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R&d For A Gnss Dual Frequency Multipath Model For Aviation. Sep 21, 2017 105
Support To The Evaluation Of The Drug Precursors Regulations. Aug 12, 2017 150
Evaluation Of Higher Education Entrepreneurship Programmes. Aug 5, 2017 152
Mapping And Assessment Of Developments For One Of The Sectoral Professions Under Directive 2005/36/ec Of The European Parliament And Of The Council Nurse Responsible For General Care. Jul 28, 2017 137
The marketing-entrepreneurship paradox: a frequency-domain analysis. Nikolic, Slavka T.; Gradojevic, Nikola; Dakovic, Vladimir; Mladenovic, Valentina; Stankovic, Jelena Report Jul 1, 2017 5536
2016 startup activity. Brief article May 22, 2017 172
Venture labor, media work, and the communicative construction of economic value: Agendas for the field and critical commentary: the culture of continuous labor. Banet-Weiser, Sarah Discussion May 1, 2017 914
Suppliers For Setting Up Of Reverse Osmosis Plant For Its Model Village. Apr 11, 2017 102
Sustainability among Msme Entrepreneurs towards globalisation. Vinayachandran, Widhya; Ambily, A.S. Apr 1, 2017 4632
Inclusive capitalism and development: case studies of telecenters fostering inclusion through ICTs in Bangladesh. Rashid, Ahmed Tareq Case study Mar 22, 2017 8667
Public policies, gender and entrepreneurship: an analysis of the Programa Trabalho e Empreendedorismo da Mulher in the state of Pernambuco/Politicas publicas, genero e empreendedorismo: uma analise do programa nacional trabalho e empreendedorismo da mulher em pernambuco. Carvalho, Gessika Cecilia Jan 1, 2017 4995
Informal micro-entrepreneur: determining the fiscal evasion in social security/Microempresario informal: determinantes da evasao fiscal na previdencia social. de Vasconcelos, Kelly Sama Lopes; Ferreira, Monaliza de Oliveira; Nobrega, Cassio da Besarria Jan 1, 2017 9345
Metodologia para el analisis de problemas y limitaciones en emprendimientos universitarios. Nikulin Chandia, Christopher; Viveros Gunckel, Pablo; Dorochesi Fernandois, Mario; Crespo Marquez, A Report Jan 1, 2017 9090
Exporing business management obscurities encountered by female entrepreenuers in Nigeria: Prospecting an agenda for social change. Akanji, Babatunde Report Dec 1, 2016 5630
The crossroads of social entrepreneurship, community engagement, and learning communities. Perry, Lane; Lahm, Robert J., Jr.; Schauer, Annika; Rumble, Zachary Report Dec 1, 2016 6385
Crossing boundaries and redefining roles: humanists as academic entrepreneurs. Ray, Anirban; Reilly, Colleen; Tirrell, Jeremy Report Dec 1, 2016 6814
Corruption, turnaround, and economic growth: recovering the societal infrastructure of entrepreneurship. Andrews, William A. Report Dec 1, 2016 6574
Religious entrepreneurship: when Weber joins the Granovetter/Empreendedorismo religioso: quando Weber se associa a Granovetter. Correa, Victor Silva; Vale, Glaucia Maria Vasconcellos; Cruz, Marina Almeida Dec 1, 2016 7491
From the editors. Klincewicz, Krzysztof; Ujwary-Gil, Anna Editorial Oct 1, 2016 670
Strategic management of agribusiness: Determinants and trends. Chen, Chao-Chien; Yueh, Hsiu-Ping; Liang, Chaoyun Abstract Oct 1, 2016 10411
Leveraging economy through MSMEs: Recent trends and challenges of women's entrepreneurship in South India. M, Nisha K.; Khan, Mohd Asif Abstract Oct 1, 2016 8023
EntreLab: The Entrepreneurial Laboratory for teachers training. A Capability Approach for Entrepreneurship Education in Vocational education. Sep 26, 2016 347
Framework Contract For Dedicated Economic Studies And Analysis Related To Impact Assessments And Evaluations. Sep 18, 2016 105
Drafts and projects from the entrepreneurial society: connectionist world, sociability and consumption/Esbocos e projetos da sociedade empreendedora: mundo conexionista, sociabilidade e consumo. Casaqui, Vander Report Sep 1, 2016 6230
Research on the implementation strategy and the comprehensive fuzzy evaluation model of entrepreneurship education for college students. Li, Cun; Xie, Jiaqi Sep 1, 2016 3104
Entrepreneurial potential and success in business: a study on elements of convergence and explanation/O potencial empreendedor e o sucesso empresarial: um estudo sobre elementos de convergencia e explicacao/El potencial emprendedor y el exito empresarial: un estudio sobre elementos de convergencia y de explicacion. De Souza, Gustavo Henrique Silva; Dos Santos, Paulo Da Cruz Freire; Lima, Nilton Cesar; Da Cruz, Nic Report Sep 1, 2016 9024
Economic And Legal Analysis Of The Factors Leading To A Low Rate Of Publication Of Public Procurement Opportunities In Germany. Aug 24, 2016 131
Support To The Evaluation Of Regulation (ec) No 648/2004 Of The European Parliament And Of The Council (detergents Regulation). Aug 12, 2016 122
DIY kind of guy: Elite Daily co-founder and serial investor Gerard Adams mentors others to build a legacy on their own. Meis, Cecilia Aug 1, 2016 1627
Egnos Maritime Safety Service Analysis. Jul 29, 2016 103
Approach for evaluation of PBTs subject to authorisation and restriction procedures in context of socio-economic analysis. Jul 14, 2016 116
Promotional campaigns - information in social media and analysis of its effectiveness. Jul 9, 2016 237
Chinese women ethnopreneurs in Southeast Asia: two case studies. Hau, Caroline S. Jul 1, 2016 11376
The role of creativity in mediating the relationship between entrepreneurial passion and entrepreneurial alertness. Campos, Hector Montiel Jul 1, 2016 7709
From the editors. Predkiewicz, Katarzyna; Kalinowska-Beszczynska, Olga; Karsai, Judit Editorial Jul 1, 2016 964
Philippines : Surigao Norte women entrepreneurs undergo greening gender responsive value chain analysis project 2. Jun 29, 2016 292
Entrepreneurial affect: attachment to work practice in San Francisco's digital media sector. Cockayne, Daniel G. Report Jun 1, 2016 10453
Model APEC - Promoting APEC Youth Leadership and Entrepreneurship. May 31, 2016 530
An international study of the factors explaining high-growth expectation in new ventures: a gender perspective. Arroyo, Matilde Ruiz; Fuentes, Maria del Mar Fuentes; Jimenez, Jenny Maria Ruiz Ensayo Apr 1, 2016 8877
The identification and exploitation of entrepreneurial opportunity based on the model of organizational learning 4i/O processo de identificacao e exploracao de oportunidade empreendedora com base no modelo de aprendizagem organizacional 4i. Albuquerque, Adson da Rocha Pita; Teixeira, Rivanda Meira Apr 1, 2016 7168
From the editors. Ujwary-Gil, Anna; Klincewicz, Krzysztof Editorial Apr 1, 2016 669
The desire that propels entrepreneurial intentions. Riquelme, Hernan E.; Al Lanqawi, Abdullah Abstract Apr 1, 2016 10446
Influence of creativity and social capital on the entrepreneurial intention of tourism students. Chia, Chien-Ching; Liang, Chaoyun Abstract Apr 1, 2016 6970
Jack Soper: a pioneer in economic education. Clark, J.R.; Hall, Joshua C.; Harrison, Ashley S. Mar 22, 2016 2663
Design and Implementation a Technology Park model for Uruguays Technological U. Mar 18, 2016 130
A careers perspective on entrepreneurship. Burton, M. Diane; Sorensen, Jesper B.; Dobrev, Stanislav D. Mar 1, 2016 5284
Entrepreneurship and financial incentives of return, risk, and skew. Berkhout, Peter; Hartog, Joop; van Praag, Mirjam Mar 1, 2016 11481
Passing up the job: the role of gendered organizations and families in the entrepreneurial career process. Thebaud, Sarah Mar 1, 2016 9426
Skill balance and entrepreneurship evidence from online career histories. Chen, Li-Wei; Thompson, Peter Mar 1, 2016 7909
Do the self-employed more likely emerge from sequential or parallel work experience in business-related functions? Hsieh, Chihmao Mar 1, 2016 14093
Roads leading to self-employment: comparing transgenerational entrepreneurs and self-made start-ups. Blumberg, Boris F.; Pfann, Gerard A. Mar 1, 2016 10414
Mobility and entrepreneurship: evaluating the scope of knowledge-based theories of entrepreneurship. Frederiksenm, Lars; Wennberg, Karl; Balachandran, Chanchal Mar 1, 2016 11799
Invention quality and entrepreneurial earnings: the role of prior employment variety. Astebro, Thomas; Yong, Kevyn Mar 1, 2016 10362
Individual entrepreneurial exit and earnings in subsequent paid employment. Luzzi, Alessandra; Sasson, Amir Mar 1, 2016 10146
Bids Invited for Capacity Assessment of NGOs for mobilization of women for skill development and entrepreneurship opportunities funded by United Nations Development Programme (UNDP),. Feb 27, 2016 121
Preparation of detailed project report (including all type of structural design and drawing), financial analysis, analysis of expression of interest of entrepreneurs, selection of construction agency,. Jan 18, 2016 123
Preparation of detailed project report including all type of structural design and drawing, financial analysis, analysis of expression of interest of entrepreneurs, selection of construction agency, s. Jan 14, 2016 182
The next degree of entrepreneurship? South African universities turn to entrepreneurship to solve employment issues. Jackson, Tom Statistical data Jan 1, 2016 1016
Characteristic features of project management in small and medium-sized enterprises. Kozlowski, Remigiusz; Matejun, Marek Abstract Jan 1, 2016 8801
Entrepreneurial university: a model of higher education institution. Dinescu, Raluca Report Jan 1, 2016 5088
A mixed blessing: resilience in the entrepreneurial socio-technical system of Bitcoin. Morisse, Marcel; Ingram, Claire Report Jan 1, 2016 11505
Positive stress and reflective practice among entrepreneurs. Tikkamaki, Kati; Heikkila, Paivi; Ainasoja, Mari Abstract Jan 1, 2016 7373
Research on the dark side of personality traits in entrepreneurship: observations from an organizational behavior perspective. Klotz, Anthony C.; Neubaum, Donald O. Jan 1, 2016 5013
Response to "research on the dark side of personality traits in entrepreneurship: observations from an organizational behavior perspective". Miller, Danny Jan 1, 2016 2568
Venture capital contracting in theory and practice: implications for entrepreneurship research. Burchardt, Jens; Hommel, Ulrich; Kamuriwo, Dzidziso Samuel; Billitteri, Carolina Jan 1, 2016 12648
Living the dream? Assessing the "entrepreneurship as emancipation" perspective in a developed region. Jennings, Jennifer E.; Jennings, P. Devereaux; Sharifian, Manely Jan 1, 2016 15720
The context of social capital: a comparison of rural and urban entrepreneurs in Uganda. Rooks, Gerrit; Klyver, Kim; Sserwanga, Arthur Jan 1, 2016 10317
Organizational entrepreneurship as active resistance: a struggle against outsourcing. Courpasson, David; Dany, Francoise; Marti, Ignasi Jan 1, 2016 16491
Informal entrepreneurship and industry conditions. Siqueira, Ana Cristina O.; Webb, Justin W.; Bruton, Garry D. Jan 1, 2016 11918
Spinning them off: entrepreneuring practices in corporate spin-offs. Hydle, Katja Maria; Meland, Kjersti Vikse Abstract Jan 1, 2016 6218
Evaluating World Bank Support Structures and Entrepreneurship Development initiatives in Kandahar and Helmand Province of Afghanistan. Takrim, Kausar; Hayat, Umar; Amin, Suleman Dec 31, 2015 2709
The Austrian business cycle theory: a defense of its general validity. Macovei, Mihai Dec 22, 2015 9615
Water privatization, ethnicity and rent-seeking: preliminary evidence from Malaysia. Tan, Jeff Report Dec 1, 2015 8636
Governance challenges in family businesses and business families. Steier, Lloyd P.; Chrisman, James J.; Chua, Jess H. Report Nov 1, 2015 7771
Family, wealth, and governance: an agency account. Zellweger, Thomas; Kammerlander, Nadine Report Nov 1, 2015 11950
Where are the women entrepreneurs? Business ownership growth by gender across the American urban landscape. Conroy, Tessa; Weiler, Stephan Abstract Oct 1, 2015 13617
The process of the growth of small and medium-sized enterprises (SMEs). Gancarczyk, Marta; Zabala-Iturriagagoitia, Jon Mikel Editorial Oct 1, 2015 8433
Entrepreneurial growth aspirations and familiarity with economic development organizations: evidence from Canadian firms. Dossou-Yovo, Angelo Oct 1, 2015 8417
A critique of Mazzucato's Entrepreneurial State. Mingardi, Alberto Critical essay Sep 22, 2015 7973
Design and implementation of impact evaluations in the areas of CTI & entrepreneurship. Sep 19, 2015 152
Some further thoughts on the entrepreneurial personality. DeNisi, Angelo S. Report Sep 1, 2015 3399
Founding a business inspired by close entrepreneurial ties: does it matter for survival? de Jong, Jeroen P.J.; Marsili, Orietta Report Sep 1, 2015 10497
Entrepreneurial passion as mediator of the self-efficacy to persistence relationship. Cardon, Melissa S.; Kirk, Colleen P. Report Sep 1, 2015 11853
SME entrepreneurial orientation, international performance, and the moderating role of strategic alliances. Brouthers, Keith D.; Nakos, George; Dimitratos, Pavlos Report Sep 1, 2015 13834
International analysis of venture capital programs of large corporations and financial institutions. Gbadji, Luc Armel G. Da; Gailly, Benoit; Schwienbacher, Armin Report Sep 1, 2015 17366
Bio3 research: an entrepreneurial process in the market for patents. D'Angelo, Alfredo; Benassi, Mario Report Sep 1, 2015 7783
IoBM stresses on entrepreneurial approach to diffuse energy crisis. Brief article Aug 23, 2015 205
Purchase of computer equipment for the project no. wnd-rppd.01.01.00-20-015 / 12, fri. testing the effectiveness of active and passive methods to improve energy efficiency infrastructure using renewab. Aug 21, 2015 239
What characteristic does every leader need? Jimenez, Jesus Discussion Aug 1, 2015 553
Plenty of room available in cyber entrepreneurship: Ali Qamar. Interview Jul 19, 2015 2207
Young entrepreneurs can accelerate Pakistan: Abrar Ahmed. Interview Jul 5, 2015 1428
Why all researchers should report effect sizes and their confidence intervals: paving the way for meta-analysis and evidence-based management practices. Schwab, Andreas Report Jul 1, 2015 2528
Internal corporate venture operations independence and performance: a knowledge-based perspective. Garrett, Robert P., Jr.; Covin, Jeffrey G. Report Jul 1, 2015 14133
Incubation or induction? Gendered identity work in the context of technology business incubation. Marlow, Susan; McAdam, Maura Report Jul 1, 2015 13768
Should small, young technology-based firms internalize transactions in their internationalization? Li, Lee; Qian, Gongming; Qian, Zhengming Report Jul 1, 2015 12738
The RICH entrepreneur: using conservation of resources theory in contexts of uncertainty. Lanivich, Stephen E. Report Jul 1, 2015 15021
Women entrepreneurs in India--over the years! Lal, Anita Tripathy Report Jul 1, 2015 5685
From the editors. Klincewicz, Krzysztof; Ujwary-Gil, Anna Editorial Jul 1, 2015 640
Do all roads lead to Rome? The effect of the decision-making logic on business model change. Torkkeli, Lasse; Salojarvi, Hanna; Sainio, Liisa-Maija; Saarenketo, Sami Report Jul 1, 2015 7179
Farm entrepreneurs' intentions to develop pluriactive business activities in Finland. Niemela, Tarja Report Jul 1, 2015 9177
Riaz unearths cyber entrepreneurship saga. Interview Jun 28, 2015 1188
Entrepreneurial intentions of male and female university students. Palmer, John; Griswold, Melissa; Eidson, Vicky; Wiewel, Pamela Report Jun 22, 2015 5500
INTENT: Rapid internationalization of Small-Medium Enterprises: unanticipated evolution from local-oriented to effective international players. Jun 15, 2015 340
Adam Dawood gleams Interview Jun 7, 2015 1268
Imprints of e-commerce on traditional business evident. Interview Jun 7, 2015 1138
Teach a person to fish: an organization fosters entrepreneurship in West Africa. Chang, Jennifer Jun 1, 2015 941
Junaid optimistic about cyber entrepreneurship future in Pakistan. Interview May 31, 2015 1640
Entrepreneurship ecosystem is nurturing in Pakistan: Rizwan Ali. Interview May 31, 2015 1036
Shumaila wits boundless cyber entrepreneurship opportunities in Pakistan. Interview May 24, 2015 1149
Illustrious future of cyber entrepreneurship is Pakistan`s destiny: Kashir Raheel. Interview May 24, 2015 933
Bifurcating time: how entrepreneurs reconcile the paradoxical demands of the job. Miller, Danny; Sardais, Cyrille May 1, 2015 12395
Networks, spheres of influence and the mediation of opportunity: the case of West African trade agents in China. Marfaing, Laurence; Thiel, Alena Report May 1, 2015 7687
Taxes and entrepreneurship in OECD countries. Baliamoune-Lutz, Mina Apr 1, 2015 8177
Interaction of psychological factors in shaping entrepreneurial intention among computer and electrical engineering students. Liang, Chao-Tung; Lee, Jia-Ling; Liang, Chaoyun Apr 1, 2015 6885
The mediating effect of self-efficacy on the relationship between entrepreneurship education and entrepreneurial intentions of university students. Oyugi, Jacob L. Apr 1, 2015 8349
Access to business development support services and performance of youth-owned enterprises in Tanzania. Mori, Neema Apr 1, 2015 9417
Money cares. Institutional entrepreneurship in the Finnish social services sector. Merenheimo, Petra Apr 1, 2015 8138
Entrepreneurship processes and small farms achievements: empirical analysis of linkage. Apata, Temidayo Gabriel Apr 1, 2015 8069
Entrepreneurship: a microenterprise perspective. Ahmad, Moid U. Report Apr 1, 2015 6652
Formation of entrepreneurial career intentions: the role of sociocognitive factors. Buttar, Haroon Muzaffar Report Mar 1, 2015 7649
Rising from the ashes: cognitive determinants of venture growth after entrepreneurial failure. Yamakawa, Yasuhiro; Peng, Mike W.; Deeds, David L. Mar 1, 2015 13329
The impact of home country institutions on corporate technological entrepreneurship via R&D investments and virtual world presence. Judge, William Q.; Liu-Thompkins, Yuping; Brown, J. Lee; Pongpatipat, Chatdanai Mar 1, 2015 14334
An investigation of marketing capabilities and social enterprise performance in the UK and Japan. Liu, Gordon; Eng, Teck-Yong; Takeda, Sachiko Mar 1, 2015 16258
Family ties in entrepreneurs' social networks and new venture growth. Arregle, Jean-Luc; Batjargal, Bat; Hitt, Michael A.; Webb, Justin W.; Miller, Toyah; Tsui, Anne S. Mar 1, 2015 16391
The role of agents in private entrepreneurial finance. Cumming, Douglas J.; Pandes, J. Ari; Robinson, Michael J. Mar 1, 2015 16664
Different strokes for different folks: entrepreneurial narratives of emotion, cognition, and making sense of business failure. Byrne, Orla; Shepherd, Dean A. Mar 1, 2015 18314
Beyond affective valence: untangling valence and activation influences on opportunity identification. Foo, Maw-Der; Uy, Marilyn A.; Murnieks, Charles Mar 1, 2015 11515
A case for contextual intelligence. Khanna, Tarun Mar 1, 2015 4721
Bahrain entrepreneurship model approved by Cyprus. Jan 22, 2015 245
A downside to the entrepreneurial personality? Miller, Danny Jan 1, 2015 3274
New financial alternatives in seeding entrepreneurship: microfinance, crowdfunding, and peer-to-peer innovations. Bruton, Garry; Khavul, Susanna; Siegel, Donald; Wright, Mike Jan 1, 2015 8738
The effect of virtuous and entrepreneurial orientations on microfinance lending and repayment: a signaling theory perspective. Moss, Todd W.; Neubaum, Donald O.; Meyskens, Moriah Jan 1, 2015 13866
Crowdfunding in a prosocial microlending environment: examining the role of intrinsic versus extrinsic cues. Allison, Thomas H.; Davis, Blakley C.; Short, Jeremy C.; Webb, Justin W. Jan 1, 2015 11178
Cutting microfinance interest rates: an opportunity co-creation perspective. Sun, Sunny Li; Im, Junyon Jan 1, 2015 13469
A consequence of character: how summer camp promotes character, leadership, and entrepreneurship. Mischel, Leann; Wallace, Stephen Gray Jan 1, 2015 2581
Business model innovation--a concept between organizational renewal and industry transformation. Freiling, Jorg Editorial Jan 1, 2015 2629
Entrepreneurship: theory and application in a university arts management setting. Linden, Paul Report Jan 1, 2015 5171
Nigeria entrepreneur effort turns to N.H. for help. Rajala, Lisa Dec 26, 2014 787
Women getting better space for entrepreneurship. Brief article Dec 21, 2014 225
Young entrepreneurs: "kids are putting things together again.". Keller, Larry Dec 16, 2014 420
Relationship between organizational intelligence with entrepreneurship in department of youth and sports in East Azerbaijan province. Sufiani, Yaghub Seifi; Azarin, Yaghub Badri Dec 15, 2014 4478
YOUTH ENTREPRENEURS: Youth Entrepreneurship in Portugal and the UK. Dec 1, 2014 305
Entrepreneurial context in the South-East region. Parvu, Iuliana; Ipate, Dragos Mihai; Ionescu, Eduard Report Dec 1, 2014 1770
Special issue: Rural Entrepreneurship. Liang, Chy-Lyi "Kathleen" Dec 1, 2014 1156
Do entrepreneurial food systems innovations impact Rural economies and health? Evidence and gaps. Sitaker, Marilyn; Kolodinsky, Jane; Pitts, Stephanie Jilcott; Seguin, Rebecca Dec 1, 2014 7838
Factors affecting spatial variation of microenterprises in the rural United States. Rupasingha, Anil; Contreras, Sergio Dec 1, 2014 8046
An institutional perspective of rural entrepreneurship. Dickes, Lori A.; Robinson, Kenneth L. Dec 1, 2014 7139
Entrepreneurial profile, characteristics, expectations, and outcomes--an empirical study to compare rural entrepreneurs with urban entrepreneurs. Liang, Chyi-Lyi "Kathleen"; Dunn, Paul Dec 1, 2014 7029
Entrepreneurship in Pakistan still at nascent stages: GEI. Brief article Nov 30, 2014 242
Mobility and entrepreneurship in Ecuador: a dynamic pseudo-panel approach. Ordenana, Xavier; Villa, Ramon Nov 1, 2014 11237
Mitigating moral hazard in entrepreneurial networks: examining structural and relational social capital in East Africa. Daspit, Joshua J.; Long, Rebecca G. Nov 1, 2014 3535
Factors affecting women entrepreneurs success (case study: women entrepreneurs of Fars province). Maharlouei, Abbas Sabet; Eftekhari, Abedin; Shirazi, Sara Alavizadeh; Saadi, Seyed Mohsen Fahandezh Case study Nov 1, 2014 3641
Want to get rich? Entrepreneurship provides the surest way to wealth. Brief article Oct 24, 2014 253
Inhibition and encouragement of entrepreneurial behavior: antecedents analysis from managers' perspectives. Hashimoto, Marcos; Nassif, Vania Maria Jorge Report Oct 1, 2014 10768
Impact of group interactions on farmers' entrepreneurial behaviour. Abeyrathne, H.R.M.P.; Jayawardena, L.N.A.C. Oct 1, 2014 6220
The role of pluriactivity for continuity and survival in family farm firms. Niemela, Tarja; Hakkinen, Reija Abstract Oct 1, 2014 13612
Network dynamics of descending diaspora entrepreneurship: multiple case studies with Japanese entrepreneurs in emerging economies. Harima, Aki Abstract Oct 1, 2014 10746
The impact of entrepreneurial orientation on the performance of internationalization. Freiling, Jorg; Schelhowe, Christoph Lutke Abstract Oct 1, 2014 10049
Cognitive styles of entrepreneurs, knowledge workers & managers: adaptive or innovative? Sayeed, Omer Bin Oct 1, 2014 5500
The role of experience, research engagement, and technology as predictors of export orientation for female entrepreneurs. Findlay-Thompson, Sandi; Blotnicky, Karen Sep 22, 2014 5138
Model for measuring the entrepreneurship of the population/Gyventoju verslumo matavimo modelis. Beinoraite, Sarune; Drejeris, Rolandas Report Sep 1, 2014 5674
Entrepreneurship research (1985-2009) and the emergence of opportunities. Busenitz, Lowell W.; Plummer, Lawrence A.; Klotz, Anthony C.; Shahzad, Ali; Rhoads, Kevin Report Sep 1, 2014 9133
Filling the entrepreneurial orientation--performance gap: the mediating effects of exploratory and exploitative innovations. Kollmann, Tobias; Stockmann, Christoph Report Sep 1, 2014 12787
Innovation types and network relationships. Partanen, Jukka; Chetty, Sylvie K.; Rajala, Arto Report Sep 1, 2014 13947
Imprinting by design: the microfoundations of entrepreneurial adaptation. Bryant, Peter T. Report Sep 1, 2014 10318
Proactiveness, stakeholder-firm power difference, and product safety and quality of Chinese SMEs. Tang, Jintong; Tang, Zhi; Katz, Jerome A. Sep 1, 2014 15445
Riding the practice waves: social resourcing practices during new venture development. Keating, Andrew; Geiger, Susi; McLoughlin, Damien Report Sep 1, 2014 14616
Study the effectiveness of active and passive methods to improve the energy efficiency of the infrastructure of renewable energy sources. Aug 26, 2014 200
Entrepreneurship and independent professionals: social and economic logics. Bogenhold, Dieter; Heinonen, Jarna; Akola, Elisa Report Aug 1, 2014 6865
The features affecting students' entrepreneurship capability in agricultural scientific-applied higher education centers of Iran. Soleimanpour, Mohammad Reza; Khosravipour, Bahman; Farzam, Mahrooz Report Jul 23, 2014 2506
Creativity without limits: for actor Joseph Gordon-Levitt, a professional dry spell only served to stoke his entrepreneurial spirit. Young, Susan Jul 18, 2014 388
Form an advisory board. Johnson, Emma Jul 18, 2014 1876
Study the effectiveness of active and passive methods to improve the energy efficiency of the infrastructure of renewable energy sources. Jul 12, 2014 198
Born global or born to run? The long-term growth of born global firms. Hagen, Birgit; Zucchella, Antonella Jul 1, 2014 12201
Uplifting communities through financial empowerment: John Hope Bryant is on a mission to help people of color thrive. Ngo, Sheiresa Jul 1, 2014 1104
Deconstructing socioemotional wealth. Miller, Danny; Le Breton-Miller, Isabelle Jul 1, 2014 3369
The creation and configuration of infrastructure for entrepreneurship in emerging domains of activity. Woolley, Jennifer L. Jul 1, 2014 12333
Do international networks and foreign market knowledge facilitate SME internationalization? Evidence from the Czech Republic. Musteen, Martina; Datta, Deepak K.; Butts, Marcus M. Jul 1, 2014 13126
National rates of opportunity entrepreneurship activity: insights from institutional anomie theory. Cullen, John B.; Johnson, Jean L.; Parboteeah, K. Praveen Jul 1, 2014 14235
Entrepreneurial behavior of academic scientists: network and cognitive determinants of commitment to grant submissions and award outcomes. Haller, Megan K.; Welch, Eric W. Jul 1, 2014 12728
The effects of perceived control on venture capitalist investment decisions: a configurational perspective. Drover, Will; Wood, Matthew S.; Payne, G. Tyge Jul 1, 2014 14078
The role of negative emotions in the social processes of entrepreneurship: power rituals and shame-related appeasement behaviors. Doern, Rachel; Goss, David Jul 1, 2014 15177
On the theory of entrepreneurial incentives and alertness. McCaffrey, Matthew Jul 1, 2014 11595
The knowledge spillover theory of entrepreneurship in alliances. Shu, Chengli; Liu, Cuijuan; Gao, Shanxing; Shanley, Mark Jul 1, 2014 14424
Measuring the costs and coverage of SME and entrepreneurship policy: a pioneering study. Lundstrom, Anders; Vikstrom, Peter; Fink, Matthias; Meuleman, Miguel; Gtodek, Pawet; Storey, David; Jul 1, 2014 8532
Note to instructors: Wham-O's offer to buy sprig toys: selling in or selling out? Jul 1, 2014 2071
Eureka! Lessons learned from an evaluation of the idea contest at Deltares: a well-designed idea contest can be a valuable tool to encourage entrepreneurial activity and foster entrepreneurial skills among researchers. Leung, Nick; van Rooij, Arjan; van Deen, Jurjen Jul 1, 2014 5284
Perfil institucional del cultivo aloe en Falcon, Venezuela. Zambrano, Pina; Jesus, Henri; Espinoza Agustin, Morales; Ali, Colina Jul 1, 2014 8555
The role of intellectual capital and entrepreneurial characteristics as innovation drivers/El papel del capital intelectual y de las caracteristicas del emprendedor como motores de la innovacion/Le role du capital intellectuel et des caracteristiques des entrepreneurs comme moteur de l'innovation/O papel do capital intelectual e caracteristicas empreendedoras como motores da inovacao. Ugalde-Binda, Nadia; Balbastre-Benavent, Francisco; Canet-Giner, M. Teresa; Escriba-Carda, Naiara Jul 1, 2014 12584
Bahrain model of entrepreneurship development highlighted. Jun 30, 2014 262
After the genocide: returning to Rwanda, a woman fosters reconciliation through entrepreneurship. Daniel, Alice Jun 25, 2014 1286
Top priority: you wear many hats, but sales is the most important. Iannarino, Anthony Jun 25, 2014 918
High-flying entrepreneur: Michael Ross has traveled the world while remaining grounded by giving back. Brakefield, Jay Jun 25, 2014 1138
A declaration of independence. Motavalli, Jim Jun 25, 2014 1786
The moderating role of country institutional profile on the entrepreneurial orientation--performance relationships in the service industry. Dwairi, Musa; Akour, Iman Report Jun 22, 2014 5193
Triggering events in the entrepreneurial process: when are they critical? Bewayo, Edward Report Jun 22, 2014 5737
Entrepreneurial orientation capability and firm performance under conditions of organizational learning. Gupta, Vishal K.; Dutta, Dev K.; Chen, Xiujian Jun 22, 2014 7565
Analysis of the relationship between emotional intelligence and entrepreneurial characteristics of students through structural equation modeling (case study: students of Islamic Azad University, South Tehran Branch). Moridi, Hadis; Farsi, Fatemeh; Yousefi, Zargham; Farsi, Mitra Report Jun 20, 2014 5504
Types of poverty and entrepreneurial intention in Bangladesh. Chen, Shouming; Shen, Yuliang; Naznin, Papiya; Wang, Hui; Wu, Sibin Jun 1, 2014 4530
Cluster concept in policy planning documents: the cases of Latvia and Northern Cyprus. Garanti, Zanete; Zvirbule-Berzina, Andra; Yesilada, Tahir Report Jun 1, 2014 7265
Custom-made patchwork landscape: entrepreneurial and private regionalism/Pagal uzsakyma pagaminta mozaika: verslo ir privatus regionalizmas. Mikelsone, Ilze Report Jun 1, 2014 7557
Introduction to volume 7, issue 1. Bryant, Phillip C.; Kinnamon, Eric Jun 1, 2014 1395
Are we asking the right questions about management experience? A meta-analysis. Peake, Whitney O. Jun 1, 2014 10029
Hayek, Leoni, and Law as the fifth factor of production. Boettke, Peter J.; Candela, Rosolino Jun 1, 2014 4542
Entrepreneurial innovation comes to grocery business. Interview May 25, 2014 669
Danger zone entrepreneurs: the importance of resilience and self-efficacy for entrepreneurial intentions. Bullough, Amanda; Renko, Maija; Myatt, Tamara May 1, 2014 12697
Entrepreneurship as elixir and mutagen. Lundmark, Erik; Westelius, Alf May 1, 2014 13524
Path-dependent evolution versus intentional management of investment ties in science-based entrepreneurial firms. Vanacker, Tom; Manigart, Sophie; Meuleman, Miguel May 1, 2014 9566
Creativity as a history of the present in Belgian education: from "new and appropriate" to "entrepreneurship" (1950-2013). Vranckx, Bart Report May 1, 2014 10271
Review and study the impact of innovation on organizational entrepreneurship. Ghadim, Mohammad Reza Kabaranzad; Khamisabadi, Javad; Azar, Ramin Kashef Report May 1, 2014 2807
Investigate relationship between effective factors of human resources on organizational entrepreneurship in Payam Noor University of Khorasan Razavi. Najari, Reza; Soltani, Iraj; Vaziri, Seyed Ali Apr 15, 2014 2725
Babar sees new heights in entrepreneurship. Apr 13, 2014 1182
To be or not to be a woman entrepreneur in a developing country? Goyal, Preeti; Yadav, Vanita Report Apr 1, 2014 3960
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