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Utilization of the Fast Discrete Curvelet Transform in the OFDM System. Nerma, Mohamed H.M. Apr 1, 2020 4112
A Novel Signal Detection Algorithm for Underwater MIMO-OFDM Systems Based on Generalized MMSE. Zhao, Gaoli; Wang, Jianping; Chen, Wei; Song, Junping Nov 30, 2019 5752
MIMO-OFDM in a Cooperative Frequency Selective Fading Channel: An Analysis. Dixit, Saurabh; Katiyar, Himanshu; Singh, Arun Kumar Nov 30, 2019 3296
Joint Kalman Channel Estimation and Turbo Equalization for MIMO OFDM Systems over Fast Fading Channels. Chang, Yu-Kuan; Ueng, Fang-Biau; Shen, Ye-Shun; Liao, Chih-Yuan Nov 1, 2019 4589
Antenna Element Index Modulation for Frequency Diverse Array. Huang, Gaojian; Ding, Yuan; Fusco, Vincent; Ouyang, Shan Oct 31, 2019 3802
Training Sequence Design of TDS-OFDM Signal in Joint Radar and Communication System. Zuo, Jiajun; Yang, Ruijuan; Luo, Shaohua; Li, Xiaobai Aug 31, 2019 4505
Energy Efficiency Optimization for multiuser OFDM-based Cognitive Heterogeneous networks. Ning, Bing; Zhang, Aihua; Hao, Wanming; Li, Jianjun; Yang, Shouyi Jun 1, 2019 9522
Novel Adaptive Distributed Compressed Sensing Algorithm for Estimating Channels in Doubly-Selective Fading OFDM Systems. Song, Yuming; He, Xueyun; Gui, Guan; Liang, Yan May 1, 2019 4980
Joint Time Delay and Angle Estimation Using the Matrix Pencil Method Based on Information Reconstruction Vector. Li, Haiwen; Ren, Xiukun; Bai, Ting; Zhang, Long Report Dec 1, 2018 6585
Experimental Investigation of Zadoff-Chu Matrix Precoding for Visible Light Communication System with OFDM Modulation. Guo, Xinyue; Guo, Yang; Li, Shuangshuang Report Jan 1, 2018 3138
Switching MIMO System with Adaptive OFDM Modulation for Indoor Visible Light Communication. Guo, Xinyue; Zhang, Keer; Huang, Xufa Report Jan 1, 2018 3831
60GHz Reverse Modulation Fiber-Wireless System with Two Jointed DSP Algorithms. Chen, Long; He, Ziwei; Zhao, Lv; Zhong, Bin Report Jan 1, 2018 2943
Path Formation Time in the Noise-Limited Fractionated Spacecraft Network with FDMA. Yan, Tingting; Hu, Shengbo; Mo, Jinrong Jan 1, 2018 7058
Extended Reach 10 Gb/s Transmission with an Optical I/Q Modulator Using VCSELs over OFDM-Based Multimode Fiber Link. Kedia, Deepak; Nehra, Monika Jan 1, 2018 3185
Theoretical and Experimental Investigation of Direct Detection Optical OFDM Systems with Clipping and Normalization. Wu, Jiang; Wang, Zhongpeng Jan 1, 2018 6735
Energy Efficiency Analysis of Antenna Selection Techniques in Massive MIMO-OFDM System with Hardware Impairments. Singal, Anuj; Kedia, Deepak Jan 1, 2018 3564
BER Performance of Stratified ACO-OFDM for Optical Wireless Communications over Multipath Channel. Gebeyehu, Zelalem Hailu; Langat, Philip Kibet; Maina, Ciira Wa Jan 1, 2018 8502
Downlink Linear Precoders Based on Statistical CSI for Multicell MIMO-OFDM. Baktash, Ebrahim; Lin, Chi-Heng; Wang, Xiaodong; Karimi, Mahmood Jan 1, 2018 10905
Suppressing the OFDM CFO-Caused Constellation Symbol Phase Deviation by PAPR Reduction. Lipovac, Adriana; Lipovac, Vlatko; Njemcevic, Pamela Jan 1, 2018 3313
Uplink Multiuser MIMO-OFDM System in the Presence of Phase Noises, Power Imbalance, and Correlation. Chen, Xiaoming; Wolfgang, Andreas; Svensson, Tommy Jan 1, 2018 5550
Efficient Impulsive Noise Mitigation for OFDM Systems Using the Alternating Direction Method of Multipliers. Lv, Xin-Rong; Li, Youming; He, Yu-Cheng Jan 1, 2018 6191
Lagrangian Dual Decomposition for Joint Resource Allocation Optimization Problem in OFDMA Downlink Networks. Jia, Li-Jun; He, Yu-Cheng; Chen, Dong-Hua; Zhou, Lin Jan 1, 2018 6727
Joint Range-Doppler-Angle Estimation for OFDM-Based RadCom System via Tensor Decomposition. Kong, Bo; Wang, Yuhao; Deng, Xiaohua; Qin, Dong Jan 1, 2018 6959
Dynamic OFDM Transmission for a Cognitive Radio Device Based on a Neural Network and Multiresolution Analysis. Rodriguez-Colina, Enrique; Hernandez, Cesar A.; Pedraza, Luis Fernando; Prieto-Guerrero, Alfonso; Lo Jan 1, 2018 5827
Improved Interference Cancelation Channel Estimation Method in OFDM/OQAM System. Qiu, Shangfei; Xue, Lunsheng; Wu, Peng Jan 1, 2018 5795
Outage Probability Analysis of Co-Tier Interference in Heterogeneous Network. Kamrul Hasan, Mohammad; Fadzil Ismail, Ahmad; Hashim, Wahidah; Islam, Shayla; Aisha-Hassan; Hashim, Report Oct 1, 2017 3057
Cross-layer Dynamic Subcarrier Allocation with Adaptive Service Rate Control in SC-FDMA System. Ye, Fang; Su, Chunxia; Li, Yibing; Zhang, Xu Report Oct 1, 2017 6648
PAPR Reduction of OFDM Signal with SPS-SLM Technique and Analysis of BER Performance through AWGN Channel. Raza, Md. Salim; Ali, Md. Shahjahan Report Oct 1, 2017 4067
PAPR Reduction in VLC-OFDM System using CPM Combined with PTS Method. Freag, Haitham; Hassan, Emad S.; El-Dolil, Sami A.; Dessouky, Moawad I. May 1, 2017 3316
Multicarrier Waveform Harmonization and Complexity Analysis for an Efficient 5G Air Interface Implementation. Garcia-Roger, David; Roger, Sandra; de Valgas, Josue Flores; Monserrat, Jose F. Report Jan 1, 2017 6615
Evaluation of 5G Modulation Candidates WCP-COQAM, GFDM-OQAM, and FBMC-OQAM in Low-Band Highly Dispersive Wireless Channels. Lizeaga, Aitor; Rodriguez, Pedro M.; Val, Inaki; Mendicute, Mikel Report Jan 1, 2017 6616
Transform Methods for the Reduction of the Peak to Average Power Ratio for the OFDM Signal. Kumar, Rajendra; Santitewagul, Vuttipol Report Jan 1, 2017 12034
Feasibility Studies on the Use of Higher Frequency Bands and Beamforming Selection Scheme for High Speed Train Communication. Laiyemo, Ayotunde O.; Luoto, Petri; Pirinen, Pekka; Latva-aho, Matti Report Jan 1, 2017 10165
Evaluation of PLC Channel Capacity and ABER Performances for OFDM-Based Two-Hop Relaying Transmission. Ezzine, Sana; Abdelkefi, Fatma; Cances, Jean Pierre; Meghdadi, Vahid; Bouallegue, Ammar Report Jan 1, 2017 8026
Cavity Formation Modeling of Fiber Fuse in Single-Mode Optical Fibers. Shuto, Yoshito Report Jan 1, 2017 7554
The Complex [alpha]-[mu] Fading Channel with OFDM Application. Freitas, Wander H.M.; Bomfin, Roberto C.D.V.; de Souza, Rausley A.A.; Yacoub, Michel Daoud Report Jan 1, 2017 4593
Phase Noise Suppression Algorithm Based on Modified LLR Metric in SC-FDMA System. Xu, Zijie; Ren, Guangliang Jan 1, 2017 2862
Performance analysis of QOSTBC-OFDM system based on FEC codes. Blakit, Mohammed J.; Eljaafreh, Yousef Report Dec 1, 2016 3510
Multi-Access Interference Mitigation Using Multi-Level Power Control Algorithm in OFDMA Cellular System. Saad, Waleed; Nagieb, Mahmoud; Shokair, Mona Nov 1, 2016 3001
A Proposed Sub-optimal Power Allocation using Simulated Annealing in Cognitive Radio Networks. Dawoud, Abd Elhamed M.; Shokair, Mona; Elkordy, Mohamed; Halafawy, Said El May 1, 2016 3411
Interference management techniques for heterogeneous networks. Gauthaman, N.; JesvinVeancy, B.; Yogesh, P. Mar 1, 2016 2328
Systematic detection of primary synchronization signal in third generation partnership project long term evolution system. Subha, B.; Jayanthi, V.E. Report Feb 1, 2016 2357
Energy-efficiency analysis of per-subcarrier antenna selection with peak-power reduction in MIMO-OFDM wireless systems. Le, Ngoc Phuc; Tran, Le Chung; Safaei, Farzad Jan 1, 2014 8792
Relay selection and subcarrier-pair based energy-efficient resource allocation for multirelay cooperative OFDMA networks. Hao, Wanming; Yang, Shouyi; Hao, Wanliang Jan 1, 2014 7211
Novel receiver architecture for LTE-A downlink physical control format indicator channel with diversity. Abbas, S. Syed Ameer; Thiruvengadam, S.J.; Susithra, S. Jan 1, 2014 5818
Simulation of the OFDM technique for the transmission of digital radio/Simulacion de la tecnica de modulacion OFDM para propositos de transmision de radio digital. Herrera, Marcelo; Perez, Miguel Jun 1, 2013 1705
Multiband slot antennas for metal back cover mobile handsets. Zhong, Jiangwei; Edwards, Robert M.; Ma., Lei; Sun, Xiaowei Abstract Apr 1, 2013 2660
WDM performances of two- and three-waveguide Mach-Zehnder switches assembled into 4 x 4 matrix router. Calo, Giovanna; Petruzzelli, Vincenzo Abstract Mar 1, 2013 5235
A high-speed and low-energy-consumption processor for SVD-MIMO-OFDM systems. Iwaizumi, Hiroki; Yoshizawa, Shingo; Miyanaga, Yoshikazu Report Jan 1, 2013 4605
Improved resource allocation scheme in LTE femtocell systems based on fractional frequency reuse. Lee, Insun; Hwang, Jaeho; Jang, Sungjeen; Kim, Jaemoung Sep 1, 2012 5816
A low complexity PTS technique using threshold for PAPR reduction in OFDM systems. hwan.Lim, Dai; Ho.Rhee, Byung Sep 1, 2012 4178
Efficient channel delay estimation for OFDM systems over doubly-selective fading channels. Heo, Seo Weon; Lim, Jongtae Report Sep 1, 2012 3700
Utility-based resource allocation with bipartite matching in OFDMA-based wireless systems. Kan, Zheng; Wei, Li; Fei, Liu; Wei, Xiang Report Aug 1, 2012 4826
Resource allocation with proportional rate in cognitive wireless network: an immune clonal optimization scheme. Chai, ZhengYi; Zhang, DeXian; Zhu, SiFeng Technical report May 1, 2012 7406
On OFDM subcarrier allocation strategies for soft hand-off in cellular systems. Kim, Chanhong; Lee, Jungwoo Technical report Mar 1, 2012 3469
Novel schemes of CQI feedback compression based on compressive sensing for adaptive OFDM transmission. Li, Yongjie; Song, Rongfang Apr 1, 2011 6592
Semi-blind channel estimation and multi-user data detection for downlink MC-CDMA. Luo, Jun; Chou, Te-Shun; Andrian, Jean H. Dec 1, 2010 6224
PAPR reduction in MIMO-OFDM systems using modified PTS and SLM without side information. Khan, Y.A.; Matin, M.A.; Ferdous, S.I. Dec 1, 2010 6167
Broadband cognitive radio transmission based on sub-channel sensing and NC-OFDM. Xu, Gang; Zhu, Yiwen; Han, Meng Aug 1, 2010 3414
Building the 4G foundation. Lecklider, Tom. Editorial Oct 1, 2009 3612
Adaptive modulation for OFDM systems. Faezah, J.; Sabira, K. Aug 1, 2009 4127
Optical fiber amplifiers-review. Wasfi, Mahmud Apr 1, 2009 3400

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