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Documentation of Illuminated Qur'Anic Manuscript and its Impact on the Social System of the Subcontinent. Zaryab, Nomana; Ahmad, Rana Eijaz Critical essay Jun 30, 2019 4107
Jane Austen's Textual Revisions in "The Watsons": A Preliminary Study. Wilkes, Joanne Critical essay Jan 1, 2019 4539
"The Rules of the School". Gadotti, Alhena; Kleinerman, Alexandra Essay Jan 1, 2017 10091
The visual text: bibliographic codes as pragmatic markers on a manuscript page. Rogos-Hebda, Justyna Report Sep 1, 2016 3003
"Classicising Friars," Miscellaneous Transmission, and MS Royal 7 C.i. Hanna, Ralph Critical essay Jan 1, 2016 10525
Dating the Hamzanama: a re-examination. Faridany-Akhavan, Zahra Essay Mar 1, 2015 5073
Les Vies des femmes celebres: Antoine Dufour, Jean Pichore, and a manuscript's debt to an Italian printed book. Renck, Anneliese Pollock Jan 1, 2015 6748
Making miscellaneous manuscripts in fifteenth-century England: the case of Sloane 2275. Hanna, Ralph Jan 1, 2015 11264
Kyng Alisaunder and Oxford, Bodleian Library, MS Laud Misc. 622. Clifton, Nicole Jan 1, 2015 8480
Illusions and vanishing acts: Homeric recension, athetesis, and magic in P. Oxy 412 (PGM XXIII). Middleton, Francesca Essay Sep 22, 2014 9278
A map and partial manuscript of Blackfoot country. Kennedy, Margaret Cover story Jun 22, 2014 5896
Preparing quality improvement, research, and evidence-based practice manuscripts. Oermann, Marilyn H.; Turner, Kathleen; Carman, Margaret Report May 1, 2014 5020
The twelfth-century Story of Daniel for Performance by Hilarius: an introduction, translation, and commentary. Wright, Stephen K. Essay Jan 1, 2014 14130
A new context for the manuscript of Wit and Science. Rayment, Louise Essay Jan 1, 2014 10313
Werewolf transformation in the manuscript era. Friedman, John Block Essay Jan 1, 2014 10953
William Peto, O.F.M. Obs., and the 1556 edition of The folowinge of Chryste: background and context. Carley, James P.; Hutchison, Ann M. Jan 1, 2014 10823
An English Owain prophecy: the influence of Welsh prophetic material in Oxford, All Souls College, MS 33. Flood, Victoria Jan 1, 2014 3968
A Blessed burgh, fasting, and filthy lucre: Middle English bits from Merton College, MS 249. Hanna, Ralph Jan 1, 2014 3823
Pratyabhijna and Philology*. Torella, Raffaele Oct 1, 2013 5602
The four scribes of MS Harley 2253. Fein, Susanna Essay Jan 1, 2013 10382
Hoccleves hands: the mise-en-page of the autograph and non-autograph manuscripts. Nafde, Aditi Jan 1, 2013 11163
Notes for posterity: an owner's annotation in an early piers plowman printing. Schott, Christine Essay Jan 1, 2013 3111
A dialogue of the seven cardinal virtues and the seven deadly sins in British Library MS Harley 2399. Wheatley, Edward Essay Jan 1, 2013 3300
Two new manuscript fragments of Speculum Vitae. Hanna, Ralph Critical essay Jan 1, 2013 2257
Fragments of Malmesbury: a re-evaluation of manuscript Lewis E.247 based on recently discovered parchment leaves. Kertz, Lydia Yaitsky Essay Jan 1, 2013 6919
Pseudo-Hildegard's anti-mendicant prophecy in Columbia University Plimpton Add. MS 3. Acker, Paul Jan 1, 2013 3102
Doing research in the UK--on an ESSE bursary. Lux-Sterritt, Laurence Dec 22, 2012 1130
A research note on the textual formation of the "Ziyi". Huang, Kuan-Yun Essay Jan 1, 2012 6841
Popular character forms (Suzi) and semantic compound (Huiyi) characters in medieval Chinese manuscripts. Galambos, Imre Report Jul 1, 2011 10543
Standardized Acceptance Factor Average (SAFA): conceptual framework. Safa, Mohammad Samaun Jul 1, 2011 2831
The miscellaneous contents of Arbury Hall MS 414. Estill, Laura Jul 1, 2011 15322
Performative reading and receiving a performance of the Jour Du Jugement in MS Besancon 579. Griffith, Karlyn Critical essay Jun 22, 2011 8329
From Harvard to Acadia: a discovery at the cataloguing desk. Dionne, Jane; Patterson, Erin Sep 22, 2010 2858
What's in a paraph? A new methodology and its implications for the Auchinleck manuscript. Marshall, Helen Report Jan 1, 2010 7606
The paper stocks of the Beryn scribe. Mosser, Daniel W. Report Jan 1, 2010 4063
Richard James and the seventeenth-century provenance of British Library MS Cotton Caligula A.XI. Horobin, Simon Essay Jan 1, 2010 2467
The transmission of "The Book of Shrift". Hanna, Ralph; Zieman, Katherine Essay Jan 1, 2010 4229
"Documentum Roberti Grosehede": an unpublished early Lollard text. Hanna, Ralph Essay Jan 1, 2010 3868
Special topic forum on nonsignificant and contradictory results. Pagell, Mark; Kristal, Murat; Blackmon, Kate Jan 1, 2010 672
Special topic forum on non-significant and contradictory results. Pagell, Mark; Kristal, Murat; Blackmon, Kate Jul 1, 2009 665
Assessing the influence of peer review on manuscript quality. Lazaroiu, George Report Jan 1, 2009 2191
Virginia Woolf's talk on the Dreadnought Hoax. Johnston, Georgia Interview Jan 1, 2009 13494
Work index of Nyatapola temple. Shrestha, Sukra Sagar Jul 1, 2005 2852
Aliterates' scholarship. Rotfeld, Herbert Jack Editorial Jun 22, 2005 1282
'Friendship's Garland' and the manuscripts of Seamus Heaney's 'Fosterage'. Allison, Jonathan Jan 1, 2005 6512
Fifteenth-century English Collections of Female Saints' Lives. Edwards, A.S.G. Jan 1, 2003 5935
Margaret Fuller's first conversation series: a discovery in the archives. (From the Archives). Ritchie, Amanda Jun 1, 2001 10403
Orthography in the Cely letters. Rutkowska, Hanna Jan 1, 2001 8174
"A Foreign Country" Emily Dickinson's Manuscripts and Their Meanings. MITCHELL, DOMHNALL Jun 1, 2000 6896
From the Quest for the Archetype to the History of Texts. A Short Note on the French Critical Style. Canfora, Luciano Jun 22, 1999 976
Studies in the later manuscript tradition of Aristophanes' 'Peace.' Olson, S. Douglas Jan 1, 1998 7216
Avestica 1: a perfect participle: vaoxuuanho. Skjaervo, P. Oktor Jan 1, 1997 1710
Paper evidence and the dating of Trent 91. Wrigth, Peter Nov 1, 1995 15604
An eighteenth-century concordance of 'Piers Plowman.' Grindley, C.J. Jun 1, 1995 1289
The Griffiths correspondence. Forster, Antonia Jun 1, 1995 604
De Quincey and the translation of 'Walladmor.' Dingley, R.J. Jun 1, 1995 617
Newby's chicanery: new Bronte letters. Jun 1, 1995 1587
Mary Fitzroy and 'O Happy Dames' in the Devonshire Manuscript. Southall, Raymond Aug 1, 1994 739
The remedies in British Library MS Cotton Galba A.xiv, fos 139 and 136r. Hollis, Stephanie; Wright, Michael J. Jun 1, 1994 1434
Rochester's 'Fling this useless book away': an unlisted manuscript copy. Manning, Gillian Jun 1, 1994 788
Does the "blindness" of peer review influence manuscript selection efficiency? Piette, Michael J. Apr 1, 1994 5031

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