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Tree species composition, growing stock and biomass carbon dynamics of the major timber species in Hindu Kush regions of Pakistan/Composicao de especies de arvores, estoque em crescimento e dinamica de biomassa de carbono das principals especies madeireiras nas regioes de Indocuche no Paquistao. Ahmad, A.; Liu, J.; Liu, Q.; Ullah, S.; Khalid, F.; Taimur; Ismail, M.; Mannan, A. May 11, 2022 8032
The Energy Potential of Harvested Wood Fuel by Refugees in Northern Uganda. Barasa, Bernard; Turyabanawe, Loy; Akello, Gertrude; Gudoyi, Paul Makoba; Nabatta, Claire; Mulabbi, Feb 22, 2022 6600
Heartwood and Sapwood Variation and Development in Chenshan Red-Heart Chinese Fir (Cunninghamia lanceolata (Lamb.) Hook). Kang, Huiling; Wen, Xuding; Deng, Xiangwen; Chen, Liang; Xiao, Fuming Report Dec 22, 2021 7838
Experimental Modal Analysis of Appropriate Boundary Conditions for the Evaluation of Cross-Laminated Timber Panels for an In-Line Approach. Faircloth, Adam; Brancheriau, Loic; Karampour, Hassan; So, Stephen; Bailleres, Henri; Kumar, Chandan Report Jun 22, 2021 5197
Real-Time Monitoring of Timber-Surface Crack Repair Using Piezoelectric Ceramics. Meng, Huien; Yang, Wenwei; Yang, Xia Jan 1, 2021 7403
Laboratory Model Tests on Consolidation Performance of Soil Column with Drained-Timber Rod. Chai, X. J.; Deng, K.; He, C. F.; Xiong, Y. F. Jan 1, 2021 4387
Valuation of goods and services produced by coppice and high forest management alternatives in the Pabucdere Watershed/Pabucdere Havzasinda baltalik ve koru orman yonetim seceneklerinin urettigi mal ve hizmetlerin degerinin belirlenmesi. Sahin, Abbas; Deniz, Tugba; Kaya, Guven; Ok, Kenan Report Jan 1, 2021 6602
Identifying relevant international forest regimes for South Korea based on their issues /Identification des regimes forestiers internationaux pertinents a la Coree du Sud, et bases sur leur situation /Identificacion de los regimenes forestales internacionales pertinentes para Corea del Sur en funcion del tipo de problemas. Kim, H.; Kang, H.M.; Choi, S.I.; Jeon, S. Dec 1, 2020 7203
Business comment: Sustainable timber construction - Why the UK needs to be 'all in'; The UK construction sector has made big improvements in the way it builds homes and the much-vaunted Modern Methods of Construction (MMC) are most definitely here to stay. Malcolm Thomson Nov 10, 2020 674
A Specialized Data Crawler for Cross-Laminated Timber Information Resources. Thomas, Ed; Espinoza, Omar; Bora, Rahul; Buehlmann, Urs Report Sep 22, 2020 3993
Experimental Study on Loading Capacity of Glued-Laminated Timber Arches Subjected to Vertical Concentrated Loads. Zhou, Jiale; Li, Chuanxi; Ke, Lu; He, Jun; Wang, Zhifeng Jun 30, 2020 5405
Financial Assessment of Future Stand Conditions Required to Recover the Opportunity Costs of a North Louisiana Streamside Management Zone. McConnell, T. Eric; Crosby, Michael K.; Holderieath, Jason J.; VanderSchaaf, Curtis L. Case study Mar 22, 2020 7351
Effect of Elevated Temperature Exposures on Shear Properties of Sheathing Panels. Soti, Rajendra; Knight, Cody; Mageshwar, Shanmathi; Valluri, Srikar D.; Sinha, Arijit Report Mar 22, 2020 4040
Flexural Strength Behaviour of Apa (Afzeliabipindensis) Reinforced Stabilized Lateritic Soil Beam. Ozigi, P.; Tuleun, Z.; Jimoh, A. Mar 1, 2020 3636
Timber Losses from West Fork Complex Fire in Southwest Colorado. Cyphers, Laren; Mackes, Kurt; Duda, Kevin Dec 22, 2019 3965
Seismic Performance of Damaged Dovetail Joints with Different Damaged Degrees in Timber Frames. Ma, Hua; Luan, Xinyu; Li, Zhenbao; Cui, Haijian; Wang, Wenjing; Song, Jia Sep 30, 2019 8753
MULTIPLE CRITERIA ASSESSMENT OF HIGH-RISE TIMBER BUILDINGS. Tupenaite, Laura; Zilenaite, Viktorija; Kanapeckiene, Loreta; Sajjadian, Seyed Masoud; Gecys, Tomas; Sep 1, 2019 4584
Mechanical Properties of Glued-Laminated Timber with Different Assembly Patterns. Gao, Shan; Xu, Man; Guo, Nan; Zhang, Ying Report Aug 31, 2019 5394
A Comparison of Bat Activity in a Managed Central Hardwood Forest. Caldwell, Katherine L.; Carter, Timothy C.; Doll, Jason C. Report Apr 1, 2019 10032
Moment Behavior of Laminated Beam-Column Joint with Glued-In Steel Rods Manufactured from Small-Diameter Larch Logs. Ha, Been; Ogawa, Keita; Yamasaki, Mariko; Sasaki, Yasutoshi Sep 22, 2018 5606
Patrones e interacciones espaciales de especies arboreas dominantes en un bosque tropical en la Amazonia. Costa Cysneiros, Vinicius; Antonio Dalmaso, Cilmar; Libanio Pelissari, Allan; Povoa de Mattos, Patri Sep 1, 2018 4463
A review of the development of the multiple use forest management planning concept/Une etude du developpement du concept de planification de la gestion des forets a usages multiples/Una revision del desarrollo del concepto de planificacion de la gestion forestal de usos multiples. Baskent, E.Z. Report Sep 1, 2018 14883
Asia's wild-captured worker elephants die young. Aug 8, 2018 501
IMAGE ANALYSIS TECHNIQUES FOR THE CHARACTERIZATION OF PARICARANA (Bowdichia virgilioides Kunth) SEED QUALITY/TECNICAS DE ANALISE DE IMAGEM PARA CARACTERIZACAO DA QUALIDADE DE SEMENTES DE PARICARANA (Bowdichia virgilioides Kunth). Lima, Juliana Maria Espindola; Smiderle, Oscar Jose; Oliveira, Joao Almir; de Carvalho, Maria Laene Jul 1, 2018 7098
METHODS FOR DORMANCY OVERCOMING OF Garcinia gardneriana (Planch. & Triana) Zappi SEEDS/METODOS PARA SUPERACAO DA DORMENCIA EM SEMENTES DE Garcinia gardneriana (Planch. & Triana) Zappi. Rocha, Ana Patricia; Matos, Valderez Pontes; de Moura Sena, Lucia Helena; Pacheco, Mauro Vasconcelos Apr 1, 2018 5782
Policy analysis for realizing the potential of timber production from Trees Outside Forests (TOF) in India/Analyse de politique pour realiser le potentiel de la production de bois de coupe provenant d'arbres hors foret (TOF) en Inde/Analisis de politicas para hacer realidad el potencial de produccion de madera de arboles fuera del bosque (AFB) en la India. Ghosh, M.; Sinha, B. Report Mar 1, 2018 11377
EFFECT OF SEASONALITY ON THE ESSENTIAL OIL YIELD OF Piper gaudichaudianum KUNTH/EFEITO DA SAZONALIDADE SOBRE O RENDIMENTO DO OLEO ESSENCIAL DE Piper gaudichaudianum KUNTH. Schindler, Bianca; da Silva, Daniela Thomas; Heinzmann, Berta Maria Jan 1, 2018 5320
POTENTIAL OF Pterogyne nitens Tul. WOOD (MADEIRA-NOVA) FOR CHARCOAL PRODUCTION/POTENCIAL DA MADEIRA DE Pterogyne nitens Tul. (MADEIRA-NOVA) PARA PRODUCAO DE CARVAO VEGETAL. Figueiredo, Marcio Emanuel Oliveira; Longue, Dalton, Jr.; Pereira, Allana Katiussya Silva; de Cassia Jan 1, 2018 5221
Damage Identification in Timber Structures Based on Wavelet Singular Spectrum Entropy. Li, Shengcai; Zhang, Lei; Tang, Jie; Ling, Daijian; Wang, Peixuan Jan 1, 2018 4567
Vulnerability Analysis of Ancient Timber Architecture by Considering the Correlation of Different Failure Modes. Huan, Junhong; Ma, Donghui; Wang, Wei Jan 1, 2018 4943
Experimental Analysis of Pretensioned CLT-Glulam T-Section Beams. Estevez-Cimadevila, J.; Suarez-Riestra, F.; Otero-Chans, D.; Martin-Gutierrez, E. Jan 1, 2018 8080
Experiment on Behavior of a New Connector Used in Bamboo (Timber) Frame Structure under Cyclic Loading. Zhou, Junwen; Huang, Dongsheng; Ni, Chun; Shen, Yurong; Zhao, Longlong Jan 1, 2018 4996
Effects of woody biomass harvests on a population of plethodontid salamanders in Southeast Indiana. Peele, Jasmine; Nix, Courtney; Ruhl, Patrick; Chapman, Robert; Zollner, Patrick; Saunders, Michael R Report Jul 1, 2017 5952
Study on Aseismic Characteristics of Tibetan Ancient Timber Structure. Wang, Juan; He, Junxiao; Yang, Na; Yang, Qingshan Jan 1, 2017 5115
Historical timbers in traditional vessels of the lower Sao Francisco River/Madeiras historicas em embarcacoes tradicionais do baixo rio Sao Francisco. de Melo, Joao Carlos Ferreira, Jr.; de Barros, Claudia Franca Jan 1, 2017 5606
Site Specific Stem Volume Models for Pinus patula and Pinus oocarpa. Malata, Herbert; Ngulube, Elisha S.; Missanjo, Edward Report Jan 1, 2017 5033
Silvicultural evaluation of ten native species of the Atlantic forest/Avaliacao silvicultural de dez especies nativas da mata Atlantica. de Mendonca Jose Franklim Chichorro Adriano Ribeiro de Mendonca Lorena Abdalla de Oliveira Prata Gui Ensayo Jan 1, 2017 6397
Structural analysis of the wooden roof of a historic building--casa da cultura da colonia murici--in Sao Jose Dos Pinhais, parana state/Avaliacao da cobertura de madeira de uma edificacao historica--casa da cultura da colonia murici--Sao Jose Dos Pinhais--PR. Fonte, Ana Paula Namikata da; Anjos, Rui Andre Maggi dos; Kovalski, Maiara; de Oliveira, Gabriel Rui Jan 1, 2017 5435
A Prediction Method of Historical Timber Buildings' Vibrations Induced by Traffic Loads and Its Validation. Zhang, Yunshi; Zhang, Nan; Cao, Yanmei; Xia, He Report Jan 1, 2017 5066
Growing space requirement, diameter and height growth of two generative teak clones in Perhutani-the Indonesia state forest enterprise. Sadono, Ronggo; Soeprijadi, Djoko; Herningtyas, Wieke; Rahmadwiati, Rissa Report Apr 1, 2016 5493
Mechanical properties of Chinese larch (Larix gmelini) dimension lumber. Zhou, Haibin; Ren, Haiqing; Lu, Jianxiong Jan 1, 2016 3735
Operational influences affecting sawlog weight and volume relationships in the Intermountain West. Saralecos, Jarred D.; Keefe, Robert F.; Tinkham, Wade T.; Brooks, Randall H.; Johnson, Leonard R. Sep 1, 2015 7652
Reducing warp and checking in 4 by 4 beams from small-diameter tropical species (Tectona grandis, Gmelina arborea, and Cordia alliodora) obtained by turning the pith inside out. Montero, Rafael Serrano; Moya, Roger Sep 1, 2015 4896
Seasonal phenology of Sirex nigricornis (Hymenoptera: Siricidae) in Arkansas with implications for management of Sirex noctilio. Hartshorn, Jessica A.; Fisher, Danielle M.; Galligan, Larry D.; Stephen, Fred M. Report Sep 1, 2015 4446
Determining the processed cut stock recovery rate from standing dead beetle-killed lodgepole pine timber. Mackes, Kurt; Eckhoff, Mike Abstract Jul 1, 2015 5197
BLM finally gets it right with timber lands analysis. Jun 13, 2015 541
Thermal performance of selected heritage buildings in Penang, Malaysia. Fadzil, Sharifah Fairuz Syed; Omar, Nur Alia Mohamad Report Mar 1, 2015 1436
Creep testing of one-component polyurethane and emulsion polymer isocyanate adhesives for structural timber bonding. Aicher, Simon; Christian, Zachary; Stapf, Gordian Jan 1, 2015 7446
Adapting to a changing landscape: how Wisconsin loggers persist in an era of parcelization. Conrad, Joseph L., IV Abstract Nov 1, 2014 6860
Analysis of hysteretic response of glass infilled wooden frames. Antolinc, David; Rajcic, Vlatka; Zarnic, Roko Report Aug 1, 2014 5562
The role of state institutions in non-timber forest product commercialisation: a case study of Tricholoma matsutake in South Korea/Role des institutions d'etat dans la commercialisation des produits forestiers autres que le bois: une etude-cas du Tricholoma matsutake en Coree du Sud/El roo de las instituciones estatales en la comercializacion... Van Gevelt T. Mar 1, 2014 8148
Regression analysis on factors affected roundwood production in Malaysia. Gani, Iqtie Qamar Laila Mohd; Rasat, Mohd Sukhairi Mat; Wahab, Razak; Ramle, Nur Hafizah; Mohamed, M Report Jan 1, 2014 2380
Synergistic effect of nanosilica aerogel with phosphorus flame retardants on improving flame retardancy and leaching resistance of wood. Zhu, Xiaodan; Wu, Yiqiang; Tian, Cuihua; Qing, Yan; Yao, Chunhua Jan 1, 2014 4600
Structural health assessment of timber structures; proceedings. Book review Dec 1, 2013 199
Effects of the reduced impact logging on the growth phases of a terra firme forest in the state of para, Brazil/Influencia da exploracao florestal de impacto reduzido sobre as fases de desenvolvimento de uma floresta de terra firme, para, Brasil. Francez, Luciana Maria de Barros; de Carvalho, Joao Olegario Pereira; Batista, Fabio de Jesus; Jardi Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 5005
Chemical composition of eucalipt wood with different levels of thinning/Composicao quimica da madeira de eucalipto com diferentes niveis de desbaste. Zanuncio, Antonio Jose Vinha; Colodette, Jorge Luiz; Gomes, Femando Jose Borges; Carneiro, Angelica Author abstract Oct 1, 2013 3174
Dynamics structure of the understorey vegetation influenced by logging in a terra firme forest, in the municipality of Moju, Para State/Dinamica da estrutura da vegetacao do sub-bosque sob influencia da exploracao em uma floresta de terra firme no municipio de Moju-Pa. Mendes, Fernanda da Silva; Jardim, Fernando Cristovam da Silva; de Carvalho, Joao Olegario Pereira; Author abstract Apr 1, 2013 6590
Methodology used to determine the shear and longitudinal modulus of elasticity in timber beams/Metodologia para o calculo dos modulos de elasticidade longitudinal e transversal em vigas de madeira de dimensoes estruturais. Christoforo, Andre Luis; Filho, Sergio Luiz Moni Ribeiro; Panzera, Tulio Hallak; Lahrn, Francisco An Apr 1, 2013 2919
Investigation of the physical-mechanical properties of timber using ultrasound examination. Teder, Marko; Pilt, Kalle; Miljan, Matis; Pallav, Vello; Miljan, Jaan Report Dec 1, 2012 4581
Assessment of woody biomass availability from surface mining operations in West Virginia. Grushecky, Shawn T.; Lin, Wenshu; Wang, Jingxin Abstract May 1, 2012 4770
Study on urea-formaldehyde prepolymer and hot-press treatment of Italian poplar wood. Wu, Guofeng; Jiang, Yifei; Qu, Ping; Song, Shuping; Pu, Junwen Abstract May 1, 2012 3986
Tassie trees are still falling; the future prosperity of Tasmania's forest industry is dependant on the capacity of governments to deliver on the Statement of Principles. Hesketh, Lindsay Apr 1, 2012 433
Ottoman forestry: socio-economic aspect and its influence today/ Otomano florestal: aspecto socioeconomico e sua influencia hoje. Ozden, Sezgin; Birben, Ustuner Mar 1, 2012 6195
Subterranean termites of the Oklahoma tallgrass prairie preserve cross timbers. Smith, Matthew P.; Smith, Anita L.; Kard, Brad; Broussard, Greg H. Jan 1, 2012 5572
Structure of mixed ombrophyllous forests with Araucaria angustifolia (Araucariaceae) under external stress in Southern Brazil. Vibrans, Alexander C.; Sevegnani, Lucia; Uhlmann, Alexandre; Schorn, Lauri A.; Sobral, Marcos G.; de Sep 1, 2011 9355
Interaction research into connection between threaded steel rod and glulam/Jungties tarp iklijuoto plieninio sriegtojo strypo ir medienos elgsenos tyrimas. Gecys, Tomas; Gurksnys, Kestutis; Rasiulis, Konstantin Report Mar 1, 2011 4827
Variability of charring along the wooden wall studs/Mediniu karkasiniu sienu statramsciu apanglejimo gylio kitimas. Just, Alar; Tera, Tarmo Report Dec 1, 2010 4382
Effects of a tornado on birds in a Cross Timbers community. McGlinn, Daniel J.; Churchwell, Roy T.; Palmer, Michael W. Report Sep 1, 2010 2743
Influence of the lunar phase of tree felling on humidity, weight densities, and shrinkage in hardwoods (Quercus humilis). Villasante, Antonio; Vignote, Santiago; Ferrer, David Aug 1, 2010 3866
Accelerated drying of plantation grown Eucalyptus cloeziana and Eucalyptus pellita sawn timber. Redman, Adam L.; McGavin, Robert L. Jun 1, 2010 5290
Timber-concrete composite structures: a rational technique for bridges of vicinal roads/Estruturas mistas em madeira-concreto: uma tecnica racional para pontes de estradas vicinais. Soriano, Julio; Mascia, Nilson Tadeu Report Jul 1, 2009 4357
Changes in the floodplain forest vegetation of the lower Wisconsin river over the last fifty years. Hale, Brack W.; Alsum, Esther M.; Adams, Michael S. Oct 1, 2008 9796
Solid wood and residue yield analysis of small-diameter red oak logs. Perkins, Brian; Smith, Robert L.; Bond, Brian Jan 1, 2008 3032
BLM worked with many parties in forging timber plans. Oct 30, 2007 714
Value analysis of lumber produced from small-diameter timber. Cumbo, Dan W.; Smith, Robert L.; Becker, Charles W., III Oct 1, 2004 3812
Relationship between site index and several mechanical properties of Turkish calabrian pine (Pinus brutia Ten). Bektas, Ibrahim; Alma, M. Hakk; As, Nusret; Gundogan, Recep Feb 1, 2003 3307
Several examinations on the static bending test methods of wood using todomatsu (Japanese fir). Yashihara, Hiroshi; Kubojima, Yoshitaka; Ishimoto, Tomonori Feb 1, 2003 3248
Figured Andiroba Offers a Mahogany-Like Look. KAISER, JO-ANN Brief Article Feb 1, 2001 843

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