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Representations of Disease in Home Environments. Lazareanu, Gabriela Carmen Mar 22, 2021 5020
Mindfulness: Some Considerations from the perspective of Christian Spirituality. Mihalache, Adrian Sorin Dec 22, 2020 7205
A Forgotten Protestant Pluralist: Carl F. H. Henry's vision for a church contra mundum pro mundo. Walker, Andrew T. Nov 1, 2020 1497
Will Online Service Replace Traditional Method Of Worship? Aug 16, 2020 2058
Confessions of a 'Weird Catholic'. Adubato, Stephen G. Jun 26, 2020 1622
Saint John Chrysostom - the quintessential, preeminent rhetorician [phrase omitted] and preacher [phrase omitted] of the Christian Church. Petcu, Liviu Jun 22, 2020 7284
Millenarian Mobs. Codevilla, Angelo Essay Jun 22, 2020 2601
Race, Caste, and Christianity: A Post-Colonial Analysis. Jeremiah, Anderson H.M. May 1, 2020 6190
'Half Christian': Indigenisation and Inculturation in Stevenson's Pacific Fiction. Ratnapalan, L.M. Mar 22, 2020 5614
STUDY: WHAT'S ON PASTORS' MINDS? Miller, Emily McFarlan Mar 16, 2020 234
Pentecostal Dynamics of African Initiated Churches: Transnationalization of the Cherubim and Seraphim Church in London. Olofinjana, Israel Oluwole Nov 1, 2019 5590
Worth the Steep Price. Peterson, James C. Editorial Jun 1, 2019 791
Is a "Christian America" a More Patriarchal America? Religion, Politics, and Traditionalist Gender Ideology. Whitehead, Andrew L.; Perry, Samuel L. May 1, 2019 9332
The God Card: Strategic Employment of Religious Language in U.S. Presidential Discourse. Hughes, Ceri Jan 1, 2019 8136
The Communicative Genre of Traditional Public Comforting: Perspectives on Traditional Bukusu Religion in Kenya. Nganga, Simon Report Nov 15, 2018 9950
Do you have a Christian ID card? We can best express, identify our Christianity at periphery. Diaz, Miguel H. Column Jul 13, 2018 1100
Mass Conversion To Christianity: A Case Study Of Chuhra Community In Sialkot Distric (1880-1930). Case study Jun 30, 2018 8550
Factors Influencing Christians' Moral Appraisals of Nontraditional Sexuality. Kelly, Heather L.; Sutton, Geoffrey W.; Hicks, Linda; Godfrey, Alexandra; Gillihan, Cassidy Report Jun 22, 2018 8671
The Embodiment of the Word: A Pastoral Approach to Scripture in a Digital Age. Boomershine, Thomas E. Essay Jun 1, 2018 3800
Are We Headed for One Christian Nation under Trump? Boston, Rob Column May 1, 2018 1112
Griffith analyzes US Christianity's division over sex. Williams, Mariam Book review Apr 20, 2018 1061
Responsibility and guilt: paradoxical feelings among professionals from a pediatric intensive care unit/Responsabilidade e sentimento de culpa: uma vivencia paradoxal dos profissionais de terapia intensiva pediatrica/Responsabilidad y sentimiento de culpa: una vivencia paradojica de los profesionales de terapia intensiva pediatrica. Peixoto, Tereza Cristina; Passos, Izabel Christina Friche; Brito, Maria Jose Menezes Apr 1, 2018 6173
Abraham's faith in and obedience to God. Faraoanu, Iulian Mar 22, 2018 4965
Alice Walker's Jesus: A Womanist Paradox. King, Debra Walker Mar 22, 2018 4454
Believing in Christ's Resurrection means life won't end with 'just a funeral'. Mar 21, 2018 652
Forgiving one's Neighbour from the perspective of the Holy Fathers. Petcu, Liviu Essay Dec 22, 2017 3124
Recent Themes for Christians in Science Journals: A Centering Resonance Analysis. Freitas, Jonathan Simoes; Salgado, Matheus Nogueira; de Carvalho, Guilherme Vilela Ribeiro Dec 1, 2017 483
The defects of perfectionism: Nietzsche, Eliot, and the irrevocability of wrong in Middlemarch. Joudrey, Thomas J. Critical essay Oct 18, 2017 12028
The Spiritual Kinship Theory of Baptist Origins. Jonas, Glenn Sep 22, 2017 3613
For God and country. Reilly, Robert R. Essay Jun 22, 2017 5275
A gratitude intervention in a Christian church community. Uhder, Jens; McMinn, Mark R.; Bufford, Rodger K.; Gathercoal, Kathleen Report Mar 22, 2017 7993
Can Alasdair MacIntyre Relieve Grene's Polanyian Regret? Fennell, Jon Essay Mar 22, 2017 11497
Postmodernism, Multiculturalism, and the Death of Tolerance: The Transformation of American Society. Raeder, Linda C. Essay Mar 22, 2017 9459
Recovery of faith in a new direction. DeCosse, David E. Essay Mar 10, 2017 1451
Early church grew despite persecution: that truth wins out in the end is evidenced by the expansion of the early church in Roman territory, even as emperors had Christians hunted down, tortured, and killed. Thornton, James Dec 19, 2016 4480
Towards a joint framework for the study of Christians and Muslims in Africa: response to J. D. Y. Peel. Meyer, Birgit Essay Nov 1, 2016 2415
The Conflict of Puritanism in Milton: An Analysis. Khan, Abdul Hamid Report Sep 30, 2016 4830
The humanitarian subversion of Christianity. Mahoney, Daniel J. Essay Sep 22, 2016 3100
Focus on Jewish-Christian-Muslim commonalities. Swidler, Leonard Editorial Mar 22, 2016 2664
Christianity and non-Christian religions in Karl Rahner's vision. Nedelea, Jean Report Dec 22, 2015 10055
Christians, career calling, and well-being: examination of religiousness and spirituality in a well-being model. Bott, Elizabeth M.; Duffy, Ryan D.; Douglass, Richard P. Report Dec 22, 2015 6992
The Pope sets us straight. Penman, Jim Nov 1, 2015 830
Toward epistemic decolonial turn in missio-formation in African Christianity. Kaunda, Chammah J.; Hewitt, Roderick R. Report Nov 1, 2015 6176
What's right with your church? Johnson, Earl S., Jr. Oct 26, 2015 969
Black Missionary Baptist Ministers and the burden of the Great Commission. Zou, Hang; Hope, Warren C. Report Sep 22, 2015 5898
Cultivating mathematical affections: the influence of Christian faith on mathematics pedagogy. Wilkerson, Joshua B. Essay Jun 1, 2015 9308
Losing the chains of Christendom: asking the right question. Webber, David May 1, 2015 1110
Healing with Arabic scriptures and symbols: a less documented aspect of traditional healing methods in Bangladesh. Ayshi, Sharmi Sultana; Biswas, Prince Suvro; Rahman, Tawshif; Shuvo, Mazharul Islam; Azad, Tonema; H Report May 1, 2015 3752
The anti-gospel of Lenny, Larry and Sarah: Jewish humor and the desecration of Christendom. Tanny, Jarrod Apr 1, 2015 11754
'Break down these walls': space, relations, and hierarchy in Fijian evangelical Christianity. Morgain, Rachel Mar 1, 2015 8526
Witchcraft accusations and Christianity in Africa. Asamoah-Gyadu, J. Kwabena Essay Jan 1, 2015 5505
"A cord of three strands is not easily ': an empirical investigation of attachment-based small group functioning in the christian church. Knabb, Joshua J.; Pelletier, Joseph Report Dec 22, 2014 8935
Rethinking the gospel of mark: resurrection narrative as epic. Heide, Peter T. Dec 1, 2014 4686
Apocalyptic hues in the eschatological rainbow arcing over the final lessons of the church year. Sayler, Gwen Dec 1, 2014 4532
Reading James in Oslo: reflections on text, mission, and preaching. Gylver, Sunniva Viewpoint essay Dec 1, 2014 4269
The relevance and urgency of anabaptism for our time: several proposals in light of contemporary currents in latin american christianity. Garcia, Cesar Essay Oct 1, 2014 10661
Spirituality, hope, compassion, and forgiveness: contributions of Pentecostal spirituality to godly love. Sutton, Geoffrey W.; Jordan, Kayla; Worthington, Everett L. Jr. Report Sep 22, 2014 8436
Leo Strauss and the American political religion. Bishirjian, Richard J. Essay Sep 22, 2014 6555
The divine vioce of the people. Coheh, Aryeh Sep 1, 2014 2252
Method and metaphysics: a legal historian's canon. Bateman, C.G. Sep 1, 2014 11182
Baptizing Wyclif: a medieval ancestor in the Baptist history of Thomas Crosby. Hill, Bracy V., II Essay Mar 22, 2014 5723
Lent and given. Rios, Alberto Mar 22, 2014 5917
Historical eschatology, political utopia and European modernity. Murariu, Mihai Report Mar 22, 2014 7957
C.S. Lewis: the anti-platonic platonist. Tiffany, Grace Essay Mar 22, 2014 6190
On my journey now: the narrative and works of Dr. John Henrik Clarke, the knowledge revolutionary. Person-Lynn, Kwaku; Snipes, Wesley Feb 1, 2014 12692
Doing justice to Judaism: the challenge to Christianity. Boys, Mary C. Essay Jan 1, 2014 2257
Reversals in Buddhist-Christian relations. Cobb, John B., Jr. Essay Jan 1, 2014 3537
Why millennials long for liturgy: is the high Church the Christianity of the future? Olmstead, Gracy Essay Jan 1, 2014 1485
What's fundamental to religion? Swaab, D.F. Dec 22, 2013 3275
Dante, Virgil, and Christianity: or Statius, sin, and clueless pagans in Inferno IV. Steinberg, Glenn A. Critical essay Nov 1, 2013 11384
Spiritual places for children: creating sacred time and space at camp. Furst, Ronald Jul 1, 2013 1930
Religious life in the Vatican II era: "state of perfection" or living charism? Confoy, Maryanne Essay Jun 1, 2013 12089
Church from the perspective of the crowd. Perez-Lozano, Eloisa Apr 12, 2013 1008
Jest in time: the problems and promises of the holy fool in Francesco, giullare di Dio, Ordet, and Ikiru. Doebler, Peter L. Critical essay Apr 1, 2013 14694
Christianity: good or bad for mankind? Bernstein, Andrew Mar 22, 2013 17279
Virgin and child with John: Ruskin's typical romance. Faulkner, Ashley Critical essay Mar 22, 2013 8613
Limits of Science and the Christian Faith. van Woudenberg, Rene Mar 1, 2013 9693
Christmas myths: in this day and age, when something is described as myth, people think of it as false history, not as something mythic. And we falsely assume that society can be free of "myth.". Pesta, Duke Cover story Dec 24, 2012 3957
Westboro Baptist to protest in Newtown at the victim's funerals. Brief article Dec 17, 2012 114
Gathering service: the grace of "The Gate". Leath, Jennifer Essay Nov 1, 2012 1760
Creation and mission. Conradie, Ernst Essay Nov 1, 2012 2617
Blessing and restoration: Jesus and Israel. Calvert-Koyzis, Nancy Nov 1, 2012 1180
Congregations matter: Christ in congregational life and mission. Vissers, John Nov 1, 2012 538
Palestine: then and now: returning to the Holy Land after 38 years. Whitfield, Jennifer Oct 1, 2012 985
Two takes on christianity: furthering the dialogue. Jacobs, Steven Leonard Essay Sep 22, 2012 9040
Christianity, Islam, and Hinduism in Louis Massignon's appropriation of Gandhi as a modern saint. Krokus, Christian S. Critical essay Sep 22, 2012 8174
Analyse de l'acedie dans Volupte de Sainte-Beuve. Stachura, Katarzyna Critical essay Sep 1, 2012 10634
Pentecostal missions and the changing character of global Christianity. Curtis, Heather D. Conference notes Jul 1, 2012 6074
Peter as witness to Easter. O'Collins, Gerald Essay Jun 1, 2012 10780
Reinforcing substantive religious inequality: a critical analysis of submissions to the review of freedom of religion and belief in Australia inquiry. Nelson, Jacqueline K.; Possamai-Inesedy, Alphia; Dunn, Kevin M. Report Mar 22, 2012 9562
Chimamanda Ngozi Adichie's Purple Hibiscus and the paradoxes of postcolonial redemption. Wallace, Cynthia R. Critical essay Mar 22, 2012 7691
Ma'alot tsedaqah and ordine caritatis: orders of charitable priority in Maimonides and Aquinas. Chalmer, Seth Essay Mar 22, 2012 8397
Radical atonement and the cosmic body of Christ. Payne, Daniel Essay Mar 22, 2012 3735
Lost opportunities, partial successes, and key questions: some historical lessons. Tjeltveit, Alan C. Essay Mar 22, 2012 3498
Let's talk: embeddedness, majority-minority relations, principled pluralism, and the importance of dialogue. Johnson, Eric L. Essay Mar 22, 2012 4119
The hidden hues of humanism. Edwords, Fred Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2012 3142
Black churches and blue-eyed Jesuses: this article is adapted from Chapter Five of the author's 2011 book, Moral Combat: Black Atheists, Gender Politics, and the Values Wars. Hutchinson, Sikivu Viewpoint essay Mar 1, 2012 2015
Christian anarchism: communitarian or capitalist? Salter, Alexander William Critical essay Mar 1, 2012 3728
What's the use of exclusivism? Brecht, Mara Essay Feb 28, 2012 9487
An ecumenical response to the "Sunday-Monday gap": two themes in E. Glenn Hinson and Pierre Teilhard de Chardin. Tucker, Travis D. Critical essay Jan 1, 2012 7255
Whose psychology? Which rationality? Christian psychology within an ideological surround after postmodernism. Watson, P.J. Dec 22, 2011 6550
Despair, detachment, and the West. Wolf, Aaron D. Editorial Dec 1, 2011 2675
"Converted" but not baptized: Peter Leithart's Constantine project. Kreider, Alan Critical essay Oct 1, 2011 19100
More than credibility: building on the legacy of Franklin H. Littell. Knight, Henry F. Essay Sep 22, 2011 1988
Hyperdemocracy and the Gnostic Impulse. Gairdner, William D. Essay Sep 22, 2011 4172
In every cup of bitterness, sweetness: California Christianity in the Great Depression. Ebel, Jonathan H. Essay Sep 1, 2011 4458
Aspects of religious mentality in Europe. Trofin, Liliana; Tomescu, Madalina Report Jul 1, 2011 2086
"My Soul in Agony": irrationality and Christianity in The Rime of the Ancient Mariner. Stokes, Christopher Critical essay Mar 22, 2011 10631
The modes of religious education: Christianity's contemporary status. Trofin, Liliana; Tomescu, Madalina Report Jan 1, 2011 2076
Graham Greene and Christian despair: tragic aesthetics in Brighton Rock and the Heart of the Matter. Sinclair, Peter M. Critical essay Jan 1, 2011 7264
Kabit, rimbu and opa: modalities of Anganen sacrifice. Nihill, Michael Report Nov 1, 2010 14428
Icons, liturgy, saints: ecological insights from orthodox spirituality. Chryssavgis, John Nov 1, 2010 3886
A tasty stew at synod on the Middle East. Allen, John L., Jr. Oct 15, 2010 1396
Guest editorial. Gill, Theodore A., Jr.; Stranz, Jane; Tanner, Mary; Pekridou, Aikaterini Editorial Oct 1, 2010 4209
Excavating apostolicity: Christian communities and secular cultures. Hawkey, James Oct 1, 2010 5244
"Getting personal". Moiso, Aimee Essay Oct 1, 2010 3066
Is some form of secularism the best foundation for Christian engagement in public life? Malesic, Jonathan Essay Sep 22, 2010 2946
Is some form of secularism the best foundation for Christian engagement in public life? A response to Jonathan Malesic. Baker, Hunter Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 2746
Is some form of secularism the best foundation for Christian engagement in public life? A surresponse to Hunter Baker. Malesic, Jonathan Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 1773
Is some form of secularism the best foundation for Christian engagement in public life? A surresponse to Jonathan Malesic. Baker, Hunter Critical essay Sep 22, 2010 1692
The relationship between Judaism and Christianity in the Roman Empire: a new approach based on the cultural paradigm/ As relacoes entre o judaismo e o cristianismo no Imperio Romano: uma nova interpretacao a partir do paradigma culturalista. da Silva, Gilvan Ventura Sep 1, 2010 5999
Divine authority and mass violence: economies of aggression in the emergence of religions. Firestone, Reuven Report Jun 22, 2010 7988
Kant, Hegel, and Habermas: reflections on "Glauben und Wissen". Engelhardt, H. Tristram, Jr. Critical essay Jun 1, 2010 12803
Christians, homosexuality, and the same-sex marriage question. Zerilli, John Essay May 1, 2010 3286
Human failing and Easter grace. Falsani, Cathleen Apr 1, 2010 666
Zola, lecteur de Renan. Anfray, Clelia C. Critical essay Mar 22, 2010 4943
Jesus in the context of Judaism: quest, con-quest, or conquest? Garber, Zev Essay Jan 1, 2010 5550
Jesus, God of the Hebrew Bible. Zevit, Ziony Essay Jan 1, 2010 7892
A century of Chinese Christians: a case study on cultural integration in Hawai'i. Fan, Carol C. Case study Jan 1, 2010 5955
References to God and the Christian tradition in the treaty establishing a constitution for Europe: an examination of the background. Barbulescu, Iordan; Andreescu, Gabriel Report Dec 22, 2009 10135
Transformative spirituality for a transformed world: contributions from the indigenous perspective. Quispe, Maria Chavez Essay Nov 1, 2009 6155
Globalizing justice: the contribution of Christian spirituality. Groody, Daniel G. Essay Nov 1, 2009 6228
God's mission as word event in an age of world Christianity: an Asian linguistic-transcultural model. Chung, Paul S. Essay Nov 1, 2009 7029
Capital punishment, covenant justice and the cross of Christ: the death penalty in the life and death of Jesus. Belousek, Darrin W. Snyder Report Jul 1, 2009 13582
On tipping points and Christian scholarship. Leegwater, Arie Editorial Jun 1, 2009 965
Being 'other cheeky': moral hazard and the thought of Stanley Hauerwas. Polet, Jeffrey Essay Mar 22, 2009 11626
Vernacular ecumenism and transcultural unity rethinking ecumenical theology after the cultural turn. Jahnel, Claudia Viewpoint essay Oct 1, 2008 8845
Core beliefs: myths underline the moral and supernatural laws. Kouwenberg, J.H. Hans Apr 1, 2008 729
Luigi Giussani, the church, and youth in the 1950s: a judgment born of an experience. Zucchi, John Sep 22, 2007 7252
Open Christianity. Giussani, Luigi Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2007 4863
As long as we wonder: possibilities in the impossibility of interreligious dialogue. Fletcher, Jeannine Hill Sep 1, 2007 10483
The middle belt movement and the formation of Christian consciousness in colonial Northern Nigeria. Barnes, Andrew E. Sep 1, 2007 8633
Can Europe be saved? A review essay. Sanneh, Lamin Jul 1, 2007 3745
Violence and mission in the fourth and fifth centuries: Lessons for today. Kreider, Alan Jul 1, 2007 7012
On the divine plan and the human role in development of religion: a response to Tom Idinopulos. Greenberg, Irving Viewpoint essay Jun 22, 2007 2216
Warfare and wedlock: redeeming the faith-science relationship. Hutchinson, Ian H. Viewpoint essay Jun 1, 2007 8113
The politics of radical orthodoxy: a catholic critique. Doak, Mary Jun 1, 2007 11982
Ecumenical marriage as leaven for Christian unity. King, Jason E. Report Mar 22, 2007 4980
Starting point. Benedict, Pope, XVI. Mar 2, 2007 377
Concordism and a biblical alternative: an examination of Hugh Ross's perspective. Seely, Paul Mar 1, 2007 7486
Starting point. Behrens, James Stephen Brief article Feb 9, 2007 355
Contextualizing universal values: a method for Christian mission. Adeney, Frances S. Jan 1, 2007 5309
Fundamentalisms and American pluralism *. Numrich, Paul D. Jan 1, 2007 2736
Healing and salvation in late modernity: the use and implication of such terms in the ecumenical movement. Horsfjord, Vebjorn Jan 1, 2007 7865
The new quest for healing: when therapy and spirituality intermingle *. Ugeux, Bernard Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 9645
Beyond the text: revisiting Jacques Dupuis' theology of religions. Sydnor, Jon Paul Critical essay Jan 1, 2007 7538
Christian missions in South-Western Nigeria, and the response of African traditional religion. Fatokun, Samson Adetunji Jan 1, 2007 4144
Imagining the unimaginable: Christmas beckons us to see in ever new ways how Christ became one of us. O'Donovan, Leo J. Cover story Dec 22, 2006 1079
Son of a preacher man: Jay Bakker thinks God is for gay people too, and he's going to bars to bring religion back to the disillusioned. Jim and Tammy Faye's baby boy has a new church and a new reality series, One Punk Under God. Kennedy, Sean Dec 19, 2006 1171
Philosophy as training for death: reading the ancient Christian martyr acts as spiritual exercises. Kelley, Nicole Dec 1, 2006 11693
The authors reply to Patrick Gesch's: A response to the article, purgatory and the mire tree: Contemporary PNG Studies: DWU Research Journal Vol 4 May 2006, pp. 114-116. Stollenwerk, Dan Nov 1, 2006 1640
The Fear Of Christians In Iraq. Oct 23, 2006 960
Who's oppressing whom? Homosexuality, Christianity, and social work. Melendez, Michael P.; LaSala, Michael C. Oct 1, 2006 4498
From Knightsbridge to the nations: the Alpha movement and the future of Christendom. Foster, Charles Sep 22, 2006 1713
Christianity, Enlightenment liberalism, and the quest for freedom. Grasso, Kenneth L. Viewpoint essay Sep 22, 2006 6575
How to speak of the spirit among religions: Trinitarian "rules" for a pneumatological theology of religions. Karkkainen, Veli-Matti Jul 1, 2006 5338
The soul of Europe: an altar to the unknown God. Halik, Tomas Jul 1, 2006 2865
The consequences of the enlightenment--a point of view from the churches of African expression in France. Bulangalire, Majagira Jul 1, 2006 1466
An accidental theologian: thoughts on Islam in public and private religious universities. Hussain, Amir Jun 22, 2006 3810
Harold Vogelaar: "within the frame of friendship". Echols, James Kenneth Jun 1, 2006 754
Evolving polemics obscure real concerns. Harris, David May 1, 2006 712
Embracing global Christianity: a missiological challenge. Wilson, H.S. Apr 1, 2006 7595
Scrambling away from the empty grave: terrified, amazed and afraid at the possibility of resurrection. Webber, David Apr 1, 2006 1133
Talking sex, desiring justice: the denial of sexuality is a denial of humanity. Ellison, Marvin M. Mar 22, 2006 2678
Provincializing Christendom: the case of Great Britain. Cox, Jeffrey Mar 1, 2006 4578
Sharing our environment: neither condescending pity nor contemptuous superiority will save lives. Faiz, Andrew Mar 1, 2006 787
Healing and suffering in the Bible. Warrington, Keith Jan 1, 2006 5336
Christian identity and religious plurality. Williams, Rowan Jan 1, 2006 3443
Democratic time: lessons learned from Yoder and Wolin. Hauerwas, Stanley Jan 1, 2006 8766
World Christianity and "Protestant America": historical narratives and the limits of Christian pluralism. Mallampalli, Chandra Jan 1, 2006 5332
Some reflections on religion and multiculturalism in Romania: towards a reappraisal of the grammar of traditions. Rogobete, Silviu E. Jan 1, 2006 7819
Goats aren't all baaad; nothing in the Bible is black and white, least of all the recipe for salvation. Camille, Alice Nov 1, 2005 1506
The mind of Benedict XVI. Twomey, D. Vincent Sep 22, 2005 5065
Nostra Aetate after 40 years. Cunningham, Philip A. Sep 1, 2005 1274
Alarmed London still stands tall: bombs test toleration; some wonder if it's time for less tolerance. Wilkins, John Aug 12, 2005 1355
Matthew Fox, a former Dominican priest whose views on sexuality, sin, and pantheism attracted censure from the Congregation for the Doctrine of the Faith, traveled to Wittenberg, Germany, May 18 to nail his "95 Theses for a Christianity for a New Millennium" on the doors of the same church where Martin Luther nailed his theses in 1517. Brief Article May 27, 2005 80
The story of the Decalogue: why putting the Ten Commandments on public property is unbiblical. Roberts, Chris May 20, 2005 1506
The face we see in the digital mirror: how technology is changing religion. Thieme, Richard Cover Story Feb 11, 2005 3077
'Standing upright before the heavens': metamorphoses of customary Christianity. Charuty, Giordana Feb 1, 2005 8555
Preventing Conflict by Understanding Islam. Hart, David Alan Feb 1, 2005 1538
West meets east: ever wonder why we use the term "Roman" Catholic? It's because there are 22 other Catholic churches. Gragnani, Vincent Feb 1, 2005 1605
Zimbabwean pastors practise what they preach. Brief Article Feb 1, 2005 80
Beware 'new Canada'. Byfield, Ted Feb 1, 2005 1554
Assessing the state of Christian unity. McBrien, Richard P. Jan 21, 2005 788
Starting point. Jablonski, Tom Brief Article Jan 7, 2005 351
'Moral issues' = Christian Right agenda: conservative author huffs and puffs without mentioning Christ. Faiz, Andrew Jan 1, 2005 709
Socialism isn't Christianity. Eddlem, Thomas R. Dec 27, 2004 926
Missionaries and revolutionaries: elements of transformation in the emergence of modern African Christianity. Hanciles, Jehu J. Oct 1, 2004 5661
Wesleyan theological methodology as a theory of integration. Porter, Steven L. Sep 22, 2004 8191
God as cause or error?: Academic Psychology as Christian vocation. Hall, M. Elizabeth Lewis Sep 22, 2004 6932
Expanding horizons for Christians in psychology. Hathaway, William L. Sep 22, 2004 7855
Text from the breviary. Sep 1, 2004 471
Acts of faith: muscular Christianity and masculinity among the Gogodala of Papua New Guinea. Wilde, Charles Sep 1, 2004 11071
Ordinary virtue: it's not that we have so little power. It's that we don't use the power we have. Goska, Danusha Veronica Aug 1, 2004 2024
The decline of the Christian church in Australia. Suter, Keith Jun 1, 2004 2921
The church's crucible: koinonia and cultural transcendence. Westhelle, Vitor Jun 1, 2004 4096
Dealing with guilt in the German Democratic Republic after 1989. Falcke, Heino Apr 1, 2004 3428
Good news from Latin America? Apr 1, 2004 441
Christology, inculturation, and their missiological implications: a Latin American perspective. Gorski, John F. Apr 1, 2004 3291
The Jesuits in Latin America: legacy and current emphases. Klaiber, Jeffrey Apr 1, 2004 3993
The legacy of Walter Rauschenbusch: a life informed by mission. Lundsten, Barbara A. Apr 1, 2004 4892
Following Jesus' example in Romania: a community of faith meets resistance with courage and serenity. McDonald, P. Alex Mar 1, 2004 928
Faith comes first in Ethiopia: But devotion hinders development. Sedlezky, Amy Mar 1, 2004 944
Between Christianity and Buddhism: towards a phenomenology of the body-mind. Depraz, Nathalie Nov 1, 2003 4930
Is Christianity rational? Revisiting Mere Christianity. Johnson, Andrew Nov 1, 2003 1445
New EU constitution distances itself from Christianity. Brief Article Oct 1, 2003 229
The great scandal: Christianity's role in the rise of the Nazis. Paul, Gregory S. Oct 1, 2003 9233
The real danger behind the Christian Right: beware of conservative ecumenism. Kaminer, Wendy Oct 1, 2003 3017
An odd crop of agnostics: why parrot Christian arguments against capital punishment? Price, Robert M. Oct 1, 2003 1112
Migration and mission: some implications for the twenty-first-century church. Hanciles, Jehu J. Oct 1, 2003 6971
Church-mission dynamics in Northeast India. Pachuau, Lalsangkima Oct 1, 2003 7043
Heart-centered therapies and the Christian spiritual path. Gladen, Neil R.D. Sep 22, 2003 9236
Toward community: the relationship between religiosity and silence in the works of Soren Kierkegaard. Swanson, Joseph Sep 22, 2003 3851
Christianity, tradition, and everyday modernity: towards an anatomy of women's groupings in Melanesia. Douglas, Bronwen Sep 1, 2003 11879
The DOV: a historic peace church perspective. Friesen, Duane K. Jul 1, 2003 2685
Healing obstacles: a bible study on John 5:1-18. Hamlen, Polly Jul 1, 2003 1743
Salvation and healing. Biersack, Anna-Dorothea Jul 1, 2003 1184
Healing through ecumenical partnership: an intiative of the ecumenical women of Botswana. Kobue, Margaret Jul 1, 2003 1477
Constructing a meaningful alternative. Burkett, Delbert R. Jun 22, 2003 3264
Response to Delbert Burkett. Wink, Walter Jun 22, 2003 761
The myth of the suppressing church: a comment on Walter Wink's The Human Being. Miles, Jack Jun 22, 2003 2273
Response to Jack Miles. Wink, Walter Jun 22, 2003 655
Response to Wayne G. Rollins. Wink, Walter Jun 22, 2003 1014
The missionary challenge of Christendom and modernity in South Africa: a Dutch Reformed account. Nieder-Hettmann, Jan H. Apr 1, 2003 6896
Encounter with modernity: the "McDonaldization" and "Charismatization" of Korean mega-churches. Young-Gi, Hong Apr 1, 2003 7914
Religion and violence: a Protestant Christian perspective. Ariarajah, S. Wesley Apr 1, 2003 3993
Postcolonial African theology in Kabasele Lumbala. Aguilar, Mario I. Jun 1, 2002 9522
If only this could be said. Milosz, Czeslaw Mar 22, 2002 5200
I thirst. Brief Article Mar 1, 2002 258
Narrator of "Bartleby": The Christian-Humanist Acquaintance of John Jacob Astor. DILWORTH, THOMAS Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 9385
George MacDonald's romantic Christianity in Lilith. McCann, Janet Critical Essay Jan 1, 2002 3962
Unearthing the bible's hidden treasures. McCormick, Patrick Nov 1, 2001 1872
Moses and the Egyptian: Religious Authority in Olaudah Equiano's Interesting Narrative. Elrod, Eileen Razzari Critical Essay Sep 22, 2001 10329
The crook, the crisis & the Kingdom. Siverns, Ted Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 823
Reflections on Denominationalism and Ecumenism. Modiega, David J. Statistical Data Included Jul 1, 2001 876
STATEMENTS. Apr 1, 2001 14875
The rights of the roundtable: a discussion on human rights and democratic development. Brief Article Mar 1, 2001 519
Supreme Court Druids: Modern human sacrifice to ancient gods. Waldock, Humphrey Brief Article Jan 1, 2001 1078
The Color of the Enemy in the New Millennium. PERKINSON, JIM Critical Essay Sep 22, 2000 8364
Pope of infallibility set for beatification. ALLEN, JOHN L. JR. Sep 1, 2000 2205
Confessing Christ in a Post-Christendom Context. Hall, Douglas John Jul 1, 2000 4437
Toward a New Southern Poetry: Folk Art and the Post-Christian Vision of Tony Crunk. KING, VINCENT Critical Essay Jun 22, 2000 9680
Christianity, humanism and myth: problems of interpretation in Sartre's Bariona ou le fils du tonnerre. GILLESPIE, J. H. Jun 1, 2000 10270
THE FUGITIVE JOY OF JEAN SULIVAN. Cunneen, Joseph Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 4515
Fiction of Mercy: Suffering Delight in Reynolds Price's The Promise of Rest. POWELL, TARA Critical Essay Mar 22, 2000 5571
Questions we didn't ask will shape the soul of new millennium. CHITTISTER, Joan Brief Article Jan 28, 2000 834
The Witness of the Orthodox Church. Jan 1, 2000 6095
The Gift of Authority. Root, Michael Jan 1, 2000 9333
Koinonia and Eucharistic Unity. Bouteneff, Peter C. Jan 1, 2000 4866
The Awakening of Edward Bellamy: Looking Backward at Religious Influence(*). CONNOR, GEORGE E. Critical Essay Jan 1, 2000 5732
Three bishops say, `I'm sorry'. ALLEN, JOHN L., JR. Brief Article Dec 17, 1999 1011
Weakland's three affirmations and five requests for forgiveness. Brief Article Dec 17, 1999 323
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