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Marikina River ASF-free: Teodoro. Oct 2, 2019 660
Aquaculture in China Dating Back 8,000 Years. Sep 19, 2019 729
Reproductive ecology of Otocinclus vittatus (Regan, 1904) in the Pantanal floodplain, upper Paraguay River basin/Ecologia reprodutiva de Otocinclus vittatus (Regan, 1904) na planicie de inundacao do Pantanal, bacia do alto rio Paraguai. Pereira, M.J.; Suarez, Y.R. Sep 12, 2019 4035
United States : Public meeting scheduled; alternatives narrowed; dredging work continues at Buffalo Reef. Jul 16, 2019 530
Supply Of Imc (carp) Fish Seed, Lime, Drag Net And Aerator Upto Block Level In Alipurduar District Of West Bengal Under The Scheme Of Replication Of Moina Model Of Fisheries Development For Higher Fish Productivity In Different Districts Of Wb. Jul 12, 2019 168
Replication Of Moina Model(uttar Dinajpur District) Supply Of Good Quality Carp(imc) Fish Seed (wt 150 Gm.), Lime (calcium Oxide) And Aerator (2 Hp Motor With 4 Nos. Of Paddle Wheel)under The Scheme Replication Of Moina Model For Higher Fish ..... Jul 8, 2019 172
Replication Of Moina Model(malda District) Supply Of Good Quality Carp(imc) Fish Seed (wt 150 Gm.) Lime (calcium Oxide) And Aerator (2 Hp Motor With 4 Nos. Of Paddle Wheel)under The Scheme Replication Of Moina Model For Higher Fish Productivity.... Jul 8, 2019 171
Replication Of Moina Model(dakshin Dinajpur District) Supply Of Good Quality Carp(imc) Fish Seed (wt 150 Gm.), Lime (calcium Oxide) And Aerator (2 Hp Motor With 4 Nos. Of Paddle Wheel)under The Scheme Replication Of Moina Model For Higher Fish ... Jul 8, 2019 172
Supply Of Carp Imc Fish Seed 150 Gm Lime Calcium Oxide And Aerator Under The Scheme Replication Of Moina Model For Higher Fish Productivity At Different Blocks Of Cooch Behar District 2019-20. Jul 1, 2019 163
Bioeconomic profitability analysis of tropical gar (Atractosteus tropicus) grow-out using two commercial feeds. Palma-Cancino, David J.; Martinez-Garcia, Rafael; Alvarez-Gonzalez, Carlos A.; Contreras, Ronald Jes Jul 1, 2019 4254
Age and Growth of Middle Mississippi River Smallmouth Buffalo. Love, Seth A.; Tripp, Sara J.; Phelps, Quinton E. Report Jul 1, 2019 2159
Supply Of Imc (carp) Fish Seed, Lime, Upto Block Level In Alipurduar District Of West Bengal Under The Scheme Of Replication Of Moina Model Of Fisheries Development For Higher Fish Productivity In Dif. Jun 28, 2019 165
Comparacion genetica y morfometrica de dos poblaciones aisladas de Barilius bendelisis (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) de los Himalayas indios. Kumar, Sumit; Singh, Deepak Jun 1, 2019 5071
Peso de otolitos para predecir la edad de diferentes cohortes de Sperata aor (Siluriformes: Bagridae) en el Rio Ganga. Nazir, Aafaq; Khan, M. Afzal Jun 1, 2019 3319
El pez Cirrhinus mrigala (Cypriniformes: Cyprinidae) en la cuenca del Ganges: estructura del stock en poblaciones silvestres basada en morfometria de hitos. Kumar Dwivedi, Arvind; Kumar Sarkar, Uttam; Iqbal Mir, Javaid; Tomat, Praveen; Vyas, Vipin Jun 1, 2019 6176
Quality of fresh and cryopreserved semen and their influence on the rates of fertilization, hatching and quality of the larvae of Piaractus mesopotamicus/Qualidade do semen fresco e criopreservado e sua influencia nas taxas de fertilizacao, eclosao e qualidade das larvas de Piaractus mesopotamicus. Galo, J.M.; Streit-Junior, D.P.; Oliveira, C.A.; Povh, J.P.; Fornari, D.C.; Digmayer, M.; Ribeiro, R May 26, 2019 4714
Bio-mitigation based on integrated multi-trophic aquaculture in temperate coastal waters: practice, assessment, and challenges. Zhang, Junbo; Zhang, Shuo; Kitazawa, Daisuke; Zhou, Jinxin; Park, Sanggyu; Gao, Shike; Shen, Yuxin; May 1, 2019 7709
Dietary protein quality and proper protein to energy ratios: a bioeconomic approach in aquaculture feeding practices. Khan, Kifayat Ullah; Rodrigues, Andressa Tellechea; Mansano, Cleber Fernando Menegasso; de Almeida Q May 1, 2019 5367
Effect of short-term starvation on hematological and blood biochemical parameters in juvenile spotted rose snapper Lutjanus guttatus (Steindachner, 1869). Hernandez, Crisantema; Hurtado-Oliva, Miguel A.; Pena, Emyr Mar 1, 2019 6583
Polyculture of curimata-pacu (Prochilodus argenteus) and canela shrimp (Macrobrachium acanthurus) feed with dehydrated cassava leaf meal. Soares, Emerson; De Almeida, Erika Oliveira; Araujo, Katia; De Lima, Misleni; Gusmao-Junior, Leoncio Mar 1, 2019 4280
From 'A' to Sea. Mar 1, 2019 1110
Growth and body composition of juvenile curimata-pacu (Prochilodus argenteus) fed diets with different protein: lipid ratios. Silva, Gabriela Duarte; Lucena, Jorge E.C.; de Almeida, Omer Cavalcanti; Bicudo, Alvaro J.A. Mar 1, 2019 6086
Assessing body weight as a predictor of vulnerability for extinction in marine invertebrates. Gonzalez-Valdovinos, Marcela Isabel; del Monte-Luna, Pablo; Trujillo-Millan, Oscar Mar 1, 2019 4702
Assessment of Water Quality Parameters and their Impact on Distribution of Fish Fauna in River Neelum, Azad Jammu & Kashmir, Pakistan. Sakhi-uz-Zaman; Shafi, Nuzhat; Ali, Usman; Ayub, Huma Mar 1, 2019 5683
Supply Of Minus 20 And Minus 40 Degree Freezer, Domestic Freezer, Heavy Metal Detection Kits Etc. Under The Research Project Routine Microbial Analysis And Fish Disease Diagnosis Of Fishes Throughout. Feb 21, 2019 179
Parametros hematologicos de reproductores de Brycon amazonicus (Bryconidae) en cultivo. Gonzales, Anai; Curto, Giana; Fernandez-Mendez, Christian Jan 1, 2019 4459
Fish predation pressure on zooplankton in a large northern temperate lake: impact of adult predators versus juvenile predators/Kalade toitumissurve zooplaktonile suures pohjapoolses parasvootme jarves: taiskasvanud kalade versus noorkalade moju zooplanktonile. Ginter, Kai; Blank, Katlin; Haberman, Juta; Kangur, Andu; Kangur, Kulli Report Dec 1, 2018 7181
The Effect of Different Preparation Methods on the Flavor of Farmed Takifugu obscurus. Chen, Zhuanxia; Tao, Ningping; Qin, Xiao; Liu, Dayong Report Oct 31, 2018 5661
Short Communication - Male Catfish Rita rita has higher Haemoglobin Concentration than Female Fish. Jalbani, S.; Narejo, N.T.; Khan, P.; Jalbani, Y.M. Report Oct 31, 2018 1359
Parametros hematologicos y de bioquimica sanguinea en diez especies de peces marinos capturados por pesqueria artesanal en la Bahia del Callao, Peru. Saez, Gloria; Chero, Jhon; Cruces, Celso; Minaya, David; Rodriguez, Cynthia; Suyo, Beatriz; Romero, Oct 1, 2018 8865
Behavior and Stereotypies of Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) in Response to Experimental Infection with Aeromonas hydrophila. Khalil, Fatma; Emeash, Hosney Oct 1, 2018 3891
Life History Traits and Status of a Peripheral Redside Dace (Clinostomus elongatus) Population in Minnesota. Dieterman, Douglas J.; Delain, Steve; Dawald, Chris; Herberg, Andrew Report Oct 1, 2018 7494
United States : Bureau of Reclamation funds Upper Missouri River Pallid Sturgeon study. Report Sep 27, 2018 190
Polkadog Bakery is Proud of its Boston Roots. Murphy, Colleen Interview Sep 12, 2018 1645
Reproductive biology of the leopard grouper Mycteroperca rosacea (Streets, 1877) in the coastal area of Santa Rosalia, BCS, Mexico. Perez-Olivas, Anabelle; Irigoyen-Arredondo, Marina Soledad; Moreno-Sanchez, Xchel Gabriel; Villalejo Sep 1, 2018 4715
Nutrients and bioactive compounds of the Lemna gibba and Ulva lactuca as possible ingredients to functional foods. Aguilera-Morales, Martha Elena; Canales-Martinez, Maria Margarita; Avila-Gonzalez, Ernesto; Flores-O Sep 1, 2018 5256
Supply Of Imc (carp) Fish Seed, Lime Upto Block Level In Purba Bardhaman District Of West Bengal Under The Scheme Of Replication Of Moyna Model Of Fisheries Development For Higher Fish Productivity In Different Districts Of West Bengal. Sep 1, 2018 146
Supply Of Imc (carp) Fish Seed, Lime Upto Block Level In South 24 Parganas District Of West Bengal Under The Scheme Of Replication Of Moyna Model Of Fisheries Development For Higher Fish Productivity In Different Districts Of West Bengal. Sep 1, 2018 147
Supply Of Imc (carp) Fish Seed, Lime Upto Block Level In Howrah District Of West Bengal Under The Scheme Of Replication Of Moyna Model Of Fisheries Development For Higher Fish Productivity In Different Districts Of West Bengal. Sep 1, 2018 145
Determinacion de presas optimas para la crianza del pejelagarto Atractosteus tropicus (Lepisosteiformes: Lepisosteidae). Escalera-Vazquez, Luis Humberto; Dominguez-Dominguez, Omar; Molina-Dominguez, Eduardo; Sarma, S.S.S. Sep 1, 2018 7718
Influencia de la granulometria del sedimento y la salinidad en la composicion de una comunidad de peces estuarinos en el Pacifico tropical mexicano. Gonzalez-Sanson, Gaspar; Aguilar-Betancourt, Consuelo M.; Kosonoy-Aceves, Daniel Sep 1, 2018 5849
Evaluation of Toxicity of Ethanolic Extracts of Piper guineense and Capsicum annum on Dermestid Beetle, Demestes maculatus (DeGeer 1774), a Pest on Dried Catfish, Clarias gariepinus. Ekeh, Felicia Nkechi; Aguzie, Ifeanyi Oscar Ndimkaoha; Nzei, Joy Ihuoma; Ohanu, Chinenye Maria-Goret Report Aug 31, 2018 3481
Supply Of Imc (carp) Fish Seed, Lime Upto Block Level In Hooghly District Of West Bengal Under The Scheme Of Replication Of Moyna Model Of Fisheries Development For Higher Fish Productivity In Different Districts Of West Bengal. Aug 29, 2018 143
A multiyear hierarchical Bayesian mark-recapture model incorporating data on recurring salmonid behavior to account for sparse or missing data. Oldemeyer, Bryce N.; Copeland, Timothy; Kennedy, Brian P. Report Jul 1, 2018 10844
Tracking the Trajectory of Change in Large River Fish Communities Over 50 Y. Whitten, Andrya L.; Gibson-Reinemer, Daniel K. Report Jul 1, 2018 4358
Experimental Evaluation of the Wound-healing and Antioxidant Activities of Tamarind (Tamarindus indica) Pulp and Leaf Meal in the African Catfish (Clarias gariepinus). Adeniyi, Olarinke Victoria; Olaifa, Flora Eyibio; Emikpe, Benjamin Obukowho; Oyagbemi, Ademola Adeto Jul 1, 2018 6231
Geometric Morphometric Analysis of the Morphological Variation among Three Lenoks of Genus Brachymystax in China. Meng, Yanxiao; Wang, Guihua; Xiong, Dongmei; Liu, Haixia; Liu, Xiaolin; Wang, Lixin; Zhang, Jianlu Report Jun 30, 2018 7021
Effects of Sage Oil (Salvia officinalis L.) on Haematological and Growth Parameters in Nile Tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Aydin, Fatmagun; Harmantepe, Fatma Burcu Report Jun 30, 2018 5799
Feeding Patterns of Two Commercially Important Fish Species Scomberoides commersonnianus and S. tol in the Northern Arabian Sea Coast of Pakistan. Qamar, Nazia; Panhwa, Sher Khan; Riedel, Ralf Report Jun 30, 2018 3960
Effects of Oral Glucose Administration on Plasma Biochemical Parameters, Insulin, and Hepatic Metabolic Enzymes Activities in Golden Pompano (Trachinotus ovatus). Zhou, Chuanpeng; Lin, Heizhao; Huang, Zhong; Wang, Jun; Wang, Yun; Yu, Wei Report Jun 30, 2018 6947
Russian Federation : Specialists of KaspNIRKh carry out a comprehensive assessment of the viability of young sturgeon in the releases. Jun 29, 2018 175
Amazon Riparian People's Exposure to Legacy Organochlorine Pesticides and Methylmercury from Catfish (Ageneiosus brevifilis) Intake. Guida, Yago de Souza; Lino, Adan Santos; Nepomuceno, Raquel Capella Gaspar; Meire, Rodrigo Ornellas; Report Jun 1, 2018 4130
New records of marine planktonic invertebrates from the Caribbean coast of Costa Rica/Nuevos reportes de invertebrados planctonicos marinos de la costa Caribe de Costa Rica. Carrillo-Baltodano, Allan; Morales-Ramirez, Alvaro V.; Sibaja-Cordero, Jeffrey A.; Cortes, Jorge Apr 1, 2018 8400
Strong relationship between commercial catch of adult Atlantic halibut (Hippoglossus hippoglossus) and availability of suitable habitat for juveniles in the Northwest Atlantic Ocean. French, Kiyomi J.; Shackell, Nancy L.; den Heyer, Cornelia E. Report Apr 1, 2018 12357
The effect of reduced data on the ability to monitor rebuilding of overfished fish stocks. Wetzel, Chantel R.; Punt, Andre E.; Cope, Jason M. Apr 1, 2018 10702
Vietnam : Modeling artificial reproduction of black carp in Hai Phong city. Mar 16, 2018 457
Russian Federation : Rosrybolovstvo will develop a model for a comprehensive restoration of the Volga River. Mar 1, 2018 447
Russian Federation : Branch and academic science will conduct a joint assessment of forecasts of salmon approaches in Sakhalin. Mar 1, 2018 799
Reproductive cycle of leopard grouper Mycteroperca rosacea (Streets, 1877) held in captivity: relationship between gonad development and sex steroid concentration. Maldonado-Garcia, Maria; Gracia-Lopez, Vicente; Kiewek-Martinez, M.; Carrillo, M.; Zanuy, S. Mar 1, 2018 4634
Population Dynamics of the Goby Trypauchen vagina (Gobiidae) at Downstream of Hau River, Vietnam. Dinh, Quang Minh Report Feb 28, 2018 3979
Short Communication - Effect of Iron Chloride on Peroxidase Activity in Kidney and Liver of Labeo rohita. Nawaz, Rimsha; Javed, Muhammad; Abbas, Sidra; Kousar, Safina Report Feb 28, 2018 3028
Morphometric Variations and Fishery Unit Assessment of Cyclocheilichthys apogon (Actinopterigii: Cyprinidae) from Three-Different Rivers in North-Eastern Thailand. Kenthao, Anan; Jearranaiprepame, Pornpimol Report Feb 28, 2018 7574
Interspecific Differentiation in Heavy Metals Concentration in Fishes of the Apa River, Upper Paraguay River Basin. Rondon Suarez, Yzel; Lemke, Ana Paula; Lima Cardoso, Claudia Andrea Report Jan 15, 2018 2160
A Validated Algorithm for Selecting Non-Toxic Chemical Concentrations. Stadnicka-Michalak, Julita; Knobel, Melanie; Zupanic, Anze; Schirmer, Kristin Report Jan 1, 2018 8107
Influence of rearing temperature on muscle growth and adipose tissue in Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) strains/Influencia da temperatura de cultivo no crescimento muscular e do tecido adiposo em linhagens de tilapia do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus). Salomao, Rondinelle Artur Simoes; Santos, Vander Bruno dos; Mareco, Edson Assuncao Jan 1, 2018 3875
Transcriptome Analysis of Rainbow Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) Eggs Subjected to the High Hydrostatic Pressure Treatment. Gurgul, Artur; Pawlina-Tyszko, Klaudia; Bugno-Poniewierska, Monika; Szmatola, Tomasz; Jasielczuk, Ig Jan 1, 2018 4952
Whole Genome Sequencing of Greater Amberjack (Seriola dumerili) for SNP Identification on Aligned Scaffolds and Genome Structural Variation Analysis Using Parallel Resequencing. Araki, Kazuo; Aokic, Jun-ya; Kawase, Junya; Hamada, Kazuhisa; Ozaki, Akiyuki; Fujimoto, Hiroshi; Yam Jan 1, 2018 7320
Species Variations in the Proximate Composition, Amino Acid Profile, and Protein Quality of the Muscle Tissue of Grass Carp, Bighead Carp, Siberian Sturgeon, and Wels Catfish. Pyz-Lukasik, Renata; Paszkiewicz, Waldemar Jan 1, 2018 6964
Fish Scale-Derived Scaffolds for Culturing Human Corneal Endothelial Cells. Parekh, Mohit; van den Bogerd, Bert; Zakaria, Nadia; Ponzin, Diego; Ferrari, Stefano Jan 1, 2018 6542
Endosonographic Findings and the Natural Course of Chronic Gastric Anisakiasis: A Single-Center Experience. Park, Eun Young; Baek, Dong Hoon; Kim, Gwang Ha; Lee, Bong Eun; Lee, So- Jeong; Park, Do Youn Jan 1, 2018 4017
Effects of Letrozole on Gonad Differentiation of Carp (Cyprinus carpio). Report Dec 31, 2017 4739
A Compensatory Growth like Analysis of Common Carp Cyprinus carpio L. among Different Combinations in Full Diallel Crossing. Su, Shengyan; Dong, Zaijie; Zhu, Wenbin; Wang, Lanmei; Fu, Jianjun Report Dec 31, 2017 5975
ECOLOGY OF THE SAND ROLLER (PERCOPSIS TRANSMONTANA) IN A LOWER SNAKE RIVER RESERVOIR, WASHINGTON. Tiffan, Kenneth F.; Erhardt, John M.; Rhodes, Tobyn N.; Hemingway, Rulon J. Report Dec 22, 2017 6119
Monoterpenoids (thymol, carvacrol and S-(+)-linalool) with anesthetic activity in silver catfish (Rhamdia quelen): evaluation of acetylcholinesterase and GABAergic activity. Bianchini, A.E.; Garlet, Q.I.; da Cunha, J.A.; Bandeira, G. Jr.; Brusque, I.C.M.; Salbego, J.; Heinz Report Dec 1, 2017 5980
The Effects of a Prolonged Drought on Southern Steelhead Trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss) in a Coastal Creek, Los Angeles, California. Dagit, Rosi; Bell, Ethan; Adamek, Krista; Mongolo, Jennifer; Montgomery, Elizabeth; Trusso, Nina; Ba Dec 1, 2017 5343
Cross-amplification of heterologous microsatellite markers in Piracanjuba/Amplificacao cruzada de marcadores microssatelites heterologos em piracanjuba. de Castro, Pedro Luiz; Ribeiro, Ricardo Pereira; dos Santos, Silvio Carlos Alves; Goes, Elenice Souz Dec 1, 2017 3802
A newly discovered population of the Balkan spiny loach Sabanejewia balcanica (Karaman, 1922) in the River Jihlava, Czech Republic. Halacka, Karel; Muska, Milan; Mendel, Jan; Vetesnik, Lukas Report Nov 1, 2017 2291
NYU Abu Dhabi Study Provides First Insights into the Unique Diets of Arabian Gulf Reef Fishes. Oct 2, 2017 536
Spring occurrence of fish and macro-invertebrate assemblages near designated wind energy areas on the northeast U.S. continental shelf. Walsh, Harvey J.; Guida, Vince G. Oct 1, 2017 9596
Growth, mortality, and movement of cobia (Rachycentron canadum). Dippold, David A.; Leaf, Robert T.; Franks, James S.; Hendon, J. Read Report Oct 1, 2017 8963
Spatial and temporal patterns of abundance of juvenile black sea bass (Centropristis striata) in Maryland coastal bays. Peters, Rebecca; Chigbu, Paulinus Report Oct 1, 2017 7290
Parametros de Calidad y Metodologias para Determinar las Propiedades Fisicas de Alimentos Extruidos para Peces. Hoyos, Jose L.; Villada, Hector S.; Fernandez, Alejandro; Ortega-Toro, Rodrigo Oct 1, 2017 8498
Opportunistic diet of Triportheus nematurus (Characiformes: Triportheidae) in Southern Pantanal ponds: influences of temporal availability and abundance of resources/Dieta oportunista de Triportheus nematurus (Characiformes: Triportheidae) em lagoas do Pantanal Sul: influencias da disponibilidade temporal e abundancia de recursos. Lopes, Douglas Alves; Vieira, Kelly Regina Ibarrola; Mota, Rafael da Silva; Souza, Mateus Rojas Fran Oct 1, 2017 4178
Effect of [beta]-glucan dietary levels on immune response and hematology of channel catfish Ictalurus punctatus juveniles. Sanchez-Martinez, Jesus Genaro; Rabago-Castro, Jaime Luis; Vazquez-Sauceda, Maria de la Luz; Perez-C Sep 1, 2017 6785
Effects of Chitosan Levels on Growth Performance, Feed Utilization and Survival Rate of Rice-field Crab (Esanthelphusa dugasti). Panalikul, Pattranuch; Wongmaneeprateep, Sutee; Doolgindachbaporn, Sompong Report Sep 1, 2017 5191
Relacion alometrica y modelos de crecimiento de juveniles de Cichlasoma festae (Perciforme: Cichlidae), una especie nativa de agua dulce en Ecuador. Rodriguez, Jorge M.; Angon, Elena; Gonzalez, Martin A.; Perea, Jose; Barba, Cecilio; Garcia, Anton Sep 1, 2017 4348
Maintenance Items Sildes (5 Cm X 1 Cm) Qty: 1 Model Of Heart (acrylic Superior Qty: 1 Model Of Brain (acrylic Superior Qty: 1 Model Of Lungs (acrylic Superior) Qty: 1 Model Of Frog (plastic/clay)qty: 1 Model Of Fishes (plastic/clay) Qty: 1. Aug 10, 2017 157
Variation in the Morphometry Measurements of Two Tilapia Fish Species in Relation to Their Body Weight Obtained from Lower Benue River at Makurdi, Benue State Nigeria. Azua, E.T.; Akaahan, T.J.; Akogwu, S.A. Report Aug 1, 2017 2887
Age, growth and diet of Reba carp Cirrhinus reba (Hamilton 1822) in Lower Anicut reservoir, Tamil Nadu, India. Ramasamy, Mathialagan; Rajangam, Sivakumar Report Aug 1, 2017 6924
Maturation and Reproductive Biology of Reba Carp Cirrhinus Reba (Hamilton) in Lower Anicut Reservoir, Tamil Nadu, India. Ramasamy, Mathialagan; Rajangam, Sivakumar Report Aug 1, 2017 7251
Identificacion Molecular de Salmonella Typhimurium en Cuyes al Primer Parto mediante la Tecnica de PCR Multiple. Chero O., Ana; Rosadio A., Raul; Marcelo M., Geraldine; Diaz O., Gerardo; Jimenez A., Ronald; Castro Jul 1, 2017 3145
Hook and lion: methods for catching delicious lionfish on rod and reel. Kries, J.D. Jul 1, 2017 1989
Diet composition of age-0 fishes in created habitats of the Lower Missouri River. Starks, Trevor A.; Long, James M. Jul 1, 2017 4344
Influencia de la temperatura, densidad, oxigeno y alimento en la formacion de marcas en las escamas de tilapia. Ibanez, Ana; Castellanos, Manuel; Rodriguez, Antonio; Alvarez, Sergio Jun 1, 2017 5826
Effectiveness of plain X-ray in detection of fish and chicken bone foreign body in upper aerodigestive tract. Apr 30, 2017 2867
Feeding habits and dietary overlap of age-0 winter flounder (Pseudopleuronectes americanus) and summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) in southern New England tidal rivers. Taylor, David L.; Gervasi, Carissa L. Report Apr 1, 2017 12812
Patterns of courtship acoustics and geophysical features at spawning sites of black grouper (Mycteroperca bonaci). Sanchez, Phillip J.; Appeldoorn, Richard S.; Scharer-Umpierre, Michelle T.; Locascio, James V. Report Apr 1, 2017 6244
Effects of prior experience on shelter-seeking behavior of juvenile American lobsters. Bayer, Skylar R.; Bianchi, Katherine M.; Atema, Jelle; Jacobs, Molly W. Apr 1, 2017 6492
First verified occurrence of the shortnose sturgeon (Acipenser brevirostrum) in the James River, Virginia. Balazik, Matthew Apr 1, 2017 3155
Utility of five SSR markers for genetic diversity and paternity exclusion analysis in the Patagonian toothfish. Araneda, Cristian; Lam, Natalia; Iturra, Patricia; Jilberto, Felipe; Cordova, Valentina; Gallardo, P Mar 1, 2017 2594
Oocyte distribution within and between ovary lobes is largely homogeneous in Lachnolaimus maximus (Perciformes: Labridae). Quinones, Virginia Elena Noh; Torres-Villegas, J. Rene; Brule, Thierry; Montero-Munoz, Jorge L.; Mon Report Mar 1, 2017 5558
Evaluacion genotoxica del agua del Rio Grande (Antioquia, Colombia) mediante frecuencia de eritrocitos micronucleados de Brycon henni (Characiformes: Characidae). Zapata-Restrepo, Lina M.; Orozco-Jimenez, Luz Y.; Rueda-Cardona, Maribel; Echavarria, Sandra L.; Men Report Mar 1, 2017 5438
Aquaponics 101: discover a method of food production that involves a symbiotic relationship between plant and animal. Todd, Brad Jan 1, 2017 1895
Effects of Ozone Treatments on the Physicochemical Changes of Myofibrillar Proteins from Silver Carp (Hypophthalmichthys molitrix) during Frozen Storage. Zhang, Rongrong; Xiong, Shanbai; You, Juan; Hu, Yang; Liu, Ru; Yin, Tao Report Jan 1, 2017 6320
Evidence of the Complexity of Gene Expression Analysis in Fish Wild Populations. Tine, Mbaye Report Jan 1, 2017 10211
BICULTIVO EN BIOFLOC DE CACHAMA BLANCA--Piaractus brachypomus--Y TILAPIA NILOTICA--Oreochromis niloticus--ALIMENTADAS CON DIETAS DE ORIGEN VEGETAL. Bru-Cordero, S. B.; Pertuz-Buelvas, V. M.; Ayazo-Genes, J. E.; Atencio-Garcia, V. J.; Pardo-Carrasco Jan 1, 2017 9157
Effects of Dietary Protein Levels on the Growth, Feed Utilization and Haemato-Biochemical Parameters of Freshwater Fish, Cyprinus Carpio Var. Specularis. Ahmed, Imtiaz; Maqbool, Amir Report Jan 1, 2017 10482
Comparative Analysis of Nutritional Value of Oreochromis niloticus (Linnaeus), Nile Tilapia, Meat from Three Different Ecosystems. Jim, Fanuel; Garamumhango, Penina; Musara, Colin Report Jan 1, 2017 5534
Variacion espacio-temporal de la ictiofauna del parque marino Xel-Ha, caribe mexicano y su relacion con parametros fisicoquimicos. Aldana Moreno, Alejandro; Montero Munoz, Jorge; Aldana Aranda, Dalila Report Dec 1, 2016 6190
Assessment of the effect of anthropogenic pollution on the ecology of small shallow lakes using the palaeolimnological approach/Paleolimnoloogiliste uuringute rakendamine reostuse moju hindamisel vaikejarvede okosusteemile. Koff, Tiiu; Vandel, Egert; Marzecova, Agata; Avi, Egle; Mikomagi, Annika Dec 1, 2016 6842
South Africa : USGS Study reveals Interactive Effects of Climate Change, Invasive Species on Native Fish. Nov 17, 2016 481
Evaluating the vulnerability of an atypical protogynous hermaphrodite to fishery exploitation: results from a population model for black sea bass (Centropristis striata). Blaylock, Jessica; Shepherd, Gary R. Oct 1, 2016 10381
Analysis of fish stress: Pacific Northwest National Laboratory. Oct 1, 2016 146
Vitamin C supplementation on growth performance and gonadal development in Nile tilapia/Suplementacao de vitamina C sobre o desempenho e desenvolvimento gonadal de tilapia-do-Nilo. Araujo Martins, Tamyres Pereira; Vieira Gomides, Pedro Fellipe; Pereira Navarro, Fernanda Keley Silv Oct 1, 2016 2969
Genetic stock identification and relative contribution of Arctic char (Salvelinus alpinus) from the Hornaday and Brock Rivers to subsistence fisheries in Darnley Bay, Northwest Territories. Harris, Les N.; Boguski, David A.; Gallagher, Colin P.; Howland, Kimberly L. Sep 1, 2016 12599
Changes in morphological indexes of young atlantic salmon (Salmo Salar L.) exposed to heavy metal (Zn, Cu, Ni, Cr, Pb, Cd) mixture: an experimental study/Atlantiniu lasisu (Salmo Salar L.) jaunikliu morfologiniu rodikliu pokyciai veikiant sunkiuju metalu (Zn, Cu, Ni, Cr, Pb, Cd) misiniu: eksperimentinis tyrimas. Sauliute, Gintare; Svecevicius, Gintaras Report Aug 1, 2016 4433
A baseline investigation into the population structure of white seabass, Atractoscion nobilis, in California and Mexican waters using microsatellite DNA analysis. Franklin, Michael P.; Chabot, Chris L.; Allen, Larry G. Aug 1, 2016 5141
Comparative feeding ecology of four syntopic Hypostomus species in a Brazilian southeastern river/Ecologia alimentar comparativa de quatro especies simpatricas de Hypostomus em um rio do sudoeste brasileiro. Villares, G.A., Jr.; Cardonea, I.B.; Goitein, R. Jul 1, 2016 5632
Assessment of benthic macroinvertebrates at Nile tilapia production using artificial substrate samplers/Avaliacao da comunidade de macroinvertebrados bentonicos em producao de tilapia-do-Nilo com uso de coletores com substrato artificial. Moura, M.S.G. Silva; Graciano, T.S.; Losekann, M.E.; Luiz, A.J.B. Jul 1, 2016 4735
Composicion quimica y perfil mineral de materias primas de origen animal y vegetal utilizadas en la formulacion de dietas para la alimentacion de alevines de Colossoma macropomum. Marielba, Morillo; Tomas, Visbal; Rosa Alba, Vielma; Liz, Pena; Isbelia, Gonzalez; Ana Luisa, Medina Ensayo Jul 1, 2016 4273
Cooperative ecosystem studies unit, rocky mountain cesu. Jun 26, 2016 292
Population genetic divergence of Isle Royale Pearl Dace, Margarita margariscus (Cyprinidae). Elder, John F., Jr.; Martin, Jack R.; Schlosser, Isaac J.; Kallemeyn, Larry Report Jun 22, 2016 5873
Genotyping characterization of Salmonella Egyptian isolates with special reference to drug resistance genes. Ezzeldeen, Nashwa A.; Abdelmonem, Mohamed A.; Samir, Ahmed; Elgabaly, Alaa A. Report May 1, 2016 6101
Analysis of food habits of skate Rioraja agassizii (Elasmobranchii, rajidae) from southern Brazil/Analise quantitativa dos habitos alimentares da raia Rioraja agassizii (Elasmobranchii, Rajidae) do Sudeste e Sul do Brasil. Motta, N.S.; Della-Fina, N.; Souza, C.C.A.; Rodrigues, E.S.; Amorim, A.F. Apr 1, 2016 4120
Evaluation of efficacy of selected anesthetic agents on blood-spotted crab (Portunus sanguinolentus). Premarathna, Amal D.; Pathirana, Idunil; Rajapakse, R.P.V. Jayantha; Pathirana, Erandi Report Apr 1, 2016 3194
Effects of habitat utilization on the life histories of two imperiled, sympatric Dionda (Cyprinidae) in the Rio Grande Basin, Texas. Robertson, Sarah M.; Bonner, Timothy H.; Fries, Joe N. Apr 1, 2016 4643
Inclusion of dehydrated mixture made of salmon and tilapia carcass in spinach cakes/Bolo de espinafre com inclusao de mix desidratado de carcaca de salmao e tilapia: composicao quimica e sensorial. Goes, Elenice Souza dos Reis; de Souza, Maria Luiza Rodrigues; Kimura, Katia Setsuko; Coradini, Meli Apr 1, 2016 3752
Development of underwater recorders to quantify predation of juvenile Chinook salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in a river environment. Demetras, Nicholas J.; Huff, David D.; Michel, Cyril J.; Smith, Joseph M.; Cutter, George R.; Hayes, Report Apr 1, 2016 4219
Effect of population abundance and climate on the growth of 2 populations of chum salmon (Oncorhynchus keta) in the eastern North Pacific Ocean. Yasumiishi, Ellen M.; Criddle, Keith R.; Helle, John H.; Hillgruber, Nicola; Mueter, Franz J. Report Apr 1, 2016 13472
Detecting causation on zooplankton, atherinopsid, and barred splitfin time-series in a shallow tropical lake. Becerra-Munoz, Salvador; Catalan-Romero, Juan M.; Buelna-Osben, Hector R. Report Mar 1, 2016 3673
Modeling common trends of zooplankton, atherinopsid, and barred splitfin time series in a shallow tropical lake. Becerra-Munoz, Salvador; Buelna-Osben, Hector R.; Catalan-Romero, Juan M. Report Mar 1, 2016 2187
Feeding ecology of nonnative, inland Fundulus grandis in the Lower Pecos River. Vaughan, Cassie M.; Breaux, Jared H.; East, Jessica L.; Pease, Allison A. Report Mar 1, 2016 2435
Morphology of the Eyeball, Orbit and Retina of Atlantic Salmon (Salmo Salar) Alevins under Hypoxic Conditions/ Morfologia del Bulbo Ocular, Orbita y Retina de Alevines del Salmon del Atlantico (Salmo salar) bajo Condiciones Hipoxicas. Pellon, Mario; Rojas, Mariana; Saint-Pierre, Gustavo; Hartley, Ricardo; del Sol, Mariano Mar 1, 2016 5031
Effect of (+)-dehydrofukinone on GABA A receptors and stress response in fish model. Garlet, Q.I.; Pires, L.C.; Silva, D.T.; Spall, S.; Gressler, L.T.; Burger, M.E.; Baldisserotto, B.; Report Jan 1, 2016 7263
Impact of electrical stunning on fish behavior and meat quality of pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus)/Impacto do atordoamento eletrico no comportamento e na qualidade da carne do pacu (Piaractus mesopotamicus). Filho, Paulo Roberto Campagnoli de Oliveira; Girao, Pamela Jenny Montes; Lapa-Guimaraes, Judite; Nat Jan 1, 2016 6342
Age validation of the North Atlantic stock of wreckfish (Polyprion americanus), based on bomb radiocarbon ([sup.14]C), and new estimates of life history parameters. Lytton, Adam R.; Ballenger, Joseph C.; Reichert, Marcel J.M.; Smart, Tracey I. Report Jan 1, 2016 8107
Trophic ecology of Loricariichthys melanocheilus Reis & Pereira, 2000 (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) in Ibicui river, southern Brazil/Ecologia trofica de Loricariichthys melanocheilus Reis & Pereira, 2000 (Siluriformes: Loricariidae) no rio Ibicui, sul do Brasil. Zardo, Everton Luis; Behr, Everton Rodolfo Ensayo Jan 1, 2016 6330
Assessment of variation in age, growth, and prey of freshwater drum (Aplodinotus grunniens) in the lower Missouri River. Shields, Robert C.; Beckman, Daniel W. Report Dec 1, 2015 4454
Impact assessment of the introduction of Cichla kelberi in a large Neotropical reservoir and its lateral lagoons (Upper Parana River Basin, Brazil)/Avaliacao do impacto da introducao da Cichla kelberi em um reservatorio Neotropical de grande porte e suas lagoas laterais (Bacia do Alto Parana, Brasil). Ferrareze, M.; Nogueira, M.G. Nov 1, 2015 5540
Biometric sexual and ontogenetic dimorphism on the marine catfish Genidens genidens (Siluriformes, Ariidae) in a tropical estuary/Biometria sexual y dimorfismo ontogenetico en el bagre marino Genidens genidens (Siluriformes, Ariidae), en un estuario tropical. Paiva, Larissa G.; Prestrelo, Luana; Sant'Anna, Kiani M.; Marcelo, Vianna Nov 1, 2015 4692
First study on infestation of Excorallana berbicensis (Isopoda: Corallanidae) on six fishes in a reservoir in Brazilian Amazon during dry and rainy seasons/Primer estudio de la infestacion de Excorallana berbicensis (Isopoda: Corallanidae) en seis peces en un embalse del Amazonas brasileno durante las estaciones seca y lluviosa. Gentil-Vasconcelos, Huann Carllo; Tavares-Dias, Marcos Nov 1, 2015 4786
Reproductive broodstock performance and egg quality of wild-caught and first-generation domesticated Seriola rivoliana reared under same culture conditions/Desempeno reproductivo y calidad de huevos en reproductores de origen silvestre y omesticado-F1 de jurel Seriola rivoliana bajo las mismas condiciones de cultivo. Quinones-Arreola, Marcos F.; Arcos-Ortega, G. Fabiola; Gracia-Lopez, Vicente; Casillas-Hernandez, Ra Nov 1, 2015 5808
Effects of the probiotic Bacillus amyloliquefaciens on growth performance, hematology and intestinal morphometry in cage-reared Nile tilapia/Efectos del probiotico Bacillus amyloliquefaciens en el crecimiento, hematologia y morfometria intestinal en tilapias del Nilo criadas en balsa jaula. Silva, Thiago Fernandes A.; Petrillo, Thalita R.; Yunis-Aguinaga, Jefferson; Marcusso, Paulo Fernand Nov 1, 2015 6084
Rapid method for counting of blood leukocytes and its usefulness in health status assessment of rainbow trout (Oncorhynchus mykiss)/Metodo rapido para la cuantificacion de leucocitos sanguineos y su utilidad en la evaluacion del estado de salud en trucha arcoiris Oncorhynchus mykiss. Alzamora-Gonzales, Libertad; Amat-Herbozo, Carolina de; Colona-Vallejos, Erasmo; Cervantes-Aguilar, Nov 1, 2015 2485
Rwanda : RAB looks for methods to accelerate Fish Production. Oct 13, 2015 256
Genetic structure and dispersal capabilities of dolphinfish (Coryphaena hippurus) in the western central Atlantic. Merten, Wessley B.; Schizas, Nikolaos V.; Craig, Matthew T.; Appeldoorn, Richard S.; Hammond, Donald Report Oct 1, 2015 7361
Seminal characteristics of piabanha before and after induction with different hormones/Caracteristicas seminais de piabanha antes e apos a inducao com diferentes hormonios. Garcia, Raycon Roberto Freitas; Vasconcelos, Ana Carina Nogueira; Povh, Jayme Aparecido; de Abreu Ri Oct 1, 2015 3599
Genotype by sex interaction at different phases during Nile tilapia culture period/Interacao genotipo e sexo em diferentes fases do perfodo de cultivo de tilapias do Nilo. Yoshida, Grazyella Massako; de Oliveira, Carlos Antonio Lopes; Kunita, Natali Miwa; Rizzato, Gabriel Report Oct 1, 2015 5546
Species composition and gut content analysis of fishes in Mandulog River system, Iligan City. De Guzman, Camille E.; Tampus, Annielyn D.; Valdez, Sasha Anne L.; Tumang, Vanessa Mae C.; Moneva, C Report Aug 1, 2015 5101
Differences in the feeding of Rhamdia quelen (Siluriformes, Heptapteridae) in four distinct lotic systems/Diferencas na alimentacao de Rhamdia quelen em quatro diferentes ordens de sistemas loticos. Villares Junior, G.A.; Goitein, R. Aug 1, 2015 3580
Urbanization effects on the host/parasite relationship in fishes from tributary streams of Pirapo River, Parana State: assessment of potential environmental bioindicators/Efeitos da urbanizacao na relacao parasito/hospedeiro em peixes provenientes de riachos tributarios do rio Pirapo, Estado do Parana: avaliacao de potenciais bioindicadores ambientais. Moreira, Luis Henrique de Aquino; Takemoto, Ricardo Massato; Pavanelli, Gilberto Cezar Jul 1, 2015 5179
Correlating environmental and biogenic factors with abundance and distribution of Pacific ocean perch (Sebastes alutus) in the Aleutian Islands, Alaska. Laman, Edward A.; Kotwicki, Stan; Rooper, Christopher N. Report Jul 1, 2015 11352
Sensitivity of yield-per-recruit and spawning-biomass-per-recruit models to bias and imprecision in life history parameters: an example based on life history parameters of Japanese eel (Anguilla japonica). Lin, Yu-Jia; Sun, Chi-Lu; Chang, Yi-Jay; Tzeng, Wann-Nian Report Jul 1, 2015 7232
Seasonal migrations of morphometrically mature male snow crab (Chionoecetes opilio) in the eastern Bering Sea in relation to mating dynamics. Nichol, Daniel G.; Somerton, David A. Report Jul 1, 2015 8200
Reproduction performance of female nile tilapia under different environments and age classes/Performance reprodutiva de femeas de tilapias do nilo em diferentes ambientes e classes de idade. Yoshida, Grazyella Massako; de Oliveira, Carlos Antonio Lopes; Kunita, Natali Miwa; Rizzato, Gabriel Jul 1, 2015 4401
Channel catfish (Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque, 1818): current status and problematic situation in Mexico/El bagre de canal (Ictalurus punctatus Rafinesque, 1818): estado actual y problematica en Mexico. Lara-Rivera, Ana Laura; Parra-Bracamonte, Gaspar Manuel; Sifuentes-Rincon, Ana Maria; Gojon-Baez, He Jul 1, 2015 6529
INSPIRE Integrating spatial processes into ecosystem models for sustainable utilisation of fish resources. Jun 11, 2015 304
Morphological Study of the Retina of Salmon (Salmo salar)/ Estudio Morfologico de la Retina de Salmones (Salmo salar). Pellon, Mario; Rojas, Mariana; Yaikin, Pabla; del Sol, Mariano Report Jun 1, 2015 2567
Aplicacion de la Enzima Transglutaminasa en Salmon, Reineta y Pulpo. Valencia, Emir; Gonzalez, Sergio; Quevedo, Roberto; Leal, Marcia Jun 1, 2015 3565
Evaluacion de la efectividad del tratamiento con agua dulce para el control del piojo de mar Caligus rogercresseyi Boxshall & Bravo, 2000. Bravo, Sandra; Pozo, Veronica; Teresa Silva, Maria Ensayo May 1, 2015 4284
Oocyte quality of tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) during the reproductive season/Qualidade ovocitaria de tambaqui (Colossoma macropomum) ao longo da estacao reprodutiva. Galo, J.M.; Ribeiro, R.P.; Streit-Junior, D.P.; Albuquerque, D.M.; Fornari, D.C.; Roma, C.F.C.; Guer May 1, 2015 4121
Dexamethasone action on caudal fin regeneration of carp Cyprinus carpio (Linnaeus, 1758)/Estudo da acao da dexametasona na regeneracao da nadadeira caudal de Cyprinus carpio (carpa) (Linnaeus, 1758). Ochandio, B.S.; Bechara, I.J.; Parise-Maltempi, P.P. May 1, 2015 4651
Seasonal abundance, size, and host selection of western river (Lampetra ayresii) and Pacific (Entosphenus tridentatus) lampreys in the Columbia River estuary. Weitkamp, Laurie A.; Hinton, Susan A.; Bentley, Paul J. Report Apr 1, 2015 9053
Kaftas prepared with V-shaped filleting chips of the Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) exposed to smoking techniques/Kaftas elaboradas com aparas de corte em 'V' do file de tilapia do Nilo submetidos a tecnicas de defumacao. de Souza, Maria Luiza Rodrigues; Gasparino, Eliane; Del Vesco, Ana Paula; Justen, Alex Paulino; Viei Apr 1, 2015 3436
Big fish stories: analysis of historical newspaper data on size of lake sturgeon (Acipenser fulvescens) in the Lake Michigan basin. Cochran, Philip Report Mar 22, 2015 3917
Variabilidad genetica en poblaciones chilenas de trucha arcoiris, Oncorhynchus mykiss. Carcamo, Claudia B.; Diaz, Nelson F.; Winkler, Federico M. Mar 1, 2015 6790
An evaluation of snorkeling satisfaction at Pulau Payar Marine Park, Kedah, Malaysia. Salim, Nurbaidura; Mohamed, Badaruddin; Abdullah, Anisah Lee Report Feb 1, 2015 2677
Age, growth, and mortality of gray triggerfish (Batistes capriscus) from the southeastern United States. Burton, Michael L.; Potts, Jennifer C.; Carr, Daniel R.; Cooper, Michael; Lewis, Jessica Jan 1, 2015 7105
Perturbacion de habitat y estrategias de supervivencia del bagre Astroblepus mariae (Fowler, 1919). Buitrago-Suarez, Uriel A.; Mojica, Jose I.; Bonneau, Lisa K. Jan 1, 2015 4200
Flow simulation in the orifice and weir fishways (case study: diversion dam of Karkhe). Alipour, Rouholah; Nohani, Ebrahim Case study Dec 15, 2014 1831
Thiodan[R] insecticide on the follicular development of lambaris/ O inseticida Thiodan[R] sobre o desenvolvimento folicular de lambaris. Marcon, Lucas; Filho, Paulo Burlamaqui da Silva; Lopes, Diego Senra; Mounteer, Ann Honor; Benjamin, Dec 1, 2014 3974
CARACTERISTICAS HEMATOLOGICAS DE JUVENIS DE TAMBAQUI (Colossoma macropomum Cuvier, 1818) ALIMENTADOS COM RACOES CONTENDO FARINHA DE FOLHA DE LEUCENA (Leucaena leucocephala). Junior, Geraldo Pereira; Filho, Manoel Pereira; Brasil, Elenice Martins; de Sousa Barbosa, Paula Clinical report Dec 1, 2014 3804
Sperm quality of the Amazon catfish Leiarius marmoratus (Gill, 1870) after cold storage/Qualidade espermatica do Jundia Amazonico Leiarius marmoratus (Gill, 1870) apos o resfriamento. Galo, J.M.; Streit, D.P., Jr.; Povh, J.A.; Fornari, D.C.; Resende, E.K.; Oliveira, D.; Ribeiro, R.P. Nov 1, 2014 2843
Evidence for herbaceous seed dispersal by small-bodied fishes in a Pantanal seasonal wetland/Evidencia de dispersao de sementes de herbaceas por peixes de pequeno porte num campo inundavel do Pantanal. Silveira, R.M.L.; Weiss, B. Aug 1, 2014 5152
Characterization of the microbial community in a lotic environment to assess the effect of pollution on nitrifying and potentially pathogenic bacteria/Caracterizacao da comunidade microbiana em um ambiente lotico para acessar o efeito da poluicao em bacterias nitrificantes e potencialmente patogenicas. Medeiros, J.D.; Araujo, L.X.; da Silva, V.L.; Diniz, C.G.; Cesar, D.E.; Del'Duca, A.; Coelho, C.M. Aug 1, 2014 7746
Lapillus otoliths of the Cathorops spixii (Spix & Agassiz, 1829) and Genidens genidens (Cuvier, 1829) (Actinopterygii-Ariidae)/Otolito lapillus de Cathorops spixii (Spix & Agassiz, 1829) e Genidens genidens (Cuvier, 1829) (Actinopterygii-Ariidae). de Carvalho, Barbara Maichak; Correa, Marco Fabio Maia; Volpedo, Alejandra Jul 1, 2014 2961
Histopathological evaluation of seven Amazon species of freshwater ornamental armored catfish/Avaliacao histopatologica em sete especies de cascudos ornamentais amazonicos. Fujimoto, Rodrigo Yudi; Neves, Mikaelle de Souza; Santos, Ruda Fernandes Brandao; da Cruz, Claudinei Jul 1, 2014 2723
Seasonal and interannual changes of Indian oil sardine, Sardinella longiceps landings in the governorate of Muscat (the Sea of Oman). Piontkovski, Sergey A.; Oufi, Hamed S. Al-; Jufaili, Saud Al- Report Jun 22, 2014 6478
Balanced approach to watersheds best for all. Apr 30, 2014 813
The expression of leptin, estrogen receptors, and vitellogenin mRNAs in migrating female chum salmon, Oncorhynchus keta: the effects of hypo-osmotic environmental changes. Choi, Young Jae; Kim, Na Na; Shin, Hyun Suk; Choi, Cheol Young Report Apr 1, 2014 5076
Evaluation of a single nucleotide polymorphism baseline for genetic stock identification of Chinook Salmon (Oncorhynchus tshawytscha) in the California Current large marine ecosystem. Clemento, Anthony J.; Crandall, Eric D.; Garza, John Carlos; Anderson, Eric C. Apr 1, 2014 14225
Effect of demography on spatial distribution: movement patterns of the Albemarle Sound--Roanoke River stock of Striped Bass (Morone saxatilis) in relation to their recovery. Callihan, Jody L.; Godwin, Charlton H.; Buckel, Jeffrey A. Apr 1, 2014 7635
Agricultural exploitation impact on the quality of natural waters in the trout-breeding region of the Mantiqueira ecological corridor/Impacto da exploracao agropecuaria na qualidade de aguas naturais em regiao de truticultura no corredor ecologico da Mantiqueira. dos Santos, Gabriele Medeiros; Assad, Maria Leonor Ribeiro Casimiro Lopes; Hott, Marcos Cicarini; Ot Apr 1, 2014 3168
Saturday paper presentations. Conference notes Mar 22, 2014 7371
Effects of dietary supplementation of Barodon, an anionic alkali mineral complex, on growth performance, feed utilization, innate immunity, goblet cell and digestibility in olive flounder (paralichthys olivaceus). Shin, Chang-Hoon; Cha, Ji-Hoon; Rahimnejad, Samad; Jeong, Joon-Bum; Yoo, Byung-Woo; Lee, Bo-Kyeun; A Report Mar 1, 2014 5551
Environmental correlates of assemblages of fishes in the Tilostoc River of central Mexico. Rivas-Gonzalez, Juan Manuel; Rodriguez-Romero, Felipe de Jesus; Ruiz-Gomez, Maria de Lourdes; Vivero Report Mar 1, 2014 4265
Cytogenetics analyses among populations of the fish Iheringichtys labrosus (Kroyer, 1874) (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae). Karyotype analysis, C-banding and AgRONs distribution/ Analise citogenetica entre populacoes de peixes Iheringichtys labrosus (Kroyer, 1874) (Siluriformes, Pimelodidae). Analise cariotipica, bandamento C e distribuicao das AgRONs. Sanchez, S.; Swarca, A.C.; Fenocchio, A.S. Feb 1, 2014 3040
Crappie on the fly: try these fun and productive methods for shallow specks. Kinder, Larry Feb 1, 2014 712
Molecular detection of Diphyllobothrium nihonkaiense in humans, China. Chen, Shanhong; Ai, Lin; Zhang, Yongnian; Chen, Jiaxu; Zhang, Weizhe; Li, Yihong; Muto, Maki; Morish Author abstract Feb 1, 2014 2438
Evaluating the effectiveness of fish consumption advisories: modeling prenatal, postnatal, and childhood exposures to persistent organic pollutants. Binnington, Matthew J.; Quinn, Cristina L.; McLachlan, Michael S.; Wania, Frank Report Feb 1, 2014 8467
Co-occurrence of bycatch and target species in the groundfish demersal trawl fishery of the U.S. west coast; with special consideration of rebuilding stocks. Heery, Eliza; Cope, Jason M. Jan 1, 2014 8924
Ontogeny of body shape and diet in Freshwater Drum (Aplodinotus grunniens). Essner, Richard L., Jr.; Patel, Roma; Reilly, Stephen M. Report Jan 1, 2014 2653
Dynamics of infection of juvenile Chinook salmon with Ceratomyxa Shasta. Masami, Fujiwara Jan 1, 2014 5232
Semen quality of curimba (Prochilodus lineatus) cryopreserved with vitamins/Qualidade de semen de curimba (Prochilodus lineatus) criopreservados com vitaminas. Navarro, Rodrigo Diana; Navarro, Fernanda Keley Silva Pereira; Felizardo, Viviane de Oliveira; Murga Jan 1, 2014 3739
Occurrence of Cladocera and the genetic diversity of Daphnia cucullata in the pelagic zone of Latvian salmonid lakes. Brakovska, Aija; Paidere, Jana; Skute, Renate; Skute, Natalja; Skute, Arturs Report Dec 1, 2013 8304
Lack of dietary sources of iodine and the prevalence of iodine deficiency in rural women from sidama zone, southern Ethiopia. Gebreegziabher, Tafere; Teyike, Nega; Mulugeta, Afework; Abebe, Yewelsew; Hambidge, K.M.; Stoecker, Report Dec 1, 2013 3928
Using measurements of muscle cell nuclear RNA with flow cytometry to improve assessment of larval condition of Walleye Pollock (Gadus chalcogrammus). Porter, Steven M.; Bailey, Kevin M. Oct 1, 2013 9353
Allozyme analysis of the four species of Hypostomus (Teleostei: Loricariidae) from the Ivai river, upper Parana river basin, Brazil/Analise aloenzimatica de quatro especies de Hypostomus (Teleostei: Loricariidae) do rio Ivai, bacia do alto rio Parana, Brasil. de Paiva, Suzana; Zawadzki, Claudio Henrique; Ruvulo-Takasusuki, Maria Claudia Colla; Lapenta, Ana S Oct 1, 2013 4566
Direct and indirect effects of measures and reasons morphometric on the body yield of Nile tilapia, Oreochromis niloticus/Efeitos diretos e indiretos de medidas morfometricas e razoes sobre o rendimento do corpo de tilapia do Nilo, Oreochromis niloticus. Melo, Carlos Cicinato Vieira; Neto, Rafael Vilhena Reis; Costa, Adriano Carvalho; de Freitas, Rilke Oct 1, 2013 5199
Current perspectives on the use of alternative species in human health and ecological hazard assessments. Perkins, Edward J.; Ankley, Gerald T.; Crofton, Kevin M.; Garcia-Reyero, Natalia; LaLone, Carlie A.; Report Sep 1, 2013 10930
Maturation, age, and growth estimation of the jumbo squid Dosidicus gigas (Cephalopoda: Ommastrephidae) in the central region of the gulf of California. Velazquez, Casimiro Quinonez; Herrera, Agustin Hernandez; Velazquez-Abunader, Ivan; Valencia, Nicola Report Aug 1, 2013 6835
Effects of isolation and environmental variables on fish community structure in the Brazilian Amazon Madeira-Purus interfluve/Efeito do isolamento e das variaveis ambientais na estrutura de comunidades de peixes do interfluvio Madeira-Purus na Amazonia brasileira. Barros, D.F.; Albernaz, A.L.M.; Zuanon, J.; Espirito Santo, H.M.V.; Mendonca, F.P.; Galuch, A.V. Report Aug 1, 2013 6067
Necks arose in primitive fish: fossilized muscle shows animal could nod its head. Wayman, Erin Jul 13, 2013 374
Mortality and movement of Yellowtail Flounder (Limanda ferruginea) tagged off New England. Wood, Anthony D.; Cadrin, Steven X. Jul 1, 2013 5107
Biochemical and cellularchanges in Oreochromis niloticus related to the water pollution of a degraded river/Alteracoes bioquimicas e celulares em Oreochromis niloticus relacionadas com a poluicao da agua de um rio degradado. Cruz, Zilma Maria Almeida; de Castro, Rodrigo Roque Lesqueves; das Virgens, Adriana Canal; Rocha, Ro Jul 1, 2013 5426
Growth curves of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) strains cultivated at different temperatures/Curvas de crescimento de linhagens de tilapias do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus) cultivadas em diferentes temperaturas. dos Santos, Vander Bruno; Mareco, Edson Assuncao; Silva, Maeli Dal Pai Jul 1, 2013 5067
Evidence of striped bass spawning in the Chattahoochee River above West Point and Walter F. George reservoirs, Georgia. Davin, Bill; Stiles, Warren; Popple, Reid Jun 22, 2013 4672
Effects of exotic fishes on the somatic condition of the endangered killifish Fundulus lima (teleostei: fundulidae) in oases of Baja California Sur, Mexico. Andreu-Soler, Asuncion; Ruiz-Campos, Gorgonio Report Jun 1, 2013 8666
Productive performance of Brycon orthotaenia in cages in different stocking densities/Desempenho produtivo de Brycon orthotaenia em tanques-rede sob diferentes densidades de estocagem. de Mattos, Bruno Olivetti; Costa, Adriano Carvalho; Leal, Renato Silva; de Freitas, Rilke Tadeu Fons Jun 1, 2013 3668
Addition of Jundia waste meal in diet: plasmatic biochemistry, hepatic and digestive parameters/Incorporacao de farinhas de residuos de Jundia na dieta: bioquimica plasmatica, parametros hepaticos e digestivos. Rossato, Suzete; Pretto, Alexandra; de Freitas, Isadora Liberalesso; Battisti, Eduardo Kelm; Lazzari Jun 1, 2013 5256
Influence of environmental quality on the diet of Astyanax in a microbasin of central western Brazil/Influencia da qualidade ambiental na dieta de Astyanax em uma microbacia do Centro-Oeste do Brasil. de Souza, Rosangela Guarisso; Lima-Junior, Sidnei Eduardo Apr 1, 2013 3659
A time series analysis of Prochilodus nigricans landings caught by small-scale fisheries in the lower stretch of the Amazon River/Uma analise em series temporais das capturas de Prochilodus nigricans pela frota artesanal no trecho inferior do Rio Amazonas. Santana, I.F.; Freitas, C.E.C. Feb 1, 2013 3476
Do rainbow trout and their hybrids outcompete cutthroat trout in a lentic ecosystem? Courtney, Joshua M; Courtney, Amy C; Courtney, Michael W Author abstract Jan 1, 2013 2893
Semen of beluga, huso huso: ionic content and osmolality of seminal plasma and their physiological correlation with sperm motility indices. Aramli, Mohammad Sadegh; Nazari, Rajab Mohammad; Kalbassi, Mohammad Reza; Aramli, Salim Author abstract Jan 1, 2013 3904
Fish larvae response to biophysical changes in the Gulf of California, Mexico (winter-summer). Avendano-Ibarra, Raymundo; Godinez-Dominguez, Enrique; Aceves-Medina, Gerardo; Gonzalez-Rodriguez, E Report Jan 1, 2013 10688
Influence of the cholinergic system on the immune response of teleost fishes: potential model in biomedical research. Toledo-Ibarra, G.A.; Rojas-Mayorquin, A.E.; Giron-Perez, M.I. Jan 1, 2013 6398
Internal markers as alternative to chromium-III oxide to determine apparent digestibility in Nile tilapia/Marcadores internos como alternativa ao oxido de cromio-III na determinacao da digestibilidade aparente em tilapia do Nilo/Marcadores internos como alternativa al oxido de cromo-III en la determinacion de la digestibilidad aparente en tilapia del Nilo. Botelho, Renan de Mattos; da Silva, Rafael Lopes; Rocha, Mariucha Karina Honorio Ribeiro; de Carvalh Dec 1, 2012 3721
Domestic sludge and fish pond effluents in the municipality of Pentecoste, Ceara State, Brazil/Efluentes domesticos e de piscicultura da cidade de Pentecoste, Estado do Ceara, Brasil. Alves, Manoel; Fontenele, Rafahel Marques Macedo; Cavalcante, Davi de Holanda; Segundo, Jose Nacelio Oct 1, 2012 5023
Morpho-toxicology of chlorpyrifos to prolactin cells of a freshwater catfish, Heteropneustes fossilis/Morfotoxicologia de clorpirifos para as celulas de prolactina de bagre de agua doce Heteropneustes fossilis. Srivastav, Ajai Kumar; Srivastava, Sanjay Kumar; Tripathi, Sarojni; Mishra, Diwakar; Srivastav, Suni Oct 1, 2012 3883
Status and structure of two populations of the bluehead sucker (Catostomus discobolus) in the Weber River, Utah. Webber, P. Aaron; Thompson, Paul D.; Budy, Phaedra Report Sep 1, 2012 7407
Ontogenetic diet shifts of Oreochromis niloticus and Tilapia rendalli of the Barra Bonita reservoir (Tiete river, Sao Paulo State, Brazil)/Mudancas ontogeneticas na dieta de Oreochromis niloticus and Tilapia rendalli da represa de Barra Bonita (rio Tiete, Estado de Sao Paulo, Brasil). Zaganini, Rosangela Lopes; Vidotto-Magnoni, Ana Paula; Carvalho, Edmir Daniel Jul 1, 2012 5249
Mesquite bean and cassava leaf in diets for Nile tilapia in growth/Farelos da vagem da algaroba e da folha da mandioca em racoes para tilapia do Nilo em crescimento. Sena, Monaliza Freitas; de Azevedo, Rafael Vieira; Ramos, Ana Paula de Souza; Carvalho, Joao Sergio Jul 1, 2012 4960
Effect of sulfated polysaccharides from the Rodophyta Kappaphycus alvarezii in post larva of Nile tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus) submitted to a stress situation/Efeito dos polissacarideos sulfatados da rodoficea Kappaphycus alvarezii em pos-larvas de tilapia do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus) submetidas a situacoes de estresse. Saboya, Jefferson Pablo de Sousa; Araujo, Glacio Souza; da Silva, Jose William Alves; de Sousa, Jose Jul 1, 2012 5071
Probiotic in feeding of juvenile matrinxa (Brycon amazonicus): economic viability/Probiotico na alimentacao de juvenis de matrinxa, Brycon amazonicus: viabilidade economica. Dias, Danielle de Carla; Furlaneto, Fernanda de Paiva Badiz; Ayroza, Luiz Marques da Silva; Tachiban Jul 1, 2012 3105
Grizzly Bear Recovery, whitebark pine, and adequate regulatory mechanisms under the Endangered Species Act. Erickson, Andrew B. Jun 22, 2012 15978
Conservacao do semen da carpa comum, Cyprinus carpio, variedade ornamental, por resfriamento. Padua, Nilsa Hoffmann; Shimoda, Eduardo; Barbosa, Paula de Sousa; Pereira, Geraldo, Jr. Author abstract Jun 1, 2012 3568
Alimentary restriction in the productive revenve of Oreochromis niloticus/Restricao alimentar no desempenho produtivo da tilapia (Oreochromis niloticus). Arauco, Luis Ricardo Romero; Costa, Vyvian Bezerra Jun 1, 2012 3382
Ray-finned fish can regrow limbs: vertebrate ancestors may have had similar capability. Milius, Susan Brief article Apr 7, 2012 258
An investigation of modifying effects of metallothionein single-nucleotide polymorphisms on the association between mercury exposure and biomarker levels. Wang, Yi; Goodrich, Jaclyn M.; Gillespie, Brenda; Werner, Robert; Basu, Niladri; Franzblau, Alfred Report Apr 1, 2012 6209
A note on the von Bertalanffy growth function concerning the allocation of surplus energy to reproduction. Ohnishi, Shuhei; Yamakawa, Takashi; Okamura, Hiroshi; Akamine, Tatsuro Report Apr 1, 2012 3573
Estimation of discard mortality of sablefish (Anoplopoma fimbria) in Alaska longline fisheries. Stachura, Megan M.; Lunsford, Chris R.; Rodgveller, Cara J.; Heifetz, Jonathan Report Apr 1, 2012 5623
Genetic variability of wild and captivity populations of Colossoma macropomum (Cuvier, 1818)/Variabilidade genetica de populacoes selvagens e de cativeiro de Colossoma macropomum (Cuvier, 1818). dos Santos, Carlos Henrique dos Anjos; Leitao, Marco Aurelio de Brito; de Sousa, Carolina Fernandes Apr 1, 2012 4327
The effects of stocking density, prey concentration and feeding on Rhinelepis aspera (Spix & Agassiz, 1829) (Pisces: Loricariidae) larviculture/Efeitos da densidade de estocagem, concentracao de presas e alimentacao na larvicultura de Rhinelepis aspera (Spix & Agassiz, 1829) (Pisces: Loricariidae). dos Santos, Jose Claudio Epaminondas; Pedreira, Marcelo Mattos; Luz, Ronald Kennedy Apr 1, 2012 4660
Shelf life of refrigerated tilapia fillets (Oreochromis niloticus) packed in modified atmosphere and irradiated/Validade comercial de files de Tilapia do Nilo (Oreochromis niloticus) resfriados embalados em atmosfera modificada e irradiados. Monteiro, Maria Lucia Guerra; Marsico, Eliane Teixeira; Teixeira, Claudia Emilia; Mano, Sergio Borge Report Apr 1, 2012 4486
Nutritional evaluation of distillery sludge and its effect as a substitute of canola meal on performance of broiler chickens. Sharif, M.; Shahzad, M.A.; Rehman, S.; Khan, S.; Ali, R.; Khan, M.L.; Khan, K. Report Mar 1, 2012 7141
Possible evaluation of tourism development in Nir township. Azizzadeh, Raveyeh Report Feb 1, 2012 2489
Sustainable fishing vital to our health; Health Wales is highlighting the work of Welsh Crucible researchers - the cream of Welsh research talent. Dr Jan Geert Hiddink explains why he's studying the effects of fishing on Welsh marine life. Jan 9, 2012 501
Population dynamics and management of goldlined seabream rhabdosargus sarba (sparidae) from the Oman coast of arabian sea. Mehanna, Sf; Al-Kiyumi, Fr; Al-Kharusi, L. Report Jan 1, 2012 3440
Reproductive biology of the indian oil sardine sardinella longiceps from al-seeb waters off oman. Al-Jufaili, Sm Report Jan 1, 2012 2874
The evolvement of Tagal on ecotourism and environmental conservation: a case study in Kampong Luanti Baru, Sabah. Er, A.C.; Selvadurai, S.; Lyndon, N.; Chong, Sheau Tsuey; Adam, J.H.; Fuad, M.J. Mohd; Habibah, A.; Jan 1, 2012 2169
Long term trends and outlook for mountain sucker in the Black Hills of South Dakota. Schultz, Luke D.; Bertrand, Katie N. Jan 1, 2012 7166
Spatial and temporal distribution of grouper larvae (Serranidae: Epinephelinae: Epinephelini) in the Gulf of Mexico and straits of Florida. Marancik, Katrin E.; Richardson, David E.; Lyczkowski-Shultz, Joanne; Cowen, Robert K.; Konieczna, M Jan 1, 2012 11880
Effect of environmental conditions on the distribution of Pacific mackerel (Scomber japonicus) larvae in the California Current system. Weber, Edward D.; McClatchie, Sam Jan 1, 2012 7240
Otolith morphometrics and population structure of pacific sardine (Sardinops sagax) along the west coast of North America. Javor, Barbara; Lo, Nancy; Vetter, Russ Report Oct 1, 2011 8740
Genetic and morphological differences between Sebastes vulpes and S. zonatus (Teleostei: Scorpaeniformes: Scorpaenidae). Muto, Nozomu; Kai, Yoshiaki; Nakabo, Tetsuji Report Oct 1, 2011 7835
Habitat heterogeneity and prey selection of Aplocheilus panchax: an indigenous larvivorous fish. Manna, Barnali; Aditya, Gautam; Banerjee, Samir Report Sep 1, 2011 3884
Unusual dominance by Desert pupfish (Cyprinodon macularius) in experimental ponds within the Salton Sea Basin. Saiki, Michael K.; Martin, Barbara A.; Anderson, Thomas W. Report Sep 1, 2011 5520
Diversidad genetica de dos poblaciones del caracol Strombus gigas (Gastropoda: Strombidae) en Yucatan, Mexico, con microsatelite. Zamora-Bustillos, Roberto; Rodriguez-Canul, Rossanna; Garcia de Leon, Francisco J.; Tello Cetina, Jo Report Sep 1, 2011 4661
Influence of Diadema antillarum populations (Echinodermata: Diadematidae) on algal community structure in Jardines de la Reina, Cuba. Martin Blanco, Felix; Clero Alonso, Lidice; Gonzalez Sanson, Gaspar; Pina Amargos, Fabian Report Sep 1, 2011 7987
Sound strategies for catfish: things that rattle, buzz & thump. Schmidt, Cory Aug 1, 2011 2070
Comparison of life history parameters for landed and discarded fish captured off the southeastern United States. Stephen, Jessica A.; Harris, Patrick J.; Reichert, Marcel J.M. Jul 1, 2011 8611
Dietary and socio-economic correlates of nutritional status in a rural adult Kenyan population. Jayne, J.; Scrimgeour, A.G.; Polhemus, M.E.; Otieno, L.; Bovill, M.E. Report Jul 1, 2011 5654
Performance of nile tilapia fed with spray-dried or vat-dries bovine blood meal/Desempenho da tilapia-do-Nilo arracoada com dietas contendo farinha de sangue bovino atomizado ou convencional. Narvaez-Solarte, Willian Vicente; Pezzato, Antonio Celso; Pezzato, Luiz Edivaldo; Barros, Margarida Jul 1, 2011 4854
Dietary salt and water pH effects on growth and [Na.sup.+] fluxes of silver catfish juveniles/Efeito do sal na dieta e do pH da agua no crescimento de juvenis de jundia. Copatti, Carlos Eduardo; Garcia, Luciano de Oliveira; Kochhann, Daiani; Cunha, Mauro Alves; Baldisse Jul 1, 2011 3813
Evaluation of a pound net leader designed to reduce sea turtle bycatch. Silva, Ryan D.; Dealteris, Joseph T.; Milliken, Henry O. Jun 22, 2011 6495
Ictiofauna de los humedales del rio San Pedro, Balancan, Tabasco, Mexico. Castillo-Dominguez, Alfonso; Barba Macias, Everardo; de Jesus Navarrete, Alberto; Rodiles-Hernandez, Report Jun 1, 2011 8942
Bacterial infection of mudfish Clarias gariepinus (Siluriformes: Clariidae) fingerlings in tropical nursery ponds. Ikpi, Gabriel; Offem, Benedict Report Jun 1, 2011 4247
Edad y crecimiento del hibrido de tilapia Oreochromis niloticus x Oreochromis aureus (Perciformes: Cichlidae) en la represa "Zimapan" Hidalgo, Mexico. Gomez-Ponce, M.A.; Granados-Flores, K.; Padilla, C.; Lopez-Hernandez, M.; Nunez-Nogueira, G. Report Jun 1, 2011 4413
Monitoreo de la ictiofauna usando grupos taxonomicos superiores en el Parque Nacional Cabo Pulmo, Mexico. Saldivar-Lucio, Romeo; Reyes-Bonilla, Hector Report Jun 1, 2011 8097
Diversidad genetica en seis poblaciones de tilapia roja, usando microsatelites como marcadores geneticos. Brinez R., Boris; Caraballo O., Xenia; Salazar V., Marcela Report May 1, 2011 3258
Efficiency of bioaugmentation in the removal of organic matter in aquaculture systems/Eficiencia da bioadicao na remocao de materia organica em sistemas aquaculturais. Lopes, R.B.; Olinda, R.A.; Souza, B.A.I.; Cyrino, J.E.P.; Dias, C.T.S.; Queiroz, J.F.; Tavares, L.H. May 1, 2011 5591
Toxic effects of phytosanitary surfactants for jewel tetra (Hyphessobrycon eques)/Efeitos toxicos de surfactantes fitossanitarios para o peixe mato grosso (Hyphessobrycon eques). Carraschi, Silvia Patricia; Cubo, Patricia; Schiavetti, Barbara Lopes; Shiogiri, Natalia Sayuri; Pit Apr 1, 2011 3418
A meta-analytic approach to quantifying scientific uncertainty in stock assessments. Ralston, Stephen; Punt, Andre E.; Hamel, Owen S.; DeVore, John D.; Conser, Ramon J. Apr 1, 2011 8254
Descriptions of the U.S. Gulf of Mexico reef fish bottom longline and vertical line fisheries based on observer data. Scott-Denton, Elizabeth; Cryer, Pat F.; Gocke, Judith P.; Harrelson, Mike R.; Kinsella, Donna L.; Pu Mar 22, 2011 14214
Line color considerations. Neumann, Rob Mar 1, 2011 412
Quality and digestibility of food ingested by various trophic fish groups in the Upper Parana River floodplain. Esper Amaro de Faria, Anna Christina; Benedito, Evanilde Report Mar 1, 2011 9653
Variabilidad genetica de Brycon henni (Characiformes: Characidae) en la cuenca media de los rios Nare y Guatape, sistema Rio Magdalena, Colombia. Hurtado-Alarcon, Julio Cesar; Mancera-Rodriguez, Nestor J.; Saldamando- Benjumea, Clara I. Report Mar 1, 2011 8135
Inshore tournaments handle snook with a soft touch: the various methods of catch confirmation for release fish. Fitzgerald, Brett Feb 1, 2011 1239
Measurements of resistance and reactance in fish with the use of bioelectrical impedance analysis: sources of error. Cox, M. Keith; Heintz, Ron; Hartman, Kyle Report Jan 1, 2011 9672
Larval abundance of summer flounder (Paralichthys dentatus) as a measure of recruitment and stock status. Able, Kenneth W.; Sullivan, Mark C.; Hare, Jonathan A.; Bath-Martin, Gretchen; Taylor, J. Christophe Report Jan 1, 2011 6589
Integrating methods for determining length-at-age to improve growth estimates for two large scombrids. Ballagh, Aaron C.; Welch, David; Williams, Ashley J.; Mapleston, Amos; Tobin, Andrew; Marton, Nichol Report Jan 1, 2011 7779
Age validation, growth, mortality, and demographic modeling of spotted gully shark (Triakis megalopterus) from the southeast coast of South Africa. Booth, Anthony J.; Foulis, Alan J.; Smale, Malcolm J. Report Jan 1, 2011 7892
Algunos aspectos de la dinamica poblacional del jurel Caranx hippos (pisces: carangidae) en Bocas de Ceniza, Caribe colombiano. Itala H., Caiafa; Juan B., Narvaez; Silvana F., Borrero Report Jan 1, 2011 5925
Mesohabitat indicator species in a coastal stream of the Atlantic rainforest, Rio de Janeiro-Brazil. Ferreira Rezende, Carla; Moraes, Maira; Resende Manna, Luisa; Pereira Leitao, Rafael; Pelegrinni Car Report Dec 1, 2010 3834
Coeficientes de utilizacion digestiva aparente de materia seca, proteina y aminoacidos esenciales de ingredientes terrestres para el camaron del Pacifico Litopenaeus vannamei (Decapoda: Penaeidae). Terrazas, Martin; Civera, Roberto; Ibarra, Lilia; Goytortua, Ernesto Report Dec 1, 2010 11170
Growth, mortality and reproduction of the blue tilapia Oreochromis aureus (Perciformes: Cichlidae) in the Aguamilpa Reservoir, Mexico. Pena Messina, Emilio; Tapia Varela, Raul; Velazquez Abunader, Jose Ivan; Orbe Mendoza, Alma Araceli; Dec 1, 2010 4482
Evaluation of methods used to estimate size of a population of desert bighorn sheep (Ovis canadensis mexicana) in New Mexico. Perry, Travis W.; Newman, Thomas; Thibault, Katherine M. Report Dec 1, 2010 4787
Growth and mortality of Cichla spp. (Perciformes, Cichlidae) introduced in Volta Grande Reservoir (Grande River) and in a small artificial lake in Southeastern Brazil/Crescimento e mortalidade de Cichla spp. (Perciformes, Cichlidae) introduzido no reservatorio de Volta Grande (Rio Grande) e em um pequeno lago artificial no Sudeste do Brasil. Gomiero, L.M.; Carmassi, A.L.; Rondineli, G.R.; Villares Junior, G.A.; Braga, F.M.S. Nov 1, 2010 5815
Barbus sensitivus, a new species with extensive pitlines from the Sanaga River (Teleostei: Cyprinidae). Roberts, Tyson R. Report Oct 15, 2010 4377
Propulsion experimental research on the structure of Swordfish's lunate caudal fin. Liu, Qing-ping; Ren, Lu-quan; Chen, Kun; Liao, Geng-hua; Yang, Ying; Li, Jian-qiao; Han, Zhi-wu Report Oct 14, 2010 2411
Forty years of winter: cetaceans observed during the southbound migration of gray whales, Eschrichtius robustus, near Granite Canyon, central California. Shelden, Kim E.W.; Rugh, David J. Sep 22, 2010 10586
Soft flesh in sablefish, Anoplopoma fimbria, of southeastern Alaska: relationships with depth, season, and biochemistry. Karinen, John F.; Barnett, Harold J.; Masuda, Michele Sep 22, 2010 7263
Laboratory evaluation of the biocontrol potential of Aphyosemion gularis against Anopheles larvae. Okorie, Anyaele; Abiodun, Obembe Report Sep 1, 2010 2461
Reproduction of the fish Lutjanus analis (mutton snapper; Perciformes: Lutjanidae) from Northeastern Brazil. Teixeira, Simone F.; Duarte, Yalan F.; Ferreira, Beatrice P. Report Sep 1, 2010 3574

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