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Peter McGrail plays down Vasily Lomachenko comparison ahead of Dubai fight; Everton supporter Peter McGrail faces Alexandru Ionita over six rounds at Probellum Evolutionin Dubai on Saturday. By, Phil Kirkbride Mar 19, 2022 598
Pore Structures of the Lower Permian Taiyuan Shale and Limestone in the Ordos Basin and the Significance to Unconventional Natural Gas Generation and Storage. Zhang, L.; Zhao, Q.; Wu, C.; Qiu, Z.; Zhang, Q.; Wang, Y.; Liu, D. Jan 10, 2022 7195
Petrophysical properties of bypassed Cenozoic clastic reservoirs in the Cesar sub-basin, Colombia/Determination de propiedades petrofisicas a traves del analisis de registros de pozo para conocer las primeras ideas en la evaluation de reservorios clasticos cenozoicos en la subcuenca Cesar, Colombia. Olave, Helmer Fernando Alarcon; Otero, Edwar Hernando Herrera Sep 1, 2021 6593
Evolving Assessments of Human and Natural Contributions to Climate Change. Leggett, Jane A. Aug 1, 2021 11238
Fatal Human Infection with Evidence of Intrahost Variation of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, Alabama, USA, 2019. Hughes, Holly R.; Velez, Jason O.; Davis, Emily H.; Laven, Janeen; Gould, Carolyn V.; Panella, Amand Clinical report Jul 1, 2021 4794
Hong Kong Baptist University-led research unlocks the genomic secrets of organisms that thrive in extreme deep-sea environments. Mar 29, 2021 794
Identification of Hepatitis E Virus in the Feces of Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes). Lanszki, Zsofia; Kurucz, Kornelia; Zeghbib, Safia; Kemenesi, Gabor; Lanszki, Jozsef; Jakab, Ferenc Oct 1, 2020 4187
Life on the edge: common slow pace of life but contrasted trajectories of alpine rock ptarmigan populations at their southern margin. Canonne, Coline; Novoa, Claude; Muffat-Joly, Bertrand; Resseguier, Jean; Desmet, Jean-Francois; Casa Jun 1, 2020 8109
Dog eats bat theory for coronavirus. Apr 15, 2020 356
A THEORY OF EVOLUTION AS A PROCESS OF UNFOLDING. Ostachuk, Agustin Jan 1, 2020 10851
Evolution Law of Overburden Longitudinal Connected Fissures in a Shallowly Buried Coal Face with Thin Bedrock. Jia, Housheng; Pan, Kun; Wang, Luyao; Liu, Shaowei; Fu, Mengxiong; Ji, Xiang Dec 31, 2019 6932
Effects of Empathy on the Evolutionary Dynamics of Fairness in Group-Structured Systems. Zhang, Yanling; Liu, Jian; Li, Aming Dec 31, 2019 7930
Damage Evolution Characteristics of Rock Salt under Different Stress Conditions. Wang, Chunping; Liu, Jianfeng; Wang, Lu Nov 30, 2019 5956
In Silico Analysis of Gardnerella Genomospecies Detected in the Setting of Bacterial Vaginosis. Potter, Robert F.; Burnham, Carey-Ann D.; Dantas, Gautam Nov 1, 2019 7390
Spatiotemporal Differences in Dominants of Dryness/Wetness Changes in Southwest China. Zhou, Shujia; Sun, Shanlei; Shi, Wanrong; Wang, Jiazhi; Li, Jinjian; Wang, Guojie; Lou, Weiping Oct 31, 2019 10382
An Evolution Analysis of Collaborative Innovation Network considering Government Subsidies and Supervision. Xu, Yingying; Qi, Liangqun; Lyu, Xichen; Zang, Xinyu Aug 31, 2019 7451
Oxygen possibly linked to Cambrian explosion 540m years ago. May 8, 2019 715
PHILOSOPHY: Vol. 94, No. 1, January 2019. Author abstract Mar 1, 2019 754
Descentralizacion y democracia: los inicios de las politicas educativas regionales en Espana durante la Transicion (1978-1985). Hijano del Rio, Manuel; Ruiz Romero, Manuel Jan 1, 2019 12415
Education and health in a region under social vulnerability situation: breakthroughs and challenges for public policies/Educacao e saude em uma regiao em situacao de vulnerabilidade social: avancos e desafios para as politicas publicas/Educacion y salud en una region en situacion de vulnerabilidad social: avances y desafios para las politicas publicas. Ribeiro, Kelen Gomes; de Andrade, Luiz Odorico Monteiro; de Aguiar, Jaina Bezerra; Moreira, Ana Este Oct 15, 2018 6302
Ethology of the cricket Endecous (Endecous) chape Souza-Dias & de Mello, 2017 (Orthoptera: Grylloidea: Phalangopsidae) I: Agonistic and reproductive behavior. Fianco, Marcos; de Souza-Dias, Pedro Guilherme Barrios; de Farias-Martins, Fernando; Magro, Suzana; Jul 1, 2018 6999
Replacing the Ringneck: CZ-USA's Sharp-tail is the next evolution of side-by-sides. Gash, Steve Jun 1, 2018 928
What is the Key Feature of Convection Leading Up to Tropical Cyclone Formation? Jun 1, 2018 532
"Fallen" and "Broken" Reinterpreted in the Light of Evolution Theory. Janssen, Luke Jeffrey Mar 1, 2018 414
Game Changers. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 117
Game Changers. Brief article Feb 1, 2018 128
A Many-Objective Optimization Algorithm Based on Weight Vector Adjustment. Wang, Yanjiao; Sun, Xiaonan Jan 1, 2018 13729
Research on Taxi Driver Strategy Game Evolution with Carpooling Detour. Zhang, Wei; He, Ruichun; Ma, Changxi; Gao, Mingxia Jan 1, 2018 5494
Characterizing Critical Transition State for Network Fundamental Diagram. Hong, Rongrong; An, Chengchuan; Lu, Zhenbo; Jingxin, Xia; Nie, Qinghui; Rao, Wenming Jan 1, 2018 6585
Complex Dynamics in an Evolutionary General Equilibrium Model. Naimzada, Ahmad; Pireddu, Marina Jan 1, 2018 8900
Network Traffic Flow Evolution Model Based on Disequilibrium Theory. Huang, Zhongxiang; Wu, Jianhui; Huang, Ruqing; Xu, Yan Jan 1, 2018 6179
Status of Artemisinin Resistance in Malaria Parasite Plasmodium falciparum from Molecular Analyses of the Kelch13 Gene in Southwestern Nigeria. Oboh, Mary Aigbiremo; Ndiaye, Daouda; Antony, Hiasindh Ashmi; Badiane, Aida Sadikh; Singh, Upasana S Jan 1, 2018 3133
Massive Galaxy Pair Stretches Cosmic Evolution Theories. Dec 7, 2017 825
Variaciones alometricas durante el crecimiento en siete especies de garzas (Aves: Ardeidae). Denis Avila, Dennis Dec 1, 2017 4694
Scientist Observe New Finch Species Coming Into Being. Nov 24, 2017 564
Role of TRP Channels in Dinoflagellate Mechanotransduction. Lindstrom, J. B.; Pierce, N. T.; Latz, M. I. Report Oct 1, 2017 11447
AI-Based Neural Networks Will Further Astronomical Research. Aug 31, 2017 503
How To Explain The Theory Of Evolution To A Creationist. Reprint Aug 8, 2017 1193
A Unifying Theory of Evolution: Generated by Means of Information Modelling. Book review Aug 1, 2017 148
Everything you know about sex is wrong: part 1: the gender binary. Hafer, Abby Jul 1, 2017 2058
Tracing The Evolution Of Vertebrate Brains. Jun 1, 2017 506
Introducing a theory of neutrosophic evolution: degrees of evolution, indeterminacy, and involution. Smarandache, Florentin Report Apr 1, 2017 3887
Delay-Induced Oscillations in a Competitor-Competitor-Mutualist Lotka-Volterra Model. Xu, Changjin Report Jan 1, 2017 4747
Numerical Modeling of Soil Evaporation Process and Its Stages Dividing during a Drying Cycle. Han, Jiangbo; Lin, Jin; Dai, Yunfeng Jan 1, 2017 8469
Conservation of the Nrf2-Mediated Gene Regulation of Proteasome Subunits and Glucose Metabolism in Zebrafish. Nguyen, Vu Thanh; Fuse, Yuji; Tamaoki, Junya; Akiyama, Shin-ichi; Muratani, Masafumi; Tamaru, Yutaka Report Jan 1, 2017 5417
Frequency of mutations in rifampicin and isoniazid resistant isolates of M. tuberculosis, an analysis from Central India. Desikan, Prabha; Kharate, Atul; Panwalkar, Nikita; Khurana, Jyoti; Mirza, Shaina Beg; Chaturvedi, Ap Dec 1, 2016 4092
Excavating knowledge: Jurassic Park in the classroom. Crewe, David Critical essay Oct 1, 2016 3967
Evolution and the struggle of love in Emily Pfeiffer's Sonnets. Dieleman, Karen Critical essay Sep 22, 2016 12398
Evolution of the interdisciplinary theoretical and empirical variables associated with the design in the development of interfaces for virtual learning enviroments/Evolucao das variaveis teorico-empiricas interdisciplinares associadas ao design no contexto do desenvolvimento de interfaces para ambientes virtuais de aprendizagem. Conti, Luana Maia; de Sa Freire, Patricia; Bilessimo, Simone Meister; Silva, Solange Maria da May 1, 2016 5096
"Aftertones of Infinity": biblical and Darwinian evocations in Terrence Malick's The Tree of Life and To the Wonder. Robbins, Gregory Allen Critical essay Apr 1, 2016 6124
New ideas in evolutionary biology: From NDMS to EES. Garte, Sy Essay Mar 1, 2016 6800
Microevolution of outbreak-associated Middle East respiratory syndrome coronavirus, South Korea, 2015. Seong, Moon-Woo; Kim, So Yeon; Corman, Victor Max; Kim, Taek Soo; Cho, Sung Im; Kim, Man Jin; Lee, S Feb 1, 2016 2554
Extreme climate change sped process. Jun 1, 2015 361
Ecological analysis of a tourism business network. Torres, Claudia Eugenia Toca; Rodriguez, Jesus Carrillo Ensayo Apr 1, 2015 8821
Grange set a challenge to Darwin's big theory of evolution; Chris Upton looks at the history of Biddulph Grange and how one man reconciled geology and theology. Jan 15, 2015 975
Smileys Help Explain Theory Of Evolution. Dec 15, 2014 444
Banding patterns of three leafcutter ant species of the genus Atta (Formicidae: Myrmicinae) and chromosomal inferences. Barros, Luisa Antonia Campos; Teixeira, Gisele Amaro; De Aguiar, Hilton Jeferson Alves Cardoso; Mari Report Dec 1, 2014 4307
CDNA cloning, characterization and expression analysis of ribosomal protein S23 gene of Periplaneta americana (Blattodea: Blattidae). Chen, Wan; Jiang, Guo-Fang; Dong, Si-Yu; Li, Ran Report Dec 1, 2014 4687
Creationists Criticise Pope Francis' Backing Of Big Bang And Evolution Theories. Nov 4, 2014 523
Surviving Thornfield: Jane Eyre and nineteenth-century evolutionary theory. Mishou, Aubrey L. Critical essay Sep 22, 2014 7504
Labeling Theory: Empirical Tests. Book review Aug 1, 2014 114
Labeling Theory: Empirical Tests. Book review Aug 1, 2014 110
Experimental study of the tribological behaviour of materials of brake disc and pads/Eksperimentinis stabdziu disku medziagu ir ju kaladeliu tribologines saveikos tyrimas. Djafri, M.; Bouchetara, M.; Busch, C.; Weber, S. Report Jul 1, 2014 3064
The 13th Century bishop who thought up Big Bang theory; Heritage. Apr 23, 2014 504
Theory Of Early Animal Evolution Challenged; Study Finds Sponges Can Survive With 0.1% Oxygen. Report Feb 19, 2014 313
Physical and chemical characterization of different stages of landfill leachate from Ain Temouchent engineered landfill (Algeria). Aicha, Chadli; Bey, Baba Hamed Mohamed; Mebrouk, Kihal Report Jan 1, 2014 4548
The conversation: Elizabeth Kolbert and Bill McKibben. Thomson-Deveaux, Amelia Discussion Jan 1, 2014 2163
Persistencia de especies arboreas relictas a lo largo del Holoceno en el Sistema Central espanol. Schaad, Daniel Abel; Pulido, Fernando; Lopez-Saez, Jose Antonio; Alba Sanchez, Francisca; Nieto Lugi Jan 1, 2014 14822
Secret of Eternal Youth Bucks Darwin's Theory of Evolution. Dec 9, 2013 427
Wiley-Blackwell encyclopedia of human evolution. Book review Oct 1, 2013 225
Darwin's Dilemma: Evolutionary 'Big Bang' Does not Contradict Theory of Evolution. Sep 12, 2013 467
The scientific merit of the theories of Teilhard de Chardin. Beresford, David Jul 1, 2013 2480
Shaw as an Evolutionist in Arms and the Man. Iqbal, Muhammad; Ali, Amjad Critical essay Jun 30, 2013 3669
From Adam Smith to Michael Porter; evolution of competitiveness theory. Brief article Jun 1, 2013 154
Enriching the sustainability paradigm. Hunter, Murray Mar 1, 2013 12566
Land-ice interaction in the Baltic Sea/Maa-jaa vastasmoju Laanemere rannikul. Lepparanta, Matti Report Mar 1, 2013 6969
Bioregions get a redistricting: basis for evolutionary theory updated for 21st century. Milius, Susan Brief article Jan 26, 2013 298
At last, Welsh scientist is to escape from the shadow of evolutionary giant Darwin; CO-CONCEIVER OF EVOLUTION THEORY TO BE PUT IN SPOTLIGHT. Jan 24, 2013 705
Cell plasticity and heterogeneity in cancer. Marjanovic, Nemanja D.; Weinberg, Robert A.; Chaffer, Christine L. Report Jan 1, 2013 7439
Implicit active contours driven by local and global image fitting energy for image segmentation and target localization. Yu, Xiaosheng; Qi, Yuanchen; Lu, Ziwei; Hu, Nan Jan 1, 2013 3483
Pulmonary innate immune response and melatonin receptors in the perinatal stress. Olegario, Janainna Grazielle Pacheco; Silva, Marcos Vinicius; Machado, Juliana Reis; Rocha, Laura Pe Jan 1, 2013 4085
The immense diversity of floral monosymmetry and asymmetry across angiosperms. Endress, Peter K. Report Dec 1, 2012 11069
From Schumpeter to Neo-Schumpeterianism. Ciote, Cristina Steliana Critical essay Dec 1, 2012 2510
Identification of intermediate in evolutionary model of enterohemorrhagic Escherichia coli O157. Jenke, Christian; Leopold, Shana R.; Weniger, Thomas; Rothganger, Jorg; Harmsen, Dag; Karch, Helge; Apr 1, 2012 5448
Karyotype description of possible new species of the Hypostomus ancistroides complex (Teleostei: Loricariidae) and other Hypostominae/Descricao cariotipica de possiveis novas especies do complexo Hypostomus ancistroides e outros Hypostominae. Endo, Katia Sayuri; Martinez, Emanuel Ricardo Monteiro; Zawadzki, Claudio Henrique; Paiva, Luiz Rica Apr 1, 2012 4612
Nature, not humans, invented the wheel. Mar 1, 2012 477
God's unlikely comeback; evolution, emanation, and ecology. Nuallain, Sean O. Essay Jan 1, 2012 17180
The evolutionary origins of genetic information. Freeland, Stephen Essay Dec 1, 2011 9979
Possibility of dying as a unified explanation of why we discount the future, get weaker with age, and display risk-aversion. Chowdhry, Bhagwan Oct 1, 2011 3707
Charles Darwin and his apostles have go it all wrong! Professor Felix I D Konotey-Ahulu (pictured below) uses this review of Dr Carl Wieland's new book, One Human Family--The Bible, Science, Race, and Culture, to elaborate his own position on Charles Darwin's Theory of Evolution, racism and science. Konotey-Ahulu, Felix I.D. Critical essay Aug 1, 2011 4159
Design or the multiverse? Larson, Ronald Essay Mar 1, 2011 3848
New family of allomorphic jellyfishes, Drymonematidae (scyphozoa, Discomedusae), emphasizes evolution in the functional morphology and trophic ecology of gelatinous zooplankton. Bayha, Keith M.; Dawson, Michael N. Report Dec 1, 2010 9204
The evolution of beliefs in God, spirit, and the paranormal. II: transliminality as the mediating factor/Die evolution des glaubens an gott, geist und das paranormale, II: transliminalitat als der vermittelnde faktor/L'evolution des croyances en dieu, ........ Kelley, Michael P. Report Sep 22, 2010 8049
Darwin's shadow: evolution in an Islamic mirror. Iqbal, Muzaffar Report Jun 22, 2010 9214
Laws and motions: addressing Darwin's theory and beliefs. Brown, Calvin Apr 1, 2010 1013
Do you believe in evolution? Jaskot, Bunny Essay Feb 1, 2010 762
The power of natural selection: a guided investigation of three case studies. Beachly, William Report Feb 1, 2010 6107
Guest editorial: where is the "origin" in the Origin of Species? McComas, William F. Editorial Feb 1, 2010 1527
1859 Darwin and the 'Origin of Species': how one man redefined what it means to be human--and why his work is still a source of contention today. Roberts, Sam Dec 14, 2009 2084
AMOROUS TURTLES STEAL SHOW FROM MR DARWIN; Nine artists come up with own theories of evolution at gallery: Art. Oct 23, 2009 240
Meet your mysterious relative. Ornes, Stephen Oct 14, 2009 519
The application of Darwinism to ideological change, with a case study of food-safety regulation. Yasuda, Tomohide Essay Sep 22, 2009 9324
No evidence for Darwinism. Mar 31, 2009 164
Vatican absolves Charles Darwin. Brief article Mar 22, 2009 101
The real seeds of Evolution; Zoologist recreates some of the experiments that Charles Darwin conducted in his garden to form his famed theory NEW! JIMMY DOHERTY IN DARWIN'S GARDEN THURSDAY, BBC2, 8pm. Feb 28, 2009 428
Scientific observations. Coyne, Jerry A. Brief article Feb 28, 2009 107
For both universe and life, only constant is change. Siegfried, Tom Editorial Feb 14, 2009 436
WALES: Did Darwinism have its origins in North Wales? GROUNDWORK FOR HIS THEORY LAID ON VISITS. Feb 3, 2009 420
Learn about evolution theory with the Open University's anniversary courses. Jan 8, 2009 219
Evoluntionary theory and the naturalist fallacy. Grodal, Torben Jun 22, 2008 1834
Internet evolution of Darwin's theories. Apr 18, 2008 678
An evolutionary stage model of outsourcing and competence destruction: a triad comparison of the consumer electronics industry. Kotabe, Masaaki; Mol, Michael J.; Ketkar, Sonia Jan 1, 2008 15496
The identification, assessment, and amelioration of barriers to America's acceptance of evolutionary theory. Firenze, Richard F. Report Dec 22, 2007 11062
Antropologia e geografia: convergencias e divergencias historicas. William Hoefle, Scott Dec 1, 2007 10545
Genetic diversity among clonal lineages within Escherichia coli O157:H7 stepwise evolutionary model. Feng, Peter C.H.; Monday, Steven R.; Lacher, David W.; Allison Lesley; Siitonen, Anja; Keys, Christi Nov 1, 2007 4558
Darwin and the question of form: the Greek connection. Weiss, Raymond L. Sep 1, 2007 3709
Why can't biologists read poetry? Ian McEwan's Enduring Love. Greenberg, Jonathan Critical essay Jun 22, 2007 12599
Integration and confrontation of contemporary worldviews: evolution and intelligent design. Pun, Pattle Jun 1, 2007 6129
Reply to Xavier L. Simon's comment. Montanye, James A. Mar 22, 2007 705
Intelligent design and evolution: do we know yet? Bloom, John A. Mar 1, 2007 620
World's humanists honor Darwin today; Theory of evolution becomes article of faith. Feb 12, 2007 771
Evolution to autonomy. Fairlamb, Horace L. Jan 1, 2007 17087
A unified view of Torah and evolution. Zeiger, Eliezer Essay Jan 1, 2007 6911
Monkeying around with hominid evolution. Hanoka, Yaacov Essay Jan 1, 2007 3334
Dating the earth. Hanoka, Yaacov Essay Jan 1, 2007 5821
Evolution, randomness, and divine purpose: a reply to Cardinal Schonborn. Byrne, Patrick H. Sep 1, 2006 5799
"Faith-based science"? Hoar, William P. Jul 10, 2006 971
Intelligent design not testable; it can't be a scientific theory. Jul 9, 2006 1699
A consilient canon? Bridges to and from evolutionary literary analysis. Amigoni, David Critical essay Jun 1, 2006 4907
Assembling the tree of life. Sohn, Emily May 31, 2006 898
Sexual selection: Darwin does Jamaica. Brief Article Jan 14, 2006 271
Satanic design? Wilson, Edward O. Excerpt Jan 1, 2006 153
The two Darwinisms. Reich, Robert B. Dec 1, 2005 754
Voting your genes. Sep 22, 2005 479
The alleged fallacies of evolutionary theory. Pigliucci, Massimo; Banta, Joshua; Bossu, Christen; Crouse, Paula; Dexter, Troy; Hansknecht, Kerry; Sep 22, 2005 3802
Origin of planetary systems, planetary satellites and planetary lives on earth. Adetiloye, P.O. Sep 22, 2005 1444
As God part of "intelligent design"? Sep 1, 2005 381
Reading the fossils of faith: Thomas Henry Huxley and the evolutionary subtext of the synoptic problem. Day, Matthew Sep 1, 2005 10119
Questions of faith and science. Roberts, Tom Jul 29, 2005 564
Catholic experts urge caution in evolution debate; scientists, theologians take issue with Schonborn's op-ed article. Allen, John L., Jr. Jul 29, 2005 3040
Catholic schools steer clear of anti-evolution bias. Guntzel, Jeff Severns Mar 25, 2005 1291
Judge bans textbook stickers. Coday, Dennis Brief Article Jan 28, 2005 103
Evolution as a universal process. Sorli, Amrit; Sorli, Kusum Mar 22, 2004 1936
Where do we go? Korotkov, Konstantin Sep 22, 2003 5440
Converted or unconverted: to whom shall we preach? Wax, Amy L. Sep 1, 2003 8348
No free lunch for intelligent design. (OP-ED). Pigliucci, Massimo Mar 22, 2003 949
Content analysis of an anomalous experience collection: evaluating evolutionary perspectives. McClenon, James Sep 1, 2002 9830
What science educators need to know about religion. (Evolution Symposium Abstracts). Clark, Denny A. Brief Article Jun 1, 2001 404
Out on a Limb. BOWER, BRUCE Nov 25, 2000 1875
Evolution and Thermodynamics: The New Paradigm([dagger]). Wicken, Jeffrey S. Sep 1, 1998 4086
Thermodynamics, information and life revisited, part 1: 'to be or entrophy'. Corning, Peter A.; Kline, Stephen Jay Jul 1, 1998 14953
'Fuzzy thinking:' an evolving debate. Lynn, Barry W. Jan 1, 1998 896
Why Do Women Menstruate? TRAVIS, JOHN Apr 12, 1997 1980
Reconstructing matrix evolution. Steppan, Scott J. Apr 1, 1997 6328
Testing for homogeneity of gametic disequilibrium among populations. Zapata, Carlos; Alvarez, Gonzalo Apr 1, 1997 1206
Genetic models of adaptation and gene flow in peripheral populations. Garcia-Ramos, Gisela; Kirkpatrick, Mark Feb 1, 1997 6187
A comparison of two models for estimating phylogenetic effect on trait variation. Christman, Mary C.; Jernigan, Robert W.; Culver, David Feb 1, 1997 3148
The historical turn in the study of adaptation. Griffiths, Paul E. Dec 1, 1996 8990
Fitness and function. Walsh, D.M. Dec 1, 1996 9643
Cleavage patterns and mesentoblast formation in the Gastropoda: an evolutionary perspective. Biggelaar, Jo A.M. van den; Haszprunar, G. Aug 1, 1996 11552
The evolutionary role of indirect effects in communities. Miller, Thomas E.; Travis, Joseph Jul 1, 1996 4596
Contrasting the underlying patterns of active trends in morphologic evolution. Wagner, Peter J. Jun 1, 1996 10119
On phase three of the shifting-balance theory. Gavrilets, Sergey Jun 1, 1996 6153
It keeps going and going. Smith, Bruce M. Editorial Feb 1, 1996 568
Perspective: Darwin, progress, and economic principles. Ghiselin, Michael T. Dec 1, 1995 9608
Explaining complex adaptations: a reply to Sober's 'Reply to Neander.' (response to Elliott Sober, The Nature of Selection, 1984) Neander, Karen Dec 1, 1995 1983
Inferring the rates of branching and extinction from molecular phylogenies. Kubo, Takuya; Iwasa, Yoh Aug 1, 1995 7498
Adaptive schools in a quantum universe. Garmston, Robert; Wellman, Bruce Cover Story Apr 1, 1995 4556
The challenge of exoevolution. Birx, H. James Dec 22, 1994 2285
Fish out of water. Harding, Caroline Oct 1, 1994 2256
Disciplining evolutionary biology: Ernst Mayr and the founding of the Society for the Study of Evolution and Evolution (1939-1950). Smocovitis, Vassiliki Betty Biography Feb 1, 1994 4001
Biological evolution. Asimov, Isaac Reference Source Jan 1, 1994 153
Phenotypic variation of growth trajectories in finches. Bjorklund, Mats Oct 1, 1993 4262
Intelligence: logical or biological. Angell, Ian O. Column Jul 1, 1993 1969
Synergistic selection of unpalatability in plants. Tuomi, Juha; Augner, Magnus Apr 1, 1993 3404
Stephen Jay Gould and the contingent nature of history. McRae, Murdo William Mar 22, 1993 4916
Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Giles, Mary E. Jan 1, 1992 3183

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