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r minus g. Barro, Robert J. Oct 1, 2020 8540
ARE MARKETS ADAPTIVE? EVIDENCE OF PREDICTABILITY AND MARKET EFFICIENCY OF LODGING/RESORT REITS. Almudhaf, Fahad; Aroul, Ramya Rajajagadeesan; Hansz, J. Andrew Report Mar 1, 2020 7103
Investment Strategies and Returns of University Endowment Funds. Liaw, K. Thomas Jan 1, 2020 3992
Public safety pension investment returns are missing targets - by nearly $1 bill. Nov 10, 2019 891
Independent Study Highlights Productivity Gains from GTT SD-WAN. Jul 1, 2019 243
The Return on Sustainability Investment (ROSI): Monetizing Financial Benefits of Sustainability Actions in Companies. Atz, Ulrich; Van Holt, Tracy; Douglas, Elyse; Whelan, Tensie Jun 1, 2019 14524
3 Steps in Maximizing ROI on Learning. May 15, 2019 1597
Monroe County's home-flipping hot spots for 2018 identified. Oklobzija, Kevin Mar 1, 2019 417
WHO QUITS NEXT? FIRM GROWTH IN GROWING ECONOMIES. Caunedo, Julieta; Yurdagul, Emircan Report Jan 1, 2019 10829
Academic Libraries and the Academy: Strategies and Approaches to Demonstrate Your Value, Impact, and Return on Investment; 2 volume set. Book review Nov 1, 2018 246
How Well-Designed Monetary Metrics Can Motivate. Oct 8, 2018 673
In the money: From slotting to shipping, dimensioning equipment delivers a rapid ROI as it provides data that expedites inventory movement at several nodes across the supply chain. Oct 1, 2018 1441
SOFAZ to continue pursuing strategy to increase long-term return on equity. May 25, 2018 422
Women tend to be better investors, but face challenges. May 10, 2018 913
The Case Against Passive Shareholder Voting. Lund, Dorothy S. Mar 22, 2018 26063
Risk attitude, perceived returns and investment choice in New Zealand. Kemp, Simon; Chan, May; Chen, Zhe; Helton, William S. Report Mar 1, 2018 5982
SXU ranks No. 4 among Illinois colleges with best ROI for underserved students. Jan 19, 2018 309
Cost-Benefit Analysis for the Concentrated Solar Power in China. Yang, Shuxia; Zhu, Xianguo; Guo, Weishang Jan 1, 2018 9031
Measures of a Firm's Financial Performance and Long-term Shareholder Value. Stanley, Darrol J.; Wasilewski, Nikola Jan 1, 2018 3559
A New Approach to Studying Net Present Value and the Internal Rate of Return of Engineering Projects under Uncertainty with Three-Dimensional Graphs. Maravas, Alexander; Pantouvakis, John-Paris Jan 1, 2018 5978
Making It (Very) Real: Advances in virtual prototyping software stress ultra-realistic design renderings, shorter development cycles and rapid returns on investment. Toensmeier, Pat Oct 1, 2017 1705
Measuring the Social Impact of Infrastructure Projects: the Case of Gdansk International Fair Co. Zamojska, Anna; Prochniak, Joanna Abstract Oct 1, 2017 5786
Cross-section of expected returns and extreme returns: The role of investor attention and risk preferences. Hur, Jungshik; Singh, Vivek Report Jun 22, 2017 12465
Linking investment management fees with performance. Miller, Girard Jun 1, 2017 2460
Ebook ROI: a longitudinal study of patron-driven acquisition models: analysis of triggers, pre-purchase activity, and other relative data helps to detect patterns to assist in predicting cost and ROI. Zhang, Yin; Downey, Kay Jun 1, 2017 3433
A framework for determining the return on investment of simulation-based training in health care. Bukhari, Hatim; Andreatta, Pamela; Goldiez, Brian; Rabelo, Luis Abstract Jan 1, 2017 4947
Implications of pricing for EAP integration and ROI. Attridge, Mark Report Jan 1, 2017 1641
Antiherding in Financial Decision Increases Valuation of Return on Investment: An Event-Related Potential Study. Wang, Cuicui; Jin, Jia; Vieito, Joao Paulo; Ma, Qingguo Report Jan 1, 2017 6247
Monte Carlo Simulation in Valuation of Investment Projects. Maric, Branislav; Grozdic, Vanja Report Jan 1, 2017 3559
Dynamic capabilities and network benefits. Svare, Helge; Gausdal, Anne Haugen Report Jan 1, 2017 11660
Trust Builders Enhances TRAK Gap Analysis with New Feature. Nov 5, 2016 664
Managerial compensation and firm performance: is there any relationship? Dittrich, Ludwig O.; Srbek, Pavel Report Nov 1, 2016 834
Profitability of the food industry in Poland--an ordered logit model approach. Golas, Zbigniew; Kurzawa, Izabela Oct 1, 2016 10160
Price Regulation and the Incentives to Pursue Energy Efficiency by Minimizing Network Losses. Dutra, Joisa; Menezes, Flavio M.; Zheng, Xuemei Oct 1, 2016 7337
ROI of a soldering robot: when it comes to soldering, can a four-axis robot beat an experienced operator? Goldberg, Gary Sep 1, 2016 1072
Investor sentiment and timberland investment returns. Yao, Wenjing; Cheng, Baodong; Mei, Bin Jul 1, 2016 7272
(Keep score: Using internal rate of return to score investments: "and the winner is...". Storey, Eric B. Jul 1, 2016 1209
Impact of firm characteristics and monetary policy environment on firms' profitability ratios and price multiples : Evidence from U.S. industrial firms. Banerjee, Gaurango; Kaya, Halil D. Report Jul 1, 2016 5010
On the separability of real and financial decisions. de Egana, Alfonso Herrero; Bravo, Carmen Soria; Cabanes, Alberto Munoz Report May 1, 2016 5572
The value of the economic cost of risk. Yoder, Claude Jan 1, 2016 1071
Not just a buzzword: engaging your patients has many benefits, including ROI. Maloof, Molly Jan 1, 2016 1422
Monte Carlo simulation in valuation of investment projects. Maric, Branislav; Grozdic, Vanja Report Jan 1, 2016 3519
The Payback Puzzle. Pearson, Andy Column Dec 1, 2015 514
The failure of timing: planning works because there is so much out of our control. Sedoric, Tom Column Oct 16, 2015 785
Finance and capital in the 21st century. Jones, Robert C. Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 6459
Maximizing ROI with operator training: how to identify and implement practical cost improvements at your operation. Connolly, Chris Aug 1, 2015 1506
Dependency of return on equity and use of finance sources in building companies in V4 countries. Ruckova, Petra Statistical data Jul 1, 2015 6102
Yes, CAPM is dead. Lai, Tsong-Yue; Stohs, Mark Hoven Mar 22, 2015 7115
The art market in the European Union. Lucinska, Anna Report Mar 1, 2015 6529
Denver ROI analysis concludes historical success of TIFs. Sheehan, Richard Feb 1, 2015 2346
The patents and financial performance of firms--evidence from Polish manufacturing companies. Predkiewicz, Katarzyna; Predkiewicz, Pawel Abstract Oct 1, 2014 9286
Economic performance of dairy cows fed diets with different levels of oregano/Avaliacao economica de vacas leiteiras submetidas a dieta com diferentes niveis de oregano. de Oliveira, Julinessa Silva Oliveira; da Silva, Fabiano Ferreira; Costa, Lucas Teixeira; da Silva, Oct 1, 2014 4617
Determinants of profitability of Islamic banking industry: An evidence from Pakistan. Shah, Muhammad Mahmood Khan; Ijaz, Farrukh; Aslam, Ejaz Abstract Oct 1, 2014 7522
Impact of market concentration on the profitability of Lithuanian banking sector/Rinkos koncentracijos itaka Lietuvosbanku sektoriaus pelningumui. Rinkeviciute, Vaida; Martinkute-kauliene, Raimonda Report Sep 1, 2014 4715
Higher-order moments and investor sentiment (Alles' model revisited). Frugier, Alain Abstract Jun 22, 2014 5038
Surveys: mobile and cloud are paying off. May 1, 2014 518
Improving flow for Greater ROI. Leist, Ryan Mar 1, 2014 532
Return on investment from training programs and intensive services. Fleissig, Adrian R. Mar 1, 2014 4844
Power nodes. Leist, Ryan Feb 1, 2014 514
Staying Demand Driven: how to sustain the Demand Driven operating model using smart metrics. Smith, Debra; Smith, Chad Dec 1, 2013 4448
A savings plan with targeted contributions. Owadally, Iqbal; Haberman, Steven; Hernandez, Denise Gomez Dec 1, 2013 12086
Becoming Demand Driven: how to change from push and promote to position and pull. Smith, Debra; Smith, Chad Nov 1, 2013 4159
What's wrong with supply chain metrics? Unless they change, they will remain a roadblock to operational success. Smith, Debra; Smith, Chad Oct 1, 2013 3888
Kluai Homthong Banlad: (banana production in Banlad) production cost and economic rent. Nujnetra, Adhisiddhi; Boonarong, Lakana Report Sep 1, 2013 2421
Give your EMR eyes and ears: how an RTLS-enabled EMR supports care. Deady, Jay Aug 1, 2013 772
The reasons to consider a real return. Sedoric, Tom Column Jun 28, 2013 696
Analysis and Improvement on the Estimation of Building Energy Savings Uncertainty. Sun, Yifu; Baltazar, Juan-Carlos Jun 22, 2013 3346
Investment decision making using a combined factor analysis and entropy-based TOPSIS model. Hsu, Li-Chang Jun 1, 2013 8830
Moving forward with IRR back testing. Voit, Benedict May 15, 2013 721
Outperforming stock indices using proxies for risk and return. Bhaskar, Vashishta Mar 22, 2013 3050
Conditional heteroscedasticity in time series of stock returns: a revisit. Yildirim, Sinan Mar 22, 2013 4761
Analysts' forecast reputations and stock market reactions. Yang, Xiaolou; Chen, Huaiyu "Peter" Mar 22, 2013 5964
Multiscale test of CAPM for three Central and Eastern European stock markets. Dajcman, Silvo; Festic, Mejra; Kavkler, Alenka Report Feb 1, 2013 12018
Outreach strategies for operational success. Clifford, Lisa-Jean Jan 1, 2013 1296
A decade of DuPont ratio performance. Haskins, Mark E. Jan 1, 2013 7096
Looks of the books of Nigerian firms: fairness of inflation-adjusted accounting. Agundu, Prince Umor C.; Maxwell, Clinton O. Jan 1, 2013 4671
Evaluation of pillar II pension funds' return on investment considering risk/II pakopos pensiju fondu investiciju grazos, atsizvelgiant i rizika, vertinimas. Jureviciene, Daiva; Samoskaite, Sarune Report Dec 1, 2012 4714
PerTrac study: Investment returns of hedge funds fell in 2011. Report Oct 9, 2012 329
Investment portfolio optimisation model based on stocks investment attractiveness/Akciju investiciniu patrauklumu paremtas investicinio portfelio sudarymo modelis. Zilinskij, Grigorij; Rutkauskas, Aleksandras Vytautas Report Sep 1, 2012 5795
Boosting semiconductor yield and ROI. Nelson, Rick Mar 1, 2012 2437
Spotlight on benefit-cost analysis: to help make every dollar work more effectively, transportation agencies can improve project appraisals to increase returns on investments. Proactive BCA can help make this happen. Coley, Nathaniel Mar 1, 2012 3269
Interactive patient systems can achieve quick ROI: hospitals can leverage the technology to improve HIT systems and meet meaningful-use requirements. Fleming, George Oct 1, 2011 1204
Measuring the return on investment for CTE. Kotamraju, Pradeep Report Sep 1, 2011 1891
Economic impacts of West Virginia division of rehabilitation services on consumers with significant disabilities: realistic return-on-investment models for state-federal VR programs. Bua-Iam, Pisnu; Bias, Thomas K. Jul 1, 2011 3984
Randomized study evaluating testosterone recovery using short-versus long-acting luteinizing hormone releasing hormone agonists. Pai, Howard Huaihan; Pickles, Tom; Keyes, Mira; Jones, Stuart; McDonald, Rachel E.; Lesperance, Mary Clinical report Jun 1, 2011 4901
You can make a difference: your business can be the tool for creating positive change for your customers--and possibly the world. Apr 1, 2011 842
Calculating return on investment for U.S. Department of Defense modeling and simulation. Oswalt, Ivar; Cooley, Tim; Waite, William; Waite, Elliot; Gordon, Steve "Flash"; Severinghaus, Richa Report Apr 1, 2011 6049
Leadership type for a successful enterprise software implementation. Reid, Wilbur A. Report Mar 22, 2011 5098
Make the most of your face-to-face investment: maximizing ROI at franchise expos: franchising is, and always will be, about establishing and building relationships. Goldstein, Joel Feb 1, 2011 1119
Conducting Return on Investment Analyses for Secondary and Postsecondary CTE: A Framework. Hollenbeck, Kevin M. Jan 1, 2011 229
Risk-return trade-off in Indian capital market during last two decades with special emphasis on crisis period. Narang, Sunita; Bhalla, V.K. Report Jan 1, 2011 7375
20 years of EAP cost research: taking the productivity path to ROI: this promising strategy can be accomplished with far fewer operational costs than traditional claims-based ROI studies--and in far less time. Attridge, Mark Oct 1, 2010 2358
Return on investment for collaborative collection development: a cost-benefit evaluation of consortia purchasing. Pan, Denise; Fong, Yem Oct 1, 2010 5674
A law and finance analysis of hedge funds. Cumming, Douglas; Dai, Na Report Sep 22, 2010 18201
Challenges for youth employment in Pakistan: are they youth-specific? Hou, Xiaohui Sep 22, 2010 9747
Expected returns to stock investments by angel investors in groups. DeGennaro, Ramon P.; Dwyer, Gerald P. Aug 15, 2010 14439
Web ROI: turn your web site into a high-performance "conversion machine" and understand common development mistakes that can rob you of your potential. Greenbaum, Martin Jul 1, 2010 2103
Significance of beta and financial measures in predicting the riskiness of S&P 500 stocks during the downturn of year 2008. Bahhouth, Victor; Maysami, Ramin; Khoueiri, Roy Jun 22, 2010 2434
Mobile banking on the rise--but can institutions justify the ROI? Jan 1, 2010 550
Investment return calculations and senior school mathematics. Fitzherbert, Richard M.; Pitt, David G.W. Report Jan 1, 2010 4711
Renewing your will to compete: within every company there is an attribute that is so critical to its success that changing it by just 20% improves the bottom line by 40%. This is comparable to increasing capital investment by 70%. FitzGerald, Tom Oct 1, 2009 2216
Techno-economic analysis of a solar thermoelectric power generator for a rural residential house energy demand. Eswaramoorthy, M.; Shanmugam, S. Report Oct 1, 2009 2936
The paradox of ROI and decreased spending in the ad industry. Richard, Lance Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2009 2663
Capital program considerations in challenging times. Fishbein, John; Morrill, Christopher P. Jun 1, 2009 5322
Effects of corporate diversification: evidence from the property-liability insurance industry. Liebenberg, Andre P.; Sommer, David W. Dec 1, 2008 12913
Looking for ROI in LOS. Hughes, Craig Dec 1, 2008 1919
Measuring idiosyncratic risks in leveraged buyout transactions. Groh, Alexander Peter; Baule, Rainer; Gottschalg, Oliver Sep 22, 2008 8710
Does institutional ownership create values? The New Zealand case. Chen, Jianguo; Blenman, Lloyd; Chen, Dar-Hsin Sep 22, 2008 7263
Measuring wellness: population management provides a tangible return on investment. Mousty, Richard Sep 1, 2008 193
Net check: our series looking at the best of the web is back this month, Garry Platt finds a discussion group dedicated to measuring the return on investment of training. Platt, Garry Jun 1, 2008 508
National City Afterschool Summit celebrates municipal leadership and advances city-school collaboration. Karpman, Michael May 19, 2008 1223
Private Returns to Vocational Education and Training Qualifications. A National Vocational Education and Training Research and Evaluation Program Report. Long, Michael; Shah, Chandra Report Jan 1, 2008 312
ROI--is it any use? Donald Taylor asks why anyone bothers with ROI. Taylor, Donald May 1, 2007 535
Returns for domestic nonfinancial business. Lally, Paul R.; Smith, George M.; Hodge, Andrew W.; Corea, Robert J. May 1, 2007 3081
Partitioning capitalization rates: operating leases in unitary valuation. Hamilton, Thomas W.; Vang, David O. Mar 22, 2007 6478
The search for ROI: a hot new area for marketers to invest budget dollars is search engine marketing. The problem: how do you know whether you are spending your money wisely? Kastner, Nicholas E. Cover story Jan 1, 2007 2472
The effects of nonsynchronous trading in the Brazilian capital market/Analise dos efeitos de nao-sincronia de negociacao no mercado de capitais brasileiro. Beteto, Danilo Lopomo; Bergmann, Daniel Reed Jan 1, 2007 10043
The return to capital in China. Bai, Chong-En; Hsieh, Chang-Tai; Qian, Yingyi Sep 22, 2006 12625
"Honey, the VCs shrunk my company!". Gurau, Michael Sep 15, 2006 928
Strategic framework for financing your business. Sep 1, 2006 1258
Using Rate of Return Analyses to Understand Sector Skill Needs. CEE DP 70. Powdthavee, Nattavudh; Vignoles, Anna Jul 1, 2006 602
Market Microstructure. Jun 22, 2006 1254
The new system is live--how come it's not better? Cherry, John; Townshend, Jared Apr 1, 2006 1384
If ROI is so important, why don't we measure it? Elrick, Merry Brief Article Jan 1, 2006 119
Exploring methods to evaluate the return-on-investment from training. Rowden, Robert W. Dec 22, 2005 5071
Doing a return-on-investment analysis. Coffey, John J.; Palm, Gene Nov 1, 2005 559
Measuring word of mouth marketing. Erickson, Kathleen Nov 1, 2005 643
ROI means nothing? Davis, Tom Oct 1, 2005 611
Connecting optimal capital investment and equity returns. Porter, R. Burt Jun 22, 2005 16043
The elusive achievement of IP contact center ROI: ten reasons why contact centers migrating to IP telephony don't hit their ROI projections--and what you can do about it. Gritt, Peggy Jun 1, 2005 1433
Rate of return regulation: the case of Spanish ports. Carrera-Gomez, Gema; Banos-Pino, Jose; Coto-Millan, Pablo; de Sabando, Vicente Inglada Lopez May 1, 2005 4569
Financial risk and return in the music recording industry. Papadopoulos, Theo Report Jan 1, 2005 4053
Beyond ROI: a new framework for measuring the value of technology investments. Nguyen, Huy T. Dec 1, 2004 2748
The power of full disclosure. Baker, Guy Nov 1, 2004 1125
Wealth gains from tracking stocks: long-run performance and ex-date returns. Clayton, Matthew J.; Qian, Yiming Sep 22, 2004 11880
Bringing rigor and reality to early-stage R&D decisions: just because the future is unknown doesn't mean rigorous investment decisions cannot be made. Courtney, Hugh; Lovallo, Dan Sep 1, 2004 3934
Investors take lower returns for less risk. Sep 1, 2004 717
Business school basics: evaluating technology purchases using net present value. Reynolds, Penny Illustration Sep 1, 2004 1165
The scoop. Mar 1, 2004 506
PE ratios, PEG ratios, and estimating the implied expected rate of return on equity capital. Easton, Peter D. Jan 1, 2004 13992
Effective selling at trade shows: how to get a measurable return on your investment. Mitzel, Anita Dec 1, 2003 607
Residual-income-based valuation predicts future stock returns: evidence on mispricing vs. risk explanations. Ali, Ashiq; Hwang, Lee-Seok; Trombley, Mark A. Apr 1, 2003 11594
Beyond ROI. (Value). Grey, William; Katircioglu, Kaan; Shi, Dailun; Bagchi, Sugato; Gallego, Guillermo; Adelhelm, Mark; S Mar 1, 2003 5283
Monetary Economics. Brief Article Dec 22, 2000 914
Defense Consolidation Has Disappointed Shareholders. Roberto, Michael A. Oct 1, 2000 1816
Show Me The Money: The Tough ROI Assessment. Cerchiara, Kristine M. Jul 1, 2000 584
Note on Rates of Return for Domestic Nonfinancial Corporations: Revised Estimates for 1960-98. Larkins, Daniel Jun 1, 2000 1141
The quest to outperform. Swedroe, Larry Jan 1, 2000 4059
Evaluating Training: Return on Investment and Cost-Benefit Analysis. Munoz, Maria D.; Munoz, Marco A. Jan 1, 2000 279
Verdoorn's law and increasing returns to scale in the UK regions, 1968-91: some new estimates based on the cointegration approach. Harris, Richard I.D.; Lau, Eunice Apr 1, 1998 4903
Biases in arithmetic and geometric averages as estimates of long-run expected returns and risk premia. Indro, Daniel C.; Lee, Wayne Y. Dec 22, 1997 3608
An empirical investigation of asymmetric behavior in corporate dividend policy. Shirvani, Hassan; Wilbratte, Barry Oct 1, 1997 6258
An analysis of commercial bank exposure to interest rate risk. Houpt, James V. Feb 1, 1996 8166
The increasing-returns-to-scale/sticky-price approach to monetary analysis. Finn, Mary G. Sep 22, 1995 6410
Rates of return on corporate investment. Reardon, Elizabeth, A. Oct 1, 1993 10168
Investment return and risk. Dilmore, Gene; Wilson, Albert R. Oct 1, 1992 4688
Income capitalization problems. Plattner, Robert Oct 1, 1992 3379
On returns to scale of the aggregate production function. Yu Hsing Sep 1, 1992 402
Estimating shareholder risk premia using analysts' growth forecasts. Harris, Robert S.; Marston, Felicia C. Evaluation Jun 22, 1992 4679
The effect of trading halts on excess returns during periods of system overload. Tanner, J. Ernest; Pritchett, Jonathan B. Mar 22, 1992 5815
ROI revisited. Doost, Roger K. Feb 1, 1992 1362
Time value of money. Schwartz, Marlyn A. column Jun 1, 1991 839
Economic trends. Campbell, Michelle V. column Mar 1, 1990 820
Social rates of return in Pakistan's large-scale manufacturing sector. Sahibzada, Shamim A.; Mahmood, Mir Annice Report Dec 22, 1986 6022
Rates of returns to education and the determinants of earnings in Pakistan. Khan, Shahrukh Rafi; Irfan, Mohammad Report Sep 22, 1985 4549

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