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Genetic diversity analysis in Chinese miniature pigs using swine leukocyte antigen complex microsatellites. Wu, Jinhua; Liu, Ronghui; Li, Hua; Yu, Hui; Yang, Yalan Report Nov 1, 2021 5486
Genetically Divergent Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N8) Viruses in Wild Birds, Eastern China. He, Guimei; Ming, Le; Li, Xiang; Song, Yuhe; Tang, Ling; Ma, Min; Cui, Jie; Wang, Tianhou Report Nov 1, 2021 2217
Phylogenetic and sequencing analysis of Chikungunya virus strains from local Pakistani population. Sawal, Humaira Aziz; Niazi, Saifullah Khan; Ghani, Eijaz; Noor, Misbah Report Oct 6, 2021 2581
SARS-CoV-2 Delta Variant among Asiatic Lions, India. Mishra, Anamika; Kumar, Naveen; Bhatia, Sandeep; Aasdev, Ashutosh; Kanniappan, Sridhar; Sekhar, Abel Report Oct 1, 2021 1396
DNA barcoding revels first records of three rare coleopteran genera in Northern lakes of Egypt/O codigo de barras de DNA revela os primeiros registros de tres generos raros de coleopteros nos lagos do norte do Egito. Kheirallaha, D.A. Oct 1, 2021 3629
Phylogeography of Neopurcellia salmoni, a widespread mite harvestman from the South Island of New Zealand, with the first report of male polymorphism in the suborder Cyphophthalmi (Arachnida: Opiliones). Canedo, Pietro Tardelli; Baker, Caitlin M.; Morisawa, Rina; Pessereau, Eliza J.; Boyer, Sarah L. Sep 1, 2021 8274
Cystoblastus and the origin of the Hemicosmitoida (Echinodermata: Blastozoa). Paul, Christopher R.C.; Toom, Ursula Sep 1, 2021 9375
Mycobacterium microti Infections in Free-Ranging Red Deer (Cervus elaphus). Ghielmetti, Giovanni; Kupca, Anne M.; Hanczaruk, Matthias; Friedel, Ute; Weinberger, Hubert; Revilla Report Aug 1, 2021 5112
Whole-Genome Analysis of Streptococcus pneumoniae Serotype 4 Causing Outbreak of Invasive Pneumococcal Disease, Alberta, Canada. Kellner, James D.; Ricketson, Leah J.; Demczuk, Walter H.B.; Martin, Irene; Tyrrell, Gregory J.; Van Report Jul 1, 2021 5789
Fatal Human Infection with Evidence of Intrahost Variation of Eastern Equine Encephalitis Virus, Alabama, USA, 2019. Hughes, Holly R.; Velez, Jason O.; Davis, Emily H.; Laven, Janeen; Gould, Carolyn V.; Panella, Amand Clinical report Jul 1, 2021 4794
Population structure and phylogenetic relationships in Brassica rapa L. subspecies by using isozyme markers/Estrutura populacional e relacoes filogeneticas em subespecies de Brassica rapa L. utilizando marcadores isoenzimaticos. Sammour, R.H.; Karam, M.A.; Morsi, Y.S.; Ali, R.M. Jul 1, 2021 5929
Precision Tracing of Household Dengue Spread Using Inter--and Intra-Host Viral Variation Data, Kamphaeng Phet, Thailand. Berry, Irina Maljkovic; Melendrez, Melanie C.; Pollett, Simon; Figueroa, Katherine; Buddhari, Darune Report Jun 1, 2021 5639
Cutaneous Leishmaniasis Caused by an Unknown Leishmania Strain, Arizona, USA. de Almeida, Marcos; Zheng, Yueli; Nascimento, Fernanda S.; Bishop, Henry; Cama, Vitaliano A.; Batra, Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 2123
Evidence of Oropouche Orthobunyavirus Infection, Colombia, 2017. Gomez-Camargo, Doris E.; Egurrola-Pedraza, Jorge A.; Cruz, Cristopher D.; Popuche, Dina; Ochoa-Diaz, Clinical report Jun 1, 2021 1398
Evaluating sexual dimorphism in the ambrosia beetle Xyleborus affinis (Coleoptera: Curculionidae) using geometric morphometrics. Ospina-Garcés, Sandra M.; Ibarra-Juarez, Luis Arturo; Escobar, Federico; Lira-Noriega, Andrés Report Jun 1, 2021 6735
Identification of the taxonomic status of Scinax nebulosas and Scinax constrictus (Scinaxinae, Anura) based on molecular markers/Identificacao do status taxonomico de Scinax nebulosus e Scinax constrictus (Scinaxinae, Anura), baseado em marcadores moleculares. Freitasa, T.M.B.; Sales, J.B.L.; Sampaioc, I.; Piorskia, N.M.; Weber, L.N. Apr 8, 2021 6340
Genetic population structure of the polkadot skate (Dipturus chinensis) around Japan, based on mitochondrial DNA sequences and polymorphic microsatellite loci. Kusaka, Takahiro; Hara, Kojiro; Furumitsu, Keisuke; Uehara, Shinji; Yagi, Yuta; Yamaguchi, Atsuko; Y Apr 1, 2021 12158
Identification and Characterization of Arsenic Transforming Bacillus Species from Abandoned Mining Regions of Madhya Pradesh and Jharkhand. Bhardwaj, Ankur; Sharma, Rakesh Kumar; Singh, Gajendra Bahadur Mar 1, 2021 4530
Transmission of Antimicrobial-Resistant Staphylococcus aureus Clonal Complex 9 between Pigs and Humans, United States. Randad, Pranay R.; Larsen, Jesper; Kaya, Hulya; Pisanic, Nora; Ordak, Carly; Price, Lance B.; Aziz, Report Mar 1, 2021 5676
Forensic and Genetic Characterization of mtDNA Lineages of Shin, a Unique Ethnic Group in Pakistan. Khan, Muhammad Umer; Sabar, Muhammad Farooq; Baig, Atif Amin; Naqvi, Arif-un-Nisa; Ghani, Muhammad U Report Feb 24, 2021 6305
Hepatitis C Virus Transmission Clusters in Public Health and Correctional Settings, Wisconsin, USA, 2016-2017. Hochstatter, Karli R.; Tully, Damien C.; Power, Karen A.; Koepke, Ruth; Akhtar, Wajiha Z.; Prieve, A Report Feb 1, 2021 5976
Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N8) Virus Spread by Short- and Long-Range Transmission, France, 2016-17. Briand, Francois-Xavier; Niqueux, Eric; Schmitz, Audrey; Martenot, Claire; Cherbonnel, Martine; Mass Report Feb 1, 2021 4863
IN SILICO STRUCTURAL AND FUNCTIONAL ANALYSIS OF WRKY1 AND WRKY3 GENES IN THE SELECTED CEREAL CROPS. M. T. Pervez, M. E. Babar, J. Iqbal, M. J. U. Hasnain, S. H. Abbas, S. S. M. Shah and M. Ashraf Jan 5, 2021 7585
Comparative Omics Analysis of Historic and Recent Isolates of Bordetella pertussis and Effects of Genome Rearrangements on Evolution. Dienstbier, Ana; Amman, Fabian; Petrackova, Denisa; Stipl, Daniel; Capek, Jan; Zavadilova, Jana; Fab Report Jan 1, 2021 6894
Territorywide Study of Early Coronavirus Disease Outbreak, Hong Kong, China. Leung, Kenneth Siu-Sing; Ng, Timothy Ting-Leung; Wu, Alan Ka-Lun; Yau, Miranda Chong-Yee; Lao, Hiu-Y Report Jan 1, 2021 5856
Sexual behavior of Diplura macrura and Ischnothele annulata (Araneae: Mygalomorphae): further evidence of diplurid polyphyly. Ghirotto, Victor Morais; Guadanucci, Jose Paulo Leite Jan 1, 2021 6780
The camouflaged silken retreat of Viridasius sp. (Araneae: Viridasiidae). Bauer, Tobias Jan 1, 2021 2290
Molecular and Ultrastructural Analysis of a Porocephalus sp. (Arthropoda: Pentastomida) Removed from a Rattlesnake. Goddard, Jerome; Baker, Gerald T.; Jericke, Petra; Bircham, Lawrence R.; Woodyard, Ethan T.; Rosser, Report Jan 1, 2021 2035
The Chloroplastic Small Heat Shock Protein Gene KvHSP26 Is Induced by Various Abiotic Stresses in Kosteletzkya virginica. Liu, Xiaohua; Zhao, Lizi; Li, Jianzhao; Duan, Lijun; Zhang, Kai; Qiao, Xuqiang; Li, Weihuan Jan 1, 2021 5814
Evidence of Helicobacter spp. in Saliva and Gastric Mucosa of Domestic Dogs in the Central Region of Rio Grande do Sul, Brazil. Guerra Segundo, Daniel D.; Mello, Camila B. E.; Cargnelutti, Juliana F.; Flores, Mariana M.; Pedrott Jan 1, 2021 6252
Sequence and Structural Characterization of Toll-Like Receptor 6 from Human and Related Species. Mustafa, Ghulam; Mahrosh, Hafiza Salaha; Arif, Rawaba Jan 1, 2021 5230
Prevalence and Genetic Characteristics of Human Bocaviruses Detected in Patients with Acute Respiratory Infections in Bulgaria. Korsun, Neli; Angelova, Svetla; Trifonova, Ivelina; Voleva, Silvia; Grigorova, Iliana; Tzotcheva, Ir Jan 1, 2021 6747
Epi-Gene: An R-Package for Easy Pan-Genome Analysis. Awan, Furqan; Ali, Muhammad Muddassir; Hamid, Muhammad; Awan, Muhammad Huzair; Mushtaq, Muhammad Has Jan 1, 2021 3485
Whole-Genome Duplication and Purifying Selection Contributes to the Functional Redundancy of Auxin Response Factor (ARF) Genes in Foxtail Millet (Setaria italica L.). Chen, You; Liu, Bin; Zhao, Yujun; Yu, Wenzhe; Si, Weina Jan 1, 2021 7196
Full Genomic Sequences of H5N1 Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza Virus in Human Autopsy Specimens Reveal Genetic Variability and Adaptive Changes for Growth in MDCK Cell Cultures. Sangsiriwut, Kantima; Noisumdaeng, Pirom; Uiprasertkul, Mongkol; Prasertsopon, Jarunee; Payungporn, Jan 1, 2021 6839
Phylogeny and Comparative Analysis for the Plastid Genomes of Five Tulipa (Liliaceae). Li, Juan; Price, Megan; Su, Dan-Mei; Zhang, Zhen; Yu, Yan; Xie, Deng-Feng; Zhou, Song-Dong Report Jan 1, 2021 6372
Molecular Evidence for the Association of Swarm Forming Desert Locust, Schistocerca gregaria gregaria(Forskal) in Pakistan with Highly Prevalent Subspecies in Sahara Desert of Africa. Jam Nazeer Ahmad, Samina J.N. Ahmad, Mubashir Ahmad Malik, Abid Ali, Muhammad Ali, Ejaz Ahmad, Muham Report Dec 31, 2020 6154
Estimating genetic diversity and population structure of 22 chicken breeds in Asia using microsatellite markers. Roh, Hee-Jong; Kim, Seung-Chang; Cho, Chang-Yeon; Lee, Jinwook; Jeon, Dayeon; Kim, Dong-kyo; Kim, Kw Report Dec 1, 2020 5936
Phylogenetic Analysis of MERS-CoV in a Camel Abattoir, Saudi Arabia, 2016-2018. Hemida, Maged Gomaa; Chu, Daniel K.W.; Chor, Yen Y.; Cheng, Samuel M.S.; Poon, Leo L.M.; Alnaeem, Ab Report Dec 1, 2020 1444
Bacillus anthracis Evolution: Taking Advantage of the Topology of the Phylogenetic Tree and Human History to Propose Dating Points. Vergnaud, Gilles Report Dec 1, 2020 4950
Molecular Characterisation of Cytochrome Oxidase I and Internal Transcribed Spacer 2 Fragments of Culiseta longiareolata/Culiseta longiareolata'daki Sitokrom Oksidaz I ve Internal Transcribed Spacer 2'nin Molekuler Karakterizasyonu. Soltanbeiglu, Shadiyeh; Vahedi, Mozaffar; Bavani, Mulood Mohammadi; Chavshin, Ali Reza Dec 1, 2020 3122
Polymerase chain reaction and gyrA nucleotide sequence analysis of Wolbachia endosymbionts (Rickettsiales: Anaplasmataceae) in various species of Culicidae, Cimex lectularius (Hemiptera: Cimicidae) and Dirofilaria intimitis (Rhabditida: Onchocercidae). Bess, Jennifer R.; Centonze, Vincent; Rawls, Cody; White, Andrew; Wingfield, David; Whitlock, John E Report Dec 1, 2020 5587
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Three Species of the Genus Microtus (Arvicolinae, Rodentia). Lamelas, Luz; Aleix-Mata, Gael; Rovatsos, Michail; Marchal, Juan Alberto; Palomeque, Teresa; Lorite, Nov 1, 2020 7738
Co-Infections of Tilapia Lake Virus, Aeromonas hydrophila and Streptococcus agalactiae in Farmed Red Hybrid Tilapia. Basri, Lukman; Md. Nor, Roslindawani; Salleh, Annas; Md. Yasin, Ina Salwany; Saad, A. Mohd Zamri; Ab Nov 1, 2020 5552
Spread of Antimicrobial Resistance by Salmonella enterica Serovar Choleraesuis between Close Domestic and Wild Environments. Molino, Maria Gil; Garcia, Alfredo; Zurita, Sofia Gabriela; Martin-Cano, Francisco Eduardo; Garcia-J Nov 1, 2020 6922
Pangenome Analysis of Mycobacterium tuberculosis Reveals Core-Drug Targets and Screening of Promising Lead Compounds for Drug Discovery. Dar, Hamza Arshad; Zaheer, Tahreem; Ullah, Nimat; Bakhtiar, Syeda Marriam; Zhang, Tianyu; Yasir, Muh Nov 1, 2020 5957
Phylogenetic Relationships of Turkish Indigenous Donkey Populations Determined by Mitochondrial DNA D-loop Region. Unal, Emel Ozkan; Ozdil, Fulya; Kaplan, Selcuk; Gurcan, Eser Kemal; Genc, Serdar; Arat, Sezen; Soysa Report Nov 1, 2020 10582
Genetic diversity and population structure of indigenous chicken of Bangladesh using microsatellite markers. Rashid, Muhammad Abdur; Manjula, Prabuddha; Faruque, Shakila; Bhuiyan, A.K. Fazlul Haque; Seo, Dongw Report Nov 1, 2020 5877
High Dengue Burden and Circulation of 4 Virus Serotypes among Children with Undifferentiated Fever, Kenya, 2014-2017. Shah, Melisa M.; Ndenga, Bryson A.; Mutuku, Francis M.; Vu, David M.; Grossi-Soyster, Elysse N.; Oku Report Nov 1, 2020 6378
Microbiome Shift, Diversity, and Overabundance of Opportunistic Pathogens in Bovine Digital Dermatitis Revealed by 16S rRNA Amplicon Sequencing. Espiritu, Hector M.; Mamuad, Lovelia L.; Kim, Seon-ho; Jin, Su-jeong; Lee, Sang-suk; Kwon, Seok-won; Oct 1, 2020 4169
Detection of Novel Goose Parvovirus Disease Associated with Short Beak and Dwarfism Syndrome in Commercial Ducks. Soliman, Mohamed A.; Erfan, Ahmed M.; Samy, Mohamed; Mahana, Osama; Nasef, Soad A. Oct 1, 2020 5226
Identification of Hepatitis E Virus in the Feces of Red Foxes (Vulpes vulpes). Lanszki, Zsofia; Kurucz, Kornelia; Zeghbib, Safia; Kemenesi, Gabor; Lanszki, Jozsef; Jakab, Ferenc Oct 1, 2020 4187
Molecular Characterization and Developing a Point-of-Need Molecular Test for Diagnosis of Bovine Papillomavirus (BPV) Type 1 in Cattle from Egypt. Tholoth, Mohamed El-; Mauk, Michael G.; Elnaker, Yasser F.; Mosad, Samah M.; Tahoun, Amin; Sherif, M Oct 1, 2020 6677
Interactions of JAZ Repressors with Anthocyanin Biosynthesis-Related Transcription Factors of Fragaria X ananassa. Garrido-Bigotes, Adrian; Torrejon, Marcela; Solano, Roberto; Figueroa, Carlos R. Oct 1, 2020 8454
Evaluation of the genetic diversity of six Chinese indigenous chickens. Sha, Yuzhu; Gao, Caixia; Liu, Meimei; Zhao, Shengguo Oct 1, 2020 4649
Emerging Sand Fly--Borne Phlebovirus in China. Wang, Jing; Fu, Shihong; Xu, Ziqian; Cheng, Jingxia; Shi, Mang; Fan, Na; Song, Jingdong; Tian, Xiaod Oct 1, 2020 2306
Drug Resistance Spread in 6 Metropolitan Regions, Germany, 2001-2018. Stecher, Melanie; Chaillon, Antoine; Stephan, Christoph; Knops, Elena; Kohmer, Niko; Lehmann, Clara; Oct 1, 2020 3429
Retrospective Screening for SARS-CoV-2 RNA in California, USA, Late 2019. Hogan, Catherine A.; Garamani, Natasha; Sahoo, Malaya K.; Huang, ChunHong; Zehnder, James; Pinsky, B Oct 1, 2020 1264
Cultivable bacterial diversity associated with bromeliad roots from ironstone outcrops in central Brazil/Diversidade de bacterias cultivaveis associadas a raizes de bromelias de afloramentos ferruginosos do Brasil central. Viana, T.F.C.; Campelo, A.P.S.; Baldani, J.I.; Fernandes-Junior, P.I.; Baldani, V.L.D.; Silva, W.M.; Oct 1, 2020 5429
Morphological and DNA-based Classification of Cyathus sp. Isolates from Thailand (Basidiomycota, Nidulariaceae). Sutthisa, Waraporn; Sanoamuang, Niwat Sep 1, 2020 2767
Seasonal Variation of Culturable Benthic Soil Prokaryotic Microbiota as Potential Fish Pathogens and Probiotics from an Aquaculture Farm in East Kolkata Wetlands, India. De, Arijit; Mukherjee, Souryadeep; Sadhukhan, Gobinda Chandra; Saha, Nimai Chandra Sep 1, 2020 6664
The Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequence of the Speirantha gardenii: Comparative and Adaptive Evolutionary Analysis. Raman, Gurusamy; Park, Seonjoo Sep 1, 2020 8057
Genotyping-by-Sequencing to Unlock Genetic Diversity and Population Structure in White Yam (Dioscorea rotundata Poir.). Bhattacharjee, Ranjana; Agre, Paterne; Bauchet, Guillaume; De Koeyer, David; Lopez-Montes, Antonio; Sep 1, 2020 7235
Microsatellite Diversity and Phylogenetic Relationships among East Eurasian Bos taurus Breeds with an Emphasis on Rare and Ancient Local Cattle. Svishcheva, Gulnara; Babayan, Olga; Lkhasaranov, Bulat; Tsendsuren, Ariuntuul; Abdurasulov, Abdugani Report Sep 1, 2020 11592
A Genetic Window on Sardinian Native Horse Breeds through Uniparental Molecular Systems. Giontella, Andrea; Cardinali, Irene; Pieramati, Camillo; Cherchi, Raffaele Report Sep 1, 2020 4720
Circulation of Indigenous Bovine Respiratory Syncytial Virus Strains in Turkish Cattle: The First Isolation and Molecular Characterization. Yazici, Zafer; Ozan, Emre; Tamer, Cuneyt; Muftuoglu, Bahadir; Barry, Gerald; Kurucay, Hanne Nur; Elh Report Sep 1, 2020 5188
Candida auris Bloodstream Infections in Russia. Barantsevich, Natalia E.; Vetokhina, Antonina V.; Ayushinova, Natalia I.; Orlova, Olga E.; Barantsev Clinical report Sep 1, 2020 5320
Saprochaete clavata Outbreak Infecting Cancer Center through Dishwasher. Menu, Estelle; Criscuolo, Alexis; Desnos-Ollivier, Marie; Cassagne, Carole; D'Incan, Evelyne; Furst, Sep 1, 2020 4922
Human Borrelia miyamotoi Infection, Austria. Tobudic, Selma; Burgmann, Heinz; Stanek, Gerold; Winkler, Stefan; Schotta, Anna-Margarita; Obermulle Sep 1, 2020 1905
Immunological Effects of Autogenous Vaccine Administration in Cattle with Cutaneous Papillomatosis. Aydin, Hakan; Gelen, Volkan; Sengul, Emin; Yildirim, Serkan Sep 1, 2020 3295
Genotypic Variation in Trichomonas vaginalis Detected in South African Pregnant Women. Chetty, Rennisha; Mabaso, Nonkululeko; Abbai, Nathlee Medical condition overview Aug 31, 2020 6605
Protective Effect of Simplicillium sp. Ethyl Acetate Extract against High Glucose-Induced Oxidative Stress in HUVECs. Tian, Ting-Ting; Li, Qi-Rui; Gan, Shi-Quan; Chang, Chu-Rui; Shen, Xiang-Chun Aug 31, 2020 5741
Altered Gut Microbiota and Shift in Bacteroidetes between Young Obese and Normal-Weight Korean Children: A Cross-Sectional Observational Study. Shin, Saeam; Cho, Ky Young Report Aug 31, 2020 10698
Adaptive Evolution of Feline Coronavirus Genes Based on Selection Analysis. Xia, Hongyue; Li, Xibao; Zhao, Wenliang; Jia, Shuran; Zhang, Xiaoqing; Irwin, David M.; Zhang, Shuyi Report Aug 31, 2020 5566
Escherichia coli Producing Extended-Spectrum [beta]-lactamases (ESBL) from Domestic Camels in the Canary Islands: A One Health Approach. Carvalho, Isabel; Tejedor-Junco, Maria Teresa; Gonzalez-Martin, Margarita; Corbera, Juan Alberto; Si Report Aug 1, 2020 5025
Compositional and Functional Characteristics of Swine Slurry Microbes through 16S rRNA Metagenomic Sequencing Approach. Kumar, Himansu; Jang, Yu Na; Kim, Kwangmin; Park, Junhyung; Jung, Min Woong; Park, Jong-Eun Report Aug 1, 2020 6008
The Role of Innate Immune Response and Microbiome in Resilience of Dairy Cattle to Disease: The Mastitis Model. Bronzo, Valerio; Lopreiato, Vincenzo; Riva, Federica; Amadori, Massimo; Curone, Giulio; Addis, Maria Aug 1, 2020 12446
SARS-CoV-2 Phylogenetic Analysis, Lazio Region, Italy, February-March 2020. Bartolini, Barbara; Rueca, Martina; Gruber, Cesare Ernesto Maria; Messina, Francesco; Carletti, Fabr Aug 1, 2020 2289
Characterization and Comparative Analysis of Two Rheum Complete Chloroplast Genomes. Zhao, Kaihui; Li, Lianqiang; Lu, Yazhou; Yang, Junbo; Zhang, Zhirong; Zhao, Fangyu; Quan, Hong; Ma, Report Jul 31, 2020 5686
Transmission of HIV and HCV within Former Soviet Union Countries. Aibekova, Lazzat; Bexeitova, Aizada; Aldabergenova, Arailym; Hortelano, Gonzalo; Ge, Zhangwen; Yi, F Jul 31, 2020 5393
Molecular Characterization of Norovirus Strains Isolated from Older Children and Adults in Impoverished Communities of Vhembe District, South Africa. Mulondo, G.; Khumela, R.; Kabue, J.P.; Traore, A.N.; Potgieter, N. Jul 31, 2020 5503
Prevalence of Genotypes and Subtypes of Gardnerella vaginalis in South African Pregnant Women. Pillay, Kayla; Nzimande, Silondiwe; Naicker, Meleshni; Ramsuran, Veron; Tinarwo, Partson; Abbai, Nat Jul 31, 2020 5919
Molecular phylogeny of Kazimierzus Plisko, 2006 (Clitellata, Kazimierzidae) from the Western and Northern Cape Province inferred from mitochondrial DNA sequences. Nxele, Thembeka Clara; Plisko, Jadwiga Danuta; Mwabvu, Tarombera; Zishiri, Oliver Tendayi Report Jul 10, 2020 3813
Identification of Sarcocystis spp. in One-humped Camels (Camelus dromedarius) from Riyadh and Dammam, Saudi Arabia, via Histological and Phylogenetic Approaches. Metwally, Dina M.; Al-Otaibi, Tahani T.; Al-Turaiki, Isra M.; El-Khadragy, Manal F.; Alajmi, Reem A. Jul 1, 2020 5177
Phylogeography and Phylogenetic Evolution in Tibetan Sheep Based on MT-CYB Sequences. Liu, Jianbin; Lu, Zengkui; Yuan, Chao; Wang, Fan; Yang, Bohui Jul 1, 2020 7814
Molecular Characterization and Determination of Relative Cytokine Expression in Naturally Infected Day-Old Chicks with Chicken Astrovirus Associated to White Chick Syndrome. Nunez, Luis F. Naranjo; Santander-Parra, Silvana H.; Kyriakidis, Nicolaos C.; Astolfi-Ferreira, Clau Jul 1, 2020 10259
Tackling Intrinsic Antibiotic Resistance in Serratia marcescens with a Combination of Ampicillin/Sulbactam and Phage SALSA. Weber, Lorenz; Jansen, Mathias; Kruttgen, Alex; Buhl, Eva Miriam; Horz, Hans-Peter Jul 1, 2020 7460
Human Adenovirus Type 55 Distribution, Regional Persistence, and Genetic Variability. Hang, Jun; Kajon, Adriana E.; Graf, Paul C.F.; Berry, Irina Maljkovic; Yang, Yu; Sanborn, Mark A.; F Jul 1, 2020 6116
Genetic variation and DNA barcoding of the endangered agarwood-producing Aquilaria beccariana (Thymelaeaceae) populations from the Malesia Region/Malezya Bolgesinde nesli tkenmekte olan Aquilaria beccariana (Thymelaeaceae) poplasyonlarinin genetik varyasyonu ve DNA barkodu. Pern, Yu Cong; Lee, Shiou Yih; Kamarudin, Norizah; Mohamed, Rozi Report Jul 1, 2020 5818
Turkish Salix species: Molecular phylogeny and morphology/Trkiye Salix trleri: Molekler filogeni ve morfoloji. Acar, Pelin; Taskiran, Bircan; Degirmenci, Funda O.; Kaya, Zeki Report Jul 1, 2020 5796
Adaptive Molecular Evolution of AKT3 Gene for Positive Diversifying Selection in Mammals. Farmanullah; Hosseini, Seyed Mahdi; Liang, Aixin; Hua, Guohua; ur Rehman, Zia; Talpur, Hira Sajjad; Jun 30, 2020 7244
Cervical Dysplasia, Infection, and Phylogeny of Human Papillomavirus in HIV-Infected and HIV-Uninfected Women at a Reproductive Health Clinic in Nairobi, Kenya. Omire, Agnes; Budambula, Nancy L.M.; Kirumbi, Leah; Langat, Hillary; Kerosi, Danvas; Ochieng, Washin Jun 30, 2020 7269
Genome-Wide Analysis Reveals Genetic Potential for Aromatic Compounds Biodegradation of Sphingopyxis. Yang, Fei; Feng, Hai; Massey, Isaac Yaw; Huang, Feiyu; Guo, Jian; Zhang, Xian Jun 30, 2020 6189
Adaptation Evolution and Phylogenetic Analyses of Species in Chinese Allium Section Pallasia and Related Species Based on Complete Chloroplast Genome Sequences. Xie, Fu-Min; Xie, Deng-Feng; Xie, Chuan; Yu, Yan; Zhou, Song-Dong; He, Xing- Jin Jun 30, 2020 6572
Molecular Characterization and Functional Analysis of Wheat TtLOX Gene Involved in Aphid Resistance. Liu, Xinlun; Ma, Xiaolong; Kou, Xudan; Bai, Jinfeng; Zhang, Hong; Wang, Changyou; Wang, Yajuan; Zhao Jun 1, 2020 6720
Evaluation of the Chenopodium Ambrosioides Leaf Extract from Taif Region, Saudi Arabia on Antimicroorganisms and the Assessment of its Genetic Diversity using the RAMP Assay. Althobaiti, Fayez Report Jun 1, 2020 5827
Multimammate mice of the genus Mastomys (Rodentia: Muridae) in Ethiopia - diversity and distribution assessed by genetic approaches and environmental niche modelling. Martynov, Aleksey A.; Bryja, Josef; Meheretu, Yonas; Lavrenchenko, Leonid A. Report Jun 1, 2020 8196
Two new species of Crocidura (Mammalia: Soricidae) from Ethiopia and updates on the Ethiopian shrew fauna. Konecny, Adam; Hutterer, Rainer; Meheretu, Yonas; Bryja, Josef Jun 1, 2020 8387
The Gut of Healthy Infants in the Community as a Reservoir of ESBL and Carbapenemase-Producing Bacteria. Saleem, Ali F.; Allana, Ahreen; Hale, Lauren; Diaz, Alondra; Salinas, Raul; Salinas, Cristina; Qures Report Jun 1, 2020 5507
The Effects of Different Concentrate-to-Forage Ratio Diets on Rumen Bacterial Microbiota and the Structures of Holstein Cows during the Feeding Cycle. Wang, Lijun; Li, Yang; Zhang, Yonggen; Wang, Lihua Report Jun 1, 2020 8762
Detection and Characterization of Porcine Sapelovirus in Italian Pig Farms. Chelli, Eleonora; De Sabato, Luca; Vaccari, Gabriele; Ostanello, Fabio; Di Bartolo, Ilaria Report Jun 1, 2020 4322
Pathological and Molecular Characterization of H5 Avian Influenza Virus in Poultry Flocks from Egypt over a Ten-Year Period (2009-2019). Mosad, Samah Mosad; Gohary, Fatma A. El-; Ali, Hanaa Said; Sharkawy, Hanem El-; Elmahallawy, Ehab Ko Jun 1, 2020 7419
Activated L-Type Calcium Channels Inhibit Chemosensitized Nematocyst Discharge from Sea Anemone Tentacles. Thorington, G.L.Y.N.E.U.; Hessinger, D.A.V.I.D.A. Jun 1, 2020 7954
Resilience Capacity Assessment of the Traditional Lima Bean (Phaseolus lunatus L.) Landraces Facing Climate Change. Martinez-Nieto, Maria Isabel; Estrelles, Elena; Prieto-Mossi, Josefa; Rosello, Josep; Soriano, Pilar Jun 1, 2020 7458
Monitoring of genetically close Tsaiya duck populations using novel microsatellite markers with high polymorphism. Lai, Fang-Yu; Chang, Yi-Ying; Chen, Yi-Chen; Lin, En-Chung; Liu, Hsiu-Chou; Huang, Jeng-Fang; Ding, Jun 1, 2020 9263
Zoonotic Alphaviruses in Fatal and Neurologic Infections in Wildlife and Nonequine Domestic Animals, South Africa. Steyn, Jumari; Fourie, Isabel; Steyl, Johan; Williams, June; Stivaktas, Voula; Botha, Elizabeth; van Jun 1, 2020 6291
Origin of 3 Rabid Terrestrial Animals in Raccoon Rabies Virus-Free Zone, Long Island, New York, USA, 2016-2017. Brunt, Scott; Solomon, Heather; Leavitt, Hilaire; Lasek-Nesselquist, Erica; LaPierre, Pascal; Shudt, Jun 1, 2020 3069
Incursions of Candida auris into Australia, 2018. Lane, Courtney R.; Seemann, Torsten; Worth, Leon J.; Easton, Marion; Pitchers, William; Wong, Jenny; Jun 1, 2020 1580
Complete Chloroplast Genomes of 14 Mangroves: Phylogenetic and Comparative Genomic Analyses. Shi, Chengcheng; Han, Kai; Li, Liangwei; Seim, Inge; Lee, Simon Ming-Yuen; Xu, Xun; Yang, Huanming; May 31, 2020 7503
Candidatus Rickettsia xinyangensis as Cause of Spotted Fever Group Rickettsiosis, Xinyang, China, 2015. Li, Hao; Li, Xiao-Mei; Du, Juan; Zhang, Xiao-Ai; Cui, Ning; Yang, Zhen-Dong; Xue, Xiao-Jia; Zhang, P May 1, 2020 2350
Human Adenovirus 7d Strains Associated with Influenza-Like Illness, New York, USA, 2017-2019. Lamson, Daryl M.; Kajon, Adriana; Popowich, Michael; Fuschino, Meghan; George, Kirsten St. May 1, 2020 1493
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Identification and phylogenetic analysis of clade C Avipoxvirus in a fowlpox outbreak in exotic psittacines in southern Brazil. Brief article Mar 1, 2019 212
A New Species of Orthonectida That Parasitizes Xenoturbella bocki: Implications for Studies on Xenoturbella. Nakano, Hiroaki; Miyazawa, Hideyuki Report Feb 1, 2019 4475
Assessment of genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship of Limousin herds in Hungary using microsatellite markers. Szucs, Marton; Szabo, Ferenc; Ban, Beata; Jozsa, Csilla; Rozsa, Laszlo; Zsolnai, Attila; Anton, Istv Report Feb 1, 2019 3646
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Enhanced shoot investment makes invasive plants exhibit growth advantages in high nitrogen conditions/O investimento de tiro aumentado faz plantas invasivas exposicao de vantagens de crescimento em altas condicoes de nitrogeno. Liu, X.A.; Peng, Y.; Li, J.J.; Peng, P.H. Feb 1, 2019 4966
East/Central/South African Genotype in a Chikungunya Outbreak, Dhaka, Bangladesh, 2017. Rahman, Mizanur; Yamagishi, Junya; Rahim, Rummana; Hasan, Abu; Sobhan, Abu Feb 1, 2019 1297
Identification of Potential Lead Molecules for Zika Envelope Protein from In Silico Perspective. Chellasamy, Selvaa Kumar; Devarajan, Shine Report Jan 1, 2019 4179
Multiple Introductions of Domestic Cat Feline Leukemia Virus in Endangered Florida Panthers. Chiu, Elliott S.; Kraberger, Simona; Cunningham, Mark; Cusack, Lara; Roelke, Melody; VandeWoude, Sue Jan 1, 2019 6456
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Puumala Hantavirus Genotypes in Humans, France, 2012-20l6. Reynes, Jean-Marc; Carli, Damien; Thomas, Damien; Castel, Guillaume Jan 1, 2019 2158
Identification of Lonepinella sp. in Koala Bite Wound Infections, Queensland, Australia. Sinclair, Holly Angela; Chapman, Paul; Omaleki, Lida; Bergh, Haakon; Turni, Conny; Blackall, Patrick Jan 1, 2019 2468
Phylogeographic Analysis of African Swine Fever Virus, Western Europe, 2018. Garigliany, Mutien; Desmecht, Daniel; Tignon, Marylene; Cassart, Dominique; Lesenfant, Christophe; P Jan 1, 2019 999
Genetic diversity and phylogenetic relationship analyzed by microsatellite markers in eight Indonesian local duck populations. Hariyono, Dwi Nur Happy; Maharani, Dyah; Cho, Sunghyun; Manjula, Prabuddha; Seo, Dongwon; Choi, Nuri Report Jan 1, 2019 4381
SECUENCIA COMPLETA DEL GENOMA DE UN VIRUS BRASSICA YELLOWS INFECTANDO A Nicotiana tabacum. Tang, QingFeng; Wang, HaoJun; Yang, TianSheng; Zhou, BenGuo; Zhang, LiNa; Wang, Jian; Wang, Fang Jan 1, 2019 3379
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Comparative Mitogenomic and Phylogentic Analyses of a Schizothoracine Fish, Gymnodiptychus dybowskii from Two Water Systems in Xinjiang. Meng, Wei; Yang, Tianyan; Liu, Yunguo; Halik, Mahmut; Gao, Tianxiang Case study Dec 31, 2018 5338
Complete Mitochondrial Genome of Three Species (Perciformes, Amblyopinae): Genome Description and Phylogenetic Relationships. Liu, Zisha; Song, Na; Yanagimoto, Takashi; Han, Zhiqiang; Shui, Bonian; Gao, Tianxiang Report Dec 31, 2018 5731
Morpho-genetic profiling and phylogenetic relationship of guava (Psidium guajava l.) as genetic resources in Pakistan/Caracterizacao morfo-genetico e relacao filogenetica de goiaba (Psidium guajava l.) como recursos geneticos no Paquistao. Kareem, Abdul; Jaskani, Muhammad Jafar; Mehmood, Asim; Khan, Iqrar Ahmad; Awan, Faisal Saeed; Sajid, Dec 1, 2018 4286
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Unusual case of father-to-son HIV transmission reported. Nov 1, 2018 288
Metarhizium baoshanense sp. nov., a New Entomopathogen Fungus from Southwestern China. Chen, Zihong; Xu, Ling; Yang, Xiaona; Zhang, Yaguan; Yang, Yuming Report Oct 31, 2018 4538
Molecular Characterization and Phylogenetic Analysis of Fowl Adenoviruses Isolated from Commercial Poultry Flocks in Pakistan during 2014-15. Wajid, Abdul; Basharat, Asma; Shahid, Muhammad Akbar; Muntaha, Sidra Tul; Basit, Abdul; Hussain, Tan Report Oct 31, 2018 5237
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An Insight into the Celluloytic Potential of Three Strains of Bacillus Spp. Isolated from Benthic Soil of Aquaculture Farms in East Kolkata Wetlands, India. De, Arijit; Mukherjee, Souryadeep; Sadhukhan, Gobinda Chandra; Saha, Nimai Chandra Report Sep 1, 2018 4632
Molecular Characterization of Myiasis-Causing Moth Flies (Diptera: Psychodidae)/Myiasis Nedeni Guve Sineklerinin (Diptera: Psychodidae) Molekuler Karakterizasyonu. Onder, Zuhal; Inci, Abdullah; Yildirim, Alparslan; Ciloglu, Arif; Duzlu, Onder Report Sep 1, 2018 3844
A Technology of Aesthetic Appreciation: Tweaking the Reinforcing Potency of Synergetic Events. Mellon, Robert C. Critical essay Sep 1, 2018 2318
Capacidad celulolitica de una cepa prometedora de Irpex lacteus (Basidiomycota: Polyporales) de la selva subtropical de la provincia de Misiones, Argentina. Giorgio, Ernesto Martin; Lidia Villalba, Laura; Lucio Robledo, Gerardo; Dario Zapata, Pedro; Nazaren Sep 1, 2018 5727
Evolution of Stem and Leaf Structural Diversity: a Case Study in Lychnophorinae (Asteraceae). Lusa, Makeli Garibotti; Loeuille, Benoit Francis Patrice; Ciccarelli, Daniela; Appezzato-da-Gloria, Case study Sep 1, 2018 13019
Co-Circulation of 4 Dengue Virus Serotypes among Travelers Entering China from Myanmar, 2017. Wang, Binghui; Liang, Yuebo; Yang, Shuting; Du, Yirong; Xiong, Li-Na; Zhao, Ting; Yang, Fang; Qin, W Sep 1, 2018 1457
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Phylogenetic Study of Dioecious and Parthenogenetic Populations of Canthocamptus staphylinus (Crustacea, Copepoda, Harpacticoida). Kochanova, Elena; Sarvala, Jouko; Fefilova, Elena Report Aug 1, 2018 5388
Molecular characterization and expression of a disintegrin and metalloproteinase with thrombospondin motifs 8 in chicken. Lee, Ra Ham; Lee, Seokhyun; Kim, Yu Ra; Kim, Sung-Jo; Lee, Hak-Kyo; Song, Ki-Duk Report Aug 1, 2018 3196
Novel Enterobacter Lineage as Leading Cause of Nosocomial Outbreak Involving Carbapenemase-Producing Strains. Beyrouthy, Racha; Barets, Marion; Marion, Elodie; Dananche, Cedric; Dauwalder, Olivier; Robin, Frede Aug 1, 2018 7784
Phylogeny of Yellow Fever Virus, Uganda, 2016. Hughes, Holly R.; Kayiwa, John; Mossel, Eric C.; Lutwama, Julius; Staples, J. Erin; Lambert, Amy J. Aug 1, 2018 1277
Geographically Diverse Clusters of Nontoxigenic Corynebacterium diphtheriae Infection, Germany, 2016-2017. Dangel, Alexandra; Berger, Anja; Konrad, Regina; Bischoff, Heribert; Sing, Andreas Jul 1, 2018 5133
Late or Lack of Vaccination Linked to Importation of Yellow Fever from Angola to China. Song, Rui; Guan, Shengcan; Lee, Shui Shan; Chen, Zhihai; Chen, Chen; Han, Lifen; Xu, Yanli; Li, Ang; Jul 1, 2018 1516
Occupation-Associated Fatal Limbic Encephalitis Caused by Variegated Squirrel Bornavirus 1, Germany, 2013. Tappe, Dennis; Schlottau, Kore; Cadar, Daniel; Hoffmann, Bernd; Balke, Lorenz; Bewig, Burkhard; Hoff Jun 1, 2018 6168
Foot-and-Mouth Disease in the Middle East Caused by an A/ASIA/G-VII Virus Lineage, 2015-2016. Bachanek-Bankowska, Katarzyna; Nardo, Antonello Di; Wadsworth, Jemma; Henry, Elisabeth K.M.; Parlak, Jun 1, 2018 3502
Phylogenetic Analyses of Cretaceous Fossils Related to Chloranthaceae and their Evolutionary Implications. Doyle, James A.; Endress, Peter K. Report Jun 1, 2018 20986
Molecular Identification and Phylogenetic Analysis of Multidrug-resistant Bacteria using 16S rDNA Sequencing. Alsanie, Walaa F.; Felemban, Ebaa M.; Farid, Mona A.; Hassan, Mohamed M.; Sabry, Ayman; Gaber, Ahmed Report Jun 1, 2018 3641
Epidemic Dynamics of Vibrio parahaemolyticus Illness in a Hotspot of Disease Emergence, Galicia, Spain. Martinez-Urtaza, Jaime; Trinanes, Joaquin; Abanto, Michel; Lozano-Leon, Antonio; Llovo-Taboada, Jose May 1, 2018 4993
Rickettsia asembonensis Characterization by Multilocus Sequence Typing of Complete Genes, Peru. Loyola, Steev; Flores-Mendoza, Carmen; Torre, Armando; Kocher, Claudine; Melendrez, Melanie; Luce- F May 1, 2018 1686
Isolation of Oropouche Virus from Febrile Patient, Ecuador. Wise, Emma L.; Pullan, Steven T.; Marquez, Sully; Paz, Veronica; Mosquera, Juan D.; Zapata, Sonia; J May 1, 2018 1406
Lack of correlation between micro fungi species and chemical control method of Atta treated with toxic baits/Ausencia de correlato entre especies de microfungos e metodo de controle quimico de Atta tratadas com iscas toxicas. Barbosa, Marcilio Souza; Barbosa, Suzanne Nunes; Nagamoto, Nilson Satoru; Forti, Luiz Carlos; Almeid May 1, 2018 2860
Morphology of setae on the coxae and trochanters of theraphosine spiders (Mygalomorphae: Theraphosidae). Lima, Arthur Galleti; Guadanucci, Jose Paulo Leite Report May 1, 2018 6669
Systematics of the spiny trapdoor spider genus Bungulla (Mygalomorphae: Idiopidae): revealing a remarkable radiation of mygalomorph spiders from the Western Australian arid zone. Rix, Michael G.; Raven, Robert J.; Austin, Andrew D.; Cooper, Steven J. B.; Harvey, Mark S. Report May 1, 2018 31043
Molecular cloning and expression analysis of annexin A2 gene in sika deer antler tip. Xia, Yanling; Qu, Haomiao; Lu, Binshan; Zhang, Qiang; Li, Heping Report Apr 1, 2018 2661
Emerging Coxsackievirus A6 Causing Hand, Foot and Mouth Disease, Vietnam. Anh, Nguyen To; Nhu, Le Nguyen Truc; Van, Hoang Minh Tu; Hong, Nguyen Thi Thu; Thanh, Tran Tan; Hang Apr 1, 2018 5443
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Novel Highly Pathogenic Avian Influenza A(H5N6) Virus in the Netherlands, December 2017. Beerens, Nancy; Koch, Guus; Heutink, Rene; Harders, Frank; Vries, D.P. Edwin; Ho, Cynthia; Bossers, Apr 1, 2018 2713
Candida auris Infection Leading to Nosocomial Transmission, Israel, 2017. Belkin, Ana; Gazit, Zeala; Keller, Nathan; Ben-Ami, Ronen; Wieder-Finesod, Anat; Novikov, Ana; Rahav Apr 1, 2018 1527
Comparative Flower and Inflorescence Organogenesis among Genera of Betulaceae: Implications for Phylogenetic Relationships. Zhu, Junyi; Zhang, Lifan; Ren, Baoqing; Chen, Min; Li, Ruiqi; Zhou, You; Liang, Yu; Li, Jianhua; Che Report Mar 1, 2018 8451
Detection, ultrastructure and phylogeny of Sclerorhabditis neotropicalis (Nematoda: Rhabditidae) nematodes associated with the Azteca ant-Cecropia tree symbiosis. Morera, Jessica; Mora-Pineda, Geovanny; Esquivel, Alejandro; Hanson, Paul; Pinto-Tomas, Adrian A. Mar 1, 2018 5729
Comparative Analysis of Retinal Ganglion Cell Topography and Behavioral Ecology in Australian Marsupials/Analisis Comparativo de la Topografia de las Celulas Ganglionares de la Retina y Ecologia del Comportamiento en Marsupiales Australianos. Navarro-Sempere, A.; Segovia Y.; Garcia M. Mar 1, 2018 6640
Borrelia miyamotoi Infections in Humans and Ticks, Northeastern China. Jiang, Bao-Gui; Jia, Na; Jiang, Jia-Fu; Zheng, Yuan-Chun; Chu, Yan-Li; Jiang, Rui-Ruo; Wang, Ya-Wei; Feb 1, 2018 4050
Phylogeny of the genus Stephomyia Tavares, 1916 (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae)/Filogenia do genero Stephomyia Tavares, 1916 (Diptera: Cecidomyiidae). Maia, V.C.; Barbosa, L.S. Report Feb 1, 2018 4863
Colonic Mucosal Microbiota in Colorectal Cancer: A Single-Center Metagenomic Study in Saudi Arabia. Alomair, Ahmed O.; Masoodi, Ibrahim; Alyamani, Essam J.; Allehibi, Abed A.; Qutub, Adel N.; Alsayari Report Jan 1, 2018 4823
Phylogeny of Ten Kenyan Plectranthus Species in the Coleus Clade Inferred from Leaf Micromorphology, Rbcl and MatK Genes. Musila, Fredrick M.; Lukhoba, Catherine W.; Nguta, Joseph M.; Dossaji, Saifuddin F. Report Jan 1, 2018 10177
Geogenomic Segregation and Temporal Trends of Human Pathogenic Escherichia coli O157:H7, Washington, USA, 2005-2014. Tarr, Gillian A.M.; Shringi, Smriti; Phipps, Amanda I.; Besser, Thomas E.; Mayer, Jonathan; Oltean, Jan 1, 2018 6147
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Ocular Vaccinia Infection in Dairy Worker, Brazil. Lima, Mauricio Teixeira; Oliveira, Graziele Pereira; Assis, Felipe Lopes; de Oliveira, Danilo Bretas Jan 1, 2018 1385
Genome-Wide Identification, Phylogeny, and Expression Analysis of ARF Genes Involved in Vegetative Organs Development in Switchgrass. Wang, Jianli; Wu, Zhenying; Shen, Zhongbao; Bai, Zetao; Zhong, Peng; Ma, Lichao; Pan, Duofeng; Zhang Jan 1, 2018 7806
Cryptic Diversity in the Neotropical Gecko Genus Phyllopezus Peters, 1878 (Reptilia: Squamata: Phyllodactylidae): A New Species from Paraguay. Cacciali, Pier; Lotzkat, Sebastian; Gamble, Tony; Kohler, Gunther Jan 1, 2018 8415
Classification of Complete Proteomes of Different Organisms and Protein Sets Based on Their Protein Distributions in Terms of Some Key Attributes of Proteins. Guo, Hao-Bo; Ma, Yue; Tuskan, Gerald A.; Yang, Xiaohan; Guo, Hong Jan 1, 2018 8301
De Novo Sequencing of a Sparassis latifolia Genome and Its Associated Comparative Analyses. Xiao, Donglai; Ma, Lu; Yang, Chi; Ying, Zhenghe; Jiang, Xiaoling; Lin, Yan-Quan Jan 1, 2018 7504
Pathogenicity and Whole Genome Sequence Analysis of a Pseudorabies Virus Strain FJ-2012 Isolated from Fujian, Southern China. Wu, Xue-Min; Chen, Qiu-Yong; Chen, Ru-Jing; Che, Yong-liang; Wang, Long-Bai; Wang, Chen-Yan; Yan, Sh Jan 1, 2018 4675
Composition Analysis and Feature Selection of the Oral Microbiota Associated with Periodontal Disease. Chen, Wen-Pei; Chang, Shih-Hao; Tang, Chuan-Yi; Liou, Ming-Li; Tsai, Suh-Jen Jane; Lin, Yaw-Ling Jan 1, 2018 7936

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