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RESPOSTAS FISIOLOGICAS AGUDAS A UMA LUTA DE HUKA-HUKA/Acute physical responses to a Huka-Huka fight. Meninea, Deivison Soares; de Azevedo, Antenor Barbosa Calandrini; Magno, Arthur Pinto; Coswig, Victo May 1, 2019 3683
Cross My Heart and Hope to Die: A Diachronic Examination of the Mutual Self-Cursing (mubahala) in Islam. Mikati, Rana Essay Apr 1, 2019 9625
"I Am Because of What I Know I Have": A Descriptive Analysis of Chinamwali in Preparing Women for Womanhood, Sexual Life and Reproduction. Talakinu, Carina Mweela Report Dec 1, 2018 6652
Myth and Ritual in Moonrise Kingdom. Haynes, Sarah F. Critical essay Oct 1, 2018 6905
A Comparative Analysis of Olojo Festival under the Late Adesoji Aderemi and the Late Okunade Sijuwade Olubuse II. Blessing, Akinyemi Yetunde Sep 1, 2018 4455
'International chiefs': chieftaincy, rituals and the reproduction of transborder Ewe ethnic communities on the Ghana-Togo boundary. Adotey, Edem Essay Aug 1, 2018 8282
Journey Interrupted: A Phenomenological Exploration of Miscarriage. Watson, Marit A.; Jewell, Vanessa D. Medical condition overview Jun 22, 2018 9253
Complexity and Power: A Bioarchaeological Analysis of Socioeconomic Change on the Copacabana Peninsula, 800 BC-AD 200. Juengst, Sara L. Jan 1, 2018 13844
Hanblecheyapi: Native American Tradition of Vision Quest and Transcendent Function. Frank-Doggett, Jenny Report Sep 22, 2017 8250
Religious Rites and Female Spirituality in CinematicAdaptations of Cinderella. Weagel, Elisabeth S. Critical essay Sep 22, 2017 7831
Kidnapping for rituals: article of faith and insecurity in Nigeria. Oyewole, Samuel Report Nov 1, 2016 7211
Astrological vedism: Varahamihira in light of the later rituals of the Atharvaveda. Geslani, Marko Essay Apr 1, 2016 11572
Ritual in Martin Buber's myth of Zion. Breslauer, S. Daniel Critical essay Mar 22, 2016 9046
The psychological impact of performing folk group rituals. Repciuc, Ioana Report Mar 1, 2016 3339
A struggle of genres, or a dialogue: a post-Bakhtinean view of Shakespeare's Measure for Measure. Shaitanov, Igor Critical essay Dec 11, 2015 6480
The alienation of Nigerian women in widowhood. Iheanacho, Ngozi N. Report Oct 1, 2015 8854
The cat demon, gender, and religious practice: towards reconstructing a medieval Chinese cultural pattern. Doran, Rebecca Essay Oct 1, 2015 12231
Tooth jewellery: fashion and dentistry go hand in hand. Bhatia, Sonal; Gupta, Nidhi; Gupta, Preety; Arora, Vikram; Mehta, Nishant Report Oct 1, 2015 3157
Potent rituals and the royal dead: historical transformations in Vietnamese ritual practice. Marouda, Marina Essay Oct 1, 2014 10914
Magic Circle. Robinson, Sarah (American writer) Essay Sep 22, 2014 3998
Sign of reconciliation and conversion? Differing views of power--ecclesial, sacramental, anthropological--among hierarchy and laity. Morrill, Bruce T. Essay Sep 1, 2014 13754
Netherworld marriage in ancient China: its historical evolution and ideological background. Gu, Chunjun; Xu, Keqian Report Jun 22, 2014 14489
Sole cleansing. Cones, Bryan Apr 1, 2014 721
We are not alone. Koehler, Krzysztof Critical essay Apr 1, 2014 3350
Repetition Is Sacred: School of Our Lorde, Mobile Homecoming, and Legacy in Flight. Gumbs, Alexis Pauline Essay Mar 22, 2014 2294
Poetry as preservation ritual: Jane Harrison, antiquarianism and hope Mirrlees's Paris. Enemark, Nina Ravnholdt Critical essay Mar 22, 2014 9072
Ta'zie (religious theatre) vs. Noruz (the New Year and its rituals): the Politics of the Intangible Cultural Heritage of Humanity in Iran. Bromberger, Christian Essay Mar 22, 2014 4509
Pajes ouvindo confissao e celebrando missa: Convergencias simbolico-sociais nos aldeamentos jesuiticos da Amazonia portuguesa (seculos XVII e XVIII). Arenz, Karl Heinz Jan 1, 2014 8761
The stage art of brotherhood: sentimental dramaturgy and mid-century Franc-Maconnerie. Camp, Pannill Essay Jan 1, 2014 8147
How Bisvamtara got his dharma body: story, ritual, and the domestic in the composition of a Newar Jataka. Emmrich, Christoph Essay Oct 1, 2012 18471
Georgia Salspa.. MODEL'S MARBELLA PAMPER SESSION. Aug 17, 2012 239
Ritual unites us more than beliefs. Henry, Patrick Essay Aug 3, 2012 740
A pragmatic analysis of selected British and Nigerian funeral orations. Bamigbola, Esther Olayinka Jun 1, 2012 5900
Symbols of power in rituals of violence: the personality cult and iconoclasm on the Soviet empire's periphery (East Germany, 1945-61). Tikhomirov, Alexey Essay Jan 1, 2012 17265
A research note on the textual formation of the "Ziyi". Huang, Kuan-Yun Essay Jan 1, 2012 6841
Monumentality and the materialization of ideology in Central Eastern Polynesia. Kahn, Jennifer G.; Kirch, Patrick V. Report Oct 1, 2011 7229
Black Megachurch Culture: Models for Education and Empowerment. Sep 1, 2011 141
Psalm 118. Blumenthal, Fred Essay Apr 1, 2011 1148
Transformations of rituals in contemporary lithuanian art/Ritualu perkurimas siuolaikiniame lietuvos mene. Sakalauskaite, Elena Essay Mar 1, 2011 3290
Urban choreography: bodily experience, emotions and rituals/Urbanistine choreografija: kunas, emocijos ir ritualai. Lavrinec, Jekaterina Essay Mar 1, 2011 5276
Spirit-possession rituals in southern Ghana: priests, musicians, and ritual efficacy. Banks, William D. Report Jan 1, 2011 6430
Ritual wealth deposits in Estonian Middle Iron Age material/Rituaalsed peitvarad Eesti keskmise rauaaja materjalis. Oras, Ester Report Dec 1, 2010 8537
Interpreting ritual as performance and theory Association for Social Anthropology in Oceania 2010 distinguished lecture. Kaeppler, Adrienne L. Report Nov 1, 2010 5774
The carnival of custom: land dives, millenarian parades and other spectacular ritualizations in Vanuatu. Tabani, Marc Report Nov 1, 2010 14551
Yukio Mishima: thymos between aesthetics and ideological fanaticism. Frentiu, Rodica Essay Mar 22, 2010 9007
Sacrificial categories and personality types. Hendel, Russell Jay Report Jan 1, 2010 3849
Ratio: Vol. 20, No. 4, December 2007. Jun 1, 2008 993
Complementarity and opposition in early Tibetan ritual. Dotson, Brandon Report Jan 1, 2008 16437
Three hot potatoes for the church. McBrien, Richard P. Aug 3, 2007 688
When texts conceal: why vedic recitation is forbidden at certain times and places (Presidential Address). Olivelle, Patrick Report Jul 1, 2006 6892
Rituals that don't reach, punishments that don't impugn: Jia Yi on the exclusions from punishment and ritual. Sanft, Charles Jan 1, 2005 10862
The irreverence of St. Ambrose of Milan. Macy, Gary Brief Article Mar 12, 2004 269
'Avenue Q,' 'Oz' set the pace. Hofler, Robert Jan 12, 2004 602
On the ceremonial laws. Zanchi, D. Hieronymus Excerpt Mar 22, 2003 2392
Crossing the line: sex, power, justice, and the U.S. Navy at the equator. Hersh, Carie Little Jun 22, 2002 25537
Death and the Sacrifice of Signs: 'Measuring' the Dead in Tana Toraja. Tsintjilonis, Dimitri Sep 1, 2000 11846
Ghostly Voices: some Observations on Song-Creation, Ceremony and Being in NW Australia. Marett, Allan Sep 1, 2000 6365
Ritual and the Rhetoric of Repetition in Angela's Ashes. MATIKO, BEVERLY J. Jul 1, 2000 3685
Inclusive communion: the big vision. Manz, Karin Mar 1, 2000 1024
Sacred cows of 'development': the ritual incorporation of a dairy project in the eastern interior of Fiji (c.1980-1997). Abramson, Allen Jun 1, 1999 13312
Commentary: Applying Communitas to Kiowa Powwows. Lassiter, Luke E.; Ellis, Clyde Sep 22, 1998 3049
The role of bears and bear ceremonialism in Navajo orthodox traditional lifeway. Pavlik, Steve Oct 1, 1997 5040
Secularists, rise up - and celebrate! Greeley, Roger E. Jun 22, 1997 1633
Ceremony. Brown, Randy Jun 1, 1996 653
Narrative and women's ritualizing. Northup, Lesley A. Mar 22, 1996 3389
Entertaining a dangerous guest: sacrifice and play in the Ma'pakorong ritual of the Sa'dan Toraja. Waterson, Roxana Dec 1, 1995 15496
The subversion of ritual in Luisa Valenzuela's 'Other Weapons.' Morello-Frosch, Marta Sep 22, 1995 4571
Eighteenth-century treaties: amended Iroquois condolence rituals. Jun 22, 1995 9294
The unkindest cut of all. Davis, Robert Gorham Sep 22, 1993 3239
Disrupted death ceremonies: popular culture and the ethnography of Bali. Warren, Carol Sep 1, 1993 10037

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