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A STANDARDIZED ATMOSPHERIC MEASUREMENT DATA ARCHIVE FOR DISTRIBUTED CLOUD AND PRECIPITATION PROCESS-ORIENTED OBSERVATIONS IN CENTRAL EUROPE: A multitude of cloud and precipitation observations in Germany are now available in the new Standardized Atmospheric Measurement Data archive. Lammert, Andrea; Hansen, Akio; Ament, Felix; Crewell, Susanne; Dick, Galina; Grutzun, Verena; Klein- Jul 1, 2019 9151
Numerical Simulations Of Accident Situations (fall, Fire And Explosion) And Normal Operation (stacking And Handling) Of Mavl And Ha Storage Packages. Jun 25, 2019 216
Evaluacion de Modelos Termicos usados para Estimar la Temperatura del Punto Caliente en Transformadores de Distribucion. Martinez, Daniel F.; Cespedes, Alexander; Garcia, Diego F. Jun 1, 2019 4366
Some Remarks on Design of LED Lamps and their AC Direct Drivers. Filus, Zdzislaw; Checinski, Jacek Jun 1, 2019 3216
Controller Performance Assessment of a Photovoltaic Generator Terminated in a Current-Mode-Buck-Convertor-Load. Sitbon, Moshe; Mellincovsky, Martin; Aharon, Ilan Jun 1, 2019 4404
Harmonic-Mean-Based Dual-Antenna Selection with Distributed Concatenated Alamouti Codes in Two-Way Relaying Networks. Li, Guo; Gong, Feng-Kui; Chen, Xiang Report Apr 1, 2019 3737
Simulation and Experiments of Active Greenhouse Heating System. Zhang, Yuanyuan; Wang, Xin; Ma, Yibo; Xu, Baoyan; Sun, Dong Report Apr 1, 2019 4608
Nonlinear Vibration in Vehicular Structures. Mar 5, 2019 221
Investigation on Thermal Stability and Tribological Properties of Zr[B.sub.2] Particles Filling Cyanate Ester Resin Composites by Experiments and Numerical Simulation. Wu, Jiacheng; Jia, Zhuoying; He, Yannan; Yu, Zhiqiang Report Mar 1, 2019 4760
Simulation of the Effect of Altitude and Rotational Speed on Transient Temperatures of Rotating Components. El-Sharkawy, Alaa; Arora, Dipan; Hekal, AbdelRahman; Hendy, Muhannad Technical report Mar 1, 2019 3659
Constellation Multi-Objective Optimization Design Based on QoS and Network Stability in LEO Satellite Broadband Networks. Yan, Dawei; You, Peng; Liu, Cong; Yong, Shaowei; Guan, Dongfang Report Mar 1, 2019 8374
Determination of Distance Required to Ensure Stope and Footwall-drift Non-interaction Zone based on Geological Strength Index/Determinacion de la distancia requerida para asegurar el rebaje y las galerias en muros de la zona de no interaccion en mineria subterranea con base en el indice de Resistencia Geologica. Ozdogan, Mehmet Volkan; Gonen, Alper Mar 1, 2019 3235
Herbal (tm) Engine Numerical Analysis. Feb 2, 2019 151
Influence of a Reactive Diluent on Curing Kinetics, Internal Curing Process, and Mechanical Performance of Filament Wound Glass Fiber-Reinforced Epoxy Composite Pipes. Flores, Hugo A.; Ayude, Maria Alejandra; Riccardi, Carmen C.; Fasce, Laura A. Technical report Feb 1, 2019 7903
Numerical Simulation of Suction Blow Molding Process for Producing Curved Ducts. Kabanemi, Kalonji K.; Marcotte, Jean-Philippe Technical report Feb 1, 2019 11479
Numerical Analysis of Partial Differential Equations Using Maple and MATLAB. Brief article Dec 1, 2018 127
Nonlinear Analysis of Piles and Pile Groups in Inhomogeneous Soil evaluated through Case Histories. Nov 16, 2018 264
Heuristic Analysis of Viscous Dissipation in Single-Screw Extrusion. Roland, Wolfgang; Miethlinger, Jurgen Report Nov 1, 2018 10253
Improvement in DCT Shaft Lubrication through CFD Method. Cao, Zhan; Chen, Yong; Su, Ting; Liu, Hai; Zang, Libin Technical report Nov 1, 2018 3443
Works Of Reform Of The Old Library For Creation Of Offices In The Department Of Mathematical Analysis Of The Faculty Of Mathematics. Oct 24, 2018 119
Experimental analysis of a water column and structure heave velocity relationship for a floating oscillating water column wave energy device. Stanham, York; Mccarthy, Timothy J.; Stappenbelt, Brad Oct 1, 2018 3976
Variation Effect of Silicon Film Thickness on Electrical Properties of NANOMOSFET. Tijjani, A.; Galadanci, G.S.M.; Babaji, G.; Gana, S.M. Oct 1, 2018 2260
Examples of subhomogeneous Banach and operator algebras. Sep 29, 2018 259
Estrategias de aprendizaje y rendimiento academico en la asignatura Analisis Matematico II/Learning strategies and academic performance in the subject Mathematical Analysis II/Estrategias de aprendizagem e desempenho academico em Analise Matematica II. Arias, Leticia Enriqueta Chavez Sep 1, 2018 5645
Jordan Algebras, Finsler Geometry and Dynamics. Aug 13, 2018 475
Development Of Advanced Numerical Models For Segmental Cast Iron Tunnel Linings. Aug 13, 2018 377
Next Generation Approaches To Connect Models And Quantitative Data. Aug 3, 2018 363
Mathematical Analysis in Fluid Mechanics Selected Recent Result. Book review Aug 1, 2018 131
A Physical-Mathematical Model for the Prediction of Fiber Diameter of the Polyethylene Terephthalate (PET) Spunbonding Nonwoven Fabrics. Zhao, Bo Report Jul 1, 2018 7225
Mathematical Biology: Modeling and Analysis. Book review Jul 1, 2018 103
Analysis of Mechanical Characteristics and Instability Law of Fault under the Influence of Mining/Analisis de las caracteristicas mecanicas y las condiciones de inestabilidad de fallas en areas de explotacion minera. Li, Yuanhui; Zhou, Rui Report Jun 1, 2018 4171
Ludeme: The digital ludeme project: Modelling the evolution of traditional games. May 24, 2018 376
Research on Crack Discontinuous Interface Simulation Method Based on the Mesh Free Diffraction Criterion. Yuantao, Sun; Zengzeng, Zhang; Qing, Zhang; Xianrong, Qin Report May 1, 2018 4529
Fiber specklegram sensor analysis by digital image processing/Specklegramas de fibra optica analizados mediante procesamiento digital de imagines. Gutierrez, Luis C.; Castano, Luis F.; Gomez, Jorge A.; Quijano, Jairo C.; Herrera-Ramirez, Jorge A.; Apr 1, 2018 4219
On the complexity of signal propagation in nerve fibres. Engelbrecht, Juri; Peets, Tanel; Tamm, Kert; Laasmaa, Martin; Vendelin, Marko Report Mar 1, 2018 8108
Newton observer for a nonlinear flux-controlled AMB system. Mystkowski, Arkadiusz; Kotta, Ulle; Kaparin, Vadim Report Mar 1, 2018 4672
Bashmakov M.i. Mathematics: Algebra And The Beginnings Of Mathematical Analysis, Geometry. Textbook. Feb 18, 2018 131
Evaluacion teorica de estrategias optimas y sub-optimas de terapia antirretroviral para el control de la infeccion por VIH. Toro-Zapata, Hernan D.; Trujillo-Salazar, Carlos A.; Prieto-Medellin, Dennis A. Feb 1, 2018 6027
NUMERICAL ANALYSIS OF A DUAL-MIXED PROBLEM IN NON-STANDARD BANACH SPACES. Camano, Jessika; Munoz, Cristian; Oyarzua, Ricardo Report Jan 1, 2018 7559
Numerical Analysis of Elastic Contact between Coated Bodies. Spinu, Sergiu Report Jan 1, 2018 8186
Numerical Simulation of Dam Break Flows Using a Radial Basis Function Meshless Method with Artificial Viscosity. Chaabelasri, Elmiloud Report Jan 1, 2018 5326
Modelling of Wind Pressure Coefficients on C-Shaped Building Models. Mallick, Monalisa; Mohanta, Abinash; Kumar, Awadhesh; Raj, Vivek Report Jan 1, 2018 4376
Numerical Analysis of a Real Photovoltaic Module with Various Parameters. Nituca, Costica; Chiriac, Gabriel; Cuciureanu, Dumitru; Zhang, Guoqiang; Han, Dong; Plesca, Adrian Report Jan 1, 2018 5396
Numerical Simulation of Thermoacoustic Wave Induced by Thermal Effects by Using Discontinuous Galerkin Method. Pranowo, Pranowo; Widyaparaga, Adhika Report Jan 1, 2018 3414
Numerical Simulation of a No-Insulation BSCCO Toroidal Magnet Applied in Magnetic Confinement Fusion. Zhang, Yi; Tang, Yuejin; Xu, Ying; Xia, Zhong; Ren, Li Jan 1, 2018 5893
Modelling of Severe Accident and In-Vessel Melt Retention Possibilities in BWR Type Reactor. Valincius, Mindaugas; Kaliatka, Tadas; Kaliatka, Algirdas; Uspuras, Eugenijus Jan 1, 2018 7531
Thermophysics Simulation of Laser Recrystallization of High-Ge-Content SiGe on Si Substrate. Zhang, Chao; Song, Jianjun; Zhang, Jie; Liu, Shulin Report Jan 1, 2018 4894
Numerical Simulations of Transfer of Spatial Beam Aberrations in Optical Parametric Chirped-Pulse Amplification. Chen, Ying; Zhou, Yuan; Jiang, Guobao; Wang, Lulu Report Jan 1, 2018 4040
A Thin and Broadband Linear-to-Circular Polarizer Based on Grid-Patch Structure for Ku-Band. Hu, Hao-Ming; Zhou, Dong-Fang; Lei, Xue; Wu, Jun-Mo Jan 1, 2018 3358
Analysis of Electromagnetic Propagation from MHz to THz with a Memory-Optimised CPML-FDTD Algorithm. Rodriguez-Sanchez, A.; Couder-Castaneda, C.; Hernandez-Gomez, J.J.; Medina, I.; Pena-Ruiz, S.; Sosa- Report Jan 1, 2018 7373
Aerodynamic Performance of the Three-Dimensional Lumped Flexibility Bionic Hovering Wing. Jianyang, Zhu; Lin, Jiang; Yu, Hou Report Jan 1, 2018 5700
The Aerodynamic Behavioral Study of Tandem Fan Wing Configuration. Siliang, Du; Zhengfei, Tang Report Jan 1, 2018 4781
Modeling of Dual-Spinning Projectile with Canard and Trajectory Filtering. Guan, Jun; Yi, Wenjun Report Jan 1, 2018 3591
Numerical Analysis of the Influences of Geometrical Deviation on Delamination in Composite Laminates around the Countersunk Hole. Liu, Xueshu; Yang, Yuxing; Huang, Li; Zhang, Ping; Gao, Hang Jan 1, 2018 5438
Numerical Simulation of Unsteady Conjugate Heat Transfer of Electrothermal Deicing Process. Mu, Zuodong; Lin, Guiping; Shen, Xiaobin; Bu, Xueqin; Zhou, Ying Jan 1, 2018 6366
Nonlinear Dynamics of the High-Speed Rotating Plate. Yao, Minghui; Ma, Li; Zhang, Wei Jan 1, 2018 6973
Analytical Predictor-Corrector Guidance Algorithm Based on Drag Modulation Flight Control System for Mars Aerocapture. Peng, Yu-ming; Xu, Bo; Fang, Bao-dong; Lei, Han-lun Jan 1, 2018 4260
Receptivity of the Boundary Layer over a Blunt Wedge with Distributed Roughness at Mach 6. Wang, Zhenqing; Shi, Mingfang; Tang, Xiaojun; Xu, Lidan; Sun, Xiaokun Jan 1, 2018 7233
Bifurcation Analysis of a Delayed Worm Propagation Model with Saturated Incidence. Zhang, Zizhen; Wang, Yougang; Guerrini, Luca Report Jan 1, 2018 3930
Adaptive Finite-Time Mixed Interlayer Synchronization of Two-Layer Complex Networks with Time-Varying Coupling Delay. Tang, Xiaoyun; Yang, Zhanying; Zhang, Jie Report Jan 1, 2018 5406
Statistics of Finite Scale Local Lyapunov Exponents in Fully Developed Homogeneous Isotropic Turbulence. de Divitiis, Nicola Report Jan 1, 2018 7372
Nonlinear Green's Functions for Wave Equation with Quadratic and Hyperbolic Potentials. Khurshudyan, Asatur Zh. Report Jan 1, 2018 2941
Determining the Strength of Composite Integrated Joints using Numerical Simulations. Sedlacek, Frantisek; Lasova, Vaclava Report Jan 1, 2018 3474
Mathematical Modeling of Thermal Management at Different Atmospheric Pressure Conditions. Beltran-Prieto, Juan Carlos; Beltran-Prieto, Luis Antonio; Nguyen, Long Huynh Bach Son Report Jan 1, 2018 4768
Numerical Simulations for Large Deformation of Geomaterials Using Molecular Dynamics. Zhao, Ziyang; Zhang, Jun Jan 1, 2018 3406
Study on Adiabatic Temperature Rise Reflecting Hydration Degree of Concrete. Han, Yanhua; Fu, Shaojun; Wang, Shufa; Xie, Zuowei Jan 1, 2018 7539
Behaviour and Failure of Steel Columns Subjected to Blast Loads: Numerical Study and Analytical Approach. Thairy, Haitham Al- Report Jan 1, 2018 7660
Numerical Simulation on the Seepage Properties of Soil-Rock Mixture. Zhao, Ning; Wang, Yingchao; Meng, Bo; Luo, Ning Jan 1, 2018 5849
Effect of Seepage Velocity on Formation of Shaft Frozen Wall in Loose Aquifer. Lin, Jian; Cheng, Hua; Cai, Hai-bing; Tang, Bin; Cao, Guang-yong Jan 1, 2018 6518
Simulation Analysis and Experimental Study on Strength Optimization of a Plug-In Oil Hose Joint. Chen, Chang; Guo, Jikun; Zhang, Shifu; Zhang, Qixin; Zhang, Dongmei; Niu, Yongjie; Sun, Hao Report Jan 1, 2018 10929
Strain Rate-Dependent Constitutive and Low Stress Triaxiality Fracture Behavior Investigation of 6005 Al Alloy. Peng, Yong; Chen, Xuanzhen; Peng, Shan; Chen, Chao; Li, Jiahao; Liu, Guowei Jan 1, 2018 7270
Research on the Fracture Grouting Mechanism and PFC Numerical Simulation in Loess. Zhang, Zhenlong; Shao, Zhushan; Fang, Xiaobo; Liang, Xijun Jan 1, 2018 3130
Influences of Specimen Geometry and Loading Rate on Compressive Strength of Unstabilized Compacted Earth Block. Lan, Guan-qi; Wang, Yi-hong; Chao, Si-si Jan 1, 2018 6212
Multiobjective Optimization Design and Performance Prediction of Centrifugal Pump Based on Orthogonal Test. Wang, Yuqin; Huo, Xinwang Jan 1, 2018 6043
Multiobjective Optimization Design and Experimental Study of Desulfurization Dust Removal Centrifugal Pump Based on Immune Particle Swarm Algorithm. Wang, Yuqin; Huo, Xinwang; Ji, Hailong Jan 1, 2018 4950
Numerical and Experimental Analysis of the Shear Behavior of Ultrahigh-Performance Concrete Construction Joints. Jang, Hyun-O.; Lee, Han-Seung; Cho, Keunhee; Kim, Jinkyu Jan 1, 2018 7711
Mechanical Behavior Analysis of Y-Type S-SRC Column in a Large-Space Vertical Hybrid Structure Using Local Fine Numerical Simulation Method. Yue, Jianguang Jan 1, 2018 2743
Modeling of Reinforced Concrete Beams Exposed to Fire by Using a Spectral Approach. Sun, Rui; Xie, Bo; Perera, Ricardo; Pan, Yongjun Jan 1, 2018 7400
Influences on Shotcrete Rebound from Walls with Random Roughness. Liu, Zhaoxia; Bian, Wenhui; Pan, Gang; Li, Pengcheng; Li, Wenxin Jan 1, 2018 7000
An Analysis of the Physical Characteristics of the Summer Low Atmosphere in the Gobi Desert Adjacent to Bosten Lake, Xinjiang, China. Li, Yan; Sun, Xuejin; Ning, Hui; Qin, Hongcai; Zhao, Jiuquan Jan 1, 2018 5039
Numerical Simulations of Airborne Glaciogenic Cloud Seeding Using the WRF Model with the Modified Morrison Scheme over the Pyeongchang Region in the Winter of 2016. Chae, Sanghee; Chang, Ki-Ho; Se, Seongkyu; Jeon, Jin-Yim; Kim, Baek-Jo; Kim, Chang Ki; Yum, Seong So Jan 1, 2018 5218
Characteristic Features of the Evolution of a Meiyu Frontal Rainstorm with Doppler Radar Data Assimilation. Li, Hongli; Hu, Yang; Zhou, Zhimin; Peng, Juxiang; Xu, Xiangde Jan 1, 2018 8718
Influence of Ice Nuclei Parameterization Schemes on the Hail Process. Liu, Xiaoli; Fu, Ye; Cao, Zhibin; Jin, Shuanglong Jan 1, 2018 7774
ASCAT Wind Superobbing Based on Feature Box. Duan, Boheng; Zhang, Weimin; Dai, Haijin Jan 1, 2018 5432
A Fractional Order Model for Viral Infection with Cure of Infected Cells and Humoral Immunity. Boukhouima, Adnane; Hattaf, Khalid; Yousfi, Noura Report Jan 1, 2018 5832
The Impact of Price on the Profits of Fishermen Exploiting Tritrophic Prey-Predator Fish Populations. Bentounsi, Meriem; Agmour, Imane; Achtaich, Naceur; Foutayeni, Youssef El Report Jan 1, 2018 4775
Numerical Simulation of Dispersed Particle-Blood Flow in the Stenosed Coronary Arteries. Kaewbumrung, Mongkol; Orankitjaroen, Somsak; Boonkrong, Pichit; Nuntadilok, Buraskorn; Wiwatanapatap Report Jan 1, 2018 6961
Optimization of the Two Fishermen's Profits Exploiting Three Competing Species Where Prices Depend on Harvest. Agmour, Imane; Bentounsi, Meriem; Achtaich, Naceur; Foutayeni, Youssef El Report Jan 1, 2018 6839
Corrigendum to "Numerical Simulation Modeling ofCarbonate Reservoir Based on Rock Type". Lian, Peiqing; Ma, Cuiyu; Ji, Bingyu; Duan, Taizhong; Tan, Xuequn Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 112
Numerical Simulation Modeling of Carbonate Reservoir Based on Rock Type. Lian, Peiqing; Ma, Cuiyu; Ji, Bingyu; Duan, Taizhong; Tan, Xuequn Jan 1, 2018 3122
Hopf Bifurcation of a Delayed Ecoepidemic Model with Ratio-Dependent Transmission Rate. Xia, Wanjun; Kundu, Soumen; Maitra, Sarit Jan 1, 2018 3717
An Optimized Symmetric WENO Method-Based Numerical Simulation of Intense Sound Field Generated by Underwater Plasma Sound Source. Lei, Kaizhuo; Liu, Xiaolong; Li, Ning; Fan, Xuchao Jan 1, 2018 3645
Distributed Particle Flow Filter for Target Tracking in Wireless Sensor Networks. Wang, Junjie; Zhao, Lingling; Su, Xiaohong Jan 1, 2018 6824
A Third-Order Consensus Approach for Vehicle Platoon with Intervehicle Communication. Chen, Jianzhong; Bai, Dongyang; Liang, Huan; Zhou, Yang Jan 1, 2018 5532
Determination of Cyclability of Li/Fe[S.sub.2] Batteries Based on Measurement of Coulombic Efficiency. Nogales, Paul Maldonado; Song, Hee-Youb; Jeong, Soon-Ki Jan 1, 2018 3561
Mathematical Analysis of Influenza A Dynamics in the Emergence of Drug Resistance. Kanyiri, Caroline W.; Mark, Kimathi; Luboobi, Livingstone Jan 1, 2018 8542
Clustered Breeding Sites: Shelters for Vector-Borne Diseases. Dias, J.C.A.; Monteiro, L.H.A. Jan 1, 2018 3368
Mathematical Modelling of Bacterial Meningitis Transmission Dynamics with Control Measures. Asamoah, Joshua Kiddy K.; Nyabadza, Farai; Seidu, Baba; Chand, Mehar; Dutta, Hemen Jan 1, 2018 9135
The Modelling of Hand, Foot, and Mouth Disease in Contaminated Environments in Bangkok, Thailand. Chadsuthi, Sudarat; Wichapeng, Surapa Jan 1, 2018 5339
Avian Influenza A (H7N9) Model Based on Poultry Transport Network in China. Zhang, Juping; Jing, Wenjun; Zhang, Wenyi; Jin, Zhen Jan 1, 2018 6787
Analysis and Numerical Simulations of a Stochastic SEIQR Epidemic System with Quarantine-Adjusted Incidence and Imperfect Vaccination. Li, Fei; Meng, Xinzhu; Wang, Xinzeng Jan 1, 2018 6581
Stability Analysis of Mathematical Model including Pathogen-Specific Immune System Response with Fractional-Order Differential Equations. Dasbasi, Bahatdin Jan 1, 2018 7209
Numerical and Experimental Investigation of Novel Blended Bifurcated Stent Grafts with Taper to Improve Hemodynamic Performance. Liu, Ming; Wang, Zhenze; Sun, Anqiang; Deng, Xiaoyan Jan 1, 2018 5907
The Wall Apposition Evaluation for a Mechanical Embolus Retrieval Device. Gu, Xuelian; Qi, Yongxiang; Erdman, Arthur G. Jan 1, 2018 3788
A Mathematical Model for Coinfection of Listeriosis and Anthrax Diseases. Osman, Shaibu; Makinde, Oluwole Daniel Jan 1, 2018 6215
Analysis of Fractional Order Mathematical Model of Hematopoietic Stem Cell Gene-Based Therapy. Utoyo, Mohammad Imam; Windarto; Saadah, Aminatus Report Jan 1, 2018 5823
A Fractional-Order Model for HIV Dynamics in a Two-Sex Population. Fatmawati; Shaiful, Endrik Mifta; Utoyo, Mohammad Imam Jan 1, 2018 4310
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Direct Detection Optical OFDM Systems with Clipping and Normalization. Wu, Jiang; Wang, Zhongpeng Jan 1, 2018 6735
A Bioinspired Gait Transition Model for a Hexapod Robot. Chang, Qing; Mei, Fanghua Jan 1, 2018 5668
Path Planning with Obstacle Avoidance Based on Normalized R-Functions. Tao, Songqiao; Tan, Juan Jan 1, 2018 5845
Numerical Simulation of a One-Dimensional Water-Quality Model in a Stream Using a Saulyev Technique with Quadratic Interpolated Initial-Boundary Conditions. Samalerk, Pawarisa; Pochai, Nopparat Report Jan 1, 2018 4409
The Implementation of Milstein Scheme in Two-Dimensional SDEs Using the Fourier Method. Alnafisah, Yousef Report Jan 1, 2018 3739
Physics-Based Modeling and Experimental Study of Si-Doped InAs/GaAs Quantum Dot Solar Cells. Cedola, A.P.; Kim, D.; Tibaldi, A.; Tang, M.; Khalili, A.; Wu, J.; Liu, H.; Cappelluti, F. Jan 1, 2018 7206
Position Tracking Control for Permanent Magnet Linear Motor via Continuous-Time Fast Terminal Sliding Mode Control. Gao, Wei; Chen, Xiuping; Du, Haibo; Bai, Song Report Jan 1, 2018 3338
Improvement of Low-Frequency Radiated Emission in Electric Vehicle by Numerical Analysis. Gao, Feng; Ye, Chengkai; Wang, Zilong; Li, Xu Report Jan 1, 2018 3801
Stationary Distribution and Dynamic Behaviour of a Stochastic SIVR Epidemic Model with Imperfect Vaccine. Kiouach, Driss; Boulaasair, Lahcen Report Jan 1, 2018 4210
Analysis and Optimal Control Intervention Strategies of a Waterborne Disease Model: A Realistic Case Study. Collins, Obiora Cornelius; Duffy, Kevin Jan Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 8342
Basic Properties and Qualitative Dynamics of a Vector-Borne Disease Model with Vector Stages and Vertical Transmission. Sansao A. Pedro Report Jan 1, 2018 11458
A Study of a Diseased Prey-Predator Model with Refuge in Prey and Harvesting from Predator. Abdulghafour, Ahmed Sami; Naji, Raid Kamel Report Jan 1, 2018 7029
The Bifurcation of Two Invariant Closed Curves in a Discrete Model. Zhang, Yingying; Zhou, Yicang Jan 1, 2018 4690
The Dynamical Modeling Analysis of the Spreading of Passive Worms in P2P Networks. Zhang, Shujuan; Jin, Zhen; Zhang, Juan Jan 1, 2018 6475
Numerical Simulation of One-Dimensional Fractional Nonsteady Heat Transfer Model Based on the Second Kind Chebyshev Wavelet. Zhao, Fuqiang; Xie, Jiaquan; Huang, Qingxue Jan 1, 2018 4275
The Impact of Media Coverage and Emergency Strategies on the Rumor Spreading. Huo, Liang'an; Cheng, Yingying Jan 1, 2018 7013
Stability Analysis and Control Optimization of a Prey-Predator Model with Linear Feedback Control. Li, Yaning; Li, Yan; Liu, Yu; Cheng, Huidong Jan 1, 2018 6120
Global Stability of Malaria Transmission Dynamics Model with Logistic Growth. Gebremeskel, Abadi Abay Jan 1, 2018 6403
Optimal Control Strategy for a Discrete Time Smoking Model with Specific Saturated Incidence Rate. Labzai, Abderrahim; Balatif, Omar; Rachik, Mostafa Jan 1, 2018 4144
Bridging the Gap between Economic Modelling and Simulation: A Simple Dynamic Aggregate Demand-Aggregate Supply Model with Matlab. Gaspar, Jose M. Report Jan 1, 2018 6464
Modelling In Vivo HIV Dynamics under Combined Antiretroviral Treatment. Mobisa, B.; Lawi, G.O.; Nthiiri, J.K. Report Jan 1, 2018 4896
A Discrete Mathematical Modeling and Optimal Control of the Electoral Behavior with regard to a Political Party. Balatif, Omar; Labzai, Abderrahim; Rachik, Mostafa Jan 1, 2018 5588
Path Hopping: An MTD Strategy for Long-Term Quantum-Safe Communication. Safavi-Naini, Reihaneh; Poostindouz, Alireza; Lisy, Viliam Jan 1, 2018 10321
Global Behavior of a Computer Virus Propagation Model on Multilayer Networks. Zhang, Chunming Jan 1, 2018 4634
Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis in a Delayed Myc/E2F/miR-17-92 Network Involving Interlinked Positive and Negative Feedback Loops. Wang, Guiyuan; Yang, Zhuoqin Jan 1, 2018 5177
Stability and Hopf Bifurcation Analysis of a Plant Virus Propagation Model with Two Delays. Liu, Junli; Zhang, Tailei Jan 1, 2018 4524
The Principle of Competitive Exclusion about a Stochastic Lotka-Volterra Model with Two Predators Competing for One Prey. Cao, Zhongwei; Zhang, Qiumei; Zhao, Yanan Jan 1, 2018 5354
Feedback Control and Parameter Invasion for a Discrete Competitive Lotka-Volterra System. Xu, Li; Lou, Shanshan; Xu, Panqi; Zhang, Guang Jan 1, 2018 4543
Dynamics Analysis of Avian Influenza A(H7N9) Epidemic Model. Li, Yun; Qin, Peng; Zhang, Juping Jan 1, 2018 6121
Distributed Robust Kalman Filtering with Unknown and Noisy Parameters in Sensor Networks. Chen, Donghua; Zhang, Ya; Liu, Cheng-Lin; Chen, Yangyang Jan 1, 2018 8627
Dynamics Analysis and Control of a Five-Term Fractional-Order System. Yang, Li-xin; Liu, Xiao-jun Jan 1, 2018 3948
Optimal Control Strategies Depending on Interest Level for the Spread of Rumor. Jeong, Yong Dam; Kim, Kwang Su; Jung, Il Hyo Jan 1, 2018 6926
The Empirical and Theoretical Miscible Characterization Method in Gas-Enhanced Oil Recovery. Chengjun, Wang; Xiaorui, Li Jan 1, 2018 6340
Rare Earth Elements in Mineral Deposits: Speciation in Hydrothermal Fluids and Partitioning in Calcite. Perry, Emily P.; Gysi, Alexander P. Jan 1, 2018 13797
Numerical Simulation of Shear Behavior and Permeability Evolution of Rock Joints with Variable Roughness and Infilling Thickness. Cheng, Jingyi; Zhang, Hongwei; Wan, Zhijun Jan 1, 2018 6221
Microscopic Flow Characteristics of Fluids in Porous Medium and Its Relationship with Remaining Oil Distribution: A Case Study in Saertu Oilfield of Daqing in China. Li, Z.; Sun, X.; Wang, F.; Liang, Y. Case study Jan 1, 2018 4867
A Numerical Simulation Study of the Migration Law of Water-Sand Two-Phase Flow in Broken Rock Mass. Du, Feng; Jiang, Guanghui; Chen, Zhanqing Jan 1, 2018 7225
The Parabolic Variational Inequalities for Variably Saturated Water Flow in Heterogeneous Fracture Networks. Ye, Zuyang; Jiang, Qinghui; Yao, Chi; Liu, Yanzhang; Cheng, Aiping; Huang, Shibing; Liu, Yaning Jan 1, 2018 8531
Study on Pulse Characteristic of Produced Crude Composition in C[O.sub.2] Flooding Pilot Test. Diwu, Pengxiang; Liu, Tongjing; You, Zhenjiang; Hou, Ganggang; Qiao, Runwei; Zhao, Lekun Jan 1, 2018 3117
Analysis of the Influencing Factors on the Well Performance in Shale Gas Reservoir. Dai, Cheng; Xue, Liang; Wang, Weihong; Li, Xiang Jan 1, 2018 6720
A Coupled One-Dimensional Numerical Simulation of the Land Subsidence Process in a Multilayer Aquifer System due to Hydraulic Head Variation in the Pumped Layer. Wang, Ye; Zhang, Mao-sheng; Hu, Fu-sheng; Dong, Ying; Yu, Kun Jan 1, 2018 5111
Numerical Investigation of Rainfall-Induced Landslide in Mudstone Using Coupled Finite and Discrete Element Analysis. Hung, Ching; Liu, Chih-Hsuan; Chang, Chia-Ming Jan 1, 2018 6941
Advective Heat Transport and the Salt Chimney Effect: A Numerical Analysis. Canova, David P.; Fischer, Mark P.; Jayne, Richard S.; Pollyea, Ryan M. Jan 1, 2018 10078
Research on Stability of an Open-Pit Mine Dump with Fiber Optic Monitoring. Zhigang, Tao; Chun, Zhu; Yong, Wang; Jiamin, Wang; Manchao, He; Bo, Zhang Jan 1, 2018 10629
Scaling Laws of Droplet Coalescence: Theory and Numerical Simulation. Khodabocus, M. Irshad; Sellier, Mathieu; Nock, Volker Report Jan 1, 2018 10446
Stability and Complexity Analysis of Temperature Index Model Considering Stochastic Perturbation. Wang, Jing Report Jan 1, 2018 8527
Multiscale Numerical Simulations of Branched Polymer Melt Viscoelastic Flow Based on Double-Equation XPP Model. Li, Xuejuan; Zhu, Liping; Yue, Hongyun Report Jan 1, 2018 5462
Evaluation of Heat Irreversibility in a Thin Film Flow of Couple Stress Fluid on a Moving Belt. Adesanya, Samuel O.; Lebelo, Ramosheuw S.; Moloi, K.C. Report Jan 1, 2018 2835
Combination-Combination Projective Synchronization of Multiple Chaotic Systems Using Sliding Mode Control. Sun, Junwei; Li, Nan; Fang, Jie Report Jan 1, 2018 5584
A New Mining Scheme for Hanging-Wall Ore-Body during the Transition from Open Pit to Underground Mining: A Numerical Study. Tan, Baohui; Ren, Fengyu; Ning, Youjun; He, Rongxing; Zhu, Qiang Report Jan 1, 2018 7167
Numerical Modeling on Hydraulic Fracturing in Coal-Rock Mass for Enhancing Gas Drainage. Yuan, Zhigang; Shao, Yaohua Report Jan 1, 2018 8512
Numerical Analysis Method of Shear Properties of Infilled Joints under Constant Normal Stiffness Condition. Wang, Xiangyu; Wang, Ruofan; Zhang, Zizheng Jan 1, 2018 6231
Analysis of the Mechanical Behaviour of Asphalt Concretes Using Artificial Neural Networks. Baldo, Nicola; Manthos, Evangelos; Pasetto, Marco Jan 1, 2018 8516
Study on Permeability Improvement Technology by Injecting Air into the Gas Drainage Borehole in Low-Permeability Coal Seam. Hui, Li; Chengwei, Guo; Yuanfang, Sun; Shaoshuai, Guo Jan 1, 2018 4302
Investigation of Thermal Cooling Effectiveness of RRVCS for Permafrost Protection under Wide Expressway Embankment. Tang, Tao; Ma, Tao; Huang, Xiaoming; Xiao, Qiuming; Wang, Hao; Xu, Guangji Jan 1, 2018 5240
Numerical Analysis of the Degradation Characteristics of Bearing Capacity of a Corroded Reinforced Concrete Beam. Zhao, Guifeng; Xu, Jiankun; Li, Yaoliang; Zhang, Meng Jan 1, 2018 6275
Investigating the Pavement Vibration Response for Roadway Service Condition Evaluation. Ye, Zhoujing; Lu, Yang; Wang, Linbing Jan 1, 2018 6404
Shear Stress Analysis and Crack Prevention Measures for a Concrete-Face Rockfill Dam, Advanced Construction of a First-Stage Face Slab, and a First-Stage Face Slab in Advanced Reservoir Water Storage. Hu, Kongzhong; Chen, Jiankang; Wang, Dong Jan 1, 2018 4914
Experimental and Numerical Analysis of Nonlinear Flexural Behaviour of Lattice-Web Reinforced Foam Core Composite Sandwich Panels. Chen, Jiye; Fang, Hai; Liu, Weiqing; Qi, Yujun; Zhu, Lu Jan 1, 2018 6315
Evaluation of Offshore Wind Turbine Tower Dynamics with Numerical Analysis. Yurdanur Dagli, Begum; Tuskan, Yesim; Gokkus, Umit Jan 1, 2018 6034
Effective Negative Mass Nonlinear Acoustic Metamaterial with Pure Cubic Oscillator. Gao, Ming; Wu, Zhiqiang; Wen, Zhijie Jan 1, 2018 7067
Numerical Simulation Study of Variable-Mass Permeation of the Broken Rock Mass under Different Cementation Degrees. Li, Chong; Yao, Banghua; Ma, Qingqing Jan 1, 2018 4987
Uplift Test and Design Method for Bearing Capacity of Isolated Spread Concrete Foundation Slab with Large Width-to-Height Ratio. Li, Yuanqi; Qin, Xiaoliang; Luo, Jinhui; Xiao, Meng; Hua, Cong Jan 1, 2018 8376
Pseudodynamic Bearing Capacity Analysis of Shallow Strip Footing Using the Advanced Optimization Technique "Hybrid Symbiosis Organisms Search Algorithm" with Numerical Validation. Saha, Arijit; Saha, Apu Kumar; Ghosh, Sima Jan 1, 2018 10607
Microstudy of the Anisotropy of Sandy Material. Zhang, Kunyong; Zang, Zhenjun; Okine, Leslie; Torres, Jose Luis Chavez Jan 1, 2018 6683
Discrete Element Simulation of Roadway Stability in an Efflorescent Oxidation Zone. Zhao, Qifeng; Zhang, Nong; Peng, Rui; Ll, Guichen; Han, Changliang; Guo, Yu Jan 1, 2018 7069
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New Method to Design Coal Pillar for Lateral Roof Roadway Based on Mining-Induced Stress: A Case Study. Wang, Feng; Chen, Shaojie; Xu, Jialin; Ren, Mengzi Case study Jan 1, 2018 5478
Embedded Connector in Severe Optimization of Steel Plate for Shear Strengthening of RC Beam: Experimental and Numerical Investigations. Alam, Ashraful; Bakkar, Suliman A.; Onik, Shahnawaz A.; Mustapha, Kamal N. Jan 1, 2018 6745
Stability Analysis of Surrounding Rock and Treatment Structures in Superlarge Karst Cave of Naqiu Tunnel. Chen, HuaWei; Sha, Ce Jan 1, 2018 5988
Determination of Optimal Extrication Location of High Extraction Roadway of Large-Mining-Height Fully Mechanized Face. Zhang, Xue-bo; Yang, Ming Jan 1, 2018 4015
Effect of Adjacent Hole on the Blast-Induced Stress Concentration in Rock Blasting. Yang, Yuezong; Shao, Zhushan; Mi, Junfeng; Xiong, Xiaofeng Jan 1, 2018 7201
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Study on Fracture and Stress Evolution Characteristics of Ultra-Thick Hard Sandstone Roof in the Fully Mechanized Mining Face with Large Mining Height: A Case Study of Xiaojihan Coal Mine in Western China. Ju, Feng; Xiao, Meng; He, Zequan; Ning, Pai; Huang, Peng Case study Jan 1, 2018 5583
Numerical Analysis of Laterally Loaded Piles Affected by Bedrock Depth. Choi, Younggyun; Kim, Janghwan; Youn, Heejung Jan 1, 2018 5060
Parameter Sensitivity of Shallow-Bias Tunnel with a Clear Distance Located in Rock. Jiang, Xueliang; Wang, Feifei; Yang, Hui; Niu, Jiayong Jan 1, 2018 6408
Comparative Analysis of Roadway Reinforcement Effects Based on Fluid-Solid Coupling in the Fractured Zone of Water-Rich Fault. Zhang, Jihua; Dong, Yun; Chen, Yadong; Jiang, Yang; Sun, Huasheng; Fan, Yuqing; Wang, Chun Jan 1, 2018 7788
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A Coupled Damage-Permeability Constitutive Model for Brittle Rocks Subjected to Explosive Loading. Wang, Qizhi; Su, Xuebin; Wang, Bangbiao Wu Wei; Yuan, Wei Jan 1, 2018 5075
Pressure-Arching Characteristics in Roof Blocks during Shallow Coal Mining. Zhao, Yanhai; Wang, Shuren; Hagan, Paul; Ren, Lianwei; Zou, Zhengsheng Jan 1, 2018 6982
Seismic Performance of a Corroded Reinforce Concrete Frame Structure Using Pushover Method. Zhang, Meng; Liu, Ran; Li, Yaoliang; Zhao, Guifeng Jan 1, 2018 6232
An Enhanced Generalized Plasticity Model for Coarse Granular Material considering Particle Breakage. Cen, W.J.; Luo, J.R.; Zhang, W.D.; Rahman, M.S. Jan 1, 2018 5300
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Using the Schwarz Alternating Method to Identify Critical Water-Resistant Thickness between Tunnel and Concealed Cavity. Guo, Jiaqi; Chen, Jianxun; Chen, Fan; Huang, Shanxiu; Wang, Hongyu Jan 1, 2018 9262
Dynamic Indentation Characteristics for Various Spacings and Indentation Depths: A Study Based on Laboratory and Numerical Tests. Liu, Jie; Wan, Wen; Chen, Yu; Wang, Jun Jan 1, 2018 5390
Characteristics of Stress Transfer and Progressive Fracture in Overlying Strata due to Mining-Induced Disturbances. Lv, Xiang-feng; Zhou, Hong-yuan; Wang, Ai-wen; Feng, Chun; Xiao, Xiao-chun Jan 1, 2018 6356
Horizontal Subzone Characteristics and Methane Seepage Properties of the Gas Flowing Fracture Zone above the Gob. Qin, Wei; Xu, Jialin Jan 1, 2018 5938
Influence of Bidirectional Impact Loading on Anomalously Low-Friction Effect in Block Rock Media. Li, Liping; Li, Weijun; Tang, Jupeng; Lv, Jiaqing Jan 1, 2018 5119
Characteristics of interstitial fluid flow along with blood flow inside a cylindrical tumor: a numerical simulation/Caracteristicas do fluxo de fluido intersticial junto com o fluxo sanguineo no interior de um tumor cilindrico: uma simulacao numerica. Zakariapour, Mostafa; Hamedi, Mohammad Hossein; Fatouraee, Nasser Jan 1, 2018 4564
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Numerical Analysis of Thermal and Hydro Dynamical Processes in Upper Fuel Channel Part of Boiling Water Reactor. Paukstaitis, Linas; Kilikevicius, Sigitas; Lukosevicius, Valdas; Fedaravicius, Algimantas; Gudauskis Report Jan 1, 2018 2500
The impact of seasonal changes in stratification on the dynamics of internal waves in the Sea of Okhotsk. Kurkina, Oxana E.; Talipova, Tatyana G.; Soomere, Tarmo; Kurkin, Andrey A.; Rybin, Artem V. Report Dec 1, 2017 8168
A Numerical Investigation of Ignition of Ultra-Lean Premixed [H.sub.2]/Air Mixtures by Pre-Chamber Supersonic Hot Jet. Biswas, Sayan; Qiao, Li Report Dec 1, 2017 11943
Statistical Approach on Visualizing Multi-Variable Interactions in a Hybrid Breakup Model under ECN Spray Conditions. Nsikane, Daniel M.; Mustafa, Kenan; Ward, Andrew; Morgan, Robert; Mason, David; Heikal, Morgan Report Dec 1, 2017 6939
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Study of the Shock Wave Effect on the Deformation of the Vehicle Bottom Using Deformable Energy Absorbers. Starczewski, L.; Gmitrzuk, M.; Danielewicz, D.; Szczesniak, K.; Nyc, R. Report Nov 1, 2017 4876
On the Feasibility of Interference Alignment in the Cellular Network. Chen, Hua; Wu, Shan; Hu, Ping; Xu, Zhudi Report Nov 1, 2017 4899
Energetic analysis of a commercial absorption refrigeration unit using an ammonia-water mixture/Analise energetica de um chiller de refrigeracao por absorcao comercial utilizando a mistura amonia-agua. de Araujo, Josegil Jorge Pereira; dos Santos, Carlos Antonio Cabral; de Holanda, Carlos Almir Montei Oct 1, 2017 6480
QoE-aware Energy Efficiency Maximization Based Joint User Access Selection and Power Allocation for Heterogeneous Network. Ji, Shiyu; Tang, Liangrui; Xu, Chen; Du, Shimo; Zhu, Jiajia; Hu, Hailin Report Oct 1, 2017 6233
Two-Dimensional Numerical Investigation on Mixed Convection Nanofluids Flow in a Duct having Backward-Facing Step under Laminar Condition. Razuqi, Saad Abdulwahab Report Sep 1, 2017 3902
Numerical Analysis of Thermal and Hydro Dynamical Processes in Lower Fuel Channel Part of Boiling Water Reactor. Paukstaitis, L.; Kilikevicius, S.; Gudzinskas, J.; Gylys, M.; Lukosevicius, V. Report Sep 1, 2017 4149
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Plasma brain dynamics (PBD): a mechanism for EEG waves under human consciousness. Ma, John Z.G. Report Jul 1, 2017 6322
Mechanical analysis of a shear-cracked RC beam/Analise mecanica de uma viga de concreto armado rompida por cisalhamento. Shahbazpanahi, Shahriar Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 3231
Diseno e implementacion de un sistema de control de vuelo para un vehiculo aereo no tripulado tipo cuadricoptero. Mauricio Lara Sosa, Brian; Yilmar Fagua Perez, Elkin; Mauricio Salamanca, Juan; Ivan Higuera Martine Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 5127
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Pakistan Journal of Medical Sciences: A bibliometric assessment 2001-2010. Report Jun 30, 2017 3530
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Side Impact Pressure Sensor Predictions with Computational Gas and Fluid Dynamic Methods. Tyan, Tau; Shaner, Leonard; Niesluchowski, Matt; Kochhar, Nand; Bhalsod, Dilip; Wang, Jason Apr 1, 2017 17134
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Numerical analysis of the counterintuitive dynamic behavior of the elastic-plastic fully-clamped beams under impulsive loading. Alizadeh, Mehdi Shams; Shirazi, Kourosh Heidari; Moradi, Shapour; Sedighi, Hamid Mohammad Report Jan 1, 2017 5300
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Analysis of a New Delayed HBV Model with Exposed State and Immune Response to Infected Cells and Viruses. Sun, Deshun; Liu, Fei Report Jan 1, 2017 6601
The Effects of Time Lag and Cure Rate on the Global Dynamics of HIV-1 Model. Ali, Nigar; Zaman, Gul; Abdullah; Alqahtani, Aisha M.; Alshomrani, Ali Saleh Report Jan 1, 2017 4341
Numerical Analysis of Ground Motion Effects in the Loess Regions of Western China. Chen, Tuo; Ma, Wei; Wang, Jianzhou Report Jan 1, 2017 4320
Effects of Crack on Vibration Characteristics of Mistuned Rotated Blades. Xu, Hailong; Chen, Zhongsheng; Yang, Yongmin; Tao, Limin; Chen, Xuefeng Report Jan 1, 2017 7989
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Impact of In Situ Stress Distribution Characteristics on Jointed Surrounding Rock Mass Stability of an Underground Cavern near a Hillslope Surface. Li, Bangxiang; Li, Yong; Zhu, Weishen; Li, Chao; Dong, Zhenxing Report Jan 1, 2017 5545
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Study on Vibration Reduction Method for a Subway Station in Soft Ground. Ma, Xian-Feng; Feng, Ning-Ning; Wang, Guo-Bo; Fang, Xu Report Jan 1, 2017 4373
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Optimization of Fuzzy Control for Magnetorheological Damping Structures. Ding, Jianguo; Sun, Xin; Zhang, Lifeng; Xie, Jiaoyan Report Jan 1, 2017 5575
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Seismic Collapse Analysis of RC Highway Bridges Based on a Simplified Multiscale FE Modeling Approach. Hu, Menghan; Han, Qiang; Du, Xiuli; Liang, Xiao Report Jan 1, 2017 5869
Experimental and Numerical Research on Cylindrical Tubes under Outer Cylindrical Explosive Waves. Yaguang, Sui; Dezhi, Zhang; Shiying, Tang; Bo, Chen Report Jan 1, 2017 4484
Investigation of Parametric Instability of the Planetary Gear under Speed Fluctuations. Qiu, Xinghui; Han, Qinkai; Chu, Fulei Report Jan 1, 2017 5868
Experiment and Simulation Analysis on Noise Attenuation of Al/MF Cylindrical Shells. Li, Bin; Li, Jian; Yan, Shilin; Yan, Wenjie; He, Xu Report Jan 1, 2017 4728
A Generalized Demodulation and Hilbert Transform Based Signal Decomposition Method. Hu, Zhi-Xiang; Ren, Wei-Xin; Wang, Zuo-Cai; Jing, Yue-Ling; Yang, Xia Report Jan 1, 2017 5733
Experimental and Theoretical Analysis for a Fluid-Loaded, Simply Supported Plate Covered by a Damping and Decoupling Composite Acoustic Coating. Yuan, Baihua; Chen, Meng; Liu, Yu; Zhao, Shexu; Jiang, Heng Report Jan 1, 2017 5559
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A New Approach on Vibrating Horns Design. Guiman, Maria Violeta; Rosca, Ioan Calin Report Jan 1, 2017 6273
Numerical Analysis on Steam Exciting Force Caused by Rotor Eccentricity. Cao, L.H.; Wang, J.X.; Li, P.; Hu, P.F.; Li, Y. Report Jan 1, 2017 4679
Investigation of Multifrequency Piezoelectric Energy Harvester. Ceponis, Andrius; Mazeika, Dalius Report Jan 1, 2017 5958
Chaotic Behaviour Investigation of a Front Opposed-Hemispherical Spiral-Grooved Air Bearing System. Wang, Cheng-Chi Report Jan 1, 2017 7040
Dynamic Modeling and Characteristic Analysis of Floating Raft System with Attached Pipes. Ren, Longlong; Li, Yang; Huang, Xiuchang; Hua, Hongxing Report Jan 1, 2017 5401
Research into 2D Dynamics and Control of Small Oscillations of a Cross-Beam during Transportation by Two Overhead Cranes. Perig, Alexander V.; Stadnik, Alexander N.; Kostikov, Alexander A.; Podlesny, Sergey V. Report Jan 1, 2017 12632
Three-Dimensional Modeling and Structured Vibration Modes of Two-Stage Helical Planetary Gears Used in Cranes. Zhang, Lina; Wang, Yong; Wu, Kai; Sheng, Ruoyu Report Jan 1, 2017 6920
Secrecy Dimming Capacity in Multi-LED PAM-Based Visible Light Communications. Kim, Byung Wook Report Jan 1, 2017 3428
Distributed Group-Based Mobility Management Scheme in Wireless Body Area Networks. Gohar, Moneeb; Alrubaish, Hind Ahmed M.; Alowaid, Ruba Suliman M.; Choi, Jin-Ghoo Report Jan 1, 2017 5144
A New Hybrid UPFC Controller for Power Flow Control and Voltage Regulation Based on RBF Neurosliding Mode Technique. Kenne, Godpromesse; Kuate, Rene Fochie; Fombu, Andrew Muluh; de Dieu Nguimfack-Ndongmo, Jean; Fotsin Report Jan 1, 2017 4935
Effect on Chest Deformation of Simultaneous Correction of Pectus Excavatum with Scoliosis. Ye, Jin-Duo; Lu, Guang-Pu; Feng, Jing-Jing; Zhong, Wei-Hong Correction notice Jan 1, 2017 4573
Periodically Pulsed Immunotherapy in a Mathematical Model of Tumor, [CD4.sup.+] T Cells, and Antitumor Cytokine Interactions. Wei, Hsiu-Chuan; Yu, Jui-Ling; Hsu, Chia-Yu Report Jan 1, 2017 7470
Dynamics of Immune Checkpoints, Immune System, and BCG in the Treatment of Superficial Bladder Cancer. Saad, Farouk Tijjani; Hincal, Evren; Kaymakamzade, Bilgen Report Jan 1, 2017 5215
Mechanistic Model for Cancer Growth and Response to Chemotherapy. Simbawa, Eman Report Jan 1, 2017 3822
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Experimental and Simulation Research on the Influence of Stirring Parameters on the Distribution of Particles in Cast SiCp/A356 Composites. Yang, Zhiyong; Pan, Like; Han, Jianmin; Li, Zhiqiang; Wang, Jialin; Li, Xiang; Li, Weijing Report Jan 1, 2017 5243
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Vibroacoustic Analysis of a Refrigerator Freezer Cabinet Coupled with an Air Duct. Celikkan, Onur; Erol, Haluk Report Jan 1, 2017 7596
Numerical Analysis of Joule Heating Behavior and Residual Compressive Stress around Crack Tip under High Electric Load. Liu, Thomas Jin-Chee Report Jan 1, 2017 3608
Modeling of Size Effects in Bending of Perforated Cosserat Plates. Kvasov, Roman; Steinberg, Lev Report Jan 1, 2017 7718
Numerical Simulation of Magnetic Field Effect on Cryocooler Regenerators: Temperature Distribution. Kumar, Rajendra; Shoor, Sumit Report Jan 1, 2017 3364
Analytical Modelling and Verification of Bus-Clamping Modulation Technique for Switched-Capacitor Converter. Yalavarthi, Amarnath; Ahmad, Akbar Report Jan 1, 2017 4674
Dispersed Two-Phase Flow Modelling for Nuclear Safety in the NEPTUNE_CFD Code. Mimouni, Stephane; Benguigui, William; Fleau, Solene; Foissac, Arnaud; Guingo, Mathieu; Hassanaly, M Report Jan 1, 2017 19801
HTR-10GT Dual Bypass Valve Control Features and Decoupling Strategy for Power Regulation. Li, Xiao; Yang, Xiaoyong; Zhang, Youjie; Wang, Jie Report Jan 1, 2017 6412
Optimal Control Techniques on a Mathematical Model for the Dynamics of Tungiasis in a Community. Kahuru, Jairos; Luboobi, Livingstone S.; Nkansah-Gyekye, Yaw Report Jan 1, 2017 8828
Stability Analysis of a Fractional Order Modified Leslie-Gower Model with Additive Allee Effect. Suryanto, Agus; Darti, Isnani; Anam, Syaiful Report Jan 1, 2017 4740
The CFS-PML for 2D Auxiliary Differential Equation FDTD Method Using Associated Hermite Orthogonal Functions. Jiang, Feng; Miao, Xiao-Ping; Lu, Feng; Su, Li-Yuan; Ma, Yao Report Jan 1, 2017 2995
Direction-of-Arrival Estimation for Coprime Array Using Compressive Sensing Based Array Interpolation. Liu, Aihua; Yang, Qiang; Zhang, Xin; Deng, Weibo Report Jan 1, 2017 7091
A Robust Method to Suppress Jamming for GNSS Array Antenna Based on Reconstruction of Sample Covariance Matrix. Gong, Yanyun; Wang, Ling; Yao, Rugui; Zhang, Zhaolin Jan 1, 2017 6722
Validation of the Decomposition Method for Fast MIMO Over-the-Air Measurements. Auinger, Bernhard; Zemen, Thomas; Gadringer, Michael; Tankielun, Adam; Gagern, Christoph; Bosch, Wol Jan 1, 2017 10051
An Efficient Hybrid Method for 3D Scattering from Inhomogeneous Object Buried beneath a Dielectric Randomly Rough Surface. He, Hong-Jie; Guo, Li-Xin; Liu, Wei Jan 1, 2017 4507
Research on Spatial Channel Model for Vehicle-to-Vehicle Communication Channel in Roadside Scattering Environment. Chen, Xin; Fang, Yong; Xiang, Weidong; Zhou, Liang Jan 1, 2017 6665
High Precise Scattering Centers Models for Cone-Shaped Targets Based on Induced Currents. Li, Qi-Feng; Guo, Kun-Yi; Sheng, Xin-Qing; Liu, Tian-Shu Jan 1, 2017 5429
A Fast Finite-Difference Time Domain Simulation Method for the Source-Stirring Reverberation Chamber. Li, Wenxing; Yue, Chongyi; Elsherbeni, Atef Jan 1, 2017 4254
Numerical Simulations of the Lunar Penetrating Radar and Investigations of the Geological Structures of the Lunar Regolith Layer at the Chang'E 3 Landing Site. Ding, Chunyu; Su, Yan; Xing, Shuguo; Dai, Shun; Xiao, Yuan; Feng, Jianqing; Liu, Danqing; Li, Chunla Jan 1, 2017 5135
An Accelerating Iterative Learning Control Based on an Adjustable Learning Interval. Ma, Dongqi; Lin, Hui Jan 1, 2017 2965
Stability and Hopf Bifurcation for a Delayed Computer Virus Model with Antidote in Vulnerable System. Zhang, Zizhen; Wang, Yougang; Ferrara, Massimiliano Jan 1, 2017 4457
The In Vivo Dynamics of HIV Infection with the Influence of Cytotoxic T Lymphocyte Cells. Ngina, Purity; Mbogo, Rachel Waema; Luboobi, Livingstone S. Jan 1, 2017 5917
Numerical Study for Time Delay Multistrain Tuberculosis Model of Fractional Order. Sweilam, Nasser Hassan; Mekhlafi, Seham Mahyoub Al-; Assiri, Taghreed Abdul Rahman Report Jan 1, 2017 5022
Bifurcations and Dynamics of the Rb-E2F Pathway Involving miR449. Li, Lingling; Shen, Jianwei Report Jan 1, 2017 4278
Terminal Guidance Law for UAV Based on Receding Horizon Control Strategy. Wu, Zhenglong; Guan, Zhenyu; Yang, Chengwei; Li, Jie Report Jan 1, 2017 8760
Dynamical Analysis of a Class of Prey-Predator Model with Beddington-DeAngelis Functional Response, Stochastic Perturbation, and Impulsive Toxicant Input. Bian, Feifei; Zhao, Wencai; Song, Yi; Yue, Rong Report Jan 1, 2017 9134

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