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All you need to know about Covid booster and flu jabs as immunity drop causing 'significant' public health concern; Lockdowns and social distancing measures have lowered our natural immunity. By, Aine Fox and Jane Kirby, PA & Max Channon Oct 8, 2021 854
Flu vaccine protects against severe effects of Covid-19: Study. Jul 13, 2021 531
QSAR Studies on Neuraminidase Inhibitors as Anti-influenza Agents/Anti-influenza Ajanlari Olarak Noraminidaz Inhibitorlerinin QSAR Calismalari. Veerasamy, Ravichandran; Rajak, Harish Report Apr 1, 2021 2858
Web searches could be used to spot Covid outbreaks 17 days early; Analysing internet search activity is already used to track and understand the seasonal flu. By, Neil Shaw Feb 8, 2021 287
Excess Deaths during Influenza and Coronavirus Disease and Infection-Fatality Rate for Severe Acute Respiratory Syndrome Coronavirus 2, the Netherlands. van Asten, Liselotte; Harmsen, Carel N.; Stoeldraijer, Lenny; Klinkenberg, Don; Teirlinck, Anne C.; Report Feb 1, 2021 6138
Model for flu spread may not work in Covid-19: Study. Dec 23, 2020 473
Age discrimination in critical care triage in South Africa: The law and the allocation of scarce health resources in the COVID-19 pandemic. Erasmus, N. Report Dec 1, 2020 4146
Natural immunity to influenza A and B among Saudi blood donors in Al Madinah Al Munawarah, Saudi Arabia. Mahallawi, Waleed H.; Ibrahim, Nadir A.; Alahmadi, Khalid S.; Harbi, Abdullah K. Al-; Almughthawi, M Report Dec 1, 2020 3999
Why getting your flu jab has never been more important; A campaign is under way to protect people across the UK from the effects of Covid-19 combined with seasonal flu. SIMON MEECHAN reports. Sep 25, 2020 995
Seroepidemiologic Study Designs for Determining SARS-COV-2 Transmission and Immunity. Clapham, Hannah; Hay, James; Routledge, Isobel; Takahashi, Saki; Choisy, Marc; Cummings, Derek; Gren Sep 1, 2020 5376
The Model of Forecasting the Incidence of Influenza Based on Multi Hidden Layer Back Propagation Neural Network Meteorological Data Mining. Min Qiu, Xiuping Zhang, Yannan Mu and Yang Qiu Jul 31, 2020 235
Detection of Influenza A(H3N2) Virus RNA in Donated Blood. Bezerra, Rafael dos Santos; Jorge, Daniel Macedo de Melo; Castro, Italo Araujo; Moretto, Edson Lara; Letter to the editor Jul 1, 2020 1488
A Model Approach. Chordas, Lori Jun 1, 2020 619
Comparing COVID-19, flu death tolls 'extremely dangerous'. Frellick, Marcia Jun 1, 2020 1168
Effects of Air Pollution and Other Environmental Exposures on Estimates of Severe Influenza Illness, Washington, USA. Somayaji, Ranjani; Neradilek, Moni B.; Szpiro, Adam A.; Lofy, Kathryn H.; Jackson, Michael L.; Goss, May 1, 2020 6775
Human Adenovirus 7d Strains Associated with Influenza-Like Illness, New York, USA, 2017-2019. Lamson, Daryl M.; Kajon, Adriana; Popowich, Michael; Fuschino, Meghan; George, Kirsten St. May 1, 2020 1493
Local accounts show reach, effects of 1918 flu epidemic 1918: Community response. Luke McQuillan staff reporter Susan McGrath Ramsey News-Journal Editor Apr 1, 2020 905
The Effects of Obesity on Outcome in Preclinical Animal Models of Infection and Sepsis: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Xu, Wanying; Pepper, Dominique; Sun, Junfeng; Welsh, Judith; Cui, Xizhong; Eichacker, Peter Q. Clinical report Mar 31, 2020 10968
Open Orphan catching global attention with 'stunning' FLU-v results & world-first coronavirus study. Mar 11, 2020 189
7 ways to improve your immune system that are better than coronavirus face masks; Coronavirus panic has led to face masks on the streets, but it you're worried about colds, flu and other bugs, try these effective methods for boosting immunity. By, Melanie Hancill Mar 1, 2020 766
Illness Severity in Hospitalized Influenza Patients by Virus Type and Subtype, Spain, 2010-2017. Delgado-Sanz, Concepcion; Mazagatos-Ateca, Clara; Oliva, Jesus; Gherasim, Alin; Larrauri, Amparo Feb 1, 2020 7018
Spatiotemporal Analysis of Influenza Morbidity and Its Association with Climatic and Housing Conditions in Ecuador. Lobato-Cordero, Andrea; Quentin, Emmanuelle; Lobato-Cordero, Gina Dec 31, 2019 7047
Evaluation of Influenza Intervention Strategies in Turkey with Fuzzy AHP-VIKOR. Samanlioglu, Funda Dec 31, 2019 7063
The Use of Arabic Vowels to Model the Pathological Effect of Influenza Disease by Wavelets. Daqrouq, Khaled; Al-Qawasmi, Abdel-Rahman; Balamesh, Ahmed; Alghamdi, Ali S.; Amoudi, Mohamed A. Al- Dec 31, 2019 3754
Effects of Traditional Kampo Drugs and Their Constituent Crude Drugs on Influenza Virus Replication In Vitro: Suppression of Viral Protein Synthesis by Glycyrrhizae Radix. Nomura, Toshihito; Fukushi, Masaya; Oda, Kosuke; Higashiura, Akifumi; Irie, Takashi; Sakaguchi, Take Dec 31, 2019 5009
Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus Infection in a Captive Giant Panda, Hong Kong. Martelli, Paolo; Teng, Jade L.L.; Lee, Foo-Khong; Yeong, Kai-Yan; Fong, Jordan Y.H.; Hui, Suk-Wai; C Dec 1, 2019 3085
Bidirectional Human-Swine Transmission of Seasonal Influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 Virus in Pig Herd, France, 2018. Chastagner, Amelie; Enouf, Vincent; Peroz, David; Herve, Severine; Lucas, Pierrick; Queguiner, Steph Oct 1, 2019 2482
High Public-Health Impact in an Influenza-B-Mismatch Season in Southern Italy, 2017-2018. Loconsole, Daniela; De Robertis, Anna Lisa; Morea, Anna; Casulli, Daniele; Mallamaci, Rosanna; Balda Sep 30, 2019 4894
Influenza in Yucatan in 2018: Chronology, characteristics and outcomes of ambulatory and hospitalized patients. Mendez-Dominguez, Nina I.; Bobadilla-Rosado, Luis O.; Fajardo-Ruiz, Lizbeth S.; Camara-Salazar, Andr Chronology Sep 1, 2019 2400
Low tetanus-diphtheria-acellular pertussis (Tdap) vaccine coverage among healthcare workers in a quaternary university hospital in Sao Paulo, Brazil: need for continuous surveillance and implementation of active strategies. Randi, Bruno Azevedo; Miyaji, Karina Takesaki; Lara, Amanda Nazareth; Ibrahim, Karim Yaqub; Infante, Jul 1, 2019 3838
A Retrospective Analysis of Three Antiviral Regimens of Peramivir in the Treatment of Severe Influenza A with Primary Viral Pneumonia. Wang, Jin-na; Wang, Xu; Yu, Shu-le; Ding, Yue-hui; Wang, Meng-lei; Chen, Hong-dou May 31, 2019 3838
Continuous Readout versus Titer-Based Assays of Influenza Vaccine Trials: Sensitivity, Specificity, and False Discovery Rates. Li, Dongmei; Wang, Jiong; Garigen, Jessica; Treanor, John J.; Zand, Martin S. May 31, 2019 7341
Improving Influenza Vaccination Rates Among Pediatric Hematology and Oncology Inpatients. Duvall, Ashley May 1, 2019 7417
Analisis historico epidemiologico de la pandemia de gripa de 1918-1919 en Boyaca, un siglo despues. Martinez Martin, Abel Fernando; Melendez Alvarez, Bernardo Francisco Andres; Manrique Corredor, Edwa May 1, 2019 6850
Prior Vaccination and Effectiveness of Communication Strategies Used to Describe Infectious Diseases. Valley, Thomas S.; Scherer, Aaron M.; Knaus, Megan; Zikmund-Fisher, Brian J.; Das, Enny; Fagerlin, A Apr 1, 2019 1734
Anti-influenza A virus antibodies in Tayassuidae from commercial rearing farms in Brazil/Deteccao de anticorpos contra virus influenza A em Tayassuidae de criacoes comerciais no Brasil. Baraldi, Thais Gasparini; Almeida, Henrique Meiroz de Souza; de Morais, Amanda Bonalume Cordeiro; St Apr 1, 2019 2093
Assessment of State-Level Influenza Season Severity--Minnesota and Utah, 2017-18 Influenza Season. Hughes, Michelle M.; Md, Joshua D. Doyle; McCaffrey, Keegan; McMahon, Melissa; Spencer, Melanie; Mar Feb 15, 2019 940
Media and law: vicious or virtuous circle?/Media e diritto: circolo virtuoso o vizioso? Amisano, Maristella Jan 1, 2019 9918
Padlock Probe Assay for Detection and Subtyping of Seasonal Influenza. Neumann, Felix; Hernandez-Neuta, Ivan; Grabbe, Malin; Madaboosi, Narayanan; Albert, Jan; Nilsson, Ma Dec 1, 2018 5953
Vaxart to present new data from Phase 2 Challenge study of oral H1 Flu vaccine. Oct 4, 2018 297
Molecular Evolution, Diversity, and Adaptation of Influenza A(H7N9) Viruses in China. Lu, Jing; Raghwani, Jayna; Pryce, Rhys; Bowden, Thomas A.; Theze, Julien; Huang, Shanqian; Song, Yin Oct 1, 2018 6982
Evaluation of Nowcasting for Detecting and Predicting Local Influenza Epidemics, Sweden, 2009-2014. Spreco, Armin; Eriksson, Olle; Dahlstrom, Orjan; Cowling, Benjamin John; Timpka, Toomas Oct 1, 2018 4471
Influenza Transmission Dynamics in Urban Households, Managua, Nicaragua, 2012-2014. Gordon, Aubree; Tsang, Tim K.; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Kuan, Guillermina; Ojeda, Sergio; Sanchez, Nery Oct 1, 2018 5490
Racial/Ethnic Differences in Receipt of Influenza and Pneumococcal Vaccination among Long-Stay Nursing Home Residents. Travers, Jasmine L.; Dick, Andrew W.; Stone, Patricia W. Aug 1, 2018 8613
Identification and Genetic Evolution Analysis of One Strain of H3N2 Canine Influenza Virus Isolated from Nanjing, China. Kalhoro, Dildar Hussain; Liang, Shan; Kalhoro, Muhammad Saleem; Pirzado, Shoaib Ahmed; Rajput, Nasir Report Jun 30, 2018 3755
The Equine Influenza Outbreak in Pakistan 2016: Seroprevalence and Geo-Temporal Epidemiology of a Large Propagating Outbreak. Khan, Amjad; Mushtaq, Muhammad Hassan; Ahmad, Mansur ud Din; Nazir, Jawad; Fatima, Zahida; Khan, Asg Report Apr 30, 2018 3108
Use of Genome Sequencing to Define Institutional Influenza Outbreaks, Toronto, Ontario, Canada, 2014-15. MacFadden, Derek R.; McGeer, Allison; Athey, Taryn; Perusini, Stephen; Olsha, Romy; Li, Aimin; Eshag Mar 1, 2018 4154
Influenza Vaccination and Incident Tuberculosis among Elderly Persons, Taiwan. Yen, Yung-Feng; Pan, Sheng-Wei; Su, Vincent Yi-Fong; Chuang, Pei-Hung; Feng, Jia-Yih; Su, Wei-Juin Mar 1, 2018 5739
CDC confirms flu shots less effective this year. Feb 16, 2018 422
Flu: All that and heart attack, too. Franki, Richard Feb 15, 2018 351
Birth cohort affected 2015-2016 flu vaccine effectiveness. Nogrady, Bianca Feb 15, 2018 531
Cost-utility of quadrivalent versus trivalent influenza vaccine in Brazil - comparison of outcomes from different static model types. Bellinghen, Laure-Anne Van; Marijam, Alen; Araujo, Gabriela Tannus Branco de; Gomez, Jorge; Vlaender Jan 1, 2018 7256
Detecting Early Warning Signal of Influenza A Disease Using Sample-Specific Dynamical Network Biomarkers. Zhu, Shanshan; Gao, Jie; Ding, Tao; Xu, Junhua; Wu, Min Jan 1, 2018 3998
Mathematical Analysis of Influenza A Dynamics in the Emergence of Drug Resistance. Kanyiri, Caroline W.; Mark, Kimathi; Luboobi, Livingstone Jan 1, 2018 8542
Antiviral and Antioxidant Activity of a Hydroalcoholic Extract from Humulus lupulus L. Di Sotto, Antonella; Checconi, Paola; Celestino, Ignacio; Locatelli, Marcello; Carissimi, Stefania; Jan 1, 2018 10053
Effects of Gui Zhi Ma Huang Ge Ban Tang on the TLR7 Pathway in Influenza Virus Infected Mouse Lungs in a Cold Environment. Qin, Hong-Qiong; Shi, Shan-Shan; Fu, Ying-Jie; Yan, Yu-Qi; Wu, Sha; Tang, Xiao- Long; Chen, Xiao-Yin Jan 1, 2018 5584
Seasonal flu kills up to 650,000 worldwide every year, study shows. Dec 23, 2017 240
Flu hits men harder than women: Study. Dec 17, 2017 333
Flu hits men harder than women: Study. Dec 17, 2017 333
Spread of Canine Influenza A(H3N2) Virus, United States. Voorhees, Ian E.H.; Glaser, Amy L.; Toohey-Kurth, Kathy; Newbury, Sandra; Dalziel, Benjamin D.; Dubo Dec 1, 2017 6050
Serologic evidence for influenza C and D virus among ruminants and Camelids, Africa, 1991-2015. Salem, Elias; Cook, Elizabeth A.J.; Lbacha, Hicham Ait; Oliva, Justine; Awoume, Felix; Aplogan, Gilb Sep 1, 2017 2584
Vaccination coverage in a cohort of HIV-infected patients receiving care at an AIDS outpatient clinic in Espirito Santo, Brazil. Neto, Lauro Ferreira da Silva Pinto; Vieira, Julia Vescovi; Ronchi, Nathalia Rossoni Report Sep 1, 2017 3624
Effects of influenza strain label on worry and behavioral intentions. Scherer, Aaron M.; Knaus, Megan; Zikmund-Fisher, Brian J.; Das, Enny; Fagerlin, Angela Aug 1, 2017 1415
Detection and genetic characterization of adenovirus type 14 strain in students with influenza-like illness, New York, USA, 2014-2015. Lamson, Daryl M.; Kajon, Adriana; Shudt, Matthew; Girouard, Gabriel; George, Kirsten St. Jul 1, 2017 2203
Epidemiology and prevention of influenza in children in Argentina and Brazil/Epidemiologia y prevencion de la gripe en ninos en Argentina y Brasil/Epidemiologia e prevencao da influenza em criancas na Argentina e no Brasil. Jun 1, 2017 3632
Adult vaccination is low, with minimal improvement in recent years. Kalaycio, Mollie Jun 1, 2017 517
Stockpiling ventilators for influenza pandemics. Huang, Hsin-Chan; Araz, Ozgur M.; Morton, David P.; Johnson, Gregory P.; Damien, Paul; Clements, Bru Jun 1, 2017 5221
Rhabdomyolysis and Influenza A (H3N2) infection--a case report/ Rabdomioliza i influenza a (H3N2) infekcija--prikaz slucaja. Stojsin, Anja; Petric, Vedrana; Canak, Grozdana; Turkulov, Vesna; Sevic, Sinisa; Ruzic, Maja Case study May 1, 2017 1980
Vitamin D Key To Preventing Flu, Study Claims. Feb 16, 2017 398
The influence of Italian administrative law in the construction of the dogmatic foundations of Brazilian administrative law/L'influenza del diritto amministrativo italiano sulla costruzione delle basi dogmatiche del diritto amministrativo brasiliano. Motta, Fabricio; Carducci, Michele Jan 1, 2017 8838
Analysis of Economic Burden of Seasonal Influenza: An Actuarial Based Conceptual Model. Perera, S.S.N. Report Jan 1, 2017 3366
Exploring the Limitations of Peripheral Blood Transcriptional Biomarkers in Predicting Influenza Vaccine Responsiveness. Marchetti, Luca; Siena, Emilio; Lauria, Mario; Maffione, Denise; Pacchiani, Nicola; Priami, Corrado; Report Jan 1, 2017 5392
Asociacion entre la seropositividad al virus de influenza porcina (VIP) y las caracteristicas de las granjas tecnificadas porcicolas en Colombia. Corrales, Johanna Paola; Pineda Ortiz, Maria del Pilar; Ortiz Castro, Luis Felipe; Zambrano Moreno, Sep 1, 2016 5947
Trends in pneumonia mortality rates and hospitalizations by organism, United States, 2002-20111. Wuerth, Brandon A.; Bonnewell, John P.; Wiemken, Timothy L.; Arnold, Forest W. Sep 1, 2016 2570
Human infection with influenza A(H7N9) virus during 3 major epidemic waves, China, 2013-2015. Wu, Peng; Peng, Zhibin; Fang, Vicky J.; Feng, Luzhao; Tsang, Tim K.; Jiang, Hui; Lau, Eric H.Y.; Yan Jun 1, 2016 4792
Heterogeneous and dynamic prevalence of asymptomatic influenza virus infections. Furuya-Kanamori, Luis; Cox, Mitchell; Milinovich, Gabriel J.; Magalhaes, Ricardo J. Soares; Mackay, Jun 1, 2016 3614
Preventive service utilization among people who are blind or have low vision. Bennett, Kevin J.; McDermott, Suzanne; Mann, Joshua R.; Hardin, James W. Report Mar 1, 2016 6129
Study looks at presence of cold/flu brands in online stores. Feb 8, 2016 1002
Population effects of influenza A(H1N1) pandemic among health plan members, San Diego, California, USA, October-December 2009. Bitar, Roger A. Feb 1, 2016 4731
Modes of Antiviral Action of Chemical Portions and Constituents from Woad Root Extract against Influenza Virus A FM1. Su, Jia-Hang; Diao, Rui-Gang; Lv, Shu-Guang; Mou, Xiao-Dong; Li, Kefeng Jan 1, 2016 4976
Serologic evidence of influenza a (H14) virus introduction into North America. Latorre-Margalef, Neus; Ramey, Andrew M.; Fojtik, Alinde; Stallknecht, David E. Letter to the editor Dec 1, 2015 1730
Better Search-Based Flu Tracking Developed. Nov 10, 2015 427
Peramivir effective against most flu viruses circulating. Brunk, Doug Oct 15, 2015 340
Phylogeography of influenza A(H3N2) virus in Peru, 2010-2012. Pollett, Simon; Nelson, Martha I.; Kasper, Matthew; Tinoco, Yeny; Simons, Mark; Romero, Candice; Sil Aug 1, 2015 5885
Influenza a viruses of human origin in Swine, Brazil. Nelson, Martha I.; Schaefer, Rejane; Gava, Danielle; Cantao, Mauricio Egidio; Ciacci-Zanella, Janice Aug 1, 2015 6981
"If they tell me to get it, I'll get it. if they don't....": immunization decision-making processes of immigrant mothers. Kowal, Stephanie P.; Jardine, Cynthia G.; Bubela, Tania M. Report May 1, 2015 4687
Transmission potential of influenza A(H7N9) virus, China, 2013-2014. Kucharski, Adam J.; Mills, Harriet L.; Donnelly, Christl A.; Riley, Steven May 1, 2015 2262
Analysis: oseltamivir shortened flu duration. Worcester, Sharon Clinical report Feb 15, 2015 614
As flu season peaks, flu vaccine only 23% effective. Brunk, Doug Feb 1, 2015 383
Entry screening for infectious diseases in humans. Selvey, Linda A.; Antao, Catarina; Hall, Robert Feb 1, 2015 4423
Optimizing distribution of pandemic influenza antiviral drugs. Singh, Bismark; Huang, Hsin-Chan; Morton, David P.; Johnson, Gregory P.; Gutfraind, Alexander; Galva Feb 1, 2015 4731
So far, 2014-2015 flu vaccine only 23% effective. Brunk, Doug Feb 1, 2015 288
Effects of developmental activation of the AhR on [CD4.sup.+] T-cell responses to influenza virus infection in adult mice. Boule, Lisbeth A.; Winans, Bethany; Lawrence, B. Paige Report Nov 1, 2014 7004
Identification of genotypes of Influenza A virus in Malaysia. Oct 31, 2014 2088
Swine-to-human transmission of influenza A(H3N2) virus at Agricultural Fairs, Ohio, USA, 2012. Bowman, Andrew S.; Nelson, Sarah W.; Page, Shannon L.; Nolting, Jacqueline M.; Killian, Mary L.; Sre Sep 1, 2014 6121
Potential human adaptation mutation of influenza A(H5N1) virus, Canada. Maurer-Stroh, Sebastian; Li, Yan; Bastien, Nathalie; Gunalan, Vithiagaran; Lee, Raphael Tze Chuen; E Letter to the editor Sep 1, 2014 1464
High-dose flu vaccine was more effective for elderly. Moon, Mary Ann Sep 1, 2014 595
Serologic evidence of influenza A(H1N1) pdm09 virus infection in northern sea otters. Li, Zhu-Nan; Ip, Hon S.; Trost, Jessica F.; White, C. LeAnn; Murray, Michael J.; Carney, Paul J.; Su Letter to the editor May 1, 2014 1497
Influenza A(H1N1) pdm09 virus infection in giant pandas, China. Li, Desheng; Zhu, Ling; Cui, Hengmin; Ling, Shanshan; Fan, Shengtao; Yu, Zhijun; Zhou, Yuancheng; Wa Author abstract Mar 1, 2014 2050
Flu shot uptake better for kids, seniors. Mar 1, 2014 176
Effect of chito-oligosaccharide on the oral absorptions of phenolic acids of Flos Lonicerae extract. Zhou, Wei; Shan, Jinjun; Tan, Xiaobin; Zou, Jiashuang; Yin, Ailing; Cai, Baochang; Di, Liuqing Report Jan 15, 2014 5457
Migration and persistence of human influenza A viruses, Vietnam, 2001-2008. Le, Mai Quynh; Lam, Ha Minh; Cuong, Vuong Duc; Lam, Tommy Tsan-Yuk; Halpin, Rebecca A.; Wentworth, D Nov 1, 2013 5400
Severe influenza-associated respiratory infection in high HIV prevalence setting, South Africa, 2009-2011. Cohen, Cheryl; Moyes, Jocelyn; Tempia, Stefano; Groom, Michelle; Walaza, Sibongile; Pretorius, Marth Nov 1, 2013 7135
New study takes look back at last year's flu season. Report Oct 28, 2013 328
New influenza shot can be 100% effective. Oct 1, 2013 457
Trends in mortality from respiratory diseases among the elderly and the influenza vaccine intervention, 1980-2009/Tendencias de la mortalidad por enfermedades respiratorias en ancianos e influencia de la vacuna antigripal, 1980-2009. Francisco, Priscila Maria Stolses Bergamo; Donalisio, Maria Rita; Marin-Leon, Leticia Sep 1, 2013 5165
Assessing the relative timeliness of Ontario's syndromic surveillance systems for early detection of the 2009 influenza H1N1 pandemic waves. Chu, Anna; Savage, Rachel; Whelan, Michael; Rosella, Laura C.; Crowcroft, Natasha S.; Willison, Don; Report Jul 1, 2013 5301
Value of pharmacy-based influenza. surveillance--Ontario, Canada, 2009. Aramini, Jeffery J.; Muchaal, Pia K.; Pollari, Frank May 24, 2013 1727
Flu vaccine effectiveness low among seniors. Currie, Donya May 1, 2013 275
Changes in severity of influenza A(H1N1)pdm09 infection from pandemic to first postpandemic season, Germany. Lehners, Nicola; Geis, Steffen; Eisenbach, Christoph; Neben, Kai; Schnitzler, Paul May 1, 2013 5050
NIH study sheds light on role of climate in influenza transmission. Brief article Mar 8, 2013 132
Parents key in kids' influenza vaccination. Jan 1, 2013 109
Ex vivo restimulation of human PBMC expands a [CD3.sup.+][CD4.sup.-][CD8.sup.-][[gamma][delta].sup.+]T cell population that can confound the evaluation of CD4 and CD8 T cell responses to vaccination. Sedgmen, B.J.; Papalia, L.; Wang, L.; Dyson, A.R.; McCallum, H.A.; Simson, C.M.; Pearse, M.J.; Maras Jan 1, 2013 4596
Assessment of public health events through International Health Regulations, United States, 2007-2011. Kohl, Katrin S.; Arthur, Ray R.; O'Connor, Ralph; Fernandez, Jose Jul 1, 2012 5547
J Wildl Dis.: Avian influenza virus infection dynamics in shorebird hosts. Reprint Jun 1, 2012 251
Transmission dynamics, border entry screening, and school holidays during the 2009 influenza A (H1N1) pandemic, China. Yu, Hongjie; Cauchemez, Simon; Donnelly, Christl A.; Zhou, Lei; Feng, Luzhao; Xiang, Nijuan; Zheng, May 1, 2012 5194
Investigation of a pandemic H1N1 influenza outbreak in a remote First Nations community in Northern Manitoba, 2009. Pollock, Sue L.; Sagan, Mark; Oakley, Libby; Fontaine, Julie; Poffenroth, Linda Report Mar 1, 2012 3204
Analyses support antivirals, rapid tests for flu. Zoler, Mitchel L. Mar 1, 2012 1941
Use of workplace absenteeism surveillance data for outbreak detection. Paterson, Bev; Caddis, Richard; Durrheim, David Letter to the editor Oct 1, 2011 468
Approaches to immunization data collection employed across Canada during the pandemic (H1N1) 2009 influenza vaccination campaign. Heidebrecht, Christine L.; Pereira, Jennifer A.; Quach, Susan; Foisy, Julie; Quan, Sherman D.; Finke Report Sep 1, 2011 4876
Differential effects of pandemic (H1N1) 2009 on remote and indigenous groups, Northern Territory, Australia, 2009. Trauer, James McCracken; Laurie, Karen Louise; McDonnell, Joseph; Kelso, Anne; Markey, Peter Gregory Sep 1, 2011 5565
Evidence of flu vaccine during pregnancy. Klotter, Jule Report Apr 1, 2011 1078
Culture-derived flu vaccine effective. Currie, Donya Apr 1, 2011 149
Effects of hand hygiene campaigns on incidence of laboratory-confirmed influenza and absenteeism in schoolchildren, Cairo, Egypt. Talaat, Maha; Afifi, Salma; Dueger, Erica; Ashry, Nagwa El-; Marfin, Anthony; Kandeel, Amr; Mohareb, Report Apr 1, 2011 4986
Flu vaccine not linked to illness: no connection with Guillain-Barre found in Chinese data. Seppa, Nathan Brief article Feb 26, 2011 304
Ultrasound-assisted treatment of kaolin artificially contaminated with phenanhtrene, fluoranthene and hexachlorobenzene/Dirbtinai fenantrenu, fluorantenu ir heksachlorobenzenu uztersto kaolino valymas ultragarsu. Duong, Pham Thuy; Shrestha, Reena Amatya; Sillanpaa, Mika; Virkutyte, Jurate Report Dec 1, 2010 5156
CDC study: number of annual flu deaths difficult to predict: study examines two decades of data. Report Nov 1, 2010 455
Automated mortality surveillance in South-Eastern Ontario for pandemic influenza preparedness. Fan, Cary; van Dijk, Adam; Fernando, Dillan; Hall, Justin N.; Wynn, Aaron; Gemmill, Ian; Moore, Kier Report Nov 1, 2010 3303
A comparison of methods for forecasting emergency department visits for respiratory illness using Telehealth Ontario calls. Perry, Alexander G.; Moore, Kieran M.; Levesque, Linda E.; Pickett, C. William L.; Korenberg, Michae Nov 1, 2010 4492
Quarantine methods and prevention of secondary outbreak of pandemic (H1N1) 2009. Chu, Chen-Yi; Li, Cheng-Yi; Zhang, Hui; Wang, Yong; Huo, Dong-Hui; Wen, Liang; Yin, Zhi-Tao; Li, Fen Aug 1, 2010 1897
Household effects of school closure during pandemic (H1N1) 2009, Pennsylvania, USA. Gift, Thomas L.; Palekar, Rakhee S.; Sodha, Samir V.; Kent, Charlotte K.; Fagan, Ryan P.; Archer, W. Aug 1, 2010 2190
Trusts forced to slash costs after flu epidemic. May 6, 2010 176
Cardio exercises may help boost effects of flu vaccine. May 1, 2010 113
Impact des injections multiples sur l'observance du calendrier de vaccination et opinions des parents en Monteregie. Hamid, Aicha; Guay, Maryse; Lemaire, Jacques Report Jan 1, 2010 4402
Flu 'less lethal than feared'. Dec 11, 2009 254
Library of prefabricated locked nucleic acid hydrolysis probes facilitates rapid development of reverse-transcription quantitative real-time PCR assays for detection of novel influenza A/H1N1/09 virus. Wenzel, Jurgen J.; Walch, Heiko; Bollwein, Markus; Niller, Hans Helmut; Ankenbauer, Waltraud; Maurit Dec 1, 2009 2789
Flu beds concern for young. Nov 19, 2009 172
Flu may fill kids' wards. Nov 19, 2009 122
Serologic analysis of returned travelers with Fever, Sweden. Askling, Helena H.; Lesko, Birgitta; Vene, Sirkka; Berndtson, Angerd; Bjorkman, Per; Blackberg, Jona Nov 1, 2009 2372
Review of an influenza surveillance system, Beijing, People's Republic of China. Yang, Peng; Duan, Wei; Lv, Min; Shi, Weixian; Peng, Xiaoming; Wang, Xiaomei; Lu, Yanning; Liang, Hui Oct 1, 2009 4016
Cost analysis of public health influenza vaccine clinics in Ontario. Mercer, Nicola J. Report Sep 1, 2009 3355
Oseltamivir- and amantadine-resistant influenza viruses A (H1N1). Cheng, Peter K.C.; Leung, Tommy W.C.; Ho, Eric C.M.; Leung, Peter C.K.; Ng, Anita Y.Y.; Lai, Mary Y. Jun 1, 2009 1828
WHO Dismisses Theory that H1N1 Flu Virus was Laboratory-Derived due to Higher Lysine Content. May 15, 2009 219
The real spin on global flu. Bersch, Carren; Clemons, Kateri Cover story Oct 1, 2008 5064
Optimizing use of multistream influenza sentinel surveillance data. Lau, Eric H.Y.; Cowling, Benjamin J.; Ho, Lai-Ming; Leung, Gabriel M. Disease/Disorder overview Jul 1, 2008 2281
Validation of syndromic surveillance for respiratory pathogen activity. van den Wijngaard, Cees; van Asten, Liselotte; van Pelt, Wilfrid; Nagelkerke, Nico J.D.; Verheij, Ro Jun 1, 2008 6256
Low flu shot rates puzzle--some plausible behavioral explanations. Shahrabani, Shosh; Gafni, Amiram; Ben-Zion, Uri Mar 22, 2008 4280
Pandemic economics: the 1918 influenza and its modern-day implications. Garrett, Thomas A. Mar 1, 2008 10812
ANA backgrounders: influenza season 2007-2008. Dec 1, 2007 1882
Pandemic influenza and hospital resources. Nap, Raoul E.; Andriessen, Maarten P.H.M.; Meessen, Nico E.L.; van der Werf, Tjip S. Nov 1, 2007 3853
Update: influenza activity--United States and Worldwide, 2006-07 season, and composition of the 2007-08 influenza vaccine. Blanton, L.; Brammer, L.; Budd, A.; Wallis, T.; Shay, D.; Bresee, J.; Klimov, A.; Cox, N. Table Aug 10, 2007 3305
Modeling Community Containment for Pandemic Influenza. May 1, 2007 121
Effectiveness of neuraminidase inhibitors for preventing staff absenteeism during pandemic influenza. Chen, Mark I. Mar 1, 2007 6037
'The terrorists are out there. A flu pandemic, being the victim of serial crime, it all continues and we need to act to protect the public as quickly as possible, not delay over debates on cost'. May 27, 2006 609
Prolonged influenza a infection control may be warranted. Pfeiffer, Amy Feb 15, 2006 451
The ABCs of the flu. Feb 1, 2005 557
Experiences with influenza-like illness and attitudes regarding influenza prevention--United States, 2003-04 influenza season. Vugia, D.; Gershman, K.; Hadler, J.L.; Segler, S.; Ryan, P.A.; Lynfield, R.; Baumbach, J.; Bennett, Dec 17, 2004 2530
CDC: flu shot recommended for 6 to 23-month-olds: schedule for July-December 2004. Jun 1, 2004 1565
Butyrylcholinesterase (BCHE) genotyping for post-succinylcholine apnea in an Australian population. Yen, Tina; Nightingale, Brian N.; Burns, Jennifer C.; Sullivan, David R.; Stewart, Peter M. Aug 1, 2003 7168
Back-to-School Health News. Brief Article Sep 1, 2001 491

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