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Isometric resistance training can safely lower blood pressure. Sep 3, 2021 357
HEALTH NOTES. Aug 28, 2021 151
Health Notes. Aug 26, 2021 151
HEALTH NOTES. Aug 24, 2021 151
Health Notes. Aug 24, 2021 151
Health Notes. Aug 24, 2021 151
HEALTH NOTES. Aug 23, 2021 151
Aerobic Exercise Boosts Effects of Blood Pressure Medications. Aug 11, 2021 155
Noninvasive exploration of Cardiac Autonomic Neuropathy by heart rate and blood pressure variability analysis in Type 2 Diabetic patients. Tallat Naz, Noor un Nisa Memon, Kamran Afzal and Ambreen Shakir Jun 4, 2021 2654
In Utero Exposure to Heavy Metals and Trace Elements and Childhood Blood Pressure in a U.S. Urban, Low-Income, Minority Birth Cohort. Zhang, Mingyu; Liu, Tiange; Wang, Guoying; Buckley, Jessie P.; Guallar, Eliseo; Hong, Xiumei; Wang, Report Jun 1, 2021 12088
Operational changes linked with improved smoking, BP outcomes. Rans, Caleb Jun 1, 2021 632
Air pollution linked to high BP in children, adults. May 5, 2021 297
Correlation of Blood Lead Levels and Elevated Blood Pressure in Newly Detected Hypertensive Patients. Shuaib, Ahmed M.A.; Sharma, Raghav; Shama, Prakash K. Mar 29, 2021 4166
Utility of Alternative Ankle Brachial Pressure Index for Screening Asymptomatic Peripheral Arterial Diseases in Patients with Acute Myocardial Infarction and Cerebrovascular Accident. Cherukumudi, Amulya; Bhagavan, Kalale Radhakrishna Iyengar Clinical report Mar 8, 2021 3231
Effect of 5 Weeks of Isometric Handgrip Training on the Resting Blood Pressure in Young Healthy Individuals. Audi, Sumedha Shamsunder; Afonso, Isabelle Coelho Correia; Nerkar, Yogesh Parshuram Jan 18, 2021 3084
Noninvasive Subclinical Atherosclerosis Indicator in a New Diagnosis of Primary Hypertension: Blood Pressure Index. Ozcalik, Merve Senay; Ates, Ihsan; Demir, Burak Furkan; Dede, Fatih; Yilmaz, Nisbet Jan 1, 2021 5439
Lack of Association between Interarm Systolic Blood Pressure Difference and Coronary Artery Disease in Patients Undergoing Elective Coronary Angiography. Mohamadi, Mohammad Hosein; Rai, Alireza; Rezaei, Mansour; Khatony, Alireza Jan 1, 2021 4908
Relation between Blood Pressure Variability within a Single Visit and Stroke. Ma, Wei; Yang, Ying; Qi, Litong; Zhang, Baowei; Meng, Lei; Zhang, Yan; Li, Min Jan 1, 2021 5298
Analyzing Trio-Anthropometric Predictors of Hypertension: Determining the Susceptibility of Blood Pressure to Sexual Dimorphism in Body Stature. Kenneth, Ezemagu U.; Chinedu, Uzomba Godwin; Christian, Agbii Okechukwu; Ezeonu, P. O.; Obaje, S. G. Jan 1, 2021 4355
Effect of Yoga on Blood Pressure in Prehypertension: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Khandekar, Janhavi Sandeep; Vasavi, Vanamala Lakshmi; Singh, Vijay Pratap; Samuel, Stephen Rajan; Su Jan 1, 2021 4875
The Effects of Glucagon-Like Peptide-1 Receptor Agonists and Dipeptydilpeptidase-4 Inhibitors on Blood Pressure and Cardiovascular Complications in Diabetes. Yaribeygi, Habib; Farrokhi, Farin Rashid; Abdalla, Mohammed Altigani; Sathyapalan, Thozhukat; Banach Jan 1, 2021 10536
DETERMINING THE FACTORS THAT INFLUENCE BLOOD PRESSURE VARIABILITY IN CHILDREN WITH ESSENTIAL HYPERTENSION. Skoric, Iva; Sapina, Matej; Trutin, Ivana; Kramaric, Karolina; Skoro, Ivica; Laganovic, Mario Report Jan 1, 2021 3897
Effects of COVID-19 found to be worse in patients with diabetes, blood pressure. By: Times News Service Dec 8, 2020 555
Effects of blood pressure in people with cognitive disorders. Barbu, Roxana Mihaela; Gavrilescu, Cristina-Maria; Munteanu, Dragos; Stana, Bogdan; Pohaci-Antonesei Dec 1, 2020 1618
Vegetarian, and Especially Vegan Diets, Are Effective in Reducing Blood Pressure. Mangels, Reed Oct 1, 2020 245
Diabetes, high blood pressure top Covid killers in Africa. Sep 11, 2020 441
Development and Evaluation of a Disease Large Animal Model for Preclinical Assessment of Renal Denervation Therapies. Prado, Armando Perez de; Perez-Martinez, Claudia; Regueiro-Purrinos, Marta; Cuellas-Ramon, Carlos; L Report Sep 1, 2020 6778
The Efficacy of Tai Chi and Qigong Exercises on Blood Pressure and Blood Levels of Nitric Oxide and Endothelin-1 in Patients with Essential Hypertension: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis of Randomized Controlled Trials. Liu, Dingcheng; Yi, Lan; Sheng, Meixiao; Wang, Gang; Zou, Yanqin Aug 31, 2020 22595
Efficacy of Diltiazem for the Control of Blood Pressure in Puerperal Patients with Severe Preeclampsia: A Randomized, Single-Blind, Controlled Trial. Arias-Hernandez, Gilberto; Vargas-De-Leon, Cruz; Calzada-Mendoza, Claudia C.; Ocharan-Hernandez, Mar Aug 31, 2020 5246
A Comparative Study of Automated v/s Manual Measurement of Blood Pressure. Pandarbale, Sanjay S.; Fernandes, Celia Aug 31, 2020 2307
Blood Pressure Percentiles in Turkish Children and Adolescents. Keskinoglu, Ahmet; Keskinoglu, Pembe; Ozgur, Su; Kose, Timur Aug 2, 2020 4665
Gender-Specific Longitudinal Association of Sleep Duration with Blood Pressure among Children: Evidence from CHNS 2004-2015. Huang, Lili; Lyu, Jiajun; Long, Zichong; Xia, Yuanqing; Chen, Yiting; Ye, Xiuxia; Li, Shenghui Jul 31, 2020 7829
Health-Related Quality of Life, Blood Pressure, and Biochemical and Anthropometric Profile in Vegetarians and Nonvegetarians. Saintila, Jacksaint; Lopez, Tabita E. Lozano; Mamani, Percy G. Ruiz; White, Michael; Huancahuire-Veg Jul 31, 2020 6561
Ankle-Brachial Index as the Best Predictor of First Acute Coronary Syndrome in Patients with Treated Systemic Hypertension. Myslinski, Wojciech; Stanek, Agata; Feldo, Marcin; Mosiewicz, Jerzy Report Jul 31, 2020 5730
Practice and Sociodemographic Factors Influencing Self-Monitoring of Blood Pressure in Ghanaians with Hypertension. Konlan, Kennedy Dodam; Afam-Adjei, Charles, Jr.; Afam-Adjei, Christian; Oware, Jennifer; Appiah, The Jun 30, 2020 4377
Blood Pressure Control among Hypertensive Diabetic Patients on Follow-Up at Chronic Clinic of Nekemte Referral Hospital in West Ethiopia. Dedefo, Mohammed Gebre; Gemechu, Dureti Bayisa; Fekadu, Ginenus; Dibessa, Tesfa Tekle Jun 30, 2020 5855
Meta-Analysis Supports Use of Quercetin for High Blood Pressure. Jun 1, 2020 209
Multilevel Analysis of 24-Hour Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Associated Factors among Police Officers in Hanoi, Vietnam. An, Dao Thi Minh; Hoat, Luu Ngoc; Son, Dinh Thai; Toan, Do Thanh; Minh, Luu Ngoc; Van Mai, Phan; Van May 31, 2020 8624
Hypertension Subtypes among Thai Hypertensives: An Analysis of Telehealth-Assisted Instrument in Home Blood Pressure Monitoring Nationwide Pilot Project. Montrivade, Sakolwat; Chattranukulchai, Pairoj; Siwamogsatham, Sarawut; Vorasettakarnkij, Yongkasem; Clinical report Apr 30, 2020 7402
Brachial-Ankle Pulse Wave Velocity Predicts New-Onset Hypertension and the Modifying Effect of Blood Pressure in a Chinese Community-Based Population. Jiang, Yimeng; Fan, Fangfang; Jia, Jia; Li, Jianping; Xia, Yulong; Zhou, Jing; Huo, Yong; Zhang, Yan Apr 30, 2020 6063
Biological Pathways of Long-Term Visit-to-Visit Blood Pressure Variability in the American Population: Cardiovascular Health Study and Women's Health Initiatives. Faramawi, Mohammed F.; Orloff, Mohammed S.; Delongchamp, Robert; Wang, Yan; Feingold, Eleanor; Thapa Apr 30, 2020 4021
Modification of Platelet Count on the Association between Homocysteine and Blood Pressure: A Moderation Analysis in Chinese Hypertensive Patients. Zhang, Jianan; Li, Jing; Chen, Shi; Gao, Linglin; Yan, Xiaoluan; Zhang, Mingzhi; Yu, Jia; Wang, Fenc Survey Mar 31, 2020 6195
A Study of Correlation between Dermatoglyphic Angle and Blood Pressure. Akhtar, Zeenat; Verma, Vishal; Singla, Reena Mar 30, 2020 3344
86% of coronavirus fatalities had chronic high blood pressure, diabetes: data. Mar 25, 2020 308
Determination and Analysis of Trace Elements in Five Kinds of Traditional Chinese Medicine in High Blood Pressure Medicinal Food by ICP-AES. Yang, Li; Yan, Qinghua; Zhang, Huixuan; Zhang, Jianwei Mar 1, 2020 6024
Correlation Study of Demographic Variables and its Association with Blood Pressure Control. Rahman, Farhana; Muthaiah, Nagasundaram; Prasanth, Krishna; Kumaramanickavel, Govindasamy Report Mar 1, 2020 1628
Effects of Vit D Correction on CV Health Studied in Obese Children; No change seen in endothelial function, but reductions in BP, fasting glucose concentration seen at six months. Correction notice Jan 27, 2020 279
Mean Arterial Pressure Is Related to Incident Nonalcoholic Fatty Liver Disease among the Nonobese Female with Normal Low-Density Lipoprotein Cholesterol Levels: A Large Cohort Study in China. Xu, Shangbo; Chen, Lan; Hong, Danhua; Yang, Lihua; Li, Xiaozhi; Wang, Xin Jan 1, 2020 6008
Association between High-Sensitivity C-Reactive Protein and Blood Pressure among Children with History of Low Birth Weight Appropriate for Gestational Age, Low Birth Weight Small for Gestational Age, and Normal Birth Weight in Manado, North Sulawesi. Umboh, Adrian; Wilar, Rocky; Umboh, Valentine; Krisetya, Adi Suryadinata Dec 31, 2019 5634
Effects of Resistance Exercise, Aerobic Activity, and Increased Protein on Body Composition and Blood Pressure in Overweight Older Adults. Westcott, Wayne; Ogawa, Elisa; Pearson, Michelle; Watts, Jeremy; Plouffe, Donna; Vallier, Samantha; Dec 1, 2019 4924
Study Finds Best Time To Take Blood Pressure Medicine. Darwin Malicdem Oct 28, 2019 401
Effects of Acute Consumption of Noni and Chokeberry Juices vs. Energy Drinks on Blood Pressure, Heart Rate, and Blood Glucose in Young Adults. Nowak, Dariusz; Goslinski, Michal; Wesolowska, Anna; Berenda, Karolina; Poplawski, Cezary Sep 30, 2019 6792
A Randomized, Double-Blind, Placebo-Controlled, Multicentre Trial of the Effects of a Shrimp Protein Hydrolysate on Blood Pressure. Musa-Veloso, Kathy; Paulionis, Lina; Pelipyagina, Tetyana; Evans, Mal Aug 31, 2019 9414
Impact of Patient Beliefs on Blood Pressure Control in the General Population: Findings from the Population-Based STAAB Cohort Study. Tiffe, Theresa; Morbach, Caroline; Rucker, Viktoria; Gelbrich, Gotz; Wagner, Martin; Faller, Hermann Aug 31, 2019 4546
Increase in blood pressure over a 7-year period in a mixed-ancestry South African population. Davids, S.F.G.; Matsha, T.E.; Peer, N.; Erasmus, R.T.; Kengne, A.P. Survey Jul 1, 2019 7972
Influence of dietary practices on Blood pressure: comparison between house wives and employed women. Report Jun 30, 2019 3211
Selective Blood Pressure Screening in the Young: Quantification of Population Wide Underestimation of Elevated Blood Pressure. Neuhauser, Hannelore; Adler, Carolin; Sarganas, Giselle May 31, 2019 5321
Get your blood pressure checked; UK & WORLD. May 3, 2019 224
Get your blood pressure checked; UK & WORLD. May 3, 2019 224
Blood Pressure Measurements with Different Currently Available Methods in Elderly Hypertensive Hospitalized Patients: A Real World Cross-Sectional Study. Del Giorno, Rosaria; Heiniger, Pascal Simon; Balestra, Lorenzo; Gabutti, Luca Apr 30, 2019 5469
Effect of Mean Blood Pressure During Extracorporeal Life Support on Outcome After Out-of-Hospital Cardiac Arrest. Jouffroy, Romain; Guyard, Alexandra; Philippe, Pascal; Carli, Pierre; Vivien, Benoit Report Apr 1, 2019 5507
Effect of Acute Dietary Nitrate Supplementation on the Post-Exercise Ambulatory Blood Pressure in Obese Males: A Randomized, Controlled, Crossover Trial. Bezerra, Agnes D. de Lima; Costa, Eduardo C.; Pacheco, Daniela A.; Souza, Daniel C.; Farias, Luiz F. Report Mar 1, 2019 8552
Assessment and comparison of APACHE II (Acute Physiology and Chronic Health Evaluation), SOFA (Sequential Organ Failure Assessment) score and CURB 65 (Confusion; Urea; Respiratory Rate; Blood Pressure), for prediction of inpatient mortality in Acute Exacerbation of Chronic Obstructive Pulmonary Disease. Report Feb 28, 2019 2974
Is that for blood pressure or sedation? Increasing awareness of alpha-2 agonists in ICU. Baylon, Cecilia; Desrosiers, Sarah Report Dec 22, 2018 4035
Uncontrolled Blood Pressure in Patients with Hypertension and Associated Factors: The Role of Low Health Literacy. Selcuk, Kevser Tari; Mercan, Yeliz; Aydin, Tuba Clinical report Dec 1, 2018 4336
Evaluation of 24-Hour Ambulatory Blood Pressure Monitoring in Patients with Chronic Kidney Disease with Normal Casual Blood Pressure. Li, Song-Yang; Chen, Song; Gu, Bo; Ma, Jun; Wu, Li-Qun; Dong, Bei-Ye; Zhao, Yin-Dan; Wang, Han-Qing; Report Nov 1, 2018 6083
Poor oral health linked to higher blood pressure: Study. Oct 24, 2018 420
Poor oral health linked to higher blood pressure: study. Oct 22, 2018 524
Effect of Long-Term Systolic Blood Pressure Trajectory on Kidney Damage in the Diabetic Population: A Prospective Study in a Community-Based Chinese Cohort. Li, Jian-Chao; Tian, Jun; Wu, Shou-Ling; Wang, Zhi-Jun; Zhang, Xiao-Fei; Jia, Dao; Ding, Rong-Jing; Report Oct 1, 2018 5022
Long-acting [beta.sub.2] agonists didn't boost BP in COPD. Palmer, Christopher Sep 1, 2018 324
El Extracto de Bulbos de Cebollas Dayak (Eleutherine bulbosa (Mill.) Urb.) Reduce la Presion Sanguinea en un Modelo Hipoestrogenico en Ratas Controlando el Perfil Lipidico. Bahtiar, Anton; Yessi Chumala, Delvika Sep 1, 2018 2759
Probiotics Prompt Better Lipids and Blood Pressure. Sep 1, 2018 157
Relationship between body mass index and blood pressure in schoolchildren/RELACAO ENTRE INDICE DE MASSA CORPORAL E PRESSAO ARTERIAL EM ESCOLARES. Nava, Alana Vazquez; da Silva, Diogo Matheus Barros; Caldas, Ester da Silva; de Miranda, Bruno Luiz Sep 1, 2018 2333
The effect of personal space on blood pressure in the Turkish woman. Aug 31, 2018 2422
Case-control study evaluating relationship of blood pressure and anthropometric parameters with non-alcoholic fatty liver disease. Joseph, Wilson S; George, Nirmal; Prasannarajan, Abhaya; Kannan, Abhilash Aug 1, 2018 4309
New BP guidelines would add nearly 16 million new cases. Bowser, Andrew D. Aug 1, 2018 686
Mercury Exposure, Blood Pressure, and Hypertension: A Systematic Review and Dose-response Meta-analysis. Hu, Xue Feng; Singh, Kavita; Chan, Hing Man Jul 1, 2018 15440
Algorithm Predicts Very Low Blood Pressure During Surgery; Advance warning, even 10 to 15 minutes ahead, can reduce harm to patients. Jun 19, 2018 273
Eating peanuts, chickpeas may lower cholesterol, improve BP. Jun 7, 2018 328
Effect of a High-Intensity Interval Training Session on Post-Exercise Hypotension and Autonomic Cardiac Activity in Hypertensive Elderly Subjects. dos Santos, Janaina Marinho; Gouveia, Mazureik Cavalcanti; de Souza, Fabio Albuquerque, Jr.; da Silv Report Jun 1, 2018 3921
Assessment of level of stress and its correlation with blood pressure in medical students. Thimmappa, Bharath; Yogeeshwaran, Vijaya Vageesh Report Jun 1, 2018 2090
Reviewing Role of Dietary Sugars in Blood Pressure Regulation: Sugar-Induced BP Elevation. Preuss, Harry G. Report Jun 1, 2018 6900
24-hour ambulatory BP strongly predicted mortality. Bowser, Andrew D. May 15, 2018 561
Getting the hypertension Dx right: Patient positioning matters: Taking blood pressure with the patient seated on the edge of an exam table led to misclassification of prehypertension or hypertension in 13.2% of patients. Morcos, Roy N.; Carter, Kimbroe J.; Castro, Frank; Yu, Nathan; Jordan, Cary; Macabobby, Thomas D.; R Report Apr 1, 2018 3212
Great Recession Linked to Increase in BP, Blood Glucose; Larger effects of 2008 to 2010 recession seen for younger adults and older homeowners. Mar 13, 2018 260
The association between being overweight/obese and blood pressure in rural South African women living in the Tshino Nesengani (Mukondeleli) village. Gradidge, P.J-I.; Phaswana, M.; Cohen, E. Mar 1, 2018 4357
Response of Treatment in Patients with Primary Headaches and Hypertension: A Prospective Observational Pilot Study/Kan Basinci Yuksekliginin Eslik Ettigi Primer Bas Agrili Hastalarda Tedaviye Yanit: Prospektif Gozlemsel Pilot Bir Calisma. Hocagil, Abdullah Cuneyt; Hocagil, Hilal; Ulker, Volkan Report Mar 1, 2018 4249
A cross-sectional analytical study on the influence of age in the precision and accuracy of non-invasive blood pressure recording compared to invasive intra-arterial pressure recording. Sobana, Ramanathan; Parthasarathy, Srinivasan; Madanmohan, Trakroo; Amirthaganesh, Balasubramaniam; Report Mar 1, 2018 2368
Evaluation of a CrossFit[R] Session on Post-Exercise Blood Pressure. Dantas, Thiago Silveira Prado; Aidar, Felipe J.; de Souza, Raphael Fabricio; de Matos Gama, Dihogo; Report Feb 1, 2018 2805
Prevalence and factors associated with hypertriglyceridemic waist in the elderly: a population-based study/Prevalencia e fatores associados a cintura hipertrigliceridemica em idosos: um estudo de base populacional. Fagundes, Luara Costa; Fernandes, Marcos Henrique; Brito, Thais Alves; Coqueiro, Raildo da Silva; Ca Feb 1, 2018 4567
Effect of cold pressor test on blood pressure in normotensives and hypertensives. Mythri, G.; Quadri, Shireen Swaliha Feb 1, 2018 2725
IDADE FUNCIONAL, PARAMETROS ANTROPOMETRICOS, NIVEL DE ATIVIDADE FISICA E PRESSAO ARTERIAL DE IDOSAS COM DIFERENTES FAIXAS ETARIAS/Functional age, parameters anthropometric, level of physical activity and old blood pressure with bands different age. Silva, Eric Amaral; Filho, Mauro Lucio Mazini; Dantas, Estelio Henrique Martins; Teixeira, Renan Car Jan 1, 2018 5182
Long-Term Effects of Environmental Lead Exposure on Blood Pressure and Plasma Soluble Cell Adhesion Molecules in Young Adults: A Follow-Up Study of a Prospective Cohort in Kosovo. Camaj, Pashko R.; Graziano, Joseph H.; Preteni, Emine; Popovac, Dusan; LoIacono, Nancy; Balac, Olgic Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 7583
Association between CD4 Cell Count and Blood Pressure and Its Variation with Body Mass Index Categories in HIV-Infected Patients. Dimala, Christian Akem; Kadia, Benjamin Momo; Kemah, Ben-Lawrence; Tindong, Maxime; Choukem, Simeon- Jan 1, 2018 4819
A Proposed Middle-Range Theory of Nursing in Hypertension Care. Drevenhorn, Eva Jan 1, 2018 9062
Blood Pressure in relation to 24-Hour Urinary Sodium and Potassium Excretion in a Uruguayan Population Sample. Moliterno, Paula; Avarez-Vaz, Ramon; Pecora, Matias; Luzardo, Leonella; Borgarello, Luciana; Olascoa Jan 1, 2018 8288
The Relationship between Inter-Arm Blood Pressure Difference and Coronary Artery Disease Severity Calculated by the SYNTAX Score. Durmus, Gunduz; Belen, Erdal; Bayyigit, Akif; Kalyoncuoglu, Muhsin; Can, Mehmet Mustafa Jan 1, 2018 3503
Thyroid Function in Patients with Type 2 Diabetes Mellitus and Diabetic Nephropathy: A Single Center Study. Zhao, Wei; Li, Xinyu; Liu, Xuhan; Lu, Lu; Gao, Zhengnan Jan 1, 2018 5642
Improved Patient Outcomes by Normalizing Sympathovagal Balance: Differentiating Syncope--Precise Subtype Differentiation Leads to Improved Outcomes. DePace, Nicholas L.; Bateman, Julie A.; Yayac, Michael; Oh, John; Siddique, Mushfiqur; Acosta, Cesar Jan 1, 2018 5747
The Association between Antihypertensive Medication Use and Blood Pressure Is Influenced by Obesity. Parikh, Jash S.; Randhawa, Arshdeep K.; Wharton, Sean; Edgell, Heather; Kuk, Jennifer L. Jan 1, 2018 7641
Consumption of Cuban Policosanol Improves Blood Pressure and Lipid Profile via Enhancement of HDL Functionality in Healthy Women Subjects: Randomized, Double-Blinded, and Placebo-Controlled Study. Cho, Kyung-Hyun; Kim, Suk-Jeong; Yadav, Dhananjay; Kim, Jae-Yong; Kim, Jae- Ryong Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 10183
Does Psychosocial Work Environment Factors Predict Stress and Mean Arterial Pressure in the Malaysian Industry Workers? Javaid, Muhammad Umair; Isha, Ahmad Shahrul Nizam; Sabir, Asrar Ahmed; Ghazali, Zulkipli; Nubling, M Jan 1, 2018 6615
Early Detection of Undiagnosed Hypertension Based on Occupational Screening in the Hotel and Restaurant Industry. Seibt, Reingard; Hunger, Bettina; Stieler, Lisa; Stoll, Regina; Kreuzfeld, Steffi Jan 1, 2018 6537
Corpuls CPR Generates Higher Mean Arterial Pressure Than LUCAS II in a Pig Model of Cardiac Arrest. Eichhorn, S.; Mendoza, A.; Prinzing, A.; Stroh, A.; Xinghai, L.; Polski, M.; Heller, M.; Lahm, H.; W Jan 1, 2018 5963
Quantitative Assessment of Blood Pressure Measurement Accuracy and Variability from Visual Auscultation Method by Observers without Receiving Medical Training. Chen, Wenai; Chen, Fei; Feng, Yong; Chen, Aiqing; Zheng, Dingchang Jan 1, 2018 3925
Association and Interaction Analysis of Body Mass Index and Triglycerides Level with Blood Pressure in Elderly Individuals in China. Zhang, Lin; Li, Jin-Long; Zhang, Li-Li; Guo, Lei-Lei; Li, Hong; Li, Dan Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 25515
Multifractal-Multiscale Analysis of Cardiovascular Signals: A DFA-Based Characterization of Blood Pressure and Heart-Rate Complexity by Gender. Castiglioni, Paolo; Lazzeroni, Davide; Coruzzi, Paolo; Faini, Andrea Jan 1, 2018 7413
Corrigendum to "Multifractal-Multiscale Analysis of Cardiovascular Signals: A DFA-Based Characterization of Blood Pressure and Heart-Rate Complexity by Gender". Correction notice Jan 1, 2018 144
Pulse Wave Cycle Features Analysis of Different Blood Pressure Grades in the Elderly. Hu, Xiao-Juan; Zhang, Lei; Xu, Jia-Tuo; Liu, Bao-Cheng; Wang, Jian-Ying; Hong, Yan-Long; Tu, Li-Ping Jan 1, 2018 5123
Relationship between Neutrophil-to-Lymphocyte Ratio and Pulse Wave Velocity in Young Patients with Systemic Lupus Erythematosus. Yang, Xu-Fei; Ding, Fa-Ming; Ye, Yi-Cong; Zhang, Shu-Yang Report Jan 1, 2018 3746
Quercetin Inhibits Chronic Stress-Induced Myocardial Infarction in Rats/La Quercetina Inhibe el Infarto al Miocardio Inducido por Estres Cronico en Ratas. Bin-Jaliah, Ismaeel Dec 1, 2017 3942
Association of Low Blood Pressure, Low Bispectral Index and Low Minimum Alveolar Concentration of Anaesthetic during Surgery with Postoperative 30-day Mortality: A Systemic Review and Meta-Analysis/Cerrahi Suresince Dusuk Kan Basinci, Dusuk Bispektral Indeks ve Anestetigin Dusuk Minimum Alveolar Seviyesinin Postoperatif 30 Gunluk Mortalite ile Iliskisi: Sistemik bir Derleme ve Meta-Analiz. Oh, Tak Kyu; Park, Young Mi; Song, In Ae; Park, Sang Hon Report Dec 1, 2017 4228
Low-sodium DASH benefits increase with higher blood pressures. Otto, M. Alexander Dec 1, 2017 465
Squatting maneuver - an easy and efficient method to evaluate postural effect on human arterial blood pressure regulation. Kate, Nilesh N.; Chandrakala, B.S.; Farheen, Abida; Zeba, Arshiya Report Nov 1, 2017 3169
Comparison of fat percentage with muscle strength/endurance and blood pressure response in young adults. Bindiya, S; Damodara Gowda, KM; Ashwini, K; Roshima, PM Report Oct 1, 2017 2294
Sugar, pressure and pregnancy. Report Jul 1, 2017 1232
Analysis of damping characteristics of arterial catheter blood pressure monitoring in a large intensive care unit. Rook, W.H.; Turner, J.D.; Clutton-Brock, T.H. Report Jul 1, 2017 2053
Acute effect of uphill and downhill treadmill walk on cardiovascular response and perceived exertion in young sedentary individual. Agarwal, Mayank; Narayan, Jagdish; Sharma, Priyanka; Singh, Shraddha; Tiwari, Sunita Report Jul 1, 2017 3963
Blood pressure pattern and hypertension rates among selected tribal population of Kerala. Kahkashan, Azeez; Ismail, Imaad Mohammed Jun 1, 2017 3325
Importance of SERCA2a on early isolated diastolic dysfunction induced by supravalvular aortic stenosis in rats. Silveira, C.F.S.M.P.; Campos, D.H.S.; Freire, P.P.; Deus, A.F.; Okoshi, K.; Padovani, C.R.; Cicogna, Report May 1, 2017 6145
Human stress monitoring system using wearable sensors. Josphineleela, R.; Haripriya, M.; Sree, S. Divyaa May 1, 2017 2690
Analisis de los factores influyentes en la prevalencia de las ulceras de pie en pacientes en hemodialisis. Jesus Lechuga Dominguez, Maria; Rodriguez Garcia, Ana; Vazquez Caridad, Eva Maria Apr 1, 2017 5954
Personalized coaching program controlled blood pressure in black patients. Sullivan, Michele G. Report Mar 15, 2017 942
Self-perceived occupational stress and blood pressure profile of nurses from government hospitals. Gupta, Shipra Report Jan 1, 2017 4055
Quantitative Assessment of the Impact of Blood Pulsation on Intraocular Pressure Measurement Results in Healthy Subjects. Koprowski, Robert; Tian, Lei Report Jan 1, 2017 6468
The Predictive Role of Tooth Extractions, Oral Infections, and hs-C-Reactive Protein for Mortality in Individuals with and without Diabetes: A Prospective Cohort Study of a 12 1/2-Year Follow-Up. Haheim, Lise Lund; Ronningen, Kjersti S.; Enersen, Morten; Olsen, Ingar Report Jan 1, 2017 5464
Hierarchical Modeling of Patient and Physician Determinants of Blood Pressure Outcomes in Hypertensive Patients with and without Diabetes: Pooled Analysis of Six Observational Valsartan Studies with 15,282 Evaluable Patients. Ashy, Noha; Nguyen, Thanh-Nga; Denhaerynck, Kris; Gharaibeh, Mahdi; Alhossan, Abdulaziz; Vancayzeele Jan 1, 2017 9282
Brain Oscillations Elicited by the Cold Pressor Test: A Putative Index of Untreated Essential Hypertension. Papageorgiou, Christos; Manios, Efstathios; Tsaltas, Eleftheria; Koroboki, Eleni; Alevizaki, Maria; Jan 1, 2017 9136
The Association between Bone Quality and Atherosclerosis: Results from Two Large Population-Based Studies. Lange, V.; Dorr, M.; Schminke, U.; Volzke, H.; Nauck, M.; Wallaschofski, H.; Hannemann, A. Report Jan 1, 2017 6969
Effects of Bikram Yoga on Body Composition, Blood Pressure, and Sleep Patterns in Adult Practitioners. Marger, Charleston F.; Hicklin, Lori K.; Garner, Dena P. Report Dec 31, 2016 4168
Patterns of blood pressure during the 10 RM test in hypertensive women during two different periods of recovery. de Moraes, Murilo Augusto; Domingues, Wagner Jorge Ribeiro; de Salles, Belmiro Freitas; de Oliveira, Report Dec 1, 2016 2466
Pheochromocytoma with Ventricular Tachycardia as the Presenting Symptom. Zhang, Miao-Miao; Mao, Wen; Wu, Di; Liu, Peng Case study Dec 1, 2016 980
Lower blood pressure empowers longer life. Faloon, William Report Nov 1, 2016 3980
Cardiovascular responses in resistance exercise: the effect of execution speed. das Neves, Fabio Martins; Battazza, Rafael Ambrosio; Cardozo, Diogo; Ceschini, Fabio Luis; Joao, Gus Report Oct 1, 2016 3850
Quantile regression analysis of the distributional effects of air pollution on blood pressure, heart rate variability, blood lipids, and biomarkers of inflammation in elderly American men: the normative aging study. Bind, Marie-Abele; Peters, Annette; Koutrakis, Petros; Coull, Brent; Vokonas, Pantel; Schwartz, Joel Report Aug 1, 2016 8597
Acute effects of an active static stretching class on arterial stiffness and blood pressure in young men. Silveira, Anderson; Rocha, Andressa; Costa, Cesar; Magalhaes, Karolyne; Laureano-Melo, Roberto; de P Author abstract Aug 1, 2016 4215
ATENCAO FARMACEUTICA AOS IDOSOS HIPERTENSOS: UM ESTUDO DE CASO DO MUNICIPIO DE APERIBE, RJ. Miller, Jessica Christiny; Rodrigues, Nikyallan Soares; Ribeiro, Natalha Felisbino; Barreto, Juliano Jul 1, 2016 3737
Association of blood pressure in adults with selected anthropometric parameters and CRP: a hospital based cross sectional study. Rao, Katta Subraya Prakash; Dinesh, Peraje Vasu Report Jun 27, 2016 4475
A study on the pattern of blood pressure and its co-relates among the patients attending the Geriatric Clinic of Gauhati Medical College and Hospital, Guwahati. Chakraborty, Shashanka Shekhar; Ojah, Jutika Report Jun 13, 2016 3921
Study of blood pressure profile of healthy adult males in an urban setting of Pune, Maharashtra. Gaur, R.K.; Kushwaha, Arvind; Shukla, B.K. Report Jun 13, 2016 3784
Two types of sleep apnea devices equally effective for BP. Jun 1, 2016 135
Air pollutants associated with high blood pressure. Jun 1, 2016 196
Influence of non-periodized resistance training on blood pressure in healthy elderly women. Gambassi, Bruno Bavaresco; Rodrigues, Bruno; Feriani, Daniele Jardim; Novais, Tania Maria Gaspar; Ol Report Jun 1, 2016 2868
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Tips and algorithms to get your patient's BP to goal: having diagnosed, treated, and studied hypertension for more than 3 decades, this author offers advice and 3 handy algorithms to help you optimize your care. Yarows, Steven Apr 1, 2016 2835
Meta-analysis backs lower blood pressure targets. Nogrady, Bianca Feb 1, 2016 469
Sleep apnea treatments equally effective at reducing blood pressure. Feb 1, 2016 196
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Comparation of the difference of the reply of the cardiac frequency, the arterial pressure and the hydration in women submitted to the exercise in ergometrics bicycles horizontal and vertical/Comparacao da diferenca da resposta da frequencia cardiaca, da pressao arterial e da hidratacao em mulheres submetidas ao exercicio em bicicletas ergometricas horizontal e vertical. Pires, Diana Mara Antunes; Rangel, Claudia dos Anjos; de Souza, Sueli Aparecida Jul 1, 2009 2734
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Rate of obesity and blood pressure in school from 7 to 12 years old from schools, public and private education in the commune of Cacoal-RO/Indice de pressao arterial e obesidade em escolares de etnias brancas e negras de 07 a 12 anos dos ensinos publicos e privados do municipio de Cacoal-RO. Romanholo, Rafael Ayres; Farinazzo, Kleber Borges; Vaz Silva, Mario Sergio; Nunes, Weliton Jul 1, 2008 2804
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A low intensity walking and weight training programme reduced the body mass index ad blood pressure regulation in women who were subjected to do gastroplasty/Um programa de exercicio de caminhada e musculacao de baixa intensidade promoveu a reducao do indice de massa corporal e a regulacao da pressao arterial em mulheres que foram submetidas a gastroplastia. Elias, Flamarion Cleriston Candido; Barros, Flavia; Lucena, Mauro; Navarro, Antonio Coppi Jul 1, 2007 9008
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When does your blood pressure fluctuate? With today's technology, it is easy to track what makes your blood pressure rise or fall. Become a partner in your healthcare. May 1, 2004 399
Good enough? Or good enough to increase the odds of an MI in the next ten years? Jan 1, 2004 1123
Routine measurement of heart rate and blood pressure by physical therapy clinical instructors. Jul 1, 2003 597

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