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The Expression of Cytoplasmic and Membrane Proteins in Dog Adipose-Derived Stem Cells on Different Passages During Cultivation in Vitro. Kladnytska, Larysa; Mazurkevych, Anatoliy; Bezdieniezhnykh, Natalia; Melnyc, Oleg; Malyuk, Mykola; D Report Jul 23, 2020 4330
DNA Vaccine Treatment in Dogs Experimentally Infected with Trypanosoma cruzi. Arce-Fonseca, Minerva; Carbajal-Hernandez, Ana C.; Lozano-Camacho, Monica; del C. Carrillo-Sanchez, May 31, 2020 12881
Mathematical Analysis of Rabies Infection. Bornaa, C.S.; Seidu, Baba; Daabo, M.I. Apr 30, 2020 7222
Assessment of Cutaneous and Serum Oxidative Stress Changes in Dogs Infested with Sarcoptes scabiei var. Canis. Nwufoh, Onyeka Chidiebele; Sadiq, Nurudeen Ayinde; Emikpe, Benjamin Obukowho; Omobowale, Tayo Apr 1, 2020 5214
Ebola Virus Neutralizing Antibodies in Dogs from Sierra Leone, 2017. Fischer, Kerstin; Suluku, Roland; Fehling, Sarah Katharina; Jabaty, Juliet; Koroma, Bashiru; Strecke Apr 1, 2020 2570
Ridge Alterations following Socket Preservation Using a Collagen Membrane in Dogs. Lyu, Chengqi; Shao, Zhengwei; Zou, Derong; Lu, Jiayu Mar 31, 2020 5885
Making the Case for Multi-Axis Assessment of Behavioural Problems. Fatjo, Jaume; Bowen, Jonathan Report Mar 1, 2020 10105
Ejaculation Effect on Canine Prostatic Specific Esterase Serum Concentration. Alonge, Salvatore; Melandri, Monica; Leoci, Raffaella; Lacalandra, Giovanni M.; Caira, Michele; Aiud Report Mar 1, 2020 4662
First Isolation of Brucella canis from Pet Dogs in Sichuan Province, China: Molecular Characterization, Pathogenicity and Antigen Location Analysis. Zhijun Zhong, Rui Tu, Xichun Wang, Yi Geng, Qicheng Xiao, Yinan Tian, Bin Wei, Jiaming Dan, Ya Wang Feb 14, 2020 4387
Human Norovirus Infection in Dogs, Thailand. Charoenkul, Kamonpan; Nasamran, Chanakarn; Janetanakit, Taveesak; Tangwangvivat, Ratanaporn; Bunpapo Feb 1, 2020 2206
Reproductive and Behavioral Evaluation of a New Immunocastration Dog Vaccine. Siel, Daniela; Ubilla, Maria Jose; Vidal, Sonia; Loaiza, Alexandra; Quiroga, John; Cifuentes, Federi Report Feb 1, 2020 5413
Intraspecific Motor and Emotional Alignment in Dogs and Wolves: The Basic Building Blocks of Dog-Human Affective Connectedness. Palagi, Elisabetta; Cordoni, Giada Report Feb 1, 2020 6487
Sequential Analysis of Livestock Herding Dog and Sheep Interactions. Early, Jonathan; Aalders, Jessica; Arnott, Elizabeth; Wade, Claire; McGreevy, Paul Report Feb 1, 2020 9972
Prostatic Neoplasia in the Intact and Castrated Dog: How Dangerous is Castration? Schrank, Magdalena; Romagnoli, Stefano Jan 1, 2020 10727
In Vitro Evaluation of the Effects of Tylosin on the Composition and Metabolism of Canine Fecal Microbiota. Pinna, Carlo; Vecchiato, Carla Giuditta; Grandi, Monica; Mammi, Ludovica Maria Eugenia; Stefanelli, Report Jan 1, 2020 8501
Raising an Assistance Dog Puppy--Stakeholder Perspectives on What Helps and What Hinders. Mai, Dac; Howell, Tiffani; Benton, Pree; Bennett, Pauleen C. Report Jan 1, 2020 10491
Bone Augmentation of Peri-Implant Dehiscence Defects Using Multilaminated Small Intestinal Submucosa as a Barrier Membrane: An Experimental Study in Dogs. Wang, Siwen; Wu, Weiyi; Liu, Yuhua; Wang, Xinzhi; Tang, Lin; You, Pengyue; Han, Jianmin; Li, Bowen; Nov 1, 2019 5416
Evaluation of Oxidative Status and Inflammatory Changes in Naturally Occurring Canine Visceral Leishmaniasis. Report Feb 28, 2019 3440
S100 can be used as a tumor marker in canine mammary tumors. Lloren, Khristine Kaith S.; Vitor, Rodel Jonathan S., II Dec 15, 2018 5967
Effects of Diazepam/Propofol and Diazepam/Remifentanil Induction Protocols on the Coagulation in Dogs. Kaya, Didar Aydin; Guzel, Ozlem; Matur, Erdal; Cerkez, Emine Esma; Ugur, Simge; Ergen, Ezgi; Erdikme Dec 1, 2018 4093
Staphylococcus sp, antimicrobial treatment and resistance in canine superficial bacterial pyoderma. Meneses, M.L.; Martin, P.L.; Manzuc, P.; Arauz, M.S.; Pardo, A.G. Dec 1, 2018 3022
Epidemiological aspects of human and canine visceral leishmaniasis in State of Alagoas, Northeast, Brazil/Aspectos epidemiologicos da leishmaniose visceral canina e humana no estado de Alagoas, Nordeste, Brasil. Rocha, M.A.N.; Matos-Rocha, T.J.; Ribeiro, C.M.B.; Abreu, S.R.O. Nov 1, 2018 4748
Oasmia reports Phase 2 dog study meets primary endpoint. Oct 3, 2018 190
Animal welfare in experimental orthopedic surgery of dogs: an analysis of the Brazilian view/Bem-estar animal em cirurgia ortopedica experimental de caes: uma analise da visao brasileira. Sugauara, Rosangela Rumi; Sugauara, Elisangela Yumi; Otutumi, Luciana Kazue; de Melo Germano, Ricard Aug 1, 2018 2802
Echocardiographic evaluation of dogs subjected to different protocols of anesthetic induction/Avaliacao ecocardiografica de caes submetidos a diferentes protocolos de inducao anestesica. Cardoso, Helena Mondardo; Tocheto, Ronise; Padilha, Vanessa Sasso; Silva, Gizelli; Comassetto, Felip Aug 1, 2018 4810
Cardiac Troponin - A Cardiac Biomarker for Point of Care Testing in Acute Heart Failure Syndrome in Canines. Barathan, P.; Sumathi, D.; Nambi, A.P. Jul 1, 2018 2314
Comparative Evaluation of Immunochromatographic and Reverse Transcriptase Polymerase Chain Reaction based tests for Diagnosis of Canine Distemper. Agnihotri, Divya; Maan, Sushila; Batra, Kanisht; Jain, V.K. Jul 1, 2018 2860
Vitreous Humor Analysis for Estimation of Death Time in Dogs. Thangapandiyan, M.; Arulanandam, K.; Balachandran, C. Jul 1, 2018 1191
Identification and Genetic Evolution Analysis of One Strain of H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus Isolated from Nanjing, China. Kalhoro, Dildar Hussain; Liang, Shan; Kalhoro, Muhammad Saleem; Pirzado, Shoaib Ahmed; Rajput, Nasir Report Jun 30, 2018 3755
Sociodemographic and environmental analysis for the occurrence of anti-Leptospira antibodies in dogs of Teresina, Piaui, Brazil. Silva, Elis Roselia Dutra de Freitas Siqueira; Castro, Vanessa; Mineiro, Ana Lys Bezerra Barradas; P May 1, 2018 6596
Spread of Canine Influenza A(H3N2) Virus, United States. Voorhees, Ian E.H.; Glaser, Amy L.; Toohey-Kurth, Kathy; Newbury, Sandra; Dalziel, Benjamin D.; Dubo Dec 1, 2017 6050
Lumbar Scoliosis Induction in Juvenile Dogs by Three-dimensional Modulation of Spinal Growth Using Nickel-Titanium Coil Springs. Zhang, Heng-Yan; Li, Qi-Yi; Wu, Zhi-Hong; Zhao, Yu; Qiu, Gui-Xing Nov 5, 2017 3859
Effects of dorzolamide/timolol and tafluprost on intraocular pressure and pupil diameter in healthy dogs/Efeitos da dorzolamida/Timolol e da tafluprosta sobre a pressao intraocular e o diametro pupilar em caes saudaveis. Dower, Nathalie Moro Bassil; Ribeiro, Alexandre Pinto; Maciel, Camila do Espirito Santo; Spiller, Pa Sep 1, 2017 3710
Prototheca zopfii genotype 2 disseminated infection in a dog with neurological signs/Infeccao por prototheca zopfii genotipo 2 disseminada em um cao com sinais neurologicos. Sonne, Luciana; de Oliveira, Eduardo Conceicao; Argenta, Fernando Froner; Monteggia, Rafael Souza Fe Aug 1, 2017 2803
Hemodynamic gestational adaptation in bitches/Adaptacao hemodinamica gestacional em cadelas. de Almeida, Vivian Tavares; Uscategui, Ricardo Andres Ramirez; da Silva, Priscila Del Aguila; Avante Ensayo Jul 1, 2017 4329
Functional foods' effects on dog, cat health summarized; The journal Research in Veterinary Science published the functional foods meta-analysis. Tim Wall Jul 1, 2017 764
Review of the Research: Are Therapy Dogs in Classrooms Beneficial? Kropp, Jerri J.; Shupp, Mikaela M. Jun 22, 2017 7835
The enduring enigma of small dogs: they're loving, ideal for urban life and generally live longer but have health problems unique to them. Jun 1, 2017 1647
Renal injury in female dogs with pyometra/ Injuria renal em cadelas com piometra. da Silva Figueiredo, Mariana; Malm, Christina; Dias Mamao, Leonardo; de Oliveira, Juliana; Cambraia Ensayo May 1, 2017 4530
Some very good dogs. O'Rourke, Morgan Editorial Apr 1, 2017 338
Modelling of Rabies Transmission Dynamics Using Optimal Control Analysis. Asamoah, Joshua Kiddy K.; Oduro, Francis T.; Bonyah, Ebenezer; Seidu, Baba Report Jan 1, 2017 8982
Metabolic Differences between Dogs of Different Body Sizes. Middleton, Rondo P.; Lacroix, Sebastien; Scott-Boyer, Marie-Pier; Dordevic, Nikola; Kennedy, Adam D. Report Jan 1, 2017 7801
Associated Factors to Seroprevalence of Ehrlichia spp. in Dogs of Quintana Roo, Mexico. Martinez-Vega, Pedro Pablo; Bolio-Gonzalez, Manuel Emilio; Rodriguez-Vivas, Roger Ivan; Gutierrez-Bl Report Jan 1, 2017 4577
The Demographics of Canine Hip Dysplasia in the United States and Canada. Loder, Randall T.; Todhunter, Rory J. Report Jan 1, 2017 10370
Inhibitory control in domestic dogs: what do we know so far?/ Control inhibitorio en perros domesticos: ?que sabemos hasta ahora?/ Controle inibitorio em cachorros domesticos: o que sabemos ate agora? Fagnani, Jesica; Barrera, Gabriela; Bentosela, Mariana Dec 1, 2016 9321
Newcastle University study reveals whether dogs bred on puppy farms are more aggressive; Newcastle University research has revealed differences in behaviour traits between 'farmed' dogs and those from reputable breeders. May 26, 2016 690
How much will a dog bite cost? About $37,200. May 11, 2016 542
Assessment of health facilities for control of canine rabies--Gondar City, Amhara Region, Ethiopia, 2015. Pieracci, Emily G.; Schroeder, Betsy; Mengistu, Araya; Melaku, Achenef; Shiferaw, Miriam; Blanton, J May 6, 2016 1012
Influenza A(H6N1) Virus in Dogs, Taiwan. Lin, Hui-Ting; Wang, Ching-Ho; Chueh, Ling-Ling; Su, Bi-Ling; Wang, Lih-Chiann Dec 1, 2015 2217
Changes in expression of BDNF and its receptors TrkB and p75NTR in the hippocampus of a dog model. of chronic alcoholism and abstinence. Xu, R.; Duan, S.R.; Zhao, J.W.; Wang, C.Y. Report Aug 1, 2015 4324
Humane education for students with visual impairments: learning about working dogs. Bruce, Susan M.; Feinstein, Jennie Dapice; Kennedy, Meghan C.; Liu, Ming Report Jul 1, 2015 5268
Isolation of Onchocerca lupi in dogs and black flies, California, USA. Hassan, Hassan K.; Bolcen, Shanna; Kubofcik, Joseph; Nutman, Thomas B.; Eberhard, Mark L.; Middleton May 1, 2015 5337
Seroprevalencia de Toxocara canis en perros de las ciudades de Corrientes y Esperanza (Argentina). Garcia, L.D.; Lopez, M.A.; Laffont, H.M.; Bojanich, M.V.; Martin, U. Dec 1, 2014 2284
Nutritional and environment aspects of canine obesity/Aspectos nutricionais e ambientais da obesidade canina. Aptekmann, Karina Preising; Suhett, Weslem Garcia; Mendes, Aguinaldo Francisco, Jr.; Souza, Graziela Nov 1, 2014 3110
Temporary occlusion of the inferior lacrimal punctum and canaliculi of dogs with n-butyl-cyanoacrylate and 2-octyl-cyanoacrylate/Oclusao temporaria do ponto e canaliculo lacrimais inferiores de caes com n-butil-cianoacrilato e 2-octil- cianoacrilato. Honsho, Cristiane dos Santos; de Freitas Cardoso, Karym Christine; Quarterone, Carolina; Franco, Lea Sep 1, 2014 3964
Molecular epidemiology of reemergent rabies in Yunnan Province, Southwestern China. Zhang, Hai-Lin; Zhang, Yu-Zhen; Yang, Wei-Hong; Tao, Xiao-Yan; Li, Hao; Ding, Ji-Chao; Feng, Yun; Ya Sep 1, 2014 5097
Parasitological analysis of synovial fluid from dogs naturally infected with Leishmania sp./Analise parasitologica do liquido sinovial de caes naturalmente infectados por Leishmania sp. da Silva, Mayara Nobrega Gomes; Pereira, Deyverson Thiago Prates; Mistieri, Maria Ligia de Arruda; L Jul 1, 2014 1902
Cervical and transdiaphragmatic paraxiphoid thoracoscopy in dogs: evaluation of respiratory response and blood pressure/Toracoscopias cervical e paraxifoide transdiafragmatica em caes: aplicacao de tecnica e avaliacao da resposta respiratoria e pressao sanguinea. Guedes, Rogerio Luizari; Feranti, Joao Pedro Scussel; dos Santos, Fabiane Reginatto; Brambatti, Gust Jul 1, 2014 4361
The sedation on the auditory brainstem responses in dogs/A sedacao sobre os potenciais evocados auditivos em caes. Palumbo, Mariana Isa Poci; Ramos, Mariana Cristina; Outeda, Nadia Crosignani; Resende, Luiz Antonio May 1, 2014 3526
Prepubertal gonadectomy in dogs and cats/Gonadectomia pre-puberal em caes e gatos. Voorwald, Fabiana Azevedo; Tiosso, Caio de Faria; Toniollo, Gilson Helio Jun 1, 2013 7581
Epidemiological aspects of dog bites considering biter dogs and victims/Aspectos epidemiologicos das agressoes por caes sob o ponto de vista do cao agressor e das vitimas/Descripcion de las mordeduras por perros desde el punto de vista del perro agresor y de las victimas. Buso, Daniel Sartore; Queiroz, Luzia Helena; Silva, Jose Erisvaldo Jun 1, 2013 4850
Renal parasite load association with laboratory findings in dogs with visceral leishmaniasis/Associacao da carga parasitaria renal com achados laboratoriais em caes com leishmaniose visceral. Torres, Mariana de Medeiros; de Almeida, Arleana do Bom Parto Ferreira; Sorte, Eveline da Cruz Boa; May 1, 2013 1804
Employment of cell block of agarose as additional method in the cytological diagnosis of canine mammary tumors/Emprego do cell block de agarose como metodo complementar no diagnostico citologico de tumores mamarios caninos. Zanoni, Diogo Sousa; Kleeb, Silvia Regina; Xavieir, Jose Guilherme Mar 1, 2013 3359
Decrease in the astrocytic expression of glial fibrillary acidic protein in dogs treated with dexamethasone/ Reducao da expressao astrocitaria de proteina glial fibrilar acida em caes tratados com dexametasona. Bondan, Eduardo Fernandes; Zacariotti, Rogerio Loesch; Martins, Maria de Fatima Monteiro; Viani, Fla Mar 1, 2013 2302
Joint cartilage removal associated or not to homologous implant or autologous cancellous bone graft in dogs submitted to atlantoaxial arthrodesis/ Remocao da cartilagem articular associada ou nao a implante homogeno ou enxerto autogeno de osso esponjoso em caes submetidos a artrodese atlantoaxial. Festugatto, Rafael; Mazzanti, Alexandre; Raiser, Alceu Gaspar; da Silva, Fernanda Souza Barbosa; Tre Mar 1, 2013 4500
Evaluation of chemiluminescent assay on determination of intact parathormone in dogs/Validacao do metodo de quimioluminescencia para determinacao de paratormonio intacto em caes/Validacion del metodo de quimioluminiscencia para la determinacion de parathormona intacta en perros. Machado, Luiz Henrique de Araujo; Moutinho, Flavio Quaresma Mar 1, 2013 2352
The effects of environmental extremes on working dogs: a collaborative initiative. Baker, Janice; Miller, Laura Report Jan 1, 2013 3831
Functional recovery of hip joint postoperative in dogs: clinic, radiographic and biomechanical study/Recuperacao funcional coxofemoral pos-operatoria em caes: estudo clinico, radiografico e biomecanico. Barbosa, Anna Laeticia da Trindade; Schossler, Joao Eduardo Wallau; Bolli, Carlos Mota; Lemos, Luiz Nov 1, 2012 4306
Systolic blood pressure of dogs at hospital and domestic environment/Pressao arterial sistolica de caes nos ambientes hospitalar e domestico. Soares, Frederico Aecio Carvalho; Neuwald, Elisa Barp; Mombach, Veronica Santos; D'Avila, Ana Elize Jul 1, 2012 4050
Analgesic and anti-inflammatory effects of Arnica montana 12CH in comparison with ketoprofen in dogs/Analgesia e acao antiinflamatoria da Arnica montana 12CH comparativamente ao cetoprofeno em caes. Cassu, Renata Navarro; Collares, Carlos Meirelles; Alegre, Beatriz Porto; Ferreira, Rosangela Cristo Oct 1, 2011 3384
Comparison of the sedative effects of morphine, meperidine or fentanyl, in combination with acepromazine, in dogs/Comapracao dos efeitos sedativos da morfina, meperidina ou fentanil, associados a acepromazina, em caes. Gomes, Viviane Horta; Monteiro, Eduardo Raposo; Dias, Raquel Sartori; de Oliveira, Renato Leao Sa; d Aug 1, 2011 3172
Microbiological analysis of bacterial plaque of periodontal disease on dogs and effects of antibioticotherapy on it/Analise microbiologica da placa bacteriana da doenca periodontal em caes e o efeito da antibioticoterapia sobre ela. da Fonseca, Stella Alves; Galera, Paula Diniz; Brito, Daiana Lima; Perecmanis, Simone; Silva, Anahi Aug 1, 2011 3402
A retrospective of dermatophytosis in dogs and cats Veterinary Hospital at the Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, in the years 2006 to 2008/Retrospectiva das dermatofitoses em caes e gatos atendidos no Hospital Veterinario da Universidade Federal de Mato Grosso, nos anos de 2006 a 2008. Neves, Rita de Cassia da Silva Machado; da Cruz, Felipe Augusto Constantino Seabra; Lima, Samara Ros Aug 1, 2011 3686
Molecular detection of Leptospira in urine samples of dogs naturally infected/Deteccao molecular de Leptospira em amostras de urina de caes infectados naturalmente/Deteccion molecular de Leptospira en muestras de orina de perros infectados naturalmente. Meira, Caroline Dantas; Wenceslau, Amauri Arias; Carvalho, Fabio Santos; Correa, Janaina Maria Xavie Jun 1, 2011 1808
Assessment of biologic resurfacing of femoral head in dogs through membranous layer of fetal sheep skull. Khakpour, Mansor; Nazeri, Farhad; Nazeri, Mehrdad Report May 1, 2011 5488
Begging test: an evaluation of the degree of visual communication between mixed, pure bred dogs (Golden Retrievers) and humans/Begging test: uma avaliacao da graduacao da comunicacao visual entre caes sem raca definida, caes de raca (Golden Retrievers) e humanos. Martinez, Edilberto Nobrega; Boere, Vanner Apr 1, 2011 3653
Electrocardiography, recovery and sedation time of butorphanol or buprenorphine in dogs pretreated with ace promazine/Eletrocardiografia, sedacao e qualidade da recuperacao do butorfanol ou buprenorfina em caes pre-tratados pela acepromazina.... Santos, Paulo Sergio Patto dos; de Castro, Marcello Pardi; Nogueira, Geison Morel; Duarte, Claudia A Sep 1, 2010 4247
Cardiorespiratory and analgesic effects of ketamine via epidural route, intravenous continuous infusion or association of both, in dogs submitted to femoral osteosynthesis/Efeitos cardiorrespiratorios e analgesicos da cetamina por via epidural, por infusao intravenosa continua ou pela associacao de ambas, em caes submetidos a osteossintese de femur. Carregaro, Adriano Bonfim; Freitas, Gabrielle Coelho; Marques, Jenifer de Santana; Trein, Thomas Ale Jul 1, 2010 4084
Histomorphological characterization of proliferative inflammatory atrophy in canine prostate/ Caracterizacao histomorfologica da atrofia inflamatoria proliferativa na prostata canina. Toledo, Denise Caroline; Faleiro, Mariana Batista Rodrigues; Rodrigues, Marcela Marcondes Pinto; Di Jun 1, 2010 3048
Pneumovirus in dogs with acute respiratory disease. Renshaw, Randall W.; Zylich, Nancy C.; Laverack, Melissa A.; Glaser, Amy L.; Dubovi, Edward J. Jun 1, 2010 1986
Histopathological findings and detection of parasites in the eyes of dogs infected naturally with Leishmania chagasi/Achados histopatologicos e deteccao de parasitas nos olhos de caes infectados por Leishmania chagasi. Brito, Fabio Luiz da Cunha; Laus, Jose Luiz; Tafuri, Wagner Luiz; Figueiredo, Maria Marta; Silva, Va May 1, 2010 3762
Intoxication in dogs and cats: toxicological diagnosis using thin layer chromatography and high pressure liquid chromatography with ultraviolet detection in stomach samples/Intoxicacao em caes e gatos: diagnostico toxicologico empregando cromatografia em camada delgada e cromatografia liquida de alta pressao com deteccao ultravioleta em amostras estomacais. Bulcao, Rachel Picada; Tonello, Raquel; Piva, Silvia Juliane; Schmitt, Gabriela Cristina; Emanuelli, May 1, 2010 2904
Hepatic radiodensity in healthy dogs by helical computed tomography/Radiodensidade hepatica de caes higidos por tomografia computadorizada helicoidal. Costa, Lorena Adao Vescovi Sellos; Maestri, Luciana Felicio de Paula; Maia, Jofli Andrade, Jr.; Silv Apr 1, 2010 3182
Adverse effects of ranitidine applied in therapeutic dosage in healthy dogs/Efeitos colaterais da ranitidina aplicada em dose terapeutica em caes saudaveis. Cavalcanti, Guilherme Albuquerque de Oliveira; Feliciano, Marcus Antonio Rossi; Silveira, Tatiana; L Feb 1, 2010 1650
Colopexy and deferentopexy associated with omentopexy in the treatment of perineal hernia in dogs. Study of thirty cases/ Colopexia e deferentopexia associadas a omentopexia no tratamento da hernia perineal em caes: um estudo de trinta casos. D'Assis, Mario Jorge Melhor Heine; Neto, Joao Moreira da Costa; Estrela-Lima, Alessandra da Silva; F Report Feb 1, 2010 3612
Mortality rate during anesthesia: retrospective study (1996-2006)/Indice de mortalidade durante procedimentos anestesicos: estudo retrospectivo (1996-2006). Correa, Andre Luis; Oleskovicz, Nilson; de Moraes, Aury Nunes Report Dec 1, 2009 4609
Study sheds light on genetics of African village dogs. Oct 1, 2009 284
Histopathological analysis of the reproductive system of male dogs experimentally infected with Toxoplasma gondii/Analise histopatologica do sistema reprodutor de caes machos experimentalmente infectados com Toxoplasma gondii. Arantes, Tiago Pereira; Lopes, Welber Daniel Zanetti; Ferreira, Roberta Machado; Pieroni, Juliana de Report Oct 1, 2009 1612
Effects of meloxicam administered by different routes to control experimental uveitis in dogs/Efeitos do meloxicam, aplicado por diferentes vias, no controle de uveite experimental em caes. Ribeiro, Alexandre Pinto; Escobar, Andre; Motheo, Tathiana Fergunson; Godoy, Guilherme Selera; Laus, Report Oct 1, 2009 4119
Melanocyte-stimulating hormone receptor (MC1R) genotype and its effects on coat color in Korean Jindo dogs. Hong, Kyung-Won; Kim, Sang-Wook; Jang, Hong-Chul; Yang, Seung-Min; Shin, Young-Bin; Hong, Yoon-Hye; Report Aug 1, 2009 3955
Immunohistochemical expression of B and T-lymphocytes and TGF-[beta] in experimentally transplanted canine venereal tumor/Expressao imunoistoquimica de linfocitos T e B e do TGF-[beta] no tumor venereo transmissivel canino experimentalmente transplantado. Trompieri-Silveira, Ana Carolina; Gerardi, Daniel; Mouro, Juliana Vitti; Costa, Mirela Tinucci; Ales Report Jul 1, 2009 3100
Development and Validation of a questionnaire to identify Separation Anxiety Syndrome in domestic dogs/Construcao e validacao de um questionario para identificacao da Sindrome de Ansiedade de Separacao em caes domesticos. Soares, Guilherme Marques; Telhado, Joao; Paixao, Rita Leal May 1, 2009 4138
Nonfatal fall-related injuries associated with dogs and cats--United States, 2001-2006. Stevens, J.A.; Teh, S.L.; Haileyesus, T. Mar 27, 2009 3409
Quantification of CD[34.sup.+] hematopoietic stem cells from the umbilical cord of dogs/Quantificacao de celulas CD[34.sup.+] do sangue do cordao umbilical de caes. Nakage, Ana Paula Massae; Santana, Aureo Evangelista; Buffo de Capua, Maria Luisa; Godoy, Aline Viei Report Mar 1, 2009 4916
Percutaneous hip denervation for the treatment of canine hip dysplasia/Denervacao capsular percutanea no tratamento da displasia coxofemoral canina. Selmi, Andre Luis; Penteado, Bianca Mota; Lins, Bruno Testoni Report Mar 1, 2009 3944
Mechanical resistance of the modified stabilization method for the tibial tuberosity advancement technique. Ex vivo experimental study in dogs/Resistencia mecanica da tecnica de avanco da tuberosidade tibial modificada: estudo experimental ex vivo em caes. Lins, Bruno Testoni; Rahal, Sheila Canevese; Louzada, Mario Jefferson; Dalmas, Jose Carlos; Selmi, A Report Mar 1, 2009 2934
Modified stabilization method for the tibial tuberosity advancement technique: a biomechanical study/Modificacao da tecnica de avanco da tuberosidade tibial: estudo biomecanico. Lins, Bruno Testoni; Rahal, Sheila Canevese; Jefferson Louzada, Mario; Dalmas, Jose Carlos; Selmi, A Report Mar 1, 2009 3174
Anaplasma platys in dogs, Chile. Abarca, Katia; Lopez, Javier; Perret, Cecilia; Guerrero, Javier; Godoy, Paula; Veloz, Ana; Valiente- Sep 1, 2007 2227
Scientific Working Group on Dogs and Orthogonal Detection Guidelines: general guidelines for training, certification, maintenance, and documentation: Scientific Working Group on Dogs and Orthogonal Detection Guidelines (SWGDOG). Oct 1, 2006 1001
The Shape of Things to Come: this fun training technique can be used to teach your dog anything. Miller, Pat Mar 1, 2006 3227
Shock or Awe? are "electronic training collars" a positive training tool or evil incarnate? Miller, Pat Feb 1, 2006 3745
The language of dogs: intermediate forms in global culture. Green, Louise Jan 1, 2006 6871

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