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The salvational currents of emigration': Racial theories and social disputes in the Philippines at the end of the nineteenth century. Rodao, Florentino Report Oct 1, 2018 9959
Bilibid and beyond: Race, body size, and the native in early American colonial Philippines. Gealogo, Francis A. Report Oct 1, 2018 7417
The colour of the American criminal justice system; Dr Cherrie Short looks at the racial inequalities in the criminal justice system in America - and draws comparisons with the UK. Aug 25, 2018 954
'I Remember You Was Conflicted': Reflections on Black Panther, the African American/African Divide, and Scholarly Positionings. LaRue, Robert Critical essay Aug 1, 2018 1875
Rideshaning Versus Public Transit: How Uber and Lyft tend to widen disparities of race and class in urban transportation systems. Hill, Steven Essay Mar 22, 2018 5009
Communal Goals, Campus Racial Climate Perceptions, and Cultural Differences in Perceived Academic Satisfaction. Soto, Cristina; Deemer, Eric D. Report Mar 1, 2018 6384
Tlingipino Bingo, settler colonialism and other futures. Johnston, Caleb; Pratt, Geraldine Essay Dec 1, 2017 12895
Spaces of waiting: Politics of precarious recognition in the occupied West Bank. Joronen, Mikko Essay Dec 1, 2017 10286
Colorblindness Harms Race Relations. Nov 1, 2017 458
Domesticating the 'troubled family': Racialised sexuality and the postcolonial governance of family life in the UK. Turner, Joe Essay Oct 1, 2017 10507
What Will It Take for Black Lives to Matter? Gitlin, Todd Essay Sep 22, 2017 5760
Contextualizing the Relationship between Culture and Puerto Rican Health: Towards a Place-Based Framework of Minority Health Disparities. Burgos, Giovani; Rivera, Fernando I.; Garcia, Marc A. Report Sep 22, 2017 15031
Is the constitution colorblind? Debating Antonin Scalia's record on race and Education. Melnick, R. Shep Essay Sep 22, 2017 4770
The shocking facts about racial inequality in the city: in black and white; Government data shows how non-white people across the region are treated differently in many aspects of society. Apr 19, 2017 1101
Multiple racial futures: spatio-temporalities of race during World War I. Olund, Eric Essay Apr 1, 2017 9935
School naming as racial resistance: black school principals and critical race pedagogy in 1890 St. Louis. Lyons, Shante J.; Davis, Matthew D. Essay Mar 22, 2017 3671
Landscape doesn't lie: the complexities of place and race in Ivan Sen's goldstone. Ward, Sarah Critical essay Jan 1, 2017 2508
Globalization as a racial project: Implications for human trafficking. Williamson, Sarah Hupp Essay Jan 1, 2017 6966
Barberos y la narracion de las relaciones raciales en "Benito Cereno" de Melville y "La muneca" de Chesnutt. Puxan-Oliva, Marta Critical essay Dec 1, 2016 8295
Micro-aggressions and their violent impact on low income Latinos in the US: reflections of a therapist. Bonning Espitia, Birgitte Essay Dec 1, 2016 9099
Aaron's roots: Spaniards, Englishmen, and Blackamoors in Titus Andronicus. Ndiaye, Noemie Critical essay Jul 1, 2016 8685
Three: the Berlin Wall vs. The European Border, or #JeSuisCharlie vs #JeSuisNigeria--on the workings of epistemic injustice in race matters. Appeltshauser, Laura Essay Jun 22, 2016 8351
Black-White health inequalities in Canada at the intersection of gender and immigration. Patterson, Andrew C.; Veenstra, Gerry Report May 1, 2016 5729
What diversity should mean. Editorial Apr 1, 2016 744
Through a different lens: use of terror management theory to understand Blacks' and Whites' divergent interpretations of race-related events. Parker, Ashley; Taylor, Matthew J. Report Dec 22, 2015 5082
Between black and white: the coloring of Asian Americans. Chanbonpin, Kim D. Dec 22, 2015 12356
Black bodies, white borders: mapping the color line inside and outside the United States, 1902-1916. Bontrager, Shannon Essay Sep 22, 2015 3437
Dehumanization of the black population: genocide as tacit principle of capitalism/Desumanizacao da populacao negra: genocidio como principio tacito do capitalismo. Almeida, Magali da Silva Dec 1, 2014 9305
Positivism and progress in Firmin's Equality of the Human Races. Russell, Camisha Aug 1, 2014 10380
Derivas con (por, y desde) Zurbano: dolor, alegria y resistencia. Calzada, Victor Fowler Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 5689
My Take. Troupe, Quincy Essay Sep 22, 2013 1332
"The Blueprint: The Gift and The Curse" of American hip hop culture for Nigeria's millennial youth. Shonekan, Stephanie Essay Sep 1, 2013 7331
Race and class in the blind side: "Fifty years ago we had to watch out for people with white sheets, now they have on pinstripe suits.... Our fathers had to fight Jim Crow, we've got to fight James Crow Jr., Esquire."--Shrtipton (1). Burris, Greg Critical essay Jun 22, 2013 6997
Other bodies: other lives; other deaths. Stratton, Jon May 1, 2013 3174
A different integration: race and disability in early-twentieth-century African American drama by women. Fox, Ann M. Essay Jan 1, 2013 9560
Emmett and Trayvon: how racial prejudice in America has changed in the last sixty years. Anderson, Elijah Essay Jan 1, 2013 1939
Ridicule and wonder: the beginnings of minstrelsy and New York. Womack, Andrew Essay Jul 1, 2012 8355
Urban versus Suburban Public Schools: Resolving the Issue of Racial Inequality in Education. Batts, Pamela L. Report May 10, 2012 299
Response to Zimitri Erasmus. Duncan, Norman Essay May 1, 2012 2106
Redrawing the color line in Flannery O'Connor's "The Displaced Person". Taylor, Alan C. Essay Jan 1, 2012 4674
The Haitian connection in Connie May Fowler's Sugar Cage. Jones, Suzanne W. Essay Jan 1, 2012 7432
Writing race against literary whiteness: the Afro-Puerto Rican outcry of Piri Thomas. Santiago-Diaz, Eleuterio; Rodriguez, Ilia Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 11042
One-Third in U.S. See Improved Race Relations Under Obama; Positive assessments of Obama's impact are down from 2009. Saad, Lydia Survey Aug 24, 2011 928
Fear mongering, media intimidation, and political machinations: tracing the agendas behind the All God's Chillun Got Wings controversy. Ullom, Jeffrey Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 6583
Roundtable on "Miss Emily After Dark": what's in a hymen? Godden, Richard Essay Jun 22, 2011 3143
All too thinkable? Thomas Argiro's "Miss Emily After Dark". Matthews, John T. Essay Jun 22, 2011 2298
"An issue that could tear us apart": race, empire, and economy in the British (Welfare) State, 1968. Longpre, Nicole Essay Mar 22, 2011 16581
Ziraldo's A Turma do Perere: representations of race in a Brazilian children's comic. Dietrich, Elise Essay Sep 22, 2010 6815
Quilombo without borders: allegories of Afro-Brazilian modernist impulses. Afolabi, Niyi Essay Sep 22, 2010 6793
In our words: dancers, choreographers, and directors talk about race. Hanlon, Khara; Perron, Wendy; Poon, Kina; Stuart, Elaine Interview Jul 1, 2010 1965
Othered Southern modernism: Arna Bontemps's Black Thunder. Leroy-Frazier, Jill Jan 1, 2010 10981
Cultural contradictions in the South. Hattery, Angela; Smith, Earl Jan 1, 2010 8156
Shades of grey: following the controversy unleashed by the appearance of BNP leader Nick Griffin on BBC's Question Time, Gavin Schaffer explores the long-running tensions within the Corporation over race relations. Schaffer, Gavin Jan 1, 2010 1318
Broadway in black and white: post-racial? Not on the great white way. Weinert-Kendt, Rob Essay Dec 1, 2009 1920
Coloring the blind spot: the urban Black community as an object of racial discourse in the age of Obama. Robinson, John, III Sep 22, 2009 8770
Performing race on the original-practices stage: a call to action. Steigerwalt, Jenna Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 4567
Strange episodes: race in stage history. Akhimie, Patricia Critical essay Sep 22, 2009 5494
Othello at the Market Theatre. Seeff, Adele Essay Sep 22, 2009 9252
Two actors on Shakespeare, race, and performance: a conversation between Harry J. Lennix and Laurence Fishburne. Thompson, Ayanna Sep 22, 2009 6646
"To rise and bloom again": resurrection, race, and rationalism in Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain. Bryant, Cedric Gael Critical essay Jun 22, 2009 4944
Droits, citoyennete et reparations des torts du passe de l'esclavage: perspectives du mouvement noir au Bresil. Saillant, Francine May 1, 2009 13486
Les etudes bresiliennes sur les relations raciales aux etats-unis. d'Adesky, Jacques Essay May 1, 2009 6761
Don't be afraid to explore race. Richard, Alan Conference news Dec 22, 2008 493
The Issue of Diversity and Multiculturalism in Japan. Qi, Jie; Zhang, Sheng Ping Report Mar 1, 2008 184
"Living my native life deadly": Red Lake, Ward Churchill, and the discourses of competing genocides. Byrd, Jodi A. Mar 22, 2007 8922
Racial profiling: a reply to two critics. Risse, Mathias Jan 1, 2007 13476
Beyond black and white: race, class, and Chinese Americans in multiracial Chicago. Lan, Shanshan Jan 1, 2007 6370
Adaptation and organization: the history and heritage of the Chinese in the Riverina and western New South Wales, Australia. McGowan, Barry Jan 1, 2007 5752
"Dirty domestics and worse cooks": Aboriginal women's agency and domestic frontiers, southern Australia, 1800-1850. Russell, Lynette Jan 1, 2007 12035
The problem of race in the age of freedom: emancipation and the transformation of republican schooling in Baltimore, 1860-1867. Wolff, Robert S. Sep 1, 2006 11208
Symbolic conflicts, deadly consequences: fights between Italians and blacks in western Sao Paulo, 1888-1914. Monsma, Karl Jun 22, 2006 15380
Nonhumans unbound: actor-network theory and the reconsideration of "things" in educational foundations. Waltz, Scott B. Essay Jun 22, 2006 8645
The current landscape of race: old targets, new opportunities. Delgado, Richard May 1, 2006 9074
Duke University sociologist examines intra-racial interaction in Black community. Feb 9, 2006 534
Eyes of the beholder: what do the critics see when they look at racially charged theatre? Brown, Carlyle Oct 1, 2005 1370
Los Angeles builds alliance to improve race relations. Delchad, Lena Sep 5, 2005 622
Mississippi communities build on democracy, inclusion and racial reconciliation. Wright, Gwen Column Aug 29, 2005 745
From sociability to spectacle: interracial sexuality and the ideological uses of space in New York City, 1900-1930. Clement, Elizabeth Essay Jun 1, 2005 11144
Selma. Ala., works on race relations. Wright, Gwen Mar 14, 2005 397
Slavery apology. Brief Article Oct 22, 2004 116
Doing it the hard way. Codevilla, Angelo M. Essay Sep 22, 2004 4148
They marched on Washington 40 years ago to change America. Wright, Gwen Sep 1, 2003 508
Moments, words and attitudes: individual change and social change from consulting room to society. (Special section: the American dilemma revisited: psychoanalysis, social policy, and the socio-cultural meaning of race). Leary, Kimberlyn Mar 22, 2003 3101
The age of white guilt: and the disappearance of the black individual. (Essay). Steele, Shelby Nov 1, 2002 6729
Masquerade, magic, and carnival in Ralph Ellison's Invisible Man. Shinn, Christopher A. Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 11075
Focusing on the wrong front: historical displacement, the Maginot Line, and The Bluest Eye. Gillan, Jennifer Critical Essay Jun 22, 2002 9464
A minority-majority nation: racing the population in the twenty-first century. Powell, John A. Apr 1, 2002 7946
Devil's in the details: Andrea Smith Scrutinizes the Christian right's "race reconciliation" movement. (To the Point). Smith, Andrea Statistical Data Included Mar 22, 2002 2229
Who owns the whip?: Chesnutt, Tourgee, and Reconstruction justice. Hardwig, Bill Mar 22, 2002 9344
"Black Skins" and White Masks: Comic books and the secret of race. Singer, Marc Mar 22, 2002 6522
Fr. Brown on blacks and whites. Transcript Jan 18, 2002 1330
Using the H.I.S. model in counseling African-American men. Madison-Colmore, Octavia; Moore, James L., III Jan 1, 2002 5099
Hybridity and racial identity in Walker Percy's The Last Gentleman. Costello, Brannon Critical Essay Dec 22, 2001 16116
Searching for home: cross-racial bonding in Charles Frazier's Cold Mountain. Piacentino, Ed Critical Essay Dec 22, 2001 8124
Dwelling in the House of Oppression: The Spatial, Racial, and Textual Dynamics of Harriet Wilson's Our Nig. Leveen, Lois Critical Essay Dec 22, 2001 12369
Covering Arab Americans: Minimizing harm to a vulnerable community. (Varying the Voice). Merina, Victor Oct 1, 2001 1702
NAACP Commends Race Equality Day. Becker, Christine Brief Article Oct 1, 2001 377
Internal Constraints. Lynch, Michael W. Interview Oct 1, 2001 3861
"Under the Umbrella of Black Civilization": A Conversation with Reginald McKnight. Ashe, Bertram D. Interview Sep 22, 2001 7167
Two Sides See Different Tolliver Trials. Loury, Alden K. Jul 1, 2001 2097
Minding the messenger: a symposium on Bamboozled. Panel Discussion Jun 22, 2001 10138
The ideology of racial hierarchy and the construction of the European slave trade. Asante, Molefi Kete Jun 22, 2001 6526
Congress Resumes Efforts To End Racial Profiling. Rigsby, Deborah Jun 11, 2001 1048
Middle-class black suburbs and the state of integration: a post-integrationist vision for metropolitan America. Cashin, Sheryll D. May 1, 2001 23372
RACE AND POLICE IN SELMA, ALABAMA. Brief Article Apr 1, 2001 101
Historian Laureate. Selle, Robert R. Interview Dec 1, 2000 1710
Prisons: breeding grounds for Hate? Meachum, Larry Dec 1, 2000 1592
EXTREME RIGHT, ENTREME WRONG. Anderson, Robert (American businessperson and engineer) Brief Article Oct 1, 2000 129
Gang loitering and race. Rosenthal, Lawrence Sep 22, 2000 29909
"I just don't know how to move on your word": From Signifyin(g) to Syndetic Homage in James Baldwin's Responses to William Faulkner. PAVLIC, ED Critical Essay Sep 22, 2000 6606
The Black Muse. Jimenez, Marilyn Sep 22, 2000 4126
African-American organization calls for Post-Dispatch boycott. Corrigan, Don May 1, 2000 1741
HERE. Bishop, Ed May 1, 2000 745
To Undo Racism Some Communities Highlight Diversity. Pionke, John Brief Article Apr 10, 2000 564
SCHOOL VOUCHER PROGRAM May Foster Racial Separation. Brief Article Apr 1, 2000 459
Overview of "Race, Class, and State Crime". Shank, Gregory Mar 22, 2000 3859
America's Debt to Blacks. Robinson, Randall Brief Article Mar 13, 2000 823
MAIMED RITES. JULL, PETER Feb 1, 2000 4094
Bridging the Racial Divide. Wilson, William Julius Dec 20, 1999 2054
THE DAY THEY MARCHED. Bennett, Lerone Jr. Oct 1, 1999 4022
The Struggle to Define and Reinvent Whiteness: A Pedagogical Analysis. Kincheloe, Joe L. Sep 22, 1999 15744
Multiculturalism or Multibodism: On the Impossible Intersections of Race and Gender in American White Feminist and Black Nationalist Discourses(1). OYEWUMI, OYERONKE Sep 22, 1999 6608
Black modernity and bureaucratic culture. Cowlishaw, Gillian Sep 22, 1999 6814
Do You Want to Come Over for Dinner, Friend? Ridzi, Frank Jul 1, 1999 2214
Soul writing: the existential/personal vein in Sivanandan's work. GORDON, PAUL Jul 1, 1999 6147
A return of service. GRANT, PAUL Jul 1, 1999 2500
The Not-all-that Good Ol' Days. Eaton, William J. May 1, 1999 452
The Crucible. ANDERS, GIGI May 1, 1999 8047
Who has the right to say? Charles W. Chesnutt, whiteness, and the public sphere. Wilson, Matthew Mar 22, 1999 9419
Media create 'hierarchy of murder.'. Troph, Shonna Mar 1, 1999 1463
Of Blacks and Jews, film finds hurt and hope. SCHROTH, RAYMOND Dec 18, 1998 1766
'At least you're not black': Asian Americans in U.S. race relations. Kim, Elaine H. Sep 22, 1998 4853
The world is waiting for the sunrise: African Americans y 'el Mundo Latino.'. Widener, Danny Sep 22, 1998 3173
From crisis to Congress: assessing the Black Radical Congress. Lusane, Clarence Sep 22, 1998 3073
Entitled: confessions of a model meritocrat. Platt, Anthony M. Sep 22, 1998 4595
Anti-Indian movement on the rise in B.C. Goldberg, Kim Sep 1, 1998 585
Jim Bond's America: Denaturalizing the Logic of Slavery in Absalom, Absalom! LATHAM, SEAN Jun 22, 1998 4551
A Very American Power Struggle: The Color of Rape in Light in August. BUSH, LAURA L. Jun 22, 1998 8018
TV sitcoms: the great divide - few shows bridge black, white auds. Richmond, Ray Cover Story Apr 13, 1998 2017
The black Jesus: racism and redemption in John Updike's 'Rabbit Redux.' Boswell, Marshall Mar 22, 1998 13572
Disabling fictions: race, history, and ideology in Crane's "The Monster." (Stephen Crane)(Fictions of Reform) McMurray, Price Mar 22, 1998 9537
"The delightful accent of the south land": Ruth McEnery Stuart's dialect fiction. McKinley, Gena Mar 22, 1998 7038
Yes, Virginia, there is an answer. Baker, Houston A., Jr Jan 1, 1998 2730
Why are the black kids sitting together? O'Neil, John Interview Dec 1, 1997 3406
A little neighborly advice. Burns, Robert E. Column Aug 1, 1997 889
What if we had a serious conversation? Dionne, E.J., Jr. Jun 30, 1997 746
"Our Father, God; Our Brother, Christ; or are we bastard kin?": images of Christ in African American painting. Pinder, Kymberly N. Jun 22, 1997 5559
Black-Brown relations: are alliances possible? Klor de Alva, J. Jorge; West, Cornel Interview Jun 22, 1997 10308
Toward an end of blackness: an argument for the surrender of race consciousness. Sleeper, jim May 1, 1997 4226
Race rage and denial: the media and the O.J. trials. Fairfield, Charles May 1, 1997 2583
Racial distance and the O.J. trial. Dionne, E.J., Jr. Feb 24, 1997 755
Women on top, boys on the side, but some of us are brave: blackness, lesbianism, and the visible. Pellegrini, Ann Feb 1, 1997 7249
Justice as focus groups, big royalties and Geraldo. Schroth, Raymond A. Dec 20, 1996 1706
All quiet on the feminist front. Hooks, Bell Dec 1, 1996 1586
U.S. race relations at the crossroads in California. Platt, Anthony M. Oct 1, 1996 4519
Cries of outrage: three novelists' use of history. Winchell, Donna Haisty Sep 22, 1996 6713
"Strange, history. Complicated, too": Ishmael Reed's use of African-American history in 'Flight to Canada.' Davis, Matthew R. Sep 22, 1996 4633
Colour clashes. Brief Article Sep 1, 1996 1333
Thinking about racism and our children. Pirozzi, Richard Column Jul 1, 1996 1245
The Hidden Caribbean "Other" in William Faulkner's Absalom, Absalom!: An Ideological Ancestry of U.S. Imperialism. STANCHICH, MARITZA Critical Essay Jun 22, 1996 6021
I hope I can teach a little bit: an interview with Bebe Moore Campbell. Satz, Martha Interview Mar 22, 1996 7758
Opportunity in the racial divide. Kovach, Bill Editorial Dec 22, 1995 895
After O.J.: panel looks at race and the jury. Shoop, Julie Gannon Dec 1, 1995 546
The framing of race. Douglas, Susan Dec 1, 1995 978
Black politics gone haywire. Reed, Adolph, Jr. Biography Dec 1, 1995 2680
The changing face of racism in the U.S.: a commentary. Klotzer, Charle L.; Bishop, Ed Oct 1, 1995 1043
World boxing champion Jack Johnson, contemptuous and irritating, taunted whites. Deardorff, Donald L., II Oct 1, 1995 5472
'Us Creole': intersubjectivity, Empire and the politics of meaning-making in autobiography. Bauer, Antoinette May 1, 1995 5386
A vision of embrace: theological perspectives on cultural identity and conflict. Volf, Miroslav Apr 1, 1995 6595
Ethnicity and nationalism: a challenge to the churches. Apr 1, 1995 4100
Facework in White antiracists' perceptions of problematic interracial interaction. Blewett, Lorin Mar 22, 1995 2807
Mediating "race" and "nation:" the cultural politics of 'The Messenger.' (magazine) Hutchinson, Goerge Dec 22, 1994 10539
The 'process' of prejudice: 'Othello' I.iii 128-145. Doloff, Steven Dec 1, 1994 1688
Rodrigo's ninth chronicle: race, legal instrumentalism, and the rule of law. Delgado, Richard Dec 1, 1994 15072
The solutionist. Fibich, Linda May 1, 1994 4185
Media mirror: distorted reflections - distorted treatment. Bridge, Junior Apr 1, 1994 820
Farrakhanitis. Editorial Feb 28, 1994 522
Three sisters revisited. Thobani, Sunera Jan 1, 1994 546
Kentucky Fried Chicken's recipe for globalization. Dec 22, 1993 1020
Alea's children: the avant-garde on the Lower East Side, 1960-1970. Thomas, Lorenzo Dec 22, 1993 3153
"Damballah is the first law of thermodynamics": modes of access to Toni Cade Bambara's 'The Salt Eaters.' (Women's Culture Issue) Kelley, Margot Anne Sep 22, 1993 8464
Fire-casting an eternal de-fascination with death: writing about the South, and the responsible necessity of reading and knowing black South writing in the quest for Afrikan world salvation and restitution. Cheatwood, Kiarri T.-H. Jun 22, 1993 7525
Facing the racial divide. Molnar, Aleex May 1, 1993 1076
How do we prepare teachers to improve race relations? Cross, Beverly May 1, 1993 1000
Beyond black/white: the racisms of our time. Martinez, Elizabeth Mar 22, 1993 5610
Rethinking race. Platt, Anthony M. Editorial Mar 22, 1993 2745
Asian Americans are still 'victims' in news media. Fan, Maureen Column Mar 1, 1993 620
The impact of the electronic media. Panel Discussion Sep 22, 1992 2817
No time for short attention span. Winship, Thomas Column Jun 6, 1992 820
Blacks and Jews. Sleeper, Jim editorial Sep 9, 1991 907
Why Did the Heaven's Not Darken? Anderson, W.H. Locke Book Review Sep 1, 1989 2806
Black racism, Winnie Mandela, and fearful journalists. Moore, Mike editorial May 1, 1989 850
The Greek chorus, Jimmy the Greek got it wrong but so did his critics. Rowe, Jonathan Apr 1, 1988 1984
Isiah & Bernhard. Morley, Jefferson editorial Jul 4, 1987 1145
A new racism. editorial Jan 10, 1987 304

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