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Geopolitics: How the real world works. Apr 29, 2018 666
Power Pressures and Pocketbook Concerns: Perceptions of Organizational Influences on News Content in the Television Industry. Colistra, Rita Case study Apr 1, 2018 9083
Mersey police retain bobbies on the beat despite cutbacks; force lost 543 officers between 2012 and 2017. Feb 1, 2018 642
Analysis: The shrinking marketplace for ideas. Oct 11, 2017 933
Resounding News: The Acoustic Conventions of Israeli Newscasts. Levy, Hadar; Pinchevski, Amit Essay Aug 1, 2017 8617
Semiodiscursive analysis of TV newscasts based on data mining and image processing/Analise semiodiscursiva de telejornais, baseada em mineracao de dados e processamento de imagens. Conceicao, Felipe Leandro Andrade; Padua, Flavio Luis Cardeal; Pereira, Adriano Cesar Machado; de As Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 5117
The state of news: production, consumption, and transformation in the era of digital media. Zhou, Shuhua Jan 1, 2017 1259
A hybrid credibility analysis method applied on Turkish tweets with TV news and discussion programs related content. Gunduz, Ali Fatih; Karagoz, Pinar Report Oct 1, 2016 5321
65 years of the television: the knowledge of the tele journalism and the pedagogical function/65 anos de televisao: o conhecimento do telejornalismo e a funcao pedagogica. Vizeu, Alfredo Pereira; da Silva, Laerte Jose Cerqueira Sep 1, 2016 5545
Doing "authentic" news: voices, forms, and strategies in presenting television news. Feng, Debing Report Aug 1, 2016 8023
Return of the talking heads: entering the third wave of television news dramaturgy. Hansen, Kenneth Reinecke; Bro, Peter; Andersson, Ralf Report Jul 1, 2016 6862
Accent and TV journalism: northeastern media communicators representations/Sotaque e Telejornalismo: representacoes de comunicadores de midia nordestinos. de Menezes Ramos, Luciana; de Lira, Zulina Souza; Roazzi, Antonio Nov 1, 2015 7226
Conflict as news and news as conflict: a multidimensional content analysis of TV news in Cyprus. Milioni, Dimitra L.; Doudaki, Vaia; Tsiligiannis, Panagiotis; Papa, Venetia; Vadratsikas, Konstantin Report Feb 1, 2015 9312
Media portrayals of regions in the Czech Republic: selected issues. Suchasek, Jan; Seda, Petr; Friedrich, Vaclav; Koutsky, Jaroslav Oct 1, 2014 6823
Listeners' preferences regarding the regional accent on formal and informal communication context /Preferencias dos ouvintes em relacao ao sotaque regional em contexto formal e informal de comunicacao. Lopes, Leonardo Wanderley; Lima, Ivonaldo Leidson Barbosa; Silva, Eveline Goncalves; de Almeida, Lar May 1, 2014 4278
Melodramatic profiles of Chilean newscasts: the case of emotionalization. Mujica, Maria Constanza; Bachmann, Ingrid Report Aug 1, 2013 6366
Media miracles: the seperation of conjoined twins, and TV news health coverage in low-and middle-income countries. Imison, Michelle; Chapman, Simon May 1, 2013 5945
"Science: What's It Up To?" The Daily Show and the social construction of science. Brewer, Paul R. Report Jan 30, 2013 9170
News fails acid test. Lowry, Brian Jul 9, 2012 709
National temporality and journalistic practice: temporalising anniversary events in Estonian television news. Harro-Loit, Halliki; Koresaar, Ene Essay Dec 1, 2010 8585
The method of the medium is in motion. Quayle, Matt Jul 1, 2010 5066
TV's coverage of the shootings. Frohlichstein, Tripp Mar 1, 2008 1169
Old news? Today's network newscasts aren't as retro as the conventional wisdom would suggest. Potter, Deborah Dec 1, 2007 883
Hold that obit: the nightly network newscasts, often depicted as passe, face the future with a trio of new anchors and bold plans for the wireless world. Smolkin, Rachel Cover story Aug 1, 2006 6395
Words triumph over images: 'the human element was accentuated, and the best of the writing was impressionistic.'. Wilkie, Curtis Dec 22, 2005 1197
Katrina wreaks havoc on newsies. Guider, Elizabeth Sep 5, 2005 792
Local news: it's not all cop chases. Lowry, Brian Aug 29, 2005 720
Fluff comes first. Frohlichstein, Tripp Dec 1, 2004 2274
Fox hunts student voters. Pollitt, Katha Column Oct 11, 2004 1003
Where Rather was right. Navasky, Victor S. Oct 11, 2004 520
Old-school news singing the blues. Guider, Elizabeth Sep 13, 2004 540
All the news that fits our views. Saltzman, Joe Column Sep 1, 2004 930
Networks: conventions bad; bug-eating good. Lowry, Brian Jul 26, 2004 918
'60 Minutes' plans for life after the last Don. McClintock, Pamela May 17, 2004 789
Off hours. Absher, Frank Brief Article May 1, 2004 101
You be the judge. Frohlichstein, Tripp Apr 1, 2004 1781
Jennings gains, but NBC says it's all talk. McClintock, Pamela Brief Article Dec 8, 2003 191
Clock ticks on 'Minutes' lineup: Hewitt's departure may forecast talent changes. McClintock, Pamela Sep 29, 2003 913
'Week' gets tweaked as ratings hit bottom. McClintock, Pamela Sep 1, 2003 617
U.S., Arab TV each tell only half the story: on either side, news of Iraq war colored by biases, manipulation. (Viewpoint). Khouri, Rami G. Apr 11, 2003 737
Local newsies trumpet trash as May heats up. (Swept Away By Sweeps). Schneider, Michael Brief Article May 6, 2002 125
Newsies walk propaganda tightrope. (D.C. Spin). McClintock, Pamela; Bernstein, Paula Brief Article Nov 5, 2001 643
The Decline of Local TV News. Tsubata, Kate Nov 1, 2001 2186
Anthrax story infects normally calm news anchors. (D.C. Spin). McClintock, Pamela; Bernstein, Paula Brief Article Oct 22, 2001 645
News blasters: TV's late-night comedians find the quickest way to your brain is through your funny bone. (arts). Tauber, Chris Brief Article Sep 3, 2001 956
Pseudo-News Destroys Broadcast News Credibility. SALTZMAN, JOE Brief Article Jul 1, 2001 1024
How television news programs use video news releases. Harmon, Mark D.; White, Candace Jun 22, 2001 4888
Inside outsiders: Three media mavericks come to terms with success. (Cultres & Reviews). Kurtz, Steve May 1, 2001 2539
How did we get it so wrong? O'Brien, Meredith Jan 1, 2001 3032
10 o'clock news benefits from experiment. Cohen, David Mar 1, 2000 1939
Evaluating The Toolbox. Meyer, Philip Mar 1, 2000 2374
A Conspiracy of Silence? Castaneda, Ruben Mar 1, 2000 2980
TV news is a snooze. Brief Article Nov 9, 1998 790
Sound-byte TV journalism helps to muddle Clinton/Lewinsky scandal. Corrigan, Don Oct 1, 1998 2315
'Do right and do well.' (CBS newscaster Dan Rather) Kirtz, Bill Apr 1, 1998 906
Alcohol in the news: the role for researchers. Dorfman, Lori; Wallack, Lawrence Mar 22, 1998 6135
Nielsen ratings distort local TV news judgment. Hellinger, Daniel Sep 1, 1997 4904
Local TV news lacks substance. Fitzgerald, Mark May 24, 1997 1001
The lion's share. Gunther, Marc Mar 1, 1997 3828
Hiring explosion at television stations. Papper, Bob Mar 22, 1996 3078
The Stepford anchors. Martinez, Anna Mar 22, 1995 3925
Television robs courtroom of jurisdiction. Petrakos, Chris Jan 1, 1995 777
Channels 2 and 5 fail to measure up to breaking story of gas explosion. Bishop, Ed Dec 1, 1994 913
Eclipsing the nightly news. Zurawik, David; Stoehr, Christina Nov 1, 1994 4205
A job explosion in TV news. Prato, Lou Column Oct 1, 1994 770
Spain's private TV stations invigorate news coverage. Davis, Andrew Sep 22, 1994 2344
Much to loathe in La-La-Land. Douglas, Susan Column Apr 1, 1994 1053
Channels. MacBryde, Ian Column Feb 1, 1994 1664
After midnight. Flander, Judy Dec 1, 1993 2783
Don't bash consultants for tabloid TV news. Prato, Lou Nov 1, 1993 805
Out of the box and into oblivion. Reid, Cheryl Oct 1, 1993 512
The cult of personality. Rosenberg, Howard Sep 1, 1993 825
Viewers like it. Bartlett, David Sep 1, 1993 629
Too few reporters. Kaniss, Phyllis Sep 1, 1993 1058
Murder travels. Malanowski, Jamie Sep 1, 1993 882
It's racist. Reed, Ishmael Sep 1, 1993 583
Mimicking the worst. Stevens, Patricia Sep 1, 1993 737
Money talks. Gitlin, Todd Sep 1, 1993 846
Production over coverage. Steinle, Paul Sep 1, 1993 675
No investigative reporting. Goulden, Joseph C. Sep 1, 1993 871
The tabloid style. Kurtz, Howard Sep 1, 1993 897
The risk of getting too close to the cops. Denniston, Lyle Column Jun 1, 1993 801
Ethics vs. the economy. Drummond, Joan May 1, 1993 2586
The ubiquitous tv news. LePore, Frank Sep 1, 1992 1971
Young adults tune in tv, tune out politics: survey. Garneau, George Jul 18, 1992 584
The whole world is watching CNN. Rosen, Jay May 13, 1991 2230
Where's the beef? There's been a lot of coverage coming out of the Persian Gulf war but very little among the glut of information has been hard news. Gersh, Debra Jan 26, 1991 2681
The press and the Panama invasion. Cooper, Marc Jun 18, 1990 2476
Trends in TV news are all 'negative.' (Convention '89 Report) Germond, Jack Dec 1, 1989 780
Valeriani: lapdogs posing as watchdogs. Valeriani, Richard Dec 1, 1989 713
The case against Ted Koppel; like most reporters, the king of TV news doesn't understand economics. Miller, Matthew May 1, 1989 4996
All in the game. editorial Sep 26, 1987 323

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