li, Fang; Shui, Yishui Report Jan 1, 2017 7048
Performance Assessment and Prediction for Superheterodyne Receivers Based on Mahalanobis Distance and Time Sequence Analysis. Sun, Jinwen; Lu, Chen; Wang, Manxi; Yuan, Hang; Qi, Le Report Jan 1, 2017 5737
A Robust Method to Suppress Jamming for GNSS Array Antenna Based on Reconstruction of Sample Covariance Matrix. Gong, Yanyun; Wang, Ling; Yao, Rugui; Zhang, Zhaolin Jan 1, 2017 6722
Power Link Optimization for a Neurostimulator in Nasal Cavity. Lee, Seunghyun; Kim, Jonghoek; Kim, Sanghoek Jan 1, 2017 3648
A Frequency-Tracking and Impedance-Matching Combined System for Robust Wireless Power Transfer. Luo, Yanting; Yang, Yongmin; Chen, Suiyu; Wen, Xisen Jan 1, 2017 7533
Impact on Antijamming Performance of Channel Mismatch in GNSS Antenna Arrays Receivers. Lu, Zukun; Nie, Junwei; Chen, Feiqiang; Ou, Gang Jan 1, 2017 4021
Path-Loss Channel Models for Receiver Spatial Diversity Systems at 2.4 GHz. Alwarafy, Abdulmalik; Sulyman, Ahmed Iyanda; Alsanie, Abdulhameed; Alshebeili, Saleh A.; Behairy, Ha Jan 1, 2017 5964
Radio Frequency Fingerprint Extraction Based on Multidimension Permutation Entropy. Deng, Shouyun; Huang, Zhitao; Wang, Xiang; Huang, Guangquan Jan 1, 2017 3356
A Method against Interrupted-Sampling Repeater Jamming Based on Energy Function Detection and Band-Pass Filtering. Yuan, Hui; Wang, Chun-yang; Li, Xin; An, Lei Jan 1, 2017 4904
Phase Noise Suppression Algorithm Based on Modified LLR Metric in SC-FDMA System. Xu, Zijie; Ren, Guangliang Jan 1, 2017 2862
Noncooperative 802.11 MAC Layer Fingerprinting and Tracking of Mobile Devices. Robyns, Pieter; Bonne, Bram; Quax, Peter; Lamotte, Wim Report Jan 1, 2017 16442
In-Body Ranging with Ultra-Wideband Signals: Techniques and Modeling of the Ranging Error. Kanaan, Muzaffer; Suveren, Memduh Report Jan 1, 2017 10226
Improved Path Loss Simulation Incorporating Three-Dimensional Terrain Model Using Parallel Coprocessors. Loo, Zhang Bin; Chong, Poh Kit; Lee, Kim Yee; Yap, Wun-She Report Jan 1, 2017 4426
Performance Analysis of MRC Receivers with Adaptive Modulation and Coding in Rayleigh Fading Correlated Channels with Imperfect CSIT. Samano-Robles, Ramiro; Lavendelis, Egons; Tovar, Eduardo Report Jan 1, 2017 7954
Frequency-Hopping Transmitter Fingerprint Feature Classification Based on Kernel Collaborative Representation Classifier. Sui, Ping; Guo, Ying; Zhang, Kun-feng; Li, Honguang Report Jan 1, 2017 4290
Performance analysis of QOSTBC-OFDM system based on FEC codes. Blakit, Mohammed J.; Eljaafreh, Yousef Report Dec 1, 2016 3510
Communicating for success. Maria, Brindusa Oct 1, 2016 2004
Winchester 1897 chamber ring. Coffield, Reid Sep 1, 2016 260
Survival of desert mule deer fawns in central Arizona. Quintana, Nicole Tatman; Ballard, Warren B.; Wallace, Mark C.; Krausman, Paul R.; de Vos, James, Jr. Report Jun 1, 2016 7138
An Encryption Technique for Provably Secure Transmission from a High Performance Computing Entity to a Tiny One. Mihaljevic, Miodrag J.; Kavcic, Aleksandar; Matsuura, Kanta Jan 1, 2016 6431
Output Choice of a Chaotic Jerk Circuit Used as Transmitter in Data Secure Communications. Datcu, Octaviana; Stanciu, Mihai; Tauleigne, Roger; Burileanu, Corneliu; Barbot, Jean-Pierre Nov 1, 2015 4275
Accuracy capabilities comparisons between Karakiewicz, Kattan and Cindolo nomograms in predicting outcomes for renal cancer carcinoma: a systematic review and meta-analysis. Russo, Giorgio Ivan; Di Rosa, Alessandro; Favilla, Vincenzo; Fragala, Eugenia; Castelli, Tommaso; Pr Report Jun 1, 2015 6126
Centralised and decentralised precoding framework in multi user-mimo wireless communication. Upasana, S.; Markandan, S.; Venkateswaran, N. Report Jun 1, 2015 3006
Alternative sources of supply for stand-alone automation devices on supports high-voltage lines. Breido, Iosif; Voytkevich, Sofiya; Em, Gennadiy; Kaverin, Vladimir Report Jan 1, 2015 2036
The remote and mobile air traffic control tower and its possible application to the operational area. Vas, Timea Abstract Oct 1, 2014 2433
Low-complexity spatial-temporal filtering method via compressive sensing for interference mitigation in a GNSS receiver. Chang, Chung-Liang; Huang, Guo-Shing Jan 1, 2014 4648
An analytical study of the impact of arbitrary receive antenna correlation in TAS/MRC. Pena-Martin, Juan P.; Romero-Jerez, Juan M. Jan 1, 2014 4179
A single RF MIMO loading network for high-order modulation schemes. Han, Bo; Barousis, Vlasis I.; Kalis, Antonis; Papadias, Constantinos B.; Kanatas, Athanasios G.; Pra Jan 1, 2014 5879
Passive switched capacitor RF front ends for spectrum sensing in cognitive radios. Sadhu, Bodhisatwa; Sturm, Martin; Sadler, Brian M.; Harjani, Ramesh Report Jan 1, 2014 10630
The Wavelength Division Multiplexer Realized in Three-Dimensional Unusual Surface-Plasmon-Induced Photonic Crystals Composed of the Epsilon-negative Materials Shells. Zhang, Hai-Feng; Liu, Shao-Bin; Li, Hai-Ming Jan 1, 2014 10684
Design analysis and construction of energy harvesting coaxial helicopter. Singh, Anvinder; Sharma, Varun Report Dec 1, 2013 2858
Short-term survival and effects of transmitter implantation into western grebes using a modified surgical procedure. Report Dec 1, 2011 330
Communication models and use of printed materials in healthcare education: a bibliographic survey/Modelos de comunicacion y uso de impresos en educacion en salud: una pesquisa bibliografica/Modelos de comunicacao e uso de impressos na educacao em saude: uma pesquisa bibliografica. de Freitas, Fernanda Valeria; Filho, Luiz Augusto Rezende Jan 1, 2011 6981
The Planck satellite LFI and the microwave background: importance of the 4K reference targets. Robitaille, Pierre-Marie Jul 1, 2010 5862
Reanalyses of group telepathy data with a focus on variability/Re-analyses des donnees de telepathie en groupe avec un focus sur la variabilite/Reanalisis de datos de telepatia grupal con un foco en la variabilidad/Reanalysen von daten bei gruppentelepathie fokussiert auf variabilitat. Dalkvist, Jan; Montgomery, William; Montgomery, Henry; Westerlund, Joakim Report Mar 22, 2010 10409
Understanding gained one layer at a time. Lecklider, Tom Jul 1, 2008 2649
First wireless pH/ORP transmitter. May 1, 2008 236
Market growth in Asia, Africa, and Middle East set to tip the balance. Ashling, Jim Feb 1, 2008 1525
M1934 Remington. John, Jeff Oct 1, 2007 475
Transducers and transmitters. Jun 1, 2006 241
Volterra series analysis of a laser diode predistorter for mobile communication systems. Abd-Alhameed, R.A.; Excell, P.S.; Gardiner, J.G.; Ali, N.T. Sep 1, 2004 1984
Quarter-wavelength N-way power dividers/combiners: historical aspects and new modifications: quarter-wavelength, in-phase, N-way power dividers/combiners are widely used in antenna arrays, power amplifiers and transmitters, mixers, phase shifters and vector modulators. This article briefly reviews the history of known quarter-wavelength power dividers/combiners and presents some novel modifications. Maloratsky, Leo G.; London, Simon Y. Sep 1, 2003 3538
Cultural and Rhetorical Adaptations for South American Audiences. Thatcher, Barry L. May 1, 1999 12026
RF interference analysis for collocated systems. Timiri, Shailender Jan 1, 1997 4296

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