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Caffeine ingestion improves repeated freestyle sprints in elite male swimmers. Goods, Paul S.R.; Landers, Grant; Fulton, Sacha Report Mar 1, 2017 4495
Relationship between the anaerobic threshold identified through blood lactate between the discontinuous and resisted dynamic exercises in long distance runners. Campos, Yuri A.C.; Guimaraes, Miller P.; de Souza, Hiago L.R.; da Silva, Gaspar P.; Domingos, Pablo Report Feb 1, 2017 3659
Lactate response to Brazilian jiu-jitsu matches across time. Abad, Cesar C.; McAnulty, Steven R.; Barros, Marcelo P.; Almeida, Andre L.; Santos-Junior, Rubens B. Report Aug 1, 2016 3075
J Wildl Dis.: Blood gas, lactate, and hematology effects of venipuncture timing and location after mist-net capture of mourning doves (Zenaida macroura), boat-tailed grackles (Quiscalus major), and house sparrows (Passer domesticus). Harms, C.A.; Jinks, M.R.; Harms, R.V. Brief article Jun 1, 2016 256
Neuromuscular and blood lactate response after a motocross training session in amateur riders. Simoes, Vinicius Radenzev; Crisp, Alex Harley; Verlengia, Rozangela; Pellegrinotti, Idico Luiz Jun 1, 2016 2785
Biochemical differences between official and simulated mixed martial arts (MMA) matches. Coswig, Victor Silveira; Fukuda, David Hideyoshi; de Paula Ramos, Solange; Del Vecchio, Fabricio Bos Jun 1, 2016 4229
Analysis of the response of blood lactate, blood glucose, peripheral oxygen saturation, and heart rate during the trail running competition. Ferreira, Alexandre Reis Pires; Santos, Walfran Silva; Aidar, Felipe Jose; de Matos, Dihogo Gama; de Author abstract Apr 1, 2016 2646
A comparison between alpine skiing, cross-country skiing and indoor cycling on cardiorespiratory and metabolic response. Stoggl, Thomas; Schwarzl, Christoph; Muller, Edith E.; Nagasaki, Masaru; Stoggl, Julia; Scheiber, Pe Report Mar 1, 2016 11419
Effects of cycling versus running training on sprint and endurance capacity in inline speed skating. Stangier, Carolin; Abel, Thomas; Mierau, Julia; Hollmann, Wildor; Struder, Heiko K. Report Mar 1, 2016 7519
Comparison between pre-exhaustion and traditional exercise order on muscle activation and performance in trained men. Soares, Enrico Gori; Brown, Lee E.; Gomes, Willy Andrade; Correa, Daniel Alves; Serpa, Erica Paes; d Report Mar 1, 2016 5247
Anesthetic properties of Ocimum gratissimum essential oil for juvenile matrinxa/Propriedades do oleo essencial de Ocimum gratissimum como anestesico para juvenis de matrinxa. Ribeiro, Allyson Soares; Batista, Erix dos Santos; Dairiki, Jony Koiji; Chaves, Francisco Celio Maia Jan 1, 2016 4762
Effects of hydroxyethyl starches on blood sugar levels under subarachnoid block during surgery. Hakim, Abdul; Dar, Naseer Ahmad; Rather, Mushtaq Ahmad Report Dec 14, 2015 3220
Similar anti-inflammatory acute responses from moderate-intensity continuous and high-intensity intermittent exercise. Cabral-Santos, Carolina; Gerosa-Neto, Jose; Inoue, Daniela Sayuri; Panissa, Valeria Leme Goncalves; Report Dec 1, 2015 5305
Physiological demands of simulated off-road cycling competition. Smekal, Gerhard; von Duvillard, Serge P.; Hormandinger, Maximilian; Moll, Roland; Heller, Mario; Pok Report Dec 1, 2015 11437
Relationship between short-distance run and variables of pulmonary function tests. Bhatt, Madhu; Wankhede, Tanaji; Thapa, Bikalp; Kushwaha, Arvind Singh; Malhotra, Vineet Kumar; Hira, Mar 1, 2015 2000
Influence of acute normobaric hypoxia on physiological variables and lactate turn point determination in trained men. Ofner, Michael; Wonisch, Manfred; Frei, Mario; Tschakert, Gerhard; Domej, Wolfgang; Kropfl, Julia M. Report Dec 1, 2014 5986
Efficacy of a single prophylactic dose of ephedrine to prevent hypotension in patients during spinal anesthesia. Tiwari, Madhu; Tiwari, Pawan; Garg, Krishan Lal; Chhabra, Balbir Report Sep 29, 2014 2142
Effect of sodium phosphate supplementation on cycling time trial performance and V[O.sub.2] 1 and 8 days post loading. Brewer, Cameron P.; Dawson, Brian; Wallman, Karen E.; Guelfi, Kym J. Report Sep 1, 2014 5913
Kinematical analysis along maximal lactate steady state swimming intensity. Figueiredo, Pedro; Nazario, Rafael; Sousa, Marisa; Pelarigo, Jailton Gregorio; Vilas-Boas, Joao Paul Report Sep 1, 2014 5163
Comparison of the observed heart rate during blood lactate-based exercise intensity vs. three heart rate-based methods in cardiovascular rehabilitation. Gurovich, Alvaro N.; Flores, Orlando E.; Diaz, Rienzi A. Jun 1, 2014 3200
Blood lactate time course changes from high-speed exercise. Caruso, John F.; Mason, Melissa L.; Borgsmiller, Jake A.; Barbosa, Amanda G.; Gutierrez, Evelyn V. Report Jun 1, 2014 4418
Pumpless extracorporeal membrane oxygenation in dogs/Oxigenacao extracorporea por membrana em caes sem auxilio circulatorio. da Costa, Alessandra Castello; da Silveira, Lara Lages; Ferreira, Felipp da Silveira; Santos, Cintia May 1, 2014 4766
Physiological responses and performance analysis difference between official and simulated karate combat conditions. Chaabene, Helmi; Mkaouer, Bessem; Franchini, Emerson; Souissi, Nafaa; Selmi, Mohamed Amine; Nagra, Y Mar 1, 2014 5765
Neuromuscular and metabolic responses to three different resistance exercise methods. Arazi, Hamid; Mirzaei, Bahman; Heidari, Naser Mar 1, 2014 4755
Lactate kinetics during multiple set resistance exercise. Wirtz Nicolas; Wahl, Patrick; Kleinoder, Heinz; Mester, Joachim Report Mar 1, 2014 3498
Effects of cadence on aerobic capacity following a prolonged, varied intensity cycling trial. Stebbins, Charles L.; Moore, Jesse L.; Casazza, Gretchen A. Report Mar 1, 2014 5066
Neuromuscular fatigue during 200 m breaststroke. Conceicao, Ana; Silva, Antonio J.; Barbosa, Tiago; Karsai, Istvan; Louro, Hugo Report Mar 1, 2014 7612
Indirect determination of lactate minimum speed from a single maximal performance in young swimmers. Mezzaroba, Paulo V.; Machado, Fabiana A. Dec 1, 2013 3898
Lactate analysis in two sessions of prescribed long-distance running thought heart rate deflection point/Analise do lactato em duas sessoes de corrida prescritas atraves do ponto de deflexao da frequencia cardiaca. Brunetta, Henver Simionato; Navarro, Antonio Coppi; Frighetto, Monica Nov 1, 2013 3330
The effects of ingestion of sugarcane juice and commercial sports drinks on cycling performance of athletes in comparison to plain water. Kalpana, Kommi; Lal, Priti Rishi; Kusuma, Doddipalli Lakshmi; Khanna, Gulshan Lal Sep 1, 2013 4897
Comparison of live high: train low altitude and intermittent hypoxic exposure. Humberstone-Gough, Clare E.; Saunders, Philo U.; Bonetti, Darrell L.; Stephens, Shaun; Bullock, Nico Report Sep 1, 2013 7104
Long and short pauses during the training of strength do not affect the acute neuromuscular performance/Pausas longas e curtas entre series no treinamento de forca nao afetam desempenho neuromuscular agudo. Borges, Luis Felipe De Camargo; Ide, Bernardo Neme; Leitao, Maria Teresa Krahenbuhl Jul 1, 2013 2893
Sports performance in the wheelchair rugby athletes: a systematic review/Desempenho esportivo em atletas de rugby em cadeira de rodas: uma revisao sistematica. Simim, Mario Antonio de Moura; da Silva, Rodrigo Barboza; Candido, Rafael Frata; da Silva, Bruno Vic May 1, 2013 3808
Acute effects of three different circuit weight training protocols on blood lactate, heart rate, and rating of perceived exertion in recreationally active women. Skidmore, Brook L.; Jones, Margaret T.; Blegen, Mark; Matthews, Tracey D. Report Dec 1, 2012 6766
Differences between the vastus lateralis and gastrocnemius lateralis in the assessment ability of breakpoints of muscle oxygenation for aerobic capacity indices during an incremental cycling exercise. Wang, Bangde; Xu, Guodong; Tian, Qingping; Sun, Jinyan; Sun, Bailei; Zhang, Lei; Luo, Qingming; Gong Report Dec 1, 2012 5809
Stability of blood gases when refrigerated. Ferreira, Joao Pedro; Silva, Sara Vieira; Rodrigues, Patricia; Abreu, Miguel Araujo; Maia, Jose Migu Report Aug 1, 2012 3332
Comparison of responses of heart rate and lactate concentrations between two methods of strength training/Comparacao das respostas de frequencia cardiaca e concentracoes de lactato entre dois metodos de treinamento de musculacao. Dorneles, Gilson Pires; Sant'Anna, Marcelo Morganti; da Silva, Rafael Nascimento; de Lemos, Leandro Jul 1, 2012 4316
Is the critical running speed related to the intermittent maximal lactate steady state? de Lucas, Ricardo D.; Dittrich, Naiandra; Junior, Rubens B.; de Souza, Kristopher M.; Guglielmo, Lui Report Mar 1, 2012 5104
Standardization of field incremental to maximal exercise test for show jumping horses/Padronizacao de teste incremental de esforco maximo a campo para cavalos que pratiquem hipismo classico/Estandarizacion de prueba de esfuerzo maximo en campo para caballos de salto. Mirian, Mauricio; Fernandes, Wilson Roberto Dec 1, 2011 4545
Acute effect of thermoregulation on cardiovascular drift during aerobic exercise--a case study/Efeito agudo da termoregulacao na oscilacao cardiovascular durante exercicio aerobico--um estudo de caso. Alves, Lorena De Oliveira; Navarro, Francisco; Haun, Danilo Nov 1, 2011 4833
Behavior of lactate and heart rate in response of anaerobic protocol of Hapkido practitioners/Comportamento do lactato e frequencia cardiaca em resposta a protocolo anaerobio em praticantes de Hapkido. Santos, Daniel dos; de Oliveira, David Michel; Nunes, Paulo Ricardo Prado Sep 1, 2011 1747
The acute effects of varying strength exercises bouts on 5km running. de Souza, Eduardo Oliveira; Rosa, Luis Fernando Caineli; Pires, Flavio; Wilson, Jacob; Franchini, Em Report Sep 1, 2011 4340
To evaluate concentrations of lactate in two indirect anaerobic tests: study compared in teenage to a female futsal team/Avaliacao da concentracao de lactato em dois testes anaerobicos indiretos: estudo comparado em atletas juvenis de futsal feminino. Ramos, Verediane Galan; de Oliveira, Humberto Garcia; de Almeida, Andre Luiz Amaral Rodrigues Report May 1, 2011 3410
Adventure race: behavior of sanguineous lactate, glycemia and scale of Borg during the competition/Corrida de aventura: comportamento do lactato sanguineo, glicemia e escala de Borg durante a competicao. Helfensteller, Marta Rossner; Ruiz, Marcos Alexandre Costa; Liberali, Rafaela May 1, 2011 5185
Lactate removal kinetics on Brazilian Jiu-jitsu athletes/Cinetica de remocao de lactato em atletas de Brazilian Jiu-jitsu. Pereira, Roberto Francisco; Lopes, Charles Ricardo; Dechechi, Clodoaldo Jose; Victor, Bruno Correa; Jan 1, 2011 2875
Effect of the addition of [beta]-hydroxybutyrate to chemically defined maturation medium on the nuclear maturation, sperm penetration and embryonic development of porcine oocytes in vitro. Endo, R.; Ishii, A.; Nakanishi, A.; Nabenishi, H.; Ashizawa, K.; Tsuzuki, Y. Report Nov 1, 2010 4393
Longitudinal study in 3,000 m male runners: relationship between performance and selected physiological parameters. Bragada, Jose A.; Santos, Paulo J.; Maia, Jose A.; Colaco, Paulo J.; Lopes, Vitor P.; Barbosa, Tiago Clinical report Sep 1, 2010 4944
Blood lactate in the evaluation of the thoracic epidural effects in isoflurane anesthetized dogs/Lactato sanguineo na avaliacao dos efeitos da peridural toracica em caes anestesiados pelo isoflurano. Floriano, Beatriz Perez; de Oliveira, Guillermo Carlos Veiga; Vivan, Maria Carolina Ribeiro; de Souz Mar 1, 2010 3138
Caffeine effect of supplementation on the performance in swimming/Efeito da suplementacao com cafeina sobre a performance em natacao. Longo, Mayara; Guerra, Ricardo Luis Fernandes; Botero, Joao Paulo Jan 1, 2010 3172
Analysis of the anaerobic threshold in practicing wheelchair of modality handball through lesser value glycemic/Analise do limiar anaerobio em cadeirantes praticantes de modalidade handebol atraves do menor valor glicemico. Bianconi, Ana Claudia; Bianconi, Elizabeth de Cassia; Baldissera, Vilmar Jan 1, 2010 1829
Effects of sodium phosphate loading on aerobic power and capacity in off road cyclists. Czuba, Milosz; Zajac, Adam; Poprzecki, Stanislaw; Cholewa, Jaroslaw; Woska, Scott Clinical report Dec 1, 2009 7687
Comparison of the aerobic performance of cyclists submitted to restriction hydric, hydration and the supplementation of arginine/Comparacao do desempenho aerobio de ciclistas submetidos a restricao hidrica, hidratacao e a suplementacao de arginina. Conte, Livia Pimenta; Conte, Marcelo Nov 1, 2009 4635
Correlation between invasive non-invasive testing and verified through the Dmax method to estimate the maximum lactate in steady-state individuals physically active/Correlacao entre teste invasivo e nao invasivo, verificados atraves do metodo Dmax, para estimativa do maximo estado estavel de lactato em individuos fisicamente ativos. Shiroma, Danilo Mendes; dos Santos, Claudia Renata Pinto; Nunes, Durval de Santana; Almeida, Andre L Nov 1, 2009 5303
Anaerobic threshold determination based on test data to Elipticon/Determinacao de limiar anaerobio com base em dados de teste em Elipticon. Caldiron, Michel Uzum; Navarro, Francisco Sep 1, 2009 4895
A influencia do treinamento aerobio com intensidades de 90% e 110% da velocidade de corrida correspondente a 4,0mM de lactato sanguineo sobre o V[O.sub.2 max] e o limiar de lactato em jovens de 18 e 19 anos. de Almeida, Fernando Cesar Costa Report May 1, 2009 7733
Lactate kinetics in exercise intensity corresponding to heart hate deflection point/ Cinetica de lactato em intensidade de esforco correspondente a frequencia cardiaca de deflexao. Urtado, Christiano Bertoldo; Assumpcao, Claudio de Oliveira; Prestes, Jonato; Leite, Gerson dos Sant Mar 1, 2009 3579
Comparison of the alterations of the acute physiological variable through the traditional method and pyramid for hypertrophy/Comparacao das alteracoes das variaveis fisiologicas agudas atraves do metodo tradicional e piramide para hipertrofia. Buchman, Jorge Royer; da Costa, Eduardo Emilio Lang Mares; Szott, Adilson; de Castilhos, George Gilb Jul 1, 2008 4781
Lactate kinetics after intermittent and continuous exercise training. Gharbi, Adnene; Chamari, Karim; Kallel, Amjad; Ahmaidi, Said; Tabka, Zouhair; Abdelkarim, Zbidi Jun 1, 2008 5308
Cell-free plasma DNA as a predictor of outcome in severe sepsis and septic shock. Saukkonen, Katri; Lakkisto, Paivi; Pettila, Ville; Varpula, Marjut; Karlsson, Sari; Ruokonen, Esko; Jun 1, 2008 5044
Evaluation of blood lactate levels in professional soccer players during matches--"2007 Mato Grosso State Championship"/Avaliacao da concentracao de lactato sanguineo em futebolistas profissionais no campeonato Mato-Grossense de Futebol Em 2007. Olegini, Edicarlos; Cardoso, Rodrigo Vaz; Navarro, Antonio Coppi Mar 1, 2008 2549
Resposta do lactato sanguineo, frequencia cardiaca e percepcao subjetiva de esforco, durante um teste progressivo no exercicio supino. Rafo, Rodrigo Munis; Gil, Rafael Sabin; Vargas, Gustavo Bischow; Silva, Gelson da; Almeida, Andre Lu Mar 1, 2008 3947
Analysis of the kinetic one of lactate during a lesson of karate--of the Shotokan/Analise da cinetica de lactato durante uma aula de karate--do Shotokan. Rosa, Wagner Mendes; Do Vale, Karine Cordeiro; Redondo, Carla Marcela; Junges, Rozane Dias; Zanoni, Nov 1, 2007 2260
Ischemia-modified albumin concentrations in patients with peripheral vascular disease and exercise-induced skeletal muscle ischemia. Roy, Debashis; Quiles, Juan; Sharma, Rajan; Sinha, Manas; Avanzas, Pablo; Gaze, David; Kaski, Juan C Clinical report Sep 1, 2004 3306
Automated flow cytometric analysis of cerebrospinal fluid. Van Acker, Jos T.; Delanghe, Joris R.; Langlois, Michel R.; Taes, Youri E.; De Buyzere, Marc L.; Ver Mar 1, 2001 3337
Novel Strategies for Novolak Resin Fractionation: Consequences for Advanced Photoresist Applications. NARASIMHAN, BALAJI; WANAT, STANLEY F.; RAHMAN, M. DALIL Oct 1, 2000 3771

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