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Thermomechanical Characterization of Thermoplastic Polyimide to Improve the Chain Interaction via Crystalline Domains. Nicholls, Alejandro Rivera; Craft, Garrett; Perez, Yesenia; Pellissier, Matthew; Stock, John A.; Tes Report Sep 1, 2019 9926
Superior Solubility and Dissolution of Zaltoprofen via Pharmaceutical Cocrystals/Farmasotik Cocrystal ile Zaltoprofen'in Ustun Cozunurluk ve Cozunmesi. Panzade, Prabhakar; Shendarkar, Giridhar Jul 25, 2019 4132
Development of Potentially Biocompatible Hydrogels with Cylindrical Pores Prepared from Polyvinyl Alcohol and Low-Molecular Weight Polyacrylic Acid. Sanchez, Laura M.; Alvarez, Vera A. Report Jul 1, 2019 4205
Influence of Natural Fillers on Thermal and Mechanical Properties and Surface Morphology of Cellulose Acetate-Based Biocomposites. Spanic, Nikola; Jambrekovic, Vladimir; Sernek, Milan; Medved, Sergej Jul 1, 2019 10729
GUT INSTINCTS. Philpott, Tom Jul 1, 2019 761
Regularities of Enthalpies of Combustion of Nitrogen-Containing Organic Compounds. Ryskaliyeva, Alma Kairlapovna; Baltabayev, Murat Ergalievich; Abaeva, Kurmankul Tuleutaevna Technical report Jun 30, 2019 2531
Thermal Properties of Acylated Low Molecular Weight Chitosans. Tiew, Shu Xian; Misran, Misni Report Apr 30, 2019 4659
Inmodos_termic Analysis (dsc And Tga). Apr 20, 2019 166
Mass-Produced Graphene--HDPE Nanocomposites: Thermal, Rheological, Electrical, and Mechanical Properties. Batista, Natassia L.; Helal, Emna; Kurusu, Rafael S.; Moghimian, Nima; David, Eric; Demarquette, Nic Report Apr 1, 2019 5244
Thermal Transitions and Stability of Melt Mixed Ti[O.sub.2]/Poly(L-lactic acid) Nanocomposites. . Athanasoulia, Ioanna-Georgia I.; Tarantili, Petroula A. Report Apr 1, 2019 7928
Investigation on Thermal Stability and Tribological Properties of Zr[B.sub.2] Particles Filling Cyanate Ester Resin Composites by Experiments and Numerical Simulation. Wu, Jiacheng; Jia, Zhuoying; He, Yannan; Yu, Zhiqiang Report Mar 1, 2019 4760
Micro Structural and Non-Isothermal Crystallization and Degradation Kinetics Studies on Manganese Thioglycolate End Capped Poly([epsilon]-Caprolactone). Mahalakshmi, S.; Alagesan, T.; Parthasarathy, V.; Anbarasan, R. Report Mar 1, 2019 6064
Physicomechanical and thermal analysis of bulk-fill and conventional composites. Nascimento, Armiliana Soares; Rodrigues, Jose Filipe Bacalhau; Torres, Rodolfo Henrique Nogueira; Sa Jan 1, 2019 6637
DETERMINATION OF THE CALORIFIC VALUE AND MOISTURE CONTENT OF CRUSHED OIL SHALE BY LIBS. Aints, Mart; Paris, Peeter; Tufail, Iram; Jogi, Indrek; Aosaar, Hardi; Riisalu, Hella; Laan, Matti Report Dec 1, 2018 5461
Simultaneous Thermogravimetric Analysis And Differential Scanning Calorimetry (tga/Dsc). Oct 6, 2018 104
Studies of Reaction Mechanisms During Stabilization of Electrospun Polyacrylonitrile Carbon Nanofibers. Barua, Bipul; Saha, Mrinal C. Report Aug 1, 2018 4429
Purification and Characterization of Colophony Extracted of Pinus elliottii (Engelm, var. elliottii). de Souza Correa, Jamille; dos Santos, Rafaella Ribeiro; Anaissi, Fauze Jaco Report May 1, 2018 1763
COMPARISON BETWEEN EQUATIONS FOR ESTIMATION OF RESTING ENERGY EXPENDITURE AND INDIRECT CALORIMETRY IN GYMNASTS/Comparacao entre equacoes preditivas do gasto energetico basal e calorimetria indireta em ginastas. Branco, Marina Chmelnitsky; Alves, Fernanda Donner; Zanella, Priscila Berti; de Souza, Carolina Guer Mar 1, 2018 4091
Development of Mesoporous Carbon Incorporated Hybrid Membranes for Separation of Azeotropic Mixtures by Pervaporation. Gosar, N.S.; Premakshi, H.G.; Kariduraganavar, M.Y. Report Mar 1, 2018 7669
Efficient Preparation and Performance Characterization of the HMX/[F.sub.2602] Microspheres by One-Step Granulation Process. Hou, Conghua; Jia, Xinlei; Wang, Jingyu; Tan, Yingxin; Zhang, Yuanping; Li, Chao Jan 1, 2018 3835
Hydrothermal Synthesis, Structural Characterization, and Interaction Mechanism with DNA of Copper(II) Complex Containing 2,2'-Bipyridine. Liu, Ting; Wang, Yi-An; Zang, Qing; Zhong, Guo-Qing Jan 1, 2018 7081
Synthesis, Morphology, and Hydrogen Absorption Properties of TiVMn and TiCrMn Nanoalloys with a FCC Structure. Li, Bo; Li, Jianding; Shao, Huaiyu; Li, Wei; Lin, Huaijun Jan 1, 2018 5067
Determination of Heating Value of Estonian Oil Shale by Laser-Induced Breakdown Spectroscopy. Aints, M.; Paris, P.; Laan, M.; Piip, K.; Riisalu, H.; Tufail, I. Jan 1, 2018 6710
Calorimetric Study of Helix aspersa Maxima Hemocyanin Isoforms. Todinova, Svetla; Raynova, Yuliana; Idakieva, Krassimira Jan 1, 2018 5090
Effects of Sintering Temperature on the Morphology and Photoluminescence of [Eu.sup.3+] Doped Zinc Molybdenum Oxide Hydrate. Zhai, Bao-gai; Ma, Qing-lan; Yang, Long; Huang, Yuan Ming Jan 1, 2018 8142
Tailor-Made, Linear, and "Comb-Like" Polyester-Based Copolymers: Synthesis, Characterization, and Thermal Behavior of Potential 3D-Printing/Electrospinning Candidates. Redondo, Franco L.; Ninago, Mario D.; de Freitas, Augusto G.O.; Giacomelli, Cristiano; Ciolino, Andr Jan 1, 2018 9697
Investigation on the Deterioration Mechanism of Recycled Plaster. Li, Zhixin; Xu, Kaidong; Peng, Jiahui; Wang, Jina; Ma, Xianwei; Niu, Jishou Jan 1, 2018 3590
Effect of Using Micropalm Oil Fuel Ash as Partial Replacement of Cement on the Properties of Cement Mortar. Wi, Kwangwoo; Lee, Han-Seung; Lim, Seungmin; Ismail, Mohamed A.; Hussin, Mohd Warid Jan 1, 2018 4520
PTh/[Co.sub.3][O.sub.4] Nanocomposites as New Conducting Materials for Micro/Nano-Sized Electronic Devices. Ozkazanc, Ersel Report Nov 1, 2017 6352
Structural and Magnetic Characterization of Nanostructured Iron Acetate. de Souza, Antonio Oliveira; Biondo, Valdecir; Ivashita, Flavio Francisco; de Souza Nunes, Glecilla C Report Jul 1, 2017 2779
Analytical series: Rheological and thermal characterization of polymer coatings: a case study. Vratsanos, Menas S. Case study Jul 1, 2017 6077
Experimental evaluation and modeling of thermal conductivity of tetrafunctional epoxy resin containing different carbon nanostructures. Romano, Vittorio; Naddeo, Carlo; Vertuccio, Luigi; Lafdi, Khalid; Guadagno, Liberata Report Jul 1, 2017 5240
Estimation of the net energy requirement for maintenance in broilers. Liu, Wei; Lin, Chang Hua; Wu, Zheng Ke; Liu, Guo Hua; Yan, Hai Jie; Yang, Hua Ming; Cai, Hui Yi Jun 1, 2017 5991
Influence of aqueous dispersions in place of organic solvents during the synthesis of shape memory polyurethanes on their structure and properties. Martins, Giuliano S.; Pereira, Iaci M.; Hoehne, Nicolas M.L.; Orefice, Rodrigo L. Report Apr 1, 2017 5738
The Effect of Graphene on the Protective Properties of Water-Based Epoxy Coatings on A12024-T3. Monetta, T.; Acquesta, A.; Carangelo, A.; Bellucci, F. Jan 1, 2017 5059
Combined Effects of Curing Temperatures and Alkaline Concrete on Tensile Properties of GFRP Bars. Yang, Wen-rui; He, Xiong-jun; Zhang, Kai; Yang, Yang; Dai, Li Jan 1, 2017 4202
Characterization of Alkaline Treatment and Fiber Content on the Physical, Thermal, and Mechanical Properties of Ground Coffee Waste/Oxobiodegradable HDPE Biocomposites. Tan, Ming Yee; Kuan, Hoo Tien Nicholas; Lee, Meng Chuen Jan 1, 2017 5750
Effect of Quinacridone Pigments on Properties and Morphology of Injection Molded Isotactic Polypropylene. Barczewski, Mateusz; Matykiewicz, Danuta; Hoffmann, Bartlomiej Jan 1, 2017 5104
[Al.sub.62][Cu.sub.25][Fe.sub.12] and Quasicrystalline Phases and Their Influence on Oxidation. Jamshidi, Lourdes Cristina Lucena Agostinho; Rodbari, Reza Jamshidi; Nascimento, Luciano; Hernandez, Report Jan 1, 2017 5211
Bioactive Potential of 3D-Printed Oleo-Gum-Resin Disks: B. papyrifera, C. myrrha, and S. benzoin Loading Nanooxides--Ti[O.sub.2], P25, [Cu.sub.2]O, and Mo[O.sub.3]. Horst, Diogo Jose; Tebcherani, Sergio Mazurek; Kubaski, Evaldo Toniolo; de Almeida Vieira, Rogerio Report Jan 1, 2017 10184
Science Applied for the Investigation of Imperial Gate from Eighteenth Century Wooden Church of Nicula Monastery. Bratu, I.; Siluan, Monk; Marujoiu, C.; Kacso, I.; Garabagiu, S.; Marujoiu, V. C.; Tanaselia, C.; Pop Report Jan 1, 2017 3979
Study of Lactic Acid Thermal Behavior Using Thermoanalytical Techniques. Komesu, Andrea; Martinez, Patricia Fazzio Martins; Lunelli, Betania Hoss; Oliveira, Johnatt; Maciel, Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4416
Effects of Bamboo Shoot Dietary Fiber on Mechanical Properties, Moisture Distribution, and Microstructure of Frozen Dough. Zhang, Hua; Zhang, Yanyan; Wang, Xintian; Xiang, Qisen; Bai, Yanhong; Li, Suyun; Yang, Lixin Technical report Jan 1, 2017 4368
Nonisothermal crystallization kinetics of carbon nanotubes containing segmented polyurethane elastomer. Gupta, Y.N.; Bhave, T.; Chakraborty, A.; Pandey, A.K.; Sharma, R.B.; Setua, D.K. Report Nov 1, 2016 5678
Docking, characterization and investigation of [beta]-cyclodextrin complexed with citronellal, a monoterpene present in the essential oil of Cymbopogon species, as an anti-hyperalgesic agent in chronic muscle pain model. Santos, Priscila L.; Brito, Renan G.; Oliveira, Marlange A.; Quintans, Jullyana S.S.; Guimaraes, Adr Report Aug 15, 2016 8923
Preparation and pervaporation performance of chitosan-poly(methacrylic acid) polyelectrolyte complex membranes for dehydration of 1,4-dioxane. Choudhari, S.K.; Premakshi, H.G.; Kariduraganavar, M.Y. Report Jun 1, 2016 6837
Cuprous oxide nanoparticles in epoxy network: cure reaction, morphology, and thermal stability. Sunny, Anu Tresa; P., Poornima Vijayan; George, Thresiamma; Pickering, Kim; Mathew, Suresh; Thomas, Report Oct 1, 2015 8960
Provision of Analysis apparatus. Sep 19, 2015 355
Differential scanning calorimetry dsc thermogravimetric analysis tga. Sep 19, 2015 110
Development of new sustainable inorganic flame retardant additive system for polyamide 6,6 with improved performance. Belyamani, Imane; Otaigbe, Joshua U.; Fielding, William R. Report Aug 1, 2015 3965
Mechanical and thermal properties of potassium salts of poly(ethylene-co-ethylacrylate): polyolefin lonomers in the absence of acid groups. Aoyama, Masataka; Koda, Tomonori; Miyata, Ken; Nishio, Taichi; Nishioka, Akihiro Report Aug 1, 2015 3658
Crystallization behavior and spherulitic morphology of poly(lactic acid) films induced by casting process. Houichi, Hikmet; Maazouz, Abderrahim; Elleuch, Boubaker Report Aug 1, 2015 5270
Thermal analyses of dye Disperse Red 1 grafted onto silica nanoparticles. Chang, Chao-Ching; Huang, Feng-Hsi; Lin, Zi-Min; Cheng, Liao-Ping Jul 1, 2015 3651
Quinacridone-Based Small Acceptor Molecule for Obtaining High Open Circuit Voltage in Solution Processed Organic Solar Cells. Report Jun 30, 2015 3193
Supramolecular interaction of 6-shogaol, a therapeutic agent of Zingiber officinale with human serum albumin as elucidated by spectroscopic, calorimetric and molecular docking methods. Feroz, S.R.; Mohamad, S.B.; Lee, G.S.; Malek, S.N.A.; Tayyab, S. Jun 15, 2015 8431
Role of chain dynamics and topological confinements in cold crystallization of PLA-clay nanocomposites. Karami, Shahir; Lafleur, Pierre G. Report Jun 1, 2015 7644
DSC cure kinetics of an unsaturated polyester resin using empirical kinetic model. Abdullah, Iram Report May 1, 2015 3324
Preparation of porous nylon 6 fiber via electrospinning. Zhang, Huimin; Zhang, Li; Jia, Qingxiu; Shi, Chaoming; Yang, Jian Report May 1, 2015 5042
Equilibrium and kinetic isotherms and parameters for molecularly imprinted with sclareol poly(acrylonitrile-co-acrylic acid) matrix. Dima, Stefan-Ovidiu Report May 1, 2015 10014
Mechanical and thermal characterization of iron(II) 2,2'-bipyridine complex supported polyacrylonitrile fiber as a novel photocatalyst. Han, Zhenbang; Zhao, Xiaoming; Han, Xu; Xu, Hang Report May 1, 2015 4992
Polyethylene/sepiolite fibers. Influence of drawing and nanofiller content on the crystal morphology and mechanical properties. Alonso, Yanela; Martini, Raquel E.; Iannoni, Antonio; Terenzi, Andrea; Kenny, Jose M.; Barbosa, Silv Report May 1, 2015 4876
Characterization and thermal degradation kinetics of poly(L-lactide) nanocomposites with carbon nanotubes. Palacios, Jordana; Albano, Carmen; Gonzalez, Gema; Castillo, Reina Veronica; Karam, Arquimedes; Covi Report Mar 1, 2015 5666
Mechanical investigation of confined amorphous phase in semicrystalline polymers: case of PET and PLA. Nguyen, Thanh L.; Bedoui, Fahmi; Mazeran, Pierre-Emmanuel; Guigon, Michele Report Feb 1, 2015 5167
Study on the Molecular Recognition of Herbicide Quizalofop- p-ethyl With AY-cyclodextrin. Report Dec 31, 2014 2474
Solid-state polymerization of poly(ethylene terephthalate): effect of organoclay concentration. Dini, Maryam; Carreau, Pierre J.; Kamal, Musa R.; Ton-That, Minh-Tan; Esmaeili, Babak Report Dec 1, 2014 7465
In vitro degradation of PLLA/nHA composite scaffolds. Diaz, E.; Sandonis, I.; Puerto, I.; Ibanez, I. Report Nov 1, 2014 4924
Rheological, crystal structure, barrier, and mechanical properties of PA6 and MXD6 nanocomposite films. Fereydoon, Maryam; Tabatabaei, Seyed H.; Ajji, Abdellah Nov 1, 2014 9697
Characterisation of the hydroxy-interlayered vermiculite from the weathering of illite in Jiujiang red earth sediments. Yin, Ke; Hong, Hanlie; Churchman, Gordon Jock; Li, Zhaohui; Han, Wen; Wang, Chaowen Report Sep 1, 2014 6360
Properties of ozonized soybean oil/polymeric methylene-diphenyl-4, 4'-diisocyanate adhesives and their adhesion performance for wood. Lee, Eung Su; Lee, Sang Min; Park, Sang Bum; Seo Jun Won; Yoon, Yong Han; Park, Heon Jul 1, 2014 3056
Biorenewable blends of polyamide-11 and polylactide. Patel, Rakhi; Ruehle, David A.; Dorgan, John R.; Halley, Peter; Martin, Darren Jul 1, 2014 5609
Preparation and characterization of liquid crystalline polyurethane-imide modified epoxy resin composites. Gui, Dayong; Gao, Xue; Hao, Jingfeng; Liu, Jianhong Report Jul 1, 2014 3543
Preparation and properties of TPU micro/nanofibers by a laser melt-electrospinning system. Li, Xiuyan; Wang, Zhe; Wang, Jiaona; Liu, Jianli; Li, Congju Report Jun 1, 2014 3072
Evidence of two mobile amorphous phases in semicrystalline polylactide observed from calorimetric investigations. Delpouve, Nicolas; Arnoult, Mickael; Saiter, Allisson; Dargent, Eric; Saiter, Jean-Marc Report May 1, 2014 4988
Curing, gelling, thermomechanical, and thermal decomposition behaviors of anhydride-cured epoxy (dgeba)/epoxidized soybean oil compositions. Report Apr 1, 2014 5256
Poly(L-lactide)/Poly(D-lactide)/Clay Nanocomposites Enhanced Dispersion, Crystallization, Mechanical Properties, and Hydrolytic Degradation. Li, Yi; Han, Changyu; Zhang, Xin; Xu, Kun; Bian, Junjia; Dong, Lisong Report Apr 1, 2014 6509
The net energy values of corn, dried distillers grains with solubles and wheat bran for laying hens using indirect calorimetry method. Ning, D.; Yuan, J.M.; Wang, Y.W.; Peng, Y.Z.; Guo, Y.M. Report Feb 1, 2014 5940
Structures and properties of injection-molded biodegradable polylactic acid nanocomposites prepared with untreated and treated multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Mina, M.F. Beg, M.D.H. Islam, M.R. Nizam, A. Alam, A.K.M.M. Yunus, R.M. Report Feb 1, 2014 6105
Synthesis, characterization, and properties of new conducting polyaniline/copper sulfide nanocomposites. Ramesan, M.T. Report Feb 1, 2014 4703
Synergistic effect of nanosilica aerogel with phosphorus flame retardants on improving flame retardancy and leaching resistance of wood. Zhu, Xiaodan; Wu, Yiqiang; Tian, Cuihua; Qing, Yan; Yao, Chunhua Jan 1, 2014 4600
High-density polyethylene composites filled with nanosilica containing immobilized nanosilver or nanocopper: thermal, mechanical, and bactericidal properties and morphology and interphase characterization. Jeziorska, Regina; Zielecka, Maria; Gutarowska, Beata; Zakowska, Zofia Jan 1, 2014 7492
A Thermodynamic Investigation on the Binding of Lysozyme with Sodium Dodecyl Sulfate. Dec 31, 2013 2786
In situ emulsion polymerization and characterization of poly(butyl acrylate-co-methyl methacrylate)/silica nanosystems. Buhin, Zrinka; Blagojevic, Sanja Lucic; Leskovac, Mirela Report Nov 1, 2013 4678
Curing behavior and rheology properties of alkyl-imidazolium-treated rectorite/epoxy nanocomposites. Li, Wei; Hou, Linxi; Zhou, Qi; Yan, Liu; Loo, Leslie S. Report Nov 1, 2013 4312
Characterization and thermal degradation of poly(d,l-lactide-co-glycolide) composites with nanofillers. Palacios, Jordana; Albano, Carmen; Gonzalez, Gema; Castillo, Reina Veronica; Karam, Arquimedes; Covi Report Jul 1, 2013 8511
The plasticizing effect of calcium nitrate on poly(vinyl alcohol). Jiang, Xiancai; Jiang, Ting; Zhang, Xiaofei; Zhang, Xi; Dai, Hua Report Jun 1, 2013 4318
New polyurethane-based magnetostrictive composites: dynamical mechanical properties. Vilas, J.L.; Laza, J.M.; Rodriguez, C.; Rodriguez, M.; Leon, L.M. Report Apr 1, 2013 4503
Crystallization behavior of poly(vinylidene fluoride) composites containing zinc phenylphosphonate. Tsuboi, Tomoya; Katayama, Hiromu; Itoh, Takashi Report Apr 1, 2013 3250
Thermal and cure kinetics of epoxy molding compounds cured with thermal latency accelerators. Su, Chean-Cheng; Wei, Chien-Huan; Li, Bo-Ching Jan 1, 2013 5141
Thermodynamic property study of nanostructured Mg-H, Mg-Ni-H, and Mg-Cu-H systems by high pressure DSC method. Shao, Huaiyu; Xin, Gongbiao; Li, Xingguo; Akiba, Etsuo Jan 1, 2013 4733
Cure kinetics and thermal stability of micro and nanostructured thermosetting blends of epoxy resin and epoxidized styrene-block-butadiene-block-styrene triblock copolymer systems. George, Sajeev Martin; Puglia, Debora; Kenny, Jose M.; Jyotishkurnar, P.; Thomas, Sabu Report Nov 1, 2012 6662
Thermorheological properties of poly [epsilon]-caprolactone/polylactide blends. Noroozi, Nazbanoo; Schafer, Laurel L.; Hatzikiriakos, Savvas G. Report Nov 1, 2012 5380
Preparation and characterization of mixed matrix membranes based on poly(vinylidene fluoride) and zeolite 4A for gas separation. Shen, Yi; Lua, Aik Chong Report Oct 1, 2012 4443
Comparison of methods to determine the energy value of feeds for ruminants/Comparacion de metodos para la determinacion del valor energetico de alimentos para rumiantes. O., Sandra Posada; N., Ricardo Rosero; Rodriguez, Norberto; C., Ana Costa Sep 1, 2012 5954
Relaxation properties of polyoxymethylene and ethylene-octene copolymer blend in solid and melt states/Poluoksumetuleeni ja eteeni ning okteeni kopolumeeri segu relaksatsiooniomadused tahkes ja sulaolekus. Grigalovica, Agnese; Bartule, Madara; Zicans, Janis; Meri, Remo Merijs; Heim, Hans-Peter; Berger, Ch Report Sep 1, 2012 2727
Influence of cellulose content on thermal properties of poly(lactic) acid/cellulose and low-density polyethylene/cellulose composites/Tselluloosi sisalduse moju polulaktiidi/tselluloosi ja madaltiheda poluetuleeni/tselluloosi komposiitide termilistele omadustele. Sumigin, Dmitri; Tarasova, Elvira; Krumme, Andres; Viikna, Anti Report Sep 1, 2012 3484
Influence of synthesis temperature on thermal properties of thermoplastic polyurethane prepared by torque rheometer. Fiorio, R.; Pistor, V.; Zattera, A.J.; Petzhold, C.L. Report Aug 1, 2012 4219
Modification of poly(vinyl alcohol) films by the addition of Magnesium chloride hexahydrate. Jiang, Xiancai; Zhang, Xiaofei; Ye, Dezhan; Zhang, Xi; Dai, Hua Report Jul 1, 2012 3619
Levan in the developing of new colon-specific polymer material: evaluation of the permeability, moisture and thermal analyses in free films of Eudragit[R] FS 30 D/Levana no desenvolvimento de novo material polimerico colon-especifico: avaliacao da permeabilidade, intumescimento e analises termicas de filmes isolados de Eudragit[R] FS 30 D. dos Santos, Leandro Freire; Pineda, Edgardo Alfonso Gomez; de Melo, Fernando Cesar Bazani Cabral; Ce Jul 1, 2012 3927
Crystallization behavior of PEO in blends of poly(ethylene oxide)/poly(2-vinyl pyridine)-b-(ethylene oxide) block copolymer. Araneda, Emilio; Leiva, Angel; Gargallo, Ligia; Hadjichristidis, Nikos; Mondragon, Inaki; Radic, Deo Report May 1, 2012 5042
Fabrication of honeycomb-structured porous films from poly(3-hydroxybutyrate) and poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) via the breath figures method. Huh, Mongyoung; Jung, Min-Hye; Park, Young Soo; Kang, Tae-Beom; Nan, Changwoon; Russell, Robert A.; Report Apr 1, 2012 2941
The effects of diet and physical activity on resting metabolic rate (RMR) measured by indirect calorimetry and body composition assessment by dual-energy x-ray absorptiometry (DXA)/Diyet ve fiziksel aktivitenin indirekt kalorimetrik yontemle olculen dinlenme metabolizma hizi (DMH) ve dual-enerji x-ray absorpsiyometresi (DXA) ile olculen vucut bilesimine etkisi. Akbulut, Gamze; Rakicioglu, Neslisah Clinical report Mar 1, 2012 6986
Polyacrylonitrile/acrylamide-based carbon fibers prepared using a solvent-free coagulation process: fiber properties and its structure evolution during stabilization and carbonization. Yusof, N.; Ismail, A.F. Report Feb 1, 2012 4902
Effects of moulding temperature on the physical properties of wood-based moulding bonded with citric acid. Umemura, Kenji; Ueda, Tomohide; Kawai, Shuichi Jan 1, 2012 3379
Influence of the sorption of polar and non-polar solvents on the glass transition temperature of polyamide 6,6 amorphous phase. Anda, A. Rios De; Fillot, L.A.; Rossi, S.; Long, D.; Sotta, P. Report Nov 1, 2011 4608
Nonisothermal melt-crystallization behavior of calcium phosphate/Poly(3-hydroxybutyrate-co-3-hydroxyvalerate) nanocomposite microspheres. Duan, Bin; Wang, Min; Zhou, Wen-You; Cheung, Wai-Lam Report Aug 1, 2011 6927
Cyanate ester resin modified by hydroxyl-terminated polybutadiene: morphology, thermal, and mechanical properties. Liu, Jing; Ding, Naidong; Xu, Renfu; He, Qihui; Shen, Jian; Baixing, Hu Report Jul 1, 2011 2614
Biobased cyanate ester composites with epoxidized soybean oil and in situ generated nano-silica. Zhan, Guozhu; Tang, Xiaolin; Yu, Yingfeng; Li, Shanjun Report Mar 1, 2011 4462
Characterization of microstructure and mechanical properties of biodegradable polymer blends of poly(L-lactic acid) and poly(butylene succinate-co-[member of]-caprolactone) with lysine triisocyanate. Vannaladsaysy, Vilay; Todo, Mitsugu; Jaafar, Mariatti; Ahmad, Zulkifli; Pasomsouk, Korakan Report Jul 1, 2010 3903
The effects of alumina and silica nanoparticles on the cure kinetics of Bisphenol E Cyanate Ester. Xia, Sheng; Akinc, Mufit; Kessler, Michael R. Report Jun 1, 2010 6056
Precision Geosynthetic Laboratory International (PGLI) Announces New Department in Thermal Analysis Capabilities. May 11, 2010 253
A comparison between ventilation and heart rate as indicator of oxygen uptake during different intensities of exercise. Gastinger, Steven; Sorel, Anthony; Nicolas, Guillaume; Gratas-Delamarche, Arlette; Prioux, Jacques Report Mar 1, 2010 7041
Properties of ultrahigh-molecular-weight polyethylene nanocomposite films containing different functionalized multiwalled carbon nanotubes. Ko, Jeong-Ho; Chang, Jin-Hae Report Nov 1, 2009 5227
Microstructure analyses and thermophysical properties of nanostructured thermal barrier coatings. Zhou, Hong; Li, Fei; Wang, Jun; Sun, Bao-de Sep 1, 2009 4929
Quantification of the distribution of carbon black in natural rubber/polybutadiene blends by differential scanning calorimetry. Portal, Julien; Carrot, Christian; Majeste, Jean-Charles; Cocard, Stephane; Pelissier, Vincent; Anse Report Aug 1, 2009 5883
Heat treatment of a direct composite resin: influence on flexural strength. Miyazaki, Caroline Lumi; Medeiros, Igor Studart; Santana, Ivone Lima; Matos, Jivaldo do Rosario; Fil Jul 1, 2009 3408
Thermal analysis techniques for rubbers. Menard, Kevin P.; Ye, Peng Nov 1, 2007 546
HyperDSC and DMA allow greater detection of amorphous materials. Menard, Kevin P.; Ye, Peng Oct 1, 2007 1406
Kinetic Parameters Estimation for Unsaturated Polyester-Styrene Systems. LIN, CHAO-MING; WENG, CHENG-I; HO, CHENG-TER Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 3916
Characterization of Two Precursor Polyblends: Polyhydroxyamide and Poly(Amic Acid). CHANG, JIN-HAE; FARRIS, RICHARD J. Brief Article Feb 1, 2000 4100
Chemorheological Analysis of an Epoxy-Novolac Molding Compound. HSIEH, T.H.; WANG, T.L.; HO, K.S.; WANG, Y.Z. Feb 1, 2000 4294
Thermal Expansivity and Thermal Conductivity of Amorphous Thermoplastic Polyimide and Polymer Liquid Crystal Blends. BROSTOW, WITOLD; D'SOUZA, NANDIKA ANNE; GOPALANARAYANAN, BHASKAR; JACOBS, ELIZABETH Feb 1, 2000 3692
The agricultural energy sink. Brief Article Jul 1, 1999 917

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