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Sexual Dimorphism and Sex-2D:4D Interactions on Fasting Lipid Variables in an Adult Ghanaian Population. Banyeh, Moses; Amidu, Nafiu; Abdul-Wahab, Draman; Zakaria, Abdul-Salim Jun 23, 2022 5713
Effects of Pasturella Multocida B:2 and its immunogens (LPS and OMP) on reproductive hormones in Nili-Ravi Buffaloes/Efeitos de Pasteurella multocida B:2 e seus imunogenos (LPS e OMP) em hormonios reprodutivos em bufalos Nili-Ravi. Zaman, A.; Roohi, N.; Irfan, M. Jun 23, 2022 5211
Prognostic Value of Receptor Change After Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Breast Cancer Patients. Ozdemir, Ozlem; Zengel, Baha; Cavdar, Demet Kocatepe; Yilmaz, Cengiz; Durusoy, Raika Report Apr 1, 2022 4117
Inhibitors of apoptosis: expression and regulation in the endometrium during the estrous cycle and at the maternal-conceptus interface during pregnancy in pigs. Yoo, Inkyu; Jung, Wonchul; Lee, Soohyung; Cheon, Yugyeong; Ka, Hakhyun Report Apr 1, 2022 6949
Dynamical Modelling of Bone Formation and Resorption under Impulsive Estrogen Supplement: Effects of Parathyroid Hormone and Prolactin. Aekthong, Supassorn; Rattanakul, Chontita Dec 15, 2021 7373
Prediction of the Sex-Associated Genomic Region in Tunas (Thunnus Fishes). Nakamura, Yoji; Higuchi, Kentaro; Kumon, Kazunori; Yasuike, Motoshige; Takashi, Toshinori; Gen, Koic Dec 14, 2021 9284
The Effect of Letrozole Combined with Dydrogesterone for Endometriosis in China: A Meta-Analysis. Sun, Shumei; Zhang, Hao; Zhong, Peicheng; Xu, Zhihong Report Dec 2, 2021 5269
Bisphenol A Exposure in Exclusively Breastfed Infants and Lactating Women: An Observational Cross-sectional Study. Ciftci, Seda; Yalcin, Siddika Songul; Samur, Gulhan Report Dec 1, 2021 6272
The relationship between oxidative stress markers and endometrial hyperplasia: A case-control study/Oksidatif stres belirtecleri ile endometriyal hiperplazi arasindaki iliski: Bir olgu kontrol calismasi. Yildirim, Engin; Turkler, Can; Gorkem, Umit; Simsek, Omer Yavuz; Yilmaz, Ercan; Aladag, Hulya Report Dec 1, 2021 3814
Investigating the Factors Associated with the Level of Expression of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptors in Patients Suffering from Colorectal Cancer. Salehi far, Saleheh; Soltani, Maryam; Zardast, Mahmoud; Ghasemian Moghaddam, Mohammad Reza Clinical report Oct 15, 2021 4774
Effect of Prepregnancy Lymphocyte Active Immunotherapy on Unexplained Recurrent Miscarriage, Pregnancy Success Rate, and Maternal-Infant Outcome. Li, Junxia; Gu, Yan; Zhang, Shaojing; Ju, Baohui; Wang, Jianmei Report Oct 14, 2021 3937
Clinicopathological and Prognostic Significance of Klotho and Estrogen Receptors Expression in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Huang, Shu; Wang, Wei; Cheng, Yajun; Lin, Jie; Wang, Min Oct 1, 2021 5202
Evaluation of the Histopathological Features of Early-stage Invasive Ductal Breast Carcinoma by [.sup.18]Fluoride-fluorodeoxyglucose Positron Emission Tomography/Computed Tomography/[.sup.18] Flor-florodeoksiglukoz Pozitron Emisyon Tomografi/Bilgisayarli Tomografi ile Erken Evre Invaziv Duktal Meme Karsinomunun Histopatolojik ├ľzelliklerinin Degerlendirilmesi. Erol, Mustafa; ├ľnner, Hasan; Karanis, Meryem Ilkay Eren Report Oct 1, 2021 5181
Clinicopathological and Prognostic Significance of Klotho and Estrogen Receptors Expression in Human Hepatocellular Carcinoma. Huang, Shu; Wang, Wei; Cheng, Yajun; Lin, Jie; Wang, Min Report Oct 1, 2021 5000
Evaluating Estrogen Receptor Immunohistochemistry on Cell Blocks From Breast Cancer Patients in a Low-Resource Setting. Kimambo, Asteria H.; Vuhahula, Edda A.; Mwakigonja, Amos R.; Ljung, Britt-Marie; Zhang, Li; Van Loon Report Jul 1, 2021 6016
Epidemiology of women diagnosed with breast cancer in Jordan: A 5-year survival analysis and patients' characteristics from 2 public hospitals. Mousa, Rimal H.; Melhem, Jamal M.; Hammad, Eman A. Report Jul 1, 2021 4933
Zearalenone exposure affects the Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling pathway and related genes of porcine endometrial epithelial cells in vitro. Song, Tingting; Yang, Weiren; Huang, Libo; Yang, Zaibin; Jiang, Shuzhen Jun 1, 2021 6429
Sanofi to present data from Phase 1 AMEERA-1 study at ASCO. May 20, 2021 308
The antioxidant icariin protects porcine oocytes from age-related damage in vitro. Yoon, Jae-Wook; Lee, Seung-Eun; Park, Yun-Gwi; Kim, Won-Jae; Park, Hyo-Jin; Park, Chan-Oh; Kim, So-H Apr 1, 2021 6448
G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor 1 (GPER1) Mediates Aldosterone-Induced Endothelial Inflammation in a Mineralocorticoid Receptor-Independent Manner. Tang, Ziwei; Li, Qifu; Cheng, Qingfeng; Mei, Mei; Song, Ying; Du, Zhipeng; He, Wenwen Jan 1, 2021 4064
Potential Predictive Factors for Breast Cancer Subtypes from a North Cyprus Cohort Analysis. Ulgen, Ayse; Gurkut, Ozlem; Li, Wentian Dec 1, 2020 7905
Combined High Resistin and EGFR Expression Predicts a Poor Prognosis in Breast Cancer. Zeng, Yue; Tang, Chih-Hsin; Wang, Yan; Lu, Hua-Jun; Huang, Bi-Fei; Wang, Qian; Shao, Jun-Kang Report Nov 29, 2020 5144
Depot Medroxyprogesterone Acetate Use and Blood Lead Levels in a Cohort of Young Women. Upson, Kristen; Harmon, Quaker E.; Heffron, Renee; Hall, Janet E.; Wise, Lauren A.; Wegienka, Ganesa Report Nov 1, 2020 7816
Effects of Osthole on Progesterone Secretion in Chicken Preovulatory Follicles Granulosa Cells. Sun, Na; Zhang, Yutong; Hou, Yaxin; Yi, Yanyan; Guo, Jianhua; Zheng, Xiaozhong; Sun, Panpan; Sun, Ya Nov 1, 2020 5077
Estrogenic Effect of Scoparia dulcis (Linn) Extract in Mice Uterus and In Silico Molecular Docking Studies of Certain Compounds with Human Estrogen Receptors. Wangsa, Khamhee; Sarma, Indira; Saikia, Purbajyoti; Ananthakrishnan, Dhanabalan; Sarma, Hirendra Nat Oct 1, 2020 5799
Hormonal effects of estrogen and progesterone in postpartum depression. Barbu, Roxana Mihaela; Gavrilescu, Cristina-Maria; Cojocaru, Elena; Popescu, Raducu Ionut; Ababei, D Sep 1, 2020 3092
Estrogen Exposure and its influence in DNA Repair Genetic Variants in Breast Cancer Population. Prathap, Lavanya; Suganthirababu, Prathap Report Sep 1, 2020 3646
Xiaotan Jieyu Prescription Alleviates Breast Precancerous Lesions through PI3K/Akt Signaling Pathway. Zhao, Jing; Pang, Tao; Jiao, Jian-Peng; Wang, Bin; Liu, Xuan; Xiu, Li-Juan; Sun, Da-Zhi; Yue, Xiao-Q Aug 31, 2020 5521
Estrogen attenuates TGF-[beta]1-induced EMT in intrauterine adhesion by activating Wnt/[beta]-catenin signaling pathway. Cao, Jia; Liu, Dan; Zhao, Shiyun; Yuan, Liwei; Huang, Yani; Ma, Jingwen; Yang, Zhijuan; Shi, Bin; Wa Aug 1, 2020 6280
Estrogen Vindication, Part 1: Estrogen and the WHI. Berkson, Devaki Lindsey Aug 1, 2020 3387
Evaluation of Pathologic Complete Response (pCR) to Neoadjuvant Chemotherapy in Iranian Breast Cancer Patients with Estrogen Receptor Positive and HER2 Negative and impact of predicting variables on pCR. Omranipour, Ramesh; Jalili, Roghiyeh; Yazdankhahkenary, Adel; Assarian, Abdolali; Mirzania, Mehrzad; Jul 1, 2020 4795
Vitamin D, Calcium, Parathyroid Hormone, and Sex Steroids in Bone Health and Effects of Aging. Bhattarai, Hitesh Kumar; Shrestha, Shreya; Rokka, Kabita; Shakya, Rosy Jun 30, 2020 7733
Distribution and Prognostic Significance of Estrogen Receptor [alpha] (ER[alpha]), Estrogen Receptor [beta] (ER[beta]), and Human Epidermal Growth Factor Receptor 2 (HER-2) in Thyroid Carcinoma. Mishra, Anjali; Kumari, Niraj; Jha, Chandan Kumar; Bichoo, Raouef Ahamed; Mishra, Shravan Kumar; Kri May 31, 2020 5016
Identification and Analysis of Estrogen Receptor a Promoting Tamoxifen Resistance-Related lncRNAs. Zhang, Xiulei; Gao, Shanjun; Li, Zhen; Wang, Wei; Liu, Guangzhi May 31, 2020 4026
Effectiveness of Cotreatment with Kuntai Capsule and Climen for Premature Ovarian Failure: A Meta-Analysis. Ma, Qianwen; Tan, Yong; Mo, Genlin Mar 31, 2020 4873
Inflammatory Markers in Women with Polycystic Ovary Syndrome. Rudnicka, E.; Suchta, M. Kunicki K.; Machura, P.; Grymowicz, M.; Smolarczyk, R. Mar 31, 2020 5194
CoMPARA: Collaborative Modeling Project for Androgen Receptor Activity. Feb 1, 2020 16714
Role of TET Dioxygenases and DNA Hydroxymethylation in Bisphenols-Stimulated Proliferation of Breast Cancer Cells. Li, Zhe; Lyu, Cong; Ren, Yun; Wang, Hailin Feb 1, 2020 12364
Variation of Phytoestrogen Content and Major Agronomic Traits in Alfalfa (Medicago sativa L.) Populations. Tucak, Marijana; Cupic, Tihomir; Horvat, Daniela; Popovic, Svetislav; Krizmanic, Goran; Ravlic, Mari Jan 1, 2020 5649
Prevalence of Molecular Subtypes of Breast Cancer: A Single Institutional Experience of 2062 Patients. Pandit, Prakash; Patil, Roshankumar; Palwe, Vijay; Gandhe, Sucheta; Patil, Rahul; Nagarkar, Rajnish Clinical report Jan 1, 2020 3806
Bisphenol A Binding Promiscuity: A Virtual Journey through the Universe of Proteins. Piparo, Elena Lo; Siragusa, Lydia; Raymond, Frederic; Passeri, Giovanna Ilaria; Cruciani, Gabriele; Drug overview Jan 1, 2020 6523
Ki-67 Expression is a Significant Prognostic Factor Only When Progesterone Receptor Expression is Low in Estrogen Receptor-Positive and HER2-Negative Early Breast Cancer. Kang, Young-Joon; Lee, Han-Byoel; Kim, Yun Gyoung; Han, JaiHong; Kim, Yumi; Yoo, Tae-Kyung; Lee, Eun Jan 1, 2020 4784
Assessment of the Aromatase Inhibitory Activity of Ma-Huang-Tang (MHT) and Its Active Compounds. Jung, Dong Ho; Hwang, Joo Tae; Pyun, Bo-Jeong; Yu, Song Yi; Ko, Byoung Seob Dec 31, 2019 6705
Challenges in Routine Estrogen Receptor, Progesterone Receptor, and HER2/neu Evaluation. Jorns, Julie M. Dec 1, 2019 3284
Liver Biochemical Abnormalities in Adolescent Patients with Turner Syndrome. Wojcik, Matgorzata; Ruszata, Anna; Janus, Dominika; Starzyk, Jerzy B. Clinical report Dec 1, 2019 3535
Transfer and Metabolism of the Xenoestrogen Zearalenone in Human Perfused Placenta. Warth, Benedikt; Preindl, Karin; Manser, Pius; Wick, Peter; Marko, Doris; Buerki-Thurnherr, Tina Oct 1, 2019 10673
Dare Bioscience announces publication of pharmacokinetics study of DARE-VVA1. Sep 11, 2019 327
Age Modifies Effects of Estrogen Therapy in Women Without Ovaries; Women aged 50 to 59 years with BSO had treatment-associated decrease in all-cause mortality. Sep 10, 2019 252
Unique epithelial expression of S100A calcium binding protein A7A in the endometrium at conceptus implantation in pigs. Lee, Soohyung; Jang, Hwanhee; Yoo, Inkyu; Han, Jisoo; Jung, Wonchul; Ka, Hakhyun Sep 1, 2019 5471
Breast Cancer Subtype Classification Using 4-Plex Droplet Digital PCR. Chen, Wenwen; Zheng, Jiaying; Wu, Chang; Liu, Shaoxiong; Chen, Yongxin; Liu, Xiaolei; Du, Jihui; Wan Aug 1, 2019 5517
Prediction of Responsiveness to Clomiphene Citrate in Infertile Women with PCOS. Sachdeva, Garima; Gainder, Shalini; Suri, Vanita; Sachdeva, Naresh; Chopra, Seema Clinical report Jul 1, 2019 4523
Impact of Genetic Variants in Estrogen Receptor-[beta] Gene in the Etiology of Uterine Leiomyomas. Bharathi, Chitroju; Anupama, Desamala; Pratibha, Nallari; Venkateshwari, Anantapur Medical condition overview Jul 1, 2019 6054
Breast Cancer in Turkey; An Analysis of 20.000 Patients with Breast Cancer. Ozmen, Vahit; Ozmen, Tolga; Dogru, Volkan Jul 1, 2019 4127
The Oncotype Dx Assay in ER-Positive, HER2-Negative Breast Cancer Patients: A Real Life Experience from a Single Cancer Center. Thibodeau, Stephane; Voutsadakis, Oannis A. Jul 1, 2019 5684
Activated B Lymphocyte Inhibited the Osteoblastogenesis of Bone Mesenchymal Stem Cells by Notch Signaling. Pan, Mengxue; Hong, Wei; Yao, Ye; Gao, Xiaoxue; Zhou, Yi; Fu, Guoxiang; Li, Yuanchuang; Guo, Qiang; Jun 30, 2019 5458
Genomic Analysis of a New Estrogen-Degrading Bacterial Strain, Acinetobacter sp. DSSKY-A-001. Qiu, Qing; Wang, Ping; Kang, Hui; Wang, Yu; Tian, Kejian; Huo, Hongliang Jun 30, 2019 6826
A Boolean Network Approach to Estrogen Transcriptional Regulation. de Anda-Jauregui, Guillermo; Espinal-Enriquez, Jesus; Sandoval-Motta, Santiago; Hernandez-Lemus, Enr Jun 30, 2019 6899
Zoledronic acid effectiveness and estrogen receptor status. Eskiler, Gamze Guney; Ozkan, Asuman Deveci Jun 1, 2019 277
Evaluation of Androgen Receptor in Relation to Estrogen Receptor (AR/ER) and Progesterone Receptor (AR/PgR): A New Must in Breast Cancer? Bronte, Giuseppe; Rocca, Andrea; Ravaioli, Sara; Scarpi, Emanuela; Bonafe, Massimiliano; Puccetti, M Apr 30, 2019 3913
The Protective Roles of Estrogen Receptor [beta] in Renal Calcium Oxalate Crystal Formation via Reducing the Liver Oxalate Biosynthesis and Renal Oxidative Stress-Mediated Cell Injury. Zhu, Wei; Zhao, Zhijian; Chou, Fu-Ju; Zuo, Li; Liu, Tongzu; Bushinsky, David; Chang, Chawnshang; Zen Apr 30, 2019 9848
Effectiveness of Acupuncture Used for the Management of Postpartum Depression: A Systematic Review and Meta-Analysis. Li, Wei; Yin, Ping; Lao, Lixing; Xu, Shifen Apr 30, 2019 4245
WT1 Expression as a Potential Biomarker of Malignancy in Canine Breast Tumor/La Expresion de WT1 como un Biomarcador Potencial Maligno en un Tumor de Mama Canino. Carranza-Martinez, Brisa D.; Salas-Trevino, Daniel; Soto-Dominguez, Adolfo; Ramirez-Romero, Rafael; Mar 1, 2019 2478
The efficacy of Ankaferd Blood Stopper[R] in an experimental Asherman syndrome model created in rats/Sicanlarda olusturulan deneysel Asherman sendromu modelinde Ankaferd Blood Stopper[R] 'in etkinliginin gosterilmesi. Buyuk, Basak; Beyazit, Fatma Report Mar 1, 2019 4133
Effects of Organophosphate Poisoning on the Endocrine System in the Long Term: A Pilot Study. Simsek, Zuhal Ozer; Sevim, Mustafa; Simsek, Yasin; Sungur, Murat; Gundogan, Kursat; Guven, Muhammet Report Mar 1, 2019 3022
Leukemia inhibitory factor and its receptor: expression and regulation in the porcine endometrium throughout the estrous cycle and pregnancy. Yoo, Inkyu; Chae, Soogil; Han, Jisoo; Lee, Soohyung; Kim, Hyun Jong; Ka, Hakhyun Report Feb 1, 2019 5807
Associations of Fetal Growth Outcomes with Measures of the Combined Xenoestrogenic Activity of Maternal Serum Perfluorinated Alkyl Acids in Danish Pregnant Women. Bjerregaard-Olesen, Christian; Bach, Cathrine Carlsen; Long, Manhai; Wielsoe, Maria; Bech, Bodil Ham Report Jan 1, 2019 13533
A Danish study found that combination hormonal contraception (pills, patches, or rings that contain both progestin and estrogen) is linked to preventing ovarian cancer. Jan 1, 2019 157
HER-2/Neu and Hormone Receptor Analysis in Breast Carcinomas and Their Association with Clinicopathologic Parameters. Koseoglu, Resit Dogan; Markoc, Fatma; Muslehiddinoglu, Ahmet; Ileri, Ayse Burcu; Deresoy, Faik Alev; Report Jan 1, 2019 6059
Effects of Anethum groueolens L. on In Vitro Matured Mouse Oocytes and Granulosa Cells. Monsefi, Malihezaman; Khalifeh, Bahareh; Nibeghbal, Samaneh Report Oct 1, 2018 4860
Analysis of Apoptosis in Cultured Human Vitrified Ovarian Tissue in the Presence of Leukemia Inhibitory Factor. Abdollahi, Maasoume; Salehnia, Mojdeh; Salehpour, Saghar; Beiranvand, Shahram Pour Report Oct 1, 2018 6152
Role of MIR-196a2 Gene Polymorphism in Some Hormonal and Physiological Parameters Levels in Type 2 Diabetic Patients. Mohsen, Israa Harjan; Saadi, Ali Hmood Al-; Nassir, Ishtar Munim; Zaidan, Haider Kamil; Terehi, Mona Report Sep 1, 2018 3606
Quantitative Assessment of Immunohistochemistry Laboratory Performance by Measuring Analytic Response Curves and Limits of Detection. Sompuram, Seshi R.; Vani, Kodela; Schaedle, Anika K.; Balasubramanian, Anuradha; Bogen, Steven A. Report Jul 1, 2018 8951
Medullary Breast Carcinoma and Invasive Ductal Carcinoma: A Review Study. Zangouri, Vahid; Akrami, Majid; Tahmasebi, Sedigheh; Talei, Abdolrasoul; Hesarooeih, Ali Ghaeini; Ho Report Jul 1, 2018 4195
Physiologically Based Pharmacokinetic (PBPK) Modeling of the Bisphenols BPA, BPS, BPF, and BPAF with New Experimental Metabolic Parameters: Comparing the Pharmacokinetic Behavior of BPA with Its Substitutes. Karrer, Cecile; Roiss, Thomas; von Goetz, Natalie; Skledar, Darja Gramec; Masic, Lucija Peterlin; Hu Report Jul 1, 2018 18415
Favorable Long-Term Outcome in Male Breast Cancer. ozkurt, Enver; Tukenmez, Mustafa; Yilmaz, Ravza; Cabioglu, Neslihan; Muslumanoglu, Mahmut; Dinccag, Report Jul 1, 2018 4853
Epidemiological Assessment of Testosterone Levels in Women Population: A Factorial Analysis of Cell Proliferation. Okpashi, Victor Eshu; Obi, Bonaventure Chukwunonso; Okagu, Innocent; Okoroafor, Prince Odilichukwu May 1, 2018 5010
Hydroxylated Polybrominated Biphenyl Ethers Exert Estrogenic Effects via Non-Genomic G Protein-Coupled Estrogen Receptor Mediated Pathways. Cao, Lin-Ying; Ren, Xiao-Min; Yang, Yu; Wan, Bin; Guo, Liang-Hong; Chen, De; Fan, Yong May 1, 2018 11240
Expression of Estrogen Receptors (ER), Progesterone Receptors (PR) and HER-2/neu receptors in Endometrial Carcinoma and their associations with histological types, grades and stages of the tumor. Apr 30, 2018 3829
Effect of Physical Exercise on the Renal Structures of Ovariectomized Female LDL Knockout Mice/Efecto del Ejercicio Fisico sobre las Estructuras Renales de Ratones Hembras con LDL Ovariectomizadas. Gozzi e Silva, Sarah Cristina; Nitta, Cynthia Tiemy Nagafuti; Lima, Nathalia Edviges Alves; Cardoso, Mar 1, 2018 3528
SERUM THYROID HORMONE PROFILE IN BREAST CANCER PATIENTS. Jarari, Abdalla Mohammed; AlJarari, Nouh M.H.; Peela, Jagannadha Rao; Alsoaeiti, Saeid Omer; Ali, Ha Report Feb 5, 2018 3760
Smooth Muscle-Specific BCL6+/- Knockout Abrogates Sex Bias in Chronic Hypoxia-Induced Pulmonary Arterial Hypertension in Mice. Yang, Yang-Ming; Sehgal, Pravin B. Jan 1, 2018 7467
Pigmented Cells in the Pineal Gland of Female Viscacha (Lagostomus maximus maximus): A Histochemical and Ultrastructural Study. Busolini, Fabricio Ivan; Rodriguez, Graciela Beatriz; Filippa, Veronica Palmira; Mohamed, Fabian Heb Jan 1, 2018 4764
Analyzing the Transcriptome Profile of Human Cumulus Cells Related to Embryo Quality via RNA Sequencing. Liu, Qiwei; Zhang, Junhui; Wen, Huihui; Feng, Yun; Zhang, Xunyi; Xiang, Huifen; Cao, Yunxia; Tong, X Jan 1, 2018 4678
Evaluating Vitamin D Status in Pre- and Postmenopausal Type 2 Diabetics and Its Association with Glucose Homeostasis. Fondjo, Linda Ahenkorah; Sakyi, Samuel Asamoah; Owiredu, William K.B.A.; Laing, Edwin Ferguson; Owir Jan 1, 2018 9191
Economic Evaluation of Letrozole for Early Breast Cancer in a Health Resource-Limited Setting. Ye, Ming; Lu, Jingsong; Yang, Fan; Wu, Bin Clinical report Jan 1, 2018 5474
Quercetin Stimulates Bone Marrow Mesenchymal Stem Cell Differentiation through an Estrogen Receptor-Mediated Pathway. Pang, Xin-Gang; Cong, Yu; Bao, Ni-Rong; Li, Yong-Gang; Zhao, Jian-Ning Jan 1, 2018 5483
Effects of Letrozole on Gonad Differentiation of Carp (Cyprinus carpio). Report Dec 31, 2017 4739
Influence of A Thermogenic Dietary Supplement on Safety Markers, Body Composition, Energy Expenditure, Muscular Performance and Hormone Concentrations: A Randomized, Placebo-Controlled, Double-Blind Trial. Tinsley, Grant M.; Urbina, Stacie; Mullins, Jacy; Outlaw, Jordan; Hayward, Sara; Stone, Matt; Foster Report Dec 1, 2017 6382
Behavior of Sexed Frozen-Thawed Bovine Semen on in vitro Fertilization (IVF) Capacitated with two Concentrations of BO versus Percoll/ Comportamiento del Semen Bovino Sexado Congelado-Descongelado en Fertilizacion in vitro (FIV) Capacitado Mediante BO en dos Concentraciones versus Percoll. Filipiak, Y.; Larocca, C.; Martinez, M. Dec 1, 2017 3420
Study Assesses Dose and Delivery Method for Menopause HRT. Nov 1, 2017 301
Evaluation of association between psychological stress level during menopausal transition period and serum estrogen level among middle-aged women: A cross-sectional study. Kishan, Ashwini; Moodithaya, Shailaja S.; Mirajkar, Amrit M. Report Oct 1, 2017 3282
Comparison of Estrogen and Progesterone Receptor Antibody Reagents Using Proficiency Testing Data. Troxell, Megan L.; Long, Thomas; Hornick, Jason L.; Ambaye, Abiy B.; Jensen, Kristin C. Report Oct 1, 2017 7900
Comparative analysis of sympathetic nervous system activity in pre-menopausal and post-menopausal women. Dureja, Sheveta; Bhandari, Vikram; Manchanda, Kailash Chander; Sharma, Ram Sarup; Gupta, Mridu; Bach Report Sep 1, 2017 2864
Outdoor light at night and breast cancer incidence in the Nurses' Health Study II. James, Peter; Bertrand, Kimberly A.; Har, Jaime E.; Schernhammer, Eva S.; Tamimi, Rulla M.; Laden, F Report Aug 1, 2017 11133
Increased expression of ID2, PRELP and SMOC2 genes in patients with endometriosis. Araujo, F.M.; Meola, J.; Rosa-e-Silva, J.C.; Paz, C.C.P.; Ferriani, R.A.; Nogueira, A.A. Report Jul 1, 2017 3339
Nerve conduction studies during various phases of menstrual cycle. Vashisht, Surbhi; Chawla, Anuj; Joshi, Rajneesh Kumar Apr 1, 2017 3099
Auditory and visual reaction times during the menstrual cycle. Sudheer, Christina; Jagadeesan, Shivakumar; Kammar, Kararshah F. Mar 1, 2017 2208
Therapeutic effects of metformin and clomiphene in combination with lifestyle intervention on infertility in women with obese polycystic ovary syndrome. Feb 28, 2017 2133
Next Generation Sequencing of Circulating Cell-Free DNA for Evaluating Mutations and Gene Amplification in Metastatic Breast Cancer. Page, Karen; Guttery, David S.; Fernandez-Garcia, Daniel; Hills, Allison; Hastings, Robert K.; Luo, Report Feb 1, 2017 5875
Sex Differences in the Effect of Resveratrol on DSS-Induced Colitis in Mice. Wagnerova, Alexandra; Babickova, Janka; Liptak, Robert; Vlkova, Barbora; Celec, Peter; Gardlik, Roma Report Jan 1, 2017 5481
Pitaya Extracts Induce Growth Inhibition and Proapoptotic Effects on Human Cell Lines of Breast Cancer via Downregulation of Estrogen Receptor Gene Expression. de Almeida Bauer Guimaraes, Deborah; De Castro, Danielle dos Santos Bonfim; de Oliveira, Felipe Leit Jan 1, 2017 8522
Gender Differences in the Progression of Experimental Chronic Kidney Disease Induced by Chronic Nitric Oxide Inhibition. Fanelli, Camilla; Delle, Humberto; Cavaglieri, Rita Cassia; Dominguez, Wagner Vasques; Noronha, Iren Report Jan 1, 2017 6450
Effects of Aspirin and Intrauterine Balloon on Endometrial Repair and Reproductive Prognosis in Patients with Severe Intrauterine Adhesion: A Prospective Cohort Study. Chen, Yuqing; Liu, Lixiang; Luo, Yuanna; Chen, Minghui; Huan, Yang; Fang, Ruili Report Jan 1, 2017 5543
Therapy Effects of Wogonin on Ovarian Cancer Cells. Ruibin, Jiang; Bo, Jin; Danying, Wan; Chihong, Zhu; Jianguo, Feng; Linhui, Gu Report Jan 1, 2017 4536
Influence of Dexamethasone on Some Reproductive Hormones and Uterine Progesterone Receptor Localization in Pregnant Yankasa Sheep in Semiarid Zones of Nigeria. Yahi, Dauda; Ojo, Nicholas Adetayo; Mshelia, Gideon Dauda Report Jan 1, 2017 5756
Effects of letrozole in combination with low-dose intramuscular injection of human menopausal gonadotropin on ovulation and pregnancy of 156 patients with polycystic ovary syndrome. Dec 31, 2016 2862
Combination effect of cytochrome P450 1A1 gene polymorphisms on uterine leiomyoma: a case-control study. Salimi, Saeedeh; Sajadian, Mojtaba; Khodamian, Maryam; Yazdi, Atefeh; Rezaee, Soodabeh; Mohammadpour Report Aug 1, 2016 3918
Immunohistochemical Surrogates for Molecular Classification of Breast Carcinoma: A 2015 Update. Tang, Ping; Tse, Gary M. Aug 1, 2016 8744
Why the FDA is wrong about testosterone. Stamos, Craig Report May 1, 2016 5303
A curated database of rodent uterotrophic bioactivity. Kleinstreuer, Nicole C.; Ceger, Patricia C.; Alien, David G.; Strickland, Judy; Chang, Xiaoqing; Ham Report May 1, 2016 7548
Effects of steroid hormone in avian follicles. Rivas, R.E. Caicedo; Nieto, M. Paz-Calderon; Kamiyoshi, M. Report Apr 1, 2016 8514
Comment on "effects of trazine on estrogen receptor [alpha]- and G protein-coupled receptor 30-mediated signaling and proliferation in cancer cells and cancer-associated Fibroblasts". Chevalier, Nicolas; Paul-Bellon, Rachel; Fenichel, Patrick Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2016 1947
Comment on "Effects of atrazine on estrogen receptor [alpha]- and G protein-coupled receptor 30-mediated signaling and proliferation in cancer cells and cancer-associated fibroblasts". Chevalier, Nicolas; Paul-Bellon, Rachel; Fenichel, Patrick Letter to the editor Apr 1, 2016 1925
Urinary concentrations of phthalate metabolites and bisphenol A and associations with follicular-phase length, luteal-phase length, fecundability, and early pregnancy loss. Report Mar 1, 2016 8347
Observations, but not proven links. Joffe, Hadine; Bromberger, Joyce T. Feb 1, 2016 327
Hormones and dry eye disease. Gibson, Emma; Stapleton, Fiona Jan 1, 2016 2820
Factors Associated with Effectiveness of Treatment and Reproductive Outcomes in Patients with Thin Endometrium Undergoing Estrogen Treatment. Liu, Si-Miao; Zhou, Yuan-Zheng; Wang, Han-Bi; Sun, Zheng-Yi; Zhen, Jing-Ran; Shen, Keng; Deng, Cheng Report Dec 5, 2015 3474
Immunohistochemical classification of breast cancer and its importance in the diagnosis, prognosis and therapeutic approach/Clasificacion inmunohistoquimica del cancer de mama y su importancia en el diagnostico, pronostico y enfoque terapeutico/Classificacao de imunocitoquimica de cancer de mama e suaimportancia ... Melo-Sanchez, Sergio Andres; Gelvez-Parra, Leidy Tatiana; Osma-Zambrano, Sonia Esperanza Ensayo Dec 1, 2015 6421
Letrozole bests clomiphene in women with PCOS. Wendling, Patrice Clinical report Aug 1, 2015 801
Noninvasive detection of activating estrogen receptor 1 (ESR1) mutations in estrogen receptor-positive metastatic breast cancer. Guttery, David S.; Page, Karen; Hills, Allison; Woodley, Laura; Marchese, Stephanie D.; Rghebi, Basm Report Jul 1, 2015 5389
Evaluation of municipal wastewater in the vicinity of Birmingham, Alabama for estrogens using vitellogenin gene expression in largescale stonerollers (campostoma oligolepis). Legg, Shara B.; Angus, Robert A. Author abstract Apr 1, 2015 283
Gene expression of estrogen and oxytocin receptors in the uterus of pregnant and parturient bitches. Veiga, G.A.L.; Milazzotto, M.P.; Nichi, M.; Lucio, C.F.; Silva, L.C.G.; Angrimani, D.S.R.; Vannucchi Report Apr 1, 2015 3806
Automated quantitation of receptor status of breast carcinoma with immunohistochemical reclassification. Aruthra, P.; Vijayashree, R.; Rao, K. Ramesh Mar 5, 2015 3894
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