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Insurtechs Poised to Challenge Traditional Home Insurers: J.D. Power. Simpson, Andrew G. Report Sep 18, 2019 429
Carrier Tech, Infracture Investments Drive Record Small Business Customer Satisfaction Levels: J.D. Power. Aug 19, 2019 362
3 Ways to Speed Up Claims and Boost Customer Satisfaction. Lizza, Fred Jul 11, 2019 904
Why First Notice of Loss Is Key to Customer Satisfaction: Viewpoint. Pieffer, David Viewpoint essay Jul 11, 2019 876
Top 5 Imperatives for Insurers in 2019. Amaresh, Kannan Jun 3, 2019 1093
Why Agent Response Time Is More Critical Than Ever. Wetzel, Tom Column May 20, 2019 722
The Next Insurance Battleground: High-Value Customers. Super, Tom May 8, 2019 989
User Experiences and How to Test Them. West, Jessamyn Apr 1, 2019 1316
Big Benefits and Quick Wins: Sharing the Value of Claims Analytics. Mar 21, 2019 1401
3 Claims Areas Where Property Insurers Disappoint Customers. Mar 18, 2019 459
Go with the Flow: The Secret to Getting Mobile Testing Right. Kinsbruner, Eran Mar 1, 2019 782
GRADING CLAIMS SATISFACTION. O'Rourke, Morgan Brief article Mar 1, 2019 168
Independent Agents Satisfied With Carrier Interactions Send More Business to Them: J.D. Power. Feb 1, 2019 613
Independent Agents Satisfied With Carrier Interactions Send More Business to Them: J.D. Power. Feb 1, 2019 611
Collection Development Policy and User Satisfaction in University Libraries in Rivers State, Nigeria. Okwu, Emmanuel; Echem, Mercy E. Report Jan 1, 2019 4482
The Bad News About High Auto Insurance Customer Satisfaction. Lajdziak, Robert M. Dec 10, 2018 1288
How High Customer Expectations Raise the Bar for Insurance Industry. Lajdziak, Robert Oct 30, 2018 1259
Management Accounting Service Quality: What Is Most Important to Your Customers? Walker, Kenton B.; Johnson, Eric N.; Fleischman, Gary M. Sep 22, 2018 4117
Can Home Insurers Keep Customers as Happy as Insurtechs? Sep 17, 2018 706
Measuring the user experience doesn't start with metrics. Sep 11, 2018 746
Agencies Focus on Growing Larger Accounts: Channel Harvest Survey. Wells, Andrea Aug 29, 2018 401
Address Critical Reviews in Polite, Productive Manner. Jul 18, 2018 1092
Bridging the Trust Gap. Moloughney, Sean Editorial Mar 1, 2018 384
The Big E In Brand Experience. Hartman, Glen Viewpoint essay Feb 26, 2018 745
User Satisfaction for an Augmented Reality Application to Support Productive Vocabulary Using Speech Recognition. Hashim, Nurhazarifah Che; Majid, Nazatul Aini Abd; Arshad, Haslina; Obeidy, Waqas Khalid Report Jan 1, 2018 6730
Service Failures and Consumer Responses: Exploring the Antecedents of Consumer Dissatisfaction and Propensity to Complain. Janjua, Qaiser Rashid Abstract Dec 1, 2017 9348
Ask Customers This in 2018. Karrh, Jim Nov 20, 2017 695
Revision and Validation of Retail Service Quality Scale in Branchless Banking. Ali, Tehreem; Azam, Rauf I.; Hunjra, Ahmed Imran Abstract Sep 1, 2017 9258
What companies can do to reduce customer effort: you need to make transactions frictionless to keep customers coming back. Shacklett, Mary Aug 1, 2017 2487
Relationship between Quality Management and Customer Satisfaction to Improve Loyalty towards Tourist Destination. Campdesuner, Reyner Perez; Vidal, Gelmar Garcia; Rodriguez, Alexander Sanchez; Vivar, Rodobaldo Mart Abstract Jul 1, 2017 7880
Systems Engineering Approach for Voice Recognition in the Car. Wheeler, Joshua; Richardson, Brigitte; Amman, Scott; Ji, An; Huber, John; Rangarajan, Ranjani Report May 1, 2017 1646
Identifying and exploiting trustable users with robust features in online rating systems. Oh, Hyun-Kyo; Kim, Sang-Wook Report Apr 1, 2017 10403
Choosing the less satisfying option: Investigating customers' lender selection decisions. Keiningham, Timothy L.; Aksoy, Lerzan; Buoye, Alexander; Ball, Joan Report Dec 22, 2016 7122
Factors influencing channel member satisfaction. Kansal, Purva; Goel, Suriti Report Oct 1, 2016 5831
The moderating role of product categories in the relationship between online fulfillment, procurement, and consumer repurchase intention: a hierarchical analysis. Wan, Xiang; Huang, Xiaowen; Dong, Yan Statistical data Oct 1, 2016 8803
Satisfaction and repurchase intentions for health insurance marketplaces: evidence from a partnership state. Fitzgerald, M. Paula; Bias, Thomas K. Report Sep 22, 2016 4562
Research on customer satisfaction measurement and influence factors of fitness club based on large data. Xiang, Zheng Sep 1, 2016 2885
The story behind storytelling for business. Karrh, Jim Aug 29, 2016 718
Consumer satisfaction rating scale: revised for use in both psychiatric care and social services. Norlander, Torsten; Ivarsson, Bo; Andersson, Jonny; Norden, Tommy Report Jul 1, 2016 4838
Let's do it right this time. Fulmer, Ann D. Jul 1, 2016 775
On social, not all negative are bad: companies should use customer comments--both good and bad--to drive brand transformation. Klie, Leonard Jul 1, 2016 2512
Subjective well-being--an important consumption factor in marketing. Brunello, Adrian; Ciobanu, Claudia Ioana; Luca, Florin-Alexandru Jun 22, 2016 2746
Sharing what you stand for. Stewart-Burton, Jennifer Jun 1, 2016 641
Journey maps: the secret to our customer success: in the era of digital disruption, new tools can help you strive for authenticity. Pombriant, Denis Column Apr 1, 2016 725
Converging and diverging forces on customer satisfaction: comparative empirical analysis of Hollywood movies in the U.S. and China. Sussan, Fiona; Chinta, Ravi Mar 22, 2016 8223
Thule enhances global experience. Mar 1, 2016 240
A formative model of the relationship between destination quality, tourist satisfaction and intentional loyalty: an empirical test in Vietnam. Cong, Le Chi Statistical data Mar 1, 2016 12039
Tourists' perceived value and satisfaction in a community-based homestay in the Lenggong Valley World Heritage Site. Rasoolimanesh, S. Mostafa; Dahalan, Norziani; Jaafar, Mastura Statistical data Mar 1, 2016 7429
Australian contributions to tourist behaviour studies. Pearce, Philip L. Mar 1, 2016 8321
Use of impact-range performance and asymmetry analyses to improve OTA website quality. Ye, Ben Haobin; Fu, Hui; Law, Rob Statistical data Mar 1, 2016 7489
Magento COM. Mar 1, 2016 151
Survey fatigue: let's take the onus off of customers: Companies should find fresh ways--online communities, analytics, journey mapping--to gather customer intelligence. Gibbons, Patrick Feb 1, 2016 666
The relationship among customer satisfaction, loyalty and financial performance of commercial banks. Belas, Jaroslav; Gabcova, Lenka Abstract Jan 1, 2016 8083
Achieving value co-creation in IT outsourcing. Sun, Szu-Yuan; Chen, Li-Shan Report Jan 1, 2016 6796
An Analysis of Bank Service Satisfaction Based on Quantile Regression and Grey Relational Analysis. Pan, Wen-Tsao; Leu, Yungho Report Jan 1, 2016 5287
Highway Expenditures and Associated Customer Satisfaction: A Case Study. Paz, Alexander; de la Fuente-Mella, Hanns; Singh, Ashok; Conover, Rebecca; Monteiro, Heather Case study Jan 1, 2016 5529
United States : UnitedHealthcare Vision and Dental Plans Rank Highest in Customer Satisfaction in J.D. Power Study. Report Dec 4, 2015 324
Successful history of design and manufacturing of Biancalani Textile Machinery. Oct 31, 2015 501
The effect of e-shops' service quality on Lithuanian consumers' purchase intentions. Dkudiene, Vida; Eertokas, Darunas; McCorkle, Denny; Reardon, James Report Sep 22, 2015 6847
The relationship between selected service quality factors in Turkish municipalities and customer satisfaction. Cahin, Salih Kenan; Ergun, Ercan Report Sep 22, 2015 6322
Impact of service quality on customer satisfaction of automated teller machine service: case study of a private commercial joint stock bank in Vietnam. Phan, Chi Anh; Nham, Phong Tuan Report Sep 1, 2015 6776
Assessment of client's satisfaction regarding service utilization in an Urban Health Centre in Northern India. Kaushal, Pushapindra; Girdhar, Sangeeta; Chaudhary, Anurag; Sharma, Sarit; Satija, Mahesh; Gupta, Vi Jul 20, 2015 3206
Emotional intelligence & customer satisfaction in Indian banks. Singh, Pooja; Singhal, Rekha Report Jul 1, 2015 4445
Impact of customer satisfaction on financial results of car servicing companies: findings from Slovenia. Novak, Ales; Sparl, Petra; Azman, Slavko Statistical data Jul 1, 2015 7611
British manufacturer achieves 30% Energy Savings with CompAir. May 31, 2015 924
Targeted message yields greater upgrade response. Sears, Shannon May 1, 2015 684
Valence- and arousal-focused emotional clusters among highly-satisfied customers. Bindroo, Vishal; Pillai, Rajani Ganesh; Arnold, Mark J. Mar 22, 2015 8663
Impact of impulsive buying behavior on postimpulsive buying satisfaction. Li, Yalin Report Mar 1, 2015 5188
Service quality, customer satisfactions and restaurants' performance appraisal in hotel industry. Abukhalifeh, Ala'a Nimer; Som, Ahmad Puad Mat Report Feb 1, 2015 1997
Present perfect: using sad visions for a happier now. Balmain, Melissa Column Feb 1, 2015 756
The science of savoring. Onderko, Patty Interview Feb 1, 2015 1099
How Zysco uses the balanced scorecard. Chen, Yuanhong; Yu, Zengbiao; Lin, Thomas W. Cover story Jan 1, 2015 4415
Fulfillment as a competitive advantage. Meller, Russ Jan 1, 2015 2954
The effect of Lebanese public transport on visitor's satisfaction. Ladki, Said; Shatila, Fatima; Ismail, Samar Report Dec 1, 2014 3319
At the heart of textile quality control: why evenness testing is the only option. Nov 30, 2014 843
Designs stack up well against the competition: innovative plastic packaging designs continue to emerge--along with the tooling to make them reality. Giordano, Geoff Report Oct 1, 2014 2774
The role of organizational structure in impact of market orientation on business performance. Pirouzi, Davoud Report Jul 23, 2014 2888
Diversity Vuteq brings iPads to the shop floor. Trebilcock, Bob Cover story Jul 1, 2014 1943
Meeting customers' expectations calls for 'concierged' experiences: companies must strive for deeper digital personalization. Minsker, Maria Jul 1, 2014 320
Enhanced customer satisfaction in the wake of banking liberalization: the Singaporean case. Maysami, Ramin Cooper; Goby, Valerie Priscilla; Mensah, Edwin Clifford Report Jun 22, 2014 5926
Perceived service quality and its impact on customer Sfaction in Islamic and conventional banks in Kuwait. Al-adwani, Tahani S.; Al-Ajmi, Rashed. S.; Hamdy, Hosny. I.; Elhagrasey, Galal. M. Report Jun 22, 2014 9831
Theoretical investigation of trust in small and medium sized enterprises/ Pasitikejimo smulkiosiomis ir vidutinemis imonemis teorinis tyrimas. Navickas, Valentinas; Skackauskiene, Ilona; Navikaite, Aida Report Jun 1, 2014 6171
Service quality, perceived value, customer satisfaction, and behavioral intention among fitness center members aged 60 years and over. Yu, Hyun Soon; Zhang, James J.; Kim, Dae Hyun; Chen, Kenny K.; Henderson, Chris; Min, Sophia D.; Hua Jun 1, 2014 3670
Relationship between with word of mouth and repurchase. Hadavandi, Davoud Apr 15, 2014 2563
Know thyself: meeting others' expectations starts with coming to terms with your own. Lager, Marshall Mar 1, 2014 597
Wow-worthy Employers. Major, Meg Mar 1, 2014 1600
Build on What's Working. Bayless, Maggie Column Feb 1, 2014 1284
Role of learning organization in building consumer confidence. Adamska, Malgorzata; Minarova, Martina Jan 1, 2014 5025
Experts and their records. Frankel, Alexander; Schwarz, Michael Abstract Jan 1, 2014 13371
Stars, diamonds, and other shiny things: the use of expert and consumer feedback in the hotel industry. Torres, Edwin N.; Adler, Howard; Behnke, Carl Report Jan 1, 2014 9258
A QFD-based mathematical model for new product development considering the target market segment. Chen, Liang-Hsuan; Chen, Cheng-Nien Report Jan 1, 2014 7032
Choice overload, satisficing behavior, and price distribution in a time allocation model. Alvarez, Francisco; Rey, Jose-Manuel; Sanchis, Raul G. Report Jan 1, 2014 4349
Does salesperson perception of the firm-level of market orientation influence sales behavior and performance attributions? Shoemaker, Mary E.; Pelham, Alfred M. Dec 22, 2013 7592
Business banking: marketing's new role: changes brought about by the financial crunch of 2008 have left an opportunity for marketers to play a more useful part in the acquisition and retention of middle-market business customers. Mambrino, Vanessa Dec 1, 2013 1663
Abridged. Brief article Dec 1, 2013 108
Telcos under the cosh: Ghanaian mobile phone owners are tearing their hair out in frustration at the poor quality of service they get from operators. Recently, all six providers in the country were slapped with fines for substandard performances. Operators, on the other hand, blame the country's working environment for their shortcomings. Sackitey, Francis L. Oct 1, 2013 1360
Engineers' voluntary turnover: application of survival analysis. Mulla, Zubin R.; Kelkar, Kanchana; Agarwal, Manisha; Singh, Swati; Sen, Nalin E.J. Oct 1, 2013 4706
Service quality dimensions in technology-based banking: impact on customer satisfaction and loyalty. Mojoodi, Amin; Najafizadeh, Nadereh Sadat; Ghasemi, Paria Report Oct 1, 2013 5958
The effectiveness of global system mobile providers' services on communication in Nigeria. Ubabudu, Mary Chinelo Sep 22, 2013 9598
Determining the purposefulness of new services on the grounds of the results of quantitative analysis. Drejeris, Rolandas; Bivainis, Juozas; Tuncikiene, Zivile; Drejeriene, Egle Sep 1, 2013 6581
Organisational climate, service climate and customer satisfaction: an investigation of their relationships in franchised hospitality enterprises. Johnston, Natasha; Sharma, Bishnu; Spinks, Wendy Author abstract Jul 1, 2013 9834
Lean: achieving critical mass. Kavanagh, Shayne; Cole, Jeff Cover story Jun 1, 2013 4926
Today's customer: more voice and choice than ever before. May 1, 2013 744
Why is financial selling getting worse--not better? Too many banks are pressing the 'easy button' and choosing cost efficiency over sales effectiveness. Schneider, Jim; Shallanberger, Mike; Eby, Coral Schneider Apr 1, 2013 3007
Steve jobs: not just CEO, but also customer satisfaction director. Motley, L. Biff Mar 1, 2013 597
The impact of CSR on consumers' attitude and behavior. Zaharia, Constantin; Zaharia, Ioana Mar 1, 2013 2164
Start small big challenge: part two. Mar 1, 2013 2599
The dimensions of customer preference in the foodservice industry. Abdullah, Firdaus; Abdurahman, Abang Zainoren bin Abang; Hamali, Jamil Mar 1, 2013 7150
Impact of customer orientation, service orientation, service quality, service encounter quality and perceived value towards customers satisfaction and behavioural intention: in retail context. Ming, Lau Wee; Chung, Hosea Lim Vui; Paul, Diana Atton ak Jan 1, 2013 3363
Top of mind. Chandler, Tamra; Woodward, Michael Brief article Jan 1, 2013 198
Add value: customers consider everything they get for the price, so make sure yours feel a big bang for their bucks. Johnson, Tory Jan 1, 2013 564
The influence of services, quality dimensions on customer satisfaction: a study on a pest control firm/A influencia das dimensoes da qualidade de servicos na satisfacao do cliente: um estudo em uma empresa do setor de controle de pragas/La influencia de las dimensiones de la cualidad de servicios enla satisfacciondel cliente: un estudio en una empresa del sector de control de plagas. Spina, Daniele Thomazelli; Giraldi, Janaina de Moura Engracia; de Oliveira, Marcio Mattos Borges Jan 1, 2013 10310
What does 'customer value' really mean? Atuahene-Gima, Kwaku Nov 1, 2012 1641
Impact of customer service and value creation on customer satisfaction in modern Indian retailing: a clue to the global retailers. Roy, Rajib Report Oct 1, 2012 5452
Factors of customers satisfaction in tourism/Faktory spokojenosti zakazniku v cestovnim ruchu. Pulpanova, Lenka; Simova, Jozefina Abstract Oct 1, 2012 5051
An empirical study on the preference and satisfaction for the pre-paid and post-paid cellular subscribers. Misra, Richa Oct 1, 2012 4983
Linkage research model of Indian hotel industry. Kansal, Purva Statistical data Oct 1, 2012 5867
Measuring and managing customer lifetime value: a CLV scorecard and cohort analysis in a subscription-based enterprise. Bonacchi, Massimiliano; Perego, Paolo Statistical table Sep 22, 2012 6520
In search of the perfect metric: don't hold out for a magic bullet. Gibbons, Patrick Aug 1, 2012 662
Exploring usefulness of CRM and IT in Malaysian hospitality industry: a qualitative approach. Hussain, Fawad; Rahman, Mihraj Begum Binti Saibu; Hassan, Mohamad Ghozali Bin Jul 1, 2012 4616
-Social Media Analysis: major airlines struggle with consumer satisfaction. Jun 29, 2012 299
-Social Media Analysis: major airlines struggle with consumer satisfaction. Jun 29, 2012 310
Customer satisfaction is a marathon, not a sprint. Motley, L. Biff May 1, 2012 581
Customer satisfaction and role of channel intermediaries in life insurance services: a comparative study. Shukla, Rajeev K.; Bhatt, Pradeep; Shrivastava, Sharad Apr 1, 2012 4640
Rationale and validity evidence for the cube one framework. Kopelman, Richard E.; Prottas, David, J. Report Mar 22, 2012 7598
Factors affecting the customer satisfaction in e-banking: some evidences form Indian banks. Kumbhar, Vijay M. Report Dec 1, 2011 4911
Work engagement: a rethink. Pati, Surya Prakash; Kumar, Pankaj Oct 1, 2011 5398
Assessing customer satisfaction with non-profit organizations: evidence from higher education. Huang, Lily; Yang, Zhilin; Hampton, Gerald Jul 1, 2011 6522
Divergent meaning of convergent mobile phone from generic mobile phone. Kim, Moon Seop; Kim, Yong Cheol; Kim, Jae Il Jul 1, 2011 8362
Satisfaction and repurchase intention: B2B buyer-seller relationships in medium-technology industries. Kellar, Gregory M.; Preis, Michael W. May 19, 2011 5580
Turn complaints into opportunities--and save a customer or two. Triplett, Ted May 1, 2011 561
The shift to precision marketing. Motley, L. Biff May 1, 2011 604
Patient's satisfaction and medical care service quality. Habbal, Youssef Report Mar 22, 2011 6869
Advertising Agencies & Services. Directory Mar 1, 2011 2062
Continuing education quiz. Mar 1, 2011 512
The Elizabeth Companies. Directory Mar 1, 2011 523
Special Topic Forum on service supply chains. Sampson, Scott; Spring, Martin Report Jan 1, 2011 464
Manufacturers' representatives: relationships between selling support and satisfaction. Pass, Michael W. Jan 1, 2011 3291
Convergys Intelligent Credits solution selected by Cincinnati Bell. Brief article Dec 8, 2010 131
Marketing strategy process: quantitative analysis of the customers' satisfaction/Marketingo strategijos procesas: vartotoju pasitenkinimo kiekybine analize. Dudzeviciute, Gitana; Peleckiene, Valentina Report Dec 1, 2010 4293
Landscape[TM]. Nov 1, 2010 770
Home sweet home: Municipal Arts Society. Brief article Oct 27, 2010 237
Earth Course Shaping Up Well For Dubai World Championship Presented By DP World. Oct 13, 2010 430
J.D. Power: servicer customer satisfaction slips during loan mods. Wisniowski, Charles Oct 1, 2010 528
Call weighting: with ClickFox, Sprint takes an analytical look at its crosschannel customer experience--and saves millions in the process. Beck, Koa Sep 1, 2010 547
Itron introduces ChoiceConnect[TM] 100 an affordable gas AMI solution. Aug 1, 2010 1132
Checking 2.0: designing the future account. Motley, L. Biff Jul 1, 2010 609
Automation vs. personalization. Linask, Erik Jul 1, 2010 785
A modified customer-satisfaction index model for the education sector in Abu Dhabi. Badri, Masood; Makki, Rafic; Attia, Samaa; Share, Khaled Al- Abstract Jun 22, 2010 8108
Health Alliance Plan. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 112
Magical Ali Baba produces a classic. Brief article Jun 1, 2010 153
Addressing management issues. Pontius, C. Anne Jun 1, 2010 1187
Dubai Customs Earns the ISO 10002:2004 for 3rd running Year. Apr 18, 2010 852
Are consumers disadvantaged or vulnerable? An examination of consumer complaints to the Better Business Bureau. Garrett, Dennis E.; Toumanoff, Peter G. Essay Mar 22, 2010 7696
One lucky winner to leave Villaggio in a brand new Mercedes-Benz S Class 350. Company overview Mar 16, 2010 688
Sharon Batt. Brief article Mar 1, 2010 176
Natural trend helps spur sales of lubricants. Feb 15, 2010 348
MinuteClinic is helping to close gap in primary care. Dec 7, 2009 689
The main antecedent of customer loyalty in Moroccan banking sector. Tariq, Abdul Naveed; Moussaoui, Nadia Dec 1, 2009 5336
NICE Recognized as the Worldwide Leader in Speech Analytics. Company overview Nov 19, 2009 448
Creating winning dynamics: franchisees, franchisors and compliance: an effective compliance management program starts at the first meeting, embraces reasonable discretion and promotes creative solution. Trivedi, Rajiv K. Sep 1, 2009 1324
Search Engineering. Simchock, Mark Sep 1, 2009 415
B2B Customers Have Feelings Too; How to build customer engagement in business-to-business relationships. O'Boyle, Ed May 14, 2009 1889
Updates from marketers, agencies. Paul, Ken Mar 1, 2009 2057
How Banks Can Save Themselves; The percentage of Americans who give bankers high marks for their honesty and ethics plunged to an all-time low in 2008. Here are some effective ways to turn that opinion around. Berlon, Douglas Jan 8, 2009 2113
Customer satisfaction assessment using neural networks modelling. Dan, Mihaela; Vasilache, Simona; Dima, Mihaela Alina Report Jan 1, 2009 1310
The role of leadership in building high performing, sustainable organizations. Goehrig, Robert Dec 1, 2008 4571
Expanding your business by increasing your services. Green, Gary Sep 24, 2008 1102
BEHR is number one among consumers. Jul 1, 2008 2113
Online benchmark study spotlights best meter-reading practices. Kozlosky, Christine K. Jul 1, 2008 2399
Consumer satisfaction to laboratory test interpretation by the ASCLS response team. Baker, Stacy L.; Waller, Kathy V. Jun 22, 2008 2765
Mobility performance testing. Lu, Richard Jun 1, 2008 2745
DMOs, convention centers work together to meet goals. May 12, 2008 303
NCB gets real with remote deposit capture. Apr 2, 2008 512
The love letter file: displaying and distributing case studies about satisfied customers is a powerful marketing technique that doesn't coast a dime to assemble--but can pay big dividends. Saeks, Ford Apr 1, 2008 1216
Record offshore hot tap completed downunder. Warterfield, Bob Apr 1, 2008 1336
Solving the mystery of poor customer experiences: a data-driven approach works best to analyze the customer experience. Parris, Jo Ann Apr 1, 2008 684
New solution for vehicle acquisition. Brief article Apr 1, 2008 306
Meeting the customer's needs. Feb 1, 2008 387
eDominate announces paperless loan origination system. Brief article Jan 1, 2008 142
Gift cards: disclosure one step removed. Horne, Daniel R. Dec 22, 2007 4349
Creating a Best-in-clas: KPI program. Kaskinen, Jani Oct 1, 2007 2606
Attitude toward the customer: a study of product returns episodes. Autry, Chad W.; Hill, Donna J.; O'Brien, Matthew Sep 22, 2007 9342
All disposable diapers are not made the same. Aug 27, 2007 431
Centers of excellence: getting on the bandwagon. Stewart-Amidei, Chris Editorial Aug 1, 2007 569
Who--and what is profitable? Sabath, Robert; Daugherty, Patricia J.; Mattioda, Daniel D.; Chen, Haozhe Jul 1, 2007 3725
The death care industry: a review of regulatory and consumer issues. Kopp, Steven W.; Kemp, Elyria Jun 22, 2007 9660
Remote deposit: stimulating the need for a new paradigm. Motley, L. Biff May 1, 2007 578
What do customers want most convenience or trust? Motley, L. Biff Mar 1, 2007 556
How to placate the disgruntled. Brief article Dec 1, 2006 247
A case of mistaken identity. Wright, Rebecca Editorial Nov 1, 2006 644
Eight supertrends shaping the future of business: success in the business world of tomorrow means recognizing the sweeping changes of today. Albrecht, Karl Sep 1, 2006 2691
It's just business. Rotfeld, Herbert Jack Editorial Jun 22, 2006 1498
Green cleaning options becoming more affordable. Doobin, Stan Jun 14, 2006 514
Improving customer service: taking a strategic approach to measuring contact center performance. Heinen, Joe May 1, 2006 1497
The rule of all rules: branding begins with your people: when launching your business, there is more to selling than the product. Proper staff training and service techniques will guarantee business success. Bearer's Gourmet Coffee Shop reports. Fish, Robert P. Column Sep 20, 2005 2181
Satisfaction surveys motivate customers to buy more products. Brief Article Sep 1, 2005 286
Service provider type as a predictor of the relationship between sociality and customer satisfaction. Koermer, Chas D. Jul 1, 2005 7040
Beyond customer satisfaction. Motley, L. Biff Jul 1, 2005 542
Conservation and Education in Murchison Falls Conservation Area, Uganda. Jordahl, Mark D. Abstract Jun 1, 2005 223
An examination of the gap between supervisory job expectations and student perceptions of those expectations using the Kano Model of customer satisfaction. Emery, Charles R.; Tolbert, Samuel H.; Barker, Katherine J. Report May 1, 2005 3830
Shoppers begin to find fault. Mar 7, 2005 564
Market orientation toward various customer groups in business schools. Webster, Robert L.; Hammond, Kevin L.; Harmon, Harry Jan 1, 2005 5888
A lesson in customer care. Denes, Shary Brief Article Sep 1, 2004 173
Are you really listening to your customers? Colombo, George Jun 1, 2004 1345
Investing in your customers. Palm, Gene; Coffey, John J. Jun 1, 2004 610
Antecedents and consequences of student satisfaction with university services: a longitudinal analysis. Athiyaman, Adee Jan 1, 2004 5856
Service through the customer's eyes: today's consumer is not only discriminating, but demands outstanding service. So, what's your firm doing to ensure the customer keeps coming back--and brings his friends? Mickaliger, Michael Dec 1, 2003 2627
How may I be of service? What 'service' means depends upon who is asked. Bigelow, Peter Oct 1, 2003 905
Modeling increased repurchase intentions for high-tech B2B offerings. Kellar, Gregory M.; Preis, Michael W. Jul 1, 2003 7343
Code Greens: documenting customer compliments. (Staff Training). Bayless, Maggie Jun 1, 2003 1126
CEO perception of customer satisfaction: an empirical study. Bexley, James B.; Maniam, Balasundram Jan 1, 2003 2620
No secrets. (Marginal). Vasilash, Gary S. Oct 1, 2002 684
Applying Customer Satisfaction Theory to Community College Planning of Counseling Services. Hom, Willard C. Sep 1, 2002 287
Statistics, Structures & Satisfied Customers: Using Web Log Data to Improve Site Performance. Peacock, Darren Apr 1, 2002 228
Customer Satisfaction: A Comparison of Community College and Employment Security Commission Joblink Career Centers in North Carolina. Deese, Stephanie Jan 1, 2002 268
An issue of tenure: should colleges and universities function as a for-profit business? Kamery, Rob H.; Lawrence, Robert C. Jan 1, 2002 7689
The Customer In Jeopardy. Jul 1, 2001 4051
Human resource practices, organizational climate, and customer satisfaction. Rogga, Kirk L.; Schmidt, David B.; Shull, Carla; Schmitt, Neal Jul 1, 2001 9772
Unleashing the value in the supply chain. BARSKY, NOAH P.; ELLINGER, ALEXANDER E. Jan 1, 2001 1952
The Moderating Role of Target-Arousal on the Impact of Affect on Satisfaction--An Examination in the Context of Service Experiences. WIRTZ, JOCHEN; MATTILA, ANNA S.; TAN, RACHEL L. P. Sep 22, 2000 7444
Billing errors cost customers plenty. Bersch, Carren Jan 1, 2000 225
When customer service goes bad.... Fleming, Mary M.K. Jul 1, 1999 7737
Is your accounting firm truly marketing oriented? A checklist. Friedman, Hershey H.; Giladi, Kreindy; Lewis, Barbara Jo May 1, 1999 2942
The relationship of customer satisfaction to strategic decisions. Jacobs, Fred A.; Latham, Claire Kamm; Lee, Choongseop Jun 22, 1998 5905
Pre-purchase satisfaction and first-time buyer behaviour: some preliminary evidence. Simintiras, Antonis; Diamantopoulos, Adamantios; Ferriday, Judith Nov 1, 1997 6685
Comprehensive study of customer loyalty underlines importance of existing customers to profitability. Jun 1, 1997 1932
A quality distribution system is necessary to achieve customer satisfaction and cost reduction. Apr 1, 1997 206
Causes and consequences of student satisfaction in higher education. Snipes, Robin L.; Oswald, Sharon L.; Hortman, Sandra McCurley Report Jan 1, 1997 3199
Redefining customer service. Simmons, Linda C. Oct 1, 1996 1216
Quality practices and perceptions of Valencian hospitality enterprises: an empirical analysis. Camison, Cesar; Flor, Marisa; Cruz, Sonia; Kuster, Ines Sep 1, 1996 4475
How to keep your clients satisfied. Zorski, Christopher Feb 1, 1996 1413
The value concept and relationship marketing. Ravald, Annika; Gronroos, Christian Feb 1, 1996 5873
The Youth Client Satisfaction Questionnaire: Measure Development, Factor Analysis, and Validation. Shapiro, Jeremy P.; Welker, Carolyn J.; Jacobson, Bobbie J. Feb 1, 1996 245

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