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Intersectional Technopolitics in Social Movement and Media Activism. Jeppesen, Sandra Apr 1, 2021 8871
#MeToo; #HimToo: Popular Feminism and Hashtag Activism in the Kavanaugh Hearings. Dejmanee, Tisha; Zaher, Zulfia; Rouech, Samantha; Papa, Michael J. Jul 1, 2020 7525
Study suggests activism and civil disobedience are helping communicate the science of climate change. Jan 24, 2020 617
The Ecology of Activism: Professional Mobilization as a Spatial Process. Liu, Sida; Halliday, Terence C. Nov 1, 2019 8626
#METOO: WHY NOW? WHAT NEXT? Rhode, Deborah L. Nov 1, 2019 22370
Let's Put the Act in Activism. Singleton, Marilyn M. Column Sep 21, 2019 1827
Everyday Networked Activism in Hong Kong's Umbrella Movement: Expanding on Contemporary Practice Theory to Understand Activist Digital Media Usages. Ting, Tin-Yuet Jul 1, 2019 7816
Electronic health records and the lost power of prose. Report Apr 1, 2019 1065
A Sociolinguistic Study of Social-Political Activism and Non-Violent Resistance in Stand-Up Comedy Performances in Nigeria. Raheem, Saheed Critical essay Nov 30, 2018 7666
Las "Buenas Amigas". Kebler, Elizabeth Crespo Essay Jun 22, 2018 11983
Hashtag Activism as a Form of Political Action: A Qualitative Analysis of the #BringBackOurGirls Campaign in Nigerian, UK, and U.S. Press. Ofori-Parku, Sylvester Senyo; Moscato, Derek Report Jun 1, 2018 9768
Political Apptivism: Constructing Israeli--Palestinian Political Experience Through App Use. Golan, Oren; Tirosh, Noam Case study May 1, 2018 8674
South African Activists' Use of Nanomedia and Digital Media in Democratization Conflicts. Bosch, Tanja; Wasserman, Herman; Chuma, Wallace Report May 1, 2018 8428
An Experimental Examination of Activist Type and Effort on Brand Image and Purchase Intentions. Schmidt, Samuel H.; Shreffler, Megan B.; Hambrick, Marion E.; Gordon, Brian S. Report Mar 1, 2018 9005
Knitting Activism, Knitting Gender, Knitting Race. Close, Samantha Report Feb 1, 2018 9318
Violence Against Indigenous Women: Literature, Activism, Resistance. Book review Oct 1, 2017 196
Matricentric Feminism: Theory, Activism, and Practice. Price, Danielle Book review Jun 22, 2017 363
Why intellectual work matters: what a Hollywood comedy can teach us about the emptiness of mere social utility. Hitz, Zena Essay Jun 22, 2017 5028
The advent of surveillance realism: Public opinion and activist responses to the Snowden leaks. Dencik, Lina; Cable, Jonathan Report Feb 1, 2017 8977
Democratic confucianism and human activism of centrality, mutuality/co-creativity, and competition in transformational holistics. Tonn, Victor Lux Report Oct 1, 2016 14699
Embodied democracy: presentation, London 21 November, 2015: Society for Existential Analysis Annual Conference. Madison, Greg Essay Jul 1, 2016 3253
Activism in China: power and confrontation strategies in a Chinese village. Cheng, Yang Report Apr 1, 2016 8587
Critical curriculum theory and slow ecopedagogical activism. Payne, Phillip G. Dec 1, 2015 14003
Opposing the opposition? Binarity and complexity in political resistance. de Vries, Leonie Ansems; Rosenow, Doerthe Report Dec 1, 2015 10053
Smelter fumes, local interests, and political contestation in Sudbury, Ontario, during the 1910s. Munton, Don; Temby, Owen Report Sep 22, 2015 12536
Chi-Tao WR network, I-Ching's axis of Jen-Yi centrality-mutuality, and strategic continuity of human activism. Tonn, Victor Lux Essay Jul 1, 2015 9232
Situated solidarities and the practice of scholar-activism. Routledge, Paul; Derickson, Kate Driscoll Report Jun 1, 2015 9575
Matrix activism: media, neoliberalism, and social action in Italy. Ardizzoni, Michela Essay Apr 1, 2015 8908
Encountering occupy London: boundary making and the territoriality of urban activism. Halvorsen, Sam Report Apr 1, 2015 10075
Beyond Lithium (and other poisons) Extractivism in Latin America. Fitz, Don Report Mar 22, 2015 3331
Matrix activism: media, neoliberalism, and social action in Italy. Ardizzoni, Michela Essay Mar 1, 2015 8908
Cultural activism, hegemony, and the search for urban autonomy in the city of Puebla, Mexico. Castillo, Eduardo Gonzalez; Martin, Patricia M. Report Feb 1, 2015 9060
John Porter lecture: waves of protest--Direct Action, Deliberation, and Diffusion. Wood, Lesley Critical essay Feb 1, 2015 6029
Black educational activism for community empowerment: international leadership perspectives. Wilson, Camille; Johnson, Lauri Report Jan 1, 2015 8059
Living patriotism: the experience of 'freedom' among the Muslim women of colonial Punjab. Bharti, Suman Report Dec 1, 2014 9361
Sexuality, religion and nationalism: a contrapuntal reading of the history of female activism and political change in Egypt. Zakarriya, Jihan Nov 1, 2014 8153
The interpreter as activist. Lapage, Will Sep 1, 2014 1376
"Did it happen because of your race or sex?" University sexual harassment policies and the move against intersectionality. Calafell, Bernadette Marie Essay Sep 1, 2014 8863
Safe homes for immigrant and refugee women: narrating alternative histories of the women's refuge movement in Australia. Murdolo, Adele Essay Sep 1, 2014 11717
Tunisian women's activism after the January 14 revolution: looking within and towards the other side of the Mediterranean. Daniele, Giulia Jul 1, 2014 8821
The question of aesthetic praxis: if literature and art are propaganda, what is ecocritical analysis? Murphy, Patrick D. Essay Jul 1, 2014 5621
Ecocritical forms of engagement with nature and texts. Oppermann, Serpil Essay Jul 1, 2014 5834
Methods beyond methods: a model for Africana graduate methods training. Best, Latrica E.; Byrd, W. Carson Report Jun 1, 2014 4501
Changing the wind: notes toward a demosprudence of law and social movements. Guinier, Lani; Torres, Gerald Jun 1, 2014 11224
The revolt of the cities. Meyerson, Harold Essay May 1, 2014 4156
The ABC, the Australian Children's Television Foundation and the emergence of digital children's television in Australia. Rutherford, Leonie May 1, 2014 5971
Congressional obstruction and the "black agenda:" why Obama's critics are letting Congress off the hook and shortchanging the development of effective political activism. Williams, Stephanie L. Report Apr 1, 2014 8608
An "entirely different" kind of union: the Service, Office, and Retail Workers' Union of Canada (SORWUC), 1972-1986. Smith, Julia Essay Mar 22, 2014 21035
That all may be one. Winter, Miriam Therese Essay Jan 1, 2014 3468
Political awareness among women in the Punjab: a case study of their role in the Pakistan movement. Kiran, Naumana Dec 1, 2013 11400
Mobilising the child victim: the localisation of human trafficking in Singapore through global activism. Yea, Sallie Report Dec 1, 2013 9822
"Rugged vaginas" and "vulnerable rectums": the sexual identity, epidemiology, and law of the global HIV epidemic. Ahmed, Aziza Sep 22, 2013 6734
"Rugged vaginas" and "vulnerable rectums": the sexual identity, epidemiology, and law of the global HIV epidemic. Ahmed, Aziza Sep 22, 2013 17806
Traditional Christian marriage as an expression of social justice: identity and society in the writings of Florensky and Bulgakov. Siewers, Alfred Kentigern Critical essay Sep 22, 2013 7445
No agreement today, no agreement tomorrow: Fela Anikulapo-Kuti and human rights activism in Nigeria. Alimi, Shina; Anthony, Iroju Opeyemi Essay Sep 15, 2013 6932
Union leadership: what is transformational leadership and can it make a difference? O'Connor, Christine; Mortimer, Dennis Jul 1, 2013 6297
How much of food activism is nonsense? Stier, Jeff; Miller, Henry I. Jun 22, 2013 1260
Black power, Black students, and the institutionalizing of change: Loyola Marymount University, 1968-1978. Claybrook, M. Keith, Jr. Report Jun 1, 2013 7645
In pursuit of union leadership: Mary Bluett and Susan Hopgood and the Victorian Secondary Teachers Association, 1973-95. Francis, Rosemary Essay May 1, 2013 9714
"Vigorous-minded and independent": Ellen Mulcahy as a labour leader. Dick, Wendy Essay May 1, 2013 9557
Connection: a more environmental way. Schaper, Donna Apr 12, 2013 801
From campus to community: challenges and opportunities of university-based activism. Essay Jan 1, 2013 1488
Between research and activism: political engagement and the construction of feminist theory in Brazil/Entre pesquisar e militar: engajamento politico e construcao da teoria feminista no Brasil. Mello, Anahi G.; Fernandes, Felipe B. M.; Grossi, Miriam P. Jan 1, 2013 11238
Blasphemer! Egyptian cartoonist Doaa El Adl offends the Salafists. Brief article Dec 26, 2012 165
Make the world a better place from the couch. Schlumpf, Heidi Aug 17, 2012 893
Following their footsteps: tracing Puerto Ricans' sociopolitical activism in New York city from an Afro-centric perspective. Denis-Rosario, Milagros Essay Jun 15, 2012 7739
A defense of publicity. Davey, Frank Essay Jun 1, 2012 1499
The activist impulse. Eyring, Teresa Apr 1, 2012 889
Ukrainophile activism and imperial governance in Russia's southwestern borderlands. Hillis, Faith Essay Mar 22, 2012 10996
Capturing democracy: Black women activists and the struggle for equal rights, 1920s-1970s. Thompson, Courtney L. Author abstract Mar 1, 2012 334
Fabricating activism: craft-work, popular culture, gender. Bratich, Jack Z.; Brush, Heidi M. Jul 1, 2011 10589
The remembered one: memory activism and the construction of Edith Stein's Jewishness in post-communist Wroclaw. Holc, Janine P. Essay Jun 22, 2011 12927
Ecocriticism as vegetarian activism. Yacoubou, Jeanne Apr 1, 2011 1652
Turkey's neighborhood policy: an emerging complex interdependence? Renda, Kadri Kaan Essay Jan 1, 2011 7772
Political transmigrants: rethinking Hmong political activism in America. Vang, Nengher N. Report Jan 1, 2011 18809
The poem as a field of activism. Leong, Michael Jan 1, 2011 1276
A balanced assessment of Russian civil society. Javeline, Debra; Lindemann-Komarova, Sarah Mar 22, 2010 8178
Thoreau's case for political disengagement. Bankston, Carl L., III Critical essay Jan 1, 2010 4266
Contesting the spectacle: global lives as counterpublic in the context of celebrity activism. Elliott, Rebecca Jan 1, 2010 2262
Introduction: activist scholarship--possibilities and constraints of participatory action research. Koirala-Azad, Shabnam; Fuentes, Emma Editorial Dec 22, 2009 2119
Colin A. Palmer: Eric Williams and the Making of the Modern Caribbean. Mohammed, Patricia Critical essay Oct 1, 2009 1076
Talk about the party: conversations with the SWP. Wall, Geoffrey Essay Jun 22, 2009 4691
From Chicano/a to Xicana/o: critical activist teaching revisited. Rios, Francisco Essay Jun 22, 2008 7116
A duo-ethnographic conversation on social justice activism: exploring issues of identity, racism, and activism with young people. Lund, Darren E.; Nabavi, Maryam Jun 22, 2008 6919
Understanding then funding game the textual coordination of civil sector work. Nichols, Naomi Report Jan 1, 2008 10247
Nihilism, fundamentalism, or activism: three responses to fears of the apocalypse. Eckersley, Richard Jan 1, 2008 2316
Commonalities of modern political discourse: three paths of modern activism in late imperial Russia's alternative intelligentsia. Manchester, Laurie Essay Sep 22, 2007 15782
Those meddling kids. Inamdar, Neha; Perry, Celia; Phillips, Jen; Valero, Rafael; Weggel, Anna Sep 1, 2007 935
Some early black doctors--a very politically active cohort, 1941-1954. Digby, Anne Aug 1, 2007 2608
Extra credit: our 13th annual roundup of campus activism. Sep 1, 2006 915
The rise of the new civic revolutionaries: answering the call to stewardship in our times. Henton, Douglas; Melville, John; Walesh, Kim Excerpt Mar 22, 2004 3468
The promise of youth is in the present. Sherman, Robert F. Mar 22, 2004 2848
Commentary: internationalism and post-September 11 activism. Grebesallassie, Tsedeye Jun 22, 2003 500
Invasion and preoccupation. (Under the Radar). Zwarenstein, Carlyn May 1, 2003 755

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